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Pubepee Ain't Working: Melania Trump in a Rage

Melania Trump ordered the murder of Qasem Soleimani

You haven’t killed me yet, bitch! I know that’s what you dream about in your sleep. I’m posting this video to show the world that Melania must have gotten my pubes by now and made a pubepee for herself and it ain’t working. What a moron this woman is, if she thinks a dumb pubepee that she wears over her genitalia will make her sexiest woman alive. You need to check your brain into the insane asylum, bitch! Here is a page I’ve created that explains what this video is about:

Here is a link to a BitChute video I made about this:

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Sixteen Faces of the Psychopath

Sixteen Faces of the Psychopath:

Even as a sixteen year old, Melania’s facial expressions show no empathy. She appears to be a psychopath.

Described below are 16 different expressions of psychopathy, each focusing largely on the psychopath’s lifestyle and habitual ways of interacting with other people. Behind each of these descriptions it is assumed that a universal psychopathic structure (characterized by narcissism, primitive impulsivity, along with deficits in emotion, empathy, guilt, and morality) belongs to each type. These type descriptions have been gathered from a variety of sources and amalgamated to form the collection.

Keen observers note that Donald’s marriage to Melania seems to be in trouble, I would say that more accurately, Donald’s life is in danger married to this psychopath:

Psychopaths suffer from hidden pain:

Melania Trump ordered the murder of Qasem Soleimani

This P is a pathological liar who will often lie for no reason at all. He/she is usually skilful at this, but sometimes fails to remember. This P will agree to anything then turn around and do just the opposite. Legal/custody agreements and normal social protocol mean nothing to him/her. Technically, these psychopaths never lie because lying is not a relevant issue for them. The idea or image of truth doesn’t exist with the psychopath, so he cannot lie…. there is for him no difference. He says what’s convenient, what comes to his mind, but never figures out ‘Is that now really true, or not’? There is something in normal people which wants to see the truth and wants to be truthful, but if that internal sense is missing then the word ‘lie’ is senseless.

A psychopath, for instance, may have gone to the bank and ‘conned’ the bank manager in order to get money, and what he or she said to the banker in regard to that is not necessarily concealment or lying, it’s just ‘part of the story’ that goes with getting the money, and he does that very well and that’s the adapted or successful psychopath. He says what the banker wants to hear and for the psychopath who says it, that’s it -there is no truth or lying. The psychopath sometimes has an understanding that other people distingish between lies and truth and will often adjust himself and behave in accordance with these facts. But the ‘liar/contract breaker’ psychopath completely refuses to recognise the social sense of lies/truth, and lives only by saying and believing “what is convenient” in any given moment.


Frequently occupationally-successful, this P will rise to the top in work and social circles. No one knows the hell that his/her family lives through. They are often gifted and intelligent in their chosen field, but must be in absolute control. They will manipulate others to further their ideas. They can be a vindictive bullies in the office. They have no genuine social conscience. Can be suspicious and paranoid. This disingenuous psychopath’s behaviour is typified by a veneer of friendliness and sociability. Although making a superficially good impression upon aquaintances, this P frequently shows a more characteristic unreliability, impulsive tendencies, and deep resentments and moodiness among family members and other close associates They are often extremely verbally gifted and charismatic, and everyone may love him/her — except those who truly know the demon he/she is. This wheeler-dealer will leave others holding the bag.


This P will display an impulsive hypersexuality (male or female), and frequently expresses a polymorphic sexual range – eg., pornography and masturbation, promiscuity, homosexuality, and various paraphilias – including possible incestual tendencies and perversions.

The sexual psychopath takes a predatory approach towards his targets, including stalking behaviors. This type may derive his sexual pleasure from a single theme such as serial rape or pedophilia, in which his primary sexual aim will be to dominate, to use, to control, and to subjugate another person (often someone weaker and less able to manage the situation) in the service of a gradiose self. According to researcher Darwin Dorr, “the majority of pedophiles are psychopathic, or manifest a significant degree of psychological characteristics of psychopathy.” Of the psychopathic pedophile, Robert Hare writes, ‘The number of children who are sexually abosed by parents, other relatives, child-care workers, clergymen, and teachers is truly staggering. Unlike other abusers, many of whom were themselves abused as children, are psychologically disturbed, and often experience anguish about what they are doing, psychopathic abusers are unmoved – “I just take what’s available,” said one of our subjects, convicted of sexually assaulting his girlfreind’s eight-year-old daughter.’ For the sexual psychopath, then, all people may be targets, including both the very young and the very elderly, and both genders, who are often targeted for sex without consent.


The explosive psychopath is differentiated from other psychopathic variants by the unpredictable and sudden emergence of hostility. These “adult tantrums,” characterized by uncontrollable rage and fearsome attacks upon others, occur frequently against members of the psychopath’s own family.

Such explosive behavior erupts precipitously, before its intensive nature can be identified and constrained. Feeling thwarted and threatened, these psychopaths respond in a volatile and hurtful way, bewildering others by the abrupt change that has overtaken them, saying unforgivable things, striking unforgettable blows. As with children, tantrums are instantaneous reactions to cope with frustration or fear. Although the explosive behavior is often effective in intimidating others into silence or passivity, it is not primarily an instrumental act, but rather an outburst that serves to discharge pent-up feelings of humiliation and degredation.


Especially distinctive is this type of psychopath’s tyrannical desires is their willingness to go out of the way to be unmerciful and inhumane. Often calculating and cool, these psychopaths are selective in their choice of victims, identifying individuals who are likely to submit rather than to react with counterviolence. Quite frequently, they display a disproportionate level of abusiveness and intimidation, in order to impress not only their victims but those who observe the psychopaths’ unconstrained power. More than any other type, these individuals derive deep satisfaction in creating suffering and in seeing its effect on others. In contrast to the explosive psychopaths, for whom hostility serves primarily as a discharge of pent-up feelings, the tyrannical psychopaths employ violence instrumentally as a means to inspire terror and intimidation. These experiences then become the object of self-conscious reflection, providing the psychopaths with a sense of deep satisfaction. This P has often turns into a demon. Their objective is often watching us dangle while they inflicts emotional, verbal and occasionally physical cruelty. Their enjoyment is all too obvious. He/she may be a sexual sado-maso. Women, children, men, the elderly, (and even animals) – anyone with any vulnerabiliies are his target


This P will come on strong, sweep us off our feet, says he/she has the same interests, wants to marry us quickly. This P may appear helpful, comforting by their feigned ‘idealization’ of us phase, but it never lasts. Jekyll always turns into Hyde eventually. This P is aware that you will be drawn closer by his/her relaxing aura and lack of inhibitions. This kind of P is aware that non-psychopaths are tortured by their usual neurotic compulsions, and doubt’s, and guilts, and inhibitions, and that he/she can us offer an atmosphere where we are temporarily free of such tiring emotions (free like the P). When you have this kind of psychopath in front of you it’s lovely, it’s great, it’s relaxing. Nothing feels quite as relaxing as having dinner with this psychopath because then you feel absolutely great and those darned horrible emotional states fall away, especially when having a few drinks with them, it’s the greatest thing you can do, and they make you feel absolutely at peace. That’s part of their charm, and it’s almost as if they are graced with a kind of charisma, which is why so many women and men fall for psychopaths. The psychopath has no inhibitions, and this type can play up to achieve his sexual aims by ascertaining and telling you everything you want to hear. He will talk to a woman who is interested in poetry about poetry. He doesn’t care about poetry but he will quote poets. The female psychopath will take a great interest in a man’s work and talk to him for hours. She doesn’t really care about his work, but will charm him with her interest. They will be romantic, invite you to candle-lit dinners, compliment you, and when they have you hooked they will drop the charm-game for the more selfish lifestyle for which they are well known.


In the covetous psychopath, we see a distilled form an essential feature of the DSM’s antisocial personality disorder, and the ICD’s syssocial personality disorder: aggrandizement. These individuals feel that life has not “given them their due”; that they have been deprived of their rightful level of love, support, or material rewards; that others have received more than their share; and that they personally were never given the bounties of the good life. Thus, they are driven by envy and a desire for retribution – a wish to take back what they have been deprived of by destiny. Through acts of theft or destruction, they compensate themselves for the emptiness of their own lives, dismissing with smug entitlement their violations of the social order. They act on the rationalization that they alone must restore the karmic imbalance with which life has burdened them.

