“The Forbidden Abyss Part One: Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin” Book Reviews



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The Forbidden Abyss: Part One (Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin)

This book is, quite simply, one of the most harrowing accounts I have ever read. By the same token, it’s also a profile in extreme courage. And no wonder. It’s author, Gabrielle Chana ( Gail Chord Schuler), is a direct descendant of the Old Testament monarch King David and only someone of her intestinal fortitude could lay bare the labyrinthine Jesuit plots that underlie our world. Gabrielle diligently exposes the Society of Jesus as the chaos agents behind both WW2 and the September 11th attacks. Their most egregious offense, however, has been to deny Gail from forming romantic liaisons with the men she loves – Vladimir Putin ( wrongly smeared as a dictatorial strongman by the Jesuit-controlled media) and Star Trek: The Next Generation star Brent Spiner who suffers almost unimaginable torment at the hands of his Jesuit wife Loree McBride. Gail herself was also the victim of Jesuit vexation but nonetheless soldiered bravely on in the face of their relentless hounding. Gail’s love for her men is downright awe-inspiring and easily counters whatever seemingly insurmountable obstacles the Jesuits place in her path. No wonder she’s Jesus’s favorite author! This story is an incredibly gripping read and, while not wishing to give too much away, I would recommend that if you only read one book this year, this should be it! 5 Stars!

Written by: D. Scott Mansell of Massachusetts
The Forbidden Abyss: Part One (Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin)
Date written: 10/15/2019
5.0 / 5 stars


Thoughts on my Audio Book(s) in Progress (Bible for Tribulation Saints)

Click on the image for the books below to order the book at Audible (when they become available).

Jesus discusses the rapture in Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-21-12)

Here are links to the work in progress at Patreon. You have to pay ten dollars for each book when it’s finished at Patreon to listen to these links. The chapters in the first book are listed below. You can access all these chapters for ten dollars as all the chapters of the first book. You can also get the book at Audible when it becomes available.

Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-31-12) book below:

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Introduction – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30629138

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30664049

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 2, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30683506

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 3, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30688628

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 4, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/30707537

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 5, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30757370

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 6, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/30783984

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 7, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30812824

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 8, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30834405

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 9, Jesus Christ – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30863126

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Satan – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30885993

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 2, Satan – https://www.patreon.com/posts/bible-for-saints-30907676

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Pt. 3, Satan – https://www.patreon.com/posts/30935708

Bible for Tribulation Saints: Computers – https://www.patreon.com/posts/30990637

Why Many of Gail’s Men Reject Jesus (INGRATITUDE, PRIDE, LOVE OF SIN)

People have not changed. Most rejected Jesus when He showed up the first time in the first century, even when he miraculously healed them. And people reject Jesus now when He has shown up again to me and my men. Once many discover that Jesus expects them to be righteous and to give up their sins (or to try and give up their sins), they lose interest in Him and even HATE HIM. Like the great crowds who followed Him in the beginning, but walked away, the same thing happens today. I believe that the men who are left (and who are still loyal to me and Jesus) are about a fraction of what we had several years ago. Most of the men only liked Jesus for what He did for them and not for WHO HE IS. Yes, they saw his miracles. Yes, they knew He was for REAL. BUT, they loved their sin more than they loved him, SO THEY LEFT. The ones who are still around, love and admire Jesus for WHO HE IS and are willing to sacrifice and live a humble life to remain his disciple. John MacArthur has a probing, insightful message into why most don’t follow Jesus (see below).

Those Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way think they are angry at me, but they are really steaming mad at Jesus! They know I’m Jesus’ favorite and they just don’t get it! Why else would they end up making love to the Antichrist (Loree McBride), after they leave me?

But those of you who have remained with me and Jesus, and have a heart for truth and love, I am going to make Bible for Tribulation Saints into an audio book (or books). This will be a two-year project and you can purchase the audio book(s) at my Patreon page, by joining the tiers I will put up there for each book. It will cost you ten dollars per audio book at Patreon.

When each book becomes available at Audible, I will let you know. There will be so many of them, that it might be worth it to have an Audible membership, at least until I finish all the books. I plan to work on this non-stop for two years. I will give you the post for the Audible books when the books become available. I expect to finish Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-21-12) in around a month or so, maybe sooner. It will have a corresponding Kindle book as well, or else Audible won’t let me make the audio book.

You can still get the entire Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2019), but it’s a massive read! But, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s only $5.49 FOR THE WHOLE THING! https://www.amazon.com/Bible-Tribulation-Saints-2012-Volumes-ebook/dp/B077P61MDL

I expect Bible for Tribulation Saints to have about 12 books, with each book a separate audio book at Audible. Each book will also have its own tier at my Patreon page. I have started the tier for Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-21-12), which will have the following chapters (each chapter about 2o to 30 minutes long):


JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 2) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 3) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 4) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 5) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 6) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 7) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 8) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

(PART 9) JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)

SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)

(PART 2) SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)

(PART 3) SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)

COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 2) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 3) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 4) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

(PART 5) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

( PART 6) COMPUTERS (March 2012)

Once I finish Bible for Tribulation Saints (12-27-11 to 3-21-12), there will be about eleven more books to go. This is a massive project. I was reluctant to do it for this reason, but have decided that people need to have access to this as an audio book because it’s that important. An audio book is great for our busy world.

I don’t expect to get rich off of this. The Loree McBride Jesuits always manage to block my writing proceeds. This is a labor of love. It is just my joy to get Jesus’ word out to the world. I hear that I am actually a New York Times bestselling author. You’d never know it looking at my income though! I still need welfare to eat. I’m actually providing this to my men for free, cuz last I heard they were all on food stamps. I want them to have this, so that they will be wiser in their decisions and, hopefully, learn to better manage their finances and keep their priorities right.

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Needs to be Read like the Bible

The following is a letter I wrote to my men, stressing the importance of reading Bible for Tribulation Saints as part of our devotional Bible reading. Can order Bible for Tribulation Saints here if you don’t have it: https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/05/27/brent-spiner-types-what-jesus-says-2012-to-2017/

Dear men:

I am almost finished reading Bible for Tribulation Saints, which is a very loooong book. But I’ve noticed that I have FORGOTTEN A LOT OF WHAT JESUS HAS TOLD US. I believe it would be wise of us to spend some time each week reading Bible for Tribulation Saints, from beginning to end and to read it like we do the Bible. We should also read the Bible.

