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Melania Trump Chapter: updated Bible for Tribulation Saints

Because Jesus Christ continues to advise me and my men and offered his advice many times in the past several months as we dealt with Melania, I have updated Bible for Tribulation Saints, which is all about what Jesus has said to us and the context around all his conversations with us (from 2012 to now) or his advice to us (from 2012 to 2020). Jesus does seem to be pulling back somewhat on advice giving, perhaps because he no longer needs to spend as much time with us since we are better at staying on his path now than previously.

Click on this picture to order the updated Kindle to Bible for Tribulation Saints with the newly added Melania Trump chapter.
Click on the picture above to order the book. This will be my next audio book, and it contains the latest conversations with Jesus from 2017 to 2020.

I have added a chapter at the end of the Kindle version of Bible for Tribulation Saints which includes all my correspondence with Judge Terrance Jenkins and Brent Spiner as we worked as a team to deal with psychopath Melania Trump, who was threatening to kill me if Donald Trump would not assist her as she attempted to run the world in order to minimize me as the sexiest woman alive. Things got so out of hand, that she, working with Loree McBride, was able to create a space fleet that was so powerful that it outdid both Church of Gail and the Jesuit fleet under Zack Knight.

My men came up with a courageous and dangerous plan to take her out. Our correspondence details the courage, brilliance and perception that I and my men displayed as we carried out project “Pubegate” to take out dangerous psychopath Melania Trump. To get all the behind-the-scenes stuff that was happening while I played dead in order to get Melania’s guard down, so that Brent could approach her as a fake scientist bringing her the pubepee of my pubes (that Melania was willing to kill over), you have to read the last chapter of Bible for Tribulation Saints.

I am continually updating the Kindle version of Bible for Tribulation Saints as Jesus makes more appearances with us. When Jesus stops talking to us, then I will stop updating Bible for Tribulation Saints. I wrote Bible for Tribulation Saints in order for my men and I to have a record of all Jesus has said to us, because Satan tries to get us to forget what Jesus has told us. As I did this, it occurred to me that the world also needs to know what he told us and that is how Bible for Tribulation Saints came into being. The Kindle version is the best way to buy Bible for Tribulation Saints and I am currently making an audio book of this Kindle version as well. When you buy the Kindle version, you can get free updates to your book when I update it.

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Audio Book of Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2020) In Progress

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Independent Gail Chord Schuler for U.S. President

Dear supporters, I’ve been getting mail for the past six months verifying that I am on the ballot in the run for U.S. President. Jesus has told me to stay out of politics because I am on the ballot for U.S. President in the general election. I am starting my campaign, so you can vote for me as U.S. President in the general election. If my name is not on the ballot, you can write me in. I will extend an invitation to some political candidates that I like, to endorse me for U.S. President. I am asking Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and Donald Trump to endorse me for U.S. President. If they choose to do so, this means their name will be on the ballot like this – Tulsi Gabbard (Gail Chord Schuler). If you see their name on the ballot like this, it means that if you vote for them, you are really voting for me. If I am elected in November, I want to make Tulsi Gabbard my Vice President if she endorses me, so list her as my Vice President, if she agrees to this. Tulsi will need to swear to honor my Conspiracy Law in order for her to be my Vice President. By making her Vice President, I will allow her to do a lot of my President job since I’m a very busy person. But everything she does must honor my current laws, as set forth below. I would put Bernie Sanders (if he endorses me) in charge of Health and Human Services, since his Medicare For All is very similar to my National Health Care Plan. Donald Trump (if he endorses me) will be my campaign adviser and my Press Secretary, to deal with the press. I would like to make Ron Paul (if he endorses me) my chief economic adviser and Secretary of the Treasury, who will counsel Tulsi Gabbard as she carries out a lot of my policies as President. Rand Paul (if he endorses me) will hold the post of Secretary of State. I would like to appoint Tucker Carlson of FOX News as White House Chief of Staff, who typically oversees the actions of the White House staff, manages the president’s schedule, and decides who is allowed to meet with the president. Tucker will be working closely with Tulsi Gabbard, who I will delegate a lot of my Presidential duties to.

I’d like to appoint Jesse Ventura in charge of the Office of Management and Budget. The U.S. Trade Representative will be Vladimir Putin (I don’t want to overload Vladimir, so I’m giving him this job which is right in his ballpark with his Ph.D. in economics). I’d like to put Bill Nye in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. Vladimir Putin will pick the head of the C.I.A. and who will be in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. For the rest of my cabinet positions, I will appoint both Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin to make the appointments for me, using mind and emotion reads from our Nanotechnology Research Team to pick the best candidates who would support my Conspiracy Law. If there is a disagreement between Brent and Vladimir, Brent will have the final say, as I feel Brent is an excellent judge of character.

According to an I.Q. test administered via a Church of Gail scanner, I have the highest I.Q. of any woman on the planet, so I certainly have the intelligence required to be U.S. President.

My first act as U.S. President will be to officially pardon Roger Stone, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, granting them a full pardon under U.S. law and Conspiracy Law, and ordering all charges against them to be dropped. I believe we can prove in court that any trials against Roger Stone, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have been false trials based on contrived evidence and all cases should be THROWN OUT. In fact, anyone who ascribes to this Russia-gate nonsense will be prosecuted as a Loree McBride Jesuit and if determined to be willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit, will be executed.

Ben Carson (if he endorses me) can keep his current position in charge of HUD. I would also like him to be in charge of the Dept. of Education. I think we need to come up with a way to make college tuition-free and this can probably be accomplished by not wasting money on regime-change wars. I also feel that those burdened with college loan debt should be able to file for bankruptcy protection.

I am what you would call a reluctant leader. I take this job, because there is no better person than myself for the job, and what we currently have is not as good as me. I care too much about the welfare of Americans to NOT do this job. We are at a critical point in our history, where if I don’t do this job, we will have either a sociopath or a psychopath for U.S. President.