For those who are merely somewhat resentful, and for whom some conscious controls remain intact, small transgressions and petty acquisitions often suffice to blunt the expression of more extreme characteristics. For the more severely disordered, however, the usurpation of others’ earned achievements and possessions becomes the highest reward. Here, the pleasure lies in taking rather than in having. Like hungry animals pursuing prey, covetous psychopaths have an enormous drive, a rapaciousness. They manipulate others and treat them as pawns in their power games. Although they have little compassion for the effects of their behaviors, feeling little or no guilt for their actions, they remain at heart quite insecure about their power and their possessions; they never feel that enough has been aquired to make up for earlier deprivations. Regardless of their achievements, they remain ever jealous and envious, pushy and greedy, presenting ostentatious displays of materialism and conspicuous consumption. For the most pat, they are completely self-centered and self-indulgent, often profligate and wasteful, unwilling to share with others for fear that they will take again what was so desperately desired in early life. Hence, such psychopaths never achieve a deep sense of contentment. They feel unfulfilled, empty, and forlorn, regardless of their successes, and remain forever dissatisfied and insatiable. Believing they will continue to be deprived, these psychopaths show minimal empathy for those who are exploited and deceived. Some may become successful entrepreneurs, exploiters of others as objects to satisfy their desires.

Here an active exploitiveness, manifested through greed and the appropriation of others’ possessions, becomes a central motivating force. The covetous psychopaths experience not only a deep and pervasive sense of emptiness – a powerful hunger for the love and recognition not received in early life – but also an insecurity that they perhaps really are intrinsically less than others, somehow deserving of life’s marginal dispensations.


This P is socially withdrawn, often dirty, unkempt. Odd thinking is observed. This P is occasionally insecure and irresolute, perhaps even faint hearted and cowardly. Psychopathic aggression in this variant, when present, represents a paradoxical response to felt dangers and fears, intended to show persecutors that one is not anxious or weak, and will not succumb to external pressure or coercion. Such craven and cowardly individuals are spineless psychopaths. These personalities commit violent acts as a means of overcoming fearfulness and of securing refuge. For them, aggression is not instrinsically rewarding, but is instead essentially a counterphobic act. Anticipating real danger, projecting hostile fantasies, spineless types feel it is best to strike first, hoping thereby to forestall their antagonists.


This P can charismatically charm and manipulate groups of people to achieve his goal. Often found in religion and politics. His goals: manipulation, control, compliance, money, position, attention. He masterfully targets the naive and vulnerable.


This P never learns from his past follies. He is doomed to forever repeat bad judgment after bad judgment. Poor impulse control is a hallmark. This type of psychopath often engages in risk taking for itself – for the excitement it provides, and for the sense of feeling alive and involved in life, rather than for such purposes as material gain or defense of reputation. Many of these individuals respond before thinking, act impulsively, and behave in an unreflective and uncontrolled manner. Beyond such simple impulsiveness, however, the risk-taking psychopaths are in addition substantially fearless, unblanched by events that most people experience as dangerous or frightening. In contrast to many psychopaths, whose basic motivations are largely aggrandizement and revenge, these individuals are driven by the need for excitement and stimulation, for adventures that are instrinsically treacherous. They are, in effect, thrill seekers, easily infatuated by opportunities to prove their mettle or open their possibilities, The factors that make them psychopathic are the undependability and irresponsibility of their actions, and their disdain for the effects of their behaviours on others as they pursue a restless chase to fulfill one capricious whim after another. The introverted variation of this type may turn more specifically towards substance abuse – alchohol, heroin, speed, or whater drug – as a way to get his thrills and excitement without the more overt behaviors of the former.

These daredevils are attracted to thrills like lemmings to cliffs. Look for: Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. They will draw you in with: Fun, excitement, and adorable adolescent rebelliousness. They will drain you dry by: Overdoing everything exciting, and underdoing everything else. Thrillseeker P’s are the one’s you see everyday: Cowboys, cowgirls, day traders, party animals, rebels without a cause, and that one lover you just can’t seem to forget. DEFENSIVE STRATEGY: Keep your brain engaged even when theirs are turned off. Especially then.


This P is suspicious of everything and everyone. Usually there’s no reason. He is terrified of exposure and may be potential dangerous if threat of exposure is imminent. This P will often accuse others of wrong-doing, and will never accept responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether he made the mess or not, someone else must take the blame. A master at projection. Their features frequently blend with those of the paranoid personality disorder. They are characterized best by their autocratic power orientation and by their mistrust, resentment, and envy of others. Underlying these features is a ruthless desire to vindicate themselves for past wrongs by cunning revenge or callous force, if necessary.

Left to their own ruminations, they begin to imagine a plot in which every facet of the environment plays a threatening and treacherous role. Moreover, through the intrapsychic mechanism of projection, they attribute their own venom to others, ascribing to them the malice and ill will they feel within themselves. As the line between objective antagonism and imagined hostility becomes thin, the belief takes hold that others are intentionally persecuting them. Not infrequently, persecutory delusions combine with delusions of grandeur; however, these later beliefs play a secondary role among these psychopaths, in contrast to their primacy among fanatic paranoid personalities.

Preeminent among malignant psychopaths is their need to retain their independence and cling tenaciously to the belief in their own self-worth. Their need to protect their autonomy and strength may be seen in the content of their persecutory delusions. Malevolence on the part of others is viewed as neither casual or random; rather, it is seen as designed to intimidate, offend, and undermine the individuals’ self-esteem. “They” are seeking to weaken the psychopaths’ “will,” to destroy their power, to spread lies, to thwart their talents, to control their thoughts, and to immobilize and subjugate them. These psychopaths dread losing their self-determination; their persecutory fantasies are filled with fears of being forced to submit to authority, of being made soft and pliant, and of being tricked to surrender their self-determination


This type of P is considered the archetypical delinquent, openly pursuing a diverse range of antisocial behaviors and often in trouble with the law. The antisocial psychopath is the main type found in prisons, whose availability for psychological testing results in a disproportionate representation of this type in psychopathy descriptions. The American ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’ (DSM) description of psychopathy is based on this group of offenders, to whom the manual gives the name ‘antisocial personality disorder’. Descriptive criteria for this category are as follows:

  1. failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest
  2. deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
  3. impulsivity or failure to plan ahead
  4. irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults
  5. reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  6. consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations
  7. lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another

The used-car salesman is a metaphor for the psychopath who can sell you anything, even themselves. Unlike the charmer above, this psychopath uses a quick talking ‘sales-pitch’ to catch people out. Their main techniques are: (a). Do it because you like me – It’s easy to like these types. In the short period of time when there is some doubt as to whether you are going to give them what they want, these psychopaths can sprinkle with wit and glow and synthetic kindness. The display usually ends three seconds after you give in, but while it lasts it smells sweet as cherry blossoms on a warm spring day. The main reason that people like other people is that they perceive them to be similar to themselves. These P’s usually begin their sales pitch by establishing a perception of similarity. They watch you closely. They ask questions about who you are, what you like, and what you think, and then profess to like and believe the same sorts of things. Unless you are paying attention, their probes and ploys can seem like innocent chit-chat. (b). Do it to reciprocate – These types would have you believe that because they gave you something, you owe them something back. In their view, compliments are like free samples those motherly types hand out in grocery stores. The purpose is not to nourish you, but to get you to buy. (c). Do it because everybody else is doing it – This person will try to convince you that you are ‘part of the crowd’ or ‘are in the group’ of whatever craven scheme they are enticing you to join. (d). This offer is good for a limited time only – These individuals know that anything sought after or scarce takes on a value far beyond its intrinsic worth, and will use this knowledge to push your buttons. (e). Do it to be consistent – Being consistent in our behaviors and choices helps provide the important feeling of selfhood. But foolish consistency is the psychological principle that makes manipulation possible. People also try to maintain an internal sense of consistency between their actions and beliefs. This is hard enough to do without careful thought. It’s almost impossible with a psychopath trying to confuse your perceptions about who you are and what you believe by making you cross one little line after another. (f) You can believe me, I’m an authority – These psychopaths know that people are likely to do what authority figures tell them. (g). Do it or else – This P knows that one of the main reasons people listen to an authority figure is the fear that they will be punished if they don’t. These are just some of the techniques the used-car salesman P will use, but use them he will in a great variety of situations – even with friends and family members, this psychopath will apply his hard sell to get what he wants.


