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Unfortunately, no single news source tells the whole truth, so I have been forced to use articles from libertarian and leftist sources to get to the truth. I urge readers to go through the articles, read them for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. I am presenting stuff you can’t get in mainstream news here at my blog. To open links to another page, R-click on the link to open.


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  • Compelled Speech and the Perils of ‘PruneYard v. Robins’
    Humans are speakers. When we go to work, buy paintings, send birthday presents to friends, vote, and choose TV shows to watch at night, we don’t merely “do”—we say. We say what our preferences, ideals, and distastes are in the realms of commerce, art, love, and politics.  But sometimes we show the world who we […]
  • Military Honor, the Virtue and the Curse
    Honor is a powerful idea. Those who live by it take it seriously. It is not will, courage, or even valor, though it does demand such things. It is the code that exists within, demanding one to do what is right, regardless of risk or reward. Honor for is paramount to the warrior. The honorable […]
  • Don’t Trust ‘Waco Whitewasher’ John Danforth’s Election Advice
    Trump’s attack on the debate commission is an attack on the election itself,” blares the headline from today’s Washington Post op-ed page. That article was written by former senator John Danforth, who has been a member of the Commission on Presidential Debates since 1994. Danforth, an ordained Episcopal priest whose piety earned him the derisive nickname, “Saint […]
  • The Intellectual Fraud of ‘Listen to the Science’
    With the arrival of COVID-19 on the scene, many people have been seduced into believing that they must “listen to the science” and do whatever the self-proclaimed experts tell them to do. That this is charlatanry pure and simple follows from the fact that science says absolutely nothing about what we should or should not […]
  • Kamala Harris and the Rise of the NatSec Dems
    Last week, in the 2020 campaign’s sole vice presidential debate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) presented herself as part of a growing wing of “national security Democrats” who are quickly populating Congress and—depending on next month’s election results—the White House. Harris’s positioning is no sudden revelation. As previously reported in The Washington Post, “Those close to Harris describe […]
  • Interview: Learn How Marxist Revolutionaries Massacred Ethiopia’s Christian Monarchy
    “What happened was a catastrophic revolution that really ate its own bright people. The very people who were behind the revolution were the ones who were its victims,” Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie has said on the 1974 Marxist revolution that overthrew his grandfather, Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie. I had the rare opportunity to interview Prince […]
  • How Data Collection Drives State Intervention In Our Lives
    The U.S. Census made the news recently, as a dispute over the deadline for its data collection made it to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Trump administration successfully lobbied for a deadline of Friday October 16, over the objections of the National Urban League who instead wanted the deadline extended to the end of October […]
  • Utah Proud Boys and BLM Join Together Against Racism, Call for Police Reform
    Something pretty incredible happened earlier this month in Utah and because it showed two ostensibly opposing groups come together instead of promoting divide, it was curiously absent from nearly all mainstream media. The Proud Boys—who are considered a hate group by the SPLC—came together with Black Lives Matter—who they are allegedly supposed to hate—and did […]
  • My Statement on the Prosecution of Julian Assange
    This written statement was made by Daniel Ellsberg, acting as an expert witness for the defense, on September 18, 2020 in front of the British magistrate during the extradition trial of Julian Assange. This transcript is republished from RCReader.com.  1. I provide this statement in the ongoing proceedings USA v Julian Assange. I am aware […]
  • A History of Libertarian Party Presidential Messaging, 1972-1996
    Friends of liberty inside and outside the Libertarian Party are waiting patiently—some passively—for three more weeks until the conclusion of the November presidential election. Not to find out whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will come in first, but how many votes their own candidate will receive on the margin. Jo Jorgensen, a businesswoman, university […]
  • Denver’s Replacement of Cops With Mental Health Workers Has a 100% Success Rate
    As The Free Thought Project has previously reported, the Virginia-based Treatment Advocacy Center, an organization dedicated to eliminating the barriers faced by those with severe mental illnesses, released a jaw-dropping report in regard to police interactions with the mentally ill. In their report titled, Overlooked in the Undercounted: The Role of Mental Illness in Fatal […]
  • Gretchen Whitmer Is Both a Victim and Perpetrator of Terror
    #StopTrumpsTerror is one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter, with more than 90,000 tweets. Yesterday, the FBI announced the arrest of six people yesterday in a plot (perhaps government-hatched) to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and put her on trial for treason for destroying the state’s economy with the lockdowns she imposed. Seven other individuals were arrested […]
  • Why the NRA Should Seek Refuge Outside New York
    The state of New York has wasted no time reminding Americans about its pathological disregard for personal freedom. Its COVID-19 lockdown policies were among the most heavy-handed responses implemented by a state government in the country. Controversies surrounding the state government’s decision to place recovering COVID patients in retirement homes, arguably a major factor behind the […]
  • TGIF: Is Socialism Good in Theory?
