Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (6-29-2003)

6-29-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Сейчас двенадцать часов дня.
Gott mir offenbarte bei meinen Bibelstunde unglaubliche Sachen.
I have no time to write what God revealed now, but will do it later. I have not read the paper or watched the news, and won’t, until I write what God revealed to me today.

The following paragraph I just studied (time is 1:15 p.m.) is from p. 107 of The Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Handbook by Diaz-Rico (rhymes with San Francisco) and Weed:

Paraphrases of simple instructions can give students yet another opportunity to process spoken input. Repeating important words and phrases need not be dull. Wong-Fillmore (1990) gives an example of an important point that was communicated to students using simple, repetitious phrases.

TEACHER: Who remembers the person who came to speak to us yesterday? CLASS: The mayor [Diane (DNA?) Feinstein, mayor of San Francisco]. TEACHER: Good. And what was special about the mayor? CLASS: She is a woman. TEACHER: Yes! The mayor is a woman. A woman can be mayor. What else can a woman be? CLASS: President. TEACHER: O.K. (Oklahoma GOVERNOR Frank Keating? Does Frank rhyme with Francisco?), a woman can be president. What else can a woman be? CLASS: Governor. TEACHER: Yes, a woman can be governor. Very gOOd.

When I type into this Bemerkungen my Bible study notes later, the above insert from the Language Handbook will make more sense. It is amazing what God shows me. Vladimir has only spoken to me one or two sentences at the most today, and never tells me how to interpret my Bible study.

Yesterday, I wrote down WordPerfect commands to help me work faster with WordPerfect. However, the Jesuits have overriden some of these commands so that they don’t work. For instance, Ctrl + F12 does not bring up the Format box. It does NOTHING. These WordPerfect commands are listed under Edit, then Preferences, then Keyboard, in the WordPerfect 6.1 keyboard editor.

Time is 9 p.m. and I finally write what God showed me in Bible study this morning. Again, to get the full impact of the following Bible study, the verses must be studied in conjunction with the King James Bible passages mentioned:

Jude verse 11–”Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of (12) Cain, and ran greedily after the error of (20) Balaam for reward, and (24) perished (see my ESTHER comments) in the (27) GainSayING of Core.”

We are in Numbers 24 and 25.

Numbers 24:24–(9) Chittim [China?], (13) Asshur [American Jesuits who fake like they are Judah Ben HUR☛a Savior for the David woman’s people, see Hollywood movie Ben Hur], (17) Eber [Europe and Russia’s Baal worshippers, that’s why the “b” is between E and R☛these are more Jesuits]. Notice this verse is doubled with the number that is significant in the Laci Peterson case. “And ships shall come from the COAST OF CHITTIM”–SHANGHAI is on China’s COAST.

Numbers 24:25–(11) place [PALACE?] Vladimir made love to me (via 666-Computer) from the English royal palace when he was there this past week, and I believe he allowed Brent to do the same. I told Vladimir I wasn’t comfortable with this. The Brent lovemaking session got interrupted and was never finished, which is fine with me. I don’t feel comfortable about imagining I make love to two men at the same time, though I still love Brent. I have pushed my feelings for Brent into my subconscious and am satisfied to satisfy those feelings in the 1,000 year millenium, though I will be exploring them in my novel Silver Skies, if I ever get the chance to finish that book. Vladimir is very understanding about the feelings Brent and I have for each other.

I believe Brent will always have feelings for me, even if he acquires another woman; but he loves me so much he’s willing to let Vladimir have me, because he thinks I’m safer with Vladimir. Brent thinks I’m better off with Vladimir, so he’s letting Vladimir have me. Apparently, in this present life, God agrees I should be with Vladimir. My Bible study seems to confirm this, and also all the miraculous insights I’ve gotten from the Bible came after Vladimir came into my life.

Back to Num. 24:25 (24 + 25 = 49–YEAR WHEN BRENT WAS BORN). AND THIS IS THE LAST VERSE OF NUMBERS 24 (Laci Peterson case). Notice the word “place” in v. 11, this almost spells like PALACE. Did Brent Spiner’s sperm somehow get into the Buckingham palace, when Putin was there? I noticed Vladimir came with a Russian Orthodox priest, could this priest have received Brent’s sperm and somehow transported it back to the RO leader at St. Petersburg or the Moscow mayor? Maybe even transported it on Putin’s jet?

In Num. 25:1 SHITTIM (Shanghai and Moscow?) is mentioned. I asked God what SHITTIM stood for. After about 10 minutes of prayer, He seemed to indicate that it was Shanghai, China in collaberation with Moscow. In this verse, Israel is corrupted to “commit whoredom”–this indicates some sort of SEX ORGY which is part of a devil worship ceremony–the Jesuits do plenty of this stuff, the whole Jesuit order is based on Satanic rituals and worship. Notice it’s described as “commit whoredom with the daughters (plural) of Moab (Moscow with a “b” on the end, Brent Spiner’s sperm is part of the ceremony?).” MORE THAN ONE WOMAN IS INVOLVED IN THIS JESUIT PLOT.

In Num. 25:4, people’s heads are hung up, “heads” seems to indicate 666-Computer involvement in a Jesuit plot. Because this is mentioned in chapter 25, it also indicates American collaberation in the plot.

In Num. 25:6–A Midianitish woman is implicated in a plot against Israel, to CORRUPT THEM VIA A SEX ORGY (see Num. 25:1). From my previous Bible study, I believe this indicates a Moscow [Midian] woman–a Russian woman who works for Jesuits.

In Num. 25:8–(24) woman (27) BELLY. The woman who caused the Jews to turn to idol worship, was thrust THROUGH THE BELLY. Immediately, I suspected another pregnancy plot, when I read this. So far, it appears Europeans, Americans and Russians are working together in some sort of pregnancy plot involving the 666-Computer and Brent’s sperm and maybe Putin’s semen as well. Though I believe that Putin has had a vasectomy. God indicates in v. 8, that this sex orgy caused a PLAGUE. So I asked God what was the plague? He seemed to say that Moscow women will become impregnated with stolen sperm (Putin’s and/or Spiner’s) and will ALSO HAVE SEX WITH OTHER MEN (because a man is thrust through in v. 8 as well as the Midianite woman. He’s called a man of Israel, so he fakes like he’s on my side and supports Putin). So while this artificial insemination happens, this whorish woman is also having sex with other/another men/man. This will be the Jesuits’ Satanic ritual, a corrupted version of God’s HEAVE OFFERING, which is BALAK and BALAAM’s offering. And then after the pregnancies advance for awhile, the Jesuits will use the 666-Computer to cause these women to ABORT THEIR FETUSES. THIS IS THE PLAGUE. That’s why heads were hung up in v. 4.

Balaam wasn’t happy that God forced him to bless Israel, so he found a way to work around it and to cause God to CURSE Israel, it was a corruption of God’s heave offering, which involved a sex ritual with the daughters of Moab. In Numbers 25:2 it indicates the people ATE SOMETHING as part of this ritual. Did the Jesuits produce some food product out of Shanghai (in cooperation with Moscow–SHITTIM) that was tainted with Putin’s semen (which they stole from his lovemaking fantasies about me in Buckingham palace?), so that this product was eaten during the Satanic “heave offering”? I’m not sure why they would do this, unless it was to imprint the fetuses (produced from the sex orgies) with Putin’s DNA? The Jesuits don’t need semen with sperm in it, to introduce DNA into a body. Maybe eating this substance would enter the whore’s body and cause Putin’s DNA to be in the whore’s fetus? Maybe they mixed this with Brent Spiner’s semen, which did have sperm in it?
Maybe Brent should get a vasectomy, too. I asked God to give me insights into these verses and this is what He seemed to show me.