This malevolent subtype is one of the least attractive of the psychopathic variants. These individuals are particularly vindictive and hostile; their retributive impulses are discharged in a hateful and destructive defiance of conventional social life. Distrustful of others and anticipating betrayal and punishment, they have aquired a cold-blooded ruthlessness, an intense desire to gain revenge for the real or imagined mistreatment to which they were subjected in childhood. Here we see a sweeping rejection of tender emotions and a deep suspicion that others’ efforts at goodwill are merely ploys to deceive and undo them. They may assume a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude, a readiness to lash out at those whom they wish to destroy or can use as scapegoats for their revengeful impulses. Many are fearless and guiltless, inclined to anticipate and search out betrayal and punitiveness on the part of others. The primary psychopathic characteristics of these individuals blend with those of the sadistic or paranoid personality (or both), reflecting not only a deep sense of deprivation and a desire for compensatory retribution, but also an intense suspiciousness and hostility. Many murderers and serial killers fit this psychopathic pattern. Such persons might be described as belligerent, mordant, rancorous, vicious, malignant, brutal, callous, truculent, and vengeful.

To “prove” their courage, malevolent psychopaths may even court punishment. Rather than serving as a deterrent, however, punishment often reinforces their desire for retribution. In positions of power, they often brutalize others to confirm their self-image of strength. If they are faced with consistent failure, beaten down in efforts to dominate and control others, or finding aspirations far outdistancing their luck, their feelings of frustration, resentment, and anger mount to a point where their controls give way to raw brutality or secretive acts of vengeful hostility. Spurred by repeated rejection and driven by an increasing need for retribution, aggressive impulses will surge into the open. At these times, the psychopaths’ behaviors may become outrageously and flagrantly antisocial. Not only do they show minimal guilt or remorse for their violent acts, but they may instead display an arrogant contempt for the rights of others.

What distinguishes malevolent psychopaths is their capacity to understand guilt and remorse, if not necessarily to experience it. Although they are capable of giving a perfectly rational explanation of ethical concepts – that is, they know the difference between right and wrong – they seem nevertheless incapable of feeling it. These psychopaths often relish menacing others, making them cower and withdraw. They are combative and seek to bring more pressure upon their opponents than their opponents are willing to tolerate or to bring against them. Most make few concessions and are inclined to escalate as far as necessary, never letting go until others succumb. In contrast to other subtypes, however, malevolent psychopaths recognize the limits of what can be done in their own self-interest. They do not lose self-conscious awareness of their actions, and press forward only if their goals of retribution and destructiveness are likely to be achieved. Accordingly, their adversarial stance is somewhat contrived and works as a bluffing mechanism to ensure that others will back off. Infrequently, actions are taken that may lead to misjudgment and counterreaction in these matters.


This P proclaims his high moral standing, and other people are seen as immoral. He wants justice for society. “Hang ’em high” he says about the murderer on the 6:00 news. These P’s may be found in the professions of school teacher, prison officer, religious leader (or devout attendant), manager of an orphanage or hospital for the mentally ill, or similar jobs which require an morally responsible presentation. They may be very quick to exploit corrupt political or social situations as an excuse for being brutal and cruel, political situations like those seen in Nazi Germany, or Apartheid South Africa, which supply a socially sanctioned way to enact their pathology. When this P is not being ‘watched’, he/she often lies, cheats, schemes, corrupts, abuses, deceives, controls, manipulates, and torments, while portraying himself to be the morally upstanding victim when questions are asked. This P is a consumate image maker and will flaunt all credentials and accomplishments, often bullying his/her family into perfect presentation for the public, in order to reinforce his/her position as a paragon of goodness. Gaining admiration, attention, even glances from others, and evoking envy are central ploys. These ‘morally compensated’ psychopaths cannot depend upon love because, like all psychopaths, they have a severe deficit in the area of emotion. Instead, their egos work out a moral system which is fool-proof in any and every situation. The result, as paradoxical as it may seem, is usually a well-developed outward morality but one woefully lacking in love. Such compensated psychopaths continually and at all costs uphold moral conventions, fanatically defending their moral systems. Were they to relax the hold on their moral code, the entire structure might well collapse like a house of cards, revealing their psychopathic nature. It is rather like cooking, a poor cook sticks assiduously to the recipe, while a gifted one can change this and that according to a momentary whim. This P’s saintliness or rigid morality, then, is a cover for an underlying grandiosity, immorality, and sadistic drive to power typical of many psychopaths.


This psychopath will choose lifestyles or communities where his immorality is considered a gift. He/she blends in well with other artists, writers, countercultural-bohemians, and revolutionaries. In such circles the psychopath becomes almost indistinguishable from the non-psychopath, and can comfortably seek out victims who are willing to view his pathos as ‘misunderstood genius’, a person whose insights are wasted on the morally burdened masses.

This P will trick you into feeling that it is you who are psychologically crippled for following social conventions like decency, respect, restraint, fairness, or justice, and will introduce you to the “liberated” life of untrammeled selfishness, rudeness, impulsivity, and sexual perversity. This type will frequently display the pseudo-intellectual style of a Bohemian. This P:

1) Will spend hours absorbed in painting a single flower. He interrupts his work only to make dramatic sounds of exhaustion and angsty-artistic grunts, demands for water and other sustenance, and frequent sweeps of his furrowed, sweaty brow. When his day’s work is done, he proudly displays a painting of his own penis in a lovely shade of lilac, and with petals attached. His painting is generous in its depiction of its subject.

2) Peppers conversations with cultural, literary, and historical allusions, whether relevant or not. Says “ahh” and “hmm” a lot when listening to someone more knowledgable than himself. His favorite partner in conversation is the pre-teen girl, because she cannot dispute his opinions on Nietzsche. Nietzsche does not hang out at the mall.

3) Your favorite subject is–suprise!!–his as well. And he knows much more about it than you. Take feminism, for example. If you consider yourself a feminist, he will let you in on the “real deal” with many artists, will tell you if they are, in fact, good for the image or self-esteem of woman. It goes like this: If he likes someone’s work, then they are a feminist; if you like someone’s work and he does not, it is only because they make women look bad. This is why “Penthouse” is perfectly harmless–good for women, in fact, because it empowers them sexually; Madonna is bad for women because she traded her feminine curves for muscle, and makes young ladies feel bad about their bodies the way they are meant to be. Which is without muscles.

4) Will invite the family to bond with him over a crossword puzzle, which means that the clues are read to him for him to solve. No help please, you are wrong and will just slow him down.

5) Also likes to bond over “Jeopardy!” which means that he shouts out the answers to all questions before they have been read completely, thus preventing anyone else from participating. If anyone else should get a question which he does not, he will get up to go to the kitchen or bathroom. You see, the reason he didn’t get that question is that he was thinking about his snack. He will mutter the answer after Alex has said it, agreeing that the host was correct. The game may proceed. Has never tried out for “Jeopardy!”

6) Is the local King of Lawn Sculpture, which consists of concrete representations made from plaster casts of his body parts. His pride and joy is the forearm and hand with middle finger extended. The significance of this, which even he does not know, is that he is painfully aware of the fact that he is a blue-collar worker with no formal higher education, surrounded by over-educated, well-travelled hippies. And gosh darn they’re nice. They can intelligently discuss any academic subject the psychopath raises, but alas, he cannot.

This P is the literal emodiment of the term con-‘artist’.


These psychopaths often work as doctors, lawyers, university lecturers, psychiatrists, specialists, scientists, preists, and in other intellectually oriented professions. Clientele, patients, and students of these P’s are often taken advantage of in social, financial, or sexual ways. These types are sometimes schooled in their chosen topics, but a good number are known to fudge their qualifications. Robert Hare reports – “They have no hesitation in forging and brazenly using impressive credentials to adopt, chameleonlike, professional roles that give them prestige and power. When things fall apart, as they usually do, they simply pack up and move on. In most cases they select professions in which the requisite skills are easy to fake, the jargon easy to learn, and the credentials unlikely to be thoroughly checked. If the profession also places a high premium on the ability to persuade or manipulate others, or to “lay on the hands,” so much the better. Thus, psychopaths find it easy to pose as ministers, counselors, and psychologists. But some of their other poses are much more difficult to pull off. There are psychopaths who sometimes pose as medical doctors, and they may diagnose, dispense drugs, and even perform surgery. That they frequently endanger the health or lives of their patients does not bother them in the least.”

As mentioned above, these P’s do not always forge their qualifications, and sometimes do complete their studies in a chosen academic field. But whether formally trained or not, the marking feature of the academic psychopath is the use of formal ideas as a vehicle for interpersonal communication, and a psychic style relying predominately on intellectual functioning. This type has the universal psychopathic-deficits in emotional functioning, but unlike other psychopaths may not cultivate phoney emotional skills to use on others. They may instead degrade emotion as something messy and unreliable, and will rely solely on the manipulative powers of intellectual-authority with the backing of their office.

