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Unfortunately, no single news source tells the whole truth, so I have been forced to use articles from libertarian and leftist sources to get to the truth. I urge readers to go through the articles, read them for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. I am presenting stuff you can’t get in mainstream news here at my blog. To open links to another page, R-click on the link to open.


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  • How Not To Argue Against the Minimum Wage
    Among the hotly contested list of Joe Biden’s promises is an increase of the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. There are plenty of sound reasons to oppose government minimum wage laws, but there is one objection making the rounds that is based on bad economics and should be avoided, and that’s the “businesses […]
  • Testing Positive for COVID-Bootlicking
    The COVID pandemic has shown how easy it is to make people hate anyone who is not as frightened as themselves. Since last March, politicians and health officials have fanned fears to commandeer far more control over Americans’ daily lives. And millions of Americans have been happy to condemn any violators of the endlessly changing […]
  • Interview: Danny Sjursen Explains War in the Age of Biden
    David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on ridiculous establishment-friendly media coverage given to the Biden inauguration. Also in the show, David brings to our attention the recent nonsensical censorship taken against him by YouTube. Plus, Ret. Major Danny Sjursen calls in to give us an overall assessment of the Biden inauguration. What should we […]
  • How Small States Enable Wealth: A Historical Analysis
    Deepak Lal, a prominent, pro-market, development economist wrote the following words in his 2004 book, In Praise of Empires: Empires have been natural throughout human history. Most people have lived in empires. Empires and the process of globalization associated with them have provided the order necessary for social and economic life to flourish. By linking previously […]
  • The Prospects for Liberty Under a President Biden
    While some liberty activists may be despondent over recent developments in our country including the coming one-party power in Washington, D.C., there are reasons to be hopeful about the prospects for liberty in the age of Biden. First, despite what many in the media are saying, the Democrats do not have an unstoppable majority. Even […]
  • So, Tell Me, ‘Do You Hate the State?’
    This is a simple question. One you should ask yourself often (some of us ask and answer it everyday). Murray Rothbard’s short article quoted in the title is a masterpiece, but was written in 1977. The last remnants of the gold standard had just been done away with and the remaining soldier/diplomats in Vietnam had come home […]
  • In Defense of Statues and Other Texts—All of Them
    There has been a lot of discussion and some action on the question whether statues portraying or representing men currently regarded as scoundrels by self-styled “good people” should be permitted to stand. On its face, such a view would seem to imply that many of the public squares and buildings of the great cities of […]
  • Panic in the Imperial City
    Despite all the lip service about democracy, justice, human rights, freedom, equality and so forth—the entire Washington establishment exists for the sole purpose of perpetuating the empire. How do I know? Because the media response to the January 6th attack at the Capitol reveals the Washington establishment’s true nature. The political class has commenced Operation […]
  • It’s Time to March Home
    One becomes a hardened cynic when following U.S. foreign policy. Such pessimism is justified: looking at nearly two decades’ worth of nation building abroad and a seemingly shatterproof consensus on foreign policy interventionism in DC $6 trillion and roughly seven thousand American lives later, America’s foreign policy machine appears to be chugging along just fine. The election of Joe […]
  • The Warfare State’s Agents of Death
    With the mainstream media still obsessing about the January 6th “violent coup attempt” at the U.S. Capitol Building, the incoming Biden Administration looks to be chock full of actual purveyors of violent coups. Don’t look to the mainstream media to report on this, however. Some of the same politicians and bureaucrats denouncing the ridiculous farce […]
  • A Bigger Military Doesn’t Mean a Stronger Military
    In the debate over whether or not China will soon rise to challenge the United States as the world’s hegemon, it is often assumed that states with large aggregate economies are necessarily more militarily powerful ones. This stems from decades-old methods that remain popular among scholars and pundits who write on international relations and foreign […]
  • Congress Prepares to Excommunicate Millions of Americans
    “Have you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?” was the question used in congressional hearings in the 1950s in what was portrayed as a witch hunt against leftists that blighted American freedom of speech. A new witch hunt is sweeping Washington, Silicon Valley, and much of the media based […]
  • Why Statists Despise Trump
    In the words of Ronald Reagan, here we go again. The unbelievable hatred that Democrats, liberals, progressives, and the mainstream press have toward President Trump continues to consume them, with the latest manifestation being a second impeachment of President Trump, just a few days before he leaves office. Isn’t the purpose of an impeachment to […]
  • VIDEO: Cop Tortures Pregnant Mother With Taser
    For four months, Officer Leon Davis with the Springfield [Massachusetts] police department escaped accountability for a most disturbing act of using his taser on a pregnant woman—repeatedly—in a sickening attempt to inflict punishment. However, the actions by Davis were too much for the department to sweep under the rug, and this week Davis was arrested […]
  • Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism
    I wrote another book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism .Advance Praise for Enough Already “If you only read one book this year on America’s unending ‘War on Terror,’ it should be this persuasive and devastatingly damning account of how the United States created the original al Qaeda terrorism threat by its […]
  • Silver Lining to the Lockdowns?