Unfortunately, the only news that may report accurately about politics now is Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable. So you will need to tune into that channel to get the real news. From what I understand, we have replaced all current politicians and news people in the mainstream news with their automatons, so the only place accurately reporting the news is 00 on cable or Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

The type of government that I support is a Constitutional Monarchy for the United States. I am literally half King David and half Catherine the Great, so this may explain why I prefer this form of government for the U.S. Japan actually made a huge mini-series about my royal ancestors in Japan who gave me my Catherine the Great genes:

My Myers-Briggs personality tests says I am an INFP, whereas my husband Brent Spiner is a courageous INFJ (he, too, took the test). I am an idealist and am in politics because I believe in my cause and for no other reasons. I am not a power-hungry person, just a humble person who believes in my cause.

John Lennon was an INFP like me, and his dreams for a world of peace are my dreams. Though I consider myself an evangelical, I am thoroughly against imposing any religion on the people. People should feel free to choose whatever ideology they want to ascribe to. I love Lennon’s song Imagine, for this reason. I am not against the Ten Commandments posted anywhere, but feel other belief systems should feel free to have a representation as well, as long as what they support is not terrorism.

Despite the fact that I am half King David, we will not cater to Israel as long as they allow Loree McBride to influence their government. I oppose all forms of tyranny, even among my own people, the Jews. I am half King David, remember. I have always believed in having a Palestinian state away from the nation of Israel; but, until then, the Palestinians should feel free to live in Israel in peace and security. Israel has fought long and hard for their land, which God gave to them, so I don’t believe in taking away any of the land promised them in the Bible. But neither should the Jews oppress any minorities inside their borders.

I do not oppose gay marriage, even though I strongly support traditional marriage. I would leave it up to the states to decide on how to deal with marriage laws. I do not want any minorities oppressed, however, and dislike tyranny and discrimination in any form. I feel we all should feel free to pursue our own interests and preferences, as long as we are not hurting innocents in the process. No one has the right to force their ideology on another person.

I belong to the Gabrielle Chana Independent political party:

I have been the U.S. Empress since spring 2014. Here are my latest laws and legislation:

I have a National Health Care Plan:

I am against pollution and think we should have a Green New Deal, that also makes it death penalty for Loree McBride Jesuits to drop polluting bombs on the planet. Loree’s bombs are the greatest source of pollution on the planet right now:

Here is my Conspiracy Law, which I have made the law of the land. We’ve had some problems with enforcement cuz the Loree McBride Jesuits try to portray me as the crazy lady and some people don’t realize I am the U.S. Empress.

I do not think the government should be funding abortion, except in the case of incest or rape. However, a transporter C-Section (a type of abortion that keeps the baby alive) is fully covered by the National Health Care Plan. I have a creative way to deal with unwanted pregnancies, which benefits all parties.

I feel we should leave the gun laws as they are.

I feel we should regulate the tech giants and take away their monopoly and that they should be fined when they attack freedom of speech (see Sect. 14):

Here are my Voting Laws.

This is my party’s platform:

My political ideology is Libertarian, Constitution and Green:

I am somewhat a Centrist:

I have a policy for the homeless:

I feel that Loree McBride Jesuits are dangerous sociopaths and psychopaths and must be executed:

I actually won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election for Donald Trump:

I have strict laws against money laundering:

I absolutely detest using the U.S. military to finance the military/industrial complex. We only use our military to take out Loree McBride Jesuits worldwide. We allow each nation on earth to have their own autonomy with a government that honors their unique culture, so long as that country does not use sociopaths and psychopaths to support the Jesuit Order, they are free to run their country however they want. I do not take the arrogant position that the American version of Democracy is the only way to rule any country. We are in a military alliance with Russia and I absolutely will NOT tolerate anyone in my cabinet treating Russia as our enemy in any form.

Under my rule, it is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law to create human clones.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Project Pubegate: Brent Spiner Takes out Psychopath Melania

Though Melania Trump is defeated, Loree McBride is still at large, along with her deadly followers. Anyone who wants to help us defeat Loree, contact my men at We could especially use help from scientists to come up with a way to destroy Loree’s ability to make clones.

When Melania Trump threatened to murder her husband Donald on live television in mid-January 2020 if I would not mail her my pubes, my men and I got together to come up with a plan to defeat her and take her out. Brent instructed me to make a video faking that I sent Melania the pubes she requested and I did this. I actually mailed a letter to the White House, but it did not have pubes in it. My men told me to make the video to give them time to reprogram the satellites to enable them to enter the White House undetected. You see, Melania had things set up, so that only strangers who were retards could enter the White House, and her scanners were set up to scan to ensure that only retards could enter the White House, unless, of course, they were her trusted Secret Service, scientists or Donald Trump. Because of this, my men were not able to penetrate the White House until they could reprogram her very deadly satellites, to enable them to enter the White House undetected.

These satellites would kill my men by targeting their vagina-butts and if any of my men attempted to reprogram any of these satellites, the other satellites would destroy all the vagina-butts, including my vagina, which would also be destroyed and in the process both my men and I would die. This was how Melania had the satellites programmed.

If one satellite was messed with, the others would execute the one tampering with the satellite by destroying all the vagina butts in the world, thus killing all the men on my marriage list as well as destroying every single man with a vagina-butt and would destroy me too, by targeting my vagina. Even the men who defected from us, the Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way, because they have vagina-butts, would have been destroyed. So we had to plan for all the men on my marriage list to reprogram ALL the satellites at exactly the same time and we needed to distract Melania so we could do this, so that there would be no satellites in existence using Melania’s deadly programming against us.

Melania had satellites for each man on my marriage list and they were programmed to kill all men with vagina-butts, if any satellite was messed with. So my men came up with a dangerous, but courageous, plan to reprogram the satellites ALL AT THE SAME TIME, so that they could enter the White House undetected and rescue Donald Trump. Using reverse engineering, our Nanotechnology Research Team had the programming for Melania’s deadly satellites and were able to create a new program for the satellites that would enable my men to enter the White House undetected. The plan was that they all would reprogram the satellites at the same time with this new programming. But they needed to distract Melania and her Secret Service to accomplish this, to buy them some time, so they asked me to make a video faking I mailed her the pubes she wanted.

