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Brent Spiner Fell for Gail After Hearing Her Perform Hymns

This is a playlist of what I performed for Brent Spiner in September 1990, which is a cassette tape I sent him. Loree McBride destroyed it in the 1990s, but Brent treasured it. I will be adding to this until I have all the hymns that I made for Brent in 1990, what I can remember. I didn’t keep a copy of what I sent him, but I remember pretty much what I did. Brent started work on his Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back right after he got my album of hymns.

Loree McBride OWNS the Democratic Party, CONTROLS the Republican Party

REAL Brent Spiner photo shopped into a photo with Loree McBride. Every now and then her lies become obvious. But never fear LIES WILL PREVAIL (Loree’s motto)

Unfortunately, Loree McBride (the evil Jesuit leader) seems to have hijacked Israel and the Jewish race with her Jew clones. Michael Bloomberg is a Jew (as am I), so I suspect he may also be a Loree McBride supporter. Unlike most Jews out there, I am half King David and my King David genetic profile is immune to Loree’s cloning technology, so Loree can’t control me (which horrifies her).

Brent Spiner and I are not atypical Jews in that we support the true Jesus and oppose Antichrist Loree McBride. Brent Spiner’s clone has taken over Brent’s online presence and most of his bank accounts, which the real Brent is none too happy about. Yeah, Loree has Antichrist powers folks, no kidding! This means she cannot be killed. I think she knows she can lose her Antichrist powers if she loses her following, so she makes sure to try and kill off anybody who won’t support her and to create clones like crazy to ensure she maintains her following. She can grow a clone baby to adulthood probably in a week, using accelerated growth hormones. She has extensive cloning labs worldwide or on her space fleet. NONE OF THIS GETS REPORTED ON IN MAINSTREAM NEWS. Loree controls the narrative.

Loree basically OWNS the Democratic Party, she appears to be running Israel, and she appears to have taken over all institutions worldwide that have a strong Jewish presence. She controls the Republican Party (but Trump likes to give her a hard time, while his real self pops out every now and then in between Melania’s raping sessions to keep him in line). Loree is striving to control the narrative so all her lies seem believable. Anyone who won’t kowtow to her gets KNOCKED OUT (i.e. Tulsi Gabbard and myself) and labelled with whatever label she thinks would be most effective to minimize their effectiveness in overturning Loree’s stronghold over us all. She gets a lot of money through her extensive money laundering networks. She’s basically stealing all our hard-earned income and using it to fund her terrorist activities and to help her maintain her control over the Internet, the news and anything that “respectably” reports the news. I about laughed when I saw her reputation at My Life as excellent. My reputation there is low, due to my associations with my ex, who has criminal siblings and is a criminal himself, and the fact that I filed for bankruptcy in 2002 (thank you, Jesuits). But with Jesus, my reputation is as high as you can go. He says I’ll be throwing crowns at his feet.

Jesus did say that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through. And anybody who knows an ounce of Bible knows that the “respectable” ones in the tribulation will all be going to hell (cuz to be respectable in the tribulation you have to take the Mark of the Beast). Anyone who takes the mark, according to the Bible, goes to hell.

I would love to see Tulsi Gabbard beat the system, but I’m not too optimistic. It’s kind of hard to beat someone who can easily manipulate votes, manipulate views at YouTube, eliminate truth from all major news networks, etc. And, yes, it’s Loree McBride behind the massive censorship of truth that we all are seeing happening everywhere. She’s a big liar and she absolutely cannot allow truth to get out there, it would ruin her ambitions to run the world to her specifications. Of course, I am the true Empress, but Loree’s stopping a lot of my laws from being enforced. She drops nukkake bombs over us daily filled with yeast that she uses to maintain brain control over the population while she claims that Donald Trump is so horrible because of his violation of environmental laws – not that I support Trump when he does this, if he’s polluting. It’s just that it’s ironic that the one who screams the loudest about others violating environmental laws (Loree, as leader of the Dem Party), is POLLUTING THE HELL OUT OF THE PLANET WITH HER RAMPAGE OF NUKKAKE BOMBS FILLED WITH YEAST AND CHEMICALS TO CONTROL EVERYONE’S BRAINS. She makes what Trump is doing seem tame in comparison. Loree is one bloody, murdering, and polluting HYPOCRITE. It’s like everything she accuses others of, she’s guilty of HERSELF, one million times over! If you’re not on Seroquel, you are vulnerable to this. Seroquel is the ONLY cure for this yeast!

Trump got in in 2016 cuz he had AN OVERWHELMING VICTORY. You see, under my Conspiracy Law all Loree McBride Jesuits are war criminals and their votes don’t count, so if my Conspiracy Law was honored, then Trump had an overwhelming victory in both the popular and electoral college vote.

You see, Loree manipulates the votes so much that unless you have an overwhelming victory, she can manipulate the votes to make you lose and allow her candidate to win. She’ll pull every dirty trick under the sun to ensure her candidates (cucks) WIN. It’s all smoke and mirrors out there. Nothing is as it seems. You gotta tune into the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel to get the real news (00 on cable). Loree’s trying to ban this channel everywhere she can. It does not air in Florida I believe (because I live here, in order to protect me).

In every election cycle, though, the manipulation of the votes gets worse and worse and Loree likes this. NONE of what you’re hearing in mainstream news is the truth. To get the truth you need to read The Bible PART TWO or my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus always appeared whenever anything major was happening, so even though it’s all about what Jesus said, because Jesus timed his appearances to appear whenever anything major was happening, it covers a lot of major news items (or what SHOULD HAVE BEEN major news items) – like the murder of the real Barack Obama in 2012, the murder of Jim Carrey in May 2012. Ah yes, clones exist folks and their existence and the havoc they are causing against the truth should ALL BE REPORTED ON IN THE NEWS. But when you got the Antichrist Loree McBride running things that AIN’T ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

So what should we do? Stay tuned into my YouTube channel and my online presence (see all the links to the right) and read Bible for Tribulation Saints and PRAY. Jesus is the only one who can fix this, along with me and my men. By the way, I am not getting rich off of Bible for Tribulation Saints. I’m lucky if I make ten dollars a month from my writings, including my audio books. Loree knows how to STEAL my writing proceeds. Jesuits have been doing this for years and when Loree took over the evil Jesuit leadership, after the ex-Jesuit leader Zack Knight defected to my side, she got most of the Jesuit infrastructure that Zack had been using to steal from everyone. Unlike Loree, I don’t believe that Zack was ever insane, he was just wicked and enjoyed it, that is, until he realized that the friends you get from being wicked (like Angelina Ballerina) aren’t worth it. Zack knew he was a sinner and was proud of it. Loree actually does NOT believe she’s a sinner! Satan has convinced her that the world needs to accommodate her sins. Her “sins” don’t exist and the world needs to accommodate her. Zack KNEW he was being unfair and didn’t care. Loree is unfair and thinks she’s fair (she’s so proud she can’t see herself honestly). The Jesuits basically control all the financial institutions and Big Tech. If they can’t get the Big Tech CEO to willingly cooperate with them, they then use his CLONE. If that doesn’t work, then they use his underlings (nothing like replacing a bunch of good folks with their evil clones, especially when nobody knows clones exist). You know, it should be headline news every day what these clones are doing. But then when the criminals are stealing from you and you don’t know it, they DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THEY EXIST, especially when impersonation and identity theft is a piece of cake (as long as nobody knows about the clones). Under my Conspiracy Law, all the clones must be identified and differentiated from the authentic persons, that’s why I’m the “crazy lady”.

