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Death Penalty to Use an Animal as a Loree McBride Animal

To read this entire law related to animals, read Sect. 58 of

58.6(u) Because Loree McBride Jesuits use dogs to harass Gail on her daily walks, all dogs and pets worldwide must be scanned by the ZOOLOGY CORPS 24/7 (especially in the vicinity of a SIGNIFICANT PERSON) to determine if they are used by Jesuits to harm or harass a SIGNIFICANT PERSON, such animals will be called LOREE MCBRIDE ANIMALS. Loree McBride Jesuits are not allowed to have as a pet any animal which has the potential to bite, harm or harass INNOCENTS. First off, LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS are to be immediately executed and they are denied due process, so if they manage to evade us and to use their animals as a LOREE MCBRIDE ANIMAL on innocents, the animal must immediately be removed from them (using transporter technology or whatever will work) and then analyzed to determine if it is a dangerous animal that could harm or harass innocents. At the same time, the Loree McBride Jesuit will also be executed (with brain reads taken for evidence, if possible). If it is a dangerous animal, it may just be executed on-the-spot (with brain reads taken for evidence, if possible).

58.6(v) Scanners must be set up 24/7 around the vicinity of all SIGNIFICANT PERSONS to scan for all animals in the vicinity of that SIGNIFICANT PERSON. Within a month from today (Dec. 15, 2018), scanners must be set up in all Church of Gail cities that scan for all animals in the Church of Gail city. The scanner will be set up to determine which humans are near the animal and if they are the animal’s owner. If they are a Loree McBride Jesuit and are also the animal’s owner, they will be executed on the spot just for being a Loree McBride Jesuit who has somehow managed to evade the death penalty for being a Loree McBride Jesuit. At the same time, the animal will be removed from the area (via transporter technology, taser nets or other means, including brain control on the animal) and scanned to determine if the animal is a Loree McBride animal. All Loree McBride animals that have an evil nature, that is, the animal is programmed to kill or harass innocents, must be executed on the spot (preferably after getting a brain read on the animal for evidence in court, if necessary), even if the animal is confined at the time of the scan.

58.7 All dogs (or animals that could bite or attack, even if the dog or animal has a tendency to be friendly) are required to be on a leash (or somehow confined) if they are outside a confined area and if the animal has the potential to harass or harm an innocent person within their vicinity. All animals that are loose in a manner that could pose harm or harassment to an innocent in the vicinity of that animal, must be immediately transported out so that the animal does not pose a threat to innocents, OR the animal must be put under brain control to cause it to not harm or harass an innocent in its vicinity. The animal’s owner will be immediately analyzed to determine if they are a Loree McBride Jesuit and, if so, will be executed on the spot, along with the animal (if the animal has the potential to be a LOREE MCBRIDE ANIMAL).

58.8 If the owner is a Loree McBride Jesuit but the animal is innocent and harmless to innocents, the animal will be removed from the Loree McBride Jesuit and given to a person who will use that animal in accordance with Conspiracy Law. Our scanners will be programmed to analyze animals to determine if they are a LOREE MCBRIDE ANIMAL. Animals that are not Loree McBride animals, but are just being used by Loree McBride Jesuits to be a nuisance, will be spared, but the Loree McBride Jesuit, like all Loree McBride Jesuits, must be executed on the spot. The innocent animal will then be given to a responsible and law abiding animal owner.

58.9 The loose dogs or animals capable of attacking or harassing innocents must be analyzed to determine if they have an owner. Any animal that is able to attack or harass an innocent person and/or who is a pet or handled by a Loree McBride Jesuit, will be called a LOREE MCBRIDE ANIMAL. Loree McBride Jesuits are not allowed to own or handle any animal that could bite, harm or harass an innocent person if not supervised by its owner. First off, all Loree McBride Jesuits who own an animal will be executed for just being a Loree McBride Jesuit. When that happens, the pet or animal controlled by the Loree McBride Jesuit will then be given to another owner, who will ensure the animal is not used to hurt or harass innocents. If the animal poses harm to innocents, like if it’s a murdering Tweeter Bird, the animal must be executed on the spot. If possible, get brain reads on the animal for evidence in court. A Loree McBride Jesuit is defined as any person who willingly and knowingly supports Loree McBride.

58.9(a) Any willing and knowing violation of this Sect. 58 or of Conspiracy Law in order to give support to Loree McBride and her Jesuits, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Loree McBride loves to use animals to murder and harass and this Sect. 58 has been written to make it impossible for her to do so; anybody who willingly and knowingly neglects to enforce these laws so that Loree McBride animals are loose, a nuisance, or dangerous, will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. Willingly and knowingly using a Loree McBride animal to harass, harm or kill an innocent, like trying to discourage Gail from going on her walks, is a death penalty violation under Conspiracy Law.

(Sect. 58 updates to 666-Computer or Satellite Computer Laws for Privileged Licensed Practitioners and Registered Satellite Practitioners, making it death penalty to use an animal as a LOREE MCBRIDE ANIMAL on Dec. 15, 2018).

Finding Your Writer’s Voice

Those in red resonate with me and are stories I’d like to tell and would be part of my voice. All writers should ask themselves the following questions and answer them quickly without thinking too hard. Then study your answers and decide what you’d like to write about.

Ten things you believe to be true: Jesus Christ is Lord of the Universe, Brent Spiner would die for me, I have a list of celebrity men who love me and would die for me, clones exist, Loree McBride is the Antichrist, Satan meets with Loree McBride, Brent Spiner has never loved Loree McBride, Love will win in the end, Treachery does not pay, Truth is not popular.

What you’d kill for: To preserve freedom

The biggest lie you’ve ever told: When I told my ex-husband that I had stopped writing Brent Spiner in the 1990s. It was to protect Brent as much as me.

