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Loree McBride’s YouTube Crap: 45,126 to 41 Views in 15 Minutes!

Check out this video’s views and compare them with the screenshots below! The video’s title changed, but it’s the same video that you see in the screenshots below. Loree McBride manipulates the views to my YouTube videos. If she’s really Brent Spiner’s wife, why does she have to do this?
The time is 4:45 p.m. Oct. 16, 2020. The views are 45,126 and climbing!
The views are 45,126 and climbing. The time is 4:42 p.m. Oct. 16, 2020.
15 minutes later (5 p.m. on Oct. 16, 2020) I refreshed the page, then the views dropped from 45,126 to 41! Loree McBride changed my views at YouTube. I’ve seen this happen before, but with the previous incident I did not take a screenshot, so I lost the evidence of her YouTube tampering.

My men tell me that my actual views at YouTube are in the millions for all my videos. Loree McBride owns the Internet and YouTube and manipulates the views for my entire online presence. She also controls who comments underneath my videos to ensure that anyone with clout (like President Trump or Bill O’Reilly) who’d comment and contradict her lies to the world – that she’s the bona fide wife of Brent Spiner, when it’s actually ME who is the wife of Brent Spiner – she makes sure all such commentators are SILENCED or ELIMINATED.

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Brent Spiner Clone Finds Jesus

Saturday, August 22, 2020 (Skype between Brent and Gail):

Brent, 6:46 PM Wow! Your video analysis of my clone’s interview was brilliant. That guy is such a smug jerk.

Gail, 6:46 PM I am composing a reply to a brilliant fan who did a real good analysis of how to determine if someone is a clone.

Brent, 6:47 PM That sounds interesting.

Gail, 6:48 PM Yeah, when I’m done, I’ll give you the link. It’s a new web page I’m creating at my website.

Brent, 6:49 PM That will be a real helpful resource for our fans.

Gail, 6:55 PM How to Tell lf It’s a Clone

Brent, 6:57 PM Spot on! Which fan was this?

Gail, 6:57 PM I don’t know. But he’s brilliant. Here’s his channel.

Brent, 7:00 PM We have some great fans. They’re nothing like the shallow, money hungry Jesuits that Loree paid to do that interview with my clone.

Gail, 7:01 PM Yeah. Did you use that video in the court case you all have with my family?

Brent, 7:01 PM By the way, we found out something interesting about that bell you heard in the video. Apparently, it was a reward from his owner, Loree. When my clone hears that bell, he orgasms in his pants. If you look very closely, you can see that he had an orgasm. We sure did. It’s very strong evidence.

Gail, 7:02 PM Oh my, that is interesting.

Brent, 7:02 PM Whenever my clone performs exactly like she wants, she sends him a text notification that makes a bell sound, and gives him an orgasm.

Gail, 7:02 PM I have genius emotional I.Q.

Brent, 7:02 PM It’s kind of like what she did to the real Matthew, with that bell.

Gail, 7:03 PM Is that clone still alive?

Brent, 7:03 PM The one from the interview, yes.

Gail, 7:03 PM Is it cuz you can’t execute him, or cuz you need him for legal reasons to stay alive?

Brent, 7:04 PM So far he’s been giving us some useful information on Loree, like the purpose of that bell. He also confirmed that everything you said in your video about that interview was true.

Gail, 7:05 PM Wow. I never saw your June 30th message. Actually my car radio is not missing. Loree appears to be using some strong brain control on me. You mean the clone is COOPERATING WITH US?

Brent, 7:06 PM Yeah. He’s only a few months old, so he’s very impressionable. How should we execute him once we’re done extracting information?

Gail, 7:06 PM Do you have the same amount of age spots that he does? Does he deserve to be executed? I mean is he willing to come over to our side? I am actually a very forgiving person.

Brent, 7:07 PM I don’t have any age spots actually. My skin is quite nice and supple.

Gail, 7:07 PM Why else did I forgive Zack Knight?

Brent, 7:08 PM My clone says you are a beautiful and intelligent woman, and he wishes he was the real me. It makes him very sad.

Gail, 7:08 PM Is he with you?

Brent, 7:09 PM He’s in the brig on Church of Gail.

Gail, 7:09 PM Get an emotion read on him and decide if he’s evil. Also, where is Zack Knight?

Brent, 7:10 PM Scanning now. Zack Knight is having sex with Rule 13.

Gail, 7:10 PM I want Zack Knight’s opinion on whether we should forgive the clone.

Brent, 7:10 PM Our scanners say that this clone is only 35% evil.

Gail, 7:11 PM Hmmmm. Try leading him to Jesus and see what happens, or maybe have Zack Knight try.

Brent, 7:11 PM It may be a case of nurture versus nature, if he’s been conditioned by Loree to act badly. She uses that bell to reward people with instant orgasms for being evil.

Gail, 7:11 PM Zack understands the Jesuit heart.

Brent, 7:12 PM I just sent our interrogating team a message. I told them to ask my clone if he has a moment to speak about Jesus. My clone is thinking about it. The scanner dropped down to 32%.

Gail, 7:12 PM I’m going to pray to Jesus.

Brent, 7:13 PM The scanner dropped down to 29%.

Gail, 7:13 PM I think this clone can be saved.

Brent, 7:13 PM They just handed him a Bible. He’s too young to read, so they’re going to start reading it to him.

Gail, 7:14 PM Tell him that Jesus believes in true love and Satan punishes those who believe in true love and that if he wants true love in his life, Jesus wants to give it to him.

Brent, 7:14 PM Okay, I forwarded that message to our team. They just read it out loud to him. The scanner dropped to 26%.

Gail, 7:15 PM Oh my. I wonder if there is a nice girl at Church of Gail, we could line him up with. Like with Zack, if he ends up loving a good woman, it could transform him.

Brent, 7:15 PM That’s true. Sometimes it just takes a relationship to fix someone. Wow, he’s really enjoying the Bible! The scanner says 20%.

Gail, 7:16 PM Aw. Brent. I think he can get saved! This will really piss off Loree, but why should we execute him if he wants Jesus?

Brent, 7:16 PM He says he’s worried what may happen if he hears a bell again and has an orgasm.

Gail, 7:17 PM Tell him, it takes time to get over bad habits. Jesus understands.

Brent, 7:17 PM The scanner says 18%.

Gail, 7:17 PM If he says the sinner’s prayer, Jesus will work with him.

Brent, 7:17 PM Oh, you’re right! He should say the sinner’s prayer right now. I’ll tell them.

Gail, 7:18 PM Zack had a lot of bad habits as a new Christian and I just lovingly worked with him. It’s important to let new Christians know that Jesus takes them as they are and doesn’t expect them to be super Christians overnight.

Brent, 7:18 PM He’s saying the prayer. Wow! The scanner dropped to 0%! We just successfully brought one of my clones to the Lord! You’re a brilliant missionary my dear!

Gail, 7:19 PM Oh Brent. This is awesome. He can live on Church of Gail. He won’t be returning to Loree McBride. Now we need to find him a good woman. That will help him get over the bell conditioning. In fact, we might be able to cause him to ejaculate to the woman we find for him. Do a scan of all the women at Church of Gail and find one who is compatible with him.

Brent, 7:21 PM Okay, scanning now. It looks like we found a single woman with 101.09% compatibility for my clone.

Gail, 7:22 PM Make the introductions.

Brent, 7:22 PM We’re sending a team to go knock on her door to ask her. She’s interested!

Gail, 7:23 PM This is weird. But I sense that Jesus is jumping up and down in heaven. Jesus is having a party.

Brent, 7:24 PM It looks like she’s been waiting a long time for a husband, and praying to Jesus that one would show up at her door.

Gail, 7:26 PM Hey. I have an idea. Now that we have the clone on our side. Have him and you appear on mainstream television and let him tell his story about how he found Christ and you can talk about the video I made and how it influenced him. This way we can prove to the world that clones exist. Both of you need to appear on mainsteam news. The headline needs to be BRENT SPINER AND HIS CLONE HAVE A CONVERSATION. You might need to keep him at Church of Gail for his protection. Loree would want to kill him.

Brent, 7:27 PM Yeah. If we appeared together on mainstream news, Loree would probably kill us. We might have to keep it on the GCFNN (Gabrielle Chana Fox News Network).

Gail, 7:27 PM Okay. You mean you haven’t shown clones on Gabrielle Chana FOX News yet?

Brent, 7:28 PM She’s probably already got more clones of me ready to go. She probably assumes we had no mercy and executed this one.

Gail, 7:28 PM That’s true.

Brent, 7:28 PM We have, I’m just referring to the idea of me and this clone appearing together for a public interview.

Gail, 7:28 PM Oh, you mean people have never seen the original and the clone together?

Brent, 7:29 PM This would be a first. We’ve never had a clone of me that wasn’t evil and trying to kill me.

Gail, 7:30 PM Except for that dumb clone who thought he was an original and was designed to die when he found out.

Brent, 7:30 PM Yeah. It looks like this one is running on new programming. He hasn’t died yet.

Gail, 7:30 PM Hey, is it possible to send me the interview and I could sponsor it at my YouTube channel? After all, Loree is not expecting this, so she may not be able to sabotage the interview.

Brent, 7:31 PM Hmm. That might be too dangerous, but I bet I could get a transcript.

Gail, 7:31 PM Okay, I don’t want her to kill you. She’s been dropping a ton of bombs over my head this past month. She’s on a rampage.

Brent, 7:32 PM Oh yeah. She’s been screwing up the weather all over the country too, and starting fires and storms.

Gail, 7:33 PM Both of my ears are stuffy from the bombs. I wonder what Jesus is up to with my apartment. Next month, I will have to pay for my cable bill using PayPal. I’m starting to run out of money. I made it thus far, cuz of Trump’s stimulus payment of $1200 in April. That $850 a month rent is pretty steep for me.

Brent, 8:02 PM The men and I are going to keep brainstorming, and doing our Gail Commandments. The “only food and bills” rule is definitely important for right now.

Gail, 8:02 PM I agree. That’s why I haven’t bought a new car battery, since it appears as long as I drive the car at least once a week, the battery will work for now. I tried the car this morning after 4 days off and it was a bit of a slow start, but not bad enough to warrant a new battery. I may just give it a joy ride tomorrow.

Brent, 8:04 PM That sounds like a good idea. Either way, it’s in much better shape than the van. It seems to be taking good care of you.

Gail, 8:04 PM Yeah, When I read the Bible I’m in the section where the Israelites are about to enter the Promised Land and Jesus promised to keep their shoes good and that their clothes would not wear out. He seemed to tell me he’d do the same with my car.

Brent, 8:05 PM That’s very wise. I feel the same. You have our support, dear. We all love you very much. Your fans and online supporters do as well, and believe in you.