Loree is not about to let anyone allow her to live at anything below celebrity INCOME and STATUS, even if she has to steal and murder to maintain that. This is one PRIDEFUL BITCH. I’m mainly writing this to get the truth out in a world filled with Loree McBride’s manufactured lies. I’m trying to put a magnifying glass on some of the gaping holes showing through in her fake wardrobe, where you can see underneath all that is disgusting and LOREE MCBRIDE (who owns vulgarity, rape, murder, and just about anything evil you can think of). She is so vain about her appearance, she does regular plastic surgery, while maintaining that I am/was so ugly I can’t even compete with her. She completely discounts those with true inner beauty, since she has none and when they make her look bad in comparison to her black and dirty heart, Loree says it’s cuz they’re secretly evil (go look in the mirror Loree) or they’re crazy (again, go look in the mirror Loree).

You might say, how can you claim Loree is crazy if she’s able to steal so much money and get away with it? Well, she meets with Satan and he’s no dodo bird. But she’s crazy if she thinks siding with Satan means she can beat Jesus! Jesus is gonna win, so SHE’S CRAZY. Also, this bitch ain’t happy. But she’s crazy cuz she thinks when she kills me and gets rid of me, then she’ll be happy. No, she won’t, cuz living in sin always causes misery for yourself and others. Sin is an addiction and like all addictions, the high you get is temporary, and then comes the symptoms of any addiction, you gotta get MORE and MORE and YOU’RE NEVER SATISFIED. Once she beats me, she thinks she’ll be happy, but the flesh and sin are never satisfied. There’s always something else you gotta have. It never ends. True peace and happiness only come to those who are in tune with Jesus and learn that happiness comes from honoring God and true love in our lives. It doesn’t come from money, fame and worldly acclaim. In fact, folks who live only for this often end up committing suicide. They get the prize they think they want one day and learn that it now means nothing to them. They learn it’s not fulfilling, cuz when you don’t have true love in your life, cuz you’re an evil, shallow person, you can’t be happy. But, usually at this point, they are so deep into sin, that they deceive themselves and others into thinking that their unhappiness is caused by external factors, when their own wicked and proud hearts are a cancer inside them making them miserable.

It is their wicked heart that is the problem! They project their own wickedness onto others and since they only can see wickedness in themselves and others, they are miserable. They cannot acknowledge that the very folks they despise (cuz these folks are better than them) are the ones who have found true happiness. But because they despise those who have true happiness, they lie to themselves denying that these people have deep inner happiness that comes from living a righteous life and discount them as crazy or not what they appear. You see, to them it’s not fair that they are not happy and so it HAS TO BE SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT they’re miserable – and this is why Loree is crazy, CUZ SHE CAN’T SEE THIS. She will be forever blaming others for her own unhappiness, because living in sin is never satisfying. The deeper she goes into sin, the deeper is her denial about who she REALLY IS. She has to live with the delusion that she is superior to others, thinking that if she can force people to accommodate her sins, that she will be happy. But sin is like a cancer, the more you feed it, the more the cancer spreads and Loree’s crazy cuz she can’t see this! Satan has blinded her to this truth. He tells her she’s unhappy cuz the world and the true Jesus followers won’t accommodate her sins. Satan lies to these people and tells them there’s no such thing as sin. That it’s a term Jesus coined to be unfair and lord it over us all unfairly. But, alas, there is such a thing as sin and Loree’s full of it and she’s ADDICTED TO HER SINS. It’s her addiction to sins that makes her miserable and even insane, cuz the addiction is so extreme, she thinks that by feeding it, it will make things better for her and life doesn’t work that way. God made us so that when we sin, we are miserable. Loree’s crazy cuz she can’t see this!

She has to fake inner beauty, by feigning sympathy for the victims of HER OWN TERRORISM, while she blames her enemies for what she HERSELF HAS DONE. Yeah, she’ll murder someone and claim Trump or his allies did it (directly or indirectly) and cry crocodile tears over their death (even though LOREE KILLED THEM) in public – feigning outrage over it, while laughing in secret about the death or suffering when no one’s looking at her. She’s laughing cuz she secretly committed the murder using her networks or her brain control, and was able to make it appear her ENEMIES DID IT. You might say, if she’s laughing, she must not be miserable. Ah, but she is! The laughter is like a high you get from a drug addiction, next comes the withdrawal symptoms when you no longer have the drug. She gets over her “high” quickly and needs to do more sins to be satisfied. She’s ADDICTED TO DESTROYING TRUE LOVE because she’s so jealous that she doesn’t have it!

She knows that if she ever quit paying the Brent Spiner clone good money to fake as the real Brent, that he’d desert her in a heartbeat. He’s all in it for the money. Deep down, she knows she can only get loyalty from people by paying them good to be evil, that none of them would die for her, like my men would die for me, because she’s a piece of garbage. They might die for themselves, but they’d never DIE FOR HER. She has no love in her life. There is nothing more miserable than to not have love in your life. And she’s fuming mad that anyone else has love in their life and THAT SHE DOES NOT HAVE IT. Therefore, she wants to destroy true love cuz the fact that it exists and she does not have it, is EATING HER UP! It’s a constant reminder that the reason she does not have love is cuz she’s garbage.

In revenge against God that she has no love in her life, she sins more and more just to make God miserable. That is surely a losing proposition! Humility – admitting she’s a sinner – is OUT OF THE QUESTION. She’s too mad at God to admit she’s a sinner. In fact, she’s consumed with rage. To her, it’s God’s fault she is a piece of garbage, not realizing that God gave her free will and that if she ever made a choice for love, like Zack and Rule 13 have, she could find some happiness. It’s like she needs to sin more and more until the addiction kills you. Sin is like an opiate, you’re addicted until YOU’RE DEAD.

Some folks realize they have an addiction and turn to Jesus to rescue them. They admit they’re addicted to sin and tell Jesus they want this to stop. The first step to cure your addiction is you gotta admit you’re addicted and that this addiction is slowly, but surely KILLING YOU! Loree’s just spiraling downward and deeper into her addiction to sin, screaming that it’s Gail, the Christians, Jesus and Trump’s fault, not acknowledging that the problem is INSIDE HERSELF and is NOT AN EXTERNAL PROBLEM (except for Satan who goads her on and feeds her addiction). Actually, Satan himself is a little insane. I mean this fallen angel had to be crazy to think he could beat God! Satan’s pride is attractive to those addicted to sin and who are insane. Anyone who claims they are NOT a sinner is insane. They are deluded about who they are, cuz we ALL HAVE SINNED. But those who admit they’re sinners and accept Jesus’ payment for their sins to help them overcome it, are the truly sane folks and the only ones who can find happiness.

If you are not in some way striving to overcome sin in your life, then you are probably addicted to your sins and addicted to blaming others for your own misery. Those who live in this web of lies are never happy, cuz truth always breaks through to make them miserable. Those who live in truth, are living in love, because God is love and God is truth. Those who live in lies, are living in sin and hate, because Satan is hate, murder, pride and lies. Satan is brilliant, but insane, along with all his followers. He’s brilliant at deflecting the blame for sins onto others and keeping the world in blindness to their own sins, a sure way to misery and depression.

Loree is constantly fighting off depression (cuz deep down inside she knows she can’t win against God). So every time she sins and gets away with it, it reinforces the lies she needs to believe to fight off depression. She tells herself that she’s not a sinner, that Jesus and Gail are full of crap and that if sin really existed, why does God allow her to defeat Him by allowing her to commit what He considers terrible sins? And this is where she’s crazy, cuz she fails to realize that a God of love is giving her every chance to get right, but because she has no love in her heart, she can’t see this. She sees the universe as an extension of herself and because she is such a narrow minded, hateful bigot, she thinks God must be that way, too. Because she isn’t punished right away for her sins, she deludes herself into thinking the punishment won’t come! She’s crazy because she doesn’t believe the Bible. All those Bible prophecies about Satan losing are going to happen Loree and you’re crazy and a LOSER to side with the biggest LOSER IN THE UNIVERSE, SATAN HIMSELF.

