Jesus Calls Me His Favorite Writer

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The Lord used my finger injury to ensure I continued the Gail Commandments. I was starting to drop the ball, especially in the commandment about getting enough rest, because I was so excited over my writing. So this finger injury has shown me that I can do the Gail Commandments and be a writer, too. I just have to learn that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I probably won’t be finished for at least a year with either novel I’m working on. The wound is healing miraculously well and in order to ensure I get adequate healing, I have been forced to get plenty of rest. I see the finger injury as a Romans 8:28 circumstance and am thankful to God for doing what He had to do to keep me in line with the Gail Commandments.

I am actually working on two books at the same time and the way I got distracted away from Silver Skies 1996 Version, was that I discovered a way to get English subtitles for the first five episodes of Homura Tatsu (my most important research site for Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty).

I kind of gave up on the Japanese history project because it was so difficult to do the research required for this without being fluent in Japanese. The history behind my ancestors has been hidden from the West, because the Jesuits don’t want the world to know about my amazing Catherine the Great ancestry. When I found the first five videos in Spanish language subtitles, I was able to construct English subtitles from these using translator programs. But then the next day, the Spanish site took down 3 of the videos! I studied some Spanish and it’s easier to translate from Spanish to English than from Japanese to English.

But I took it that the existence of the Spanish site was a sign from God to go forward with the Japanese writing project. So I tried to figure out a way to translate the Homura Tatsu (35 part mini-series about my ancestors). By sheer determination I found English subtitles to the first five episodes! This was even better than having the Spanish subtitles. And it was like God’s joke on the Jesuit who took down the videos with the Spanish subtitles. I was determined to figure out how to translate the Japanese and in the process discovered some English subtitles to the first five videos of the series. I guess Jesus knew all along I’d find the English subtitles. I had to really dig to find them! I have joined an Asian Drama Wiki and we are all working together as a group to get the entire Homura Tatsu with English subtitles. I have episodes 26 to 35 in English subtitles on DVD, but it’s horrible quality and I have to create my own subtitles by watching it. I will be working on that as part of my research for my book in progress.

Asian Drama Wiki 06222019

You can see what I’ve done thus far at this page:

But I had to figure out how to do subtitles on videos, as I had never done this before.

By trial and error, I fiddled around with the files and figured out how to install the subtitles into the first five videos using my current video editor program. I have all the videos from Homura Tatsu in Japanese on my computer. I downloaded them years ago, because Jesuits like to take down these videos. But the main writer for the Homura Tatsu series died in 2017, and since then, it appears the videos are, thus far, staying up at YouTube. But they are in Japanese! You can fiddle with the subtitles feature at YouTube and get a lousy translation, but it does you no good unless you have good English subtitles to at least half the videos (which I NOW HAVE). This is because translating from Japanese to English via a computer translator does an awful translation job, so what YouTube’s automatic translator does is so terrible, you don’t know what these actors are saying.

So what I’ve done is read everything I can find about my Oshu Fujiwara family (not much out there in English). Most of the good stuff comes from Harvard and Yale professors who have written scholarly research on Japanese history. You have to really work to find stuff. Fortunately, I have found some stuff that has enabled me to piece together what really happened to my ancestors.

What I like about Homura Tatsu is that it takes the true story about what happened to my ancestors and has created a super long saga about this that speculates intelligently on what these people were thinking and feeling at the time and told their story from their perspective. It makes history come alive! It also has a very strong anti-war message which (by coincidence?) is very important right now.

Homura Tatsu is a true story about dreams, betrayals, greed, ambition, love, war and peace. Though it is not Christian per se, the devout Buddhists who were willing to die rather than commit wars they did not believe in, is a strong message about the courage of our convictions and about being real, genuine, and loving in opposition to the superficial ones around us who orchestrate wars to feed their ambition and pride. I feel to tell their story adequately, I need to tell it in novel format. The lessons we need to learn from their story cannot be learned by reading a dry history lesson. We need to get into their hearts and this requires a novel.

So, why do I, as a Christian, write a story about a bunch of devout Buddhists who opposed war? Well, Jesus told me he thinks Buddhists are cool. And if they’re like these Buddhists, I can see why. Whenever we feed that part of us that has faith, courage and thankfulness, we are on the path to God. Whenever we feed that part of us filled with doubt, fear and negativity, we are on Satan’s path. That is the message of Homura Tatsu and what God wants us to learn from history.