    This is an expanded version of something I wrote for The Freeman, October 2003, during my tenure as the editor. Socialism has been mortally discredited on economic grounds, thanks to Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek, and history. But for many people it has not been discredited on moral grounds. You can tell this by […]
  • Where the Fourth Wave Went Wrong
    The recent deaths of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and pop singer Helen Reddy provide an opportunity to take stock of the fourth-wave of the feminist movement, and how dramatically it has changed since the intial achievements of the second-wave (circa 1960-1990) Ginsburg’s first major court case as an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) […]
  • Home for Christmas: Trump’s New Promise to U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
    On Wednesday, President Trump made a new comment on the pullout of Afghanistan, saying that it is now his intention to have all remaining U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by Christmas. That’s substantially sooner than previous statements on the matter. This seems to be a very recent policy change. Just hours before Trump’s comments, the […]
  • Police Threaten to Quit If Public Keeps Demanding Accountability
    Faced with an armed assailant at the Parkland school shooting in 2018, sheriff’s deputy Josh Stambaugh ran away and hid while children were gunned down. He was later fired for his lack of action, but last month arbitrators ruled that Stambaugh must be rehired by the sheriff’s department, and he will likely receive more than $100,000 […]
  • The Lies Behind the Oklahoma City Bombing
    Despite the seemingly simple conclusion behind the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, the investigation was exceedingly complicated. To this day, it is still the FBI’s most massive investigation, comprised of millions of pages of evidence. Careful analysis of this paper trail shows that the official narrative of the FBI and ATF is in fact a half-truth […]
  • How the Pentagon Looted America’s PPE Funding
    After six months of state-imposed lockdown, the United States faces nationwide mask and COVID test shortages, record high unemployment rates, and over 200,000 COVID-related deaths. Since Congress passed the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in April, most Americans’ financial situations still haven’t recovered. Now, as Congress debates how many more […]
  • The Individual Against the Odds
    There is a genre in fiction that celebrates an individual’s adversity against seemingly impossible odds. Whether this is a person who takes the war to organised crime (Mack Bolan), a secret agent saving the world for their government (James Bond), a wronged loner lost and bullied by the law and the society that rejects them […]
  • The Prelude to World War II: The Spanish Civil War and Today’s America
    America is definitely not Europe, but we can find a number of parallels between European history and contemporary America. For example, we’ve previously written about the Italian Years of Lead as a possible template for urban unrest and low-level inter-tribal warfare in the United States. Another example of how things might play out in the […]
  • We Must Prosecute American Officials For War Crimes in Yemen
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently announced that it was providing $204 million in aid for the impoverished and war-ravaged country of Yemen. That sounds generous, but it’s the Saudi royals themselves who are responsible for most of the death, destruction, starvation, and disease in Yemen, in which 80 percent of the population, some 24 […]
  • What ‘Experts’ Miss About Economic Inequality
    How can the U.S. reduce economic inequality? That’s a question USA Today posed to three “policy experts on the left and the right” in this recent article. The responses, while unsurprising, were nevertheless disappointing. For libertarians, economic inequality itself is not problematic, as long as it is in the context of an unfettered market economy […]
  • How the Military is Using Your Data to Fight China
    A new generation of Cold Warriors want your data to build artificial intelligence-powered weapons for their escalating conflict with China. This has been made explicit by the U.S. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), a relatively new and secretive government body tasked with boosting the military’s AI capabilities. The NSCAI is a who’s who […]
  • Destroying the Village to Save It: Government Overreach in Fearful Times
    After months of lockdowns, border closures, and inconsistent injunctions issued by local authorities to protect some of their constituents by severely limiting everyone’s freedom not only to move, but also to act, and even to speak, the time has arrived for a robust discussion of the proper scope and role of government. The range of […]
  • Donald Trump, Anarchism Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means
    Donald Trump seems to think we’re all stupid, or he really is stupid. Then again, maybe we can just chalk this all up to neo-McCarthysim. What, you may ask, am I talking about? The ‘Dear Fuhrer’ keeps using a word as a fear-inducing pejorative, and I don’t think that it means what he thinks that […]
  • Free Assange, Demand Coalition of World Leaders
    A group of over 160 current and former politicians endorsed a letter that demands the United Kingdom government release WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange immediately. The publisher is currently fighting extradition to the United States at Old Bailey court in London and could face up to 175 years in prison for exposing U.S. war crimes. The […]
  • Generals Are Bureaucrats With Extra Stars