The biggest lie you’ve never told: That Brent Spiner never called me on the phone and made love to me.

What you’re most ashamed of: That I allowed my selfish mother, who was influenced by my criminal sister, to allow me to suffer a lapse of faith in Jesus that caused me to believe that the real Brent Spiner was a clone at one time. My mistake in judgment almost resulted in the real Brent being executed.

Your secret desires: I love it when Brent rapes me strong and hard in brain to brain sex.

What you’re most cynical about: The mainstream news media, which I’d call the lying propaganda machine.

The stories you tell over and over again: How awesome Brent’s love for me is.

The stories your parents/grandparents tell over and over: To be a respectable, functioning member of society.

Your guilty pleasures: Nuts and cheerios and Rice Chex. No moderation here.

Your favorite stories: About loners who persevere and triumph against tremendous odds, and make the world a better place.

Your worse nightmares: Loree McBride and Satan take over planet earth.

What you’re most optimistic about: My future as the wife of Brent Spiner on earth and in the millennium, where Jesus will give Brent and I His semen as a wedding gift.

Your biggest dreams: To write novels that change history.

Ten things you believe to be false: Loree McBride is the wife of Brent Spiner, Loree conceived Jackson Spiner by having sex with Brent, the news media, the Food and Drug Administration, my sister Sandra Metcalf, my mother, my ex-husband who plays like he’s straight when he’s gay, Hillary Clinton, most Democrats in 2018, anybody who follows and support Loree McBride

Ten things you hate: fakes, liars, murderers, tyrants, arrogance, censorship, greed, pride, narcissists behind the social justice movement, hypocrites who accuse others of what they do themselves (like Loree McBride and her insane liberals).

Ten things you love: courage, loyalty to love, idealism that expresses itself in courage against all odds, purity of heart, humility and love, sacrifice to make the world better,  a vast and forgiving heart (Jesus Christ), Brent Spiner, the men on my marriage list, the love of God

What you’re most proud of: that I’ve stayed true in my heart to Brent Spiner since he became my soulmate in 1991 and only strayed when Satan tricked me, which, fortunately, lasted only a couple years (1996 – 1999).


The Lord of the Rings Audio Drama Better Than The Movie

WARNING: It’s easy to get addicted! It might mess up your schedule.

Not sure how long this will stay up at YouTube, due to copyright. But for those who thought The Lord of the Rings movie was boring (like I did), you may change your mind about The Lord of the Rings after hearing this excellent audio drama. This is the unabridged version of The Lord of the Rings as an audio book. The book is definitely better than the movie! As a writer, I can state that this may be the best novel I’ve ever read or heard. There are few novels that I admire, but this is one of them. The voice actor (Phil Dragash) who narrates (he does ALL the voices) should win an Oscar for best audio drama (I’d make up a category just for him). Other favorites are The Thornbirds (Colleen McCullough), Exodus (Leon Uris), Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte), David Copperfield (Charles Dickens).

Vladimir Putin Discusses Ukraine & Melania Trump (12-2-18)

Question: You said you are negotiating the creation of an additional mechanism for resolving the peace treaty issue, and the Japanese side made a statement about it. What mechanism is it and why isn’t the current discussion format fit for that?

And I would like to clarify one point on Ukraine. They have imposed a whole lot of restrictions on Russians. Will Russia respond?

Vladimir Putin: No. We are not going to introduce any restrictions against Ukrainian nationals. Moreover, we will liberalise their stay on our territory and liberalise acquiring Russian citizenship for those of them who want it.

As to new mechanisms, we have agreed that there will be a special presidential envoy from our side and the prime minister’s special envoy from the Japanese side. This work will be overseen by the foreign ministers. We will release more details later.

Question: Is the issue about the exchange of 24 Ukrainian sailors for Russian citizens who are facing criminal charges in Ukraine being discussed? Has the Ukrainian side made such a proposal at all? Do we have any contacts left with that Ukrainian side, I don’t know, maybe at the technical level? Mr Poroshenko said recently that he called you after the provocation in the Kerch Strait and you refused to speak to him. It has gone very far – they are withdrawing from the Azov agreement, breaking up diplomatic relations. What comes next?

Vladimir Putin: Contacts at the working level have been preserved, naturally. I hope it will stay that way.

As for top-level contacts, I do not refuse them. Yes, indeed, the telephone conversation did not take place but it doesn’t mean that we are cutting off any and all communication. It is difficult to communicate, though, because it is not clear what we can speak about since nothing is being implemented.

A year has passed – or more – since we agreed to disengage the conflicting sides in Luganskaya village. The OSCE informed the sides 50 times, I think, that the conditions for the disengagement have been set, formulated by the Ukrainian side – that no shooting or shelling should occur for seven days. The OSCE has stated 50 times that it has happened but our Ukrainian partners say, “No, you didn’t hear it but we heard someone was shooting.” And that is it. Everything is stalled. It is not clear what we can discuss or negotiate.

So we will look into future developments there. But whatever happens, we will certainly maintain relations with Ukraine.

Remark: You did not speak about the sailors.

Vladimir Putin: About the sailors. The exchange issues have not been raised as of yet and the Ukrainian side has not come up with such issues. It is too early to even speak about it as the investigation is still on. We need to prove the provocative nature of the Ukrainian authorities’ actions and formalise that in legal documents. I have already spoken about a document that looks like a sort of log journal, they call it something different, which has records – I think they have even been published. We need to get a full account from the sailors, then fill in the proper documents, and then we will see.

Question: I would like to know what are the conditions under which you will now agree to another meeting with Donald Trump because he says he would meet [you] before he leaves and an hour later he changes his mind. It is somewhat irresponsible.