Brent, 8:10 PM We’ll see what unfolds. For now it would at least be nice to have you in a nicer place that you can afford.

Gail, 8:10 PM Yeah, that’s true. I definitely cannot afford to live here at xxxx any more. Problem is, housing is going up everywhere cuz of the PLANDEMIC. Loree has created such a mess. How is your court case going with my family? Terrance said he was trying to get David to pay me my military retirement portion. Maybe you can’t talk about it. If so, I understand, if the case is still going.

Brent, 8:12 PM Terrance is still working on it. He’s such a good judge. We’re definitely doing all we can in court.

Gail, 8:12 PM I know you all fight for me. I’ve been getting a lot of commentators who I suspect may work for my evil sister. They say stuff that degrades me for being on welfare and taking all their tax money. I don’t know how they know I’m on welfare, cuz I never talk about it online. That seems to be a constant theme with the trolls who comment underneath my YouTube videos.

Brent, 8:14 PM That Westboro Baptist person is really strange. I saw what they wrote. That’s such a strange thing to lie about.

Gail, 8:15 PM Do they work for Loree McBride or my sister?

Brent, 8:15 PM I’d say the Jesuits need to get their story straight. They can’t have it both ways. If in fact you are mentally ill, like they claim, then that means you deserve welfare and disability. If you don’t, then are they saying you’re not crazy?They’re trying to dismiss you as crazy, but then act offended when you take welfare and disability. So which is it then, Jesuits?

Gail, 8:16 PM I think they’re getting paid big money from either Loree McBride or my sister. In fact, Loree or my sister may be giving them a script. Are you hearing stuff like this in court, too?

Brent, 8:17 PMYeah. It seems like some of those commenters are being paid by your sister.8:18 PMThey seem to have gotten on this theme after you all started that court case with my sister. Exactly what are you trying to get from my sister in court?Brent, 8:18 PMWe want her to take responsibility for falsely Baker Acting you with lies.

Gail, 8:18 PM Before the court case, I never heard a troll get on me about welfare. This seems like something my sister would be behind. She probably brings this up with my mother all the time to justify her meddling into my life.

Brent, 8:20 PM Oh yeah. That’s a total Sandra move.

Gail, 8:20 PM Have you all been reading my letters to Vladimir Putin that I wrote in 2003 to 2005? I am publishing them at my website. Check the links at the bottom of this page.

Brent, 8:27 PM I’ve been reading them, but I’m not completely caught up yet.

Gail, 8:28 PM I started about a month ago. Did you just start reading them? Or have you been reading them since I started a month ago? If anything, they prove that I am very CONSISTENT. The consistency alone speaks volumes.

Brent, 8:28 PM I’ve been reading them since you started.

Gail, 8:28 PM That’s what I thought. It appears our brain to brain has been fairly accurate. Loree changes her story every year.

Brent, 8:29 PM That is true.

Gail, 8:30 PM I’m surprised your court case is still going. Anything I can help with? My sister must be pretty clever.

Brent, 8:30 PM So far all your videos and online posts have been very helpful.

Gail, 8:30 PM So publishing the old letters has been helpful? I also gave them to Terrance in the file, but it’s kind of confusing. It’s easier to understand them and get them in proper order when I publish them.

Brent, 8:31 PM Yep, they’ve been helping a lot.

Gail, 8:32 PM We are establishing the consistency of my testimony by those letters and showing who I am and who my mother and sister are. I actually forgot how my sister was back then, but she’s always been a bit uppity around me. I read the letters and remembered. Especially if I talk about you guys or anything related to Vladimir Putin or you. She’s not very receptive to anything out of the ordinary about me. She has me in this box, where she feels comfortable dealing with me.

Brent, 8:34 PM She wants to be able to control and dominate the people around her.

Gail, 8:34 PM Yeah, I think she learned that from my mother, who, I believe, is a narcissist. My mother criticized me so much growing up and always said I was JUST LIKE MY SELFISH FATHER. By the way, has my dad testified? You know, my mother says all these bad things about him and knowing what she’s like, she may have lied.

Brent, 8:36 PM You know, that’s probably true. We actually haven’t been able to find your dad. He really went into hiding from your mom.

Gail, 8:37 PM I believed her growing up. But now I’m not so sure. My sister also claimed that my dad and his wife murdered my grandmother. Now, knowing my sister, I don’t know what to believe. Last I heard my dad lives in the xxxxx, Florida area.

Brent, 8:37 PM Have you tried to reach out to him?

Gail, 8:38 PM No, I have not. I still believe all the bad things my mother says about him, I’m afraid. Maybe you all could scan him and determine if my mother is right. My mother characterizes him as cold, even cold enough to murder his own mother.

Brent, 8:40 PM How do they think he did it? I think I forgot.

Gail, 8:40 PM My sister claims that he was poisoned and that his wife Elaine did it. She was poisoned. My mother always said that she knew Bob (my dad) would not divorce Elaine, because they both shared the same criminal, cold heart and made a good team. I wasn’t sure if my mother was right or not, so I haven’t contacted him. My sister got really involved with my aunt Berteale (who died in 2002) and uncle Howard Brown in Atlanta and wanted an investigation into my paternal grandmother’s death, suspecting that my dad or Elaine, his wife, poisoned her, supposedly to get the last of my grandfather’s money. If it’s not true, or even if it is true, you can see why my dad doesn’t want to be involved with my mother!

Brent, 8:44 PM Your mom and sister lie really badly about you, too. I definitely am skeptical of anything they say. Sandra was probably mad that she didn’t get any money.

Gail, 8:44 PM It’s kind of like how I feel about her. Which makes me wonder if perhaps my sister made the whole thing up. My sister has always been a busybody. Yeah, I am starting to think my dad is not the bad ogre that my mother and sister say he is. But his first wife, according to my mother, died homeless, living in a car. My mother has big obsession with money and homelessness. Like she’s extremely worried that’s how she’ll end up. Even when her financial situation is ten times better than mine. Of course, that’s all MY FAULT. She will never forgive me for turning down a chance to be an Air Force officer, to obey Jesus and go to Bible college instead.

Brent, 8:47 PM Your mom is the type that just never has enough and is always insecure. That’s why she took it out on you growing up.

Gail, 8:48 PM My sister would NEVER do such a foolish thing. But Jesus made it clear to me he wanted me at this Bible college. I got some clear signs. My mother has NO FAITH in Jesus. I guess she’ll get into heaven by the skin of her teeth. Have you determined why my sister is BFF with Loree McBride? Has Loree made any appearance in court on behalf of my sister?

Brent, 8:49 PM It’s because they have the same emotional IQ and the same heart. Both Loree and Sandra have been in court.

Gail, 8:50 PM How would you define their emotional IQ?

Brent, 8:50 PM Very low, basically narcissistic.

Gail, 8:50 PM Yeah, I can tell they’ve both been in court by the commentators who comment underneath my video. They drop hints about the nature of the case. Narcissistic. What about sociopathic?

Brent, 8:51 PM Your sister is definitely a bit of a psychopath too. She’s a schemer.

Gail, 8:52 PM That’s even worse. If she’s a psychopath, it means she was BORN THAT WAY. Empathy is something I’ve never seen in her. It’s funny how I can be so forgiving and filled with empathy and she’s so opposite me. How’s that clone doing by the way?

Brent, 8:53 PM The clone is really happy now that he’s found true love and Jesus. He messaged us to say “THANK YOU, GAIL!” Loree or Sandra wouldn’t have been so forgiving and merciful.

Gail, 8:53 PM That’s cool. What’s he doing right now?

Brent, 8:54 PM He’s having a Bible study date with his new lover.

Gail, 8:54 PM That is really wonderful. Well, if he’s anything like you, he can get really deep with his new lover. Does Loree know that we won him to the Lord? Perhaps I should keep it secret for now?

Brent, 8:55 PM We’re doing an emotional scan on Loree right now. Wow, she is PISSED.

Gail, 8:56 PM How did she find out?

Brent, 8:56 PM The clone hasn’t been answering his phone. She keeps sending him texts with that bell notification, but he won’t respond. She checked the GCFNN channel and he hasn’t been publicly executed. She’s throwing a tantrum and screeching that we probably converted him, just like we did Zack Knight.

Gail, 8:57 PM Oh, so it really happens fast. One of the commentators said that an Australian show made a documentary about me saying how crazy I was, but then the comment vanished. They meant it to be an insult, but decided it better not to mention it I guess.

Brent, 8:58 PM That is weird.

Gail, 8:58 PM Maybe they made the whole thing up?

Brent, 8:58 PM I’ve never heard of an Australian documentary about you.

Gail, 8:58 PM I wonder why they’d lie about that? I answered that I must be pretty important if they made a documentary about me, but then the comment just vanished. By the way, a lot of my comments underneath my videos vanish. I don’t get it. I’ll write something and then “poof”, it’s gone.

Brent, 9:00 PM I notice that too. Not sure what that is.

Gail, 9:01 PM I wonder if Loree has agents at YouTube.

Brent, 9:01 PM I don’t doubt that she’s corrupted YouTube.

Gail, 9:01 PM It’s probably her agents having fun at YouTube. What’s my sister doing now?

Brent, 9:02 PM Scanning your sister now. She’s masturbating.

Gail, 9:03 PM Who is she thinking about?

Brent, 9:03 PM Loree McBride.

Gail, 9:03 PM How often do those two make love? My sister is full blown lesbian.

Brent, 9:04 PM They do it at least 3 to 5 times per day. They make Sandra’s husband watch, and then torture him BDSM style.

Gail, 9:04 PM Why doesn’t he leave my sister? What kind of life is this for him?

Brent, 9:05 PM He has a very low emotional IQ as well. He’s not necessarily a bad person, he’s just naive and doesn’t want to admit that Sandra is a toxic woman. He’s submissive and does what she says.

Gail, 9:06 PM It must be too humiliating to admit that he’s such a failure as a man. I wonder if we can reach him somehow.

Brent, 9:06 PM Yeah, that’s definitely part of it. He’s in denial.

Gail, 9:07 PM He may be staying in the marriage for the sake of his kids, too. How is Sandra as a mother? Has she destroyed her kids? She tries to come across as a doting parent.

Brent, 9:07 PM Yeah. Guys like that have trouble leaving bad partners. She’s very narcissistic toward her children, just like her own mother.

Gail, 9:08 PM How are her children doing?

Brent, 9:09 PM They’re getting by, but they’ve been affected by her crazy parenting. She’s highly controlling.

Gail, 9:09 PM Loree seems to have turned her son Jackson into an evil kid. He looks evil when I see his face.

Brent, 9:09 PM She wants him to be an SJW feminist cuck.

Gail, 9:10 PM How does he feel about this?