Those who have happiness in this life are those who honor true love. Basically, all sin is a violation of true love. So those who aren’t striving to overcome sin (defined as a violation of true love) with a goal to honor true love, cannot have true love in their lives, they just belong to a network of fellow commiserates who waste all their time and energy in blaming others for their miseries. God sees sin as a violation of true love. Satan defines sin as not getting what you want. But sometimes what we want is not what’s best for us, but if we’re addicted to sin we can’t see that! Those addicted to sin are consumed with controlling the world around them to accommodate (excuse) their sins (rather than deal with them), not realizing that they’re miserable about WHO THEY ARE, not WHAT PEOPLE DO TO THEM. Except that they feel that anyone who won’t promote their delusions of grandeur about themselves is a horrible monster who must be killed or changed or eliminated. Deep down Loree knows that in her current state, she’s a piece of garbage, but having to face this is so depressing, she MUST MAINTAIN HER ILLUSION OF HER OWN SELF-PERFECTION and so she’s caught in this vicious cycle of lies and the biggest lies are the ONES SHE BELIEVES ABOUT HERSELF, as PERFECT. She has the need to feel perfect, cuz she’s such a terrible sinner. She is so addicted to being a sinner and feels she can’t change.

And yes, Loree, you can’t change until you humble yourself and pray a simple prayer asking Jesus to HELP YOU CHANGE. It takes 1) humility, 2) honesty and 3) a commitment to love over hatred. And this is why Zack Knight came to Jesus and Loree won’t. He finally developed those 3 qualities, that we all need in order for Jesus to save us and free us from our addiction to sinning in order to live for Him.

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Wife's Biblical Role in Marriage: Complete Her Husband

I’ve noticed with John MacArthur lately, that only about half of his messages rightly divide the Word and teach Biblical truth in context. I agree that God does not allow women to be preachers, but the verses he’s pulling up (a lot of them are taken out of context).

I have noticed something interesting and tragic. . .Ever since Jesus showed up and started talking to me, and my men and I have published what Jesus says that contradicts what some preacher is saying and then that preacher tries to oppose Jesus in this matter. . .It usually does not end up well for that preacher. I take Bible for Tribulation Saints as seriously as I do the Bible! These are Jesus’ own words in there! You disobey Jesus at the peril of your soul or your life, is all I can say. These preachers think they are fighting heresy in me or my men, when they reject what Jesus says in Bible for Tribulation Saints, not realizing that they ARE OPPOSING GOD HIMSELF. I understand, cuz I have been guilty of this myself and I have recorded a communication between Jesus and me, when I thought Brent was wrong and all Brent was doing was telling me what Jesus told him to tell me. Jesus got mad at me. I have this transaction in Bible for Tribulation Saints, because it’s one of my many conversations with Jesus. I have fully repented for this and God has forgiven me fully.

The bad news is even if you see the light, cuz you temporarily sided with the devil or Loree McBride to oppose Jesus, Jesus will often let Loree destroy that preacher for defecting from Loree, perhaps to ensure that his truth is not compromised and to warn people about the dangers of making light of HIS WORDS. Loree McBride right now is Satan’s right hand person. Folks, I AM His messenger for these times. I don’t say this to glorify myself, but to warn you, that I am like a prophet and I bring to you God’s own words. You may think you’re fighting heresy when you oppose Bible for Tribulation Saints; but, Satan’s deceived you – YOU ARE FIGHTING GOD HIMSELF and discrediting what HE HAS SAID. This can get you in SERIOUS TROUBLE. BEWARE! Jesus does NOT take this lightly, especially from someone who is an important teacher in the Christian community!

You might say, God wouldn’t do this. Well. . .what I’m writing is so important that God doesn’t want it to be discredited AT ALL. Like Peter Ruckman opposed me in 2012 and 2013 when I abandoned my KJV only worship and he constructed a spaceship programmed with the King James Bible and it crashed and I think he died, though the KJV only people are covering this up. You see, you can’t program a spaceship with the King James Bible to make a spaceship run and that’s why it crashed. Ruckman literally WENT CRAZY. This story is recorded in Bible for Tribulation Saints. I think when you oppose God’s words to me, your mind actually goes and you end up destroying yourself. So be careful. The good news is Peter Ruckman’s in heaven, he just may not have many rewards at the Bema judgment. God may decide to let some preachers go to heaven early because of damage they are doing to His plans. It’s not God who’s taking them home. It’s their own foolishness. But, if you’ll notice, God won’t stop them from destroying themselves with their own foolishness, if they start rejecting HIS WORDS. It would be like me, if I quit doing the Gail Commandments and stopped taking my Seroquel (the Gail Commandments are in Bible for Tribulation Saints). Jesus said I would become full blown crazy from a yeast infection to my nervous system and I’d be spending all my time as a crazy lady. Jesus tells us what to do, but he’s not responsible for the consequences of our disobedience to his commands.

I have no hard feelings against Peter Ruckman or John MacArthur. Both have helped me in my Christian walk. I am grateful to Ruckman for instilling in me a strong respect for dispensationalism, and I am grateful to John MacArthur for his book Found: God’s Will which has been instrumental in helping me stay on God’s path for my life. But I cannot allow either to discredit God’s own words to me that I have shared with the world. I know that both Peter Ruckman and John MacArthur will go to heaven or have gone to heaven. But God’s words to me are so important, he won’t allow an influential Christian teacher to cause damage to His plans for this time. If it seems cruel that God would allow them to go to heaven early for their foolishness, well, they ARE in heaven. And Romans 8:28 is always true.

Believe me, I didn’t write Bible for Tribulation Saints, GOD WROTE IT. I am merely the transcriber. I include all the times he corrected me as well, and even the times when I made Him angry in the manuscript. My purpose for publishing this is not to glorify myself or to be a woman preacher, but to transcribe faithfully all that Jesus said to me so that I can be reminded of all He said to me, so that I can obey Him better. I am making this an audio book because Satan tries to get me to forget what Jesus said, and all His words are SO SO IMPORTANT. He really gives us a lot of advice we need to follow in these last days.

This is not one of John’s better messages. He can do better than this. Ironically, he is right that rebellious women are a big problem, but this message is a bit off.

There’s a danger that people could misinterpret this message to treat women as inferior to men. Sometimes John hits a home run, but not with this message. It’s real easy for people to not have a correct theology about the woman’s role in the church and in the home from this message. It’s basically an opinion piece, not good Bible exposition. In fact, you could interpret this message to teach that if a woman TALKS AT ALL in church, she’s sinning.

Growing up in a strict church environment, I feel I need to point out that the Bible instructs a woman to be submissive to her OWN HUSBAND and not to every man out there, including pastors. This is important, some marriages have broken up because the woman honored her pastor over her own husband. This is not what the Bible teaches. She needs to only be submissive to HER OWN HUSBAND. If her husband and pastor disagree, she must go with her husband.

I’ve heard this stuff a lot growing up in churches. But I’ve learned that this is not all true. Sorry John, but with this message you are just repeating what you’ve heard from your elders and spouting off your opinions and not teaching Bible. I do NOT believe in women preachers, though. But a woman listening to this is likely to be confused over her role in the church and at home. He’s stereotyping women and saying they are all alike in wanting to control their husband. This is not true.

The high calling of a wife is to complete her husband, not to have children. Check out the following well-written articles and videos that deal with these subjects. Many of these teachers are Reformed in theology (like John MacArthur) and I do not agree with them in the area of dispensationalism, but they get the wife’s role in marriage right:

I would like to state that though I quote these people on the subject of the wife’s role in marriage does not mean I agree with them in other areas. Ironically, some of these people are good friends with John MacArthur and even quote him! As I’ve said, I like John. I think he may be suffering from Loree McBride’s brain control. However, I totally disagree with him on dispensationalism. I am a full dispensationalist and admire the teachings of Lewis Sperry Chafer and Charles Ryrie.