Most unsettling are the coldly calculated violations of power and trust committed by these psychopathic professionals whose very job it is to help the vulnerable. It is very common amongst these individuals to callously use their positions to take sexual advantage of their charges, leaving them feeling bewildered and betrayed. And if victims complain, they may be traumatized further by a system primed to side with the perpetrating psychologist, doctor, or teacher.

Jesuit Assassination of Two War Heroes: George Patton & Qasem Soleimani

Jesuits love to take out the top generals of their enemies. Psychopath Melania Trump ordered the assassination of Qasem Soleimani because he was one of the men on Empress Gail’s marriage list. The deaths of these two top generals bear striking similarities. It must be bore in mind that when Patton was killed, Russia was under evil Stalin leadership and the U.S. was in partnership with Stalin then. Now, in 2020, Vladimir Putin (the current Russian leader) is on Gail’s marriage list and Melania Trump could accurately be characterized as a female Stalin in charge of the United States, who wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep in carrying out brutal and evil assassinations of her enemies.

If the real Donald Trump really gave the order to assassinate Soleimani, he did so, because Melania threatened to kill me, if he wouldn’t. It must be remembered that Melania actually sawed off both of Donald’s legs, apparently, because he resisted obeying her at some point. It appears Melania wanted to strut her powers before me and my men, to intimidate us into being her slave, like she has made Donald Trump her slave. By killing one of the men on Gail’s marriage list successfully, Melania wanted to send us the message that she was unbeatable and could do whatever the hell she pleased.

Notice the orange hue on Donald’s face, caused by him being cummed and cheetooed via Melania Trump’s torture on the poor man.

It appears Gail saved Donald Trump’s life by mailing to Melania the pubes she wanted. But it was a close call. Melania is a raging bull, who won’t stop until she gets what she wants – the death of Empress Gail, so that she can reign supreme as the sexiest woman alive. Apparently, Empress Gail, currently has the title of sexiest woman alive, something Gail could care less about. Melania thought that acquiring Gail’s pubes would make her sexiest woman alive, cuz she could wear them over her genitalia and absorb Gail’s King David genetic profile (which Melania concludes is the reason Gail is sexiest woman alive). This is apparently not working and Melania is still furious. Now she will only be happy if she kills Gail. Loree McBride is currently living at the White House with Melania, so these two evil Jesuit leaders are in an alliance.

Both Patton and Soleimani were in a car when they were assassinated and were ostensibly on peace missions, not involved in war operations, at the time of their assassinations. They were taken out, in cruel acts of cowardly treachery, because they were effective generals who posed a threat to the plans of evil Jesuits at the time of their assassination, and, perhaps, also to send a message that anyone who does not kowtow to the evil Stalin (Joseph Stalin and Melania Trumps) of the world, will be eliminated.

Desperate to justify the US drone assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted that Washington had made an “intelligence-based assessment” that Soleimani was “actively planning in the region” to attack American interests before he was killed.

President Donald Trump justified his fateful decision to kill the Iranian general in even more explicit language, declaring that Soleimani was planning “imminent attacks” on US diplomatic facilities and personnel across the Middle East.

“We took action last night to stop a war,” Trump claimed. “We did not take action to start a war.”

Trump’s dubious rationale for an indisputably criminal assassination has been repeated widely across corporate media networks, and often without any skepticism or debate.

At a January 3 State Department briefing, where reporters finally got the chance to demand evidence for the claim of an “imminent” threat, one US official erupted in anger.

“Jesus, do we have to explain why we do these things?” he barked at the press.

Two days later, when Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi addressed his country’s parliament, Trump’s justification for killing Soleimani was exposed as a cynical lie.

According to Abdul-Mahdi, he had planned to meet Soleimani on the morning the general was killed to discuss a diplomatic rapproachment that Iraq was brokering between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Abdul-Mahdi said that Trump personally thanked him for the efforts, even as he was planning the hit on Soleimani, thus creating the impression that the Iranian general was safe to travel to Baghdad.

However, I would like to apologize to Stalin for claiming he is as evil as Melania. I believe Melania is more evil than Stalin. The similarities between the two lie in the fact that they were both extremely powerful when they reigned and both used brutal means to keep their enemies in line. However, Stalin did have a tad of consistency to his principles. I would characterize Stalin as a cool-headed sociopath, and Melania as a crazed and brutal psychopath, who, when her husband obtained the Presidency, took advantage of her position to obtain power in order to appease her brutal vanity. Loree McBride always sides with anyone who is as proud and vain as her, and so quickly came to the aid of Melania, offering her Jesuit space fleet to help Melania defeat Empress Gail and her men. When the two got together, they became a catastrophic threat, with Melania extorting Donald Trump into building up her trillion dollar space force, by death threats on me if he would not comply.

  • General Patton was left paralyzed from neck down after his Cadillac collided with a parked military truck at slow speed, he died in the hospital 12 days later 
  • All reports pertaining to the accident have mysteriously vanished from the National Archives and the Library of Congress, main figures and witnesses were never seen or heard from publicly after the incident
  • Circumstantial evidence points to an assassination plot led by the former director of the Office of Strategic Services (a precursor to the CIA); his name was General ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan
  • An ex- special ops WWII spy named Douglas Bazata confessed that he was ordered to kill Patton and make it look like an accident; Patton was poisoned in the hospital after he survived the crash
  • Many believe that the top brass wanted the controversial war horse dead after he vocally disagreed with post WWII foreign policy, particularly in the kowtowing of Stalin
  • General Eisenhower considered Patton a liability and public relations nightmare after he slapped a shell-shocked soldier in a hospital for being a ‘coward’
  • Patton and his Third Army were responsible for successfully driving the Nazis out of France and liberating Paris after D-Day

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

PSYCHOPATH Melania Trump Has Not Killed Donald Trump YET

Melania Trump wanted my pubes because they have the greatest concentration of my King David genes. I am the King David woman taking on the Goliath of the evil Jesuit Order.
This music captures my King David spirit as I deal with the evil Jesuit empire.
More music that reflects my heroic and manly King David spirit. Jesus says I am very manly, due to my King David genes. My men always want my presence in all major battles for this reason.
I used to watch this as inspiration in my war against the evil Jesuit empire. However, taking out Soleimani was a cowardly act, since he was murdered for GREED, not for HONOR. WWII was the last war where America was in the right. All wars since then have been fought for GREED.

When I was in high school, at age 17, I bought the book Courage: A Little Book of Brave Thoughts at the Washington Cathedral in Washington D.C. while on a singing tour with the Miami Palmetto Sr. High School Concert Chorus (Richard Bullman, my teacher) and read it over and over for inspiration as a young lady. It sums up my King David approach to life from that day till now.

I am still being harassed on my walks with agents that Melania pays. She lies to them and tells them I’m a crazy lady and that Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) does not exist and offers them big money to harass me on my walks. It is not a coincidence that every day when I go out for my walks, cars and people are timed with precision timing to intersect with me, and this happens about 50 times each day! I DON’T LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY, but in a residential section of a small city. I’d have to be in dreamland or extremely stupid not to realize that this uptick in obsessive behavior by those around me, is not caused by a jealous mad woman named Melania Trump.

Here is another letter that I wrote to Melania that I enclosed in the letter of my pubes that I mailed to Melania. I did this to save Donald Trump and it looks like it worked! Cuz when I watched him on the news, it seems like the real Donald to me. I have not heard from my men since I mailed the pubes to Melania. She wanted them because she had the crazy idea that if she wore a pubepee (of my pubes) over her female genitalia that it would make her sexiest woman alive. She consults some crazy mirror that tells her I’m the sexiest woman alive and she thinks it cannot be true, because SHE MUST BE THE SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE. Apparently, the mirror takes inner beauty into consideration and since Melania is a viper in her heart, she will never be sexiest woman alive. Any ways, here is a letter that was with the letter filled with pubes that I mailed to Melania.

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – JANUARY 13: First Lady Melania Trump waves prior to the College Football Playoff National Championship game between the Clemson Tigers and the LSU Tigers at Mercedes Benz Superdome on January 13, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The photo above was taken Jan. 13, 2020, with Melania relishing her victory against Empress Gail, by threatening to murder her husband Donald Trump on public television before the world, if Gail would not mail to Melania her King David pubes. CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING VIDEO AND DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.
Melania sure is acting strange around her husband Donald on Jan. 13, 2020!