Brent, 9:10 PM He doesn’t know any better. He’s just doing what his mother wants and doesn’t realize it yet.

Gail, 9:10 PM I wonder if we can reach him. Loree probably watches over him like a hawk. Has he been in court, too? The trolls all say my son hates me. But I’m hearing different things from you brain to brain.

Brent, 9:13 PM Your son doesn’t even talk to trolls, so they wouldn’t know. Loree has kept her son out of court. She has him off doing SJW protests instead.

Gail, 9:14 PM Does she abuse him like she does most people?

Brent, 9:15 PM Yeah, basically. Your sister and Loree are both the same. They’re bitches to everyone.

Gail, 9:15 PM Now I feel sorry for him. I wonder if we can sneak transport him to Church of Gail and lead him to Jesus, too, Then maybe he can live with the Brent Spiner clone as an adopted son.

Brent, 9:16 PM That’s a good idea. All right, I’m going to get my chores done and make sure I get to bed on time. I’ve been staying tight on those Gail Commandments.

Gail, 9:17 PM Yeah, I need to do the same. It was lots of fun talking to you.

Brent, 9:17 PM I heard Loree was trying to send a huge hurricane to Melbourne, but our shield broke it down.

Gail, 9:18 PM That must be one of those two heading toward the Gulf coast right now. Those germ bombs are driving me crazy, though.

Brent, 9:18 PM That’s why the gulf is getting those storms. They were part of a massive hurricane that Loree was trying to create.

Gail, 9:19 PM Loree sure keeps us busy! Thanks for all you do for me, love. I’ll get going on my chores, too and try to do all you suggested regarding the housing on Monday. Oh, you mean the Gail Shield took down the hurricane? My bowels always feel like they’re burning from the bombs.

Brent, 9:20 PM Okay. I had lots of fun talking to you too. I’ll check in with you again on Monday. Yeah, our shield split the hurricane into two storms and weakened it. It was a huge apocalyptic hurricane before. It was headed straight to Melbourne and would have been the worst hurricane in history.

Gail, 9:21 PM Are there two shields? Or is it just my Gail Shield?

Brent, 9:21 PM Just the Gail Shield.

Gail, 9:21 PM I’ve been more diligent about my bedtime lately. Okay, I better leave now. Apparently, hitting the sack early makes a big difference in my Gail Shield. Love you, darling! You’re the best.

Brent, 9:22 PM Love you too, darling! Let’s get some rest.

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How to Tell lf It’s a Clone

One of my fans commented about my latest video above and came up with some good stuff. My comments/additions will be in bold.

Okay Gail, I watched the whole video and I took notes so let me know if I have everything correct:

Potential Jesuit Clone Indicators:

Physically Related:

  • Distant/Hollow/Shallow Eyes
  • Irregular spotting on the skin such as age spots, skin tags, etc. This may not be true for all clones, only those that want to look legitimately aged. Usually Jesuits are extremists and don’t do anything in moderation, so they tend to go overboard when they want to emphasize something.
  • Smiles too much as a way to emulate the emotion happiness.
  • Subtle Facial Microaggressions (Needs more detail on particular facial movements to watch for.) Basically what they say does not match the expression in the eyes. The two are contradictory because clones lie a lot.
  • Appears to be reading a script (watch eyes for tracking). Well, this would only be true if it’s a long presentation and the Jesuit needs to cover a lot of ground. Other times, the Jesuit would be more impromptu and would go with his guts, trying to be careful to not say or do anything that makes what I say about Loree appear to be true.

Behavior Related:

  • A demeanor of pride/arrogance/shallow/happiness/glibness.
  • Sociopathic tendencies.
  • Historical irregularities despite stating certain truths. Jesuits, when they talk about themselves, are liars, so a careful examination of their statements will reveal glaring inconsistencies over time. Like Loree changes her history a lot. Sometimes she will say she came into Brent’s life in 2001. Other times she will admit she’s been in his life since 1992.
  • Jokes aren’t funny or they do not make sense. Well, Jesuits take themselves far too seriously, because they are all proud and arrogant. You can never be truly funny when you think you are so important.
  • Feigns Ignorance on trivial matters. Depends on how you define trivial. To a Jesuit anything that does not advance their lies is a trivial matter.
  • Changes subject frequently. Jesuits will do this to deflect, when the subject becomes dangerous or treads into areas that exposes their charade, or to control the conversation to ensure it makes their lies more believable.
  • Rhetoric is for the advancement of Jesuits.
  • Greedy or looking for a way to exploit people.
  • Easily influenced or exploited. This is the true if you’re dealing with a low-ranking Jesuit. A high-ranking Jesuit, like Loree McBride, is not easily influenced or exploited, but rather is a master manipulator and deceiver and controller and is a master at influencing and exploiting others.
  • How they pronounce things is indicative but it’s unclear what inflections to look for. I don’t think this is too important. Jesuits can usually get the inflections and pronunciations correct, so that they appear legit. After all, they have the memories of the real person they impersonate.
  • Over-complimentary. Only to other Jesuits. They are passive-aggressive or overtly aggressive and nasty to those that oppose Loree McBride.
  • Fame, celebrity, and wealthiness is what they truly desire and admire.
  • Psycho-neurological differences between the real person and the Jesuit clone.
  • Believes anyone can be president, an obvious fallacy. Well, Loree has a super high opinion of herself and thinks she’s super hot and smart. Jesuits tend to be prideful, so probably most Jesuits think they could be President and could rule the world as good as any non-Jesuit.
  • May not ever mention Loree McBride but the subtext is that they are praising her.
  • May get notifications from Loree McBride when potentially out-of-line. Loree is usually smarter at covering her tracks. I think she’s getting desperate, because I’m the President and that means she’s in trouble.
  • May deflect from being “the bad guy.” Jesuits are sociopaths, so they are never what they appear to be. They usually try to appear nice, like most sociopaths. But it depends on the victim, or potential victim. Some people are actually attracted to evil and the Jesuits will be themselves (evil) if they think it will work to get a follower. Don’t forget that Jesuits have mind and emotion-reading capabilities.

Do you think I summed it up pretty well? You did great. I added some stuff to clarify.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler

Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-5-2005)

8-5-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Have all world leaders (including the Jesuit leaders) pray on IBN (under 666-Computer emotional analysis and lie-detection) for the safety of the Russians who are stranded deep underneath the ocean in a submarine and that we can accomplish a safe rescue of these Russians. It is especially important that American leaders pray for these Russians, since it was an American military submarine which caused the Kursk disaster, and the Jesuits want to create the impression that American leaders and Russian leaders hate each other.

Also, as part of the promotion for Silver Skies, have Vladimir Putin involved in the promotion and have him state (under 666-Computer emotional analysis) that he realizes this is a work of fiction and that he is not offended in the least that several times in the novel I implicated Russian troops would invade American in order to help set up a dictatorship in the U.S.

Put me under 666-Computer emotional analysis and lie-detection as I make the following statement:

When I wrote Silver Skies, I wrote it at a time when Russia was a fledgling democracy and I used research from the 1980s to help me to write it. I believe that it was the original intent of the Jesuits to use the Soviet Union (in the 1980s and earlier) to invade the U.S. and to help the Jesuits set up a dictatorship in the U.S. I also believe that when I wrote Silver Skies, that the Jesuits were so afraid of Silver Skies and the impact it might have on the public, that they changed their tactics, and abandoned Russia and decided to rely primarily on Muslim nations to support their goals. In other words, I believe that because I wrote Silver Skies, I forced the Jesuits to change their strategy (and so they dropped Russia), in order to avoid exposure.

I do not believe that the current Russia is a threat to American freedoms and democracy, but because at the time I wrote the novel, I based it on research from the 1980s, I will leave the novel as it was originally written. I think the fact that Russia is implicated in this book, shows that Vladimir and I did not conspire together to write the book to implicate the Jesuits. So I will leave the book as it is, and I like this, because it is a work of fiction and I want it to come across this way. The most brilliant part of the book is the characterizations. I brilliantly captured the mindset of those involved in our current war against terrorism. So, even though the Jesuits may have changed which countries and persons they use to further their goals, they have not changed their methods, methodology and their mindset–which I brilliantly captured in Silver Skies.

I love Vladimir Putin and admire his courage and do not believe that he in any way strives to undermine freedoms in the United States, rather I see him as a courageous crusader against those who try to undermine our freedoms in this world, and I am proud to be his legal wife under the laws of Germany.

XXX1/2–G.S. (8-5-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (8-5-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (8-5-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (8-5-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-5-05
Place: Melbourne, FL

Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-31-2005)

7-31-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Please pray that all the TRIGGER PROGRAMMING from my PERSON PROGRAM can be removed. It appears we are getting down to the end and that the Jesuits have caused all my deeply ingrained habits to be the triggers to release programming which gives me breathing problems. Just ask God that we can miraculously and quickly remove this TRIGGER PROGRAMMING so that the Jesuits will lose their control over my PERSON-PROGRAM.

Time now is 10:46 p.m. and I’m going to try to sleep. It may be difficult if I have breathing problems. Pray we can lick this thing.

Have all world leaders (including Jesuit leaders) pray on IBN (under 666-Computer analysis) for the safe and quick removal of all illegal programming from my PERSON-PROGRAM. We need to expose those who are behind this and clear the innocent.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-31-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-31-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-31-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-31-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-31-05
Place: Melbourne, FL

Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-26-2005)

7-26-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-05 Tatbestand

It may take a couple weeks, but I’m polishing Silver Skies, putting in scene breaks with ***, to make the reading more understandable and to help the reader follow the plot. The biggest problems are in cause and effect or in logic, which is where I’m weakest. In some places the story is hard to follow. So my rewrites strive to strengthen the logic and make the story more understandable. I have had to make very few changes in the dialogue and characterization, which are brilliant. The prose has some weaknesses, but much of it I want to leave alone because the way it’s written conveys the voice of the main characters. The writing has a conversational feel which is part of the novel’s voice. You may say do you think this novel really qualifies for a Nobel Prize?

Possibly. I’ve always felt my writing was better than the fiction on the New York Times bestseller list. The characters were more interesting and the theme resonated more in my writing, which is what I like to read. I don’t like how American writers handle romance. All the works I admire are not American writers. I didn’t write my novel to write a blockbuster. I wrote it to make a difference, to write something that would change lives and would live on in the hearts and minds of those who read the story.