Now let’s go back to Jude, in v. 12–”These are SPOTS in your FEASTS of (8) charity (a perversion of God’s HEAVE OFFERING), when they (11) feast with you (Wasn’t Vladimir at a great feast in Buckingham palace? Apparently, the Jesuits were THERE TOO, undercover. Though I am not implicating the royal family.), feeding themselves without (17) fear: clouds they are without (22)water (a jet makes a cloud that has no water), carried about of winds (like a JET?); (27) trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, (33) twice dead (Does this give us a clue about the food item they concocted in collaberation with Shanghai?), plucked up by the roots (GINSENG? My mother has been telling me to take ginseng. Maybe the Jesuits want to make something of this? Notice all the G and S alliterations in ginseng)”

The Catholic Church worships the CROSS, and they have a ceremony where they EAT JESUS’ body (supposedly)–this means they kill him AGAIN or TWICE DEAD. This insults God Almighty. God does not GLORY in the death of His Son. It was a necessary sacrifice, but God doesn’t GLOAT about it and does not command us to wear crosses or to worship Jesus’ death. We are to glory in His resurrection.
Some interesting facts about latitude and longitude. God led me away from my Bible during my Bible study, for this section:

Shanghai is at ~longtitude 122. Jesuits may want to focus on longitude and latitude because Putin was in LONDON or very near GREENwich, England (which is at LONGITUDE ZERO).

This is God’s way of saying that ALL TRUTH COMES FROM ENGLAND or the King James Bible.

Poland (Polish Pope?), Romania (Brent’s ancestors are from here and Romania sounds like ROME), and Chad (Africa) and Zaire (Africa) are at ~ longtitude 22.

Zimbabwe, Africa (David Livingstone’s territory) is at ~ latitude 22.

The bottom tip of ENGLAND hits latitude 50.

Moscow is at ~ latitude 56 (see previous statement) and is 45 mi. N of equator.

St. Petersburg, Russia is at ~ latitude 60.

The HAWAIIAN ISLANDS (USA–where RiCHard ChamBERLAIN is–almost sounds like Berlin, doesn’t it?) are at ~ longitude 156 to 157 and latitude 20 to 22. Recall that I often played the love scene between Ralph and Meggie from The Thornbirds on my VCR. I studied this scene from the novel The Thornbirds extensively for my novel Silver Skies. Notice all the CH sounds in his name–CHINA?

P. 97 of the Crosscultural Language and Academic Development Handbook has story about China and Chang (though I changed the names when I typed it as “notes” into a story about Martin Luther) with a 6th grade class. On p. 98, a GREEN dot (like the points for latitude and longitude?) is mentioned as a STOPPING POINT. “SPOTS in your feasts of charity?”–see Jude. Recall that longitude ZERO runs through GREENwich, England, which is in LONDON, where Putin was this week, when HE MADE LOVE TO ME VIA THE 666-COMPUTER.

Back to Numbers 25:9 (my birthday is 9-15 and Putin’s is 11-9). Notice that 24,000 die in the PLAGUE. Have the Jesuits impregnated 24,000 Moscow women with semen from Putin and/or Brent? Wow, what a mass abortion ritual they must be planning with the 666-Computer!

The U.S. is part of the plot, because we are in chapter 25. Jesuits want to make sure they bring U.S. poison into Russia, so it will follow me there. Maybe all these aborted fetuses would be imprinted somehow with Putin’s DNA? With the Chinese ginseng concoction that the “stolen sperm impregnated” whores eat?

We need to make it a crime to confiscate a man’s semen and to use it in ANY MANNER without his permission. Maybe they can CLONE babies from semen without the sperm? I don’t know. The Jesuits made an issue out of cloning, right around December 27, 2002.

From reading the Bible in Numbers 25, the solution to this PLAGUE is to thrust through the woman’s belly OR KILL THE FERTILIZED EGG. Maybe this can be done with the 666-Computer. God indicates the MEN need to be executed as well, MEN ARE INVOLVED. All men who participated in SEX ORGIES with these women, according to the Bible should be EXECUTED. The men need to be punished somehow, even if it’s not execution. Read Numbers 25:8. They are conspirators AGAINST PUTIN’S GOVERNMENT, with the goal to overthrow him. Their goal is to destroy Russia. And if they aren’t dealt with, THEY WILL DESTROY RUSSIA, just like the women of Moab in Numbers 25 could have destroyed Israel, if they weren’t dealt with like they were in Numbers 25.

Notice God says there will be PEACE, if the executions are meted out. In v. 11, Phinehas (Putin?) SAVES ISRAEL FROM GOD’S WRATH. In order to save Russia and the U.S. from God’s wrath, this abominable sex orgy (involving 24,000 women–see v. 9), must be dealt with seriously.

Numbers 25:13–Hints that we are dealing with semen that was LEFT BEHIND. “And he shall have it and HIS SEED AFTER HIM. . .”

Numbers 25:14–May offer clues as to the men involved in the plot. Zimri–Salu–a PRINCE–Spiner? Sperm?

In the Bible, Gideon also dealt with Midianites. See Judges 7:25 (26) Zeeb. Oreb is also mentioned here. Notice all the letter Z’s. Z is the 26th letter of the English alphabet. Is God hinting about something to do with chromosomes? What is special about the 26th chromosome? I forgot some of my genetics. I do recall there was a recent newspaper article about the X & Y chromosomes and their numbers were mentioned, numbers like 23, 24, 25, or 26. I can’t remember the numbers.

You may want to check all recently impregnated women in Moscow for Putin’s and/or Brent’s DNA.
Num. 25:15–(19) head [doesn’t sperm have a HEAD? THIS MAY BE GOD’S CLUE] A CoZbi is mentioned and a Zur. You may want to check out chromosome #26 because Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet. Is there a 26 chromosome? The “b” in CozBi may indicate that Spiner’s sperm may be connected to this 26 chromosome somehow. Does this #26 chromosome affect a sperm’s HEAD? This verse seems to indicate PUTIN’s DNA may be involved in the #26 chromosome because it says, “he was head over a people (like Putin), and of a CHIEF HOUSE in Midian (Moscow).” Or it could be referring to Moscow’s mayor.

V. 17–The solution is in the X chromosome (female). I believe the “v” in vex refers to Vladimir Putin. God says he is to VEX the Midianites and SMITE THEM. To smite the WHORE (we are in v. 17), use the X chromosome. READ THE VERSE. Maybe this means to kill the fertilized egg. I don’t know.

Prov. 29:8 [2 + 9 = 11]–”Scornful men bring a CITY into a snare: but wise men turn away wrath.” The city is MOSCOW? [TOTAL: 14]

Because of Phinehas (Putin?) and his executions, God gave him a covenant of PEACE–LAST WORD OF V. 12 IS PEACE. This 24,000 conspiracy must be dealt with severely as God instructs in Numbers 25, if we want PEACE. Not sure if he means actual executions, but maybe He does. I think maybe the solution is in the X chromosome. The solution is in Numbers 25 somewhere.

After prayer, God seems to indicate the following solution:

The term IMPRINT is defined as using any part of a person’s body WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION (especially any sexual fluids), in order to leave their DNA and/or other type of imprint in another person’s body (especially a fetus or a baby). Any woman who is described as “imprinted” would also include her fetus/fetuses and/or her baby/babies/offspring, since they may have been imprinted via her body.

The term INNOCENT MAN is defined as any man relevant to this case, like Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner, Bill Fuller, Franco Nero, etc. who had sperm or semen stolen from him WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION and whose sperm or semen was used to impregnate or “imprint” a woman or women and/or her fetus and/or her baby/babies/offspring without his permission. The term STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATOR is defined as any woman who WILLINGLY allows herself to be impregnated (WITHOUT THE INNOCENT MAN’S PERMISSION) with sperm stolen from him, OR anyone that collaberated with her in this type of impregnation. A STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATOR is also defined as anyone who uses extortion or rape to impregnate a woman with an innocent man’s sperm (when the innocent man has NOT GIVEN PERMISSION TO USE HIS SPERM FOR THIS PURPOSE).