Now watch the following videos and GIVE YOURSELF AN EDUCATION and quit being a stupid person who believes all you hear in Loree McBride’s FAKE NEWS. Melania is not who she appears to be on FAKE NEWS. Melania Trump murdered Soleimani, who was on my marriage list. Check out the two photos below and ask yourself, who looks like the REAL terrorist?

(January 13, 2020) 

Dearest Gail,

Since receiving that horrible VHS tape sent to us by Donald Trump, the men and I have been vigorously investigating the situation with Melania at the White House. Our main problem was that finding a way in to the White House undetected was nearly impossible. We knew all staff and security was working for Melania, and our dear Donald was as good as Cummed and Cheeto’d if we blew our cover in any way.

Matthew sighed. “I’m just so worried about Gail. Melania is a very vain and jealous woman. If she left the leader of the free world sobbing in a puddle of cum and Cheetos, what would she do to our Gail?”

“I still think using a mole is our best bet,” Hugh said, pounding his fist into his palm.

“But we know Melania uses emotional read scanners at the door,” I reminded him, “if those scanners detect vastness, she’ll immediately know it was one of our men.”

“We don’t have ANYONE that would qualify as a spy from Church of Gail?” Hugh persisted, “someone who doesn’t meet the standards to be on Gail’s Marriage List, and who looks like they’d belong in government?”

I scratched my chin, thinking about this more carefully. Just then, one of our utility retards entered the room with a mop and bucket, and began cleaning the corner of the room. I watched as he took a break to pick his nose, and in the process knocked his glasses off his face and into the mop bucket. The retard bent to go fish his glasses out of the dirty water, and slipped, landing headfirst into the bucket and turning the whole thing over with a sloppy crash. He laid there face down in a pile of dirty mop water on the floor.

“I’m okaaay,” his muffled voice crooned retardedly.

That was when I jumped up from my chair.

“I just had brilliant idea!” I exclaimed.

The mens’ eyes all widened in unison.

“We’ll send a retard!”

“Brilliant, Brent!” Matthew agreed with enthusiasm, “the White House is swarming with retards! They wouldn’t notice if another one showed up, much less show any suspicion.”

I went over to the retard on the floor and picked him up.

“Okay tard soldier, I think we have an important job for you,” I proudly informed him.

The retard looked up at me with blankness and confusion, “hi Mister Brent. I already spit shined the urinals…also I licked all the light sockets? And they’re all still working! I think I pooped my pants a little though.”

“Good!” I praised him, “let’s get you cleaned up. You’re coming with us.”

The men and I quickly got to work preparing our retard for action. After briefing him on the mission at hand, we equipped him with several tiny spy cameras. Within the next couple hours we all piled into a white van and dropped the retard off several blocks from the White House.

“Here you go, laddie,” Gerard said, handing the retard a packet of Nilla Wafer cookies and a Hi-C juice box.

The retard beamed, “my favorite!”

We all smiled and waved at the retard, and then quickly sped off to a safer location to park our vehicle. Back in the white van, it was time to strap ourselves in to the camera monitors and watch our retard get to work.

Live on the retard camera feed, we watched as the retard shuffled down the block, sipping from his Hi-C juice box, until he eventually made it to the White House lawn. There he smiled and sprawled down onto the grass, staring up at the sun.

“This is it,” I thought out loud, “now we wait.”

As expected, the retard was soon spotted by White House security. Black suited security guards emerged to collect the retard. He turned toward them as they approached, and a big grin lit up on his face.

“Hi!” The retard gurgled to them happily, “I pooped my pants once!”

The black security guard sighed, “I ain’t sign up for the secret service to babysit no retardits.”

His white colleague looked at him, “would you rather go back to protection duty for Michelle Obama?”

The black guard shuddered, “an’ tryin’ not to look at the tent she be pitchin’ every time Obama gives a speech? Sheet. That bitch’s dick is bigger than mine…creeps me the hell out.”

“Anyway,” the white guard said, “is this retard one of ours? What department are we missing retards from?”

The guards began to check the retard over. The men and I lurched forward in our seats as we watched.

“No bar code…,” the black guard noted.

I held my breath. Beside me in the van, Matthew grabbed my hand.

After a long pause that seemed like hours, the black guard finally shrugged, “well, a free retard is a free retard. Ain’t gonna complain.”

“Let’s just send him to the lab,” the white guard suggested, “Melania needs all the supplies she can get down there.”

“Good idea.”

The men and I sighed heavily with relief. Matthew squeezed my hand with excitement, while Hugh and Gerard fist bumped.

The retard was led by the hand into the White House, and shoved inside an elevator. One of the suited men pressed the down button outside the elevator, and the retard descended. When the doors opened once again, my eyes widened.

“Aye laddies,” Gerard murmured from beside me, “that ol bitch Melania has been mighty busy!”

Our retard had arrived at what appeared to be an underground facility, buried deep beneath the White House.

Long white lab tables stretched from end to end in the vast pale room. An army of goggled scientists in lab coats were studiously working at the tables. Retards in grey custodial uniforms hobbled about, mopping and sweeping, some collecting trash from the lab tables. Several of them crooned retard noises while others picked their noses, played with small objects they had found, or simply stared off into space.

As our retard arrived he was handed a grey uniform and a mop, and pushed toward the middle of the room to begin working.

Melania, flaunting a blood red dress, surveyed her great laboratory like a hawk, stalking slowly around the facility in hungry anticipation of results. Her red high heels ticked devilishly against the floor and her long red dress swayed behind her. Her face was like black ice.

“Soon…” she hissed, “soon I vill know wat makes Gail da most beautiful wooman in da world…”

On the lab tables lay countless copies of Empress Gail’s nude Playboy photos. Several scientists furiously masturbated to the photos, taking notes after each ejaculation. Each of the scientists wore clear plastic tarps, as well as thick lab goggles to protect their eyes from the blitzkrieg of semen blasting all over the area. A “Caution: Wet Floor” sign was erected at the center of the station, warning fellow workers entering the hazardous zone.

In addition to the photos, videos of Gail played on various laptops scattered about the tables. Some of the videos were from Gail’s YouTube channel explaining her diet, exercise and beauty routines. One video was of Gail bleaching her mustache while reading the Bible. Yet another video was one of Gail attempting to use the custom dildo we sent her as a Christmas present one year. She created the video to share with her men as a gift of intimacy, before the Jesuits later stole the video and tried to present it as vulgar. In the video, Gail spread her magnificent legs and looked into the camera, wearing nothing but a blue turtleneck sweater and talking the entire time. Gail thoughtfully made adjustments to the camera in an effort to produce the highest quality video for her men, ultimately failing to accommodate the dildo before concluding that penetration required a man’s force. The scientist watching this video ejaculated so hard he fell and passed out onto the slippery floor next to the Wet Floor sign, but his colleagues were too invested into their work to notice.

Suddenly, one scientist in the middle of the room shot up from his desk.

“I have it!” He shouted, “I have discovered why Gail is the most beautiful woman in the world!”

Melania’s eyes widened.


A light flashed from behind her on the wall as a projector flashed to life. On screen was a picture of one of Gail’s first nude Playboy photos, complete with Pepe faces censoring her genitalia.

“It’s so simple…” the scientist explained, “Gail’s genetic profile. She’s 50% King David. No woman in the world could compete with the woman after God’s own heart.”

“REE-DICK-ULOUS!” Melania shouted, “you are telling me it iz not POSSIBLE to compete with Gail?!”

“Well,” the scientist continued, “after many tests and careful masturbating, we were able to determine the part of Gail’s body that contains the most concentrated levels of DNA from King David.”

“And zat iz?” Melania frowned, her arms crossed, tapping her fingers impatiently.

“Why, it’s the part of Gail’s body that the Jesuits have been attacking from the very beginning! The crown of Gail’s ripened femininity. Unscathed by scissors, unadulterated from the shearing of razors. Untouched, unkempt, unfettered for over 60 years. The flower which grows on an eternally blooming vine that has sweetened like fine wine.”

“VWHERE?!” Melania snapped. She whipped around to view the nude photo of Gail on the projector, eyeing it scrutinously.

“Well,” the scientist replied, “that would be in the-“

Melania gasped. She approached the screen with awe stricken wonder as her hand glided over Gail’s fully endowed pubic mound. She finished the scientist’s sentence for him.