    Something good is coming out of the covid lockdowns. Economist David Rosenberg released a special report via the eponymous Rosenberg Research, concluding “the pre-COVID-19 ‘norm’ of a 7% personal savings rate will morph into a post-COVID-19 norm of 10%.” Rosenberg makes frequent TV appearances after he was chief North American economist at Merrill Lynch in New York […]
  • Trump Brings Troop Levels in Afghanistan to Lowest in 19 Years
    The U.S. has reduced the number of U.S troops in Afghanistan to 2,500, the Pentagon announced Friday. President Donald Trump had promised in October to bring all remaining U.S. forces in Afghanistan back home by Christmas. “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!” he tweeted. […]
  • Congress Cares When It’s Their Windows Being Broken
    The political hysteria unleashed by last week’s clash at the Capitol between police and Trump protestors poses a growing danger to Americans’ constitutional rights. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer ludicrously compared the ruckus to Pearl Harbor—a “day of infamy.” Schumer complained that the “temple to democracy was desecrated…our offices vandalized” and that rioters were able […]
  • Cop Kills Unarmed Pastor as Family Watches in Horror
    Patrick Warren Sr. was a loving father, husband, and pastor in his community whose life was taken from him on Sunday after his family called police for help. The family asked for a mental health expert, but according to their attorney, one was not available, so a Killeen cop showed up instead. Less than two […]
  • We Have Enough Problems; Don’t Make War with Iran Another
    It is nigh impossible to look away from the chaos in Washington, but U.S.-Iran relations in the waning days of the Trump administration deserve a wary glance. Two U.S. bombers flew a “deterrence mission” in the Gulf region this past Thursday. U.S. Central Command has yet to release a statement on the flight, but an official described the last […]
  • If You Care About Ashli Babbitt, You Should Care About George Floyd
    As she breached multiple doors in the U.S. Capitol, while accompanied by dozens of other rioters, Ashli Babbitt’s last moments alive were spent attempting to break into a heavily barricaded area, climbing through a window before being shot in the chest by a police officer. Though she was breaking the law, she was unarmed when […]
  • How the Farm Lobby Stifles the International Market
    Farmers from the major wheat- and rice-growing provinces of India have filed into the capital region to voice their displeasure with recent farm reforms. This comes as India’s government undermines longstanding privileges for farmers in a major transition toward free market agriculture. For weeks farmers have been camping out along major highways near New Delhi to […]
  • Big Tech Cracks Down On Social Media Dissidents
    Whipping Americans into a tizzy to use their anger against them for political gain, has and always will be the modus operandi of the state. Fear, anger, and divide are extremely powerful tools used by tyrants to gain the compliance and obedience of the masses. Although these tools of the state use deceptive language, half-truths, […]
  • Whisphers in the Wind
    As the fiasco of U.S. democracy shreds at any sense of dignity the world watches on and pretends that the health of the American empire is vibrant, the opinionated social media activist and the interested expert all find outrage in the moment.  Biden and Trump drips from the chanting lips of those who are storming […]
  • A Reader’s Guide to Liberalism
    Has the definition of “liberal” changed over time? One of the more compelling debates in American intellectual circles concerns classical liberalism vs modern liberalism. In American parlance, the word liberal is used reflexively, often without much deep thought about its origin. It usually refers to individuals associated with the contemporary left and loosely connected to […]
  • Intelligence Agencies Point Finger at Russia for SolarWinds Hack
    In a rare joint statement, the FBI, NSA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Office of the DNI said the recently discovered hack of the software firm SolarWinds that affected several government agencies was “likely Russian in origin.” The intelligence agencies offered no evidence to back up the claim that Russia was “likely” responsible. […]
  • How to Build a Gun Club: A Guide to Organizing and Starting Your Own Local Gun Club
    There’s never a bad time to start a gun club, but there are maybe better times than others.
  • Your Permanent Record: Police Are Labeling Children With Bad Grades as “Potential Criminals”
    In the ostensible land of the free, we are told that all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty by their peers. To those who’ve been paying attention however, we know that “innocent until proven guilty” is a farce into today’s police state. If you doubt this assertion, you need only look at the data […]
  • New Report Continues to Obfuscate Killing of Duncan Lemp
    Why did a Montgomery County, Maryland SWAT team kill  21-year-old Duncan Lemp, in a no-knock predawn raid on March 12? The county released an official report yesterday stating that a violent no-knock raid was justified “due to Lemp being ‘anti-government,’ ‘anti-police,’ currently in possession of body armor, and an active member of the Three Percenters.”  The […]
  • How 2020 Destroyed the Myths of America
    Thanks in large part to COVID lockdowns, this year has left vast wreckage in its wake, with ten million jobs lost, more than 100,000 businesses and dozens of national chains bankrupted or closed. Up to 40 million people could face eviction in the coming months for failing to pay rent, and Americans report that their mental health is at record […]
  • James Douglass, the Kennedy Assassination, and a Missed Dinner in Austin
    “Austin All Agog Over Kennedy Visit Friday” read the headline of the Austin American Statesman. The Texas capital was sparing no expense in welcoming the President of the United States. City schools were set to close early so that children could see the motorcade, and the excitement could be felt building in the weeks before. […]
  • Is Texas Secession In the Cards?
