Gail’s New Videos & Russia Today & Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

I have added RSS feeds for three news sources (My YouTube channel & Russia Today & Ron Paul’s Liberty Report) that will report on news you can’t get in American mainstream news or that offer a perspective often missing from mainstream news. I do not completely agree with Russia Today and Ron Paul on everything, but most of what’s at mainstream news is group think and I like to think for myself. Russia Today LIVE ON AIRVladimir Putin is on my marriage list and nobody in the U.S. reports truthfully about Vladimir or Russia so I like to hear what Russia Today has to say.

Gail’s Newest Videos at YouTube

Russia Today

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Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

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  • Beware! Stagflation Rears Its Ugly Head & It's The Fed's Fault
    The so-called "greatest economy ever" is anything but. With each passing day, the dreaded "Stagflation" comes closer into view. Rising prices coupled with a recession is the worst of both worlds for the powers-that-shouldn't-be at The Fed. Central planning is always doomed to failure. Economic reality always strikes with a vengeance. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • Trump Wants 10K More Troops In The Middle East. For What?
    Just over a week since it was floated that 120,000 US troops could go to the Middle East to confront Iran, now we are hearing that the president wants 10,000 troops. Where will they be based? Are they to go up against Iran's military? Or are there other targets in mind? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • As Usual, Leftist Politicians Will Hurt The Very People They Intend To "Help" With Interest Rate Caps
    By Chris RossiniAmerica's monetary system is a government-created disaster. The Federal Reserve System is in fact a "system," and it was erected by an Act of Congress in 1913. This crony arrangement between politicians and bankers lies at the root of most (if not all) of America's major problems.Unfortunately, with political pressures being what they are, politicians will not address the Federal Reserve System until economic reality forces them to. Politicians will not "End The Fed" until they h [...]
  • Delusional Pentagon: 'We Beat Iran Without Firing A Shot!'
    Incoming US Defense Secretary Shanahan has informed us that Iran's nefarious intentions toward the US and its allies in the region have been put on hold thanks to the deployment of a US carrier strike group and a handful of B-52s to the region. Details about the original threat, claimed by Bolton, Pompeo, and others, have not been revealed. We are expected to take the neocons' word for it that there actually was a threat and that they defeated it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ [...]
  • The Myth of Free College
    By Vicki E. AlgerThere’s no such thing as a free lunch, or free college. But that reality hasn’t stopped Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts from touting her trillion-dollar-plus plan.Step one of her plan would cancel most or all of the student loan debt carried by nearly 45 million Americans, up to $50,000 per person as long as their household incomes don’t exceed $250,000. This step alone would result in a one-time cost of $640 billion.Step two is ensur [...]
  • The Unseen Costs of "Medicare for All"
    By Bradley ThomasMost of the attention on Bernie Sanders’ proposed “Medicare for All” plan has focused on the financial costs of its implementation.This is understandable, given that some estimates project costs to exceed $32 trillion over its first ten years, and that Medicare is already suffering massive losses – more than $130 billion since 2008 – along with facing unfunded liabilities in excess of $30 trillion.But what about the non-financial costs like doc [...]
  • Fair Trial? US Steals Assange's Legal Papers
    The treacherous government of Ecuador has opened Julian Assange's private quarters at its UK embassy up to US investigators, who have seized Assange's legal defense documents, medical records, and electronic devices. In what kind of court is the prosecution allowed to see the defendant's case before the trial? A Soviet courtroom? A kangaroo court? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • Violence Against Women Act Does Violence to the Constitution
    By Ron Paul​A common trick of big-government loving politicians is to give legislation names so appealing that it seems no reasonable person could oppose it. The truth is, the more unobjectionable the title, the more objectionable the content. Two well-known examples are the “PATRIOT Act” and the “Access to Affordable and Quality Care Act.”Another great example is the Violence Against Women Act. Passed in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act provides federal grants to, and imposes fede [...]
  • Rockets In Baghdad's Green Zone - False Flag Or Iran Attack?
    A small rocket was fired in Baghdad's Green Zone (the US Embassy neighborhood) yesterday and the Trump Administration has been quick to take advantage of the apparent attack to blame Iran. There was little damage and no casualties, but Bolton is using it to maximum advantage to push Trump toward war. Will Trump bite? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [...]
  • Social Security is Broke, Any "Fix" is a Joke
    By Alice Salles​Social Security is going bust, a report released by trustees of the federal government’s entitlement programs claims. And without more money being poured into the system, the report argues, tens of millions of Americans will receive only three-quarters of their Social Security benefits in the near future. But even if trustees hadn’t figured that out by now, you would have known this was bound to happen. Unless you never heard any Austrian economist explain why Social Securi [...]