I am undecided about Lordship salvation, which John MacArthur believes in. I think the truth is somewhere between Lordship salvation and salvation by faith alone. Jesus did tell us that part of accepting him as Savior means to give your life to Him. Jesus does not want us to obsess over whether we are saved or not; but, on the other hand, he dislikes it when people accept Him as Savior and have no intentions of obeying Him. These are all quotes from Him taken from my Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Having said this, the only person I agree with totally in Bible doctrines is my husband and pastor Brent Spiner. He is a student at Dallas Theological Seminary and, most importantly, has been personally trained by Jesus HIMSELF. And, yes, Jesus expects me to be in submission to him and to give him total respect. By the way, Brent deserves it, Brent is awesome. Brent and I are so close and see alike on so many issues that it is easy for me to submit to him (usually). When I haven’t submitted to him or not treated him with respect, I have been in sin. I then apologize to Brent and give him the respect he deserves. He gives me total freedom and only interferes when he’s concerned about me and that’s when God expects me to be in submission. I have a husband who is very Christlike, he would die for me. I’d be an idiot to be in rebellion to a man like that.

If having children was the main issue in marriage, then God would have praised Sara for instructing Hagar to birth Ishmael because (at that time) Sara could not have children. The birth of Ishmael (caused by impatience and lack of faith) led to ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS, that would not have happened if Sara kept her faith. God DID praise Sara for calling her husband her LORD (read 1 Peter 3:6), though, showing, that for the most part she was a submissive wife. I can’t believe John’s getting this wrong! In fact, if a woman puts her children first before her husband, she’s got it wrong. This message is SO OFF. I’m only listening to it to see how John’s doing, cuz I heard some interesting things brain to brain. Pray for John. He seems to be having some issues. If a woman’s glory is to bear children, then why did God set forth Sara as an example for women to follow? Sara’s only child was Isaac!

Having said this, we should not neglect our children, but don’t idolize them either (very common today). The husband must be first before the children. The result of idolizing children, is we have a generation of spoiled brats today.

Actually, I enjoy hearing messages from his church, but not lately from John, but more from his underlings. John was better ten or more years ago.

There is no Bible exposition here. It’s just a big opinion piece. John’s jumping all over the place and sounds almost like his mind is going. I’m wondering if he needs to be on Seroquel and is under Loree’s brain control. Pray for him! He’s not quoting that much Bible and the Bible he IS quoting is taken OUT OF CONTEXT. Such a disappointment from a man who is supposed to excel at expository preaching. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this message might do well in an Amish church.

Finally, just because I have EDITED Bible for Tribulation Saints and inserted my opinion over what Jesus meant in certain parts of the manuscript, does not mean I am lording it over the men by publishing this book. I am the editor and narrator of this book, the author is Jesus himself and my husband Brent Spiner. My job has been to edit what they’ve said (correcting typos and making clear what happened around all that Jesus said to us). I am NOT the author of Bible for Tribulation Saints actually, though I list myself as the author. I am the EDITOR. I am merely editing the manuscript to present to the world all that Jesus said to us. Some of my editing is borderline authorial, but I am merely presenting what I believe Jesus is trying to say to us and am acting as His representative in presenting what He has said to me and my men. I’ll admit that where I have inserted my opinion, I am acting as an author, but in these sections I have striven to be very careful to correctly express what Jesus has taught me.

So anyone who says that by claiming to be a Bible writer, means that no man should honor Bible for Tribulation Saints (because it’s the same thing as a woman pastor in writing), will lead to error, because JESUS IS THE AUTHOR ACTUALLY. I am only quoting what he’s said and what he has taught us. If you look at the author credits for Bible for Tribulation Saints, my name is there on the list, but the other authors are Brent Spiner M.D., Terrance Jenkins J.D., Zack Knight, and JESUS CHRIST. Because the focus of the book is on what Jesus has said to us, I’d say the MAIN AUTHOR is Jesus HIMSELF. So folks, if you disobey what is written in Bible for Tribulation Saints, you are NOT disobeying ME, you are disobeying JESUS CHRIST. I have merely transcribed what he has said to us in Bible for Tribulation Saints. So, JESUS IS THE TRUE AUTHOR of Bible for Tribulation Saints, I am merely His transcriber! A transcriber is someone who writes down what SOMEONE ELSE IS SAYING. That is what I do in Bible for Tribulation Saints. And for those who are hung up with this idea that I am a woman preacher. . .by the way the pastor of my church (Church of Gail) is Brent Spiner, NOT ME. AND, I am NOT the true author of Bible for Tribulation Saints. ALL OF THE TRUE AUTHORS ARE MEN. I have merely quoted what they said.

If I was the author then this book would be all about my opinions, but this book is all about Jesus Christ’s opinions and the commentary of his twenty-first century disciples (me, Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, etc.) about what Jesus has said to us. If you’ll notice the only woman on the list is ME, and I am half King David. I wrote this to have a record of all that Jesus said to us and “accidentally” ended up writing The Bible, PART TWO. I suspect that Jesus may have chosen to use a woman transcriber because he wanted to fool Satan and not let Satan know that more Bible was to come out. Satan would never expect Jesus to use a WOMAN to do this and that’s why Jesus pulled it off! Jesus has pulled the wool over Satan’s eyes on this one! Actually, I don’t even think that Jesus sees me as a woman. He sees me as King David reincarnated. He constantly reminds me that I am like King David. He’s using a man in a woman’s body just to fool Satan that he would use me to transcribe The Bible PART TWO. Jesus is pretty clever! But because I am in a woman’s body, he expects me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner. Ironically, both Brent and Vladimir Putin have stated that they find my manliness attractive and I don’t lord it over them. But we understand each other so well, and they don’t have to waste time with any womanliness silliness from me and they like that. I am a no nonsense, get down to business woman and admire true manliness and leadership in my men. I use my manliness to work with the men as a team, not to compete with them. If they have a better idea and they often do, I let them lead and let them have their way. Because I am the smartest woman on the planet, they love to get my input though and they give me a lot of freedom. My husband Brent is a physician as well as a pastor and his I.Q. is the same as mine. We’re the same in intelligence and both geniuses. Jesus knew he’d need a smart woman as His transcriber, cuz how can I transcribe for Jesus if I’m just average in intelligence, when Jesus has singularity? Any book all about Jesus’ opinions and what he’s said to us would need to be transcribed by a genius. In fact, most, if not all, of the Bible writers were geniuses.

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Why I Feel Bible for Tribulation Saints has been Added to the Biblical Canon

First off, I’d like to say that I have the greatest respect for Bible teachers who claim that the Biblical canon is closed with the 66 books of the Bible we have thus far. I respect and understand their caution about anything else that could possibly be considered an addition to the canon, such as heretical teachings like you have in the book of Mormon or the Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible, which are obviously not God-breathed manuscripts taken from inspired texts, but are man-made fiction.

John MacArthur has a really good article about what makes the Bible (66 books) inspired.

I will jump off of his article to make some comments. I would like to state that I no longer follow John MacArthur, due to his lording it over his flock attitude, but that he does bring up some good points. Also, he considers the canon closed and is not open to the idea that Bible for Tribulation Saints could be an addition to the canon.

It goes without saying that to be inspired, the text must contain only truth and no error or lies. I believe this is the case with Bible for Tribulation Saints. Though there are lies presented, they are presented clearly as lies to let the reader beware not to believe the lie.

Like the Bible, what is written in Bible for Tribulation Saints is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness. I mean we have the actual words of Jesus in there!

