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I have added feeds for four news sources (Ron Paul’s Liberty Report & Ron Paul’s YouTube Videos), Chris Hedges Truthdig & Counterpunch (left-wing perspectives not heard in any mainstream media) that will report on news you can’t get in American mainstream news or that offer a perspective often missing from mainstream news. I do not completely agree with Ron Paul, Chris Hedges or Counterpunch on everything, but most of what’s at mainstream news is group think and I like to think for myself. Ron Paul disagrees with some of the leftist positions, but I want all intelligent arguments heard and encourage readers to draw their own conclusions. I have deliberately chosen sources that appear well thought out and are not propaganda. I disagree with Counterpunch more than I agree with them, but every now and then they hit the nail on the head and they deserve a hearing, even if they are liberal leaning and counter to much of what I believe as an evangelical. I tend to agree with Ron Paul about eighty percent, but feel I need to allow some liberal voices here to balance him out.

Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

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  • Ron Paul Rewind: Alternative Views 1988
    As we prepare for our yearly Ron Paul Institute Conference in Virginia, we hope that you enjoy this interview from 1988 when Ron Paul ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket. [...]
  • Spending on Defense Is One Great Big Lie
    By Jacob G. HornbergerWashington Post columnist Robert Samuelson is worried. He thinks that maybe — just maybe — the U.S. government is not spending enough on defense. In a column entitled, “Here’s Why We Could Be Under-Spending on Defense,” Samuelson has come up with a complicated formula that has caused him to fear that China and Russia might actually be spending more money on their militaries than the United States. Bringing to mind the famous missile-gap controversy during the Cold [...]
  • Ron Paul Rewind: Freedom Doesn't Come From Government
    ​As we prepare for our yearly Ron Paul Institute Conference in Virginia, we hope that you enjoy this classic speech given at a Mises Institute conference in Costa Mesa, California, back in 2014. Ron Paul explains how state intervention destroys civil society, and how free markets offer a better solution. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • George Washington Was Right: The Ideas of Liberty Spread Very Rapidly
     By Chris RossiniIdeas rule the world. Nothing is more important than what happens between the ears.George Washington once wrote something very revealing to James Madison about the ideas of Liberty. He said that "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth."This makes perfect sense. Liberty is a foundational part of our human nature. We're all born as free thinking and choosing individuals, and are meant to stay that way.Part of freedom though, is the option to act as a [...]
  • Fake News: The Media Cannot "Cause" Recessions As Trump Claims
    The president took to Twitter this morning to make a claim that doesn't hold any water about the economy and the media. At a time when a serious recession inches closer and closer, political posturing should take a back seat. The Federal Reserve is the culprit. It creates the bubbles and the unavoidable busts.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • The Terror of Deflation v. The Love of Inflation
    Can you imagine the money, that you work so hard for, actually increasing in purchasing power every year? Can you imagine your bills gradually falling over the years, instead of relentlessly rising? Of course you can't! And the reason that you can't is because of the government-created monopoly called The Federal Reserve. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • Being Precise About The Meaning of Liberty
    By Chris RossiniWe live in an age where many individuals are becoming increasingly hostile to truth, facts and reality. The meaning of words are often twisted and language is routinely corrupted.Many believe that by taking thought, they can add one cubit to their stature. If they think it --- and it feels good to think it --- then regardless of the truth, it becomes their law.This road has always been, and always will be, a road that individuals can take. A person can, if he so desires, l [...]
  • Trump Administration Wants Permanent Repeal of the 4th Amendment
    Departing Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats sent Congress a letter requesting that several features of the misnamed USA FREEDOM Act be made permanent, allowing the US government to spy in Americans in perpetuity. The Trump Administration wants to be able to intercept phone calls and text messages as well as snoop into business records and other violations of the Fourth Amendment. The FREEDOM Act was passed after Ed Snowden revealed that the NSA was illegally spying on American citizens [...]
  • Are Recessions Inevitable?
    By Ron Paul​Stocks fell last week following news that the yield curve on Treasury notes had inverted. This means that a short-term Treasury note was paying higher interest rates than long-term Treasury note. An inverted yield curve is widely seen as a sign of an impending recession.Some economic commentators reacted to the inverted yield curve by parroting the Keynesian propaganda that recessions are an inevitable feature of a free-market economy, whose negative effects can only be mitigated b [...]