    On December 8, 2020 a previously unknown member of the Texas State Legislature, Kyle Biedermann, sent shockwaves through the liberty movement. He announced that he would file legislation that would allow a public vote on TEXIT, a move towards Texas seceding from the United States. When the lower court of Pennsylvania ruled that certification of the vote count be […]
  • Is ‘Equality’ A Worthy Goal?
    Probably the most frequently used non-COVID buzzword in 2020 was the term “social justice.” You couldn’t escape it. From the George Floyd protests turned riots, even to the world of sports, the notion of social justice and its key component—equality—was everywhere. I can just imagine the late great Murray Rothbard cringing upon turning on a […]
  • Since 2015, American Police Have Killed 1600% More U.S. Citizens Than ‘Mass Shooters’
    Tragically, in America, mass shootings—in which murdering psychopaths go on rampages in public spaces—have claimed the lives of 392 people since 2015. While this number is certainly shocking and far too high, during this same time frame, police in America have claimed the lives of 6,571 citizens, according to Mapping Police Violence. That is over 16 times […]
  • DNA Evidence of Second Bomber at Oklahoma City?
    A DNA profile forgotten about for twenty years is it the final piece of evidence to put to rest remaining questions about the Oklahoma City bombing. Fox 25 first told you about the existence of the unknown DNA profile last December, but in the months that have followed there has been no identification of the profile, […]
  • Welcome to Zombie Pharm
    Imagine a world where you were required to cover your face and nose whenever you stepped out of your home or when anyone came to your door. No one would know when you smiled or frowned and the difficulty of communicating the ideas you attempted to share would eventually deter you from saying much of […]
  • War Resisters, Take Back the First Amendment!
    The American antiwar movement has an illustrious history of peacefully highlighting and denouncing the criminality of our country’s military apparatus. From Henry David Thoreau’s tax resistance to the Mexican-American War, to SDS’s protests against the Vietnam War, to the progressive-libertarian marches against the Iraq War, the antiwar movement has long been on the frontlines of […]
  • It’s Time To Cut the Philippines Loose
    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte once again extended the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States after flip-flopping on the issue twice this year. The Trump Administration missed the chance to call Duterte’s bluff and end the one-sided agreement. When the time comes, the Biden Administration shouldn’t make the same mistake. Duterte criticized the United […]
  • The Real Murderers: 34 Police Departments Kill Americans At Higher Rate Than National Average
    According to the most recent count of police killings, police in America have killed 1,039 people this year. Exactly 21 of these victims were at or under the age of 18 when their lives were taken by police officers who swore an oath to protect and serve. Many were unarmed while others were entirely innocent. […]
  • War, Peace, and the State
    The libertarian movement has been chided by William F. Buckley, Jr., for failing to use its “strategic intelligence” in facing the major problems of our time. We have, indeed, been too often prone to “pursue our busy little seminars on whether or not to demunicipalize the garbage collectors” (as Buckley has contemptuously written), while ignoring […]
  • Should We Ban Incitements to Violence?
    In 1969, the Supreme Court ruled in Brandenburg v. Ohio that incitements to “imminent lawless action” that are “likely to…produce such action” are constitutionally unprotected. States, therefore, can prohibit incitements without running afoul of the First Amendment. Was the Court’s ruling correct? Let us recall that the First Amendment prohibits the government from “abridging the […]
  • Lloyd Austin Represents ‘Business As Usual’
    Libertarian educator Tom Woods famously quipped that “no matter who you vote for you end up with John McCain.” Unfortunately Woods was proven right for about the thousandth time this past week, as Washington again showed us that it is all about war. First, we learned that if Joe Biden ends up in the White […]
  • Build Back Braver
    2020 is coming to a lumbering close. Thankfully right? I see so many celebrating the end of a miserable year. I don’t think the New Year matters much though, and I’m always the optimist in the room. I remember reading somewhere last February, can’t remember who said it, but it was stated that the coming […]
  • How Coronavirus Put the Nanny State on Steroids
    The COVID pandemic this year has profoundly transformed the relationship of government to American citizens. Constitutional leashes have been obliterated as state and local politicians and officials have issued endless decrees that were vastly more effective at destroying freedom than at curbing a virus. And the Biden administration may soon take further leaps towards making […]
  • How State Legislators Can End Our Endless Wars
    While President Trump was negotiating yet another peace agreement this week — this time between Israel and Morocco — his enemies beat the drums of war in their ongoing effort to overthrow the America First foreign policy. It’s sad that throughout the entirety of Mr. Trump’s presidency, the swamp has worked around the clock to dismantle his efforts […]
  • An Anarchist Take on the Religious Clauses
    The Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses bar Congress from establishing religions and interfering with free religious exercise. How should anarchists feel about that?  Well, the first clause should positively thrill anarchists, what with anarchists’ well-documented skepticism of Congress’s “establishing” anything, let alone something as weighty as a religion! The second shouldn’t seem so bad to […]
  • Bitcoin vs. Wall Street
    The big worry among the bitcoin perma-bears is the threat of government ‘making it illegal.’ The latest bogeyman on this front is none other than U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Rumors float that he’s considering outlawing ‘self-custody wallets,’ in effect confiscating the private keys of everyone’s cryptos. In a Twitter-thread, the chief executive [of Coinbase Brian Armstrong] said that […]
  • Nothing Delivered: Trump’s ‘Antiwar’ Deception
    President Donald Trump seems uninterested in ending any “endless wars.” Before leaving office, he could and should do so in Afghanistan, for example, where U.S. forces—while losing the longest war in our history—have led a brutal occupation for nearly 20 years. Afghanistan is just one of the places where Donald Trump has set records for […]
  • Will Washington Review the Double Standards of Its Syria File?