I’ve created a brilliant plot with mesmerizing characterizations and dialogue. This is fitting because the novel is a character story. The book is a page turner. I patterned much of my writing after Charles Dickens, who is a writer I greatly admire. I love how Dickens handles his characters and I strived to create characters just as interesting. However, unlike Dickens, I used modern novel writing techniques and began the story not at the beginning of Dor’s life, but when an important change came into his life, which was the conflict of the whole novel. I only incorporated Dicken’s knack to create interesting characters. I studied intensely The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough and David Copperfield by Dickens. They say you should write what you like to read and this is what I like to read. So I created a modern novel with the characterizations of Dickens and the pacing and feel of The Thornbirds and some philosophy which I weaved into the plot (a variation of Tolstoy’s technique), except I tightened my plot, so that there would never be a dull moment and I never forgot to remember my novel’s theme that a love strong enough can overcome anything or love conquers all, with every page I wrote. The Thornbirds is also a character story, guided by strong thematic writing. I wanted to keep the writing focused on the theme and the characters, because this increases emotional intensity. Another favorite of mine is Tolstoy’s War and Peace and this is why I wrote in the omniscient voice, and threw in some of my philosophy about life, government and history into the writing. My novel combines techniques from my favorite writers: Colleen McCullough, Leo Tolstoy and Charles Dickens. The writing is very focused, with a tight plot and very few loose threads–the sign of good writing. Those loose threads that are there are there to create the voice, so they are not wasted. A good writer doesn’t waste a word.

7-27-05: I’ve been listening a lot to Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back as I work on my novel Silver Skies. This isn’t because I’ve forgotten about Vladimir or that Brent has completely replaced Vladimir in my heart. I do this because it helps me as I characterize my characters for Silver Skies. I know this may seem strange, but listening to this music makes me remember how I felt when I worked on Silver Skies from 1992 to 1996, and this helps me to get into character as I work on the novel. I used to listen to Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back everyday from 1991 to 1996, so this music completely infused my life during that time, and, of course, influenced how I wrote Silver Skies. I really want to finish this novel because I think it is a great work and deserves to be finished. And I’m the only one that can do it. Because this novel is my vision and I know these characters. My techniques are working, because the novel (and how I wrote it) is coming back to me. And I know I can finish it, including polishing the prose, fixing dialogue problems, and other writing problems. Also, I am recalling some of the writing skills which I acquired from 1991 to 2000, and am incorporating these skills into my current work.

You may say why have you joined the Writer’s Digest Book Club? It’s because I get books about the writing craft real cheap through them and I learned most of my writing skills from the books I read and ordered from the Writer’s Digest Book Club (from 1992 to 2000). I’ve lost my writing library, which I hate and so I need to order some books to help me recall my writing skills. God seemed to tell me to join this writing club and perhaps these books I order may come in handy. I never know when my writing skills may be needed again.

I really believe in Silver Skies and want to finish it. I’m making it a priority to finish it. This is a great story and needs to be finished. I feel I’ve written a work that will endure and become a treasured part of world literature. Literature this great must be finished. I feel it’s my God-given duty to finish this book and now that I know I can do it, it’s my current top priority. Great writing can change history. I must finish Silver Skies.

These rewrites may take me longer than I anticipated. Now that I’m printing some of my rewrites on paper, I am spotting more weaknesses. A weakness that I’ve noticed is that the voice is not consistent. In omniscient POV you need a strong consistent voice throughout the novel. I’m going to have to go back and strengthen the voice in certain sections. The voice is deep, flowing, rich and evocative with rich metaphors–except for intense action scenes. Some sections of the writing need more of this and I need to fix some choppy passages and cause more of a flow–to keep the voice consistent or my omniscient POV will flop. The voice reflects the theme of the novel and it’s important to keep it strong throughout. I hate to think how much money I’ll spend on paper and print cartridges, but this is necessary to finish the book. I can see my mistakes better when I print the writing on paper.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-26-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-26-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-26-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-26-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-26-05
Place: Melbourne, FL

Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-21-2005)

7-21-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I think I hear a mosquito sprayer near my apartment. Get rid of it. Time now is 7-21-05. Last time this happened, I almost had to call 911.

Mete out the death penalty to anyone who willingly and knowingly puts anything into the air, water or environment with the intent to assist the Jesuits in any conspiracy. It will be a Sect. 95 execution if the goal is to target Gail Schuler.

Also, any person or organization who releases any chemicals or any substance near any residential area and who releases this substance close enough to that residence, that someone in that residence could become very ill or could have their health harmed, must pay a fine for this. First off, no spraying of anything or contamination of any environment (water, air, etc.) should occur unless it is necessary. Those who release substances into the air, need to prove necessity first before doing so and must state in writing (called the ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD NECESSITY FORM) (under 666-Computer lie-detection) that it is necessary to release this substance into the environment. And the government will analyze their case and determine necessity. If there is no necessity, the government will deny their request and they are NOT to release this substance into the environment OR they can only release it in the concentrations specified (and in the locations specified) by the International government.

If there is no necessity and they go ahead and release this substance into the environment, they will go to jail and be fined. If they release any substance into the air, when it is not necessary, they will be fined. If they willingly and knowingly release any substance into any environment (in larger amounts than necessary or when it is not necessary) and have not received permission to carry out this release, they may go to jail and/or be fined.

If they release potentially harmful substances into the air without filling an ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD NECESSITY FORM, or have not received permission to carry out this activity or they carry out this activity in a manner which violates the guidelines given to them by the International government, they will be fined and/or jailed.

I have more law to write regarding this matter, but you get the general idea. Make sure this law is enforced now, before these Jesuits kill me.


The first ones who should be sent to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES in a HIGH TERROR ALERT NATION should be those who drive like idiots and who whiz in and out of traffic. I almost got hit by 2 UNWILLING AGENTS. One towing truck came from behind me and almost hit my tail and he was driving crazy. Another came out of nowhere like a lightning bolt when I backed my car out, to straighten it and put it back into the parking spot at my apartment complex. UNWILLING AGENTS who drive like this need to be the first to go to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. The Jesuits are trying to use a form of vehicular homicide or its equivalent.

Ship these crazy drivers out and ship them now. Also, make sure the speed limit laws are enforced. And the speed limit for apartment parking lots should be 5 to 10 m.p.h. That driver that almost hit the rear of my car, was going about 30 m.p.h. in this apartment’s parking lot. If they go faster than 5 to 10 m.p.h. in a crowded parking lot, give them a ticket, and ship them immediately to an UNWILLING AGENT CITY. Those are the kind that need to go immediately to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. Also, you may need to take their driving privileges from them, because they’re dangerous.

The next group that needs to be shipped to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES in HIGH TERROR ALERT NATIONS are those who are sloppy in personal hygiene and who cough in people’s faces and who are a public health hazard in the way they conduct themselves in public.

Vladimir informs me that Silver Skies may win the Nobel Prize in literature. Even though I consider this an honor, I’m not sure it will make much difference. I’ve been awarded the Nobel Prize for my law work and I still work as a cashier at Wal-Mart.

Let me tell you what I am excited about. I’m excited because I finished my novel and I like it. I feel I wrote something that will make a difference. The accomplishment of this novel makes me feel that I’ve contributed greatly to the arts and have added another masterpiece into literature. Whether it’s recognized as a masterpiece doesn’t matter as much to me as whether I really wrote one. To me, a masterpiece in literature, is any work of art so powerful that it can change the course of history for the better. I feel I wrote something that touches the chord in all of us who are decent human beings and who care about courage, love and honor– and will comfort those who suffer because of Jesuit terrorism and will give courage to those who fight for freedom–and in this respect, this work will make a difference. I wrote something that doesn’t preach at people, it reaches down into their inner souls and resonates with them–that is what a masterpiece is supposed to do. When something resonates with people, they explore its meaning in their lives and it changes the direction of their lives. It inspires people to be leaders in the fight for freedom and justice. Now if my work accomplishes this–that is greater than the Nobel Prize. If this works changes history and makes the world a better place, that means more to me than to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. And I feel I’ve accomplished this--this gives me much more joy than to be awarded the Nobel Prize.

I’ve also been told by Vladimir that Brent may be the director for the film version of Silver Skies. If this was Spielberg’s idea, he’s brilliant. Brent is very talented (has considerable acting experience) and would make the perfect director for this film. Besides, I wrote most of this novel while Brent listened to me as I shared with him all my ideas and visions for Silver Skies. Brent really understands this story and what drove me to write it. He’d be the perfect director for the film version of Silver Skies. I’m confident that if Brent directs this film, that I will love the result. That is how much confidence I have in Brent’s ability to direct this film.

You may say, do you care how this does at the box office? I’m sure Spielberg may care, but maybe not, since I feel Mr. Spielberg understands me as a person and respects my goals. I feel as long as the film version resonates with the public, like my book does–I will be content. I want it to have the same effect (or more so) than my novel. If it wins an Academy Award is not that important to me, as to whether it resonates with the public. Whether it inspires people to be better, is what matters to me. If it doesn’t do that, then it has failed. I didn’t write this to win a popularity contest, I wrote it to make this world a better place to live in, by writing a story that would reach down into the heart and change people (hopefully) for the better. I want this story to reach down into people’s heart and make them think and make them feel the soul of greatness, and inspire them to be great. If it does that, then I couldn’t ask for more. A film like this may not be a blockbuster, but if it changes history for the better, what more could I ask?

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-21-05
Place: Melbourne, FL

Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-19-2005)

7-19-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Find out who was behind the mosquito spraying near my apartment complex, because it’s giving me an TRIGGER PROGRAM INDUCED allergic reaction, I think. Time now is 11:15 p.m. I was fine until about ½ hour after the mosquito spraying. See if you can use satellite technology to remove this spray from my apartment and from my area, so I don’t have to deal with it. If it isn’t the spray, find out what it is and deal with it.

I ask for prayer that the team assembled to remove TRIGGER PROGRAMMING from my PERSON PROGRAM can complete their job. We are down to the last segments and are dealing with some nasty RICOCHET TRIGGERS. The Jesuits are trying to hold onto their control over my PERSON -PROGRAM with a fanatical frenzy and ask God to miraculously release my PERSON-PROGRAM from all of their control.

Mete out a Sect. 95 execution to the IMPOSED PERSONs and other willing and knowing participants behind this and get rid of this reaction (computer/satellite induced) I’m experiencing (some breathing problems) to this mosquito spray or whatever. I haven’t had problems with mosquitoes, so it’s probably not necessary to do this and if they must, they don’t need to do it so close to my apartment.

The Jesuits have also done something to my car’s windshield, so that I have spots on my windshield that make it very hard for me to see through, when the windshield has any moisture on it. Mete out a Sect. 95 execution to whoever is willingly and knowingly behind this.