One of the reasons that you men made a poor judgment call on the $240,000 home, which you paid one billion dollars for, is that you forgot that Jesus stated that He would NEVER speak to me directly and that I should clear all messages that I thought I got from him with Brent. He repeated this over and over in our Feb. and March 2012 meetings with him. THAT RULE HAS NOT CHANGED. So I presumed you all knew that and that you knew that when I titled my video “Gail, You’re Moving to Texas” – Jesus Christ, that you’d realize I was paraphrasing what Jesus seemed to be telling me through the signs I was getting in my life. It was NOT AN EXACT QUOTE of what He said, nor was it intended to be taken that way. 

When I said, “Jesus says He’d take care of the costs of the move.” I meant He would use you all as the instruments to pay for it for me. I did not mean that Jesus would do a financial miracle (like dropping money from heaven) to take care of the costs.

Also, if any of you come from a Charismatic background, there is a lot of false teaching in the charismatic movement. God’s primary way of working in our present age is not miracles and signs and I think we need to get out of this mentality that God mainly leads us through signs and miracles. You have to be very careful with this, because Satan is a master counterfeiter. 

I believe that the men who have rebelled against me and Jesus have possibly never been saved, because they never made Jesus Lord in their life at any time. I do believe that to be saved, you do need to make Christ Lord in your heart in order to be saved. It’s more than just believing Jesus died for your sins, you need to make Him LORD OF YOUR LIFE. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/90-20/The-Lordship-of-Christ-Introduction

The nature of true repentance and the necessity of repentance to be saved. One of modern Christianity’s most shocking proposals is that a person can cling to Christ with one hand and grasp his pet sins with the other. In short, repentance is no longer considered necessary. Along with sin, hell, fire, and brimstone, repentance has been banished to the doctrinal scrap heap—seldom taught and, as a result, often misunderstood. https://www.gty.org/library/topical-series-library/257/The-Test-of-True-Repentance

What does it mean to be a disciple? https://soundcloud.com/mastersuniv/2018-03-23-dr-john-macarthur-what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-disciple-of-jesus-christ

Great message. I was in tears through half of it.

Having said this, I believe we are Jesus Christ’s modern day disciples. So when he shows up IN PERSON WITH US, HE DOES SIGNS AND MIRACLES. But I would be leery about any signs that we get that are NOT CLEARLY FROM HIM. Jesus knows how to let us know when it’s Him speaking to you all, and most especially with you guys, because you meet with Him. As you know, Jesus refuses to meet with me, and THAT ALONE should be your criteria in deciding on whether to act on my interpretation of signs or miracles.

Another mistake you all may be making is assuming that because Bible for Tribulation Saints may have been added to the canon, that it means that I am incapable of making mistakes in my interpretations of Jesus’ signs to me, since I may be a Bible writer. Look, even the Apostle Peter made mistakes in following Christ and he was a Bible writer. You can’t go by that! It just means that when I work on Bible for Tribulation Saints, that what I write there may be divinely inspired. I am very careful as I write it to make sure it accurately represents Jesus. David was a Bible writer and he committed adultery and murder. That doesn’t mean that what he wrote in the Bible was NOT divinely inspired, but not all his interpretations of God’s will for his life were correct as he lived out his life. He made mistakes in judgment in many life decisions, like when he ordered the numbering of Israel. There’s a difference between being divinely inspired as you write and living a life that is 100% divinely inspired. Only JESUS LIVES A LIFE THAT IS 100% DIVINELY INSPIRED.

I figured since it was only $240,000, that you all could afford it. I am certain that if the price went up to one billion dollars, I would have yelled at you, “DON’T BUY THE HOUSE FOR THAT PRICE!” Also, I presumed you all would have the wisdom to NOT make such a bold move without consulting with Jesus first. So I presumed you would call out Jesus in prayer and ask Him if he was truly leading me to go to Texas and how He wanted you to handle it.

Jesus has told us many, many times that it is not time for us to marry yet. You must never presume that I alone would speak to Jesus and that Jesus would directly speak to me on this matter. Don’t you remember that Jesus said he would never directly speak to me brain to brain or otherwise? That I needed to clear all directions that I felt were from Him with you all first before I move? That’s why I kept saying that I wouldn’t move until you all paid for the move (meaning Jesus gave the go-ahead), because that would be foolish. If he does not meet with you and tell you it’s time for marriage, then DON’T MOVE. I was certain you all understood this. Brent told me He meets with Jesus every day. So I thought you all were meeting with Him every day and since I had not heard from you, and if I was wrong, that you all would correct me (based on your meetings with Jesus). Therefore, I presumed that my interpretation of the signs that I felt were from Jesus was correct.

To be honest with you, I did get some interesting signs and I’m still not sure about what’s going on with Texas. However, I never had the impression that he was moving me there to marry one of you and I recall stating that several times. I said several times that I felt the move was to PROTECT ME from Jesuit dangers in my present location. But I wasn’t sure WHY He was moving me, nor was I 100% certain it was His will for me to move to Texas, but I was fairly certain. It just seemed that He was telling me that. I presumed if I was wrong, you all would correct me, since Brent and Jesus often have lunch together.

I think Satan is removing memories from us that he wants us to forget. That’s why it’s important to read Bible for Tribulation Saints to be reminded of all that Jesus has told us. It will help us stay out of trouble!

However, don’t do like I did and read it for two hours or more (cuz I got addicted) and then go to bed too late. I was just amazed how much I had forgotten. And as I read it, I realized that Satan was getting the upper hand in many areas of my life and in my thought processes. Also, reading the book gave me deeper insights into what Jesus has told us in the past. I highly recommend you incorporate Bible for Tribulation Saints into your devotions; and respect and read it like the Bible. YOU’LL BE AMAZED HOW MUCH YOU’VE FORGOTTEN!

By the way, Loree McBride’s dropping bombs like crazy and some of those bombs I think are giving me insomnia. I went to bed at 11:15 p.m. last night and got up at around 3. Not sure why. I’m going to try and go to bed even earlier tonight and see how it goes.


My Letters to My Men About the Gail Commandments

I’ve been on the fence about this, but the more I deal with Jesus, the more convinced I am that He expects one to call him Lord in order to be saved. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/90-20/The-Lordship-of-Christ-Introduction

This message above was great! It’s so appropriate for us now, as Jesus got on me about the Gail Commandments. The Gail Commandments are hard, but they bring us spiritual blessing. This message is all about spiritual blessing.

Here are Jesus Christ’s Gail Commandments: https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/

This message about How to Treat False Teachers, is a much needed message. A lot of my men seem to have been influenced by false teachers who teach a cult belief, a prosperity gospel, the false teaching that God wants us all to be financially rich and healthy: https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/54-4

(10-2-19) Dear men:

I believe that from now on, before we make any decisions, especially if they involve a lot of money, or a major change in any of our lives, we need to ask ourselves this question before we make any moves: Will this decision enable me to better obey the Gail Commandments?