    The mayhem of the presidential elections left the American policy-makers locked in heated arguments about the future of the U.S. domestic and foreign policy alike. One of the most pressing issues on the agenda is the Middle East developments, especially the U.S. role in Syria. After his ultimate defeat in the national vote Donald Trump […]
  • Walter Q. Gresham, America’s Anti-Imperialist Secretary of State
    President-elect Joe Biden will soon finish selecting the men and women who will staff his incoming administration. The first announcements comprise the core of his foreign policy team, including the nomination of his longtime confidant Antony Blinken to be the next Secretary of State. Blinken, as both a former deputy national security adviser and deputy […]
  • Syrian Oil Smuggling Ring Unites Turkey, Syrian Kurds, Barzani Family
    A reluctant decline of violence on the fronts of the Syrian conflict over the past few years brought a flickering hope for an improvement of the overall situation in the country battered by the almost decade-long conflict. This positive impulse, however, failed to meet the expectations: both the government and opposition areas continue to suffer […]
  • Libertarian Messaging For 2021: Part 2
    Let’s just jump right in since you can go to part 1 and see my yada, yada qualifications and such. Here’s the Tweet: End all corporate bailouts/welfare For those of you who remember the great recession of 2008, or have read about it in books such as Tom Woods’ classic, Meltdown, you recall that the majority of the people […]
  • Beware the ‘Nurse Ratched’ State
    Advocates of minimal government have often warned against “The Nanny State,” which rears its ugly head whenever bureaucrats try to tell people what they should do and how they should live. There is a sense in which all governments do that, through the very enactment of laws, but Nanny-leaders mete out prescriptions which vastly exceed […]
  • Is Trump Starting a War with Iran?
    Leading up to his White House exit, President Donald Trump has dramatically increased tensions with Iran, possibly making war inevitable. In mid-November, The New York Times reported that, in an oval office meeting, Trump asked his top aides for options for attacking Iran’s civilian nuclear sites. The main target was the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. […]
  • How Barack Obama Killed Political Idealism (Good)
    Americans are sickened of an “idealism that is oblique, confusing, dishonest, and ferocious,” as H.L. Mencken wrote a hundred years ago. Though Mencken was condemning President Woodrow Wilson, the same verdict could characterize the legacy of former president Barack Obama. Obama is now on a book tour issuing calls for honest government, civic virtue, and similar […]
  • Libertarian Messaging For 2021: Part 1
    This is a continuation of my pieces on the LP and what it would take for me to support them. The great Dave Smith made a Tweet yesterday in which he laid out what the libertarian message should be for 2021. Since he is confined to 280 characters by Twitter I thought I’d go through […]
  • An Image Is Not ‘Repugnant,’ War Crimes Are
    An image was shared on Twitter that has drawn the ire of the Australian government and some of the public. It has been called “Repugnant” by the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Last month Australians tried to digest the revelations that members of their elite special forces had executed civilians inside of Afghanistan (acting in […]
  • COVID-19 Lockdowns: Liberty and Science
    COVID-19 hit America's shores early in 2020 and since then there has been an abundance of misinformation and shifting goalpost. We have compiled all the data that you need about COVID and your civil liberties to take action.