7-20-05: I’m getting tired of UNWILLING AGENTS. It appears that now Jesuits are trying to create the impression that women are jealous of me and want to harm me. Get rid of all UNWILLING AGENTS and ship them to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. We don’t need Jesuit murderers manipulating people. Treat the whole area I live in as a HIGH TERROR ALERT area. Get rid of the UNWILLING AGENTS. I’m still dealing with them. You guys need to ship these people out. This area needs to be treated as a HIGH TERROR ALERT area (according to CONSPIRACY LAW). The Jesuits will never give up trying to use UNWILLING AGENTS. They are as stubborn as hell. The only answer is to GET RID OF THEM. SHIP THEM TO UNWILLING AGENT CITIES and do it NOW. I have to deal with them 24/7 and if this continues, they are going to kill me– literally.

The Jesuits used an UNWILLING AGENT yesterday to spray mosquito spray near my apartment, that so affected me that I almost had to call 911. GET THE UNWILLING AGENTS OUT OF HERE!!! The whole area that I live in should be treated as a HIGH TERROR ALERT area. We have a determined and fanatical enemy and we have to get the UNWILLING AGENTS out of here. SHIP THE UNWILLING AGENTs OUT AND DO IT NOW, NOW, NOW. If you don’t, I may not be alive next year. The goal of the Jesuits is to murder me and they want to use UNWILLING AGENTS to do it. Get the UNWILLING AGENTS out of here and ship them to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES, if you want me to STAY ALIVE. I don’t care how mad they get. Put them in jail if they give you a hard time. We are dealing with people who are duped into assisting KILLERS. THIS MATTER CANNOT, I REPEAT, CANNOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. THIS IS A VERY, VERY SERIOUS MATTER. GET RID OF THE UNWILLING AGENTS AND TURN THIS AREA INTO A HIGH TERROR ALERT area. If you let them manipulate you, then I will probably be dead within a year and the Jesuits WILL WIN. We have to be just as fanatical and extreme as they are to win this war.

This whole area that I live in should be treated as a HIGH TERROR ALERT AREA (see my laws). If Pres. Bush is not willing to go along with this, then move me out of the U.S. and let me live in a country where the government will allow me to live in a HIGH TERROR ALERT area (in which UNWILLING AGENTS cannot get near me)! I’ve had it with UNWILLING AGENTS, if Pres. Bush doesn’t have the guts to treat this area where I live as a HIGH TERROR ALERT AREA, then move me to Germany, because I think Germany will have the guts to do this.

The Americans are too wishy-washy in dealing with Jesuits. They need to be more extreme. Quit worrying about offending people and GET THE JOB DONE (enforce my laws). You can’t win any war with the Jesuits, if you allow Jesuit manipulated public opinion to determine your actions. If the Jesuit dupes don’t like it, they go to jail. If they don’t follow the MICROBIOLOGY LAWS, they lose their citizenship. What good does my law do, if the American leaders won’t enforce it? If the United States won’t honor my law, let me live in a country that will. I will leave the United States. I want to be with people who are brave, because that’s the only way to deal with Jesuits. If Pres. Bush and the Americans don’t have the guts to take on these Jesuits head-on–I’ll be dead within a year.


Send me to Germany. The Germans will do it. They have more guts than Americans. I’m not too impressed with what I’ve been seeing at work. People are coughing all over me. UNWILLING AGENTS run over me like a rampage, including using a mosquito spray truck to almost give me anaphylactic shock. The STUPID UNWILLING AGENT almost killed me last night. WHY IS AN UNWILLING AGENT SO CLOSE TO MY APARTMENT AND WHY WAS HE SPRAYING CHEMICALS NEAR MY APARTMENT? MY LAWS ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED! AMERICANS MAKE ME SICK. PRES. BUSH IS NOT BRAVE. HE’S COMPROMISING AND IF HE CONTINUES TO DO THIS, I WANT OUT OF THE U.S. SEND ME TO THE BRAVE GERMANS AND LET ME LEAVE THE JELLYFISH AMERICANS. Something is not right. I think American leaders are cowards. They don’t have the “balls” (as Howard Hughes puts it), to deal effectively with Jesuits.

Send me to Germany. IF MY LAWS ARE NOT ENFORCED, I WANT OUT OF HERE BECAUSE THE JESUITS WILL KILL ME. Germans are brave. I think they have more guts than Americans. Send me to Germany. Wal-Mart has stores in Germany. Just give me the proceeds to my novel and I’ll have the money to move to Germany.

You can’t deal with people like this in a wishy washy manner. You have to hit them like an atomic bomb!!

In fact, I’m so disgusted with the wishy-washy Americans, that I’m going to honor Germany, by watching the story of the great German reformer, Martin Luther. We need a Martin Luther in the U.S. But, you know what? I don’t think the U.S. has got one. I think the U.S. could learn from Martin Luther. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN A WAR AGAINST THE JESUITS, YOU WISHY-WASHY AMERICANS, UNLESS YOU FACE THEM HEAD-ON LIKE A GERMAN MARTIN LUTHER.

Yeah, for Germany! I watch the story of Martin Luther to spit on the jellyfish American politicians, who don’t impress me in the least. You Americans, watch Martin Luther, and learn how to be brave. If you don’t, the Jesuits will WIN–get ready to fly your white flag of surrender. The Jesuits will beat you up, unless you wishy-washy Americans get some “balls”.

You may say, well, Martin Luther was Martin Luther and for you to say that Germans, in general, are braver than Americans is not a correct assessment. Well, you know why Martin Luther was not killed by the mighty Roman Catholic Church, despite his brave stand against corruption in the church? It’s because the German politicians were willing to die to defend him and they gave him safe harbor. Apparently, American politicians can’t match what the German politicians did for Luther. America has never turned out any leader who is as brave as Martin Luther. When it comes to courage, Germans make Americans look sick. Because I’m the female Martin Luther and American leaders don’t have the “balls” to stand behind me like the German leaders stood behind Luther. That’s why the Jesuits almost killed me last night with the UNWILLING AGENT mosquito sprayer. If my laws were enforced, that UNWILLING AGENT would not have been able to do this. About 90% of the people I deal with at work are UNWILLING AGENTS. What’s taking so long? Why aren’t these people in UNWILLING AGENT CITIES? I didn’t write these laws yesterday. Germans are braver than Americans. Don’t forget I’m descended also from Frederick the Great. I have German blood. I have great respect for courage and despise cowards. The biggest reason I love Vladimir is because he has the German heroic spirit in him.

When I saw that in his face, I adored him. You may say, if Vladimir is so brave, then why hasn’t he acquired you yet? Well, he’s up against a formidable enemy and he’s made more progress than any of my American friends. A big problem he has is that he has to deal with Americans to get me and the Americans are wishy-washy. He tries harder than the Americans do. He has German guts. Vladimir’s outstanding trait is courage and, because of his courage, the Russian nation had embraced my laws totally and much more enthusiastically than the Americans have. Vladimir had the guts to take chances with me and to allow my laws to be passed first in Russia. He’s a courageous pioneer–which is more than I can say for American politicians. The German had to do it first, before the American would even move. The German stuck his head out on the chopping block, while the American had to sit back and observe, before he’d move. The German says, if it’s right–do it, even if the consequences may be severe. The American says, if it works–do it–that is, if I can take the consequences, and maybe I’ll think about it before I move. You win a war with decisive leadership, not with trotting on the fence. That kind of attitude won’t cut it. You have to have the courage to do what’s right, even if there’s a chance it may not work. We are in a war with extremists. No half hearted measures will do the job. You need to think like a German. Whereas, in America, there is still some hesitation about enforcing my law. Vladimir has embraced it wholeheartedly, because he has the courage that’s needed to enforce my law. Only courageous people would want to enforce my laws. These laws are not for cowards.

My opinion of the German race is reflected in my two lead characters in Silver Skies. I deliberately chose Germans as lead characters, because I hate what the Jesuits have done to the Germans. The Germans had the courage to be thorough and courageous in what they did and were totally up front about their Nazi involvement. I feel the Germans got a raw deal. Brianna is a brave girl. I portrayed her like a German. We can’t win this war unless we have the courage and thoroughness of the German. I have a German team as the lead team to work on my PERSON-PROGRAM, because they do a better job than anyone else.

I thought the solution to the chemical attack I had last night was to write new law. But after thinking what happened, I don’t think I need to write new law. The world needs to have the German attitude of thoroughness and courage and then we’ll get somewhere. Without it, get ready to fly your white flag of surrender. You may say the Germans lost WWII. Yes, and the German nation also turned out Martin Luther. When they get involved with the right cause (or even the wrong cause) they go all the way. That’s the atttitude needed to win this war. I need a nation that will back my laws ALL THE WAY. Germany will do it.

Because if my laws were enforced, what happened last night with the mosquito sprayer WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED. THE AMERICANS ARE NOT ENFORCING MY LAW. GET ME OUT OF HERE. I WANT TO GO TO THE COUNTRY THAT TURNS OUT MARTIN LUTHERS.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-19-05), (updates on 7-20-05).

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-19-05), (updates on 7-20-05).
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-19-05), (updates on 7-20-05).
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-19-05), (updates on 7-20-05).

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-19-05 , (updates on 7-20-05).
Place: Melbourne, FL

Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-17-2005)

7-17-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I need prayer. I currently have a sore throat and feel like I’m dealing with something in my throat. I’ve been taking Sambucol, echinacea, goldenseal, vit. C and zinc and this appeared to be working, but now my throat is making a turn for the worst. I don’t know if I caught something new or if the germs in my throat are manipulated by satellite technology. Either way, MY LAWS NEED TO BE ENFORCED.

The bathrooms at Wal-Mart need to be ventilated AT ALL TIMES. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED INTO WAL-MART IF THEY WILL VIOLATE MY MICROBIOLOGY LAWS. Ship the UNWILLING AGENTS out. Sick co-workers need to stay at home. I’m catching things from the bathroom–I think. The front bathroom didn’t seem to have any ventilation for 2 days. My MICROBIOLOGY LAWS need to be enforced and the UNWILLING AGENTs need to go to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. UNWILLING AGENTS have been the prime germ carriers for the Jesuits.

My co-workers are constantly coughing around me and so are all my customers. This MUST STOP. I’m being hit with an onslaught of germs. MAKE SURE MY LAWS ARE ENFORCED.

I’ve decided I want to write the ending to my novel. The problem is I need to brush up on my writing skills and I don’t have my writing library from Seattle, because Vladimir won’t give it to me –he’s worried about the Jesuits blowing up the delivery–I guess. I presume he has my books, since they no longer are in Seattle storage. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Vladimir to be with me so I can get my writing library. But at the rate things are going, it’s never going to happen.

In the meanwhile, I have living expenses incurred because of Jesuit attacks on my health and I can’t even afford the $20 a month I may need to get some writing books I need to brush up on my skills. Some of these are books I had in my writing library at Seattle.