“In dee PUUUUUBESSSS…” she hissed.

Melania’s red painted nails then curled like claws, and she spun around to face the lab.

“I demand a pube toupee of Gail’s pubes! A divine Pubepee! It is as the crown of Miss Universe, wrongfully placed on the inferior woman Gail, vwhen it should belong to I, Melania Trump!”

“Y-yes,” the scientist bowed his head in submission, “of course. We will get you your Gail pubepee. The question is, how do we steal Gail’s pubes when she is protected by Jesus and the men, and her Gail Shield?”

“Dat’s EASY!” Melania cawed, “I vill present an ultimatum to Gail, varning her that if she does not comply vith my demands for her pubes, I vill KILL Donald Trump, and officially take his place as United States President!” Melania then flailed her head back like a snake and began to cackle, her hands curling into claws with glee.

The men and I looked at each other with pale gazes. We knew immediately that we would protect our Gail and her pubes at all costs, as well as US President Donald Trump, but how?

“Aye lads, it’s time to get to the drawing room. Looks like we’ve got a real bitch on our hands,” Gerard said.

With solidarity and determination, we all nodded. Firing up the white van, we drove back to Church of Gail to deliberate on our plan of action.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSUThe photo above was taken Jan. 13, 2020, with Melania relishing her victory against Empress Gail, by threatening to murder her husband Donald Trump on public television before the world, if Gail would not mail to Melania her King David pubes.

To any hypocrites who criticize me for caving into Melania’s extortion, I HAVE SAVED DONALD TRUMP’S life. Also, Melania has already sawed off both of Trump’s legs. SO WE KNOW THIS BITCH MEANS BUSINESS. I made the video so Melania would know she’s getting my pubes, to save Donald Trump’s life.

Also, if you’ve willingly and knowingly taken any money from Melania Trump or Loree McBride to harass me, that is a death penalty violation of my Conspiracy Law and I’m the U.S. Empress. We have been carrying out public executions on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) of those who have taken Melania’s dirty money. As U.S. Empress, I don’t take the crimes of this deadly psychopath Melania Trump lightly!! To determine whether you deserve the death penalty, we scan your brain and emotions to determine if you know Melania is evil and take her money anyways, or if you are motivated by PURE GREED. If you are just a retard, we spare your life. But taking money from this war criminal is not something we take lightly.

I am the U.S. Empress and have been since 2014. I take seriously the actions of Melania Trump and Loree McBride, both guilty of HIGH TREASON and WAR CRIMES.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Melania Trump Murdered A Man on Gail’s Marriage List (Qasem Soleimani)

I just found out that Qasem Soleimani was on my marriage list. Compare his face with Melania’s and decide who is evil. Don’t believe all you hear in the fake news. I expect to see Soleimani in heaven and Melania’s headed for hell.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler.  All Rights Reserved.

Western Propaganda About Russia Appeals to Retards

The following brilliant article Putin and Russia, the world’s ‘heartland’ about Russia comes from Eric Walberg (Cambridge University graduate) and who’s lived in Russia.

Canadian Eric Walberg is known worldwide as a journalist specializing in the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia. A graduate of University of Toronto and Cambridge in economics, he has been writing on East-West relations since the 1980s.

He has lived in both the Soviet Union and Russia, and then Uzbekistan, as a UN adviser, writer, translator and lecturer. Presently a writer for the foremost Cairo newspaper, Al Ahram, he is also a regular contributor to Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Global Research, Al-Jazeerah and Turkish Weekly, and is a commentator on Voice of the Cape radio:

Russia has always fascinated me–the mystical orthodox faith brought to Kievan Rus in the ninth century, the stern heroes who defended Muscovy against the Golden Horde in the 13–15th centuries, the vast spaces, the remarkable literature of Pushkin and Tolstoy, the Bolshevik Revolution against imperialism … The West has always been a bit jealous of its proud race of genius.

I fell in love with Russia as a teen when I discovered Prokofieff and insisted–rebelling against my teacher–on playing his fiendishly difficult Toccata in D minor for my Conservatory diploma. I have no idea how I managed it now, but I did, and the piece and my performance proved to be a fine metaphor for the logically impossibility of 20th century Russia, which lived on war and revolution, dreams and nightmares. Prokofieff returned to Russia in 1933, at the peak of Stalin’s repressions, and produced his greatest works, Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, War and Peace, his war sonatas (not to mention his Ode to Stalin). That hooked me.

Today’s standoff between the Russian bear and the American eagle is yet another epic struggle in Russia’s history, at the heart of Eurasia–the world’s “heartland”. It had a narrow brush with complete collapse in 1985–98 under Gorbachev/ Yeltsin, a weak, indecisive leadership, a metaphorical reenactment of Boris Godunov seizing the throne in the 16th century. 1985–98 was a repetition of Godunov and the legendary Time of Troubles.

1998 saw a reenactment of the rallying of the nation to expel the Polish occupiers and reassert Russian power in 1613, just as Vladimir Putin’s consolidation of power ended the western invasion in the form of NATO encirclement and western carpetbaggers. That is most certainly how Russians now assess their crippled society.

Putin is despised in the West as a corrupt chauvinist, and Russia is boycotted (though Europe is happy to continue to buy Russian oil and gas), but the reality is very different. Just as in 1613, the first Romanov Tsar Mikihail was inexperienced (a 17-year-old pious prince whose counselors were a mixed bag, some relatively honest and capable men like his father; some, corrupted and bigoted), Putin has fashioned an image of an incorruptible Russian patriot, above the fray, but all the time juggling with powerful oligarchs and complex political currents, both at home and abroad.

Western media is a barometer not so much for who is a ‘bad guy’, but who is getting the imperial goat; who needs being brought into line. So in the West, (Nobel peace laureate) Gorbachev and Yeltsin were both slavishly praised (both are despised by Russians, rating 1% in popularity) and Putin is relentlessly pilloried. Who’s the ‘bad guy’ and why is he ‘bad’?

The American bully tries to taunt the Russian bear into doing something rash, as it moves NATO up to Russia’s borders, encircling it as it did in Cold War days, wooing and inciting noisy little neighbours from the Baltics to Georgia and further. But the Russian leader stands by his principles and his fellow Slavs, despite the provocations. The Time of Troubles is over. No one is going to destroy the Russian heartland, nor will they succeed in breaking up the ancient slavic federacy into a chain of Wal Marts.

1991 sea change

Whether Left or Right, all agree that the US was more cautious in foreign policy when the Soviet Union was alive and well. There have been lots of coups instigated or just abetted by Washington, but, other than Korea and Vietnam, very little use of US troops in the process–until 1991.

1991 marked a sea change in world politics. Bush senior, US president at the time, professed the goal to be “a new world order–a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations … an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.”

The US and the EEC (newly incorporated as the European Union in 1993) would help the ex-socialist bloc, including the ex-Soviet Union and its energy-rich Central Asian republics, rebuild their economies and political structures along western capitalist, democratic lines, fashioning weak, “postmodern states”, independent in name only. This process began in Europe with the creation of the EU after WWII and accelerated in North America with the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, soon to be reinforced by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, creating a monster ‘rimland’ American empire-lite, surrounding the Eurasian heartland.

Such alliances, with NATO under US guidance, are intended as the foundations for a united, peaceful world, a “postmodern imperialism”, devoid of messy competitive wars for colonies, neocolonies or the need for a life-or-death defense of ‘western civilization’. Russia was invited to join in the 1990s, but when it woke from its post-collapse hangover, it discovered that its dream of a nuclear free world had been pushed aside, and realized that the proposed peaceful postmodern imperial order was a sham. Events since have only confirmed this ‘sober’ assessment.

Bush senior hit the ground running, invading Iraq in January, without so much as a ‘by your leave’ to Soviet President Gorbachev (who merely approved, after an offer to mediate was ignored).

1991 was a doubly fateful year for Russians, who gained ‘freedom’, but most of whom lost everything after the August 1991 putsch, a few becoming fabulously wealthy overnight through blatant theft as the Soviet Union came crashing down. Mikhail Khodorkovsky epitomizes the change. A Young Communist League (YCL) functionary in the late 1980s, when no one was still joining, he and his ‘comrades’ opened businesses under the YCL stamp, positioned themselves to transfer them and YCL property to themselves as YCL functionaries, and then bought it for a song before their Soviet legal authority was canceled. At the same time, all state trade ground to a halt and the black market allowed them to add to their riches.