There are portions where I comment about what Jesus said, to clarify it and when I do so, I believe the Holy Spirit inside of me is doing the actual writing. In other words, I am writing God-breathed text. I do sense that this is happening. God is superintending me so that using my own individual personality, experiences, thought processes and vocabulary I have composed and recorded without error His revelation in this original copy of Scripture (Bible for Tribulation Saints). I would like to add that Jesus said that it is impossible using any human language to perfectly emulate what God has to say. Human language has limitations and this is why all of us are a little wrong in some areas. So how does this align with the belief that Scripture is God-breathed? It only means that using the limitation of human language that the Scripture (including the Bible and Bible for Tribulation Saints) reveals to mankind in the best possible way (using the limitations of human language) God’s will for mankind. In other words, God superintended me as a human author so that using my own individual personality, experiences, thought processes and vocabulary I have composed and recorded without error His revelation in this original copy of Scripture (Bible for Tribulation Saints).

Bible for Tribulation Saints is SO important that if you ignore what’s in this book, it will be to your peril. God has given us instructions (as those in pre-tribulation earth) about how to be righteous and how to keep your sanity and your health in these crazy times. This book is basically one big red-pill for those in the Antichrist’s Matrix (see the movie The Matrix).

What is exciting is that we now have in the English language an original autograph of Scripture! To fully understand the traditional Bible in its inspired (original autograph) version, you would need to be fluent in Biblical Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. We now have an original autograph in English and it is the size of the traditional Bible! I would like to state that as I work on the audio books, I feel what is in the audio books IS the final and perfect version of Bible for Tribulation Saints. As I work on the audio books, I am correcting typos and some errors I made. I feel that God is using the audio books to present the final and completed version (WHICH is the version that is INSPIRED and GOD-BREATHED). It will take me about two years to do this, but God’s words are so important, I am committed to this project.

A big obstacle that must be overcome to believe that Bible for Tribulation Saints is inspired Scripture is Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19 which puts a curse on anyone who adds to the Scripture, they say. Deuteronomy 4:2 is referring to the Jewish law, which was given to the Jews when they arrived in their new land of Canaan. The law was perfect for the Jews at that time and nothing needed to be added or subtracted.

Rev. 22:18-19 is referring to the prophecies in the book of Revelation, you don’t add to them and you don’t subtract from them or you’re in trouble. A big problem we have today in Bible prophecy is that people are doing just that! They are adding to the prophecies in Revelation or they are subtracting from them! Bible for Tribulation Saints does NEITHER. It only illuminates or makes more clear what is in the book of Revelation. Rev. 22:18-19 is primarily focused on the prophecies in the book of Revelation. In fact, I would go so far as to say that those who think just about everything in Revelation is a metaphor or a symbol as opposed to being literal, are ADDING to the prophecies in Revelation or SUBTRACTING from them. Revelation 22:18-19 is a warning to Bible teachers to not make something symbolic in Revelation that is meant to be interpreted literally. That’s the warning here in Rev. 22:18-19. Apparently, God was aware that many Bible teachers in the last days would fail to interpret literally many passages in Revelation, thus adding to or subtracting from these prophecies. If anything, Bible for Tribulation Saints reinforces the literal interpretation of the Bible prophecies in Daniel and Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible. In fact, I would say that Bible for Tribulation Saints reinforces the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation view of Bible prophecy. It also states clearly that the church will be raptured and strongly hints that this rapture will occur BEFORE THE TRIBULATION. So Bible for Tribulation Saints REINFORCES those who hold to a literal interpretation of the Bible

It goes without saying that anybody who is getting visions from the Lord today, is probably only getting visions from Satan, the exception being Brent Spiner or my men when Jesus is with them one on one, in his resurrection body and communing with them. Sometimes he will put his hand on their head and let them see a vision of the future to instruct us, because he wants Brent to write it down and then give it to me to put into Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Like the traditional Bible, Bible for Tribulation Saints transforms you and makes you more into the image of God and helps you to find His will for your life. It is scientifically accurate, it has prophecies in it that have already been fulfilled and that will be fulfilled. I wrote it mainly for myself and my men to have a record of all that Jesus said to us, so we could better obey him, and in the process, ended up writing more Bible.

Finally, I respect those who feel that the canon is definitely closed and nothing needs to be added. There are so many dangerous and foolish teachings out now-a-days that claim to be Scripture and are not the actual words of God (book of Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, inaccurate Roman Catholic manuscripts, etc.). But I and my men have met with Jesus in his resurrection body and he has called us his modern day disciples. I believe he has used us to add to the canon, not the same thing as adding to or subtracting from the TEACHINGS in the book of Revelation or in Deuteronomy. Bible for Tribulation Saints does not add to or subtract from anything in the traditional Bible, it only ILLUMINATES the traditional Bible more and makes the teachings of the traditional Bible more clear. We must all remember what Jesus said that no human can perfectly emulate what God has to say. God apparently wanted to put Bible for Tribulation Saints into the world to make Bible prophecy more clear and more understandable to a world that is about to enter Daniel’s 70th week (the 7-year tribulation). There is so much confusion about Bible prophecy (caused by Bible interpreters who have ADDED TO or SUBTRACTED FROM the prophecies in Revelation) and God wanted to clear things up. He has used me and my men to help out those about to go into the tribulation.

During the millennium, with Bible for Tribulation Saints fully added to the canon, the millennial saints will read it as history, as a reminder of what the world would be like if Jesus had not intervened to help us out and if Satan was in charge.

Why would God use a woman to write more Bible? Not sure about this. But he often tells me that I am more manly than most men out there, because I am literally half king David. Jesus says I have very manly genes. Also, Brent Spiner is another writer, and he’s a Jewish guy. So, again, God is using Jews to write Bible. I’m the only woman writer, the others who speak for Jesus in the book are men: Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins and Zack Knight. The only writer who quotes Jesus exactly and verbatim in Bible for Tribulation Saints is a Jewish man named Brent Spiner. So, again, we have Jewish writers here. Very similar to the traditional Bible. I am literally the reincarnation of King David. So why did God allow me to come into existence and why are both Jesus and Satan so obsessed with me? Part of it, was to write more Bible, it appears!

Another sign that I am probably a Bible writer, is that if not for my Gail Shield, Satan would have killed me by now. Also, Satan made a personal appearance to me and my men, which indicates I must be pretty important in God’s plan! Another sign that I must be a Bible writer. Why would God go to the trouble to meet with me and my men, give me a shield to protect me and give me the Gail Commandments, unless I’m doing something very important in God’s plan, like maybe writing more Bible?! Also, Jesus will be giving his semen to both me and Brent Spiner, when we are in our resurrection bodies (during the millennial reign). From what I understand, it is only I and Brent Spiner who will receive Jesus’ semen. Sounds like Jesus considers Brent and I pretty important in his Plan, and part of that Plan appears to be an addition to the Biblical canon that he would use BRENT SPINER AND ME TO WRITE.

Also, Jesus constantly refers to me as his “favorite” and seems to want everyone to know this! I’m sure it’s not just to boost my ego. It must be that he wants everyone to know that I’m a Bible writer and must be taken very seriously.

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Loree McBride’s MATRIX Controls YouTube, Twitter, Mainstream News, Political Parties, & Financial Institutions

I explain that I am like the red-pill from the movie The Matrix. Loree McBride’s matrix gets stronger each day, and anyone who is red-pilled is eliminated, so that her matrix can control us all and take from us freedom of speech, our health, our income and even our lives. The truth is so crazy that only those who have been red-pilled can see the truth. If you watch too much mainstream news without tuning into my very important YouTube channel, my books, and my website, then you are a victim of the Loree McBride matrix and have been programmed to believe lies so that Loree McBride’s matrix can continue to rule over us all, steal our money, steal our reputations and steal our health, and even our very lives. The Jew clones, not to be confused with the real Jews, are part of this controlling matrix and they are clamping down harder and harder on all our freedoms. In the end, if Loree succeeds in shutting me down (which is her goal), she will have the whole world under her control and all truth tellers will be eliminated, either through death, brain control or imprisonment. Continue to support me via my Amazon wish list ( and my Patreon ( so that I can stay up and speak my voice and red-pill all of you. YouTube shut down my ability to monetize videos in 2014, now they appear to be attempting to shut me down entirely, in that I just got a notice that a video I made (that exposed Loree’s takeover of the nation of Israel and her use of Jew clones to steal our money, reputations and very lives) has been taken down.