Now they had Melania distracted and the video I made gave them the time FOR EVERY MAN ON MY MARRIAGE LIST to travel to the satellites using invisibility shields and to reprogram all of the satellites for each one of the men on my marriage list and they reprogrammed every single satellite for each of the men on my marriage list and reprogrammed them at the same time, that way they could do this without any satellite killing them as they did this. The NEW programming would cause all the satellites formerly programmed to target my mens’ vagina-butts to now target Melania’s vagina, so that if she used the satellites to kill my men (as they were originally programmed), instead, her vagina would be hit from ALL the satellites and she’d die.

My men succeeded in reprogramming all the satellites that were formerly programmed to target their vagina-butts and kill them if they messed with the satellites. The new programming also made the White House security’s scanners inaccurate and now, even though my men have genius intelligence, they were able to get inside the White House to rescue Donald from Melania, because their scanners were inaccurate now and had been reprogrammed by my men (via the satellites).

Previously, only retards could enter the White House, especially the deep section underground where Melania and her scientists slaved round the clock to find the secret to my eternal beauty, so that Melania could compete with me and get the title sexiest woman alive. Melania would consult her mirror and it would tell her that I was the sexiest woman alive and she’d go into a rage.

So my men got into the White House and found Donald Trump. Melania was not there, but had traveled to Florida where she was sun bathing naked on the beach every day, after she had shaved her pubes in preparation for the pubepee she was expecting from my pubes. She wanted to tan her vaginal area in the sun and walk down a runway wearing my pubepee.

The problem was that though my men got into Melania’s vast underground underneath the White House and found Donald Trump, they were far outnumbered, so Donald Trump came up with a plan. He held a rally and started cheering for me and raving about my beauty and how kind I was and how Melania abused everybody and they all sided with me and decided to play like nothing happened (to Melania) and that they were still loyal to Melania. Melania contacted them and they said that they got my pubes and were working on making the pubepee for her. So Melania stayed down in Florida, tanning her shaved pubic area in the sun, in preparation for my pubepee.

Any public appearances of Melania at the White House this week has been the Melania Trump automaton. The real Melania has been sunbathing naked on the beach in Florida waiting for her pubepee this week.

So while Melania stayed down in Florida salivating about getting my pubes, she sent an order to the Secret Service at the White House about a week ago (who were now loyal to me instead of Melania) and requested they come to my door to arrest me and execute me. Loyal to me now instead of her, they lied to her and said they would do it.

Melania gave the order to the Secret Service at the White House, to have them come to my door, to arrest me and then to execute me. They lied to her and said they would do it.

That day, my men told me to make a video and fake like there was Secret Service at my door to create another distraction for Melania. My men’s new plan was to have Brent, disguised as one of the scientists who would deliver the pubepee, to fake that he was delivering her pubes to her and then to shoot her in the head while delivering to her the pubepee. They instructed me that after I made the video faking that Secret Service was at my door, to play dead and stop all communications online. So for a week that’s what I did. Because I go outside to check the mail and do my walks, my men set up an encryption (using programming we got from the GA1L Android in 2012) that programs the brain and causes people to see me outside and not recognize me or to forget who I was, in order to fool Melania into thinking her Secret Service murdered me about a week ago.

Today, around 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, Melania requested her pubepee, believing I was dead and that it was now time for her to reign supreme as sexual goddess, since her number one competition, MYSELF, had been eliminated.

Brent, disguised as a scientist, around noon today, walked out onto the beach, where Melania tanned herself in preparation for the pubepee (which was actually made from Vladimir Putin’s body hair, because it’s the closest match to my pubes).

Brent, dressed as a scientist, hid a fully automatic AR-15 in the fake pubepee. Melania’s guards patted Brent down for weapons, as she lay naked on a beach towel nearby. Apparently, they didn’t check the pubepee, cuz they feared it cuz of my powerful King David genetic profile (which is especially concentrated in my pubes). They let Brent walk right up to Melania.

“Show me dee pubeeess. Show me my beautiful pube pee,” Melania said.

Brent reached into the fake pubepee and quickly pulled out the AR-15 and pointed it against her head. All of Melania’s Secret Service now pointed their guns at Brent.

Brent, looking calm and stern, looked at Melania. “I’ll give you to the count of pube. . .”

He pulled the trigger and shot her in the head. Then, with coldness, said, “Pube. . .”

Then he turned to Melania’s agents and they all ran. Brent tossed the fake pubepee onto her naked dead vagina.

At 12:23 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (United States), Brent beamed back aboard Church of Gail and my men also brought Melania’s body with them to ensure the Jesuits can’t bring her back.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Sociopath Loree McBride's Impeachment DISTRACTION for White House NARCISSISTS

The following is a brilliant article that articulates exactly how I feel about the current impeachment proceedings, written by Major Danny Sjursen:

I dislike his title, so I gave it one that I feel more accurately describes the contents of his brilliant article. Sociopath Loree McBride is the current leader of the Deep State or establishment Democratic Party as the leader of the evil side of the Jesuit Order. Loree’s orchestrating this whole charade, hoping to distract away from candidates like Tulsi Gabbard, who would give Loree a good kick in the ass, if Tulsi ever became President. Donald Trump, held hostage by his psychopath wife Melania, is “good for nothing” as U.S. President and, because of Melania, has been running the White House, according to the whims of his psychopath wife, who uses death threats on me to keep Donald in line. The result has been a White House filled with Loree McBride and Melania Trump’s agents, who belong to the SWAMP.

Apathy and misplaced priorities: the twin diseases of this generation. I spent this past Saturday afternoon speaking through a bullhorn in opposition to war – or at least opposition to escalating the existing state of war – with Iran, during a local rally as part of the International Day of Action on the subject. Street protests, to me, are always equal parts inspirational and disappointing. Even here in the “People’s Republic of Lawrence,” Kansas, a progressive island in a sea of reactionary, militarist red, only about forty folks showed up. Most were older hippie-types, though a sprinkling of twenty-something socialists and intersectional justice activists were visible in the crowd. The one notably absent demographic – in the largest university town in the state – was students! It was, frankly, and embarrassment to the storied University of Kansas (KU) as an institution.