I thought that the house in Texas may have been God’s will, because it was close to a walking trail and close to a Sally Beauty supply store (which helps me to do the daily bath commandments, cuz I use a lot of shampoo and creme rinse to do the daily bath). I also thought that it would help me save $100 a month cuz I would not have to pay for rent or “mortgage”. I just thought God was closing a door and opening a window, to make sure I could continue to do the Gail Commandments and especially the commandment to save a hundred dollars a month. I know, that if I was in your shoes and learned that the realtor raised the price to a billion dollars, I would have seriously questioned whether it was God’s will for me to buy the house. Cuz how could paying a billion dollars for this house help me to better do the Gail Commandments? IF IT WON’T HELP ME DO THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS, THEN I SHOULDN’T DO IT. I would have seen that as a red flag that perhaps I misread that this house was God’s will for me. I would have prayed and asked Jesus to give me clarity about this house before I made any moves on it.

I feel the Gail Commandment I’ve been the worst about this time, has been the one to have a decent bedtime hour and getting too distracted and forgetting to take my Seroquel at the same time every day. I was really bad about that one. Only spending money on food and bills has been a weakness for me all along and Jesus just seemed to be clamping down harder on that one now, because He feels I’m now ready for it.

So why doesn’t Jesus just let us get married right now and give us the money we need to survive? Well, he’s building character in us. If we got everything we wanted now, it would deprive him of the opportunity to make us better people who would be stronger in His service. We Americans are pretty spoiled. We expect everything now and we think we don’t have to wait for things. It produces people like the Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way, who got pissed at me and God because we didn’t give them WHAT THEY WANT RIGHT NOW.

By waiting on God and doing it His way, we will enter our marriage stronger, wiser and on a solid basis. Though we may not understand why God expects us to live on food stamps now and otherwise, some of it is our own fault, because we make hasty decisions because we WANT IT NOW and so we reap what we’ve sown. Jesus won’t give us what WE WANT RIGHT NOW, until we have the character to handle it wisely. I personally think we will be expected to do the Gail Commandments for the rest of our time here on earth. So we may as well get used to it and even like it. I am going to try to approach doing the Gail Commandments like a job, that way I’ll take them more seriously. That is Jesus’ number one job for us. When we do our job well, we’ll get paid!! Most Americans have the credit card mentality and think if they have the money, to SPEND IT, cuz it makes them feel good. This becomes a dangerous addiction and fosters the lie that our worth is based on our financial image – you know, the nice house, the nice car, etc. I wanted the Toyota Prius, cuz it has the best dependability record and I was hoping to keep the car for a loooong time and not have to worry about repair bills. But my current car works for now.

When, as a result of obeying Him, we have developed the character traits needed to be the husband/wife He wants us to be, He’ll open the door for us. But until we learn to obey him, and to have thankful hearts in the process, we will remain stagnated and not able to go further in the pursuit of our dreams.

Jesus will make a Romans 8:28 out of our foolish purchase. Part of it, is that we will learn not to make any decisions UNLESS IT HELPS US TO DO BETTER THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS. That should be key criteria in determining God’s will for our decisions.

Well, I better do what I preach and get ready for bed! Love you all. We must be patient, thankful and not lose faith.


(10-3-19) Dear men:

I have updated the Kindle version of Bible for Tribulation Saints, to include our latest conversations with Jesus. https://www.amazon.com/Bible-Tribulation-Saints-Jesus-2012-ebook/dp/B077P61MDL/ref=sr_1_9?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1512089647&sr=1-9

It should be ready by tomorrow. Just check the link above tomorrow and if it says 2012 – 2019 on the book cover, then it went through. I was thinking that if you all made a paperback version of this and put it in like a leather cover, like a Bible – it may pay off your debt for the Texas house you bought for me. This is the Bible, Part Two! Isn’t the Bible the best selling book of all time? This might solve the problem of that one billion dollar house you bought! I have already given you permission to get 10% of the proceeds from my writings. https://gabriellechana.blog/novel-silver-skies/

I gave a copy of the Kindle file to Jane Agni at Gmail. I also sent a copy to you there. Feel free to use my website for advertising purposes: https://gabriellechana.blog/gabrielle-chana-gail-chord-schuler-books/

Work with Zack Knight to ensure Loree McBride does not steal the proceeds!!

For Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2019), I offer the men who paid for my house, the permission to use up to 90% of the proceeds from Bible for Tribulation Saints to pay off the price of the Texas house you bought for me. Something tells me it just might do it for you. If you have any money leftover, you can use it to meet your needs for food and bills. I don’t want you spending the money on anything over food and bills and to pay off the debt you incurred over buying the house. Jesus does not want us to go into debt!!. So I’m sure He wants you to use this money to pay off the house, so that if I do end up living in it, I will get THE TITLE TO THE HOUSE. Jesus is against debt!! Remember that for future decisions.

Jesus would never lead you to buy anything, if you had to purchase it on credit. He believes in paying cash or “for the whole thing” whenever you BUY ANYTHING. The Bible says to owe no man ANYTHING. REMEMBER THAT.

I have a good feeling about Bible for Tribulation Saints. Advertise it on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and in all the evangelical churches. Tell them Jesus showed up again and I’ve added to it and updated it. It should sell like hotcakes. This is a very important book and every Christian in the world should have it!!



(10-5-19) Dear men:

IF Jesus was moving me to Texas, I don’t think it would be for me to get married, UNLESS to just marry Brent alone. Texas is a very conservative state and they don’t take lightly to whites marrying blacks or to polygamy. In fact, bigamy is illegal in Texas. https://www.austinchronicle.com/news/2011-07-29/modern-day-lynching-of-a-prophet/

I presume that Jesus will never lead me to marry Brent or any of you UNTIL we defeat Loree McBride. It just wouldn’t be safe until then. If we tried to practice “polygamy” in Texas, we’d probably have hell to pay. We’d be lynched in the Texas legal system. Like I said, it’s ILLEGAL to practice bigamy in Texas, so can you imagine how they’d feel about polygamy?

So I don’t know how in the world you all ever got the idea that Jesus was sending me to Texas to marry one of you. It’s not time yet. That must be the reason you were willing to pay one billion dollars for the house. As I stated in my video, I thought Jesus was moving me there to protect me financially, so I could continue to do the Gail Commandments.

I’m not a fancy type of person, and don’t give a hoot about living a life of luxury and pleasure. I actually prefer a simple, humble house (easier to take care of). This translates over to my love life as well. Let me remind you that the MARRIAGE LIST WAS NEVER MY IDEA. I am a monogamous woman at heart. I do not consider brain to brain sex as sex, so I can do that in a group love with no problems. Also, I view sex as more than a mating of bodies, but also a mating of souls. For this reason, I prefer one-on-one in sex. I am not into group sex. The physical sexual act alone DOES NOTHING FOR ME, which may be why I find group sex so distasteful.