  • Tariffs, Hong Kong, Gun Rights & More...Ron Paul Joins Larry King
    By Liberty Report Staff (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]

Ron Paul’s YouTube Videos

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Chris Hedges’s Truthdig (Drilling Beneath the Headlines)


  • Notes on Inauthenticity in a Creeping Fascist Nuthouse
    The reigning corporate Democrats would rather lose to the right, even to a proto-fascistic white nationalist and eco-exterminist right, than lose to the left, even to a mildly progressive social democratic and environmentalist left within their own party. How else explain their insistence on promoting the ridiculous, right-wing arch-corporatist, imperialist, and dementia-plagued right-wing gaffe machine Joke Biden in the long march to the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries? More The post Notes on Inauthenticity in a Creeping Fascist Nuthouse appeared first on
  • Recession Now, Please
    It is a basic fact of economic life in capitalist economies: recessions happen, there are cycles of boom and bust. By the 1850s, Karl Marx had pretty well figured out the how and why, the underlying mechanisms. His account has held up well over the years, though you would hardly know it to hear mainstream macro-economists tell it. More The post Recession Now, Please appeared first on
  • Mr. Trump Goes to Kensington
    The election of Donald Trump should have forced broad reconsideration of the American project. Whatever the factors one chooses to explain his political ascension, he comes from outside the realm or ordinary expectations. However, in Mr. Trump’s case, it is the expectations that are skewed. In a world run by and for the rich, less probable explanations of how wealth and power are achieved predominate. More The post Mr. Trump Goes to Kensington appeared first on
  • Deep Time and the Green River, Floating
    These days there isn’t a vacant hotel room to be found in Vernal, Utah. Or Craig, Colorado. Or Pinedale, Wyoming, for that matter. The rooms are all booked up with oil workers, pipe-layers, explosive technicians and tax accountants versed in the intricacies of the depreciation allowance. The No Vacancy signs out here in the Interior More The post Deep Time and the Green River, Floating appeared first on
  • Earth 4C Hotter
    A decade ago several prominent climate scientists discussed the prospects of a 4C Earth. Their concern was qualified “… if greenhouse gases do not slow down, then expect a 4C Earth by 2055.” Of course, that would be catastrophic, and one can only assume those scientists must have recognized real risks. Otherwise, why address the More The post Earth 4C Hotter appeared first on
  • Congo’s Patrice Lumumba: The Winds of Reaction in Africa
    The Congo won independence from Belgium in June 1960 with Patrice Lumumba, age 35, as Prime Minister. Immediately it began to fall apart, under revanchist Belgian assault, Cold War pressures, adjacent settler colonial reaction and collaborationist Congolese elites like Moise Tshombe and Joseph Desire Mobutu. On 12 July Lumumba and President Kasavubu asked UN Secretary More The post Congo’s Patrice Lumumba: The Winds of Reaction in Africa appeared first on
  • The Realism and Unrealism of the Green New Deals
    A problem facing advocates of serious action to deter global warming is that the costs of not acting aren’t quantifiable and remain somewhat abstract. In contrast, calling for a phase-out of fossil fuels understandably leads to fears of job losses, especially since capitalism isn’t going to offer new employment for those displaced. There will be More The post The Realism and Unrealism of the Green New Deals appeared first on
  • The White-Nationalist Great Fear
    A century ago, the nation was wracked by race wars known as the “Red Summer” of 1919.  Today, race wars are resurging, but implemented not by gangs or groups as in the early-20thcentury but by isolated — and heavily armed – individuals who share a common white-nationalist ideology. During much of the late-1910s and early-20s, gangs More The post The White-Nationalist Great Fear appeared first on
  • The War on Indigenous People is a War on the Biosphere Itself
    “Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.” – E.O. Wilson “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” –Cree Proverb “The essence of capitalism is to turn nature into More The post The War on Indigenous People is a War on the Biosphere Itself appeared first on
  • Meditation on a Racist Nation
    What You Gonna’ Do When the World’s on Fire? is a powerful film. Set in a Black neighborhood in the US deep South years after the flooding from hurricane Katrina, the film tells a story of hope and despair, anger and love, and joy and sorrow. Political in the sense that all human experience is More The post Meditation on a Racist Nation appeared first on
  • What Netanyahu’s Travel Ban Has Revealed
    Until a few weeks ago America’s unqualified support for Israel was solidly bipartisan. Aided by media bias and reporter reluctance to address on-the-ground realities, AIPAC and its affiliates had the public relations space virtually to themselves. Reinforced by mainstream media, the “Exodus” narrative captured and retained popular sympathy, while U.S. policymakers began to regard Israel More The post What Netanyahu’s Travel Ban Has Revealed appeared first on
  • Jewish Settlers Rule the Roost in Israel, But at What Price?