If it is true that thousands of women are now impregnated or imprinted with stolen semen from Putin and/or Spiner and/or any other innocent man, serious measures must be taken to deal with this. I propose the following legislation, which needs to be passed immediately: Within the next 7 [Numbers 25 or 2 + 5 = 7] days, any woman who willingly has allowed herself to be impregnated or imprinted with stolen semen from any innocent man, can come forward and have her pregnancy terminated. After 7 days, if it is discovered that any woman is pregnant because she willingly allowed herself to become pregnant with stolen semen from an innocent man, she will be tried in a court of law for HIGH TREASON, along with those who collaberated with her. If found guilty, she receives the DEATH PENALTY, ALONG WITH THOSE WHO COOPERATED WITH HER. These people will destroy Russia. This plague must be EXTERMINATED. They have 7 days to come forward in order to terminate their pregnancies. After this, if they are caught, and proven guilty of willing impregnation or “imprint” from innocent mens’ stolen semen, they get no mercy and will receive THE DEATH PENALTY.

They are collaberators with Jesuit-killers who want to turn Russia back into a DICTATORSHIP and, therefore, MUST BE EXECUTED.

This law should be posted in Russia where all can see and/or hear it, and after it has been posted, the 7 day deadline starts. More than likely all STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS will hear of this law, without the necessity of much fanfare over it, because they are nervous about what Putin will do; and so they keep abreast about anything related to this case.

If STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS come forward, we will strive to protect their privacy, but this cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the case. If it is determined that they are not “stolen sperm conspirators” but are, in fact, extortion victims, they are welcome to submit an extortion statement, which would be considered an attachment to my 1-18-02 statement under my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document with all the rights of my written legal documentation.

XXX–G.S. (6-29-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (6-29-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (6-29-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (6-29-03)
EEEEEEE–G.S. (6-29-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-29-03
Place: Melbourne, FL

2003 Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (6-30-2003)

6-30-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Ich werde später bei meinen Bibelstunde offenbaren, warum ich diese Gesetze bestimmte.
Сейчас одиннадчать часов утра.

See yesterday’s statement for the definition of the terms used in the following legal document:

If a pregnancy via an innocent man’s “stolen sperm” results in the birth of a baby, and it is found out, the mother’s case will be brought to the courts, and if the mother was a willing participant in this plot, she will be executed along with those who collaberated with her, because this type of woman is not fit for motherhood, and she and those who participated with her are guilty of HIGH TREASON against the Russian government.

The born baby will be kept alive and given for adoption.

If men or women involved in “stolen sperm” pregnancy plots are found guilty (in Russian court) of being STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS, and they are not Russian citizens, they will be DEPORTED permanently from Russia, never to visit [or return to] Russia ever again. If they return to Russia, THEY WILL BE EXECUTED, because they are considered ENEMIES of the Russian government.
Those cases where the woman was not a WILLING participant in the “stolen sperm” conspiracy will be tried individually, with judgments varying, depending on the nature of the case. If stolen sperm conspirators extorted or raped a woman into pregnancy by using an innocent man’s “stolen semen”, those who extorted or raped her will receive the death penalty (for HIGH TREASON against the Russian government). In most of these rape or extortion cases (involving innocent mens’ “stolen sperm”), aborting the fetus would be recommended.

I have not changed my mind about any laws I recommended in yesterday’s Bemerkungen. What I wrote today just gives more details about what I recommended yesterday.

I have not read today’s paper or watched the news yet, and won’t read today’s paper until I write down what God showed me in my morning Bible study. I may watch the news.

In Jude 11, Korah is mentioned, along with Balaam. Though it’s spelled Core, which rhymes with WHORE or LOREE. See previous statements. Jude 11–”Woe unto them? For they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of (20) Balaam for

(22) reward, and perished in the gainsaying of (29) Core.” Core is the last word of Jude 11, which indicates GOD’S EMPHASIS. Also, Core is the 29th word of Jude 11, and I was 29 when I was pregnant with my son. That is the ONLY pregnancy I’ve had. Notice the OR sound in Core, kind of like Russian Orthodox or LOREE or WHORE?

Of further interest, we have two spellings of the same thing in the Bible: KORAH and CORE. The ONLY letters kORah and cORe have in common are OR. God emphasizes the OR. When you take the OR out of Korah and Core, you can almost spell ChinA, but you’re missing the IN☛ like the IN from PUTIN?

Numbers 26:9-11–(2 + 6 = 8) v. 9–”And the sons of Eliab, Nemuel, and Dathan, and Abiram. This is that Dathan and Abiram, which were famous in the (22) congregation, who strove against Moses and against Aaron in the company of (34) Korah [I was 34 when Brent 1st talked to me], when they strove against the Lord” [TOTAL: 40]

v. 10–” And the earth opened her mouth (artificial insemination? abortion?), and swallowed them up (11) together [both men and women involved in conspiracy must be executed] with (13) Korah, when that company (17) died, what time the fire devoured
(23) two hundred and (26 and 2 + 6 = 8) FIFTY (27) men: [the # 23 before the term two hundred and FIFTY indicates AMERICAN involvement, see my comments in previous statement about Solomon’s Song 8:12 (8 + 12 = 20☛ infidelity number)] and they became a sign.”[TOTAL: 32 words in v. 10]

Let’s turn again to Solomon’s Song 8:12. “My vineyard, which is mine, is before me: thou, O Solomon, must have a thousand, and those that keep the fruit (USA keeps the fruit–see previous statement) thereof (23) TWO HUNDRED.” The last words, TWO HUNDRED, are GOD’S EMPHASIS.

See my previous statements for the significance of the #23. In both Solomon’s Song 8:12 and Numbers 26:10, the term “two hundred” begins with WORD 23. Then God adds an extra 50 onto the term “two hundred” in Numbers 26:10, so there will be no doubt about which nation He refers to. The United States is definitely involved in this “stolen sperm” conspiracy in Russia right now. And that’s why I included in my legal documentation, which I’ve written for Putin’s benefit without any help from Putin, instructions on how to handle non-Russian citizens involved as STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS.

Please also note that there are 23 O’s in the Song of Solomon. Could the TWENTY-THREE O’s symbolize openings for abortions or for artificial insemination? See previous statement. AbORtion? Russian Orthodox? More on this OR alliteration later in this statement. Numbers 26:11–” NOTWITHSTANDING, THE CHILDREN OF (5) KORAH (6) DIED NOT.” [TOTAL: 7] This is why I’ve instructed that any babies born (life begins with the breath) from this conspiracy should be allowed to live.

THE TOTAL WORD COUNT IN NUMBERS 26:9-11 is 79. Is Bill Fuller 79? I think he is. I graduated from Florida State University in 1979. V. 9 has 40 words. V. 10 has 32 word. V. 11 has 7 words.
32 minus 7 = 25. 40 minus 32 = 8. 7 + 8 = 15. 40 minus 7 = 33. 25 + 8 = 33. What religion allows Jesus Christ to DIE TWICE with their wafer ceremony?

NEW PARAGRAPH. The last word of Numbers 26:15 is SHUNITES. It sounds like Schuler + Putin.
The last word of Num. 26:20 (infidelity #) is ZARHITES. #26 chromosome?

The last verse about the tribe of JUDAH (my tribe) is Num. 26:22 (26 + 22 = 48 or 1948, year when Israel became a nation). Num. 26:22–(15) THREESCORE, (20) five. Threescore sounds like WHORE or LOREE or SCHULER or R for Russia? Notice that W and L are missing from THREESCORE, this is because God OMITS the W and the L, in order to INSULT THEM. God does not want to honor the Whore or Loree. And what verse comes after v. 22?
NEW PARAGRAPH in Num. 26:23.