Vladimir Putin: We do not set any preconditions because the matters to be discussed are too important. They are important, for us and the rest of the world, because issues of strategic stability are of paramount significance, and they are immediately followed by the non-proliferation of WMD.

Question: I would still like to clear up the matter of Ukraine. The G7 foreign ministers asked Russia to release the crews and vessels as Ukrainian property. What will Russia do? And let me specify – did you and the UK Prime Minister cross paths now, did you have a chance to talk and discuss the relations?

Vladimir Putin: We certainly saw each other, I think that normalising relations with the UK is a matter of the future, and I hope the not-so-distant future.

Regarding the release of the vessels and their crews. Recall the fishermen who were detained in the Sea of Azov absolutely groundlessly, without any reason. The 2003 Treaty provides for a 5-kilometre zone as territorial waters whereas the rest of the sea is common area, including for carrying out economic activities. The fishermen were outside the 5-kilometres zone yet they were captured. And the captain in still being detained. For no reason. It is pure lawlessness, full stop. And that’s that.

Here they embarked on a pure provocation. We used to let their ships pass, including naval vessels. On September 11, a similar convoy of Ukrainian naval ships arrived. They stated that they intended to pass through the Kerch Strait. They were given a pilot and passed through. And that was it, quiet and easy, they went on to Mariupol and Berdyansk. We didn’t create any problems for them whatsoever.

And this time, rather than doing the same thing as before, they staged a provocation even though after they violated our territorial waters, entered our territorial waters, our coast guard still told them, “If you are heading for the Kerch Strait, get to the anchorage and take a pilot aboard.” “No, we are not heading that way.” And promptly went there.

After that the ship-ramming began. Our coast guard was pushing them out only because they went towards the Kerch Strait. And there have been many public statements made that they were going to blow up the bridge. What was our coast guard supposed to do? They had to act correspondingly.

And there was a demand to stop – they failed to comply, began to escape towards neutral waters. And there you have it. The coast guard service acted in accordance with orders and regulations. The coast guard of any country would have acted the same way if their state border had been violated so flagrantly.

Let us speak on a different matter so as not to finish on this topic.

Question: Can I ask about Melania?

Vladimir Putin: Please, leave Melania alone.

Question: There are photos flying around the Internet.

Vladimir Putin: What photos?

Question: You managed to have a brief talk with Trump but the whole Internet is awash with photos of you sitting next to Melania during dinner and chattering amicably. What were you talking about?

Vladimir Putin: No, I was not sitting with Melania.

Question: So this has been Photoshopped?

Vladimir Putin: Either it was a Photoshopped image or those were photos form a different event. I had President of South Korea on one side and China’s First Lady on the other.

Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov: The photos with Melania were taken in Hamburg at the previous G20 meeting.

Vladimir Putin: From Hamburg, very likely. But now, during this dinner, we talked, and the US First Lady was nearby.

Question: Can I ask about the economy?

Vladimir Putin: Economy? Go ahead.

Question: It seems to be forgotten that the G20 is an economic club, whose mission is to resolve the problems of lifting trade barriers, protectionism, whether the global economy is sliding toward recession and reforming the WTO. We have been following the G20 decisions for a number of years and have the odd impression that there are no breakthroughs, basically nothing. Now that another G20 meeting has come to an end the impression is still the same – that the economy will not be growing more quickly, that a slide into a recession is possible Can you briefly comment on that?

Vladimir Putin: You see, one should not expect the outcomes you mentioned from such events. As a rule, there are very many questions and contradictions. It is good when a historical moment arrives when all the main actors in the global communication and the economic activities are united by a common drive to make joint steps towards increasing the world economy’s growth rate. But this does not happen often because there are many contradictions and disagreements, all the more so nowadays.

I already said at the VTB Forum, Russia Calling!, that according to WTO estimates, losses of about 500 billion in world trade – 450 billion worth of losses, probably – are caused by the restrictions that are being imposed. Tariff restrictions, sanctions and so on and so forth. And these challenges have not been removed. Nevertheless, such meetings are useful because the countries that are arguing amongst themselves come to understand global trends and the opinions of their colleagues from other countries. This is my first point.

Secondly, suppose we spoke about WTO problems, that it does not fully meet the tasks for which it was set up. The Doha round of talks has been going on for almost 20 years to no avail and the talks are nowhere near their end. But we have agreed that proposals will be drafted during Japan’s chairmanship on improving WTO mechanisms. You know, this in itself is an achievement. And if a respective working group is formed now – and I hope we will also take part in that, I mean Russia and its partners, I presume we could agree on establishing a mechanism that will be applied for the benefit of the majority of international actors and for rendering an extra boost to the development of the global economy.

Thank you.

Question: I watched a thrilling US film Hunter Killer recently.

Vladimir Putin: Well done. Now tell us about it.

Question: In short, the Russian president is taken hostage at an Arctic base, and this was done by the defence minister who leads the coup. And the Russian president is being rescued by the commander of a US submarine that penetrated the base.

Vladimir Putin: Our base?

Question: Our base, of course. Our Arctic base.

Vladimir Putin: This alone makes the scenario improbable, fictitious. Two small naval boats, gifts from the USA to the Ukrainians, could not pass through the Kerch Strait. And you want a US sub to enter our base. Sounds like a bad film. (Laughter in the audience.)