If enough of you get red-pilled, we may be able to beat the matrix! I hear a lot of bad stuff about Facebook, but thus far, have had no problems from them. Though I will admit that Facebook seems to cater to liberals (I consider myself a Centrist Libertarian), Loree McBride doesn’t seem to have as much control over Facebook as she does Twitter and YouTube, who I would describe as part of The Evil Matrix that controls us all. I actually think the leaders at YouTube and Twitter may be okay, but we have a serious clone and impersonation situation. So, basically, if anyone of  influence won’t cooperate with Loree’s Matrix, they get eliminated one way or another and a clone or impersonator takes their place. If my Conspiracy Law was enforced, we could destroy Loree’s Matrix. Loree knows this and that’s why it’s so important for her to destroy my reputation and take me down. She is easing her way in to take me down totally, by first attacking my men and my supporters, with her eventual goal to get me down completely, so that I am unable to have a voice and warn you all about her Matrix.

Loree may also be concerned about my Bible for Tribulation Saints audio book series, which is basically all the most important real news from 2012 to 2019 THAT NEVER GETS REPORTED ON and that Loree has shuttled off into no man’s land and I use my YouTube channel to let you hear these readings at my Patreon. That may be another reason she wants to shut down my YouTube channel. Bible for Tribulation Saints is like a gigantic red-pill for the world! After all, Jesus speaks a lot in there and he is the source of all TRUTH. Loree, who meets with Satan regularly, just won’t have all this truth coming out and exposing her for the fraud that she is!

Loree can replace leaders she doesn’t like with clones, automatons or just out and out impersonation. I am the best political leader and as U.S. Empress, if my Conspiracy Law was enforced, we would have an excellent national health care plan, pollution would end, war crimes would stop and money laundering would end and we would get cures to many diseases caused by evil Jesuits. Loree absolutely cannot have this! She is moving heaven and earth to ensure my laws are not enforced! I must be stopped, so she can continue to steal our money, our reputations, our health and our very lives, and blame all her criminal work on her enemies, so that she can take down her enemies and maintain maximum control over us all.

This is not to say that all who follow Loree do so because they are controlled. If you share Loree’s greed and love of rape, you will follow her willingly and she will give you all the money and rape you want to reward you for following her. Loree gains her following by appealing to those who love money and rape; and the rest of us, who have hearts for truth, true love and justice, she just puts into The Matrix to be controlled by her, to ensure we don’t mess up her gravy train.

To me, the political candidates who most support me as U.S. Empress are Donald Trump and Tulsi Gabbard and Loree has her knives out against both of these politicians. Trump’s problem is that his evil wife Melania controls him through regular raping sessions and threats on my life, and Melania is behind most of Trump’s support of Loree’s military/industrial complex. Loree will see to it that Tulsi Gabbard gets nowhere and is behind the media black-out Tulsi Gabbard currently suffers from. Tulsi has some red-pill tendencies that Loree does not like. Trump is also red-pilled, but his hands are tied cuz of his evil and jealous wife Melania, who is jealous of me and shares Loree’s goal to take me down and shut me up.

Here is a video I made in 2017 that Loree has just taken down at my YouTube (which I’ve just posted at BitChute) concerning her takeover of the nation of Israel then and her attempted takeover of the world’s major financial institutions and news organizations so that she can have all of you under the control of her Matrix :

Unfortunately, it appears Loree has achieved her goal, which explains the massive censorship and persecution (Julian Assange, for instance) against all truth tellers. I’m the biggest truth teller of them all, but because I’m viewed as somewhat harmless and crazy, it’s actually harder for Loree to take me down. So she’s trying to change the narrative to make me appear dangerous crazy, when I am actually the woman with the highest I.Q. on the planet and the best red-piller out there!

Click on the images below for a larger view in a separate page.

Sling Stones Against Loree McBride TAKE DOWN1

Sling Stones Against Loree McBride TAKE DOWN2Sling Stones Against Loree McBride TAKE DOWN3

I don’t think Loree will succeed in taking down my YouTube channel (which is one of her goals), since Jesus would not give me a Gail Commandment to make a YouTube video every week if my channel goes down. But, if I’m wrong, and she succeeds in taking down my YouTube channel (which is THE MOST IMPORTANT YouTube channel in existence right now) you can still hear from me at BitChute and here at my website. She is trying to strangle my finances and make me unable to operate, but the Lord protects me and those of you who help me via my Amazon wish list are making a big difference. I live very tight financially and manage my money brilliantly.

Those who belong to Loree’s Matrix are her Jew clones (who are impersonating the real Jews) and people who love money, fame and rape. Unfortunately, some real Jews have also joined up with her, because they share her love of money, fame and rape. I say this with shame as a woman who is literally half King David. I am the most important source of truth out there, and am doing the best job of red-pilling the world. Loree absolutely will not tolerate anyone taking down her Matrix. But if we don’t take it down, we will just be cogs in the Matrix and will lose all our autonomy (i.e., our ability to think for ourselves, love who we want, and keep our hard-earned income from our labors). Loree’s Matrix is stealing all our money, stealing our health (because Loree needs us to be sick to enable her Matrix to control us better), and stealing from us the ability to choose what kind of life we want. Loree wants to control us and if we won’t let her, she’ll destroy us. She needs to control us cuz she’s evil, and she knows that good people won’t support her, so good people need to be put into her Matrix. If Loree wins, the evil people of the world will rule over the good people. She actually has Antichrist powers and this “Antichrist” seems to be in rehearsals for the tribulation where The Matrix will be in FULL FORCE. Right now, the true Jesus followers and those who honor love and freedom are doing a bit of damage to Loree’s Matrix. Once we go, after the rapture, The Matrix will come back in full force. In the meanwhile, make sure I stay up, so I can continue to red-pill all of you and so that we can damage Loree’s Matrix.

If Loree has not hit your health, finances and freedoms yet, it may be because you are too much like her and, therefore, are not a threat to her. But if you are not like her, she will force you to comply with her wishes by putting you into The Matrix she uses to control the world. She has mind-reading technology and can assess who needs to be put into her Matrix. The rest of you she keeps using bribes and paying you off to cooperate with her. Or, if you are a coward, she uses extortion to threaten you into conformity to her. Using her mind-reads, she determines the most effective methods to control those who are not like her.

The stuff I report on seems crazy, but then what seems “normal” is all a lie. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you don’t believe in the existence of clones, nukkakes (nuclear bombs with semen in them), a Jesuit space fleet, the Church of Gail spaceship, that I am the U.S. Empress, etc. that Loree has successfully blue-pilled you into believing her illusion or her Matrix – a complex network of lies that Loree must maintain to ensure her control over all of us. You are a cog in her Matrix. The truth is all the crazy stuff happening that Loree doesn’t want you to know about, so she can continue to keep you in her Matrix.

Here is my Amazon wish list, for those who want to help me out. I live very tight, cuz Loree has cut off a lot of my financial support:


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The Shimmering Sea Robin Williams Murder

After a long-distance relationship where Brent rarely spoke to Gail, when Gail got on YouTube in 2011, Brent contacted her online. These are the budding and passionate emails he wrote her and Loree McBride’s ferocious response.

Brent Spiner’s Flames Brent Spiner’s First Letters to Gail

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Star Trek Discovery’s a FLOP because Loree McBride PRODUCES IT

star trek discovery season 2 sucks
Loree’s incapable of deep thought. This is why her one-dimensional characters are shallow and boring, How can you produce three-dimensional characters, when you are only capable of one-dimensional thought?