What a far cry, a shameful fall from grace, for a college and city that was a veritable war zone in the aftermath of President Nixon’s Cambodia invasion and the killing of four students at Kent State University. Hundreds, then thousands, protested. The student union building was burned, gunfire exchanged with the police, the National Guard called in, and the entire city placed under curfew for a few days. Indeed, little Lawrence was, for years, a flashpoint city in the anti-Vietnam War movement. These days, as I flippantly mentioned in my speech, a generation of some 30,000 KU students can hardly fathom looking up from their iPhones long enough to consider a boots-on-the-ground rally in the physical company of other human beings.

Not that the KU student body isn’t – at least vapidly – political. These kids are passionately concerned, at least in the medium of sidewalk chalk-art and SnapChat-activism, with two major issues: identity (race, gender, sexuality) politics and of course, reflexive anti-Trumpism. These are, on some level, important subjects. Nevertheless, any serious grasp up of U.S. foreign policy, and inherent American militarist imperialism seems distressingly lacking. As such, I’d argue that this Kansan microcosm of higher-education-exposed youths, reflects a general societal disease of misplaced priorities – especially when The Donald is involved. Nearly every vaguely liberal, generally affluent, KU student one meets is genuinely obsessed with Trump: his racism, temperament, and especially the apparent necessity of his impeachment and removal. If only they – along, it must be said, with the mainstream left-leaning media and Democratic Party establishment – could cogently articulate just why, this president deserves as much.

Which brings me back to Saturday’s rally. Halfway through my twelve minute keynote rant, a woman – though undoubtedly meaning well – legitimately cut me off and bellowed: “Impeach him already!” Odd, this, I reckoned, as I invariably lost my chain of thought. Trump wasn’t the core theme of my speech – which focused more on the value of dissent and longterm folly of U.S.-Iran policy – and I was quite certain I hadn’t uttered the words Ukraine, Biden, or the phrase quid pro quo. My response was mercifully rapid and generally polite: “Sure,” I countered, “impeach him, but for the right reasons:” for enabling the terror bombing of Yemen, illegally assassinating a top leader of a sovereign nation, or escalating the unsanctioned chaos of American regional warfare. With that, the subject faded and I pivoted back to the planned script in my head.

Nonetheless, the woman’s outburst, along with the multiplicity of “Impeach Him” signs in the crowd (one read: “Impeach the M*********er Already”) was instructive. To wit, any rational observer (do such Americans still exist?) masochistic enough to have watched the the last couple of weeks of wall-to-wall Ukraine-gate, impeachment charade cable news coverage must conclude that Trump’s show trial has perhaps ineluctably distracted the American people. Only a misdirected, reality TV-style immersion of this caliber seems capable of elbowing the real scandals and crises of our times – the Afghanistan Papers, egregious Soleimani assassination, and no-end-in-sight ongoing American forever wars – straight out of the headlines.

What’s more, lost in the impeachment fiasco – and in the collective understanding of KU students, MSNBC talking heads, and Democratic lawmakers, alike – is any concern, debate, critique, or even tough questions about the other, potentially nuclear, calamity of the day: America’s aggressive, reckless Russia policy. Specifically, how U.S. actions in Ukraine – under Trump, Obama, and other post-fall-of-the-Berlin-Wall presidents – have foolishly stoked a new, equally dangerous (and highly unnecessary) Cold War with Moscow. Why, a wildly discomfiting few dare to ask, was Washington considering arming a deeply problematic Ukrainian regime for a proxy war with Russia waged several thousands of miles from America’s shores? Is this prudent policy? What’s the next step; you know, what follows? And how does this end? These strike this author, at least, as vital queries. Only don’t expect to hear any semblance of such sensible discussion; not on America’s campuses, corporate cable channels, or Capitol Hill.

With that disconcerting state of public affairs established, then, allow me to poke just a few (should be) obvious holes in Washington’s Ukraine policy and the bipartisan – but these days mostly Democratic – congressionally provocative Russia agenda and narrative. First off, it was two American presidents – Bill Clinton and George W. Bush – who first provoked Moscow by expanding NATO’s inherently anti-Russian alliance (in contravention to promises made by the latter president’s daddy) right up into the heart of the old Soviet republics and sphere of influence. It was the US, its State Department and intelligence services, that helped stoke the “democratic” revolution – read: coup – that overthrew a duly elected, Russia-friendly, president in Ukraine. It is Washington that props up the current, questionably legitimate, Ukrainian regime, which – alarmingly – includes factions that are patently white supremacist and neo-Nazi. Finally, it is America which, along with Russia, has chosen bellicosity over diplomacy, by seeking to provide one side in the proxy war with inevitably escalatory lethal arms.

Seemingly oblivious to this inconvenient political context and these salient demonstrable facts, just this past Friday the absurdist ringleader of the misdirected impeachment distraction, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, had the gall to announce that Trump’s alleged Ukraine interference conspiracy theory – and presumably the whole ongoing Eastern European conflagration – was “brought to you by the Kremlin.” Well, call me a pro-Russia, Putin-apologist, but my read on the uncomfortable facts surveyed above suggests a wholly different take: the dangerous proxy war in Ukraine and burgeoning Cold War with nukes-saturated Russia was, largely, “brought to you by the White House,” Adam.

Evangelicals, Vote for Tulsi Gabbard

As an evangelical, I was part of the 81% who voted for Trump in 2016. But I doubt I will be voting for him in 2020, since his evil psychopath wife Melania is running the show, not him. I actually believe that the real Donald does NOT want to be President in 2020, because he’s tired of letting Melania steal his job and ruin his character as a man. As long as he continues to support the military-industrial complex, we should vote him out of office, if only to give him a much needed vacation from his terrorist wife and to give love and justice a chance to reign. I don’t regret I voted for Trump cuz Hillary was worse. But in 2020 we have some good choices. Tulsi Gabbard is one of the best candidates I’ve seen running for President in a long time. Though I’ve been a Republican most of my life, I have registered Democrat here in Florida to vote for her.