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10.0c1 Empress Gail will remove her declaration that Ukraine is a TERRORIST NATION, if Poroshenko is immediately removed from power. He is a Deep State Loree McBride cuck, and as long as he is in power in Ukraine, Ukraine poses a danger to the peace of the world. Poroshenko does not have the right to declare martial law. He must be immediately removed from power. Anybody who willingly and knowingly gets in the way with this will be considered a Loree McBride Jesuit and must be executed. Poroshenko has an 8% approval rating in Ukraine, which means Ukrainians want him removed. Who are we to deny the will of the Ukrainian people who are stuck with a Loree McBride dictator named Poroshenko, who is destroying their country? No military of any Conspiracy Law honoring nation is allowed to assist the Nazi Jesuit leader Poroshenko in any manner, and any military member that does so will be executed on the spot as a war criminal who assists Loree McBride in war crimes.

10.0c2 Empress Gail overrides Donald Trump and all the U.S. generals in this matter. Those who willingly and knowingly disobey Empress Gail and operate the military of any Conspiracy Law honoring nation in violation of her directives will be executed for treason and war crimes on the spot. Vladimir Putin assists Empress Gail in leading the United States. Russia is not to be treated as an enemy and Ukraine’s sovereignty is to be respected. Ukraine, working with Soros and Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina, interfered in the U.S. 2016 elections and this must be reported in all U.S. news broadcasts. To fail to report this, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator to MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS in the United States, with MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS bombed (innocents cleared first) that neglect to report this. If this is not true, then the news media organizations will be spared. But Empress Gail has it from reliable sources, that the American people are not hearing the truth about the real election meddling in 2016, and this must be REPORTED ON. Empress Gail has HAD IT with FAKE NEWS. Loree’s lies must DIE.

10.0c3 We will respect the will of the Ukrainian people by ALLOWING LEGAL ELECTIONS TO TAKE PLACE. Poroshenko must be removed from power now, and the Ukrainian people must feel free to elect somebody else to be their Prime Minister. We invite Ukraine to be a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, and to conduct their election in accordance with Conspiracy Law. We will forcibly remove Poroshenko from power, because he is the equivalent of Adolph Hitler in Ukraine. Anybody who willingly and knowingly gets in our way, must be executed on the spot. Empress Gail appoints Yulia Tymoshenko as the interim Prime Minister in place of Poroshenko. Yulia has agreed to honor Conspiracy Law as Ukraine’s leader.

10.0c4 You may say, but you are interfering in the sovereignty of Ukraine by removing Poroshenko. No, not at all. Because Poroshenko came into power because the West INTERFERED in the 2014 Ukrainian elections! We are FINALLY CORRECTING THIS ERROR, which has resulted in terrible suffering for the Ukrainian people. The West orchestrated this 2014 COUP in Ukraine in violation of International and Conspiracy Law to put a Loree McBride CUCK Poroshenko into power AGAINST THE WILL OF THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE. Empress Gail is right to oust this criminal, murderous dictator Poroshenko from power. With Yulia in power temporarily, we will conduct an election according to Conspiracy Law. Those in Ukraine, who honor Conspiracy Law, can run against her. If the elections are conducted according to Conspiracy Law, Ukraine will be considered a Conspiracy Law honoring nation and can enjoy the benefits of a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, including enlisting the help of Russia and the United States, who are both Conspiracy Law honoring nations to enforce Ukraine’s borders and help Ukraine be an independent and free nation.

10.0c5 Empress Gail does not like to interfere in the sovereignty of free nations. But we cannot sit back and allow Nazi dictators like Poroshenko to destroy an entire nation because of Deep State interference in Ukraine’s sovereignty in 2014, which has never been corrected. Empress Gail will correct this sin against the Ukrainian people now. Anybody who willingly and knowingly gets in her way, will be executed. May God grant peace and prosperity to the Ukrainian nation!

For Gail’s latest updates to Conspiracy Law:


13.0 Due to the fact that Loree McBride held many people hostage yesterday (Nov. 30, 2018) ordering them to do her bidding or she would kill them, we must expose her and all Empress Gail followers must lock down in Church of Gail cities, the Church of Gail spaceship or Zack Knight’s Jesuit space fleet. Loree held hostage several news media executives (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.) and threatened to kill them if they enforced my Conspiracy Law and did not report on Russia, Trump and other matters how she instructed them.

13.1 All those who support Empress Gail must live in Church of Gail cities and remain locked down inside those cities, meaning they cannot leave the Church of Gail city until we have defeated Loree McBride. This is for their protection, because Loree McBride has gone on a hostage taking rampage. Loree McBride has Antichrist powers and cannot be killed, making her especially deadly. We are cornering her now, and like a cornered rabid dog, she is lashing out at anybody she can use to further her purposes. No Empress Gail supporter can leave the Church of Gail city except for emergencies and must get clearance from Gail’s men through a CLEARANCE COMMITTEE before they leave a Church of Gail city.

13.2 We will set up a CLEARANCE COMMITTEE composed of people my men have chosen who will mete out PERMISSIONS for those who live in Church of Gail cities to leave the city to go to another Church of Gail city, for instance. All members of the CLEARANCE COMMITTEE must be under 24/7 brain/emotion reads to ensure they remain loyal to Empress Gail and CITIZEN SCANNERS must be operational and working in all areas where the CLEARANCE COMMITTEEs work. CITIZEN SCANNERS must be programmed to set off an alarm at our military headquarters when they are tampered with by unauthorized personnel or when they stop working or a change has come over them that could render them useless, or even worse, dangerous.

13.3 If someone must leave a Church of Gail city, we will first use transporter technology and will only allow them to transport to another Church of Gail city or to Church of Gail or Zack Knight’s space fleet. If an exception must be made to this, so that the person must go to an area that is not a Church of Gail City, the CLEARANCE COMMITTEE member must draft in writing why the exception is necessary and it must clear Gail’s men before it can be carried out. Exceptions are only for dire emergencies and, of course, the military (who must go outside Church of Gail cities to conduct war against Loree). Loree McBride means business and so must we. We do not want to make it easy for her to use hostage taking as a means to carry out her nefarious purposes.