    Israeli Jewish settlers are on a rampage in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. While settler violence is part of everyday routine in Palestine, the violence of recent weeks is directly linked to the general elections in Israel, scheduled to be held on September 17. The previous elections, on April 9, failed to bring about political More The post Jewish Settlers Rule the Roost in Israel, But at What Price? appeared first on
  • Is Environmental Protection Possible?
    The US EPA I joined the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1979. It happened by accident. A friend in Alexandria, Virginia, was working for the personnel office of EPA. We talked and I expressed interest in EPA. I said to him something to the effect the EPA was a great and necessary institution in late More The post Is Environmental Protection Possible? appeared first on
  • What It’s Like to Grow Up Hunted
    It was a quiet Sunday night when my dad told me to hide in a closet — and stay there until he said to come out. As I sat in the dark, I knew this was part of my life, part of my identity. The darkness and fear slowly penetrated my heart. I tightened up More The post What It’s Like to Grow Up Hunted appeared first on
  • They Don’t Make Republicans Like the Great Paul Findley Anymore!
    In his 22 years in Congress (1960 – 1982), Paul Findley achieved a sterling record for fundamental positions, proposals and breakthroughs that revealed a great man, pure and simple. He never stopped learning and applying his knowledge to advance the right course of action, regardless of political party, ideology or pressure from various groups. Findley, More The post They Don’t Make Republicans Like the Great Paul Findley Anymore! appeared first on
  • Whither the Resistance to our Capitalist Overlords?
    All efforts to reform the American system is capitulation. — Chris Hedges Without massive resistance to white supremacy and war, the U.S. empire threatens to devour itself alive and will no doubt attempt to take us with it. — Danny Haiphong No serious change, remotely popular sovereignty, no protection and advance of the common good More The post Whither the Resistance to our Capitalist Overlords? appeared first on
  • On Those Downward Jobs Revisions
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that its benchmark revision to its job numbers shows that the economy created 501,000 fewer jobs between March of 2018 and March of 2019 than previously reported. There are a few points to be made about this number. First, there is nothing fishy here. Trump has zero to do More The post On Those Downward Jobs Revisions appeared first on
  • Beware of the Gun-Lover-in-Chief
    President Trump loves guns. They are an extension of his violent personality. It is assumed that, as a last resort, guns will be the means by which he will try to enforce his authoritarian will on Americans if he loses the election in 2020. The signs are there. When running for president, Donald Trump said More The post Beware of the Gun-Lover-in-Chief appeared first on
  • Brazil: From Global Leader to U.S. Lapdog
    Brazil recently gained the vaunted status of “Major Non-NATO Ally.” This title symbolizes the new, preferential relationship that Brazil has been pursuing with the U.S. as a result of the continued efforts by far-right President Jair Bolsonaro to inaugurate a new phase in Brazil’s global role. Bolsonaro’s presidency has initiated deep changes in Brazilian foreign More The post Brazil: From Global Leader to U.S. Lapdog appeared first on
  • Educators Actually Do “Work” in the Summer
    I love what I do. Being an educator is interesting, creative, and rewarding. And it is also hard work. That’s why it is offensive as we head back to school to hear people say “must have been nice to have the summer off to do nothing.” Surely most do not intend to offend. I get More The post Educators Actually Do “Work” in the Summer appeared first on
  • Farmers Need a Bill of Rights
    On January 11, 1944 in his annual State of the Union Address, President Roosevelt noted that while the Constitution guaranteed a set of political rights, they were in some respects inadequate. To ensure equality, Roosevelt proposed an Economic Bill of Rights that would guarantee: -Full employment with an adequate income -Freedom from monopolies and unfair More The post Farmers Need a Bill of Rights appeared first on
  • What China’s Leadership is Really Worried About: Rising Debt
    Beijing. The resort town of Beidaihe has just held one of the world’s most important, and secretive, political gatherings. Members of the public flock there in the summer months to relax on the beach gently lapped by the shallow waters of the Yellow Sea. But far from the madding crowd, the resort, 200 km north More The post What China’s Leadership is Really Worried About: Rising Debt appeared first on
  • Saving the Planet Means Fighting Bipartisan Corruption
    Burning fossil fuels boils our planet — that much is generally well known. But often these fuels do serious damage before they ever get to market. They spill out of pipelines, poison groundwater, or explode on trains. Even when they don’t, building new pipelines and export terminals helps companies sell more fuel — often of More The post Saving the Planet Means Fighting Bipartisan Corruption appeared first on