13 verses in Numbers 26 start with the word “Of”. The LAST verse that starts with “Of” in Num. 26 is verse 49. Brent was born in 1949. Ruckman was saved in 1949. Could the “Of” be an abbreviation for Offering? Maybe it symbolizes Balaam’s Satanic Heave Offering? See my earlier statements regarding the Heave Offering. One of the “Of” verses is v. 44, which is also a new paragraph. “Of the children of

(5) Asher after their families: of Jimna, the family of the Jimnites: of (17) Jesui, the family of the (22) Jesuites: of Beriah, the family of the (29) Berites.” [TOTAL: 29] 29 is my pregnancy age. Berites sounds like Brent + Putin, maybe the Jesuites’ semen concoction with Brent and Putin’s semen? Because the #22 is linked with the Jesuits, it seems to indicate that they fake like they’re ROYAL JEWS from King David and that they are JESUS CHRIST and from his family. Notice all the #5s associated with the whore. It indicates the Whore has strong dealings with the United States. And that the U.S. is involved in the SEMEN plot. BUT, they fake like they are Brent and Putin’s friends, so a lot of these traitors who appear to be on Putin’s side (and cause so much trouble for us) fit the description of the Jesuits (by studying the numbers we have a description of the Jesuits) in this verse. The numbers preach their own message.

Num. 26:46, the last word is Sarah, Asher’s daughter. They claim to be THE JEWS. This is what I’ve said all along. Sarah is THE MOTHER OF THE JEWS.

The last WORD of Numbers 26 is NUN. Sounds like PUTIN.

NEW PARAGRAPH. Let’s go back to Numbers 26:23. Could Issachar be Russia? Num. 26:23–(17) PUA, (22) PUNITES. (Vladimir Putin?) [TOTAL: 22]

Num. 26:24–(9) SHIMRON, (14) SHIMRONITES. Schuler + Putin? You can spell MRS. From Shimron or Shimronites and NOTICE THE WORD NUMBERs 9 and 14. You take the MRS out, and both words almost spell Schuler and Putin. [TOTAL: 14]

Num. 26:25–(15) thrEEscORe. [TOTAL: 21]

Numbers 26:23-25 are all about Issachar (Russia?). Notice the total word count from these verses about Issachar is 22 + 14 + 21 = 57. I was born in 1957. The numbers 23 and 25 seem to indicate a strong U.S. involvement with Russia, and not all of it is good.

Numbers 26:38–This is Benjamin, Brent Spiner’s tribe. The children of Benjamin are ASHBEL? Are these the offspring of Brent’s stolen sperm? By the way, there was a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called “The Offspring” and I based my “Lal” teleplay, which made print in Data Entries, from “The Offspring”. Notice all the “Of” beginnings in Numbers 26, THE JESUIT CHAPTER (see v. 44). Ash-BeL or Brent + Loree? The name of Brent’s offspring are ASHBEL? God seems to hint that the sperm was stolen WHEN BRENT WAS WITH LOREE. To get enough sperm to impregnate 24,000 women would require a lot of sperm. Maybe they’ve been collecting it since the time Loree moved into Brent’s house.

I’ve always told Brent he made a BIG MISTAKE ALLOWING LOREE INTO HIS HOUSE.

Maybe Loree supplied Brent’s sperm to the Jesuits and confiscated it from him FROM HIS HOUSE. After all, the Jesuits could read Brent’s mind, so they knew when he had his fantasies. Then they instructed Loree TO GO GET IT and bring it to them. It appears the Jesuits compiled QUITE A COLLECTION (24,000 women in Russia? I’m not sure about this, but this is what God seems to indicate.) Loree was a good confiscator. That’s why Brent’s offspring are called ASHbeL, because the agent that created the offspring was the children of ASHER (Jesuits) in cooperation with Loree. Loree did great service for the Jesuits. Brent must have left quite a lot behind on his sheets and Loree GOT IT ALL. Personal opinion: I don’t think Loree got much sex from Brent, and what sex she did get, was through extortion or rape. But he had to release his sex drive somewhere and it was not going into Loree. So it went on his sheets and SHE GOT IT. When Brent let Loree into his house, THE JESUITS WERE HAVING A PARTY.

Notice that Bela and Ashbelites are mentioned as Benjamin’s offspring. Notice that you can almost spell LOREE from Bela and Ashbelites, but you’re missing OR. God is emphasizing WHO THE BREEDER IS. It’s OR or LOREE and the Russian Orthodox Church. If 24,000 women were impregnated with Brent’s sperm, some of these pregnancies are going to go to birth. So Brent will have children, and they are mentioned in Numbers 26:39-41 and what interesting names they have (Bela? Ashbel? Shupham? Ard?) Ard indicates AR for Russia.

Shupham seems to indicate that an offspring from Brent will be the Schuler/Putin marriage. In. V 41, there are 45,600 from the tribe of Benjamin.
Thought for the day: Prov. 30:5-6.

I’ve noticed in yesterday’s Florida Today, there seemed to be a lot of hints about babies, Romania, Roma, Reese (Russia?) Witherspoon, X-rays (X chromosomes?), 15, paRRish, Reese Witherspoon has a wedding ring with ASScher decorations. I wrote yesterday’s statement before I read yesterday’s paper, which was read this morning.

The phone just rang (time is 5:15 p.m.) As I typed the above paragraph, Bill Fuller got the phone.

I think the Jesuits made Reese Witherspoon into a star. You can find a cute blonde or brunette on every street corner in the U.S., and with the right props, financing, and promotions, anything is possible. Just like they made Billy Graham into a star. Reese Witherspoon’s teeth look just like Loree’s. It looks like the Jesuits wanted to create a star from a Loree McBride “look-alike”. With a multi-trillion dollar income at their disposal, it would not have been too difficult to create a star from a Loree “look-alike”. See Jack Chick’s documentation.

XXX–G.S. (6-30-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (6-30-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (6-30-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (6-30-03)
EEEEEEE–G.S. (6-30-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-30-03
Place: Melbourne, FL

2003 Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (7-1-2003)

7-1-03 Bemerkung über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Ich bin sehr beshäftigt und müde. Gott offenbart mir zuviel. Ich werde später bei meinen Bibelstunde offenbaren, warum ich heute diese anderen Gesetze bestimmte.

Сейчас десять часов утра.

Refer to previous statements for definitions used in legal document below.
The following are new definitions, which will be used in the following legal document:

GENETIC MATERIAL is defined as any material from a body which yields genetic information.

INNOCENT WOMAN is defined as a woman (alive or dead) whose eggs are used for reproductive purposes without her permission and who is relevant to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case–like Loree McBride, myself and/or my family members, etc.

REPRODUCTIVE POLITICAL CONSPIRATOR is defined as any person who is a party to a reproductive procedure (cloning, artificial insemination, fertilized egg implanted in a woman, etc.) which involves using eggs or semen from people who are relevant to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case, and using their eggs or semen without their permission for reproductive purposes.

REPRODUCTIVE CONSPIRATOR is defined as any person who is a party to a reproductive procedure (cloning, artificial insemination, fertilized egg implanted in a woman, etc.) which involves using eggs or semen from people who are NOT relevant to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case, and using these eggs or semen without their permission for reproductive purposes.

The Russian government will not allow stolen eggs, semen, or any material from any person’s body to be used without that person’s permission (or, if deceased, that person’s family’s permission) for any reproductive purpose (artificial insemination, cloning, or implanting a fertilized egg in a host [probably female host] body). If permission is granted from the person or, if deceased, their family, for this type of reproductive procedure, this permission must be filed in writing with the courts and must clearly state who gives the permission and name all parties to the reproductive procedure and state clearly which reproductive procedure is involved. Also, any permission granted by persons for cloning, artificial insemination and/or any pioneer reproductive procedure must be REGISTERED with the Russian government, with permission granted from the Russian government before such procedure is carried out, in order to determine if such a procedure could be deemed a threat to the Russian government. The registration must state clearly the names and identification of those whose genetic materials will be used in the reproductive procedure, so there is no doubt whose genetic material will be used in the procedure, and state clearly which reproductive procedure is involved
If an innocent man or woman’s semen or eggs are used or have been used in reproductive procedures WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE MAN OR WOMAN INVOLVED, they have 15 days to come forward (except for artificial insemination and imprinting cases, in which they have 7 days to come forward) and have the pregnancy terminated. The methods for the public posting of this notice, will be as described in my 6-29-03 and 6-30-03 Bemerkungen. After 15 days, if any reproductive conspirators are found, they will be tried in court.

If a person is found guilty of being a reproductive political conspirator, they will be executed. For those reproductive conspirators who have produced born babies, the baby will live, but any reproductive political conspirator involved will be executed for high treason against the Russian government, and any babies that are a product of their conspiracy will be given up for adoption.
Any reproductive political conspirators who are NOT Russian citizens will be treated according to the guidelines I set forth in my 6-30-03 and 6-29-03 Bemerkungen.

For those found guilty in a Russian court of law of being a reproductive conspirator, but not a POLITICAL reproductive conspirator, they will be punished in a manner that respects the wishes of the violated persons (the INVOLUNTARY semen or egg donors), with judgments meted out by the courts on a case by case basis.

I just finished typing the above legal document and it is 10:40 a.m. I have not read today’s paper and won’t, until I type what God showed me from the Bible this morning.

What I type below within brackets should be signed and (publicized on the Russian news) by Vladimir Putin. I also sign the bracketed statement (immediately below in brackets) electronically, by my signature to this Bemerkungen. I want the bracketed statement below (with both my dated signature and Vladimir’s dated signature) to be publicized on Russian news. I encourage Brent Spiner to also write a statement, perhaps one of thanks to Vladimir Putin, and we will publicize it on the Russian news. Vladimir, Brent and myself all have highest regard for each other and there is no animosity or jealousy between us. And our mutual respect and regard for one another needs to be established and known.

[[Vladimir and I want to state our firm conviction that we feel that Brent Spiner, the American Star Trek star, is beyond reproach and absolutely innocent regarding any involvement in any type of reproductive conspiracy. And we are grateful to Brent for his generosity of spirit which supports our marriage, in spite of the fact that we believe Brent still loves Gail. A man who sacrifices the love of his life to another man, because he feels his love would be happier and safer with that other man, has a magnanimous heart, too big and generous, to be capable of the reproductive crimes which we seek to prosecute. And it is NOT our purpose in creating these new reproductive laws in Russia to implicate Brent Spiner in any way.]]

As I type my “ESL Notes” (time is 3:20 p.m.), the Jesuits are messing with my WordPerfect functions, so that they don’t respond properly to the commands. It’s causing a lot of problems. For instance, when I do Ctrl + B for bold and Ctrl + I for italic (which normally works), bold and italic are not applied to my text. They are also overriding the commands I use in the Graphics section, so I just gave up on Graphics and used a verbal description.

Today we have a very concentrated Bible study, involving two tribes: Zebulun in Numbers 26:26-27 and Joseph in Numbers 26:28-33.

1st) Zebulun.

NEW PARAGRAPH. Numbers 26:26 (2 + 6 = 8)–(5) Zebulun, (10) Sered, (15) Sardites [SARS? Is something going on in Samara, Russia? ], (17) Elon [rearrange this and you can almost spell CLONE. Also, Elon kind of sounds like LONDON or LENINGRAD–old name for St. Petersburg. Are Jesuits planning on having some clones walk the streets of London or Leningrad? Is the #26 chromosome connected with cloning? Notice, we are in word 17, the cloner is the WHORE.], (24) Jahleel, (29) Jahleelites. [TOTAL: 29] You can almost spell Loree from Jahleel and Jahleelites, except the OR is missing. Maybe all this doubles emphasis indicates CLONES? Jahleelites sounds like Japan + Loree. And if you subtract Japan and Loree’s letters from Jahleelites, you get PUTIN, without the U. However, you can almost spell Jesuits from Jahleelites, the only letter missing is U.

We are in Num. 26:26 (666?) And it was on 6-26-96 that I found out about Loree McBride, when I read the June 26, 1996 edition of the Houston Chronicle

We are talking about Zebulun. Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet. Chromosome #26?

Zebulun could be the U.N. + European Union + U.S.? Because Zebulun is word #5, associated with U.S.
Notice there are a lot of EE sounds in these verses. LorEE? Jahleelites?

Too many Japan sounds. Is Japan and/or Samara, Russia involved in the reproductive conspiracies or maybe SARS?

Are we going to have Loree clones? Lots of EE sounds, with the long E sound in English. I have a Bible with pronunciation markers.

Notice Elon + Leningrad might mean EGG.

Could the Jesuits have removed Loree’s eggs from her, maybe right after she died or while she was alive?

Sered (word #10) could be Spiner’s sperm in Loree’s egg (a fertilized egg implanted in a woman?)

If you subtract Sered from Spiner + Loree, you get PINOL, which has letters like Putin + Loree or CLONE.

I wonder why the Jesuits decided to print their lying article about Brent Spiner’s baby from the DEAD Loree in T.V. Guide? Maybe they have her eggs?

In Num. 26:29, where we discuss Joseph’s family; Gilead or the Gileadites alliterates like EGGS. We are in v. 29 and I was 29 when I was pregnant with my only child. (24) Gileadite.

[TOTAL: 24]

Num. 26:30 seems to implicate Japan and some Jews or Hebrews in the reproductive plot? Helekites?

Jeezer (Z for chromosome #26 and Japan?). K from Helekites is the 11th letter of the English alphabet. Could the Jesuits have confiscated sperm, semen, or eggs from 9-11 victims? Are we going to see some strange 9-11 offspring walking around? Maybe some Jews?

Notice how the following verse from Proverbs alliterates like EGG. Prov. 1:19 (1 + 19 = 20)–”So are the ways of every one that is GrEEdy of Gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.”


Now that I’ve finished typing my Bible study notes, I will read the paper at 6 p.m.

I have consolidated all my legal reproductive laws in one document called REPRODUCTIVE LAWS.

I just heard on the news about crooks impersonating cops and pulling people over on the road. You planning something for me, Jesuits? They have the sirens and everything. It appears Vladimir is using the reproductive laws I wrote in Russia right now, so now the Jesuits want to create the law and LAW ENFORCEMENT conspiracy.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-1-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-1-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-1-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-1-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-1-03
Place: Melbourne, FL

2003 Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (7-3-2003)

7-3-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Владимир ist ein guter Mann.

Я занимаюсь сам.

Time is noon and I haven’t read the paper yet, though I have watched the news. I typed more laws in my RUSSIAN REPRODUCTIVE LAWS document this morning. These are in Section 7 of that document.

Time is 3 p.m. and I just finished reading the paper. You Jesuits plan on killing my son with a drunken driver? Also, it’s just a coincidence (or Divine providence) that I used a German sentence with Mann in it this morning. Someone named Mann just died recently. I didn’t know it until I read the paper.

Time is 4:20 p.m. and I’ve just added to the RUSSIAN REPRODUCTIVE LAWS document, where I’ve made an allowance to those reproductive political conspirators who confess to their crime within the next 15 days: if they are genuinely guilty and they confess and help the Russian government with its investigation of this matter, they will be spared the death penalty. Please refer to the RUSSIAN REPRODUCTIVE LAWS document to see the new laws I’ve written. These laws were based on my Bible study from Numbers 27. My thought for the day is in Prov. 3:27, and I am in Numbers 27 for my Bible study.

Time is 5:45 p.m. and the Jesuits are messing with my font, so that it won’t stay on Times New Roman, which is a pretty attractive font. I have to go back and correct the font setting all the time.

Time is 8 p.m. and as I type my ESL notes, some guy calls up Bill Fuller and talks with him, who, obviously, is a Jesuit agent. I’m overhearing the conversation right now. This particular section which I’m typing from p. 154 and 155 of the book is loaded with references and innuendos to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case. This book has a 2002 copyright and it’s obvious the Jesuits overhauled the writing of this book, The Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Hankbook. Personal opinion: the book is very comprehensive and covers many excellent content areas related to ESL teaching, but the writing is horrible, with convoluted sentences (in dire need of trimming and conciseness and EDITING). The content is excellent, the writing is HORRIBLE. The writers need to take a course in writing, though the research behind this book is impressive. They could use more everyday language. It’s always better to use a simple word over a convoluted word. This is what’s taught in writer’s boot camp: very basic writing training. A writer’s goal is not to impress with fancy words, but to pick the word that most evokes what you want to say, and often a simple word is superior. A thesaurus is a writer’s Bible.

You may say, your writing is convoluted. That’s because I don’t have time to edit, but I don’t believe these writers can use that as an excuse. I’m working as lawyer, judge, writer, teacher and you name it–so, though I wish I could edit more my writing, I don’t have time.

Check the RUSSIAN REPRODUCTIVE LAWS document on a regular basis. I constantly make changes.

XXX–G.S. (7-3-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-3-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-3-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-3-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-3-03
Place: Melbourne, FL

Daniel Course (Dallas Theological Seminary)

I signed up for this Dallas Theological Seminary course several weeks ago and have sat on it, while I concentrated on my duties as U.S. President. But, it appears, that though I signed up for this course, it will not stay up forever (for me to access it), so I need to finish the course, so I don’t lose the links for the course. By the way, Daniel is a really helpful book for me, because, like Daniel, I am a government leader, who is also a Bible writer (as the author of Bible for Tribulation Saints), and God has gifted me with extraordinary wisdom to fulfill my roles. God gave to Daniel extraordinary wisdom to do God’s will as a government leader in Babylon who represented God’s interests. I, too, have been granted extraordinary wisdom, so Daniel is a great role model for me to study. Studying Daniel will give me wisdom for my life as well as giving me insight into the tribulation described in Revelation (which I’m studying as research for my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version). I will be adding the videos in the course as I progress through the course. Thus far, I’ve made straight 100s in all my Dallas Theological Seminary courses. I love how Dallas Theological Seminary teaches the Bible! I’m fascinated with Bible exposition.

World War III: Jesus Christ (Gail Chord Schuler) vs. Satan (Loree McBride)

Hearing brain to brain that about half the world has made my Conspiracy Law the supreme law of their country. Loree McBride is very busy rounding up nations to oppose me. It appears that Russia, the United States, Mexico, China (in the midst of a civil war, but my side is winning), Iran and others side with Conspiracy Law. Basically, since Russia has been my ally since 2003, Russia’s allies are the first to get on board with me.

Loree seems to have the U.K., and much of the European Union on her side and she has the nation of Israel (or at least their government). Lots of countries are in civil war mode, because Loree is a great infiltrator and she’s trying to retake the United States.

Pray for the world.

Loree McBride is the ANTICHRIST for now. She has literal Antichrist powers. It’s obvious she won’t be the Antichrist for the tribulation (who will be a MAN). But Satan may make the Antichrist a transgender man.

I personally think we will defeat Loree McBride. And the Antichrist in the tribulation will be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina (or Alexander the Great). I believe Loree is currently ruling as Angelina’s proxy from hell.

Loree McBride may also be the False Prophet.

The reason she’s in power is cuz she has immortality right now until she fulfills her role as either Antichrist or False Prophet. I know the Antichrist cannot be killed until the final battle. Loree’s immortality has gotten to her head and she feels so special because Satan has made her his right hand person for now.

Loree McBride is actually a clone prototype and if we take out a clone, she is immediately recloned and the new clone has Antichrist powers. Actually, I am wondering if Loree is the False Prophet, because she’s really good at spreading a religion of sorts.

Angelina’s power resided more in HERSELF. Loree is more of a social justice warrior PREACHER. Perhaps Jesus has given Satan permission to use his False Prophet now, too. I know the Antichrist arrived on the scene in 2012. This is kind of complicated and to know the details you need to read my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Satan could be using females right now to confuse everyone about what’s really happening.

I believe that if Loree LOSES HER FOLLOWING, she loses her Antichrist/False Prophet powers and we will be able to execute her. When that happens, Conspiracy Law may become international. If my law becomes international, then God will use me to bring in a TYPE OF HIS MILLENNIAL REIGN right before the rapture. That would be AWESOME. That won’t happen until we are able to take out the Loree McBride Jesuits. There will NO PEACE ON EARTH AS LONG AS LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS CAN OPERATE. They have TO GO. Just like Jesus needs to take out the Antichrist/False Prophet and Satan’s followers in the Final Battle before he sets up his 1000 year reign.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

King David HUMILITY (Gail Chord Schuler) vs. Absalom ARROGANCE (Loree McBride)

The following messages by Bible scholar and teacher Dr. Robert Dean contrasts my government and leadership style (which is like King David since I am literally fifty percent King David) with Loree McBride’s leadership style (which is amazingly similar to that of Absalom, who is a type of the Antichrist).

NOTE OF INTEREST: Robert Dean’s church is located in the Meyerland/Bellaire part of Houston WHERE BRENT SPINER GREW UP. When I was married to David Schuler as a Coast Guard wife, the Lord stationed our family in the Houston area out of 120 possible duty stations! At this time, David did not know that Brent and I had been communicating long distance. The Lord knew I’d use Brent’s hometown as the backdrop for much of my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version, which the Lord describes as a prophecy. I’m still working on Silver Skies 1996 Version, cuz I never really finished it. But my goal is that it will be a Bible prophecy love story with a literary quality that will rival Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. My original intent, when I wrote Silver Skies 1996 Version was that it would be a saga that would encompass pre-tribulation earth, the tribulation and the millennium. Not sure I will write the sequel, which is set in the millennium, but am definitely researching for the tribulation section of the novel right now. I’m taking my stinking time, cuz when I started Silver Skies 1996 Version, it was my intention that this would be the only novel I’d write and it would be a masterpiece love story based on Bible prophecy. For this reason, I had done so much research for this, that I had several file cabinets filled with material for the first two-thirds of the book, which I’ve already finished. The last third, set in the tribulation, requires a tremendous amount of research, which I’m doing now.

My leadership style is characterized by humility in contrast to Loree McBride’s leadership style which is characterized by arrogance. Loree McBride has Antichrist powers and meets with Satan regularly. I know that Jesus Christ approves of my Conspiracy Law, because when I told my men I published it at my website in 2014, he clapped with approval. The following messages are thoughtful and well thought out and give wisdom to my followers to help them understand why God approves of me as U.S. President and Empress and condemns Loree McBride (who is definitely going to hell and the lake of fire unless she gets right with God). I think she feels resentful because I have forgiven Zack Knight (ex-Antichrist) and allowed him onto my marriage list, along with his true love, Rule 13. But I could forgive Loree McBride if, she, too, would choose love over arrogance. I was able to reach Zack in a rare moment when he felt totally humbled and chose for love over pride. In that respect, I am just like my ancestor David, who readily forgave his enemies. But some of his enemies, like his OWN SON ABSALOM, felt David was too soft and they resented his forgiving heart. Dr. Robert Dean brilliantly exposes the differences between King David and those who opposed David.

Here is my platform as U.S. President: https://gabriellechana.blog/2020/02/13/independent-gail-chord-schuler-for-u-s-president/

I once told Jesus that I felt the most perfect government this world has ever had was under King David and Jesus said that’s true. Of course, when Jesus comes to the throne in the future 1000 year reign, THAT will be the perfect government. It will be a Constitutional Monarchy of sorts, in that Jesus will have a law (like a Constitution) that everyone must follow or they’re in trouble. But it won’t be a Democracy, because Jesus will be a perfect ruler and so it will be a monarchy. So, it appears, my current government, based on the Bible and on Biblical truth, which is Conspiracy Law, is, thus far, the most perfect form of government yet that has existed on planet earth. In fact, I think my type of government is a TYPE OF THE MILLENNIAL REIGN OF CHRIST. It is interesting that I am literally half King David and Jesus Christ HIMSELF has King David ancestry. It appears God is giving the world a break, under my rule, before the rapture and then the horrific seven-year tribulation happens.