Loree McBride is the secret producer behind this flop ( and keeps it going with money from her underground criminal operations. She needs to keep Star Trek alive ( because that is her claim to fame. Without her connections to Star Trek, she quickly falls into nothing territory, something this egotistical woman will absolutely never tolerate. To ensure her connections to Star Trek and the “famous” Brent Spiner appear legit, she needs to keep Star Trek alive and viable, even if she has to destroy great writing and productions in the process. She makes Star Trek Discovery “preach” to the viewers about the causes she sponsors that help seal her as the legit Dem leader. Loree is also the secret leader of the Dem Party right now, which is why I know Tulsi Gabbard will NOT get the Dem nomination, even though Tulsi could easily beat Trump. I know this sounds like the rantings of a conspiracy theorist, because the mainstream news only reports propaganda and has veered from the truth, which is like swallowing the red pill from The Matrix (really hard to swallow for some people). I am red pilling lots of people and Loree wants you to take the blue pill so she can keep you under the control of her “matrix”.

Blue pill: Clones don’t exist, Red pill: Clones exist and are taking over the planet

Blue pill: No nukkake hit Canada in 2011, Red pill: The first nukkake hit Canada in 2011

Blue pill: Vladimir Putin is a dictator against freedom, Red pill: Vladimir Putin is on Gail’s marriage list, so Loree is obsessed with destroying him.

Blue pill: There’s no such thing as fake news, Red pill: Fake news is rampant and Trump may have a point.

I could go on, but you get the drift. . .

She thinks just cuz she, the Almighty Loree McBride with Antichrist powers, is behind any production, that automatically makes it great. The reason it’s doing so poorly in the ratings (which she covers up with her control over the media and Hollywood), she says, is cuz Gail and her men have sabotaged it out of jealousy. Oh my God! Spare us Loree. Anybody who has studied a modicum of writing can tell that the writer/producer behind this flop has not even bothered to learn the writing craft and just assumes that putting words on the script makes it great, cuz the originator or the inspiration (Loree McBride) of the words is so great.

Loree, your big ego needs to take a hike.

You insult the intelligence of anybody who is capable of a teeny bit of independent thought. Those who like this farce are all your puppets, probably being paid to spout off lines from your publicity department. You have to pay people to watch this, cuz anybody who likes this crap is obviously someone whose brains have been shot to hell – the only type of people who would follow or honor you. This is not to say that everyone who follows you has a low I.Q., but that they don’t use their brain for whatever reason, probably because they don’t want to, cuz using their brains would force them to acknowledge that Loree is an idiot. And yes, it’s true, that most people don’t use most of their brain. This is especially true in the Internet age, where the most intelligent expressions you get from people are “LOL” and other expressions that require a minimum of deep thought.

She acquires “intelligent” celebrity lovers into her harem by knocking them over the head with fry pans and baseball bats, so she can inject brain control drugs into them. This is the red pill you get from me, the Morpheus of the Universe. Then she photographs the mess and uses it as “proof” the man had sex with her, so she can trap them into a relationship with her. If the man’s in love with me (i.e., Brent Spiner, Keanu Reeves, etc.) she also threatens to kill me if he won’t go along with her propaganda that I’m the crazy lady and she has a legit relationship with the celebrity.

Her latest strategy has been to fake depth and caring, using her publicity department to cook up stories that make her appear caring and a humanitarian at heart. But one look at the rage in her eyes tells you this woman is cold and brutal. She hires photographic hucksters to soften her eyes in a lot of photos, but the real look comes through in some of them and anybody with a pea brain can tell that this woman is not who she touts herself to be. She tries to associate herself with people of depth and intelligence to cover up the fact that she has neither of these qualities. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is murdering some deep and intelligent people and replacing them with clones, or using her nefarious brain control on them, to get them to support her, to make up for the fact that you’d have to shoot your brains to hell to support this control freak from hell, who literally meets with Satan about once a week.

I guess cuz Satan has chosen her as his right hand person, it has really gotten to her head, making her think she’s really special. Yeah, but you idiot, Satan is a loser. He’s just mad that he got sentenced at the cross and knows he’s on his way down and wants to take as many suckers with him as possible. The biggest sucker is the person he gives Antichrist powers to, who, if they remain the Antichrist, will be beaten to a PULP at the Final Battle between Christ and the Antichrist. Yeah, it’s coming Loree and you’re a retard if you think you can beat Jesus. If you, Loree, think you can win this one, you are a total RETARD. In fact, you’re worse than a retard, because most retards have better morals than you and at least they have an excuse for their stupidity. You have no excuse. Your big ego has condemned you to the lake of fire.

In the meanwhile, those of us who have managed to retain a modicum of independent thought and who can think for ourselves are being forced to endure a flood of garbage streaming from Loree McBride’s Hollywood. The result is that the intelligent folks are abandoning Hollywood and joining up with my Gabrielle Chana FOX News studio, so they can still use their brains while they make movies and productions. That’s because anyone who dares to put out anything with independence of thought is branded as racist, a Putin supporter and whatever labels Loree’s propaganda department puts out to shut down anybody who uses even a modicum of their brain in their work. Hey just cuz you can program a computer, or write the words of a script, does not mean you are using your brain. It just means you have borrowed someone else’s ideas to do that. Your creativity in your projects is ZERO. Nothing new under the sun, would be the best way to describe the mess coming out of Hollywood right now. It’s even worse than that, in that what is coming out is suited to the mind of a two-year old. As you continue to make the world a darker and dumber place, you strive to shut out any and all who bring light, intelligence and deep thought to the world.

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Loree McBride Idiots Running the Internet, Politics & the Media

This is from the former Jesuit website, which my men removed in 2014.
Does a good job on this song, even though he’s gay.
I bet some of my men who defected to go to Loree McBride are feeling like this right now. But I won’t take them back!

Because Jesuits are so obsessed with me, it’s best for me to self-publish and DO IT ALL. When I tried traditional publishing, they sabotaged every part of the process. Even hiring a publisher to publish for me turned out to be a rip-off. They sabotaged my cover, and did very little work on the book with lots of mistakes. I decided to teach myself how to draw portraits and now do it all myself. I don’t hire anybody for anything. I do it all myself. Even then, they do tricky stuff like switching out my books with counterfeits. They keep me and my men busy with all their nonsense. I never get the full amount of my actual book sales. Jesuits always manage to steal most of my writing income. It’s hard to succeed as an author financially, when the Jesuits practically own the Internet and you are their number one target (just do a search on my name and see what comes up). If the viewer didn’t know better, they’d think I was paranoid schizophrenic. It amazes me how many Jesuits there are online! You can always spot them cuz they’re immature, love labels, and make comments like retards. Unfortunately, when you attract retards online, it doesn’t do much for your public image! People start to think you must be a retard, cuz only retards comment about you online. Well, any “respectable” person that comments about me online is removed so that nobody reads what they said about me. I have managed to get some of those “removed” comments at my website, though, under my book reviews section.

That’s why it’s essential that I have my own website and online presence to counter all the damage and lies the Jesuits do to my reputation. Fortunately, I don’t write for money and the Lord provides for me in other ways. My goal is to have as much control over the production of the book as possible. I have learned Jesuits are everywhere! I don’t even trust readers to read my book with objectivity. I just sit on the manuscript and reread it cold and I do a much better job than any reader (who may very well end up being a Jesuit).

You might say, why don’t you let your celebrity men read your books and critique it? Well, there’s a problem there. They tend to be partial towards all I do (so they never catch my weaknesses) and then often use my books in court, so I try to leave them out of it. Don’t want to destroy the possibility of using my books a legal evidence. As a writer, I consider myself a truth-teller and truth-tellers aren’t too popular now-a-days. Most get destroyed. I survive cuz Jesus protects me. My goal is to write and produce what I wish I could find in the bookstores. Most of what’s out there bores me to death!