This happened in 1989–91, when Putin was languishing as a minor KGB agent in East Germany. By the time he returned to Leningrad, resigned from the KGB and got his political feet on the ground, the cupboard was bare. Khodorkovsky and his new ‘oligarch’ friends then used their new wealth to privatize the privatization process. By the time Putin was rising as Yeltsin’s protege, Yeltsin was conned into giving the crown jewels (resource industries) to the oligarchs in the infamous “loans-for-shares” deals, sending their wealth into the stratosphere.

Slaying the dragons

Russia is “no longer a superpower”. Its deteriorating economy is ranked “somewhere behind Spain”, White House press secretary Josh Earnest announced in October 2015. It doesn’t come near the Soviet Union in power and prestige. This taunt followed US scrambling of Russian military planes which were deemed a tad too close to a US aircraft carrier off the Korea peninsula, and US hysterics over Russian subs seen too near an internet cable in the Atlantic. How dare this second-rate Spain tweak the US nose?

Every day there is some gripe about the Russians. And don’t even mention the P word. Much like Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin is a strong, popular leader (83% approval) who dares defy the West, has been in power for over 15 years now (ok, as prime minister for a few years to re-qualify), accused of corruption.

To Russians, it seems he can do nothing wrong, despite defying the West on pretty well everything, from gay marriage to bare-faced western infiltration (excuse me, democracy promotion NGOs). Or perhaps it’s because of this. Russians strongly disapprove of US threats, and miss the feeling of being a key international player, which they enjoyed in Soviet times.

Western media loves to gossip about all political leaders, especially colourful ones who defy the empire. That puts Putin at the top of their list. Even a saint like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez got an unending stream of mud. The most damning attacks are on the corruption endemic in Russia after 1991. However, evidence of corruption points at most to Putin’s immediate circle, family and political friends, rather than Putin himself. His son-in-law Kiril Shamalov was already a rising star of Russian business when he married the president’s daughter Katerina in 2013, opening his own investment company and using his family contacts in business and banking (apparently all legit).

Putin’s own background and way of thinking is revealed in a collection of interviews with Putin, his family and friends called First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russian President Vladimir Putin (2000), a snapshot of the Putin family just as they entered the bubble of power and anonymity. His early career witnessed two scandalous, dysfunctional political families–that of his first post-KGB boss, St Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak, and later that of Boris Yeltsin. Putin’s ex-wife and two daughters are kept out of the spotlight.

Putin is one of those rare politicians who arise at moments of crisis, intelligent and committed. He quickly took control of the post-Soviet shambles, brought some order to the chaos and instilled a sense of pride in a defeated people. His own fate and that of his country became one and guided what is still his greatest victory: bringing the Yelstin-era oligarchs into line. This he did carefully, going after media moguls Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Guzinsky in 2000, forcing them to sell their TV stations ORT and NRT, ironically dubbed “shares for freedom” transactions, after which they went into exile. Guzinsky sold his shares to fellow oligarch Roman Abramovich who promptly gave editorial control to the Kremlin.

Who really wants peace?

Fast forward to 2007. Munich. Putin criticized the US monopolistic dominance in global relations, and its “almost uncontained hyper use of force in international relations.” The result: “No one feels safe! Because no one can feel that international law is like a stone wall that will protect them. Of course such a policy stimulates an arms race.”

2019: Putin is still number one to Russians, but losing ground because the economy is still a wreck and corruption is rife. He inherited a mess and the West has piled sanctions upon sanctions, interfered in Ukraine to keep the two great Slavic nations, Ukraine and Russia, apart, determined to turn all the ex-Soviet countries into postmodern basket cases, begging for scraps from the western banquet table.

But Russians and those of us in the West interested in boring things like peace are as firm as Putin is in supporting Russia’s principled policies around the world. His Munich speech gave ‘Munich’ a new meaning as a historical signpost.

In our age of instant media, this all seems like ancient history, but history often tells us more about today than the latest sound-byte out of the likes of Trump or BoJo. And cultural history even more so, revealing the swamp behind the glitz.

I just watched the first episode of Years and Years, a British television drama series, a joint production by the BBC and HBO. It is primer on not only our moral decline, but it portrays Russia, a possible corrective, is portrayed as even worse.

Businesswoman Vivienne “Viv” Rook (Emma Thompson) causes controversy by saying she “doesn’t give a f*ck” about the Israel-Palestine conflict on an evening talk show. Daniel Lyons (Russell Tovey) works on immigration control and marries his ‘husband’ and then, when Trump launches an atom bomb on China, rushes to the refugee holding centre to have sex with a Ukrainian refugee Viktor, who complains that the now Russian-occupied Ukraine has made homosexuality illegal, as in Russia. (It is not!)

That in a nutshell is our monstrous distortion of world politics, with nasty Putin-Russia even more threatening than the Soviet Union was depicted. It is impossible to deconstruct the morass that BBC and its US equivalent has created. It truly frightens me. My only solace is in genuine history, and I thank whoever or whatever that bequeathed me my quirky love of Russia and its noble and tragic history.

Rather than being an active midwife of a new world order opposed to imperialism (Soviet policy), Russia is playing a waiting game — the age-old policy of retreat used against the Mongols, the French and the Nazis. “Americans play Monopoly, Russians chess.” At times, it is wise to sit back and wait for the straw that breaks the ogre’s (excuse me, camel’s) back. A fool’s mate comes about when your opponent is bankrupt, and it certainly looks like this is how the current game is shaping up.

What really clinched my love affair with Russia is the fervent commitment of all Russians that I’ve ever met to peace. They were the arbiters of peace throughout the impossible 20th century, contrary to all the propaganda we were fed in the West. So I will end on a more upbeat note: The US and Russia have many common interests–an end to terrorism, an end to nuclear weapons, environmental rescue, an end to extreme poverty. They all require cooperation. They are not zero-sum games. It’s your move, Uncle Sam.

Eric Walberg at

Melania Trump's Bloodthirsty & Greed-Infested Empire

The following is taken from this brilliant article:

The U.S. military reportedly has more than 1.3 million men and women on active duty, with more than 200,000 of them stationed overseas in nearly every country in the world. Those numbers are likely significantly higher in keeping with the Pentagon’s policy of not fully disclosing where and how many troops are deployed for the sake of “operational security and denying the enemy any advantage.” As investigative journalist David Vine explains, “Although few Americans realize it, the United States likely has more bases in foreign lands than any other people, nation, or empire in history.”

Don’t fall for the propaganda, though: America’s military forces aren’t being deployed abroad to protect our freedoms here at home. Rather, they’re being used to guard oil fields, build foreign infrastructure and protect the financial interests of the corporate elite. In fact, the United States military spends about $81 billion a year just to protect oil supplies around the world.

The reach of America’s military empire includes close to 800 bases in as many as 160 countries, operated at a cost of more than $156 billion annually. As Vine reports, “Even US military resorts and recreation areas in places like the Bavarian Alps and Seoul, South Korea, are bases of a kind. Worldwide, the military runs more than 170 golf courses.”

This is how a military empire occupies the globe.

Already, American military servicepeople are being deployed to far-flung places in the Middle East and elsewhere in anticipation of the war drums being sounded over Iran.

This Iran crisis, salivated over by the neocons since prior to the Iraq War and manufactured by war hawks who want to jumpstart the next world war, has been a long time coming.

Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton: they all have done their part to ensure that the military industrial complex can continue to get rich at taxpayer expense.

Take President Trump, for instance.

Despite numerous campaign promises to stop America’s “endless wars,” once elected, Trump has done a complete about-face, deploying greater numbers of troops to the Middle East, ramping up the war rhetoric, and padding the pockets of defense contractors. Indeed, Trump is even refusing to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq in the face of a request from the Iraqi government for us to leave.

Obama was no different: he also pledged—if elected—to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and reduce America’s oversized, and overly costly, military footprint in the world. Of course, that didn’t happen.

Yet while the rationale may keep changing for why American military forces are policing the globe, these wars abroad (in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and now Iran) aren’t making America—or the rest of the world—any safer, are certainly not making America great again, and are undeniably digging the U.S. deeper into debt.

War spending is bankrupting America.

Although the U.S. constitutes only 5% of the world’s population, America boasts almost 50% of the world’s total military expenditure, spending more on the military than the next 19 biggest spending nations combined.

In fact, the Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety.

The American military-industrial complex has erected an empire unsurpassed in history in its breadth and scope, one dedicated to conducting perpetual warfare throughout the earth.

Since 2001, the U.S. government has spent more than $4.7 trillion waging its endless wars.

Having been co-opted by greedy defense contractors, corrupt politicians and incompetent government officials, America’s expanding military empire is bleeding the country dry at a rate of more than $32 million per hour.

In fact, the U.S. government has spent more money every five seconds in Iraq than the average American earns in a year.

Future wars and military exercises waged around the globe are expected to push the total bill upwards of $12 trillion by 2053.

Talk about fiscally irresponsible: the U.S. government is spending money it doesn’t have on a military empire it can’t afford.

As investigative journalist Uri Friedman puts it, for more than 15 years now, the United States has been fighting terrorism with a credit card, “essentially bankrolling the wars with debt, in the form of purchases of U.S. Treasury bonds by U.S.-based entities like pension funds and state and local governments, and by countries like China and Japan.”

War is not cheap, but it becomes outrageously costly when you factor in government incompetence, fraud, and greedy contractors. Indeed, a leading accounting firm concluded that one of the Pentagon’s largest agencies “can’t account for hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of spending.”

Unfortunately, the outlook isn’t much better for the spending that can be tracked.

A government audit found that defense contractor Boeing has been massively overcharging taxpayers for mundane parts, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in overspending. As the report noted, the American taxpayer paid:

$71 for a metal pin that should cost just 4 cents; $644.75 for a small gear smaller than a dime that sells for $12.51: more than a 5,100 percent increase in price. $1,678.61 for another tiny part, also smaller than a dime, that could have been bought within DoD for $7.71: a 21,000 percent increase. $71.01 for a straight, thin metal pin that DoD had on hand, unused by the tens of thousands, for 4 cents: an increase of over 177,000 percent.

That price gouging has become an accepted form of corruption within the American military empire is a sad statement on how little control “we the people” have over our runaway government.

Mind you, this isn’t just corrupt behavior. It’s deadly, downright immoral behavior.

Americans have thus far allowed themselves to be spoon-fed a steady diet of pro-war propaganda that keeps them content to wave flags with patriotic fervor and less inclined to look too closely at the mounting body counts, the ruined lives, the ravaged countries, the blowback arising from ill-advised targeted-drone killings and bombing campaigns in foreign lands, or the transformation of our own homeland into a warzone.

That needs to change.

The U.S. government is not making the world any safer. It’s making the world more dangerous. It is estimated that the U.S. military drops a bomb somewhere in the world every 12 minutes. Since 9/11, the United States government has directly contributed to the deaths of around 500,000 human beings. Every one of those deaths was paid for with taxpayer funds.

The U.S. government is not making America any safer. It’s exposing American citizens to alarming levels of blowback, a CIA term referring to the unintended consequences of the U.S. government’s international activities. Chalmers Johnson, a former CIA consultant, repeatedly warned that America’s use of its military to gain power over the global economy would result in devastating blowback.

The 9/11 attacks were blowback. The Boston Marathon Bombing was blowback. The attempted Times Square bomber was blowback. The Fort Hood shooter, a major in the U.S. Army, was blowback.

The assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by a U.S. military drone strike will, I fear, spur yet more blowback against the American people.

The war hawks’ militarization of America—bringing home the spoils of war (the military tanks, grenade launchers, Kevlar helmets, assault rifles, gas masks, ammunition, battering rams, night vision binoculars, etc.) and handing them over to local police, thereby turning America into a battlefield—is also blowback.

James Madison was right: “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” As Madison explained, “Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes… known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.”

We are seeing this play out before our eyes.

The government is destabilizing the economy, destroying the national infrastructure through neglect and a lack of resources, and turning taxpayer dollars into blood money with its endless wars, drone strikes and mounting death tolls.

Clearly, our national priorities are in desperate need of an overhauling.

At the height of its power, even the mighty Roman Empire could not stare down a collapsing economy and a burgeoning military. Prolonged periods of war and false economic prosperity largely led to its demise. As historian Chalmers Johnson predicts:

The fate of previous democratic empires suggests that such a conflict is unsustainable and will be resolved in one of two ways. Rome attempted to keep its empire and lost its democracy. Britain chose to remain democratic and in the process let go its empire. Intentionally or not, the people of the United States already are well embarked upon the course of non-democratic empire.

This is the “unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex” that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us more than 50 years ago not to let endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

Eisenhower, who served as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe during World War II, was alarmed by the rise of the profit-driven war machine that emerged following the war—one that, in order to perpetuate itself, would have to keep waging war.

We failed to heed his warning.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, there’s not much time left before we reach the zero hour.

It’s time to stop policing the globe, end these wars-without-end, and bring the troops home before it’s too late.

Reprinted from the Rutherford Institute.

John Whitehead at The Libertarian Institute

Melania Trump's U.K. Agent's Freedom Riots in Iran, While Murdering Julian Assange in the U.K.

The following was taken from this article:

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi later tweeted that U.K.’s Macaire was arrested “as an unknown foreigner in an illegal gathering.”

Araghchi said when police informed him that a man was arrested who claimed to be the British ambassador, he didn’t believe them. But he said that once he spoke to Macaire by phone, he realized it was him, and that the ambassador was freed 15 minutes later.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry later summoned the British ambassador over his “illegal and inappropriate presence” at the protest, it said on its Telegram channel.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, a member of Iran’s parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, accused the ambassador of organizing protests and called for his expulsion. Dozens of hard-liners later gathered outside the British Embassy, chanting “Death to England.” They also called for the ambassador to be expelled and the embassy to be closed.

JOSEPH KRAUSS and JON GAMBRELL / The Associated Press

Assange ‘MAY DIE in jail for revealing war crimes,’ his father warns after seeing him behind bars.

U.S. Pres. Melania Trump's ISIS Pals Gloat Over Soleimani's Death

IS gloats at Iran general’s death

The Yomiuri Shimbun 7:43 pm, January 11, 2020:

The Associated Press BEIRUT (AP) — The Islamic State group gloated over the recent U.S. killing of a senior Iranian general, who rose to prominence by advising forces fighting the extremists.

In the first IS comments since Gen. Qassem Soleimani’s slaying, the group said his death “pleased the hearts of believers.” The editorial was released in the group’s al-Nabaa online newspaper late Thursday.

Although the United States and Iran strictly avoided working together directly, they were once on the same side in the fight against IS. Neither side wants to see the extremists stage a comeback.

But as the various players in Iraq jockey to come out ahead in a post-Soleimani landscape, Islamic State militants may find an opening.

Thousands of fighters are scattered among the group’s sleeper cells, and have claimed attacks in both Iraq and neighboring Syria in recent months.

As the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, Soleimani was one of the main commanders on the ground spearheading the fight against IS.

He sent thousands of Iran-backed fighters to Iraq and Syria to battle the extremists, and directed Iraqi Shiite militias as well.

A top Iraqi militia commander was killed alongside Soleimani in a recent U.S. drone strike.

The IS editorial said that its members tried for years to kill the two commanders, but that “God brought their end at the hands of their allies.” It said both men “have gone too far in shedding the blood of Muslims in Iraq and Syria.”

Ukrainian Plane Crash in Iran, Probably Filled With Nukes With Innocents Onboard

Under Pressure, Iran Admits It Shot Down Jetliner by Mistake.

I still think it was a military jet concealed as a commercial airliner filled with nukes and that’s why it was shot down. Melania Trump’s agents in Ukraine probably set the whole thing up to frame the Iranian government. It appears that Ukraine may have turned over these criminals to be tried in a war crimes tribunal and that’s why Iran is willing to take the blame for the “accident”, which they allege was caused by someone who made a “mistake” and shot down the plane thinking it was an incoming missile. It seems mighty strange that any commercial planes would be flying at all at this time, don’t you think?

However, it does appear that innocents were part of the plot, in order to make Iran seem criminal if the jet was shot down. This was a no win situation, very much like what happened to Russia when the Americans torpedoed their Kursk submarine in 2000 (and all in the Kursk died) and Vladimir Putin blamed it on an accident in order to stave off WW3. Similar scenario. Both leaders were willing to take the blame in order to prevent WW3. Vladimir could have saved some of the sailors, but chose to let them die, because he didn’t want his Russian people to know the REAL REASON the Kursk malfunctioned, which was an American missile attacked the Kursk during peacetime operations.

After Russia took the blame for the Kursk, many Russians were not happy with Putin, but he reasoned that to take the blame and risk alienating his own people was better than WW3.

It appears in both instances, the deaths were caused by American aggression and violation of International law, but because so many evil people control the mainstream press, they lie and cover up the truth in order to maintain peace.

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