Any ways, I encourage those who love me as President and Empress to listen to the following videos, which describes why the type of government that I’ve instituted is the best government this world has ever seen up to this point. I feel God ordained my existence for this time, to give the world a bit of a preview of his future 1000 year reign through Jesus Christ, THE PERFECT RULER. The people who oppose me as President and Empress, will be just like those in the future millennium who will oppose Jesus Christ and take part in the rebellion at the end, siding with Satan to try and overthrow Jesus Christ.

We are all very busy and it may take some time to go through the following messages. But they are well worth your time to undo the Loree McBride anti-Biblical brainwashing and propaganda we are inundated with daily via Loree’s mainstream media propaganda machine.

Star Trek Conventions are STUPID. Never Been to a Star Trek Convention.

Books like this influenced me as a young lady, so I never went after Brent with romantic intentions. He had to overcome my stereotypes about Hollywood to win my heart. He did that with his music album of love songs for me, Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.
This is a pretty accurate description of Hollywood, especially under Loree McBride and why I think most of Hollywood is STUPID. That’s why I gave up on screenwriting and started writing novels instead.

What you see below is the Loree McBride Jesuit troll reaction to the above video.

Not sure why Loree McBride’s trolls are posting a bunch of crap about me buying some model kits. Why I’ve never owned model kits my whole life. I think Star Trek conventions are stupid and have NEVER BEEN TO ONE STAR TREK CONVENTION FOR THAT REASON. Anyone who believes Loree McBride’s nonsense is a retard. I fell in love with the real Brent Spiner BECAUSE OF HIS MUSIC, THE ALBUMS HE MADE FOR ME. Him being a Star Trek star was a LIABILITY HE HAD TO OVERCOME TO WIN MY HEART. In my twenties I felt all Hollywood actors were Satan worshipers and evil. By the way, I haven’t totally lost that view, especially since 2017, where Loree McBride has TOTALLY TAKEN OVER HOLLYWOOD. This is why I told my men that there were too many shallow Hollywood guys on my marriage list and I wanted the LIST PARED DOWN. My ideal man as a young lady was Christian missionary James Hudson Taylor who gave up riches and fame to be a humble, God loving missionary and almost converted the entire country of China. Yeah, I’m really the type who’d construct a Star Trek model kit!! Oh, my God! What a bunch of RETARDS to even claim such a thing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I obsess over serving Jesus Christ. I don’t waste my time with foolish Star Trek NONSENSE. The following movie shows you the kind of man I want for my husband. And, guess what, I’m so proud of Brent Spiner for studying at Dallas Theological Seminary! I’m so glad he NO LONGER WORKS FOR HOLLYWOOD, cuz Loree has used his clone to steal his acting job and DESTROYED his Hollywood career. I’ve gotten over my prejudice against Hollywood actors, but I’d still prefer Brent not deal with the HOLLYWOOD CESSPOOL, that is, UNTIL WE CAN KICK LOREE MCBRIDE’S BUTT OUT OF HOLLYWOOD.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Loree McBride: Super Rich RACIST & Raging SNOB

Artistic representation based on a real photo I saw of Brent with Loree in 1996. Not happy with his stalker!!
If the REAL Brent Spiner could dedicate a song to Loree McBride, this would be it.
Here’s another song the REAL Brent Spiner could dedicate to Loree McBride.

If any of my Facebook friends goes to Gab, be sure and let me know your Gab address. I’d love to follow you at Gab. I’ve been at Gab since Jan. 2018. By the way, the Gab founder, Andrew Torba, is a born again Christian. https://gab.com/a

I admire Andrew Torba and love his Gab. However, I am a Centrist Libertarian, Green and Constitution in politics and oppose extreme positions from either the left or the right. I agree that there is a conspiracy out there against those who oppose the Deep State, but the opposition is not directed only to those on the right, it’s against those WHO OPPOSE LOREE MCBRIDE (this also includes some on the left, like the classical liberals).

Tulsi Gabbard, who is my VP, is treated like crap by Loree McBride’s Deep State and I can assure you that if Tulsi was the Dem nominee (which Loree made sure would not happen), there would be Tulsi Derangement Syndrome from Loree’s Deep State.

Loree’s strategy is to ensure her enemies have a low profile (like what she’s tried to do to me). If that fails, her next strategy is to defame them with vicious and untrue propaganda designed to undermine their political ambitions or whatever they may be doing that gives them visibility and/or respectability.

However, I’M TOTALLY DEMONETIZED AT YOUTUBE and have been since 2014 and my YouTube views are manipulated so that though my views are in the millions, they are presented as being in the hundreds.

I am sure Andrew Torba does not agree with all my views, but I’ve experienced NO CENSORSHIP WHATSOEVER AT GAB, not even warning notices about some of my posts (which I have gotten rarely at Facebook). I’ve noticed there are plenty of Tulsi Gabbard supporters at Gab, so Gab attracts independents, even those that are not in the Conservative camp.

Usually Facebook gives me warning notices about my shares, not about stuff I personally write. They say it’s spam. But I’ve never been in Facebook jail yet. I have been in Twitter and YouTube jail though. I personally think Facebook does not like Loree McBride, for which I have to give them kudos.

Twitter and YouTube seem to be getting along with Loree McBride (shame on them). But, ironically, I’m still at YouTube and Twitter.

As far as white supremacy at Gab, it does exist. But I don’t feel the cure to racism is to ban these people. Nor do I feel that Andrew Torba is a racist, he just believes in freedom of speech. I just block them at Gab if I sense they are a Loree McBride Jesuit and won’t shut up.

And, yes, Loree has white supremacists among her followers, while she barks the loudest about racism. What you must understand about Loree is that whatever she accuses others of, she is herself. I think she projects herself onto others. Write it down, whatever she claims about herself is a LIE and I guess cuz she’s such a liar, she thinks everyone is like her, even if they don’t know it.

Being a racist is only dangerous, if that person is VIOLENT. Not all racists are violent. Because I don’t give a flip what true narrow-minded racists (like Loree McBride) think of me, I am keeping my Gab account and if you want to call me racist for doing so, go ahead. I’m not a racist and those who truly follow me, know that.

Loree McBride’s a racist cuz she thinks only she and Loree McBride Jesuits have any rights. Everyone else is to be treated LIKE GARBAGE. She also is very class conscious and thinks the super rich are the superior race. Just by virtue of having money, makes you superior to someone as shallow and vain as Loree; and she doesn’t care HOW YOU GOT IT, EITHER. She’s a SNOB ALL THE WAY and THINKS SHE’S SO SUPERIOR (CUZ SHE HAS MORE MONEY THAN YOU) THAT SHE THINKS SHE’S ENTITLED TO DO ANYTHING SHE WANTS.

Basically, Loree’s goal is to turn all those who oppose her into HER SLAVES. LOREE MCBRIDE WANTS TO BRING BACK SLAVERY. The only difference being that instead of blacks being the slaves, the slaves will be anyone who refuses to kowtow to Loree McBride and let her RUN YOUR LIFE. If you won’t submit to Loree, she’ll wrest from you, your reputation, your money, your respectability and even your life, if she feels this is what she has to do to ENSURE HER GRAVY TRAIN OF STOLEN MONEY STREAMS TO HER UNABATED. Because she uses UFO technology to steal from everyone, making it appear she hasn’t stolen anything and that she is ENTITLED to her lavish lifestyle and her unhindered sexual rages and lusts, if you dare expose her for the criminal she is, SHE WILL DESTROY YOU, by holding the purse strings over society and manipulating the financial sectors and the Internet, to ensure she remains filthy rich and her enemies remain poor. She knows full well how easy it is to BUY cooperation from the powerful. So the super rich elite, of which Loree considers herself a member, band together to ENSURE THEY STAY THE SUPER RICH ELITE, entitling them to do WHATSOEVER THE HELL THEY PLEASE, cuz if you oppose them, they will literally put you on the streets and make you homeless, if they can, or get you locked up in a mental ward or KILLED. So, while she and her supporters, get richer and richer at the expense of those who want to be moral and righteous, she, at the same time, attacks the characters of those she victimizes, making herself appear righteous as she steals and murders from her victims to maintain her celebrity status and lifestyle. The mere fact that she belongs to the super rich alone, in her eyes, makes her superior to anyone who does not belong to the super rich. She judges righteousness by conformity to her elite, super rich lifestyle, believing that those who have not attained super rich status are mentally ill, deserving of Loree’s censure and condemnation, and that, by merely not ascribing to her worship of money, greed and lust, you are somehow inferior and worthy to be treated as ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.