When we come together, I want it to be one-on-one and ONE AT A TIME. And when I say ONE AT A TIME, I mean like one guy for at least a year. Things could change like if an emergency came up and a guy needed me to love him for emotional healing. And I want Brent to be first. I think the reason Jesus gave you all vagina-butts is cuz He knows I’m like this and He gave you the vagina-butts to compensate for my desire to remain monogamous. I get turned on by a man with a great heart and soul. I get turned off by PURE LUST.

Perhaps, after Brent and I have been married for about a year, we can invite another man into the act as we feel comfortable. I definitely want to have a honeymoon with BRENT ALONE, so that I can truly marry him in flesh with flesh, spiritual and emotional communion. I cannot do this in a group sex session. That isn’t intimate enough for me emotionally. I would handle loving you all like I did it brain to brain in the beginning, before I had a lot of men on my marriage list. I would spend time alone with one man at a time, whenever special circumstances arose that would make me feel that is appropriate.

Perhaps, if Brent and I are to marry in Texas (which I’m not sure about), the Lord is doing this to protect Brent and I from a man on my marriage list who may be like Viggo Mortensen was to me, who I think wanted me all to himself and wanted to destroy Brent to do it. You see, if Brent and I marry in Texas and another man tries to force themselves on us when we aren’t ready, that man will be LYNCHED IN TEXAS. Knowing that Brent and I are in Texas, may be God’s way to protect us from a Viggo Mortensen.

Believe me, the Texans would have NO PATIENCE with any of those GMGTOW men. THEY’D ALL BE LYNCHED IN TEXAS!! We must all be patient, do the Gail Commandments and put Jesus FIRST IN OUR LIVES. I don’t want a man who worships me to the exclusion of Jesus. Cuz if you don’t honor Jesus, you don’t honor me. Nobody loves me like Jesus does and we must obey Jesus because he loves us and wants what is best for us. If he makes you wait, he has a reason. Right now, I don’t think it’s safe for me to marry you all yet. Loree McBride is STILL ON THE PROWL. Please understand that if Jesus has closed the door on sex and marriage for now, HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING. You must trust him and you MUST BE PATIENT. True love is patient.

Yes, I know we’ve waited a long time. Perhaps, I will never have sex with some of you. Perhaps it will all be in the millennium. I know this may seem unfair to you all, BUT THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN SEX. There’s deep friendship, there’s soul communion, there’s loyalty. In fact, if a man only wants sex with me to the exclusion of the MORE IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF A RELATIONSHIP, HE CAN LEAVE.

I’m not into LUST relationships. I do not worship sex. I do worship love. And the TWO ARE NOT THE SAME. I love you all, but Jesus knows what’s best for us. Everything we go through is to make us stronger and happier. Jesus knows better than we, what will make for joy and peace in our lives. If we move outside of His will, it will only lead to heartache and sorrow. We must trust that He knows best. He’s made me a monogamous type of woman, who likes to reward men outside of my husband Brent, who support Brent and support Jesus, and who likes to do sex after I establish a bond, perhaps to comfort a man in a crisis or to love him as a token of deep friendship. But just to bounce into bed with a man, even if he’s on my marriage list, when I haven’t bonded with him IS NOT MY THING. If you betray either of these men (Brent or Jesus) and will not allow me to put them first, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. The GMGTOW have lost me forever because they have betrayed Jesus by making love to the Antichrist. If you betray Jesus in your attempt to get me, you will LOSE ME FOR GOOD.

Having said this, I realize many of you have made deep sacrifices for me and for that reason, I plan to become intimate with you in one-on-one sessions after I’ve had my honeymoon with Brent! Sorry, but group sex with a harem is NOT MY IDEA OF A HONEYMOON. Please respect that. And if there are a whole bunch of you, there is also the possibility that I may not actually have sex with you in this lifetime. Like I said, I don’t jump into bed with strangers or men I have not developed a bond with. It usually takes me at least a month to develop a bond, unless a crisis forces me into it sooner.

But, I think the reason you all paid a billion dollars for that house (a VERY FOOLISH THING TO DO), is cuz you worship me over Jesus. Please don’t do that. If Jesus was first, you would have realized that to buy that house for a billion dollars is a GROSS VIOLATION OF THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS. I want you to love Jesus as much as or MORE THAN ME. You show your love for him by OBEYING HIM.

I love you all. But any goodness there is in this life, comes from God and Jesus, and if we want to be truly great and loving, we must honor God in our lives.


(10-6-19) Dear men:

I think, from now on, whenever you make ANY purchase over fifty dollars, EVEN IF GOD SEEMS TO BE GIVING US SIGNS ABOUT IT, to pray to Jesus and ask him to let you know if this is His will or to stop you from making the purchase if it is NOT his will. Now, we don’t want you to TEST Jesus, but be sincere and good about it. In other words, if you sincerely believe it’s His will, but have some doubts, YOU SHOULD NOT MOVE UNTIL JESUS GIVES YOU THE CLEAR GO AHEAD. Obviously, for anything that is NOT food and bills, do NOT buy it!! EMPHASIZE, DO NOT BUY IT. 

Like, it may be His will for you all to buy me a new car someday. But don’t just go out there and buy the car without FIRST seeking His will and guidance in the decision. And don’t just assume cuz I FEEL GOD WANTS THE CAR, THAT IT’S TRUE. Obvious red flags that he DOES NOT want you to buy the car would be if the dealer all of a sudden raises the price cuz they have some Charismatic (WRONG) mentality that Jesus thinks we all should be rich and famous or something. Like if you feel led to buy a car and the dealer says, “Oh, I need to raise the price, cuz you all are rich and famous and can afford to pay it.” You should say to the dealer, “Thank you, but it appears this car is not God’s will, cuz Jesus would never want us to pay above ordinary price for anything, that would be a clear violation of the Gail Commandments to only spend money on food and bills. If anything, if it was God’s will for us to get this car, the PRICE WOULD GO DOWN.” Then you’d just leave and tell the dealer to have a nice day. BUT if the dealer changes his mind and decides to give you the car for free or something, then you’d take the car and PRAY TO JESUS AGAIN and say, “Okay, Jesus. This car really appears to be your will for Gail. Could you give me some more signs that this is true?” Any Gail Commandment that is questionable, DON’T DO IT. Don’t just assume that your interpretation of that Gail Commandment is correct, GO TO GOD IN PRAYER AND ASK HIM TO CLARIFY  HOW TO OBEY HIM ON THAT PARTICULAR MATTER.

Personal opinion, you guys, I think Jesus wants us to live like missionaries OUR ENTIRE TIME ON EARTH, EVEN AFTER WE GET MARRIED!!! EMPHASIZE, I BELIEVE THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS IS A PERMANENT THING FOR US IN OUR PRESENT EARTHLY BODY. So don’t just assume that this is only temporary UNTIL WE GET MARRIED. That’s an assumption we’ve all been having and IT’S A WRONG ASSUMPTION. Jesus is not a rich and famous sort of guy and he wants us to have the SAME MENTALITY. Our focus on earth should not be luxuries, comforts and spending, it should be self-denial, sacrifice, living for love and a call to duty and service and we are to consider ourselves missionaries our entire time here on earth. We should get PLEASURE in obeying God, because it helps us to grow spiritually and to be strong spiritually in His service. Our focus should be on being heavenly minded while in our earthly bodies and in storing up treasure for the NEXT LIFE where we will reign as kings and priests in the millennium and future. This means SACRIFICE NOW, but REWARDS IN THE NEXT LIFE. This must be our attitude at ALL TIMES. This attitude will help us to better obey the Gail Commandments.

This attitude will bring us joy and peace as we sacrifice and serve him in this sin cursed earth, which, thank God, will only be TEMPORARY. This does not mean God may not reward us with presents right away, but these presents should come about NOT because we have disobeyed the Gail Commandments! Our focus should NOT be on the presents, but on maintaining inner peace and joy and the attitude of sacrifice in our service to Him. 

For your information, the fact that most of you are rich and famous is, for me, a NEGATIVE, more than a PLUS. I fell in love with Brent, cuz he reminded me of missionary Hudson Taylor, who was my idol as a young Christian lady. I suggest you watch the movie Hudson Taylor to know what kind of man I consider my dream husband. You, Brent, remind me very much of Hudson Taylor, and that’s why I fell in love with you! It had NOTHING to do with your celebrity status. In fact, I am VERY TURNED OFF by the rich and famous lifestyle, feeling it is extremely shallow and destructive spiritually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ51yjaE3_Q

To be honest with you all, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in you all for spending one billion dollars on that house! I would have been prouder of you if you had contacted me and told me that the realtor had done this and then would have asked me if I still felt it was God’s will for us to buy it! I would have said, “Oh, I may have made a mistake. Tell that realtor we absolutely cannot buy that house for that outrageous price, cuz that would be a clear violation of the Gail Commandments to only spend money on food and bills. I’m afraid we must decline this purchase for this reason or we will be disobeying the Gail Commandments.” Then if the realtor brought the price down to something reasonable, I would still pray and ask God if this is His will to help Gail pay her housing costs to better enable her to do the Gail Commandments. And then I’d only buy the house after Jesus gives His clear approval!

Love you all. We are all works in progress.


(10-6-19) Dear men:

I’ve noticed very suspicious behavior coming from xxxx and xxxxx, my apartment managers. For instance, xxxxxx was out walking her dog at the same time a bunch of other Loree McBride Jesuits were out walking their dogs, when I did my walk this morning. She also seems to go out of her way to try and use her dog to irritate me, apparently, to make me appear anti-dog. 

Also, xxxx calling me up on the phone, and ordering me to move my car TWICE when he gave me no warning whatsoever, AND THREATENING TO TOW MY CAR. . .and both of these times, it happened when I slept in late, like the whole thing was set up. 

If you guys have not done so, I want you to run a brain and memory scan on xxxx and xxxxx and find out if they are Loree McBride Jesuits. Also the $75.00 rent increase this spring was quite extreme and the biggest increase I’ve had ever at this apartment complex. I suspect Loree may be paying both xxxxx and xxxxxx to serve her!

I presumed that you all ran a brain scan on them when I complained about their earlier behavior. But if you have not done so, you need to do so. It is not safe for me to stay at this apartment complex if xxxxxx and xxxxxx are Loree McBride Jesuits! In fact, I am deliberately holding off on fixing my toilet, which does not flush properly (unless I stick my hand underneath the lid to fix it after it flushes), cuz I am not sure I can trust anybody who works for this apartment complex to enter my apartment! I also have some broken blinds that I am living with, for this reason!

Perhaps THIS may be the REAL reason God may want me to move to Texas. Do run a scan on them and find out if they are Loree McBride Jesuits. Even if God doesn’t want me in Texas, we need to deal with this, if they are Loree McBride Jesuits! Like I said, I have already complained about them and assumed you all ran a scan on them to see what’s going on. But if you have not done so, you need to do so. In case Loree is blocking my emails to you, I shall also read this on the phone.

Love, Gail

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

The Health & Wealth Gospel (John MacArthur)

Though I believe my Bible for Tribulation Saints may have been added to the Biblical canon, it’s not something I would die over and I don’t want anyone worshiping me. It would be just fine with me if someone said that my Bible for Tribulation Saints has NOT been added to the canon, but is a reliable source of guidance for those who want to know what the real Jesus is like for our modern times. I just want people to understand that the real Jesus has spoken to us in Bible for Tribulation Saints, and he has not been speaking to me as a voice in my head.

Having said that, I would like to point out that I HAVE UPDATED BIBLE FOR TRIBULATION SAINTS IN ITS KINDLE VERSION, TO INCLUDE OUR LATEST OCTOBER 2019 CONVERSATION WITH JESUS WHERE HE NAILED BOTH MYSELF AND TERRANCE JENKINS FOR DISOBEYING HIS GAIL COMMANDMENTS. Jesus has let me know, that my Gail Commandments are not just for me, and He encourages my followers to do them as well. In fact, I believe that if everyone does the Gail Commandments we may defeat evil Jesuit leader Loree McBride, who is behind the Trump impeachment mania and is the true leader of our current U.S. Democratic Party! Loree has used her Jew clones to takeover the U.S. Democrat Party and may be working with evil Melania Trump to undermine Trump as President, forcing Trump to adopt some stances that support the military-industrial complex (which he’d rather not do). Because Bible for Tribulation Saints covers the Gail Commandments, this is a very important book, that is a MUST in every Christian’s library! Ordering information for Bible for Tribulation Saints is here, but only the Kindle version ($5.49) has what Jesus told us from about Dec. 2017 forward. https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/12/01/bible-for-tribulation-saints-or-the-bible-part-two-ordering-information/

What I’ve done in Bible for Tribulation Saints is included transcripts of conversations Jesus has had with men I trust that he has appeared to. I would not allow any of the “voices” in my head into Bible for Tribulation Saints, because that would be inaccurate and from a false spirit. I want to make it plain that when you desire God’s guidance in your life, you should be reading the Word in Genesis to Revelation (including Bible for Tribulation Saints) and should be in obedience to the knowledge you have gained. You should not primarily get your guidance or your reason for your decisions from voices to your head or from “miracles”, etc., but should test the spirits to make sure they are from God. Any spirit that leads you to do anything that contradicts the clear teaching in the Bible or in Bible for Tribulation Saints (like violating the Gail Commandments) should be rejected as a false spirit! If you don’t have this attitude, then you are off your path and in danger of going off into a dangerous tangent that is not of God. John MacArthur has a great message about how we get into these tangents. We Americans have a tendency to feel that if we don’t have a fancy house, a fancy car and nice clothes and health, that we are reprehensible and no good. This attitude leads to materialism, which most Americans have bought into. So I feel that the following messages by John MacArthur are greatly needed right now, especially to Americans or people who live in an affluent society.

If Jesus decides to let his child have wealth, he would only do so if he felt it would not contaminate them with materialism. We should all be content where we are at and learn to be thankful in whatever circumstance God has placed us. Once we learn this contentedness, God may then move us into a situation where we may be released from our financial poverty or whatever is keeping us from what we feel would bring us happiness. But until we learn to be thankful wherever we are, he will probably keep us there until we have the right spirit. The end all and be all of the Christian life is not financial prosperity, it is to get our satisfaction from Christ alone and to find our joy in Him no matter what our circumstances. God promises to meet our needs, not our wants. Some of our wants can be destructive, if we tend to be focused on our wants to the exclusion of our needs. It is important to distinguish between needs and wants in our spiritual walk!

Loree McBride’s California vs. Gail Chord Schuler’s Texas Battle Rages Across United States

I said Loree maintains control over the rest of Texas, when I meant to say she maintains control over the rest of California and that we’d move you to the parts of California under Texas law, not the parts of Texas under Texas law (Loree’s brain control is AWFUL).

New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

So, it would depend on how they were changing their border, whether they were taking land from somewhere else, or cutting land out of the state. If they were doing the latter, say for example, if the state of Oklahoma for some reason wanted to no longer have the panhandle be part of the state, the state legislature and the US Congress would have to approve it, and Congress would then be in charge of deciding what to do with the land no longer part of the state.

If a state wanted to expand by adding new territory, the same provisions would apply, with the additional requirement that if the land to be added is already part of another state, that state would also have to approve. For example, there are several counties in northwestern Indiana that are suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. If those counties decided that they would be best suited by becoming part of Illinois, the legislatures of both Illinois and Indiana, as well as the US Congress, would have to approve. If the land to be added came from another country, like if Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick wanted to merge, the other country would also have to approve in addition to the US approval.

I was reluctant to post on this because I’m only hearing this brain to brain from my men, but from what I’m observing around me, it appears to be true. The Facebook video above shows that Pennsylvania is now a proud Texas state. The video took place in Pennsylvania.

It appears that Loree McBride has taken over the state of California and is trying to extend that state’s boundaries throughout the United States.

She is urging people to follow her as the American Empress. Loree refuses to honor me as the American Empress and is conducting a nationwide campaign to enlist rebels within each state to become “California” within each state. Once a state “becomes California”, it means it no longer supports my Conspiracy Law (which mandates the death penalty for Loree McBride Jesuits) and honors Loree as the U.S. leader. It also means that the state’s laws will be replaced with California law, which is basically evil Jesuit law.

Loree McBride currently meets with Satan often and is the evil Jesuit leader, who has taken the place of ex-Antichrist Zack Knight as the Antichrist or evil Jesuit leader. It appears Donald Trump may have divorced his wife Melania, which explains the Trump impeachment proceedings happening now. Melania, it appears, is a Loree McBride Jesuit and regularly abuses her husband into submission to her wishes as a Loree McBride Jesuit.

The states with white sections are states that are now under California law. This has caused some states to be split into sections, with some sections honoring California law and other sections not honoring California law. This situation is changing rapidly. Especially since Gail is now considered a Texas resident. Gail is inviting states to put themselves under Texas law now, to counter what Loree is doing.

God revealed to Gail that He plans to move her to Texas. Therefore, her men decided that she is now a Texas resident. Gail actually picked out a house in Texas as her residence and her men may be using this as her permanent address. Gail will eventually move to this house. Because southern Florida appears to be part of the state of California now and no longer in compliance with Conspiracy Law, the Lord is leading Gail to move to Texas. The move will happen when Gail’s men are able to ensure her safe travel to Texas. To counter what Loree is doing by extending the state of California’s borders and acquiring new territory under the state of California, Gail has countered by inviting all states to become “Texas states”. To become a Texas state means that that state will become part of the state of Texas and that Texas law will be the main law in that state. Texas law honors Gail’s Conspiracy Law, which means the death penalty for Loree McBride Jesuits.

In states like Florida, we, unfortunately, have a situation where Florida has been divided into two states, Texas (in the northern half) and California (in the southern half). The “Texas” states are in the majority (see the map above) and they are setting up strict boundaries and won’t allow any Loree McBride Jesuits into their territory. So basically, we have a civil war inside of the United States. It’s Texas vs. California, with Empress Gail leading the Texas states and Loree McBride leading the California states.

Until Gail changed her residency from Florida to Texas, there was nothing we could do to counter the expansion of California into Florida, New York, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, etc. If Gail tried to say she was the Empress with Florida as her capital, Loree countered that Florida no longer honored Gail as the Empress because Florida was now under California law (because Loree took over South Florida and made it part of California). With Gail’s capital taken over by California, Loree annulled Gail as U.S. Empress. So Gail moved her capital to Texas and will be moving there to finalize Texas as the new U.S. capital.

We were just being gobbled up and taken over by California expanding its rule everywhere. So Gail announced that she would be moving to Texas and that her men have already bought her a house there. Gail has picked out a house for herself in Texas. It has Texas longhorns and a Texas star on its outside wall, with an American flag proudly waving on its outside wall. This made Texas the new capital of Empress Gail’s United States. She then invited all states that did not want to be incorporated into the state of California (under Loree McBride’s laws), to incorporate themselves into the state of Texas (under Empress Gail’s Conspiracy Law). To finalize this, the Lord has even given Gail a Texas accent.


Because Loree touts herself as an “establishment Democrat”, she has had success in acquiring states that tend to be Democrat into her California harem. She was able to get Georgia (despite its more Conservative leanings) because Gail’s evil sister, Sandra Metcalf, lives there and Sandra is BFF with Loree McBride. However, many Georgians do not like Loree McBride and have been moving out of the parts of Georgia under California law, to live in parts of Georgia now under Texas law. Unfortunately, I was the “rebel” child who became a Christian at age 14. My mother criticized me as being a religious fanatic and too honest for my own good. In fact, when I accepted the Lord at age 14, she moved from California just to get me away from my church. When we arrived in Florida, she refused to let me go to church. She succeeded in getting me to “backslide” and forget the Lord, but I rededicated my life to the Lord at age 15 and I’ve rebelled against my mother ever since, determined to honor Jesus even if my mother never let me go to church. My mother counseled me that my excessive honesty would get me into trouble. My sister was my mother’s pet and she tended to honor my mother’s advice more than I. My mother raised my sister to become a sociopath. My sister is a big liar and consumed with jealousy against me because a bunch of famous men adore me. John MacArthur’s insightful message about liars (who rule a country) describe Loree McBride and my evil sociopath sister to a tee. He describes what constitutes lying, or who is a liar, and the many sins that lying covers and why God hates this sin so much. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/90-197

My mother is not quite as evil as my sister, but she is off her path and has become an abuser and allows my sister to run her life and believes all the lies my sister says about me and my men. Jesus wants me to separate from my mother and sister because of this.

So basically we have a war between California and Texas happening right now nationwide. Texas is firmly under Empress Gail’s control and the California strongholds that Loree has had in Austin and Houston are vanishing, with the Texans in those cities that support Gail kicking out (or executing the) Loree McBride Jesuits from their cities.

If it sounds harsh to execute Loree McBride Jesuits, you must understand that Loree has been murdering Gail’s supporters from the very start, so the only way to win against this tyrant is to execute her followers, just as she murders Gail’s followers. In fact, this is her strategy to murder anybody who might support Gail, which explains why Loree is so pro-abortion (even late term abortions), cuz most people support Gail, so Loree wins by elimination (abortions and murders of Gail followers).

If you are in a state under California law and want to live in a place under Texas law, contact Gail’s men at gailsmen@yahoo.com. We can easily move you to a place under Texas law using Star Trek-like transporter technology. In the end, the country will be totally divided, with the Texas states battling the California states. So far, Loree is losing her battle for numbers and most people are leaving the California states in droves. In fact, Loree is starting to lose her own state of California, because the evangelicals in California can’t stand Loree and have rebelled against her leadership there, and, it appears that Orange County and the San Diego sections of California are now under Texas law. But Loree maintains strict control over the rest of California, enabling her to declare herself the California leader. She also has control over the Democratic Party. If you live in a state like California and have a Texas heart, contact my men at gailsmen@yahoo.com and we will either move you to the parts of California under Texas law, or out of the state entirely to a Texas state.

Donald Trump sides with Gail, but has suffered abuse under Melania Trump, who is behind the impeachment proceedings he currently suffers from. Donald Trump has declared himself to be under Texas law. Loree claims she does not honor Texas law and that Trump is being impeached under California law. It’s kind of ironic that Loree has become so anti-Texas, since she claims to be married to TEXAN Brent Spiner. She is actually married to the CALIFORNIAN Brent Spiner CLONE. Gail is married to the REAL Brent Spiner, who is a proud Texan and has claimed his residency as Texas, not California.

Unfortunately, all Democrats must side with California and Loree, or Loree will execute them. Loree has declared that all Democratic Presidential candidates must honor California law or they can’t be Democrats. This basically means the Democratic Party is totally corrupt from top to bottom. Hopefully, if we are able to win our war against the California states, we might be able to save the Democratic Party. But, for now, the Democratic Party has put itself under California law in rebellion to Texas law. Trump is being impeached under California law, which Empress Gail does not recognize. So basically what you’re watching on the news is a big farce. Once we win the war against the California states and force them all to become Texas states, the impeachment will be over.

This impeachment business is a farce, because Gail remains the American Empress and those states that have aligned themselves with California are now no longer part of the United States. We have declared war on the state of California in all its territories and are striving to get them back under Texas and the true American law. Please understand that the state of California has changed its boundaries (see map above). Orange County and San Diego are now considered the state of Texas. The situation is very fluid and changing rapidly. Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) is the only one reporting on this. If you are an Empress Gail supporter and reside in a part of California in your state, contact my men and they will move you to a Texas state (either within your own state) or elsewhere.

Liberal Bigot Loree McBride is not Welcome in Texas (Brent Spiner’s state)!

I GOT A GOOD LAUGH FROM THIS. I’m actually a Centrist Libertarian and undecided between Trump and Tulsi Gabbard. And it appears the Lord will be moving me to Texas. However, I don’t think I’ll be living in Austin. The city of Austin excepted, the average California liberal likely wants little to do with Texas and Texans. The feeling may be mutual. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckdevore/2019/09/23/if-texas-turns-blue-trump-loses-which-explains-the-persistence-of-this-false-narrative/


The Lord may be moving me to Texas, cuz it’s a better fit for Brent Spiner and I and is the place where we should retire. Though Loree has tried to take over Texas, they really don’t like her there. Texas is all about freedom and Loree is all about control. She seems to have a bit of a stronghold here in Florida, so it’s time for me to go! She has taken over Houston and Austin in Texas, but the rest of Texas is trying to get rid of her and her agents, and in Texas they carry out the death penalty. It is death penalty under my Conspiracy Law to be a Loree McBride Jesuit. If this seems harsh, you must realize that Loree has murdered millions. I can forgive a murderer and have done so (Zack Knight, former Jesuit leader). But Loree McBride has no desire to stop her murders and evil and she needs to go. https://www.infoplease.com/us/states/the-top-ten-most-executions-by-state

I have updated my page about how Loree is not welcome in Texas. I have included an image that shows how conservative each state is. The more conservative states tend to be the places where evangelicals can practice their faith in freedom. Though, I’ll have to admit that I’m not a good fit for a super conservative state. I hate bigotry and that can be a problem in a super conservative state. Texas is a perfect match for me. They lean conservative, but are open minded – that’s me, to a tee. Florida actually leans liberal and Florida is becoming less and less friendly to those who hold conservative positions. Loree McBride may be partly to blame for this. She has infiltrated my home state and turned it into a garbage dump. She’s behind most of the school shootings we’ve had in Florida. She uses her brain control on her Manchurian Candidates. Though this is nothing compared to what she’s done in her home state of California. Loree McBride has turned California into a police state filled with brainwashed fanatical morons. The conservatives in California are leaving the state in droves for this reason, if they can.

You might say, how can you support liberal Tulsi Gabbard? Well. . . I’m open minded and I admire Tulsi’s convictions about freedom. She also believes in morals and responsibility. But, she’s the ONLY Dem I would vote for. The rest are a bunch of neocons, who kiss Loree McBride’s butt.

Not sure if Brent and I can marry right away when I move to Texas. But moving to Texas seems to be the next stage of my life for now. I believe God will do this soon. He’ll pay for the whole move somehow, cuz He knows I can’t afford it. I think I’m getting a new car and a new house. I already picked out a house in Texas that I’ve shared with my men. It has a Texas longhorns on the outside wall and a Texas star. I like that. The Lord’s already given me a Texas accent.

I’m a big freedom lover and so Texas and I think alike. That’s where I belong! But I also believe in responsibility and morals. The Texans do NOT LIKE Loree McBride. They know that every place she influences turns to garbage.

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

“You’re Moving, Gail” – Jesus Christ in answer to prayer (9-22-19)

Dreaming of my new home in Texas, with my new car and new house and nearer to my love, Brent Spiner! Jesus seemed to tell me this today. Brent Spiner is a Texan.

I’m in Genesis 45 – 47, where Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and tells Jacob and all of Joseph’s brothers to come to Egypt. Andy Woods, who lives in Texas but was visiting Tampa at the time of this message, is in the same place that I am in my devotions, the end of Genesis where Joseph meets his brothers after many years and Jacob and his family move to Egypt. Is this some sort of sign? Outside of Brent Spiner, Andy is probably my favorite preacher. Check out the link here. http://bcctampa.sermon.net/main/main/21457890

Jesus is giving me a strong hint that just like Jacob was told to leave Canaan and go to Egypt for his protection, that it is His will for me to go to Texas (I believe) to a place where I will be protected, a place that my men are preparing for me.

NOTE OF INTEREST: In 1994, out of about 122 possible duty stations, my ex-husband was stationed in Galveston, Texas. I saw that as a sign that Jesus approved of my love for Brent Spiner (knowing that Brent was from Houston). Now, it looks like that is taking on more significance, in that it appears it will be in Texas that I get to be with Brent! So I lived in Texas for 3 years (1994 to 1997), and it looks like I’ll be going back, this time, to be with Brent there eventually in 2019 or 2020. God was hinting to me back in 1994 that someday Texas would be a real special state to me. If it’s where Brent and I can live together as a married couple, then I understand why God had me stationed in Texas right after Brent first contacted me and made love to me on the phone. It was a sign of things to come.

I am also reading out of Bible for Tribulation Saints, and am in the section where Jesus had to teach me patience and to not overly rely on science or “quick fixes” to solve problems. I am reading the section where a Jesuit dog bit me in Jan. 2015. Your long wait for Brent Spiner is about to be rewarded. You are at a transition point in your life. Continue to believe and be patient. You have been wise to send your men all the details of your financial situation, so that both you and they can wisely prepare for this major move in your life. “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.” (Proverbs 21:5). Good job, Gail on giving your men your detailed analysis of your financial situation to your men. This will result in a solid plan for your financial well being in your new location.

I wanted to make a page about how God answered my prayers for wisdom and how he used my Bible study and prayer to tell me that a move is in the works in the near future (possibly within the next couple months). So he seemed to hint that I should not fret about my finances, because it’s all part of his plan for my life. Time will tell, if this was truly the Lord who seemed to speak to me today in my devotions. But I wanted to record this, as, what appears to be an answer to prayer for guidance and wisdom at this time in my life, when I sense that I may be moving to a new location. If this turns out to be true, then I have this record of how the Lord spoke to me today. I have not heard from my men for about two months now. So this new information is wholly from the Lord and no other source.

Jesus used a more traditional method of showing me His will – the use of Bible study and prayer and then listening to my heart and what brings me peace and joy. He actually prefers to use this method over miracles and showing up in person to tell us things, since Satan can imitate God’s miracles and personal appearances. Though my Brent knows Jesus so well, Satan would have a hard time fooling Brent.

Right now, my 1999 car is really old and not fit for a long distance trek. I can’t even read the instrument panel to see how much gas I have, what speed I’m driving, whether my car is hot or cold or whether I’m in park, reverse or neutral. Though I put a card over the instrument panel to help me shift properly, labelled with PRND and it’s been working for me. Jesus has specifically told me not to spend anymore money on my car. That this is a clear violation of the Gail Commandments for me. He also told me not to spend money on beauticians, so I cut and color my own hair. He has also told me not to visit the dentist either (because the dental profession has been taken over by Jesuits), and I haven’t been to a dentist since 2013. I am very diligent about cleaning my teeth though. This IS a Gail Commandment. I know I can’t go wrong when I obey Jesus. He is my best doctor, dentist and counselor. Brent told me that this order to not see dentists is true for now, but may change later. I needed a new pair of casual pants and sewed them this past summer. My mother has actually given me plenty of clothes over the years (mostly dress clothes), which I will have a time moving. But, it appears, my men will hire movers for this move. I did some research on movers and gave them my recommendations.

I take my own blood pressure, which has been excellent. The only doctor I see is my psychiatrist to get my Seroquel. I think I’ve been to a primary care provider about once or twice in the past ten years. Other than that, I avoid doctors like the plague. Most of them don’t have a clue how to deal with my Candida auris infection which went systemic years ago. Seroquel takes care of it beautifully. Jesus said he made Seroquel just for me. Doing the Gail Commandments keeps me in excellent health. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/

If this turns out to be true, that I am moving to Texas, then I have this record today how the Lord revealed this to me in answer to prayer and that God does, indeed, answer our prayers for guidance and wisdom when we need to hear from him.

Some will say I’m crazy, that this God doesn’t exist. He’s all in my imagination. Well, wait till the rapture. 1 Thess. 4:13-18. I’ll be waving at you from the sky and praying for you when you go through the 7-year tribulation. And, remember, it was NOT the UFOs who took us! We got raptured! During the trib, Jesus’ true followers won’t be able to see a doctor or do anything that requires a commercial transaction of any kind, unless they take the mark of the Antichrist, which means they’d go to hell. So Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through.

When you doubters and unbelievers meet Christ at the Great White Throne Judgment, after you’ve spent at least 1,000 years in hell, come preach at me reigning with Christ in His eternal city and come tell me I’m crazy then. We’ll decide then who’s REALLY CRAZY! By the way, none of you evil people will stop me from my millennial marriage to Brent Spiner. It’s gonna happen, and if you don’t like it, well, you don’t have much time left on this earth, enjoy being evil, while you can. The RIGHTEOUS ONE WILL REIGN ON THE THRONE FOREVER SOMEDAY and He will take care of the likes of you! I encourage everyone to say the sinner’s prayer and come to Jesus and live with me in heaven. https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/04/01/how-to-find-heaven-and-god-in-the-church-age/

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