  • Confessions Of a Right-Wing Liberal
    This classic piece appeared in Ramparts, VI, 4, June 15, 1968. It was the fulfillment of an ideological trend that began a few years earlier when consistent libertarians, led by Rothbard, sensed an estrangement from the American right-wing due to its support of militarism, police power, and the corporate state. Here Rothbard presents a rationale for why […]
  • Existentialism, Libertarianism, and the NAP
    I self-identify only as myself but have long been sympathetic with both libertarianism and existentialism. Having dealt throughout 2020 with an array of restrictions on my liberty imposed by local authorities everywhere I have been (Europe, the UK, and now in the US), the primary effects of which have been not to save lives but […]
  • This Thanksgiving, the Government Gifts Us COVID-19 Sex Advice
    Politicians and petty czars have canceled Thanksgiving across the nation.  What have government health departments offered in lieu of a family gathering? Endless idiotic advice for “safe sex” during COVID. The Vermont Department of Health captured the ethos of many health departments across the nation: “Decisions about sex and sexuality need to be balanced with […]
  • The Libertarian Party Will Never Have Political Power
    Just give it up already. Those who are holding onto the dream that the LP will be able to wield any significant political, or cultural power have not thought this through. An ideology of non-aggression and voluntary interactions has no place in the political sphere unless they are willing to become like the other two […]
  • How Donald Trump Is Closing the Door on the Afghan War
    The lame duck period has always been something of a dull, transitionary state in American politics. We’re more accustomed to presidents using their last moments of authority to pardon powerful friends and other unpopular favors. Contrary to these expectations, however, President Donald Trump is going into overdrive to end the longest war in American history. […]
  • The Australian Special Forces’ Culture of Death
    Australia has a culture for war, and that culture breeds atrocities. The Australian government’s own inquiry has confirmed many of the allegations leaked by journalists regarding war crimes in Afghanistan, stemming from the execution by Australian special forces of prisoners and civilians. Those same journalists had previously been threatened with prosecution for exposing those war […]
  • America’s Mistakes In Syria Must Be Declassified
    How many Syrians did you vote to kill on Election Day? Thanks to our perverse political system, the answer will be revealed over the next four years if the Biden administration drags the U.S. back into the Syrian Civil War. But there are steps that Trump can take in his final months in office to […]
  • The Elite’s Horrific Transhumanist Future
    If one takes the publications of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as an indication of how the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” will change society, the world is facing a massive onslaught against individual liberty and private property. A new kind of collectivism is about to emerge. Like the communism of the past, the new project appeals […]
  • Defense Secretary Miller Announces Partial Withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan
    Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller formally announced troop drawdowns in Afghanistan and Iraq on Tuesday. Miller said that by January 15th 2021, there will be 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and 2,500 troops in Iraq. There are currently about 4,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan and 3,000 in Iraq. Miller’s announcement confirmed a story published by CNN on […]
  • H. R. McMaster Is a Damned Fool
    When President Donald Trump took office, his aides promised there would always be adults in the room. Especially when it came to foreign policy, learned, stable professionals would ensure responsible and intelligent actions. Except the adults turned out to be idiots. They fought the president at every turn when he sought to withdraw from endless […]
  • What Americans Should Have Learned from the Korean War
    This year is the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, a conflict from which Washington policymakers learned nothing. Almost 40,000 American soldiers died in that conflict that should have permanently vaccinated the nation against the folly and evil of foreign intervention. Instead, the war was retroactively redefined. As Barack Obama declared in […]
  • It All Goes Back to ‘Russiagate’
    How did the Russiagate hoax feed into the Covid hoax and then feed into the Election hoax? Ron Paul Institute Director Daniel McAdams ties them all together in this speech to the Mises Institute‘s recent Lake Jackson Seminar with Ron Paul. “All of a sudden the tweets are gone, the Facebook is gone, the media is gone. Only […]
  • Hey Mr. President, End Some Wars On Your Way Out
    Donald Trump may or may not be president much longer. But he has an opportunity to actually follow through on the better promises he’s teased his base with for years. Namely, he could end some “endless wars.” Since he launched his campaign five years ago, Trump has been rhetorically good on various foreign policy issues, […]
  • New Defense Secretary Says ‘All Wars Must End’ (Even Afghanistan)
    President Trump’s acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller sent a memo to his Pentagon staff that signals he could have been appointed to carry out troop withdrawals in places like Afghanistan or Iraq. In the memo, dated November 13th, Miller addresses his staff for the first time and makes a strong statement against “perpetual war.” “We are […]
  • Biden’s Transition Team Shows Deep Connections with the Military-Industrial Complex
    On Tuesday, Joe Biden released a list of transition teams for the various departments in his future White House. The Pentagon transition team for Biden consists of 23 people, many of whom hail from hawkish think tanks. The team is led by Kathleen Hicks, who worked in the Pentagon under the Obama administration. Hicks most recent employer is […]
  • Booms & Busts: An Analysis of Easy Money
    According to the popular way of thinking, various economic data can provide an analyst with the necessary information regarding the state of the economy. It is held that by inspecting various economic indicators such as the gross domestic product or industrial production, an analyst could ascertain the state of the economic business cycle. Following the […]
  • How the War in Yemen Is Destroying America’s Constitution
    While Americans obsess over election results, the U.S. government’s war machine has helped destroy millions of lives in the small desert land known as Yemen. Many have lauded Donald Trump as the most “anti-war president” in decades. But early in his presidency, Trump loosened the rules of engagement in both Somalia and Yemen. The result was a […]
  • Do Mass Firings at the Pentagon Signal a Troop Withdrawal?
    A major overhaul at the Pentagon that was started with the firing of former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper could be part of President Trump’s plan to carry out last-minute troop withdrawals from countries like Afghanistan, sources have told several media outlets. A Trump administration official told The Washington Post late Tuesday night that President Trump is […]
  • Elections Are Becoming Coffin Nails for Legitimacy
    This year’s presidential election is the fourth since 2000 to be marred by either widespread allegations of voter fraud or of foreign interference. Politicians and pundits have long counted on elections to wave a magic wand of legitimacy over the reign of whoever is designated the winner. But Americans are increasingly wondering if the endlessly-trumped […]
  • Why Elections Do Not Represent the ‘Will of the People’
    As lawsuits are being filed to challenge the results of this year’s “most important election of our lifetime,” the pundits and talking heads of the political class will repeatedly remind us that election results reflect “the will of the people.” They couldn’t be more wrong. There are several reasons why, beginning with the fact that […]
  • Robert Fisk, Foreign Correspondant
    Robert Fisk was a journalist, a historian, and a foreign correspondent reporting on the world’s wars. But as a man, he was a witness. He would go into battle armed only with his eyes, and the ammunition he carried were his words. His courage was not just that he put his body on the line, […]
  • We Need To Talk About the National Defense Strategy, Part I: Syria
    Who remembers voting for all this brinksmanship with China and Russia? It’s time we had one of those “national conversations,” we’re incessantly admonished to have by teachers, feds and talking heads. Only this conversation should be about the National Defense Strategy. Indeed, Trump’s new war, namely against Beijing and Moscow, has been declared, though not […]
  • When Will Americans Realize They Aren’t ‘One Nation’?