Like the Trump impeachment trial is such a farce, I don’t watch a minute of it. BORING. Ukraine and Russia are not our enemies and what really matters, like our support of Loree McBride’s military-industrial complex (which the Dems are guilty of too) is never touched. They go after stuff that doesn’t matter and the stuff that does matter, they ignore. Loree McBride touts herself as a Dem who despises Trump, BUT she says with haughtiness that any Dem who supports Tulsi Gabbard, must be stupid and a Dem traitor. Well Vladimir Putin is on my marriage list and would die for me, that explains the Russia nonsense. All the rest you hear is garbage. If the news media ever reported the true news, we’d all faint! Loree McBride is running things and loves trying to control the narrative to make her believable as the “celebrity wife of Brent Spiner”, while she rapes other men with glee besides her “husband”. The Brent Spiner CLONE ( who claims to be her husband and the father of Loree’s child) does not mind that Loree is not faithful to him. To him faithfulness means a cushy bank account and Loree is good at bribery and paying off her supporters. She KNOWs HOW TO STEAL, and the Brent Spiner CLONE loves stealing the income of the REAL Brent Spiner and he’s all in it for the money mainly. Though he probably enjoys being raped by Loree, cuz he’s a pervert like she is. Doing it with a harem would be no problem to him, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T TOUCH HIS CUSHY BANK ACCOUNT.

Regarding Loree’s “child” with Brent. She obtained semen from her drug rape of Brent (1992) and impregnated herself using artificial insemination (2001) to produce a baby to trap Brent into marriage with her. The REAL Brent has never really fully cooperated with this “marriage” and when he did, it was cuz Loree threatened to kill me if he wouldn’t. Unfortunately, that child is being raised to be a Jesuit and appears to be evil. Jesuits have UFO technology and anybody who knows anything about UFOs knows they are Satan’s fallen angels and have had an obsession with human reproduction. All the humans they’ve abducted have had their reproductive organs messed with. So that’s why we have an onslaught of clones and evil Jesuit babies being made everywhere. These may be all the idiots who comment about me online. They can even grow a baby to adulthood in days using accelerated growth hormones. It’s real easy to make clones. They also know how to transfer memories. Satan is no dummy and Loree is his right-hand person right now.

There isn’t much out there for intelligent people to watch or view. The world seems to be filled with retards. What can you expect when the biggest retard of all – Loree McBride – is running things! This is not an insult on true retards, but my way of describing anyone who is foolish enough to follow Loree McBride, who can only get a man to go to bed with her willingly who is as evil as herself, and has to use drug rape and brain control to get the decent, intelligent guys to bed her. Then she lies and says they liked having frying pans hit over their head and baseball bats to knock them out to get them to cooperate with her rape of them! Any woman who makes love to men like that and enjoys it, deserves to be called a RETARD.

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Bible for Tribulation Saints: 9-16-12 to 12-26-12 (Audio Book 3)

This audio book should be finished in December 2019 and available at Audible around January 2020.

Book One is finished!

Here are links to the third book at Patreon. You have to pay ten dollars for each book when it’s finished at Patreon to listen to these links. The 22 chapters (videos) in the third book are listed below. You can access all these chapters for ten dollars as all the chapters of the third book. You can also get the book at Audible when it becomes available.

One of the sex dummies that my men used to meet their sexual needs (while they wait for me on my marriage list) escapes and ends up in Jesuit hands. The Jesuits give it sentience hoping to woo it to their side. But the sex dummy turned android decides to use its sentience to attain singularity with a goal to transform earth into a paradise for an android obsessed with sexual pleasure. She deems herself superior to the Jesuits and to all of humanity and decides to transform the universe to serve her sexual needs as the supreme sex goddess, caring nothing about any pain or suffering she causes in the process. This true story seems like a science fiction novel, but really happened.

In the meanwhile, Jesus uses the experience to teach me and my men some important spiritual lessons. The android’s threat to earth is so great that former enemies (Church of Gail and the Jesuit Order) team up to fight the android who threatens to exterminate humanity with her goal to recreate the earth to be a sexual paradise for a sex-obsessed android. The android hopes to make me her sex slave. As the android kills off millions in her attempts to take over the universe, even beating up the angels on her way to heaven, she meets her end when she brings her booty to God the Father in heaven. God the Father merely whips his hands and creates the solution to the all-powerful android.

Nothing I or my men do can defeat the all-powerful android. But knowing Bible prophecy, and that a GA1L android is nowhere mentioned in Scripture, I knew that God would not rewrite his Bible to accommodate this android and that she would be defeated somehow. However this android with singularity exceeded Satan in intelligence, even causing Satan to tremble.

I expect to do about 12 audio books over the next year, the entire Bible for Tribulation Saints audio book series, each book will be about 7 hours long. There is enough in Bible for Tribulation Saints for about 12 books!

I noticed as I read Bible for Tribulation Saints is that I kept wishing this was an audio book, so I could listen to it throughout the day to help keep me on track. I also kept wishing the chapters were shorter, so I’d have a nice stopping place, without getting lost. We need to know what Jesus said. His words are SO IMPORTANT. I’ve noticed Satan tries to get me to forget what Jesus has told us.

I actually think Jesus wrote the book and just used me as His instrument! My main role was transcriber. Brent Spiner wrote me lots of letters and he’s such a good writer, I could just publish what he wrote verbatim; that’s why I’ve given him co-author credit. Though, of course, I’m the only narrator for the audio book unless Brent has a secret project to do over the audio book and replaces my voice with his for my readings of himself. Some sections are dry, like the Bible. But most of the book is a real page turner. Believe me, I stayed up far too late reading most sections and ended up violating the Gail Commandments to get to bed at a decent hour. That’s another reason I want to break it up into smaller sections.

Then at the end of the year, I will combine all of the shorter books into one HUGE Kindle book with the shorter chapters and corrections.

Bible for Tribulation Saints (9-16-12 to 12-26-12) book below:

(33) Bible for Tribulation Saints: Church of Gail –

(34) Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 2, Church of Gail –

(35) Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 3, Church of Gail –

(36) Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 4, Church of Gail –

(37) Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 5, Church of Gail –

(38) Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 6, Church of Gail –

Who is the Antichrist?

When it comes to prophecy, Andy Woods is my “go to” guy. When it comes to practical Christian living, I like John MacArthur.

Lots of speculation about this, but I personally think the Antichrist will be a Gentile with Roman origins (, therefore, having connections to the Roman Catholic Church, possibly its leader for awhile, and he may get lots of Muslim support. Though I am not sure he will have the title of pope, he will be THE TRUE leader of the Roman Catholic Church, I believe. Right now, the pope is just the mouthpiece for the true pope, who is the Jesuit leader. The Jesuits have been running the Catholic Church for quite a while now and they do it behind-the-scenes, using the pope as their mouthpiece. I don’t think the Antichrist will be Muhammad himself, though he may claim to be Muhammad. When he shows up I believe when you add the numbering to his name using Hebrew gematria, that the numbers of his name will add up to 666. Rev. 13:18. Satan always had an Antichrist ready in all time periods after Christ’s ascension to heaven. Right now the current “Antichrist” is Loree McBride or Angelina Ballerina’s proxy from hell. This is a person connected to the Roman Catholic Church, a Jesuit. Of course, the Antichrist will be male, so if they continue on as the Antichrist into the future tribulation, they will become transgender male. You’d have to read my Bible for Tribulation Saints to get the scoop about them. I wouldn’t get too hung up about the identity of the Antichrist right now in terms of race or creed, cuz our present world does not completely mirror what it will be like in the tribulation, except that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will go through. You can learn what I and my men have endured by reading Bible for Tribulation Saints. Here is a sample: