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I have added feeds for four news sources (Ron Paul’s Liberty Report & Ron Paul’s YouTube Videos), Chris Hedges Truthdig & Counterpunch (left-wing perspectives not heard in any mainstream media) that will report on news you can’t get in American mainstream news or that offer a perspective often missing from mainstream news. I do not completely agree with Ron Paul, Chris Hedges or Counterpunch on everything, but most of what’s at mainstream news is group think and I like to think for myself. Ron Paul disagrees with some of the leftist positions, but I want all intelligent arguments heard and encourage readers to draw their own conclusions. I have deliberately chosen sources that appear well thought out and are not propaganda. I disagree with Counterpunch more than I agree with them, but every now and then they hit the nail on the head and they deserve a hearing, even if they are liberal leaning and counter to much of what I believe as an evangelical. I tend to agree with Ron Paul about eighty percent, but feel I need to allow some liberal voices here to balance him out.

Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

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  • The War In Trump's Ear
    A new book on Trump by Washington Post writers, "A Very Stable Genius," has tongues wagging and new accusations of the president's "instability." As usual, these politicized claims miss the target completely and also misunderstand the real war for Trump's ear. The generals are out, the "realists" were never quite in, there is little "America First" in the president's foreign policy, and, with reports that David Wurmser has the president's ear on Iran, the neocons are creeping back in. (adsbygoo [...]
  • Trump's "Greatest Trade Deal Ever"? -- Or A Pause Before Conflict With China?
    "Trade Deals" are government-managed trade. Government-managed trade is political, which means politically-connected industries benefit. Free Trade is the only "trade deal" that benefits everyone. NO government interference with the economic lives and transactions of Americans. But instead of Free Trade, we have a crony system that many Americans despise -- the marriage of corporations and government, always working hand-in-hand. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • Trump Trial Begins - Guilty As Charged?
    After a bizarre pause in the impeachment proceedings, House Speaker Pelosi has finally decided to send the House-passed articles of impeachment over to the Senate for trial. Constitutional duty...or political grandstanding? And are they missing the whole point on impeachment? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • The Tyranny of "We"
    By Chris RossiniLet's say you want to be an authoritarian. You want to rule over other human beings by force (or the threat of force) if they don't obey your commands.You immediately run into a problem. Human beings are free to choose. Everyone that you want to boss around is one-of-a-kind and completely unique. What each person thinks, values, and chooses are out of your control. In other words, each person naturally has individual independence.This is a conundrum for you.How are you suppo [...]
  • Lapdog Europeans Join Trump To Kill Iran Deal
    The European partners of the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal have handed a big gift to the neocons and warmongers, announcing that they have trigged a mechanism within the agreement that will effectively kill the agreement in weeks. So say goodbye to peace and trade and hello to war with Iran. More in today's Liberty Report. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • US to Iraq: ‘Vote All You Want, We’re Not Leaving!’
    By Ron Paul​President Trump’s decision earlier this month to assassinate Iran’s top military general on Iraqi soil – over the objection of the Iraqi government – has damaged the US relationship with its “ally” Iraq and set the region on the brink of war. Iran’s measured response – a few missiles fired on an Iraqi base after advance warning was given – is the only reason the US is not mired in another Middle East war.Trump said hi [...]
  • 17 Years After 'Liberation,' Iraq Again Designated US 'Enemy'
    After the Iraqi parliament vote to end US troop presence, the US is in no mood to discuss abiding by the wishes of the Iraqi government. When Prime Minister Mahdi called Pompeo to discuss terms for US withdrawal, the Trump Administration threatened to seize billions of Iraqi dollars held in the New York Federal Reserve Bank...and to again put Iraq under sanctions. 17 years of war and we're back to square one. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • Assassination-gate! Trump Officials Say No 'Imminent Threat.' With Guest Phil Giraldi
    Trump officials - including Trump himself today - have been steadily pulling back from initial claims after the January 3rd assassination of Iranian top general Soleimani that he was killed because of "imminent threats" of attack led by the Iranian. New evidence is emerging that the kill order had been given seven months ago and according to Israeli media, Netanyahu was directly involved in plotting the killing. Former CIA officer Phil Giraldi joins the Liberty Report to try and unpack the compe [...]