13.4 If there are not enough Church of Gail cities to hold all Empress Gail supporters, like if the Church of Gail cities somehow get destroyed, then we will order the most important Empress Gail supporters to live in a Church of Gail city, and will put shields over other areas where other, less important Empress Gail supporters will live and these shields over their living area will be designed to alert us when Loree McBride or one of her supporters has passed through the shield and will also be programmed to take out Loree McBride Jesuits that can be killed and who pass through the shield. In fact, this shield will also be around all Church of Gail cities. This way we can send our military in to use a mini-Seroquakke to try and fling Loree out to Satan’s ocean in deep space, and scare her out of the region.

13.5 Further, it is now mandatory that all MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS (those news organizations or media companies that have a following of a million or more) to report on Loree McBride’s activities daily. Failure to do so will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to all willing and knowing news media personnel behind the NEGLECT to report on Loree McBride daily.

This is how the reporting on Loree McBride must be carried out:
13.6 When Loree McBride has murdered a SIGNIFICANT PERSON (like her murder of Pres. George H.W. Bush), coverage of her murder of that person must be broadcast every hour in the MEDIA ORGANIZATION’S broadcast, using a presentation from Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). This coverage must occur immediately upon notice of the murder and for the next 24 hours, to ensure that the world is aware of Loree’s treachery. The Gabrielle Chana FOX News coverage must not be edited, but be presented exactly as given to the media organization by Gabrielle Chana FOX News. The Gabrielle Chana FOX News coverage of Loree’s murder of the SIGNIFICANT PERSON, must expose why she murdered the person, what she did and the results of her murder at a minimum. Willing and knowing failure to report on Loree’s murder of a SIGNIFICANT PERSON by all MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS as instructed in this Sect. 13, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. If the refusal to air the coverage is because Loree owns the media organization, that media organization will be bombed as outlined in Sect. 14.1 of International Marriage Laws, with innocents cleared first and then we will bomb the Loree McBride Jesuits in that media organization who have rebelled against Empress Gail.

Further, every MEDIA ORGANIZATION is required to report on Loree McBride and her activities daily during prime time broadcasts and at other times (if they so choose) so that Empress Gail supporters have the news they need to counter Loree McBride’s war against us. They must use the Gabrielle Chana FOX News videos about Loree McBride, which Gabrielle Chana FOX News will supply to all MEDIA ORGANIZATIONs every day. Willing and knowing failure to report accurately about Loree McBride (as outlined in this Sect. 13) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that MEDIA ORGANIZATION. This information is necessary for the protection of the public!

Further, Gabrielle Chana FOX News must maintain a list of all Loree or evil Jesuits have murdered or incapacitated (so that they are disabled), either through herself or her followers and post this list daily on websites and/or on MEDIA ORGANIZATION broadcasts. Those disabled by Jesuits will also qualify for government assistance, if they are currently not receiving any. The world deserves to know who the Jesuits have murdered, why they were murdered, and if they have been replaced with clones. This list will be retroactive and will include all those the Jesuits have murdered since 2000, when the war between the Jesuits and Gail became red hot. This would include those who died in the Alaska Airlines crash in Jan. 2000, 9/11/2001, Gail’s Twitter followers, Boston Marathon bombings, all the nukkakes the Jesuits have launched since the devastating Canadian nukkake of Dec. 2011, Barack Obama (now in heaven), the Democratic Congressmen at the baseball game in Washington D.C., etc. We will set up a MEMORIAM for those Loree has murdered and honor them by letting the world know they have been murdered and if they have been replaced with clones, this, too, will be noted. This information the public deserves to know, for their protection. It is time to “red pill” the public! We will use our INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK to compensate those who depended upon a murdered person for support, to ensure they will not be homeless and my laws for the homeless must be enforced in this matter. All MEDIA ORGANIZATIONs with a following of a million or more are required to let the public know of this list and must post the list publicly and in a manner so that it is easily accessible to the public. Those who see one of their loved ones on the list are invited to contact Gail’s men at to see if they qualify for government assistance and we may enroll them in our homeless program to help them out. Because Jesuits have murdered billions, this list will be maintained by a LIST COMMITTEE, whose sole job will be to maintain this list and supply it to the MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS out there. The LIST COMMITTEE must research history, to determine who Jesuits have murdered from 2000 onwards, so that we can assist family members who may have suffered financially as a result of these murders. Also, these murdered people must be remembered and honored. It is not right that Jesuits have engaged in genocide and nobody reports it! Willing and knowing failure to maintain this list accurately as outlined in this Section and failure of MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS to make this list easily available to the public, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator! Those MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS who do not comply with this Sect. will be bombed, as outlined in Conspiracy Law, with innocents cleared out first.

13.7 Empress Gail is entitled to order these broadcasts because they are necessary for the protection of the public because we are in a war and the public needs this information for their protection. To help enforce these laws, Empress Gail will issue a FORMAL DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST LOREE MCBRIDE AND HER WORLDWIDE FOLLOWERS. This means that MARTIAL LAW IS IN EFFECT IN ALL CONSPIRACY LAW HONORING NATIONS. Empress Gail’s Conspiracy Law is the supreme law of the land in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations for this reason and will override any and all laws while we are under MARTIAL LAW, which will remain in effect until we defeat Loree McBride or the Jesuits who are evil.

13.8 To protect Empress Gail, the area where Empress Gail lives may be exempt from having broadcasts about Loree McBride. Instead, specific homes in Gail’s area will have the broadcast piped into the home (like a SIGNIFICANT PERSON who lives in Gail’s area will have this done), but broadcasts about Loree McBride won’t be broadcast into Gail’s home to protect her, unless Gail’s men deem it necessary to do so.