I want to order some books, but it appears I need to see the doctor. So I have to choose between the doctor and the books. My organic grocery expenses are so high, that I can’t afford anything else–not even to see the doctor and pay for medicines. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN WITH MY FINANCES. EITHER I NEED MORE MONEY OR I NEED LESS EXPENSES. I’m not even sure I can afford the doctor. I may just wait and see if this stupid sore throat will go away. Even though I’d like to order the books, I may not. Because I don’t have money to see the doctor and I can’t afford the books. This is one of the biggest reasons I have not written the ending to my novel yet. I won’t use credit cards, because this has gotten me into big trouble.

Until then, I’m at a standstill and can’t work on my writing. That’s been my biggest obstacle to writing the ending to my novel. I need my writing library, and I haven’t been able to afford it.

Ask God to give me wisdom about time management, money management, law writing management, and health management. The Jesuits never leave me alone.

And neither Vladimir or Brent will be with me until everything’s perfect. That will never happen.

In the meanwhile the Jesuits hit me with all their disgusting males, who flirt with me. I try to avoid them, but they linger on the stairwells and bump into me all the time. I’d rather be a NUN than get involved with any of these guys. It’s either Vladimir or Brent OR BUST. GIVE UP JESUITS, I’LL NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH ANY OF YOUR MALE AGENTS. I WANT ALL JESUITS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS BEHIND ALL THESE MALE AGENTS EXECUTED (SECT. 95) AND I WANT ALL MALES USED BY JESUITS TO “HIT ON ME” SHIPPED TO UNWILLING AGENT CITIES, SO I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM. Get rid of them.



Jesuits know how to scare away my lovers. In the meanwhile, pray for my son and Vladimir’s daughters. I haven’t seen or heard from my real son in years. The imposter called me up a couple times. My son and my writing library are with Vladimir. I WANT TO BE WITH VLADIMIR, so I can be with my son and have my writing library. Is this asking too much? Ask God to make it happen.

If God won’t do it, then ask God to give me wisdom over money management, health management, law-writing management, and time management–because I’m trying to do the work of super woman (President’s wife, lawmaker, novel writer, screenwriter, etc.) with a cashier’s income. Almost IMPOSSIBLE.

Trying to keep up my health and finances is almost impossible with all the Jesuit attacks on my health and finances. I HAVE TO COOK ALL MY OWN FOOD BECAUSE OF ALL THE RIDICULOUS ALLERGIES THE JESUITS HAVE GIVEN ME. AND I HAVE TO READ ALL THE LABELS. I SPEND A LOT OF TIME IN FOOD MANAGEMENT.

My life is impossible. Ask God to do something, so I can move on with my life. It seems I never can move on. I’m always blockaded. It’s ridiculous that I have genius intelligence and I can’t seem to advance further than a cashier’s job. Ask God to do something and do it now, so I can MOVE ON and use the talents He’s given me.

If He doesn’t want me to do this, then ask Him to make it clear what it is HE wants from me and to make it clear, so I can move on in His will.

I have genius writing ability, but I need about 15 writing books to get me going. I can’t acquire them, because I don’t have the money. My expenses increase because I catch about 3 to 8 infections a month from my job. And then I have expensive allergies. I can’t get the money, because the Jesuits block all avenues of income, except those that eat up all my time (like a 40 hour a week cashier job)–so that I don’t have the time to work on my writing and law sufficiently.

I like Wal-Mart, but my life is ridiculous. I have a Russian President in love with me, as well as a Hollywood star and I’ve written brilliant law and almost finished a brilliant novel, but I can’t get my J.D. because of Jesuit blockades and I can’t finish my novel because of Jesuit blockades. And the Russian President and the Hollywood actor are as impotent as little nobodies against the mighty Jesuit Order. They are so scared, they won’t even meet me or say “hello”–let alone give me the money I need to use my talents. Ask God to do something and DO IT NOW.

It’s a disgrace to waste such great talent because of these demon possessed bastards. Tell God His reputation is at stake. Does He want it to appear He can’t handle a bunch of Jesuit bastards, who parade around like they are more omnipotent than God and His King James Bible?

Vladimir told me that my book is already at its ending and that the editors only needed about a page or two to end it. So I decided to end it, because I’ve decided that the ending I originally planned was too different in tone from the rest of the book and wouldn’t work and I decided that the book was at its ending and that’s why I had writer’s block at this scene and quit writing. Here’s the ending to Silver Skies. I’ve included a little of the previous scene to show how this scene (and the previous scenes) was the main conflict (or dark moment) of the book and how the last scene I wrote ties everything up and resolves all the conflicts. The dark moment was when Brianna and Dor realized that their enemy could read their mind. With an enemy like this, you can never get together, if the enemy is this determined to keep them apart. This is a deep psychological novel and is a character story and the story question was will these lovers ever be able to get together without their lives threatened. When they realized their enemy could read their minds, this was the BLACK MOMENT. Nothing could be darker than this. To have an enemy that can read your mind, and who is determined to keep the lovers apart, made it impossible for these lovers. Their enemy was too powerful. They were getting glimpses that the enemy they faced was formidable and that their love was doomed on planet earth .


If this was their only chance to love each other, she must find the courage. What if he had to face death without sweet memories of intimacies with her? Intimacies which could inspire him to greatness. In the past she tried to wrench him from her, but when he left, so did her heart. Then she brought him back and wholeness returned; now they were one, except for the bodily joining. She glanced at his face again. He needed to feel her, become a part of her; it had been denied long enough, she’d give it to him no matter how often they tried to stop her. “Don’t let them win.”

They made it home without any consequences. The blue car stayed where it was. Dor was on her bed. “I thought tomorrow we might go canoeing.”

Her head jerked up. “Are you sure it’s safe?”

“We’ll wear lifevests.”

“I don’t trust them. Why canoeing?”

“I thought if we were in the middle of a huge lake, no one could bother us.”

“We can’t make love in a canoe.”

Dor smiled. “There’s something romantic about being in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains.”

Somehow Brianna liked the idea, the corners of her mouth turned up. Dor squeezed her hand and ran the other down her face. His eyes caressed her. He left. She collapsed onto her pillow and dreamed.

The next day they toured the rest of Yellowstone. At 3 p.m. they drove to Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, south of Yellowstone. They rented a canoe, Dor limped it into the lake. It pained her to see this but she said nothing. What more could they do to him? He guided Brianna in, sat opposite and rowed. His arms were strong, as if the dreadful accident never happened. How he took life’s blows. He stopped only forty feet from shore. Was he worried about something? Water lapped against their canoe. Funny, she hadn’t seen the blue car at all today.

The lake was on and on, like it never found completion. Cool, brisk air swirled. Gray pinnacles laced with snow leaped inside her, cold seeped to her bones, she shivered. Her heart burst through, broke the cold. She would bring him the silver from the luminescent sky. Dor laid the oars aside and stared at her. She pointed at the sky. “That sky. . .is that us?”

His mouth awestruck, Dor gazed.

The silvery wisps embraced her, lifted her heart above the baseness of earth. Dor’s eyes were there. He rowed toward the middle, strained to see more. The sky hazed over the mountains. The sun broke through in patches, canary rays becoming amber and earth tones. Hours they didn’t say a word, only stared and saw the silver fade.

“We better head back,” he said.

Brianna scanned the sky. God had spoken to them.

“It’s as if He smiled on us.” Dor gazed again.

Ice coldness seeped into Brianna’s shoes, a pool of water was around her feet. Why were there holes in the canoe? Where did they come from? She pointed to them. “Look.”

“Brianna, swim as fast as you can. I’ll follow. At least, we have vests.”

She pulled at her vest, it fell apart, the strap had liquified. Dor’s vest was the same. “I don’t believe it.” She flung the vest from her. “We need to swim. Now! Forget the vests.” The shoreline was hard to make out. Could Dor make it before hypothermia set in? He had a bad leg!

She dropped into the water and felt its icy tentacles envelop her. She pulled off her pants, they’d slow her down. The crawl, the fastest stroke she knew, that would do it. Arms and legs thrashed water everywhere. Out of breath, she flipped over and kicked with her legs, thrashed with her arms. Alternating between the crawl and backstroke, she had no time to contemplate. Oh God, I must make it to shore because if I don’t–. A log–anything–to save him. Too busy to see him, she hoped he was behind her, getting closer to shore and safety. All she heard were her own frantic strokes. Numbness started in her legs. She panicked. “Oh God, Dor needs me!” A thud blocked her, it was packed sand–the beach. Her arms lifted her, dragged her legs. Anything large that would float. A log. A branch. Anything. Oh God, my legs. They won’t move.

She strained to see him; he was struggling, thirty feet out. Oh God. Oh God. Her legs made her leap, then her arms dragged her until she fell into the sand. Feeling returned to her legs; trembling, she stood. Tears streamed. Why did she wail? She couldn’t see him if she wailed. Where was he? Tears stopped. A log. A branch. Oh God. A fallen log–twenty feet away.


It was his voice. Her heart leaped. Where was he? She saw him. He swam like an Olympic swimmer with strong strokes in his legs. Her eyes widened. In water to his hips, he stood and walked with smooth glides in the icy water, only in his underwear, he looked glorious. Wasn’t this the Dor she remembered? The man who was strong before the accident? The limp was gone! She stared at his legs, so muscular and lean. Not a trace of injury. He stood tall on the sand, then ran toward her and embraced her. “You look worried.” He kissed her forehead and grinned sheepishly.

“Excuse my attire.”

They fell into the sand, embraced and laughed.

She held him tighter. “We need to keep each other warm.”

Dor awakened at the Seattle watershed. Why am I here? Wasn’t I at the Yellowstone lake, and almost drowned? Dor walked and there was no pain. How can I walk like this? “Why am I here? Where’s Brianna?”

God spoke to Dor. “You are no longer on earth.”

“But I’ve been here before. I met Brianna here once. . .when I thought she was out of my life forever.”

“Dr. Keane Horton is in the lake of fire.”

“Dr. Horton? What do you mean?”

“Sarad Avshalom read your mind. Sarad controlled your health and your life and your lovers– except Brianna. He destroyed all you cared about. He was the Beast.”

On a mountainous cliff, a man stood with a staff which swayed over the entire earth, and wore a Pope’s crown.

Dr. Keane Horton.

Dr. Horton was the Pope, but was called almighty and divine Sarad Avshalom or Jesus Christ on all the newscasts. The world worshipped him. Crowds swooned and roared in his presence.

Sarad’s image flashed on all television screens, the world forced to take his mark: 666. The world forced to worship the Beast.