As an evangelical, I voted for Trump in 2016. I was part of the 81%. I won’t be voting for him in 2020, though.

Check out my analysis of the current political situation in the United States:

Just In: Polling Shows Tulsi Gabbard in Strong Position

Please support Tulsi Gabbard who is my first choice for U.S. President.

Gail —

BREAKING: TWO new polls released today show Tulsi’s growing strength in New Hampshire, both counting as qualifying polls for the February debate.

One of these polls was conducted by CNN. Yes, that’s correct; CNN’s OWN polling qualifies Tulsi for the debate in the same week as denying her a presidential town hall — showing Tulsi 1 point behind Amy Klobuchar, tied with Andrew Yang, and 3-5 points AHEAD of Tom Steyer and Deval Patrick who were both invited instead of Tulsi.

If this seems like a blatant attempt by the establishment media to silence our voices right when we’re gaining strength, and rig the primary — it’s because it is. We cannot let Tulsi be counted out in these critical days before the New Hampshire primary. Can she count on you today to double-down on our ad spend in New Hampshire?

DONATE $50 »

CNN won’t provide a reason for why it is refusing to give Tulsi the air time, but here’s a guess: They are making her pay for her vocal criticism of the Clinton War Machine, the corporate media and the DNC establishment elite.

The cost to our movement is millions of dollars, and countless voters: CNN’s primetime televised town halls are being held just DAYS before the New Hampshire election where Tulsi is showing the most momentum on the ground. In a tightly contested election with so many undecided voters, this exposure is critically important.

That’s why WE need to do all we can today to overcome this attempt to suppress Tulsi’s message and silence our voice.

Can you help us double-down on our New Hampshire ad spend so we can bypass CNN interference and make sure Tulsi’s voice is heard?

We don’t have much time left to show the strength of our campaign — every day matters right now, and TODAY we need to pull in some big numbers if we’re going to be able to compete.

Thank you for doing all you can, Gail.


CNN: Let Tulsi Speak

CNN won’t let Tulsi speak. They’ve denied her an invite to their New Hampshire presidential town halls series, worth MILLIONS in free advertising during the most critical days leading up to the vote. We cannot let 2020 be a repeat of 2016: They can keep Tulsi off the stage but they can’t stop us from running ads that reach every New Hampshire voter. Donate $50 now to our Counter CNN Ad Blitz.

This isn’t just about silencing Tulsi. They’re silencing all of us. They’re scared of what we represent; an end to the reign of the establishment elite. The beginning of a government truly of, by and for the people. We need to make sure Tulsi has a voice. Can you help?
Gail — They’re trying to silence us. Here are the facts: Our campaign in New Hampshire is stronger than ever, and now the establishment media is going to extreme lengths to shut Tulsi out. First they ignore us, then they smear us as Russian assets and bots, and NOW CNN is flat-out denying Tulsi a New Hampshire Presidential Town Hall despite her polling among the top 5 in the state. So let’s get this straight: INVITED: Everyone else; including the billionaire spending more than all the other candidates combined on early state ads, and Deval Patrick, both of whom are polling 5-7 points lower than Tulsi. NOT INVITED: Tulsi: The only woman of color running for president. The only female combat veteran to ever run for president, and the only candidate to speak out against the military industrial complex, the media elite and the establishment they prop up. This isn’t just about silencing Tulsi, Gail. They’re silencing all of us. They’re scared of what we represent; an end to the reign of the establishment elite. The beginning of a government truly of, by and for the people. These CNN-hosted town halls are worth millions in free advertising — held during the most critical pre-vote days, in the state where Tulsi has the most to gain. We’ve never let the establishment intimidate us into silence, and we can’t now: Will you help us run a two-day Ad Blitz during CNN’s campaign to silence Tulsi? Every dollar you chip-in now will go directly to getting our ads on the air in New Hampshire. DONATE $50 » The 2020 election is shaping up to be a repeat of 2016 with the establishment elite silencing any voice they see as a threat to their reign. It’s nothing new, but it also doesn’t HAVE to be this way. The road to change is never easy — but Tulsi didn’t sign up for an easy fight. If it was easy, anyone could do it. This is the fight of our lifetime, Gail — This election is about more than just beating Trump, it’s about transforming our democracy so that it works for ALL our people. It’s about unifying our country, and healing our drained and divided communities. But first, we need to make sure Tulsi has a voice. Can you help? DONATE $50 » TULSI2020

Democrat Loree McBride/Republican Melania Trump – SAME CORRUPT PARTY

Psychopath Melania Trump is the true leader of the Deep State Republican Party.
Sociopath Loree McBride is the true leader of the Deep State Democratic Party. Both Loree and Melania belong to the same corrupt Deep State and carry out the same criminal enterprises, while spouting different speeches.

Sociopath Loree McBride who touts herself as an establishment Democrat and Psychopath Melania Trump who touts herself as an establishment Republican are actually in an alliance and belong to the establishment Democrat/Republican Party which is the SAME PARTY just under different names and shouting different speeches (which is ALL A RUSE). They create artificial divisions between the two parties to create a climate which promotes their crimes. These two criminal leaders NEED DIVISION to foster the climate necessary to take out their enemies.

In actuality, what you have are establishment politics (Joe Biden, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pompeo, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Donald Trump when he’s under Melania’s control, and the whole gang) versus non-establishment politics (Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Donald Trump when he’s NOT under Melania’s control). Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang are toting the Deep State lines when it comes to Russia-gate, cuz they don’t have the guts to shake the Deep State fence too much.

There is NO DIFFERENCE between the establishment Republicans or the establishment Democrats, they just argue from different sides of the same fence. You must remember that what politicians SAY and WHAT THEY DO are two different things. So, behind the scenes, these criminals carry out the SAME POLICIES, while spouting different speeches.