    The United States has always had a love affair with certain generals. George Washington, of course, was immensely popular, and thirteen U.S. presidents were generals before they were president. But prior to the Second World War, generals as a group were not revered or treated with any particular veneration or respect. In fact, in the […]
  • Julian Assange’s Persecuted Heroism
    It is dangerous to reveal the truth about the illegal and immoral things our government does with our money and in our name, and the war on journalists who dare reveal such truths is very much a bipartisan affair. Just ask Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who was relentlessly pursued first by the Obama Administration and […]
  • How ‘Collateral Murder’ Continues to Kill: The Tragedy of Danny Holmes
    Before he killed himself in Dodge Center, Minnesota, 30-year-old Iraq veteran Danny Holmes would often sit in front of his computer screen looking at photographs in a file marked “Iraq/Graphic.” When he did this, his girlfriend relayed, his lower lip twitched. The pictures had been taken for the U.S. military’s after-action report on an Apache […]
  • F.A. Hayek’s Conception of Private, Fiat Money
    The most famous Austrian economist is 1974 Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek. Because of his moderate views excusing state interventions in various circumstances, hardcore Rothbardians tend to regard Hayek as less than pure in many areas. However, one area where Hayek is certainly more radical (though perhaps not correct!) than even Murray Rothbard is monetary institutions, as detailed […]
  • Israel Demands F-35s As Part Of $8 Billion Military Aid Package
    With the United States set to use the peace treaty as a chance to sell F-35 warplanes to the United Arab Emirates, Israel has been pushing for a bunch of free U.S. equipment based on pledges for a region-wide qualitative edge. On Wednesday, Israel offered its first list of demands. The way Israel envisions this […]
  • Abolishing the Police in the Anarchist Tradition
    The tragic murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department has provoked a national conversation about police—their role in society, their protection from accountability, the unique danger they pose to civil society. That conversation has begun to pose a radical question, one that, if it seems novel, has been explored by […]
  • President Trump Labels Generals as Pawns of the Military-Industrial Complex
    Once again, the whispers of phantoms masquerading as administration officials have attempted to put Donald Trump on the defensive only two months before the fall election. And in typical fashion, the roused president has gone on an immediate rhetorical offensive. Trump has doubled down on his affirmations towards the U.S. military and the American soldier, while simultaneously […]
  • Traffic Lights, Risk Assessment, and Social Distancing in a COVID-19 World
    The summer in America’s South was somewhat incredible. People were refusing to wear masks, refusing to socially distance, and COVID-19 cases were increasing tremendously. Many hospitals were stressed and sending patients to other hospitals, then to other states. As the problem grew, with some version of it appearing in Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida […]
  • Debt Without Integrity
    “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” — Matthew 7:5 I grew up going to numerous youth group events, Christian summer camps, weekly chapels at my Christian high school, and of course church services once a week […]
  • CENTCOM Commander: No Evidence For Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops
    Months after The New York Times reported that Russia secretly offered bounties to the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan, a top US commander says a detailed review of all available intelligence found no corroboration of the story. Gen. Frank McKenzie, commander of U.S. CENTCOM, spoke with NBC News about the matter. “It just has not been proved […]
  • What We Can Learn From ‘The Untouchables’
    The 1987 film ‘The Untouchables’ starring Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and Robert DeNiro is perhaps for law enforcement what ‘Rocky’ is for boxing. It is the Hollywood tainted story of Elliot Ness, the United States Treasury agent who helped to bring down Al Capone (played by DeNiro) during the 1920s prohibition era in the United […]
  • A 19 Year Retrospective on the War on Terror
    Nineteen years after the 9/11 attacks, the War on Terror is still the biggest sham of this century. President George W. Bush promised to “rid the world of evil” and instead unleashed war and carnage. American troops are now fighting in 14 nations as part of an endless crusade against “extremists.” President Obama provided massive […]
  • The Lie of Rwanda
    When Barack Obama launched his war against Libya in 2011, a war that resulted in a bloody chaos that continues to this day, Susan Rice and Samantha Power both invoked the memory of Rwanda as justification. According to them, Muammar Qaddafi was on the verge of committing genocide against the people of Benghazi, and the […]
  • America’s War on Terror Has Displaced Millions
    The wars the U.S. government has fought since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have forced 37 million people—and perhaps as many as 59 million—from their homes, according to a newly released report from American University and Brown University’s Costs of War Project. Until now, no one has known how many people the wars have […]
  • Making Politics More Like a Free Market
    Free-market capitalism is the most successful economic system in history, as it has brought unprecedented prosperity and powered vast improvements in all aspects of human well-being. However, in spite of capitalism’s success, the application of economic ideas to politics is limited—which is very unfortunate, for many of the challenges characterizing contemporary politics could be solved […]
  • ATIXA: Willful Non-Compliance With Title IX?