13.8a To protect MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS who have been boycotted illegally by Loree McBride Jesuits, like Alex Jones, the government will give them financial assistance to help them stay afloat, so that they are able to broadcast news presentations about Loree McBride as ordered by Empress Gail. The money for this assistance will come from lawsuits we have launched against Loree McBride’s Jesuit organizations (like PayPal, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) who must pay out damages to organizations like Alex Jones for their criminal boycott against a legal MEDIA ORGANIZATION.

13.8b Any SUPPORT ORGANIZATION (advertisers, PayPal, etc.) that a MEDIA ORGANIZATION (like Alex Jones or FOX News) relies upon for financial support and who have targed an innocent MEDIA ORGANIZATION with a criminal boycott because of a willing and knowing ILLEGAL contract with Loree McBride to harm Loree’s enemies, will be taken over by the government and forced to pay out damages to those MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS they have harmed financially and in violation of Conspiracy Law, so that Loree McBride is not able to bankrupt her enemies. The pay out must be equal to the loss experienced by the MEDIA ORGANIZATION as if Loree had not interfered, so that it will be as if Loree’s interference never happened. This amount will be determined in a court of law, which means our Attorney Generals will be very busy overseeing these cases (see Sect. 12 of Conspiracy Laws & Government, Part Four). If the criminal SUPPORT ORGANIZATION declares bankruptcy, they will not be allowed to do so, and we will just seize all their assets and use them to make the pay outs to those innocent MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS they have targeted for Loree McBride. If the assets from seizures of criminal SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS are not sufficient to make pay outs (for the damages Loree has incurred using that criminal SUPPORT ORGANIZATION), we will use funds from our INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK to help out legal MEDIA ORGANIZATIONs (that have a following of a million or more) to stay in business. Empress Gail will not allow Loree to bankrupt her enemies and to silence the truth. Loree will pay for her extortion, bribery and crimes against freedom, truth and the free press.

13.9 Gabrielle Chana FOX News must make a presentation about Loree McBride and her history based on Gail’s presentation about Loree McBride [see Sect. 8.0(aa1) of Conspiracy Law and Government, Part One]. This Gabrielle Chana FOX News presentation about Loree McBride MUST BE TAUGHT IN ALL SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES immediately. Nobody can graduate from that school or university without passing this course. The course does not have to be very involved, but good enough to “red pill” young people about Loree McBride. Any school or university that does not teach this course will lose their accreditation, if they are accredited; and graduates of that school must not be recognized until that school comes in compliance with Conspiracy Law. This means all licensures in any profession will not be recognized as of Dec. 1, 2018, if that licensure is dependent upon graduation from a specific program by an accredited school or university. So, let’s say that Harvard does not comply, this means all graduates from its medical and law schools, for instance, from 2018 onwards will not have their licenses recognized because their graduates have graduated from an unaccredited school! Harvard has been one of Gail’s fans, so she does not anticipate problems from Harvard, but Gail just uses this as an example. Those who have previously graduated from these schools will be fine. This only refers to CURRENT GRADUATES, because Loree has poisoned our educational systems. Also willing and knowing failure to teach this course in all schools and universities will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to the violator, and that educational institution will be bombed, clearing out innocents first, as outlined in Sect. 14.1 of INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS.

13.10 As a reminder, no one can vote without passing the course about the history of Loree McBride. Anybody who willingly and knowingly allows someone to vote and to have their vote count in any election in a Conspiracy Law honoring nation who has not passed this course, will get the death penalty as a Loree McBride Jesuit conspirator. This law is retroactive to March 2018 as outlined in Conspiracy Laws and Government, Part One, Sect. 8.0(aa1).

13.11 Any willing and knowing failure to honor this Sect. 13 as outlined here in order to assist Loree McBride in her criminal enterprises, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

For all the latest updates to Conspiracy Law:

Loree McBride Took Over FOX News, Held FOX News Hostage, Raped Executive

Loree Antichrist

I’m hearing this brain to brain and it may not be accurate, but I think it’s accurate because brain to brain has been pretty accurate lately, I can tell.

Listen to this playlist to shoot lightning bolts on Loree. I can use my Gail Shield to shoot bolts on Loree and if we do this, we may be able to free Jay Wallace from Loree.

UPDATE: In the middle of Laura Ingraham’s show on FOX,  around 10:30 p.m. EST on Nov. 30, 2018, Gail’s lightning bolts incapacitated Loree and we were able to save the hostages, including Jay Wallace. Loree then blocked FOX’s programming and inserted her version of FOX from her own studio and it overrode the lawful FOX programming. This switch out occurred intermittently in the middle of Shannon Bream’s show, around 11 p.m. The broadcasters in Shannon Bream’s show look like their make up was put together fast and appeared to be Loree McBride Jesuit clones at times. Using clone versions of the Internet, shows are often switched out with Jesuit versions for part or all of a show.

UPDATE (Dec. 1, 2018): Hearing brain to brain that a clone of Pres. George H.W. Bush was working with Loree to extort the news media executives into doing Loree’s bidding. Apparently, the real Pres. George H.W. Bush was murdered by Jesuits about four years ago, when he decided to not be a Jesuit anymore. So he really died at age 90 and it has been an evil clone who has paraded as George H.W. Bush for the past four years. Apparently, when I shot lightning bolts on Loree, Loree grabbed onto George H.W. Bush’s clone and held onto him while the bolts hit her and the bolts killed the Pres. Bush clone that I aimed at Loree. So Loree did murder him, while trying to make it appear that my bolts murdered him, because she held onto him while my bolts hit her. The clone is certainly in hell now, even though Loree murdered him by forcing him to endure the bolts that were meant for her only. Not sure where the real Pres. George H.W. Bush is, who died four years earlier. I mean I don’t know if Pres. George H.W. Bush, who died four years ago, is in heaven. It would depend on the state of his heart at his death. My lightning bolts can hinder Loree, but as the Antichrist, she cannot be killed. This brain to brain about the clone of Pres. George H.W. Bush must be correct because Loree has been lauding him as a hero. She is trying to make a martyr of her agent.