Two Parties Who Both Work for the Deep State

Establishment politics (regardless of what banner they operate under) have the same goals: the super rich continue to steal from the middle class and the poor. They make a ton of money off of the military-industrial complex by starting wars everywhere to ensure their criminal bank accounts remain fully funded. They murder and censor those who don’t ascribe to the fake morality of their super “spoiled brat” rich massive conspiracy which is IMPOSED on the middle class and the poor via their censorship, their theft, their murders, their rapes, their Jesuit cloning, etc.

The Democrat version of this criminal pathology is the social justice movement gone amok. The sociopaths in the Democratic Party take a good thing (social justice) and take it to unhealthy extremes, to poison it with sociopathic pathology and infect the world with criminal mental illness. These sociopaths have created the climate necessary to spread their pathology to the world, assassinating freedom of speech, killing original thinking, and forcing everyone to become a cog in an unthinking group think matrix that feeds the beasts at the top. The Democrats in this matrix focus on brain-washing and controlling the argument to ensure it stays in a pathological direction and never encourages true intelligent thought, deep thinking or genuine moral reflection.

They need this pathology to continue their thefts, murders, rapes and crimes unhindered. The Democratic version of the same DEEP STATE political party is focused on the brainwashing aspects of the party, to ensure people get distracted away from the real issues and debate and fight over non-essentials, so the criminals can commit their crimes due to the distractions away from their crimes and onto non-essential matters.

The Republican version of this criminal pathology is Conservative Christianity taken to fascist extremes, poisoned with Nazism, antisemitism and criminal mental illness. 81% of evangelicals (myself included) voted for Trump in 2016.

Evangelicals need to wake up and realize that their political leaders who claim to represent them have betrayed Jesus with acts of treachery and violence.

The Republican version of the same political party is focused on promoting the financial crimes of the party. They, too, focus on brainwashing, but use different arguments while operating from the same principles as their alleged enemy – the establishment Democratic Party. They play like they oppose the other party, while secretly working in an alliance behind-the-scenes.

Their goal is to continue to steal from the middle class while espousing Conservative Christianity as their banner in the name of capitalism while they carry out crony capitalism in the name of capitalism. They fly the capitalist banner, while actually carrying out the monetary policies of a totalitarian dictatorship. So while they form economic alliances to steal from everyone, they lie and say they are doing it for capitalism and free trade, when it’s actually the complete opposite! They appeal to evangelicals who are so focused on their Bible studies, they fail to see past the ruses these con artist politicians have pulled over their eyes. It’s just that these psychopaths know the “Christian” language they need to speak to cover up their crimes under the guise of capitalism, Conservative Christianity and religious freedom (rather religious tyranny) and supposedly promoting free markets and free enterprise. With the Republican establishment, it’s “don’t do as I do, but do as I say”. Of course, they never let you know that they are actually carrying out a totalitarian style of economics, where the super rich controls it all to ensure their bank accounts get fatter, while the homeless die on the streets and people can’t afford to pay their rent.

Crony capitalism is an economic system in which businesses thrive not as a result of risk, but rather as a return on money amassed through a nexus between a business class and the political class. This is often achieved by using state power rather than competition in managing permits, government grants, tax breaks, or other forms of state intervention[1][2] over resources where the state exercises monopolist control over public goods, for example, mining concessions for primary commodities or contracts for public works. Money is then made not merely by making a profit in the market, but through profiteering by rent seeking using this monopoly or oligopolyEntrepreneurship and innovative practices which seek to reward risk are stifled since the value-added is little by crony businesses, as hardly anything of significant value is created by them, with transactions taking the form of trading. Crony capitalism spills over into the government, the politics, and the media,[3] when this nexus distorts the economy and affects society to an extent it corrupts public-serving economic, political, and social ideals.

So the primary focus of the establishment Democratic version of the same DEEP STATE establishment party is to BRAINWASH and CENSOR the world into compliance to the ideology and climate necessary for the Deep State’s crony capitalism (totalitarian economics) to succeed. The establishment Republican version of the Deep State is more focused on financial crimes and in setting up their totalitarian economic system to make these crimes easy to carry out; while the establishment Democratic version of the Deep State also carries out these same crimes, BUT IT’S ALL IN SECRET, while they protest for equality, women’s rights (actually bitch hoes’ rights); and they marginalize those who don’t adhere to their unhealthy extremism. They both run the same machinery, but spout different speeches while committing the same crimes.

Those who advocate for fairness, true equality, true economic freedom, and true justice are censored, demonetized, stolen from, murdered and treated like scum in the name of social justice (actually social tyranny), in the name of economic equality (actually economic terrorism) – all the while using the language of true justice, while carrying out tyranny.

In politics and the news and the world, the way to tell who’s on the side of right, is by matching what they say versus what they do. If the two don’t match, you are dealing with a criminal chameleon who will adopt whatever mantel is needed to carry out their Deep State crimes and get away with mass murder and mass theft (while parading as a righteous leader of a movement); when they are only reinforcing the status quo they need to ensure their criminal Deep State retains its power AND THEIR CONTROL OVER THE MASSES! The head of the Democrat side of the Deep State is sociopath Loree McBride. The head of the Republican side of the Deep State is psychopath Melania Trump. THEY ARE IN AN ALLIANCE AND BELONG TO THE SAME DEEP STATE POLITICAL PARTY or SWAMP (while parading under different banners and even pretending to oppose each other).


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Gail, with Genius Emotional IQ, Analyzes Psychopath Melania Trump

Melania Trump exhibits 3 distinct types of psychopathic behavior: Violent, Covetous and Moralistic Saint.

Let’s cover the violent aspects of her psychopathy first.