    Just because a law is passed does not mean it is enacted. Implementation requires a bureaucracy willing to carry out the law rather than obstruct it. A new Title IX regulation was published on May 6; this section of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 prohibits schools that receive federal financial assistance from discriminating against […]
  • Public Letter, Signed By Prosecutors, Judges, and Cops, Demands Congress Expunge All Marijuana Convictions
    The organization formerly known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), now known as Law Enforcement Action Partnership, along with the National Black Police Association, and Fair and Just Prosecution have signed onto a revolutionary letter to Congress urging the federal government to legalize marijuana and expunge all past convictions relating to marijuana. In addition to the three […]
  • How to Misuse Global COVID-19 Statistics
    Have you heard about Somalia’s COVID-19 policy? In the official statistics, Somalia has just 3,362 confirmed infections and 97 confirmed deaths from COVID-19. On a per capita basis, the country has a death toll just barely above New Zealand, and below other widely reported success stories like South Korea, Japan, Norway, Germany, etc. Yet, my […]
  • New Report on the Nullification Movement in America
    Available formats (right-click to download): .pdf format .mobi format (for Kindle) .epub format (for Apple or Android) “Let us remember that if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom!” Writing as Candidus in the Boston Gazette on Oct. 14, 1771, Samuel Adams recognized an important and […]
  • A Protected Class: Police Union Issues ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Cards to Civilians
    Known as blue privilege, there is an unwritten law among police officers: when they catch their fellow cop, or even their fellow cop’s family member or friend breaking the law, they are let go without consequence. Situations that have led to the murder of minorities and poor people end far differently when its police and their families […]
  • A Rejoinder to the Looters: It’s More Than ‘Just Property’
    It’s now become fashionable on the left to defend looting as a means of redistributing wealth from allegedly unworthy business owners to the more deserving looters themselves. “It’s just property!” is the refrain, with the implication being that property owners should not defend their property with coercive means—such as calling in the police or using […]
  • What Bernie Goetz Can Teach Us About Vigilante Violence
    How many times can something be divided before it permanently breaks? In a matter of months, the edifice of a United States has become more and more cracked, after repeated blows from a pandemic virus, state-imposed lockdowns, mass unemployment, police shootings, and subsequent riots. The national mood is one of exhaustion and frustration, if not outright […]
  • Police Reform In Congress Is All Talk, and No Action
    A friend, and reader of the Libertarian Institute, asked me a few questions recently. Why did a group of protestors demand that Rand Paul say Breonna Taylor’s name when he was the senator that introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act? Why do we see very little media coverage of bills, like the one introduced […]
  • Jerome Powell Is Stealing Your Wealth
    The Federal Reserve has doubled down on its policy of devaluing your money. During a speech in Jackson Hole last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced a shift in the central bank’s inflation policy. In the past, the central bank has targeted a 2 percent inflation rate as measured by CPI. Now it will […]
  • Toxic Partisanship: A Gateway Towards Authoritarianism
    For years a consistent refrain in American politics has bewailed an increasingly polarized political atmosphere. As the Pew Research Center observes, for the first time in almost 25 years, “majorities in both parties express not just unfavorable but very unfavorable views of the other party.” Americans, the Pew study shows, now look across the aisle with fear, anger, […]
  • An American Withdrawal From Iraq Must Be More Than Words
    Earlier this month, while meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister, President Trump reaffirmed his intent to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq. “We were there and now we’re getting out. We’ll be leaving shortly,” the president told reporters at the time. Although President Obama should never have sent U.S. troops back into Iraq in 2016, […]
  • Unpleasant Times
    If Ludwig von Mises were alive today he would be viewing our current predicament with alarm but not surprise. He lived through something similar about a century ago. In response to inexcusable police brutality, some outraged people who’ve taken to the streets have crossed the sacred line between peaceful protest and violence. Recent months have […]
  • ‘Serve and Protect’? Eighty Percent of Criminal Charges Are for Misdemeanors
    A recent meeting by a North Carolina state government task force underscored that the mission today of American police forces may well be less to “serve and protect” and more to “harass and extract.” “Of North Carolina’s 1.9 million criminal charges, 1.6 million of those are misdemeanors,” reported the N.C Insider (subscription required). This statistic […]
  • New Evidence Indicates Police Provoked Violence In Kenosha
    Serious violence unfolded in Kenosha Tuesday night during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake. The violence mentioned below, however, was not between police and protesters. It was captured on video and it was between citizens. Two people were killed and a third victim was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after shooting began in […]
  • Hezbollah Bomb Plots: The Latest In Mossad Disinformation
    This article was originally featured at The Grayzone and is republished with permission. Israeli officials have exploited the massive explosion at the Port of Beirut this August to revive a dormant propaganda campaign that had accused the Lebanese militia and political party Hezbollah of storing ammonium nitrate in several countries to wage terror attacks on […]
  • Are We About To See A Troop Withdrawal From Iraq?
    Hubris, hypocrisy, and sanctimony are all constants of U.S. foreign policy. All came together in George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Most foreign policy analysts, other than the neoconservative war enthusiasts who dominated Bush administration decision-making, recognize that America’s unjustified aggression was a horrid bungle. The U.S. broke international law, vilified European allies, wrecked Iraq, […]
  • A Question of Motives
    People who regard themselves as members of the ideological environmental movement may or may not have good science on their side in any particular matter, but they do themselves no service when they speculate wildly about the motives of their opponents. I frequently hear such environmentalists characterize their opponents as people who want to make […]
  • Will the New Title IX Be Sabotaged?