  • 20 Years of U.S. Wars
    By Liberty Report StaffRon Paul joins The Heat on CGTN America to discuss the U.S. warfare state: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • Ron Paul: US Wants to ‘Own Iran’ Like the US Did When the Shah Was in Power
    By Adam DickPresident Donald Trump is offering plenty of justifications for the US government’s recent military actions against Iran, including that the actions were taken to prevent the deaths of Americans and to prevent a war. Not so, says former US House of Representatives member and presidential candidate Ron Paul in a Wednesday interview with host Ernest Hancock at Declare Your Independence.Incessant US attacks on Iran from sanctions to the killing last week of Iran General Qas [...]

Ron Paul’s YouTube Videos

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Chris Hedges’s Truthdig (Drilling Beneath the Headlines)


  • Handball in Brooklyn 
    Handball in Brooklyn   I don’t know if it’s like this Where you live, but here The delis and bodegas All have clear plastic bags Behind their counters filled With blue rubber spheres Metro Ball, Sky Bounce A handball for a buck — One of the supreme joys I find Is squeezing one From time More The post Handball in Brooklyn  appeared first on
  • David Foster Wallace Discusses Consumerism
    The post David Foster Wallace Discusses Consumerism appeared first on
  • Trump Showed Us Who He Was Before He Became President
    The long record of this presidency’s transgressions now includes the open dog-wagging assassination – on brazenly false pretexts – of a foreign military commander atop a state (Iran) with which the United States is not at war and without the permission of a government (Iraq) on whose soil the monumental war crime took place. In response to mild Democratic Party criticism of the timing and grounds for the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Trump has re-tweeted a right-wing lunatic’s tweet depicting Democratic Congressional leaders Charles Schumer (Senate Minority Leader) and Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) in Muslim garb (a turban for Schumer and a hajib for Pelosi) in front of an Iranian flag. More The post Trump Showed Us Who He Was Before He Became President appeared first on
  • Martin Luther King and the Black Revolutionary Tradition
    Every year, until The Revolution comes again, the counter-revolution manipulates the historic birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, that so many people fought for, as their symbol of Black “integration” into imperialism and “non-violent” acquiescence to, at best, Barack Obama’s cynical negation of his dream. As Donald Trump has just assassinated Iranian General Quassem Soleimani—with More The post Martin Luther King and the Black Revolutionary Tradition appeared first on
  • MLK and the Ghost of an Untrue Dream
    King’s dream of economic justice and equality required America’s power structures to change. It required America to take a critical look at the unbridled capitalist system that gave way to perpetual injustice. It required a radical and deep reconstruction of both politics and society, where the tangled roots of racism, poverty, militarism, and materialism would be exposed and eliminated. More The post MLK and the Ghost of an Untrue Dream appeared first on
  • Better Living Through Glyphosate? Spray Now, Ask Questions Later
    There’s a lot of talk in the Trump era about the “war on science.” But this war, such as it is, extends far beyond uninformed Republican attacks on climate change science or Donald Trump’s mocking insults of Greta Thunberg, the teen climate activist nearly 60 years the old bully’s junior. This war involves not only More The post Better Living Through Glyphosate? Spray Now, Ask Questions Later appeared first on