    It’s one thing for mass democracy to produce bad results, in the form of elected politicians or enacted policies. It’s another when the democratic process itself breaks down because nobody trusts the vote or the people who count it. But that’s precisely where we are. As things stand at this writing, last night’s presidential election remains undecided and […]
  • Who’s Racist? The Continuing Tragedy of American Exceptionalism
    Many young liberals truly believe that by voting for Joe Biden they’re somehow helping evict racism and fascism from the Oval Office. If only it were that easy. This columnist is thinking, in particular, of an illustrative, albeit anecdotal example. A recent conversation with a well-meaning, 20-year-old fellow pleb may help us comprehend what makes […]
  • The False Dichotomy of Voting
    A false dichotomy is when one is presented with two options as if those were the only options. American presidential elections present voters with a false dichotomy. This election, we are led to believe that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the only real options for the next president of the United States. Granted, one […]
  • The American People’s Justified Cynicism
    “The biggest threat to our democracy is cynicism,” declared former president Barack Obama two years ago. But as we enter the final days of another demagoguery-drenched presidential campaign, it is time to give cynicism the credit it deserves. In an era of clueless voters, conniving candidates and media bias, cynicism can be one of the most effective checks and balances […]
  • On Tuesday, Antiwar Voters Might Decide the Presidential Election
    On Monday [two weeks ago], on the 19th anniversary of U.S. soldiers hitting the ground in Afghanistan, dozens of people gathered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with the goal of ensuring that our men and women in uniform won’t be in Afghanistan for another anniversary. The event was organized by the conservative veteran’s organization Bring Our Troops […]
  • The Myth of Nordic Socialism
    Socialism has failed repeatedly. Wherever you look—Cuba, Venezuela, India, France—the system has caused economic turmoil, stagnation, and even violence and oppression. But fear not, we are told—that was socialism simply “not done properly.” True socialism, however, can be seen in the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland. Progressives’ fascination with so-called […]
  • Will Elections in Palestine Provide a Path to Peace?
    The prospect of elections in Palestine has brought vital hope to a land synonymous with suffering. Despite enduring decades of conflict, loss, and tumult, a “tripartite assault” currently threatens to push the situation beyond repair. This takes the form of Israel’s acceleration of territorial annexation, the Trump administration’s “Middle East Plan,” and the normalization of […]
  • How Trump’s China Trade War Failed
    President Trump was elected on an anti-trade agenda in 2016, and promised that tariffs and protectionist measures could restore the US manufacturing sector. After winning the White House, the president imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods meant to discourage imports in pursuit of this goal. He has described himself as a “tariff man” […]
  • The ‘Private’ Dilemma
    There is an issue that “Libertarianism” refuses to take a nuanced approach to that will inevitably further marginalize it in the eyes of the general public. When it is brought up the “consistent” libertarian/anarchist retreats into the world of informal fallacies, most notably the “false dilemma” fallacy, in which it is assumed by the participant […]
  • NYPD Values Abusive Cop’s Pension Over Child He Starved and Froze to Death
    New York, NY — The death of 8-year-old Thomas Valva shocked the nation earlier this year when it was discovered his New York cop father was alleged to have beat him and starved him before throwing him into an unheated garage where he froze to death. As the investigation unfolded, we learned that authorities were […]
  • Jim Bovard’s Guide to Surviving Election Day
    Election Day can be the longest day of the year. Especially if the presidential race remains undecided late into the evening, neither Xanax nor vodka may be enough to kill the pain. In lieu of other sedatives, following are some cheerful lines which might blunt the impact of the prattling on CNN or MSNBC, though […]
  • Ten Years Later: What the ‘Iraq War Diaries’ Told Us
    The purpose of journalism is to uncover truth—especially uncomfortable truth—and to publish it for the benefit of society. In a free society, we must be informed of the criminal acts carried out by governments in the name of the people. Throughout history, journalists have uncovered the many ways governments lie, cheat, and steal—and the great […]
  • Compelled Speech and the Perils of ‘PruneYard v. Robins’
    Humans are speakers. When we go to work, buy paintings, send birthday presents to friends, vote, and choose TV shows to watch at night, we don’t merely “do”—we say. We say what our preferences, ideals, and distastes are in the realms of commerce, art, love, and politics.  But sometimes we show the world who we […]
  • Military Honor, the Virtue and the Curse
    Honor is a powerful idea. Those who live by it take it seriously. It is not will, courage, or even valor, though it does demand such things. It is the code that exists within, demanding one to do what is right, regardless of risk or reward. Honor for is paramount to the warrior. The honorable […]
  • Don’t Trust ‘Waco Whitewasher’ John Danforth’s Election Advice
    Trump’s attack on the debate commission is an attack on the election itself,” blares the headline from today’s Washington Post op-ed page. That article was written by former senator John Danforth, who has been a member of the Commission on Presidential Debates since 1994. Danforth, an ordained Episcopal priest whose piety earned him the derisive nickname, “Saint […]
  • The Intellectual Fraud of ‘Listen to the Science’
    With the arrival of COVID-19 on the scene, many people have been seduced into believing that they must “listen to the science” and do whatever the self-proclaimed experts tell them to do. That this is charlatanry pure and simple follows from the fact that science says absolutely nothing about what we should or should not […]
  • Kamala Harris and the Rise of the NatSec Dems
    Last week, in the 2020 campaign’s sole vice presidential debate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) presented herself as part of a growing wing of “national security Democrats” who are quickly populating Congress and—depending on next month’s election results—the White House. Harris’s positioning is no sudden revelation. As previously reported in The Washington Post, “Those close to Harris describe […]
  • Interview: Learn How Marxist Revolutionaries Massacred Ethiopia’s Christian Monarchy
    “What happened was a catastrophic revolution that really ate its own bright people. The very people who were behind the revolution were the ones who were its victims,” Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie has said on the 1974 Marxist revolution that overthrew his grandfather, Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie. I had the rare opportunity to interview Prince […]
  • How Data Collection Drives State Intervention In Our Lives
    The U.S. Census made the news recently, as a dispute over the deadline for its data collection made it to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Trump administration successfully lobbied for a deadline of Friday October 16, over the objections of the National Urban League who instead wanted the deadline extended to the end of October […]
  • Utah Proud Boys and BLM Join Together Against Racism, Call for Police Reform
    Something pretty incredible happened earlier this month in Utah and because it showed two ostensibly opposing groups come together instead of promoting divide, it was curiously absent from nearly all mainstream media. The Proud Boys—who are considered a hate group by the SPLC—came together with Black Lives Matter—who they are allegedly supposed to hate—and did […]

Being Libertarian

  • Misconceptions of Collapse
    "If the Leviathan state crumbles, it will grab onto anything to maintain itself. It will take hold of any institution or organization within reach and tear it down with it if need be. Or, if it has a strong enough grasp, it will hold on for as long as it possibly can. We’ve already seen the collapse in Venezuela. But the state is still there, in control of its people. Where is the phoenix?" asks Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions. The post Misconceptions of Collapse appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The Dangers of Surveillance in the Name of Safety
    They’re everywhere. Seeming to multiply like flies on a Hershey bar. Mobile devices in every hand. Cameras on every street. And hordes of eager consumers clamoring to claim the latest tech device. All of which only serves to help in the constant surveillance of the general public. To be sure, technology has made our lives […] The post The Dangers of Surveillance in the Name of Safety appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The State Is Not To Be Trusted
    There are two absolutes: people will commit evil and people in government will commit evil. Temptation exists for everyone – for both those in power and those not in power. It must be said that although the saying “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is true, it misses the mark – any amount of power corrupts absolutely. […] The post The State Is Not To Be Trusted appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • 12.6 Percent: What Happened to the American Middle Class?
    You can feel it in the heavy air:  America is in cultural and economic decline. Neoliberal technocrats and multinational corporations with aspirations of global hegemony set their sights on the middle class years ago – eliminating the only reliable bastion of solidarity against creeping despotism.  In 2020, our national identity is in shambles. Our personal […] The post 12.6 Percent: What Happened to the American Middle Class? appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The Consumption of Domestic Propaganda
    People rely heavily on U.S. news and the opinions of U.S. doctors, scientists, researchers, and political analysts, but how do we know that this information isn’t propaganda. If we look at a different country’s news covering the same event or issue, what would it look like? The U.S. is the so-called land of the free, […] The post The Consumption of Domestic Propaganda appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • The Only Path Forward For Liberty
    "Institutions that have aligned themselves with the Leviathan state must be either recaptured or replaced. While a faction of the left has spent at least the last century focusing on 'the long march through the institutions,' most of the rest of us have been asleep at the wheel," writes Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions. The post The Only Path Forward For Liberty appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Today in Blue-Pilled Libertopia – Opting Out
    "Amongst these sorts of high-attention events with a lot of traffic, it’s important to stand out. There is clearly an opportunity there for libertarians to make some sway in the debate. Nick Sarwark seems to have chosen the most obvious, least interesting, and most establishment-endorsed view possible," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out. The post Today in Blue-Pilled Libertopia – Opting Out appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Young Americans for Liberty Places Top Leaders on Leave
    "Arguably the strongest reaction from YAL’s supervisory board was placing President Cliff Maloney and “VP of Grassroots” Justin Greiss on administrative leave from their positions pending the results of this investigation. One can’t help but wonder where this commitment was in the absence of mounting controversy," writes an anonymous former YAL staffer. The post Young Americans for Liberty Places Top Leaders on Leave appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Sexual Misconduct Accusations at Young Americans for Liberty
    A former YAL employee summarizes the events that thus far make up the controversy surrounding the activist libertarian group. Being Libertarian remains interested in further contributions on this topic. See beinglibertarian.com/contribute/. The post Sexual Misconduct Accusations at Young Americans for Liberty appeared first on Being Libertarian.