    On August 14, a change of kind occurred in how educational institutions address accusations of sexual misconduct if they wish to receive federal funding. A controversial new Title IX regulation went into effect. Or did it? In today’s extraordinarily partisan times, there can be cognitive disconnect between official policy and actual practice. One reason: the […]
  • How State Policy Reducies Access to Hospital Beds
    We can all repeat the mantra without missing any beat: the lockdown was required to flatten the curve so that our hospital resources would not be overwhelmed during the pandemic. That argument is, by the way, quite correct. Anyone looking at the footage of the hospital wards in Lombardy would want to avoid that overcrowding […]
  • Bitcoin is Unbeatable
    Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are headline news again. DeFi—Decentralized Finance—tokens like LINK and others have exploded in recent weeks, capturing speculators’ imaginations. But more importantly, given the day-to-day fragility of the capital markets and the political reality they reflect, governments are scrutinizing cryptocurrencies harder. From the U.S. to China to Russia, governments are drafting laws and […]
  • How Privatizing the Roads Would Help Stop Police Brutality
    Advocates of a free society so frequently field the objection “Who will build the roads?” or some variation thereof that it’s become a meme. Much effort has been put into answering this question, including books on the privatization of roads and highways. What has received relatively little attention is what effect road privatization would have on the role […]
  • COVID-19 and Collateral Damage: Killing vs. Letting Die
    The question of killing versus letting die has long been a source of puzzlement to me, particularly as it arises in rallies for so-called “humanitarian” wars abroad. Wealthy nations regularly “allow” people to die all over the world—of disease and starvation, as a result of natural disasters, etc.—so how, I have often wondered, does the […]
  • Ron Paul: The Untold Story of the Man Who Helped Inspire a New Generation of Liberty Lovers
    Ron Paul is more than a presidential candidate or veteran Congressman. Learn how he became the inspiration for the pro-liberty movement across America.
  • The War State: Summary, Analysis, and Commentary
    The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963, by Michael Swanson Not too long ago, a deluge of hysteria surrounded President Trump amid his threat to declare a national emergency in order to secure funding for a border wall. Alas, those simpler times of alleged fascism have […]
  • Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax
    A New Whistleblower Exposes the ‘Cambridge Four’ This interview was recorded August 13, 2020. The computer garbled the audio terribly, but at least the auto-transcriber was able to make sense of it. The following is edited for clarity and minor mess-ups. Scott Horton: Alright you guys, introducing Matt Taibbi, formerly at Rolling Stone and now […]
  • As More Children Learn From Home, The State Is Cracking Down on ‘Virtual Truancy’
    As remote learning creates more distance between school districts and students, school and state officials are clinging to control however they can. From sending Child Protective Services (CPS) agents to investigate charges of neglect in homes where children missed Zoom classes last spring, to proposing “child wellbeing checks” in homes this fall, government schools and […]
  • The Constitution Is Not Your Friend
    One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about the Constitution is that it was written to “protect our liberty.” It wasn’t. At least not in a direct sense. The confusion likely arises from the words of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they […]
  • Western Europe Puts Free Speech in the Crosshairs
    As Murray Rothbard, writing in Power and Market, noted: “Democracy may be thought of, not so much as a value in itself, but as a possible method for achieving other desired ends…Democracy, after all, is simply a method of choosing governors and issues, and it is not so surprising that it might have value largely […]
  • Debunking Marx’s ‘Iron Law of Wages’
    Does a competitive, free market capitalist system drive down wages for the common man? That’s the question I was confronted with in a recent exchange I had with a Marxist on Twitter. My original post stated that “Free, competitive markets don’t drive down worker wages, as Marx argued.” “Instead,” the post continued, “markets drive up […]
  • Sam Eagle vs. The Feds
    The Michigan State Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (and drive through donut joints, but that doesn’t fit in the title) has the job of patrolling the shores and skies over Lake Michigan. This summer, an “environmental quality analyst” was operating a $950 drone, examining the natural conditions under his purview. It was going […]
  • The War Party Aims For Regime Change in Belarus
    It seems that whoever wins the presidency, United States foreign policy will keep chugging away at intervening across the world, including via “regime change” efforts. Over the last couple decades, targets for U.S.-government-supported overthrow have included Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela. Belarus also appears to be in the U.S. government’s crosshairs. If […]
  • A ‘Sound Money Caucus’ Has Launched On Capitol Hill
    As the political and central banking establishment in Washington continues to bail out the economy and markets by creating trillions of unbacked pieces of paper and electronic digits, a handful of congressmen hope to shine a new spotlight on the devastating effects of this runaway financial profligacy. Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH) recently announced the creation […]
  • Trump’s Last Chance at Reelection: End the Wars!
    Four years ago, Donald Trump electrified campaign audiences by denouncing “Trigger Happy Hillary” Clinton. Trump bragged in 2016 that his advisers knew “how to avoid the endless wars we are caught in now” but he has yet to deliver on what many voters believed was his most important campaign promise. Can he revive his faltering reelection bid by boldly […]
  • Crony Capitalist Execs Cheer Selection of Kamala Harris as Dem VP
    With the prospect of longtime bank critic and progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren being chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate now officially dead, Wall Street executives are openly applauding the presumptive Democratic nominee’s selection of California Sen. Kamala Harris as a signal that the top of the party’s ticket in November will be sufficiently “moderate” for their liking. Charles Myers, […]
  • Who Helped Timothy McVeigh Blow Up Oklahoma City?