  • Owyhee Initiative Wilderness and Public Lands Deal Critique: Ten Years After
    The Owyhee Initiative (OI) wilderness and public lands legislation passed Congress in 2009 as the Owyhee Public Land Management part of an Omnibus package bill. Hoopla on the bill’s ten-year anniversary generated a spate of articles extolling collaboration and idolizing individual cattlemen. OI collaboration talking points are being parroted by supporters of a new round of Quid More The post Owyhee Initiative Wilderness and Public Lands Deal Critique: Ten Years After appeared first on
  • A Loophole for the Lawless: “Qualified Immunity” Must Go
    On August 11, 2014, officers from the Caldwell, Idaho Police Department asked for Shaniz West’s permission to enter and search her home. They were looking for her ex-boyfriend. West authorized the search and handed over her keys. Instead of entering and searching the home, though, the police brought in a SWAT team, surrounding the building. More The post A Loophole for the Lawless: “Qualified Immunity” Must Go appeared first on
  • Best Enemies Forever: The Iran-U.S. Kabuki Show
    The recent conflict between the U.S. and Iranian regimes brings to mind that hilariously famous scene from Stanley Kubrick’s classic, Dr. Strangelove, with the U.S. president calling the Soviet leader to warn him about a foolish mistake that had led to a hydrogen bomb heading their way from an American base. The President is amiable, More The post Best Enemies Forever: The Iran-U.S. Kabuki Show appeared first on
  • Worldwide Furor Sparked by U.S. Assassination of Iran’s General Suleimani
    The Trump administration’s January 3 drone missile assassination of Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani just outside Iraq’s Baghdad airport brought the world to the brink of yet another catastrophic U.S. war. That the Iranian government would retaliate in a matter of days, if not hours, was unquestioned. But Iran’s response stunned the world in its More The post Worldwide Furor Sparked by U.S. Assassination of Iran’s General Suleimani appeared first on
  • The Humanitarian and Environmental Disaster of Trump’s Border Wall
    A new Wild West has taken root not far from Tombstone, Arizona, known to many for its faux-historical reenactments of the old West. We’re talking about a long, skinny territory — a geographic gerrymander — that stretches east across New Mexico and down the Texan Rio Grande to the Gulf of Mexico. It also runs More The post The Humanitarian and Environmental Disaster of Trump’s Border Wall appeared first on
  • A Matter of Quality: Air Pollution, Tennis and Sporting Officialdom
    They are disgruntled and have every right to be. Whatever one’s feelings about tennis, expecting athletes to perform in subpar conditions is a rank matter that should see officials taken to task. But administrators of a game are often distant from the practice of the game itself. Being on different, cognitive paths, the players can More The post A Matter of Quality: Air Pollution, Tennis and Sporting Officialdom appeared first on
  • GOP Albatross
    Every schoolchild knows that the Ancient Mariner was forced to wear a dead albatross around his neck. I think America’s Republican Party wears a dying albatross: white evangelicals who are both the GOP’s life-support system and also a curse upon Republicans. The conservative party couldn’t survive without hidebound born-again whites – yet those fundamentalists taint More The post GOP Albatross appeared first on
  • Why Do We Have School Lunch Debt at All?
    A Google search for “paying school lunch debt” reveals a long list of recent news stories about good Samaritans paying off the school lunch debt of children whose families cannot afford it. A Fredonia, New York man paid off $2,000 in school lunch debt in his area, helping 140 families. A Rigby, Idaho tattoo shop More The post Why Do We Have School Lunch Debt at All? appeared first on
  • Nuclear Hubris
    One thing that becomes clear to me when I wander into the world, and the minds, of geopolitical professionals — government people — is how limited and linear their thinking seems to be. When I do so, an internal distress signal starts beeping and won’t stop, especially when the issue under discussion is war and More The post Nuclear Hubris appeared first on
  • Instead of Real-Time Commentary, Eight Common-Sense Reason for Not Going to War with Iran
    In the wake of the assassination of Iranian military leader Major General Qasem Soleimani and nine other people by a U.S. drone strike in Iraq, tensions between the United States and Iran are at their height. The immediate threat of war is real. Real-time news and expert commentary across the nationwide spectrum of media outlets More The post Instead of Real-Time Commentary, Eight Common-Sense Reason for Not Going to War with Iran appeared first on
  • A Note on Carlos Ghosn and Global Capitalism
    The boss of world car maker Nissan  — arrested and under intense surveillance around his luxury mansion, and charged with gorging himself with about $140 million of unauthorized pay — makes a daring escape from under the nose of Japanese authorities and across half the world. It will take months for details of how Carlos More The post A Note on Carlos Ghosn and Global Capitalism appeared first on
  • Some Trees: Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, the desert city, may have more species of trees than any other city in the United States, almost none of which are native to the basin. Thank Luther Burbank, the Johnny Appleseed of southern California. Trees in LA are used to advertise, decorate, disguise, shade, beautify, camouflage, capture carbon, barricade, cool and conceal. More The post Some Trees: Los Angeles appeared first on
  • Poverty Is the New Draft
    The post Poverty Is the New Draft appeared first on
  • Roaming Charges: No Woman, No Cry
    The "No Woman, No Cry" spat between Sanders and Warren is pretty silly all around but it has dominated the press coverage for three days, even eclipsing the debut of the impeachment managers and Trump's audacious pledge to fix America's faucets and shower heads. This is, naturally, the exact outcome CNN and the DNC were hoping for. Just to be safe, maybe Bernie should do a Pence and bring Jane with him to any future private meetings with another woman, as an insurance policy against any later misunderstandings, if Bernie still bothers with insurance... More The post Roaming Charges: No Woman, No Cry appeared first on
  • Hijacking the Struggles of Others, Elizabeth Warren Style
    To say Elizabeth Warren is a political opportunist is not giving her enough credit. She has taken the struggles, as well as the identities of others (women, school teachers, Native Americans, public school supporters, people who are able to tweet with humor, actual humans) and has weaponized these categories until the meaning of it all is lost.  More The post Hijacking the Struggles of Others, Elizabeth Warren Style appeared first on
  • The Rumbling Methane Enigma
    The northern continental shelves of Russia, inclusive of the Barents Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea (ESAS) are some of the least researched yet most controversial subjects in climate science today. It’s the one region that has the biggest potential to trigger runaway global warming because of sizeable subsea methane deposits, thereby taking civilization down to its knees. But, that prospect is also extremely controversial within the scientific community. More The post The Rumbling Methane Enigma appeared first on
  • Will the Constitution Fail Again?
    Extreme worship of the Constitution is a feature of U.S. life. It’s been that way for a long time. Even so, the zeal with which it has been deployed throughout the current impeachment process is a wonder to behold. More The post Will the Constitution Fail Again? appeared first on
  • Biden Daze
    Joe Biden was sent out to pasture three years ago when Donald Trump took over from Barack Obama; he ought to have remained there. Instead, he has become central to the two main dramas currently unfolding on the American political stage: the process of selecting a Democratic candidate to run against Trump in November, and More The post Biden Daze appeared first on
  • Claims that the ‘NAFTA 2’ Agreement is Better are a Macabre Joke
    Democratic Party House representatives have voted by a wide margin to approve version 2 of the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Even Rose DeLauro of Connecticut, in the past a strong leader within Congress in the fight against so-called “free trade” agreements, is on board with this one. Representative More The post Claims that the ‘NAFTA 2’ Agreement is Better are a Macabre Joke appeared first on
  • Not an Inch: Indian Students Stand Against the Far Right
    With her head bandaged and her arm in a sling, university student Aishe Ghosh went before the cameras to say that the students of the university she attends in New Delhi would move “not an inch back.” The students would continue to agitate to defend Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and its union, and to fight More The post Not an Inch: Indian Students Stand Against the Far Right appeared first on
  • Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know about Israel’s ‘Firing Zones’ in the West Bank
    A seemingly ordinary news story, published in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, on January 7, shed light on a long-forgotten, yet crucial, subject: Israel’s so-called “firing zones” in the West Bank. “Israel has impounded the only vehicle available to a medical team that provides assistance to 1,500 Palestinians living inside an Israeli military firing zone in More The post Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know about Israel’s ‘Firing Zones’ in the West Bank appeared first on
  • Not Bernie, Us. Not Warren, Us. Their Clash Underscores the Need for Grassroots Wisdom
    The dismal conflict that erupted this week between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren should never have happened. But now that it has, supporters must provide grassroots leadership to mitigate the dangerous mess. The argument that broke out between Warren and Sanders last weekend and escalated in recent days is already history that threatens to foreshadow More The post Not Bernie, Us. Not Warren, Us. Their Clash Underscores the Need for Grassroots Wisdom appeared first on
  • America’s Long History of Meddling in Russia
    Russia — OK, not the actual Russian government but a private click-farm company located in Russia — bought $100,000 worth of political ads on Facebook designed to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Except that only a small fraction of those ads were political. Also except that that small fraction was divvied up between More The post America’s Long History of Meddling in Russia appeared first on
  • The Irregulators vs. FCC: the Trial Begins
    On January 17, 2020, the Irregulators will appear before the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, to argue that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has facilitated one of the largest accounting scandals in American history. The Irregulators is an “independent, expert Telecom Team comprised of senior telecom experts, analysts, forensic auditors, and lawyers …,” including former More The post The Irregulators vs. FCC: the Trial Begins appeared first on
  • The Krown
    You can always tell when the ruling class are committing a crime: They build an institution around it. The military, the banking system, the Monarchy, even Hollywood all have their hierarchies, costumes and rituals intended to inspire awe and insulate criminal class from the common rabble. Consigned to the wrong side of the velvet ropes, More The post The Krown appeared first on
  • Resolutions and Obstacles/2020
    In sociology and economics, the precariat (/prɪˈkɛəriət/) is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. The term is a portmanteau obtained by merging precarious with proletariat. – Wikipedia Here are some New Year resolutions, individual and on behalf of society and the More The post Resolutions and Obstacles/2020 appeared first on
  • War Profiteering is Real
    The prospect of war with Iran is terrifying. Experts predict as many as a million people could die if the current tensions lead to a full-blown war. Millions more would become refugees across the Middle East, while working families across the U.S. would bear the brunt of our casualties. But there is one set of people who More The post War Profiteering is Real appeared first on
  • The Business Party Syndicate
    Each year Leftist Democrats, Socialists and Radicals are asked to hold their noses and vote for the lesser-of-two-evils. This is a false choice because we live in a rigged One-Party state – a plutocracy run by the Business Party, a Syndicate with Democratic and Republican wings. “Syndicate” is the proper word for our corrupt One-Party More The post The Business Party Syndicate appeared first on
  • Trump Prosecutors Make Move to Ensure that Embassy Protectors are Convicted
    As the trial approaches, the lawyers for the Trump Administration’s  prosecution of the four Venezuelan Embassy Protectors who were arrested last May are asking the court to make sure the jury is kept ignorant about the facts and circumstances surrounding the actions of the protectors. In a recently filed motion by government lawyers, state prosecutors More The post Trump Prosecutors Make Move to Ensure that Embassy Protectors are Convicted appeared first on
  • CNN is Trash
    Why has the hash tag #CNNisTrash been popular since this week’s presidential primary debate? There was nothing new about the corporate, militarist, anti-progressive slant of the debate “moderation.” What was new was the level of blatant bias so extreme that even viewers who knew nothing about the issues couldn’t miss it, plus the amount of More The post CNN is Trash appeared first on
  • Finally a Christian Call for Trump’s Removal
    One would think that liberal faith-based groups would lead the way in calling for President Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.  That is not the case.  It took an evangelical Christian publication, Christianity Today, to speak such prophetic truth to power. CT editor-in-chief Mark Galli called President Trump’s attempted used of his “political power to More The post Finally a Christian Call for Trump’s Removal appeared first on
  • The ERA Just Got Ratified by Virginia, the Needed 38th State!
    Here’s a big deal that’s bound to become a lot bigger this year. Exactly 100 years after women finally won the vote with ratification of a 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, the state legislature of Virginia on January 15 finally became the needed 38th state of the Union to ratify the proposed Equal Rights More The post The ERA Just Got Ratified by Virginia, the Needed 38th State! appeared first on
  • Mexico Takes Action on Coup in Bolivia and on CELAC
    Mexico’s government intervened recently in two difficult situations beyond its borders. One is turmoil in Bolivia following a U.S. – assisted coup. The other is about renewing the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). At issue there is regional integration and independence. Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced out of office on November More The post Mexico Takes Action on Coup in Bolivia and on CELAC appeared first on
  • How General Strike Rhetoric Became a Reality in Seattle 
    Calls for a general strike have long been a staple of “resolutionary activity” on the U.S. left. During moments of crisis and militancy—from the mass firing of air traffic controllers in 1981 to Occupy Wall Street and last winter’s federal government shutdown—rousing speeches are invariably made and motions duly  adopted, which urge all workers to More The post How General Strike Rhetoric Became a Reality in Seattle  appeared first on
  • Learning From King’s Last Campaign
    As we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., it’s natural to remember his courageous advocacy for racial equity. But before he was assassinated, King had also begun to broaden his efforts to unify the around economic justice. That’s worth remembering today. In December 1967, King, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and other conveners More The post Learning From King’s Last Campaign appeared first on
  • Saint Greta and the Dragon
    Seated before a corner lamppost, at the foot of the J.P. Morgan Chase Tower, was a blind man with a Starbuck’s venti cup and a hand-lettered cardboard sign. Resting against his knees on the pavement, it read: “Please help the homeless.” Clothed in a gray sweatshirt, mangy coat and army surplus trousers, he was half-asleep, More The post Saint Greta and the Dragon appeared first on
  • Reducing the Health Care Tax
    One of most enduring, economically and socially damaging, downright frustrating facts about life in the United States is how expensive health care is here. Not only does U.S. health care cost far more than in other advanced economies, but compared with the nations that spend less, we have worse or equivalent health outcomes. In fact, More The post Reducing the Health Care Tax appeared first on
  • Uniting “Progressives” Instead of Democrats
    It seems that people who identify themselves as “progressive democrats” are hellbent on solidifying a tendency which I continue to resist – despite the seeming avalanche of proofs which they and their democratrepublican limiting mentalities continue to shove in my face. The most prominent message within – and as a result of – these unwanted More The post Uniting “Progressives” Instead of Democrats appeared first on
  • Trump & Johnson: What a Contrast, Image-wise!
    Is there an age for everything? Yes and No. Instant look at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s images give the impression as if he isn’t too bothered about his hair appearing to be ruffled and almost rushing to his eyes. What if he had glasses on? But that’s another issue. Look carefully, it is a More The post Trump & Johnson: What a Contrast, Image-wise! appeared first on
  • Abusing America’s Children—Free Market Policy
    The United States is a hard place to raise children these days. Most parents, no matter what social and economic status they hold, discover just how difficult almost as soon as the woman’s pregnancy is confirmed. Because medical coverage in the United States is mostly privatized and its quality is often based on one’s income, More The post Abusing America’s Children—Free Market Policy appeared first on
  • Mills Are Being Closed by National Economic Trends, Not Environmental Regulations
    The recent announcement of the Townsend RY Lumber Mill closure in Townsend, Montana continues a trend seen throughout the country. Although RY Lumber suggests this is due to environmental regulations or lawsuits, a broader context demonstrates this is a flawed argument. The timber industry has been going through a transition for decades. The bulk of More The post Mills Are Being Closed by National Economic Trends, Not Environmental Regulations appeared first on