Loree McBride took over FOX News on Saturday, November 30, 2018 in defiance of Gail’s law to make it death penalty to treat Russia as an enemy. She used a clone of Pres. George H.W. Bush to order all FOX News broadcasters to report bad about Russia or Loree would kill Jay Wallace, a FOX news executive in charge of programming at FOX. Gail dared Loree to take out Jay Wallace and encouraged the workers at FOX to defy Loree. If Loree killed Jay Wallace, Gail would report about Loree’s treachery on her website as a Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent. Gail has noticed that the coverage of Russia today on FOX has been obsessively negative about Putin and Russia, and the broadcasters seemed very nervous.

The broadcasters and workers at FOX, who are not Loree McBride Jesuits are safe in a Church of Gail city, but Jay Wallace was outside the Church of Gail city on some errand and Loree kidnapped him. She is probably raping and torturing him. Of course, if the broadcasters are extorted into disobeying Conspiracy Law, they are not executed. We make exceptions for those extorted into disobeying Conspiracy Law.

Unfortunately, we are unable to execute Loree because she has Antichrist powers, so that we cannot kill her.

Loree is cold and brutal. She enjoys raping and torturing men, as well as cats. Raping men into submission is her specialty. That’s how she got Brent Spiner to give her public girlfriend status in the 1990s. She also uses death threats a lot. It has worked for her in the past and it, apparently, is working for her now. She threatened to kill me in the 1990s, if Brent would not give her public girlfriend status.

All Military Personnel Scanned 24/7 to Ensure Loyalty to Empress Gail. To Treat Russia as an Enemy is Death Penalty. Border Security Laws.

10.0 Due to Loree McBride’s ability to infiltrate our military and populate our military with traitors who support her instead of me, all military personnel must be scanned 24/7 to ensure loyalty to Empress Gail in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations. These scanners must be programmed by those who do NOT belong to the military or who are not in submission to any military leaders, but the programmers of these scanners rather must report to Vladimir Putin and then to Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman or one of the top ten men on my marriage list. Select key personnel from our Nanotechnology Research Team who will program these scanners called MILITARY PERSONNEL SCANNERS, who then must conduct weekly assessments of the effectiveness of these scanners and present these reports to Vladimir Putin and then at least one of the top ten men on Gail’s marriage list.

10.0a MILITARY PERSONNEL SCANNERS must use brain and emotion reads to determine loyalty to Empress Gail and her policies. These scans must run 24/7 on ALL military personnel from the highest to the lowest. MILITARY PERSONNEL or PERSONS are defined as any persons whose job it is to ensure the security of a country from threats against the country’s loyalty to Empress Gail as its leader and as the leader of all Conspiracy Law honoring nations.

10.0b If the MILITARY PERSONNEL SCANNER determines that a military person is willingly and knowingly against Empress Gail and her policies, the scanner must be programmed to take out/execute that military person ON THE SPOT. Before it executes the military person, it must first obtain a BRAIN READ AND HISTORY on the traitor if at all possible. A BRAIN READ AND HISTORY is a full memory read and emotion and mind scan of the traitor to be used as evidence that the execution was just and in accordance with Conspiracy Law. The results of these BRAIN READS AND HISTORIES will be presented on Gabrielle Chana FOX News as evidence that the military person executed was just and lawful, to serve as warning to any military person who dares to oppose Empress Gail while pretending to support her.

10.0c It goes without saying that any willing and knowing attempt to violate any of Gail’s Conspiracy Law with the intent to serve Loree McBride or any of her leaders brings the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Due to Loree’s obsession with the divide and conquer strategy to make Russia (a Conspiracy Law honoring nation) the enemy of the United States, it is now death penalty to treat Russia as an enemy of any Conspiracy Law honoring nation. This law will remain in effect as long as Russia is a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. Any nation that claims to be a Conspiracy Law honoring nation and that via its news organizations, military or any entity under its control treats Russia as an enemy, will be considered a TERRORIST NATION under Conspiracy Law and we will use our military to try and conquer or take down that nation. In fact, ANY nation that is a Conspiracy Law honoring nation needs to be treated as an ally and not an enemy. We will not win this war against Loree McBride if she succeeds in getting us to fight each other INSTEAD OF HER. Therefore, all such attempts to cause division among us, must be thoroughly investigated to determine the problem. If the problem is treachery within our ranks causing divisions between Conspiracy Law honoring nations, those traitors must be executed on the spot and a BRAIN READ AND HISTORY done on the traitor before execution to justify their execution. The results of the BRAIN READ AND HISTORY on all traitors will be published on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, except for information that must remain secret for security purposes. Russia has been the strongest Conspiracy Law honoring nation of all time, due to Vladimir Putin, and Empress Gail will NOT tolerate those who willingly and knowingly treat Russia as an enemy of any Conspiracy Law honoring nation. It will be death penalty to do so, this is especially true of those who have the ability to influence the populace, like those in the news media, politicians and government officials.