Dor’s body waned and he lost consciousness. Now he drowned in blood. It surrounded him, it roared over his head. He had to get out–get out. Blood was in his lungs, blood was on his scalp. Was he in an army? Who was at the head of the army? A man with many crowns, on a horse. The army swirled from heaven, Dor and Brianna rode side by side. Franz and Paula . . .Eva. Danielle and her son. Danielle’s son was alive? Images of all those he cared about, all those tortured by Sarad Avshalom. Side by side by him in this relentless march to meet Sarad . .UFOs swirled in and out of Sarad’s army. The UFOs exploded as they hit the army of the Man with many crowns. The army came down from heaven. A swirl of fury drowned the Beast and the blood rose higher. . .higher. Screams echoed through the heavens. The suffering of the ages filled the blood that creeped into Dor’s lungs.

Dor felt ill, his stomach cramped. He fainted and longed for eternal death. His body rose from earth and left behind a pool of blood. Higher and higher. Brianna rose with him. Her pool of blood lay next to his. Where was love? Where was Brianna? Did love matter in a world like this? Did life matter? Stamp out my existence. I don’t want to live this life. Blood. . .suffering. No love. No beauty. Nothing to live for.

The Beast’s nuclear missiles pierced Jesus Christ’s army. But the onslaught. . . Blood to the horses’ bridles came like an onslaught over Dor’s brain. Dor drowned in blood, which drowned Sarad Avshalom, which drowned Brianna, Franz, Danielle, Paula, Rachel, Eva, his sister and her son–which drowned his love for Brianna, and drowned all those who touched his life on earth. Pools of blood left behind. Blood in the air, in the skies. Red skies, the cries of the anguished pierced the skies. Would blood shed never end? Would love never triumph? Suddenly, Dor felt the energy from his body wane. His life ebbed away. Death drowned him. Death of lovers. Death of light, beauty and all that consumed Dor. Red, brooding skies. The bloodshed of the ages.

A gate ahead. Rays of light swirled around it. Franz walked hand in hand with Paula. And those Dor cared about, murdered by the Jesuit Pope and by the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church (the Beast’s army) flowed in front of him. Red, brooding skies. Images faded. Brianna stood at the watershed, where he had once met her after years of silence. Her hair flowed with the wind. Danielle and her son and husband played in front of the gates.

Brianna’s image faded.

From the edge of a cliff, the woman of his dreams gazed at the sky. The lake was on and on, like it never found completion. The silvery wisps embraced Brianna, lifted her to the gates which glowed like the sun. Dor flowed to the gates. Brianna’s soft hair radiated from light which streamed through Douglas Firs. Leaves whispered. . .rustled. . .Fallen tree trunks were scattered about. The stream sounded like lush rain. . .A robin bobbed its head and hopped on dry, tan leaves. . .Silver glowed from the luminescent sky.

Brianna stood at the gates. Dor went in with her. The gates closed.

I’ve waited until I could claim you,
I hope I’ve not waited in vain,
For when it’s spring in the valley,
I’m coming, my sweetheart again.
I’ll be with you in apple blossom time,
I’ll be with you to change your name to mine,
One day in May,
I’ll come and say,
Happy the bride the sun shines on today.
What a wonderful wedding there will be,
What a wonderful day for you and me,
Churchbells will chime,
You will be mine,
In apple blossom time.


I finished my novel’s last draft. I not only did the ending, but I went in and entered all the handwritten changes that I made over the years throughout the novel, but which I never bothered to fix in the computer version.

I will go over the novel, page by page and do some editing and rewrites and make sure that what I have in the computer matched my paper version. But I’m not in a hurry to do this. What I have in the computer is pretty much my final version.

I decided that what I originally planned for the ending wouldn’t work, because the novel is a character story first and foremost and when Dor Ben Habakkuk finally made the decision to love Brianna no matter what the cost, the main conflict ended. He had assumed his new role in life and the character story was over. That’s why I had writer’s block after this scene, because I instinctively knew that what I originally planned after this scene wouldn’t work, but I wasn’t sure how to end the book.

Also, the novel has a unique voice and for me to diverge and create an ending which would have the feel of an event story, when it is primarily a character story would be a great mistake. But since the event story (the disorder on planet earth caused by the Beast) affects the main conflict, it needed to be addressed in the ending. However, I wanted to address it in a manner which wouldn’t detract from the tone and voice of the novel and which wouldn’t take away from the main character story. So I decided to use the omniscient voice stronger in the very end, since with this voice you can cover a lot of material in a short span and to use stream of consciousness to blend it all together into the same voice which I used throughout the novel. I didn’t want the subplot to dominate the ending.

So, in about one page of the novel, I wrote my final ending (which tied up a lot of loose plot strings that needed to be tied up), which was a bit of a continuation of the conflict from the event story NOT THE CHARACTER STORY (which was the main conflict of the novel). The reason I was stumped before, is because I treated the ending as if my novel was an event story, and the main conflict was really resolved in this novel in the scene when Dor made his decision to love Brianna no matter what the cost.

Actually, the entire Yellowstone scene at the end of the book is all part of the ending. It just shows what Dor’s life is like after he decides to love Brianna and has already assumed his new role in life. Actually, the main conflict of the novel ended when Dor Ben Habakkuk made his decision to love Brianna no matter what the cost. This was the conflict throughout the whole novel–in which Dor needed to find his new role in life and because he was confused over what his new role should be, and when he found it, the novel was over.

His new role was to be Brianna’s lover and soulmate for eternity. So the ending actually started (and the main conflict ended) when Dor had his meeting with Pete and decided he would love Brianna if it killed him. The rest of the novel was to resolve the event stories and idea stories (part of very important subplots–which were episodic in style), which needed to be resolved and to show the final ending to the main character story.

I decided to do this quickly, since the ending had been dragged out long enough with the Yellowstone scene and it was obvious Dor was in his new role and determined to stay in it. So I created a one pager at the end to tie up all the loose strings and EXIT. The mystery and event story subplots were resolved and the mystery revealed, but I didn’t make it as dramatic as I originally intended because I didn’t want to take away from the power of the character story. This novel was a character story–first and foremost–and I honored this to the end. I would not allow the subplot event or idea stories to overwhelm the main character story.

I had a hang-up over the ending for years because I thought that the consummation of Dor with Brianna was the ending, but that’s not really the main conflict. The main conflict of this book is Dor’s search to find his new role in life. The ending happened and the conflict was resolved when it was obvious that Dor had found his new role in life. The consummation of Dor with Brianna resolved one the subplots, which was an event story, because the consummation couldn’t occur until the disorder in the world (the war between God and Satan) was fixed (an event story).

In a character story, the resolving of the main conflict often is quiet and without a lot of obvious dramatics, and it is usually rich in emotional dynamics (it’s often inside the head of the character and it is shown by the character’s actions), so I didn’t realize that the scene with Pete and Dor was the end of the novel and that everything I wrote after that was part of the ending. I had it stuck in my head for years that the Dor/Brianna consummation was the ending–no, that’s actually the ending to one of the subplots (an event story). Choosing the event story subplot that I did, added a real richness and depth and episodic feel to the main character story and this is what needed to be resolved, but since it wasn’t the main conflict, I resolved the event story subplot in about a page and made it clear by the way the novel ended, that Dor had found his new role in life and that the main character’s major conflict was also ended.

I also resolved the event story subplot in a manner to make it clear that the main conflict was the character story and not the event story, since even when I resolved the event story subplot I made it clear that Dor’s obsession, even as he was used as an instrument to resolve the conflict of the event story, was to find fulfillment in his new role and to be solidly into his new role as Brianna’s soulmate and lover. His obsession, while he’s used to resolve the event story, is not the event story’s conflict, but whether or not his new role with Brianna is being jeopardized (while he’s used to resolve the conflict of the event story).

If I had made a big deal over the end of the event story, I would have betrayed the character story and this is what I was hung up with over the years, and why I was stumped over the ending. I had it in my head that I needed big dramatics to end the event story (this would have worked if the novel was an event story), and if I had done this, I would have taken away from the voice and unity of the novel–which is, first and foremost, a character story. So, when I realized this, I knew how to end the book and I realized that the ending to the character story’s main conflict had already happened and I just needed to tie up loose ends and to very strongly show the resolution to the main character story’s conflict in the final ending.

To betray the voice of this novel would be a serious mistake in a novel written from the omniscient POV, since in omnisicient POV, the voice has to be consistent throughout or the novel is a flop, and the voice throughout this novel was the voice of a great character story. A story about the courage of heroic lovers struggling to find their role in life–that’s the voice. Since the voice is what carries the story and is one of the most powerful aspects of this novel, it was essential that I not betray this voice in the novel’s ending. I realized that what I needed to do was quickly tie up loose strings from the subplots and strengthen the ending to the character story and EXIT.

The Aviator is handled as a character story and it was the ending to The Aviator, which clued me in on how I needed to end Silver Skies. Once Howard Hughes was solidly established as the fastest pilot, the builder of the greatest planes and the richest man in the world, the story was over. The whole movie was about Howard Hughes’ struggle to meet/find his role in life. When the goal was reached, the movie was over. The ending was quiet (but not emotionally quiet), which is often the case with character stories. I then realized that this is the kind of ending I needed for Silver Skies, which is also a character story. I toned down the dramatic ending for the event story subplot I had originally planned for Silver Skies, greatly condensed the ending to the event story subplot and only told enough to resolve loose ends and quietly exited. This is because the character story was over and the book needed to end.

This novel Silver Skies should be a blockbuster because the problems of the main characters are the problems we all deal with today (regardless of our status in society) in this age of terrorism, and everyone is struggling to find their role in this new and horrifying world we live in. And I deal with this struggle in a very compelling and thoughtful manner. It will strike an emotional chord with the readers and may even be a comfort to those who have suffered because of Jesuit terrorism. It gives me great satisfaction that I’ve written something great enough to bring emotional and spiritual healing to those who have suffered. That was my goal and only great writing can do it. That’s why I write.

I have the attitude of Orson Scott Card to my writing and really admire his comments about the writing craft. I wanted to write a truthful story (as he puts it in his books about writing). To me, that’s all I write for. I studied his books about the writing craft thoroughly before beginning the Silver Skies project and found his books about how to write most useful. I wanted to write something that would make a difference and I have succeeded. I don’t write for money. That’s obvious, since why else would I put my story on hold until I was satisfied with the ending? Great stories have changed my life. I wanted to write a great story, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but, to me, that’s the only kind of writing I can do. I even filed for bankruptcy before I would write a bad ending to my story.

I agree with Orson Scott Card on p. 133 of his book Characters and Viewpoint:

Of course, if your purpose in writing is to be admired, to impress people with your cleverness or skill, then the story itself is only a secondary concern to you, and your writing will be designed to dazzle your readers more than to enlighten them. But if your purpose in writing is to transform your audience, to give them a clearer memory and understanding of truthful and important tales, your writing will not be an end in itself, but a tool. Sometimes to tell a tale as it must be told, you will have to violate conventions or try out new techniques;sometimes this will make your stories more difficult or challenging to read. But I believe the great writers will always be the ones who have passionate, truthful stories to tell, and who do all they can to help their readers receive them.