  • Amazon Fires Put the Planet at Risk
    In Brazil, the Amazon rainforest is now burning at a record rate. The greedy, short-sighted policies of Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro are jeopardizing indigenous peoples and countless plants and animals. Indeed, in the midst of a climate emergency, Bolsonaro’s policies to slash environmental protections and develop the Amazon for mining, ranching and farming jeopardize More The post Amazon Fires Put the Planet at Risk appeared first on
  • Kashmir: Decentralize Power and Revive Regional Political Institutions
    Introduction As the decade of the 1990s dawned, the politicial, cultural and socioeconomic fabric of Kashmir was severely impaired by the free rein given to Indian military and paramilitary forces to quell dissidence, and also by Pakistan-trained militants who, in a no holds barred conflict, inflicted atrocities on their co-religionists as well. New Delhi hadn’t More The post Kashmir: Decentralize Power and Revive Regional Political Institutions appeared first on
  • American Apocalypse
    “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out … without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” — H. L. Mencken The U.S. government is working hard to destabilize More The post American Apocalypse appeared first on
  • How Agriculture and Ranching Subvert the Re-Wilding of America
    A recent paper on the rewilding of Europe noted that wolves and grizzlies, not to mention lynx, moose, and other wildlife, have greatly expanded their ranges on the continent. There are lessons for the American West here. If it were not for the ecologically degrading presence of ranching and farming, we could see a significant More The post How Agriculture and Ranching Subvert the Re-Wilding of America appeared first on
  • Capital in the 21st Century
    In a shiny new documentary, the ideas of inequality critic Thomas Piketty are writ large. I was mildly embarrassed. Boarding the 6 o’clock from Fairfield to Flinders St I bumped into some lovely young parents from the local school. They were off to the centrepiece of the Melbourne International Film Festival: Nick Cave playing his More The post Capital in the 21st Century appeared first on
  • 400 Years After Slavery’s Start, No More Band-Aids
    Four hundred years ago this month, the first enslaved people from Africa arrived in Virginia. Slavery is often reduced to a crime of America’s long-ago past. But enslaved labor created the backbone for America’s capitalistic economy, allowing it to grow into — and remain — the world’s leading economy today. The effects of this reliance More The post 400 Years After Slavery’s Start, No More Band-Aids appeared first on
  • Finding the Comrades: Maintaining Precarious Sanity In Insane Times
    Some of the most awful scenes from history or literature I can conjure in imagination are those in which a person who critiques the existing political structures – usually a story about Communist or other totalitarian society- is declared mad and sent to a mental institution where his claims to sanity fall on the horrifyingly More The post Finding the Comrades: Maintaining Precarious Sanity In Insane Times appeared first on
  • “Based on the Fact She Won’t Sell Me Greenland, I’m Staying Home”
    Greenland was given its name by Erik the Red, the Norwegian who, after settling in the Viking colony of Iceland in the 960s, sailed west and in 982 discovered the huge island. (There were people there already—Inuits, a people of Siberian origin scattered across northern North America. But it took a while before the Scandinavians More The post “Based on the Fact She Won’t Sell Me Greenland, I’m Staying Home” appeared first on
  • The Chicago 8 Trial, Revisited
    It is among the white youth of the world that the greatest change is taking place. It is they who are experiencing the great psychic pain of waking into consciousness to find their inherited heroes turned by events into villains. Communication and understanding between the older and younger generations of whites has entered a crisis. More The post The Chicago 8 Trial, Revisited appeared first on
  • Tapping into People Power
    In times like this, many of us feel powerless to do anything about the political, social, and environmental injustices we face. But, power is everywhere. Like sunlight and solar panels, it’s a question of tapping into it. Accustomed to the top-down power of presidents and CEOs, most of us have no idea where to plug More The post Tapping into People Power appeared first on
  • As Long as Enemies of the State Keep Dying Before Trial, No One Should Trust the State
    There is no other way to say it: it was a political assassination. Osama bin Laden was unarmed. SEALs captured him alive. Following brazenly illegal orders from Washington, they executed him. “The [Obama] administration had made clear to the military’s clandestine Joint Special Operations Command that it wanted bin Laden dead,” The Atlantic reported on More The post As Long as Enemies of the State Keep Dying Before Trial, No One Should Trust the State appeared first on
  • The Significance of the “1619 Project”