Especially distinctive is this type of psychopath’s tyrannical desires, is their willingness to go out of the way to be unmerciful and inhumane. Often calculating and cool, these psychopaths are selective in their choice of victims, identifying individuals who are likely to submit rather than to react with counterviolence. Quite frequently, they display a disproportionate level of abusiveness and intimidation, in order to impress not only their victims but those who observe the psychopaths’ unconstrained power. More than any other type, these individuals derive deep satisfaction in creating suffering and in seeing its effect on others. In contrast to the explosive psychopaths, for whom hostility serves primarily as a discharge of pent-up feelings, the tyrannical psychopaths employ violence instrumentally as a means to inspire terror and intimidation. These experiences then become the object of self-conscious reflection, providing the psychopaths with a sense of deep satisfaction. This psychopath has often turned into a demon. Their objective is often watching us dangle while they inflict emotional, verbal and occasional physical cruelty. Their enjoyment is all too obvious. He/she may be a sexual sado-maso. Women, children, men, the elderly, (and even animals) – anyone with any vulnerabilities are her target.

Let’s cover the covetous aspects of her psychopathy next.

In the covetous psychopath, we see a distilled form of an essential feature of the DSM’s antisocial personality disorder, and the ICD’s syssocial personality disorder: aggrandizement. Aggrandizement means to enhance the reputation of someone beyond what is justified by the facts.

These individuals feel that life has not “given them their due”; that they have been deprived of their rightful level of love, support, or material rewards; that others have received more than their share; and that they personally were never given the bounties of the good life. Thus, they are driven by envy and a desire for retribution – a wish to take back what they have been deprived of by destiny. Through acts of theft or destruction, they compensate themselves for the emptiness of their own lives, dismissing with smug entitlement their violations of the social order. They act on the rationalization that they alone must restore the karmic imbalance with which life has burdened them.

For those who are merely somewhat resentful, and for whom some conscious controls remain intact, small transgressions and petty acquisitions often suffice to blunt the expression of more extreme characteristics. For the more severely disordered like Melania, however, the usurpation of others’ earned achievements and possessions becomes the highest reward. Here, the pleasure lies in taking rather than in having. Like hungry animals pursuing prey, covetous psychopaths have an enormous drive, a rapaciousness. They manipulate others and treat them as pawns in their power games. Although they have little compassion for the effects of their behaviors, feeling little or no guilt for their actions, they remain at heart quite insecure about their power and their possessions; they never feel that enough has been acquired to make up for earlier deprivations. Regardless of their achievements, they remain ever jealous and envious, pushy and greedy, presenting ostentatious displays of materialism and conspicuous consumption. For the most part, they are completely self-centered and self-indulgent, often profligate and wasteful, unwilling to share with others for fear that they will take again what they so desperately desired in early life. Melania apparently feels she needs to be the sexiest woman alive to make up for a perceived lack of love she experienced in her early life. Hence, such psychopaths never achieve a deep sense of contentment. They feel unfulfilled, empty, and forlorn, regardless of their successes, and remain forever dissatisfied and insatiable. Believing they will continue to be deprived, these psychopaths show minimal empathy for those who they exploit and deceive. Some may become successful entrepreneurs, exploiters of others as objects to satisfy their desires.

Here an active exploitiveness, manifested through greed and the appropriation of others’ possessions (like Gail’s pubes), becomes a central motivating force. The covetous psychopaths experience not only a deep and pervasive sense of emptiness – a powerful hunger for the love and recognition not received in early life – but also an insecurity that they perhaps really are intrinsically less than others, somehow deserving of life’s marginal dispensations.

Melania does not have true love in her life and she tries to make up for this by being the sexiest woman alive. She blames the world for her predicament, not realizing that it is her total lack of inner beauty that is the problem. She even lies to herself saying true love is a fairy tale and that no man could genuinely love a woman who is not “sexy” according to Melania’s definition of sexiness.

Why, Empress Gail does not have Melania’s toned waist. Empress Gail does not have Melania’s riches to maintain her beauty. Impossible, that such a poor, nobody and 62-year old woman would outdo the powerful Melania, who has devoted her entire life to being the sexiest woman alive. Gail MUST DIE, so that Melania can maintain her illusion that she is the paragon of sexual perfection and superior to Gail. Melania needs to believe that the men in Gail’s life don’t love her, that they use her and abuse her, because if true love really exists, THEN MELANIA’S WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN IN VAIN.

So Melania believes that youthful beauty with a toned body and a pretty face is the main requirement to get a man’s “love” or sexual interest (which she defines as love). Donald, being a weak narcissist, did not marry Melania for love, but to maintain his image. Melania knew this, but it was okay with her, because she lied to herself that true love is a fairy tale. The mere fact that I have men who would die for me, shatters her illusion and causes great inner conflict for her. She must continue to believe the lie that she’s the sexiest woman alive to be happy. But the TRUTH stares her down every time her mirror tells her that I am the sexiest woman alive. The only way she can be happy now is to kill me or lash out her rage at the world, because true love DOES exist and she doesn’t have it. This makes her so furious, she would nuke the universe three times over in rage over it. She DESPISES Donald who, she knows, didn’t marry her for love, but married her for LUST and to maintain his image. It’s just simply not fair, she feels, that stupid and innocent Gail attracts rich and powerful men, who TRULY LOVE HER. UNFAIR! UNFAIR! ONLY A WOMAN LIKE MELANIA, WHO HAS DEVOTED HER LIFE TO BEING THE SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE, SHOULD HAVE SUCH ADORATION!!

She thinks by killing me she can force the universe to make her lies the truth (because I will then be eliminated) and now her mirror will finally force her lie to become the truth, that she is the sexiest woman alive – that her lifelong obsession to be the sexiest woman alive, in order to make up for not having love in her life, has not been in vain.

Now, let’s cover the moralist or saint aspect of Melania’s psychopathy.