    Cassville is located in the extreme southwest of Missouri, sitting adjacent to the northeastern Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas state borders. It’s about an hour away from the nearby cities of Joplin and Carthage and about two and a half hours, 130 miles, from Elohim City, Oklahoma. It was in Cassville that William Maloney operated a […]
  • Two For the Price of One: War Party Charges Both Russia & China With 2020 Election Interference
    Almost four years of Democrats and liberal mainstream pundits hysterically blaming President Trump’s 2016 victory on Russia has done enormous damage to U.S. political discourse. Besides the immense danger of ramping up tensions with another major nuclear power, Russiagate has also influenced Republicans and right-wingers to use the same tactic to bash Trump’s opponent for […]
  • Why I Write
    I was born in Iowa, raised in the mountains of Virginia, and attended Virginia Tech sporadically from 1974 to 1976 before dropping out to try my luck writing. At some point in the late 1970s, individual liberty became my highest political value and I resolved to do what I could to defend it. I had […]
  • Hey Uncle Sam, Hands Off Our Social Media!
    Rep. Matt Gaetz made a pair of bizarre tweets recently calling for the Department of Justice to issue injunctions against Facebook and Twitter for “trying to silence the President.” This is a strange demand from anyone claiming to be a proponent of small government. Whether you agree with social media companies banning content or not, […]
  • The Oklahoma City Bombing Surveiled: What Do the Videos Show?
    Today, closed-circuit surveillance cameras are ubiquitous. You find them everywhere: at gas stations, stoplights, on government property, on private property. At the time of the April 19th, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, you could find surveillance cameras mounted at over a dozen properties in downtown Oklahoma City: the Regency Towers apartment building, the Journal Records Building, […]
  • How State Governments Can Fight the Federal Reserve
    If you want to end unconstitutional, overreaching federal power—end the Fed. It’s the engine that drives the most powerful government in the history of the world. But Congress will never abolish the central bank. It can’t even come up with the will to audit the Fed. So what can we do? Even though state action can’t […]
  • Televised Brutality: Cops Raid Man’s Home For Benefit of TV Cameras
    The controversial reality TV show “Live PD” was recently taken off the air, as the country is beginning to rethink its relationship with police, and how they are being portrayed in the media. Just like the show’s predecessor “COPS,” Live PD has been accused of crossing ethical boundaries in order to get their footage. In […]
  • The Fed and the Road to QTM
    Milton Friedman famously said, “Inflation was always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” But Friedman didn’t live through the QE years here in the U.S. and blatantly ignored the twenty plus years of Japanese deflation despite QE and insane levels of money printing during the latter years of his life. Because Friedman, like a lot of […]
  • Regarding Seth Rogen: Some Feelings Ought to Be Hurt
    When actor Seth Rogen, an atheist of Jewish heritage, announced that he no longer supports Israel — “I was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel my entire life” — he was criticized for his apostasy. (Being an atheist does not constitute Jewish heresy, but breaking with Israel does.) Then, during a call with […]
  • COVID-19 Controversies and Communitarianism
    The ongoing controversies swirling about COVID-19 continue to confound me. Not the fact that questions have been posed and “conspiracies” rejected but, rather, that many parties on both sides of every COVID-19 divide—regarding lockdowns, masks, vaccines, whether children should go to school and healthy people should go to work, etc.—appear to be thoroughly convinced that […]
  • Is Sweden’s COVID-19 Response a Cautionary Tale or a Model to Follow? It’s Complicated
    In the ongoing debate about lockdowns in the US, Sweden has become the battleground. To mainstream media outlets, Sweden’s experience is cited as a cautionary tale. CBS writes that Sweden has become “an example of how not to handle COVID-19”. Meanwhile, to those who have been skeptical of the lockdown policy all along, Sweden’s results are occasionally […]
  • Should Libertarians Work With “Commies” and “Fascists”?
    Over the last several weeks, we have seen some libertarians participating in Black Live Matters protests against police violence. This has led to criticism. Should libertarians be linking arms with “Marxists” even if they have a common cause? This raises a broader strategy question: should libertarians work with people ideologically opposed to their broader principles […]
  • Hey Feds: Hands Off Our Cities
    The violence and the utter disregard for basic human rights displayed by the Left in recent years—combined with its support for war crimes when a Democrat is president—have made me inclined to play nice with conservatives these days. At least conservatives aren’t planning to torch my neighborhood any time soon, and at the moment they’re no worse than the Left on foreign policy. […]
  • Reboot Government? No, Dismantle It
    Imagine my intrigue at seeing this subtitle kicking off a recent op-ed in USA Today: Why do Americans hate Washington? One reason is that it makes us feel powerless. Americans hating Washington? An article exploring how the state makes its citizens feel powerless? Sign me up. It didn’t take long, however, for me to be […]
  • The Ruinous Results of ‘Maximum Pressure’ Sanctions on Iran
    Iran’s economy is imploding. And American hawks are celebrating it as an opportunity for Washington to turn the screws on the Iranian regime. To the hawks’ credit, they’re not wrong: sanctions have broken the Iranian economy. By one analysis, Iran’s inflation rate jumped 30% just this month. But is crushing the Iranian economy with sanctions […]
  • Can Lockdown Learning Liberate Male Students?