    On Sunday, the New York Times unveiled “The 1619 Project,” a journalistic series in the Sunday magazine that seeks to tell the “unvarnished truth” about slavery and its impact on America’s history. In 1619, just 12 years after the founding of the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, the Jamestown colonists bought the first More The post The Significance of the “1619 Project” appeared first on
  • “Nuance” in Politics and Public Policy? No Thanks
    In 2004, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry called his ever-shifting position on the war in Iraq “nuanced” as a way of explaining why he was for it before he was against it and why his prescriptions for its future kept changing. “Nuance” pops up frequently in debates on politics and public policy, almost always as More The post “Nuance” in Politics and Public Policy? No Thanks appeared first on
  • Trump and Endangered Species, Wildlife and Human
    He hit a double.  It all happened the week of  August 11, 2019.  That was the week the trump took steps to reduce protections for two endangered species.  In each case the decision was made because in one case it was going to make it easier for certain taxpayers to make money, and in the More The post Trump and Endangered Species, Wildlife and Human appeared first on
  • China’s Hong Kong Nightmare, and the US Response
    Donald Trump has kept his promise, reportedly made to Xi Jinping in June, that Washington would “tone down” its comments on the spiraling HK protests. “Very tough situation” Trump tweeted on August 12. “I hope it works out for everybody, including China.” Memo to Trump: It won’t “work out” on its own, and you would More The post China’s Hong Kong Nightmare, and the US Response appeared first on
  • Sick of Being a Guinea Pig
    Some corporations and governments have used the US public as guinea pigs in uncontrolled experiments conducted without the public’s approval. They were often gambling with our well being when they introduced new products or conducted risky tests. In contrast, there were usually few risks for the CEOs or government officials in charge of these unacknowledged More The post Sick of Being a Guinea Pig appeared first on
  • Why I Stopped Being White (and You Should Too)
    Race is a touchy subject in the West. People across the aisle, especially white folk, tend to avoid it like a plague. A big part of the reason behind this reservation has to do with the fact that both the left and the right maintain an equally immature grasp on the subject. While the right More The post Why I Stopped Being White (and You Should Too) appeared first on
  • As the School Year Starts, I’m Grateful for the ADA
    As another school year starts, I look forward to heading back to the classroom. I love class when I’m teaching it. I hate it when I’m there as a student. I’m getting a PhD at the moment, so it’s not that I don’t love learning. It’s just that, for me and for many others, attending More The post As the School Year Starts, I’m Grateful for the ADA appeared first on
  • Rethinking the GDR
    Victor Grossman, nee Stephen Wechsler, has penned a nuanced memoir of note, “A Socialist Defector: From Harvard to Karl-Marx-Alee” (Monthly Review Press, 2019). It is an historical, personal and political work of his adult life in the German Democratic Republic [East Germany], which had a socialist economy. His is a rare perspective, indeed. For those More The post Rethinking the GDR appeared first on
  • Tears / Ayizan Velekete
    I’m made of clouds, I’m made of seas I’m made of different colored leaves, torn into tears I’m neither purposed nor amassed to be a tipping catastrophe I am no longer in need of steel beams and dry concrete I won’t scream while we all will Burn into daffodils right here where I’ve heard existence More The post Tears / Ayizan Velekete appeared first on
  • General Jah Mikey: “I Just Love That Microphone, Man”
    Due in part to my friendship with legendary sound engineer Scientist I’ve been blessed to meet and interview some of the most famous names in reggae, legends like Sly Dunbar and Tony Chin. Sometimes, however, I’ve been just as fortunate to be exposed to artists that aren’t as well-known but are brimming with talent and have a history in the music More The post General Jah Mikey: “I Just Love That Microphone, Man” appeared first on
  • Slaves to the Clock
    As I have pointed out in previous reviews, Icarus, the New York film distributor, is far and away the most important source of anti-capitalist documentaries. In keeping with their commitment to class struggle cinema, “Time Thieves”, their latest, hones in on the ways in which the capitalist system makes us slaves to the clock. When I More The post Slaves to the Clock appeared first on
  • Moral Cantatas
    Even deprived of the latest technological appurtenances, the earbudded slacker of today might have easily found her groove in eighteenth-century Hamburg. It was a thriving commercial and cultural center, the largest city in German-speaking Europe with a population rising steadily towards 100,000 by century’s end. Many social practices, institutions, and affectations flourished that historians would More The post Moral Cantatas appeared first on
  • All Proceeds from Sale of the Song Support Immigrant Families Together
    Flower In The Sand (feat. Sam Blasucci) by Omar Velasco The post All Proceeds from Sale of the Song Support Immigrant Families Together appeared first on


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