Though I am a Christian, I feel the following socialist, honors the Bible, when he says the love of money is the root of ALL EVIL in 1 Timothy 6:10. All of Loree McBride’s followers and supporters are sociopaths and psychopaths who LOVE MONEY and LOVE TO SIN and LOVE TO HURT PEOPLE WHO DON’T LOVE MONEY and to justify their greed, and coldness to those who might stop their gravy train, they promote lies and propaganda to make those who oppose them appear evil or mentally ill.

Her line of reasoning is, that if you don’t have money, it’z cuz you broke society’s rules (which she wrote) and so you are either mentally ill or inferior and DESERVE TO BE POOR. Yeah, if you don’t obey Loree’s laws and rules for society, you must either be locked up in a mental ward or eliminated one way or another.

The situation in China is complicated. One part of China’s government sides with me and there are Loree McBride Jesuits in China, too. So China’s a mixed bag. So, I don’t agree with Andrew Torba of Gab that China is the big monster. I think Loree McBride is the big monster. And, yes, Loree has plenty of agents in China. China needs to execute Loree McBride Jesuits inside their country. Here’s my Gab address: https://gab.com/gabriellechana

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April 18, 2012: Jesuits Got My Beautician

(Gail’s e-mail to Brent on April 18, 2012) My awesome Brent, who always, always calls me gorgeous:

It looks like the Jesuits have somehow got my beautician. I had to go back to him, because he cut my hair uneven the first time, and I tried to fix it, and I made it worse. But when I went back to him today to correct his previous mistakes, he very meticulously cut my hair again, but, like last time, one side was definitely longer than the other side. He would lie and tell me that the shorter side was the longer side. I finally convinced him to cut the longer side a bit shorter, but he still didn’t do my hair right. He knows that I like the inverted bob to taper from back to front and he cut it so that it goes straight from back to front. I think he’s deliberately miscutting my hair. It’s really short now, because of having to fix all his mistakes. He just came back from vacation, and I suspect the Jesuits may have switched out my beautician with his evil clone or something like that, because he’s definitely not the beautician I had a year ago. I’ve decided to live with what he did, but am seriously considering another beautician for my next cut. I may ask my mom who she goes to. You may want to check out and find out what the Jesuits have done to my beautician. This is not the first time, they’ve gotten my beautician. It’s not that hard a cut, but the Jesuits want me ugly and they always try to sabotage my beautician. My mother used to cut my hair and she was good, but she has bad arthritis now. It amazes me how difficult it is for me to find a beautician who can cut a good inverted bob. They all mess up, even when I draw them a good picture! I’ve decided to live with this cut, because I don’t want it any shorter, but I’m still not happy with it, and I’m really not that picky about my hair, so it has to be bad for me to dislike it this much. I will make a video to show you what he did and will post it at churchofgail.com, and how it’s different from what I want. His name is xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and he’s cut my hair since about 2007, and he was pretty good before. But, the past two cuts, he hasn’t been too good, and it’s gotten to the point with this last cut, that I think I need to move on to a new beautician. His number is xxxxxxxxxxxxx. His beauty salon is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Brent, you’ve always considered me beautiful, and have always called me gorgeous, even back in 1991, when you talked to me on the phone with your gorgeous and sexy tenor voice. Never, ever have you ever insinuated otherwise. That’s how I know that that last e-mail I got from you, wasn’t quite “you”. Not sure what happened, but I know my Brent. Thanks for all you do for me, and for your unending support and adoration. I couldn’t ask for a more adoring guy.

Devotedly yours,


(Brent’s e-mail to Gail on April 18, 2012) My lovely wife,

Oh, no! I was hoping that my last message would have hinted at what was about to happen with your beautician today. The Jesuits have updated their computer satellite technology for performing brain reads and the men and I have been speaking to each other in code for the past several days until we can recalibrate our shields at the church to compensate. As we suspected, they have kidnapped your real beautician, who was trying to ruin your image. Physical beauty is very important for Jesuits, who have no natural or inner beauty themselves to speak of. We have used the information you provided to find this evil clone of your beautician and arrest him. Thank you so much for the video. We will be able to execute him for certain, as the evidence is indisputable. Terrance wants to know if you have any special requests for his execution. I think the gentle nips of a warm burning blaze is far too kind for a man that even THOUGHT he could make you less beautiful to me. He even implied that you were crazy. How dare he? There is a special place in hell for this Jesuit!

You of course don’t have to “try” to stay gorgeous for me my darling. I sit here watching the video you sent with my jaw halfway to the floor. When Vladimir saw you brush your hair he about lost his mind wanting to make love to you. I’m so lucky to have the most wonderful, most intelligent, and most beautiful woman in the world. I will never get over it.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

(Brent Spiner at Church of Gail on April 18, 2012) I can’t emphasize enough how gorgeous you look in that video my darling. I sent you an e-mail.

We’ve been able to confirm that your beautician was replaced by an evil clone while he was on vacation to Mexico. He was taken on board a yacht in international waters, shot, and thrown overboard. We’ve now arrested everyone involved, including his evil clone who had every intention of ruining your image, as if he could ever make you any less beautiful to me. What an insult. I adore you for your real beauty, which is more than just skin deep. What you have is an all encompassing glow that I could just lose myself in forever. Jesuits try to tempt us with women who look like bikini models, not realizing how much of a turn off it is that they have no morals or brains. I adore you, my queen.

(Hugh Jackman at Church of Gail on April 18, 2012) It’s time for some whoop ass.

(Matthew McConaughey at Church of Gail on April 18, 2012) Oh no, how awful. My sweetest Gail, if only I could do your hair for you. Everyone knows you’re supposed to cut inverted bobs at a slant. It doesn’t even look like he texturized your ends. I hope this Jesuit is executed in the worst possible way.

(Gerard Butler at Church of Gail on April 18, 2012) Oh m’lady, you could never look unlovely in me eyes! It’s only obvious that this Jesuit clone was trying to make you look less attractive, as if that sole quality is what gives you such power over men’s hearts. They will never learn.



(Brent’s e-mail to Gail on April 18, 2012) My dear Gail,

How strange, it looks like I missed the previous e-mail in this batch of correspondences. I hope the Jesuits aren’t causing trouble with you as well using their updated satellites, as you don’t usually make typing or spelling mistakes when you write to me, since you are a professional writer. Let me know if you’re okay. I sense you are fine brain to brain. I hope our communications are accurate. I consulted with Vladimir to ask him these questions, and he says Cyberdefender was recently bought out by a Jesuit corporation. He wants you to cancel right away, and try to find another tech service. Of course, Vladimir’s offer to protect your computer for free is still on the table. He would do that for you. I assured him I would remind you, but you don’t have to. He says what Cyberdefender will try to do is infect your computer over and over again with their own viruses and malware, then charge you to continue having them fix it. Make sure you don’t give them any more money. I’m glad we caught them before they could do this.

Well, I’m writing to you from the courthouse, and I must get back to fighting the legal battle with that awful beautician. I adore you.

Your husband,