  • Misconceptions of Greed
    "Greed as a concept is twisted by the envious (a worse sin than greed, according to Dante) to apply to anyone with greater wealth than them. Nowadays we complain about how “racism” has lost all meaning because it is a term too easily thrown about. Greed lost its meaning in the same way long ago," writes Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions. The post Misconceptions of Greed appeared first on Being Libertarian.

Antiwar.com Blog

  • End the War on Yemen: Today, Not Tomorrow. Now.
    From the Tenth Amendment Center: In what is likely the worst humanitarian disaster in the world right now, the U.S.-backed war in Yemen has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. On this episode – in support of the Day of Action calling for an end to the war in Yemen – get an introduction … Continue reading "End the War on Yemen: Today, Not Tomorrow. Now." The post End the War on Yemen: Today, Not Tomorrow. Now. appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Jeff Riggenbach, RIP
    My dear old friend Jeff Riggenbach died today. Jeff was a brilliant writer who penned two pieces on Randolph Bourne, the namesake of Antiwar.com’s parent foundation, The Randolph Bourne Institute. The Brilliance of Randolph Bourne Randolph Bourne Biography As a teenager, I was a news junkie. (That never changed.) I listened regularly to KFWB News … Continue reading "Jeff Riggenbach, RIP" The post Jeff Riggenbach, RIP appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Jimmy Dore: Biden Wants To Overthrow Venezuela
    Jimmy Dore explains that “nothing will fundamentally change” with Joe Biden’s foreign policy: The post Jimmy Dore: Biden Wants To Overthrow Venezuela appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Bryan Fogel: How My Film On Jamal Khashoggis Murder Was Shunned By Hollywood To Protect Saudi Arabia
    Director of The Dissident, Bryan Fogel, discusses his new film with Saagar Enjeti at The Hill TV. The post Bryan Fogel: How My Film On Jamal Khashoggis Murder Was Shunned By Hollywood To Protect Saudi Arabia appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Call for International Day of Action on Yemen on Monday, January 25, 2021
    From the Stop the War Coalition: Antiwar, Yemeni, and humanitarian organizations from across the world are coming together to call an international day of action on January 25th 2021. We are asking organizations to call protests in towns and cities around the world. This is a situation in which action can make a difference. The … Continue reading "Call for International Day of Action on Yemen on Monday, January 25, 2021" The post Call for International Day of Action on Yemen on Monday, January 25, 2021 appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Biden To Extend Key Nuclear Treaty With Russia, but More Conflict Awaits
    From Pushback with Aaron Maté at The Grayzone: Aaron Maté interviews national security reporter William Arkin. Support The Grayzone at Patreon The post Biden To Extend Key Nuclear Treaty With Russia, but More Conflict Awaits appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Biden Could Reverse Six Harmful Israel Policies… With the Only Power That Stops Israel’s Lobby
    Public confrontations with the Israel lobby’s systemic encroachments are the only means for politicians to beat it. In 2020 Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum stopped a massive coordinated Israel lobby media smear campaign in its tracks by accurately labeling AIPAC as a "hate group." Biden has the power to do the same, but unfortunately his entire … Continue reading "Biden Could Reverse Six Harmful Israel Policies… With the Only Power That Stops Israel’s Lobby" The post Biden Could Reverse Six Harmful Israel Policies… With the Only Power That Stops Israel’s Lobby appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Israel Actively Vaccinates Its Population But Refuses To Immunize Palestinians
    A new controversy arises involving the humanitarian situation of the Palestinians in territories occupied by Israel. So far, Israel is the country that most vaccinated its population against the new coronavirus. Tel Aviv makes strong political propaganda with the success of its national vaccination program, which, in less than a month, immunized more than 25% … Continue reading "Israel Actively Vaccinates Its Population But Refuses To Immunize Palestinians" The post Israel Actively Vaccinates Its Population But Refuses To Immunize Palestinians appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Veteran Celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty
    As a veteran concerned about issues of war and peace, I am happy to celebrate the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), the important new international peace initiative. The "Nuclear Ban Treaty," as it is also known, was approved 122-1 by the UN General Assembly in July 2017, a clear expression of … Continue reading "Veteran Celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty" The post Veteran Celebrates Nuclear Ban Treaty appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.
  • Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism
    I wrote another book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism. Advance Praise for Enough Already “If you only read one book this year on America’s unending ‘War on Terror,’ it should be this persuasive and devastatingly damning account of how the United States created the original al Qaeda terrorism threat by its own … Continue reading "Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism" The post Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism appeared first on Antiwar.com Blog.

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#31Burn the Amazon!
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#45Review Rob Kall’s Book, The Bottom-Up Revolution: Mastering the emerging world of connectivity (2019)
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