    The COVID-19 cloud hanging over North American universities may contain a ray of sunlight. It may ease what is called “the boy problem” in education—a significantly reduced number of male students and of male achievement in colleges. As bleak as isolated learning may seem to some, it may be more male friendly than many campuses. […]
  • Imagining a Memorial for the Veterans of the Global War on Terror
    Memorials are intrinsically meant to be a community fixture. There is a reason they are placed in the public square, made the focal points of parks and included alongside bustling streets instead of being kept away for private eyes or individual observance. Memorials are a collective means of commemorating and honoring past events, leaders, and […]
  • 2020 Has Killed the State’s Claim to Legitimacy
    The American political system may be on the eve of its worst legitimacy crisis since the Civil War. Early warning signals indicate that many states could suffer catastrophic failures in counting votes in November. The election will occur amidst the vast economic devastation inflicted by a political class that responded to COVID by seizing almost […]
  • What Libertarians Must Learn from Duverger’s Law
    A recent episode of Michael Malice’s “Your Welcome,” featuring guest Dave Smith, lamented Libertarian Party politics. Malice notably despises the party and made a great point that it is easier for libertarians to get elected and make some noise from within either the Democratic or Republican Parties than to change much through a third party—namely, […]
  • A Strategy for Forcing the State Back
    As libertarians, we like to discuss two things: what could be and what is wrong with society today. Some of us are intrigued by the promises of a free society, no matter if we advocate the total abolishment of the State or wish to radically cut back on its powers. It kind of sets your […]
  • Video: Cops Kill Six Year Old While Attempting To Shoot Unarmed Woman
    In December 2017, the Free Thought Project reported on the tragic death of 6-year-old Kameron Prescott whose life was stolen from him when police opened fire on an unarmed woman suspected of stealing a car. In June of 2018, the family of the little boy who was gunned down by police found out that the cops […]
  • The Threat of a Digitized Currency
    If some Congress members get their way, the Federal Reserve may soon be able to track many of your purchases in real time and share that information with government agencies. This is just one of the problems with the proposed “digital dollar” or “fedcoin.” Fedcoin was initially included in the first coronavirus spending bill. While […]
  • America’s Hobbesian Tyranny
    Almost 400 years ago, English philosopher Thomas Hobbes wrote a book scoffing at tyrannophobia—the “fear of being strongly governed.” This was a peculiar term that Hobbes invented in Leviathan, since civilized nations had feared tyrants for almost 2000 years at that point. But over the past 150 years, Hobbes’ totalitarianism has been defined out of existence […]
  • It Is Time to End Federal Executions
    Last week the federal government executed three inmates. These marked the first federal executions in 17 years. The long lapse in executions may make this seem like a non-issue to some people but all executions are inherently wrong. The Attorney General’s directive makes federal executions a new priority for the Department of Justice, which means […]

Being Libertarian

  • There Are More Important Things Than Surviving COVID-19 – Opting Out
    "I’d say the normal person’s intuition is correct: survival isn’t enough, there has to be some greater meaning," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out. The post There Are More Important Things Than Surviving COVID-19 – Opting Out appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Winning the Language Game – Misconceptions
    "Language is the tool by which we communicate and form narratives. If your ideological opponent is the one controlling the narrative, with you simply following along, they have the advantage," writes Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions. The post Winning the Language Game – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The Problem With Jo Jorgensen Tweets – Opting Out
    "Jorgensen would be a better President than any other major candidate running. She’s not going to win, but that’s fine. The benefit of a strong Jorgensen campaign, and a strong Jorgensen result (comparatively speaking), is that libertarian thought is shared to a wide number of people. But her Twitter campaign team are wasting a unique opportunity for evangelization," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out. The post The Problem With Jo Jorgensen Tweets – Opting Out appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Corruption Pervades More Than Just Police Departments
    In 2014, Edward Scigliano, former Boston Fire department district chief, acquired $32,000 to pay off his credit card debt, a 52-inch television, a gas grill, a living room set, an elliptical machine, and gift cards. No, he wasn’t a Game Show winner. Instead, he used his state-sanctioned power as chief to defraud vendors, and taxpayers, […] The post Corruption Pervades More Than Just Police Departments appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Virtue Requires Liberty – Misconceptions
    "If a mass murderer is locked away in prison, and therefore unable to murder anyone else, is he now a more virtuous person than he was before? Of course not. If he had a choice, he would continue acting immorally, but it is his imprisonment preventing him from doing so," writes Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions. The post Virtue Requires Liberty – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The Morality of Tax Avoidance – Misconceptions
    "Would it not be better to celebrate tax avoidance wherever we see it, whether it be by the rich, the poor, and everyone in between?" asks Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions. The post The Morality of Tax Avoidance – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Marshall Law and the Power of the Supreme Court
    "Thanks to Chief Justice John Marshall, the commerce clause has been expanded for the federal government to regulate everything in existence," writes Daren A. Wiseley. The post Marshall Law and the Power of the Supreme Court appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • This Is What Happens When You Politicize an Illness
    "It doesn’t matter how serious a threat you believe COVID-19 represents or what you believe the responses should be; trusting politicians to keep you safe from a disease is now and never has been a good way of containing it," writes Danny Chabino. The post This Is What Happens When You Politicize an Illness appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The Consequences of Not Caring
    "One side is saying the same things we have said for 50 years and holding the line, while, unfortunately, the other side has decided the buildings are more important than justice. They’ve determined that some batshit George Soros conspiracy is obviously more logical than the idea that hundreds of years of awful policies and violence have finally pushed people to the edge," writes Matt “DiGi” DiGiallonardo. The post The Consequences of Not Caring appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Is Individualism Atomistic? – Misconceptions
    "... for the majority of the individualist tradition, from Nock to Mises to Thatcher, individualism is not hostile to genuine community or social bonds, nor does it deny their influence. It merely advocates for the importance of the individual and individual rights," writes Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions. The post Is Individualism Atomistic? – Misconceptions appeared first on Being Libertarian.