This psychopath proclaims her high moral standing (and thus Melania has adopted the Conservative Christian mantel), and other people (non-Christians) are seen as immoral. She wants justice for society. “Hang ’em high” she says about the murderer (like Muslim Soleimani) on the 6:00 news. These psychopaths may be found in the professions of school teacher, prison officer, religious leader (or devout attendant), manager of an orphanage or hospital for the mentally ill, or similar jobs which require a morally responsible presentation. They may be very quick to exploit corrupt political or social situations as an excuse for being brutal and cruel, political situations like those seen in Nazi Germany, or Apartheid South Africa, which supply a socially sanctioned way to enact their pathology. When this psychopath is not being ‘watched’, she often lies, cheats, schemes, corrupts, abuses, deceives, controls, manipulates, and torments, while portraying herself to be the morally upstanding victim when questions are asked. This psychopath is a consummate image maker and will flaunt all credentials and accomplishments (Melania claims to speak several languages fluently – probably a lie. She also claims to have a degree in architecture – another lie), often bullying his/her family into perfect presentation for the public, in order to reinforce his/her position as a paragon of goodness. Gaining admiration, attention, even glances from others, and evoking envy are central ploys. These ‘morally compensated’ psychopaths cannot depend upon love because, like all psychopaths, they have a severe deficit in the area of emotion. Instead, their egos work out a moral system which is fool-proof in any and every situation. The result, as paradoxical as it may seem, is usually a well-developed outward morality but one woefully lacking in love. Such compensated psychopaths continually and at all costs uphold moral conventions, fanatically defending their moral systems. Were they to relax the hold on their moral code, the entire structure might well collapse like a house of cards, revealing their psychopathic nature. It is rather like cooking, a poor cook sticks assiduously to the recipe, while a gifted one can change this and that according to a momentary whim.

This psychopaths’ saintliness or rigid morality, then, is a cover for an underlying grandiosity, immorality, and sadistic drive to power typical of many psychopaths.

Open-minded, Deep Thinkers (not APD Folks) Support Tulsi Gabbard

A person with antisocial personality disorder may:

  • Be able to act witty and charming
  • Be good at flattery and manipulating other people’s emotions
  • Break the law repeatedly
  • Disregard the safety of self and others
  • Have problems with substance abuse
  • Lie, steal, and fight often
  • Not show guilt or remorse
  • Often be angry or arrogant

Our 2020 Presidential election cycle will show the true nature of American voters. I suspect we may have an epidemic of folks with APD (antisocial personality disorder) like psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists in politics and, perhaps, in the electorate. My vote for Tulsi is a conscience vote, because she is the only politician running that seems to NOT be afflicted with antisocial personality disorder and WHO HAS THE COURAGE TO STAND UP TO THOSE POLITICIANS AFFLICTED WITH ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER. There seems to be only ONE candidate running for office in the U.S., who appeals to intelligent, sane (non-APD), open-minded voters and that is Tulsi Gabbard. She’s a true uniter and probably the most mentally healthy candidate running. Though I admire a lot of Bernie Sanders’ positions, he doesn’t seem to have the courage to follow through. But I will give him pretty high marks on consistency. No candidate is 100% consistent, but courage can make up for this and Tulsi Gabbard has courage. She also doesn’t get into cat fights that are a waste of time, like most politicians do. She gets into the fights that matter.

Tulsi is great at reaching across the aisle and if elected to the Presidency is the one most likely to be able to pass her legislation, since she appeals to people all across the political spectrum, not just those in her base. She treats those who differ from her with respect. The people who oppose treating those who differ from us with respect are psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists and, unfortunately, we have too many of these in politics!

The moralist psychopath proclaims his high moral standing, and other people are seen as immoral. He wants justice for society. “Hang ’em high” he says about the murderer on the 6:00 news. These may be found in the professions of school teacher, prison officer, religious leader (or devout attendant), manager of an orphanage or hospital for the mentally ill, or similar jobs which require a morally responsible presentation. They may be very quick to exploit corrupt political or social situations as an excuse for being brutal and cruel, political situations like those seen in Nazi Germany, or Apartheid South Africa, which supply a socially sanctioned way to enact their pathology. When this psychopath is not being ‘watched’, he/she often lies, cheats, schemes, corrupts, abuses, deceives, controls, manipulates, and torments, while portraying himself to be the morally upstanding victim when questions are asked. This psychopath is a consummate image maker and will flaunt all credentials and accomplishments, often bullying his/her family into perfect presentation for the public, in order to reinforce his/her position as a paragon of goodness. Gaining admiration, attention, even glances from others, and evoking envy are central ploys. These ‘morally compensated’ psychopaths cannot depend upon love because, like all psychopaths, they have a severe deficit in the area of emotion. Instead, their egos work out a moral system which is fool-proof in any and every situation. The result, as paradoxical as it may seem, is usually a well-developed outward morality but one woefully lacking in love. Such compensated psychopaths continually and at all costs uphold moral conventions, fanatically defending their moral systems. Were they to relax the hold on their moral code, the entire structure might well collapse like a house of cards, revealing their psychopathic nature. It is rather like cooking, a poor cook sticks assiduously to the recipe, while a gifted one can change this and that according to a momentary whim. This psychopath’s saintliness or rigid morality, then, is a cover for an underlying grandiosity, immorality, and sadistic drive to power typical of many psychopaths.

I love Gab, but there are a lot of narcissist bigots there that I eventually have to mute or block. Loree McBride and Melania Trump have infiltrated BOTH the Dem and Republican Parties. I am finding that intelligent, open minded people are a rarity now-a-days. We Libertarian Centrists get attacked from BOTH parties cuz we refuse to take extremist positions. By the way, Republican and Democrat sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths tend to be extremists and these are the folks that follow Loree McBride and Melania Trump. And, nope, it ain’t just the “crazy” Dems that have sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists on their side. These vipers will prey on anyone they can and their easy targets are folks who don’t think for themselves and allowed themselves to be gas lighted into extremist positions. It’s like these criminals set up a climate where if you don’t adhere to their extremist viewpoints, they label you with whatever is the group think label for your party affiliation. They like to call all Democrats “crazy” and they like to call all Republicans “racist”. The problem is, you can’t put life into such neat, little categories. But if you’re a sociopath, narcissist or psychopath, you need the categories in order to defame and target your enemies (i.e., those who don’t assist your criminal enterprises). No political party has a premium on virtue, folks, and anybody who acts like their party is righteous in everything it does, is either extremely stupid, deluded or perhaps a psychopath, sociopath or narcissist.

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