There are 4 basic kinds of stories: idea, milieu, character and event–see Orson Scott Card’s chapter 5, Characters and Viewpoint. Most stories are a combination of several of these. My story is primarily a character story, secondarily an event story and thirdly an idea story. That’s why I decided not to make a big deal over the revelation that Dr. Keane Horton was the Beast (at the very end of the book) because my story is not primarily a mystery, it is a character story. The idea story (mystery) subplot did give the story some interesting surprises, but to overemphasize it would be to ruin the unity and voice of the novel (which is a character story). The event story in the novel (the conflict between God and Satan) was more important and very much tied-in with the character story, so I devoted some more time in the ending to show how the event story subplot was resolved. The event story subplot was important, because the character story’s conflict could not come to a firm conclusion with the resolving of the event story’s conflict.

You say, you could have had Dor find out about Keane Horton without God telling him directly who his enemy was. But if I did this, then the character story’s main conflict would never be resolved, because Dor would never find his role in life. If Dor knew without a doubt that his enemy could read his mind, control his life and manipulate the health and life of all those he cared about, he would never have made the decision to risk everything to be with Brianna, because he would have feared for her welfare and he may have even distanced himself from her. The story would have to go in a completely different direction. It would be a totally different story. This is not the ending I wanted. It was too hopeless. I characterized Dor throughout the novel as one who was obsessed with Brianna’s welfare, and I couldn’t betray this character and who he was. So God had to tell him after he made the decision to be with Brianna no matter what the cost and had suffered the consequences of this decision, and Dor needed to be ignorant about the full powers of his enemy (until God told him), so I could give this story the ending I wanted to give it.

By revealing in a toned down manner at the end that Dor’s enemy was the Beast, I actually increased the emotional power of the character story’s ending, because now the readers understood just how heroic and courageous these main characters were, to deal as they did throughout the novel with such an enemy. But I didn’t make this revelation overly dramatic, because I didn’t want the Beast to take over the story’s ending, as an event story would–but gave him just enough room to increase the emotional stakes for the character story, so I could remain true to my character story and give my novel the ending of a character story and not the ending of an event story.

Dor is a lot like my lovers. But in my life, unlike Dor’s, my lovers realize the full powers of our enemies and that’s why they have distanced themselves from me. You see how well I understand people? That’s why I’m a good character writer.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-17-05), (7-18-05 updates).

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-17-05), (7-18-05 updates).
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-17-05), (7-18-05 updates).
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-17-05), (7-18-05 updates).

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-17-05 , (7-18-05 updates).
Place: Melbourne, FL

Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-16-2005)

7-16-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I ask for prayer because I am beginning to work on the ending to Silver Skies. I really don’t have time to do this, but I feel that my creative writing can be just as powerful a weapon against the Jesuit Order as my law is. I lost all my writing library in Seattle (including all my work from The Institute of Children’s Literature), and I had quite an extensive writing library (about 130 books and lots and lots of magazines about the writing craft). I wanted to wait until I was with Vladimir, because I believe Vladimir has my writing books, files and my entire writing library. And I wanted my full writing library from Seattle, before I began work on my ending. But I can’t seem to get with Vladimir, and though I think he has my writing books, he won’t let me have them. I called the Seattle moving company that stored my writing books and they no longer have my stuff, even though I asked them to keep my writing books. I think Vladimir has my stuff. I think he’s worried if he sends them to me that the Jesuits might blow up the truck that sends them or something. I really wanted to be with Vladimir before I began work on the ending, but at the rate of success I’m having to be with Vladimir, if I wait until I’m with him, I’ll never write the ending to my novel. He’s procrastinating and at the rate he’s going, I’ll never write my ending.

So I’m going to take some chances and try to write the ending without all my writing books and try to rely on my memory and what I can recall of the writing craft. However, I have forgotten a lot of the writing craft and am brushing up on my skills by reading the writing books which I have in my possession (about 5 or 6 books right now).

I really don’t have time to do this, but I want to write the ending. I don’t think I have to write much more, since the last scene I wrote for Silver Skies is very close to the ending anyways. I’m right at the brink of the climax. And once you get to the climax you usually need to end the book soon before the ending gets drawn out.

Don’t get your hopes up too high, since I don’t feel confident enough to start writing yet. I’m just brainstorming and reading what writing craft books I have in my possession. But brainstorming is a very important part of writing. So while I may not pen the first words for the ending until 3 or 4 months from now, I’m shuffling ideas through my head right now as I read the writing craft books I have in my possession. I bought books on plot, structure and scene–and those are the books I have. I’m using them to brush up on my skills. I’m more confident over my ability to create dialogue and character. I ask for prayer because my work on Silver Skies is quite impressive and I’m not sure I can get back to my previous writing level right away. When I worked on Silver Skies, I was a full time mother (to one child) and a homemaker. I had more time to write. I didn’t have to work 40 hours a week to pay my bills and another 10 or more hours a week to write law to save my life, and another 10 or more hours a week to cook and shop because of severe allergies. But I will never have an ideal situation. The Jesuits will see to that. It may take me forever to write the ending, but a little here and little there, and I should finish it over the next couple years, Lord willing.

I feel that my law writing is tapering off and that I’ve written most of the law that needs to be written and that now a far more effective way to deal with the Jesuits is through the arts. I do recall that I wrote Silver Skies in my mind as if it was a movie, and that’s one reason the novel is so suspenseful and fast paced and interesting. This is because I began my novel writing career by studying screenwriting first, since I find great films inspiring. I imagine my novel scenes as if they are a movie. This may explain why my novel was snatched up by Steven Spielberg, because I actually started my novel writing career by studying the screenplay. I still approach novel writing in this manner. I find it more interesting this way. As I create scenes I imagine I’m writing a movie.

Pray for me. Writing is a lot of work and is much more difficult than it appears–even for a genius. And I know I will never be completely satisfied with my work, but my novel needs an ending and I’m best qualified to write it. Also, I feel that I’m one of the best writers on the planet and that I need to share my gifts. There is a real dearth of great epic romances on this planet and that’s one reason I rarely watch films or read books, because most of them bore me. I’m going to write the ending to this book in such a manner that if I was the filmgoer or the reader, I would find this book mesmering and fascinating.

If I don’t like the ending, then I won’t finish the book. This is how I approached my writing to Silver Skies, I wrote what I would want to read if I was the reader. I’m going to write the ending, so that if this book is made into a film, I’d be willing to wait in line for 3 hours to see the film. As picky as I am, that means this book will be one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. I never wait 3 hours in line to see ANY film. I may spend 3 years on the ending. About the only film I feel that way about would be the Russian version of War and Peace. I don’t like how American and others have made War and Peace, I want to see the Russian version. As you can see, I’m just like Howard Hughes was with his Hell’s Angels.

I feel the ending needs to be kind of tragic, because of the antagonist in Silver Skies. Anyways, I’m brainstorming right now. But my great lovers will triumph in the ending, after they pay a great, great price for their triumph. This is an ending that I would find satisfying if I was the film watcher or the reader of this novel.

I may have to write more law. Right now, I think I’ve written the law that needs to be written. Now it just needs to be enforced. That is out of my control. But what I can control is to create the conditions that make it easier for my law to be enforced and that is why I’m turning more attention to my creative writing. I can use my stories to improve our public relations campaign and to educate the public about Jesuit tactics and strategies, so that Jesuits will find it harder and harder to operate undercover and blame others for their atrocities. So that they will be more exposed. The best way to expose them is through brilliant fiction writing, rather than news–since we can always claim that the story is fiction and so they can’t sue us for defamation. Besides, it wouldn’t be worth it to them, because the defamation lawsuit itself will just give them the dreaded exposure-that they are indeed monsters, since as the evidence is presented the whole world will see what ugly monsters they are. That’s why I want to write brilliant fiction. In my fiction I will expose them for all their ugliness and will present them to the world as the monsters they are. Jesuits make very interesting and credible antagonists. They are perfect antagonists because they are formidable and this makes for riveting fiction. My protagonists will be up against overwhelming odds. This is the backbone of a mesmerizing story. So, actually my fiction writing is a form of lawmaking. I’m using my fiction to make it easier for my laws to be enforced. I’m trying to create an atmosphere in the world (through my brillant writing) that will make it easier for my laws to be enforced. I know the novel will be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time and this will create the atmosphere needed to make my laws enforceable.

You say, how do you know this about your novel? This is because what I’m writing about affects everyone, so everyone will be mesmerized by the story. AND I’m a good writer. I’m good at plotting as well as writing. So I can create mesmerizing plots and manipulate words on the page to have a mesmerizing voice. However, I have lost some of my skill and am currently brushing up a bit. And I don’t have the writing library I worked with before. This intimidated me, but I’m so determined to get my ending done, that I’ll take chances and see what I can come up with–even without the writing library I had before. I want writers to write all sorts of stories about the horrible and pioneering technology which Jesuits use on people. The more the better. I’m thrilled that my autobiography is going out. This is sorely needed. And we need more stories written about this groundbreaking technology which Jesuits use on people. If another writer can outdo me, more power to them. Give THE JESUITS EXPOSURE. CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE NEEDED SO THAT MY LAWS CAN BE ENFORCED.

You may say, you’re not a lawmaker, you’re a writer. No, I’m a lawmaker first and foremost, I use my creative writing to enhance my lawmaking. You can see this by what I write about. I always write about legal injustices that need correction. It’s an issue that drives all my great writing. My teleplay “Lal” was about abuses in the child abuse industry based on bad law which needs correction. Every piece I write, I have lawyers as background characters, because all my characters end up in serious legal or government trouble. So, you see, my fiction writing is an extension of my lawmaking passion. I often write stories, just to create an atmosphere, so that the laws I believe in, can be passed or enforced. Laws need public support to pass, so I write stories to gain public support. A great writer can start a war or stop a war. I use writing as a means to enhance the laws I believe in. You may say, then your writing is preachy. I’m too brilliant a writer to ever write preachy writing. It’s much more powerful to “preach” your message through a powerful story. That’s why a great book can change history.

So I will concentrate on what is under my control, and that is to write the ending to Silver Skies and to write any law that hasn’t been written yet that needs to be written. I’ll decide priorities on a day to day basis. Some days law writing may be more important. Other days creative writing may need more emphasis. I also have sewing projects. I think that will take a back burner. If only I could be ten persons!

I haven’t seen my son in ages, but he’s with Vladimir and is in good hands.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-16-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: July 16, 2005
Place: Melbourne, FL