Antiwar.com Blog

  • Blaming Moscow for Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Russiagate Disinformation
    From The Grayzone: Former intelligence officials, Democratic leaders, and media outlets dismissing the Hunter Biden story as “Russian disinformation” are spreading more Russiagate disinformation, ex-CIA officer Ray McGovern says. Media outlets are amplifying the claims of former intelligence officials, including John Brennan and James Clapper, as well as of top Democrats, including Joe Biden and … Continue reading "Blaming Moscow for Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Russiagate Disinformation" The post Blaming Moscow for Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Russiagate Disinformation appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • How I Became a Heretic to My Liberal Friends
    My wife has become increasingly nervous when political topics arise in conversations with our friends over dinner or drinks. She’s afraid I’ll disrupt a pleasant occasion by expressing views that are anathema to our liberal, Democratic friends. Like what? you might ask. Well, there are several, but the most inflammatory one is my denial that … Continue reading "How I Became a Heretic to My Liberal Friends" The post How I Became a Heretic to My Liberal Friends appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Biden Appeals to Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Voters Reveal Democrats’ Plans in the Balkans
    US Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been on a whirlwind campaign in an attempt to defeat President Donald Trump in next month’s election. Published policy papers has shown Biden’s strong support for Greece, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Albania and Kosovo as he seeks to win over millions of Diaspora votes. The candidate has … Continue reading "Biden Appeals to Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Voters Reveal Democrats’ Plans in the Balkans" The post Biden Appeals to Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Voters Reveal Democrats’ Plans in the Balkans appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Glenn Greenwald & Tucker Carlson On Questions That Must Be Asked Of Joe Biden About Hunter Scandal
    Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson Wednesday night on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal: The post Glenn Greenwald & Tucker Carlson On Questions That Must Be Asked Of Joe Biden About Hunter Scandal appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Just Say No to a Karabakh ‘No-Fly Zone’
    From The American Conservative: The renewed fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Karabakh has not drawn that much attention in the West, but many of the initial, knee-jerk responses to the conflict have been remarkably bad. Whether it is members of Congress urging U.S. recognition of an independent Artsakh, pro-Azerbaijan advocates calling for US support … Continue reading "Just Say No to a Karabakh ‘No-Fly Zone’" The post Just Say No to a Karabakh ‘No-Fly Zone’ appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • 19h Anniversary of Boots on the Ground in Afghanistan: With Danny Sjursen, Dan McKnight, and Scott Horton
    Live at the grave of Gen. Smedley Butler. Sponsored by BringOurTroopsHome.US The post 19h Anniversary of Boots on the Ground in Afghanistan: With Danny Sjursen, Dan McKnight, and Scott Horton appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Glenn Greenwald: Mainstream Media Tries To Censor Hunter Biden Email Story
    Glenn Greenwald on Tucker Carlson last night: The post Glenn Greenwald: Mainstream Media Tries To Censor Hunter Biden Email Story appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • There They Go Again! Adam Schiff Blames RUSSIA For Biden’s Laptop
    Deja vu! Once again those Russians have come through to plant disinformation during a US presidential campaign! This time they are accused of being involved with Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop. Rep. Adam Schiff claims he’s as sure about Russian activity this time as he was sure of Trump collusion with Russia last time. How did … Continue reading "There They Go Again! Adam Schiff Blames RUSSIA For Biden’s Laptop" The post There They Go Again! Adam Schiff Blames RUSSIA For Biden’s Laptop appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • The Inhumanity of ‘Maximum Pressure’
    From The American Conservative: Francisco Rodriguez explains how the U.S. has helped Maduro to consolidate his hold on power with its harmful sanctions and regime change policy: In weathering all these pressures, Maduro has benefited from the actions of an unsuspecting accomplice: the United States. Maduro can rightly blame Washington for contributing to the country’s … Continue reading "The Inhumanity of ‘Maximum Pressure’" The post The Inhumanity of ‘Maximum Pressure’ appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Ex-OPCW Chief Defends Syria Whistleblowers and Reveals He Was Spied on Before Iraq War
    From The Grayzone: In a Grayzone exclusive, José Bustani, the former head of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, speaks out in support of two veteran OPCW inspectors who challenged a US-backed cover-up of their investigation in Syria. Bustani also reacts to the recent US-UK-France-led effort to prevent his testimony at the UN … Continue reading "Ex-OPCW Chief Defends Syria Whistleblowers and Reveals He Was Spied on Before Iraq War" The post Ex-OPCW Chief Defends Syria Whistleblowers and Reveals He Was Spied on Before Iraq War appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.

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