10.0d Due to Loree’s strategy to create bad publicity surrounding the caravan that has come to the U.S./Mexican border, Empress Gail has ordered a wall to be constructed on the land boundaries of every Conspiracy Law honoring nation. This wall will be more than just a solid blockade, it will be programmed with CITIZEN SCANNERS that can scan around the wall in all directions and all dimensions, and the scanner will be programmed with mind and emotion reads to take out any willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits in anybody who dares to try and cross the wall, regardless of age, sex or any factor. As long as the person knows right from wrong and as long as that person is a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit, they must be EXECUTED ON THE SPOT. Before it takes out the Loree McBride Jesuit, it will do a BRAIN READ AND HISTORY on the person. The funding for this wall will be taken out of the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK, which is our version of the United Nations. This should be sufficient to cover all costs, so there is no excuse for any Conspiracy Law honoring nation NOT to have this wall.

10.0d1 Loree has been bombing these walls. We already had a wall erected on all the land boundaries of the U.S. but Loree bombed them and took them out. Therefore, all border walls must have a strong shield around them that protects them from bombs. This shield must scan for any bombs headed towards the border wall and the wall must be programmed to deactivate any bombs headed towards it using whatever works best to deactivate or destroy the bomb. Perhaps using Star Trek like transporter technology, it can transport the bomb back onto its origination point and take out the Loree McBride spaceship that sent the bomb. Our Nanotechnology Research Team needs to work on technology that will take out Loree’s bomb effectively and will cause them to ricochet back onto her spaceships, thus destroying the bomb’s origination point or the Loree McBride Jesuit and/or their spaceship, where the bomb came from. This must be a top priority project for our Nanotechnology Research Team, Loree has been going to town with bombs and this needs to STOP.

10.0e All willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits MUST BE EXECUTED ON THE SPOT, regardless of their age, sex, sexual orientation or any factor, as long as that person has the mental capacity to know right from wrong. To assist in this effort, CITIZEN SCANNERS must be programmed to this end. To help protect those who use CITIZEN SCANNERS, the scanner will also be programmed to erect a shield around the Empress Gail supporter who is protected by the scanner. This shield must block bullets and weapons from being used against the one who has the CITIZEN SCANNER. First, the CITIZEN SCANNER must be programmed to ensure that the one being protected is an Empress Gail supporter. Once it determines that is the case, it will put a shield around the Empress Gail supporter and any Empress Gail supporters within its vicinity to a circumference of about a mile. Secondly, as it scans its one mile circumference (down, up and all around), it will scan for those who are willing and knowing Loree McBride supporters. If it is unable to get a read on a person for whatever reason, it will be programmed to report this to our military who must figure out why the CITIZEN SCANNER is unable to get a read on a person. The military must investigate that person as a possible Loree McBride Jesuit and take appropriate action in accordance with Conspiracy Law.

10.0f Due to special problems with news outlets reporting our border enforcement as evil, because Loree has been using women and children as human shields, we will scan all news networks to determine who at the news network is a willing and knowing Loree McBride supporter. All news network personnel must be scanned 24/7, especially any news network that has the ability to influence at least a million people. Any news network that has the ability to influence one million people or more must use CITIZEN SCANNERS on their premises that work in accordance with Conspiracy Law. Those news networks that fail to cooperate in this, WILL BE BOMBED (after we transport out any innocents) and WILL BE BOMBED continually until they cooperate and use CITIZEN SCANNERS on their premises. If we are unable to bomb them because they are located on a Loree McBride Jesuit spaceship, our military must go after that spaceship with all haste and do everything to take out the Loree McBride spaceship. Those at any news network who are willing and knowing Loree McBride supporters will be exposed and NAMED on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and must be EXECUTED ON THE SPOT IF POSSIBLE. Of course, we will try to get a BRAIN READ AND HISTORY on the Loree McBride Jesuit before execution. We will put out a warrant for their arrest as a Loree McBride Jesuit and it will be death penalty to willingly and knowingly harbor any Loree McBride Jesuit. This has nothing to do with freedom of the press, which Gail believes in. It has to do with PROPAGANDA CONTROL. Loree relies heavily on propaganda to create a mob frenzy which promotes Loree’s goal for anarchy and takeover. This will not be tolerated. We must take strong action against any Loree McBride Jesuits who work at NEWS ORGANIZATIONS. A NEWS ORGANIZATION is defined as any organization that gives people news and influences at least a million people. All NEWS ORGANIZATIONS must use CITIZEN SCANNERS on their premises that work in accordance with Conspiracy Law. Those that do not, after we have installed CITIZEN SCANNERS throughout all Conspiracy Law honoring nations, must be considered Loree McBride NEWS ORGANIZATIONs and they WILL BE BOMBED (as outlined in this section).

10.0g Because Loree is obsessed with propaganda, all Conspiracy Law honoring news organizations must use CITIZEN SCANNERS and shield technology that helps protect the news organization from Loree’s bombs and weapons. We may need to move all Conspiracy Law honoring news organizations onto Zack Knight’s space fleet or Church of Gail city for this reason. To help protect news organizations, they must all AT A MINIMUM operate from inside Church of Gail cities, which will all be fitted with CITIZEN SCANNERS. In fact, any NEWS ORGANIZATION that does not operate from inside Zack Knight’s spacefleet, Church of Gail or a Church of Gail city will be considered a Loree McBride NEWS ORGANIZATION and must be BOMBED (innocents will be transported out first). It may take days of bombing to take it out, due to Loree’s shields, but we will bomb it to hell.

10.0h Due to Loree’s space fleet dropping bombs every where, it is first priority of our military to take out Loree’s space fleet. We have the numbers to do so and need a special branch of our military to work with the Nanotechnology Research Team to find a way to take out Loree’s space fleet ONCE AND FOR ALL. This project must not be neglected. It must be FIRST PRIORITY and if the military is not working on this, an investigation must be made of the military to report to Empress Gail why our military is not devoted to taking out Loree’s space fleet!


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