Jesus said it wouldn’t be very fair of Him to make the actual sinner’s prayer a requirement for salvation. He says if you say the sinner’s prayer in your heart, you are eligible for heaven, even without saying the actual prayer. He said all my Oshu Fujiwara ancestors went to heaven, and this novel will be about WHY they ended up in heaven. My ancestors prayed a lot to their gods, and they didn’t know it, but they were praying to Jesus! They got connected to the right spirit.

Many of those who ended up in hell were very devout in practicing their Buddhism, but it was more an outward show to impress people than a real conviction from the heart, so they went to hell. This novel will be very deep. It’s a lesson about what constitutes true spirituality and goes past all facades. We Christians have our facades. We think if you go to church all the time, read your Bible every day and do the expected Christian stuff, we get favor with God. But God looks at the heart. This novel is all about the heart and its supremacy in all we do. The theme is that behind every war is selfish ambition. And this novel is a deep exploration into what constitutes selfish ambition. Selfish ambition and pride take many forms and sin deceives us, often because we want to be deceived. We think if we do what’s expected by our religion and cross all our t’s and dot all our i’s, we get favor with God. But God wants us to honor the love that’s in our hearts, even if it makes us appear evil and misunderstood, even if it appears to be contrary to the accepted religion or culture of our times. This novel is all about that.

God has gifted me as a writer and I think this book will be very powerful. It will be powerful because it won’t be a dry history lesson. It will be a story told with powerful emotional truth.

I always try to write what I’d like to read and my reading requirements are HIGH. Unless this is a book that I’d read myself, if it was written by someone else, I won’t publish it. It appears omniscient POV is best for this book, and I will somewhat follow the voice of Pride and Prejudice.

I think my opening line will be “All wars are caused by selfish ambition,” and then I’ll move right into the story. I’m going to open up with the theme, like Jane Austen does in Pride and Prejudice.

To help the reader feel what the characters are experiencing, I will have a main point of view character for each scene, but will still adhere to omniscient POV because I have a lot of history to cover and no other POV can do the job, without making this book as big as War and Peace. Books as big as War and Peace don’t get read nowadays. Unlike the 1800s, we writers are competing with television, movies, the Internet, and the world is just more fast paced than when War and Peace was written.

Of course, War and Peace was written in omniscient POV, too. But Tolstoy did a lot of digression and went into super long philosophical discourses, which I won’t do. I plan to write it scene by scene and plot it with a POV character in each scene who has a goal. So it will be somewhat traditionally plotted, but my omniscient voice will tap into the mood of the character and the mood of the times and hopefully make the narrative mesmerizing. Voice is my strong suit, usually.

I’m very impressed with the teleplay for Homura Tatsu and will be following closely the format used for the teleplay as I present my story in novel form. What I really admire about the teleplay is how the events came one after another, and the writer used great economy in writing. If anything did not forward the plot or was redundant or could be inferred from what was presented, it was omitted, respecting the audience as intelligent enough to infer what had happened. There was no flowery language, no long soliloquies – the focus was on the conflict and the characters with just enough information presented for audience understanding and no more. The writing was very, very tight.

For this reason, the scene descriptions were short and very accurate (emotionally and sensually). The dialogue was tight and brilliant, always forwarding the plot or revealing important aspects of character. The voice overs that presented what you needed to understand for each episode were tight and only mentioned what you needed to understand for each episode. The writing was very, very tight.

The dialogue was brilliant. Though the script had heavy dialogue and voice over, the plot was so tight, you were always on the edge of your seats – never bored. In each scene, something significant was always happening. The use of cause and effect was also brilliant. For each cause presented, the next scene always followed up with an effect.

So the scene structure was very logical (cause and effect), very tight with heavy, concise and powerful dialogue. You were able to infer characterization by the opinions of other characters expressed as dialogue and by characters’ actual words and actions. The voice over (which will be my omniscient voice) was limited to historical perspectives, giving sweeping details about the historical climate or specific details about war strategies and the mood of the times for that episode. Voice over was never used for characterization, but to give a sweep over of the mood of the times or war strategies. The script was very heavy “show, don’t tell” as far as characterization. So you have this super tight writing, with concise, brilliant dialogue.

So how will I transfer this to my novel? I shall use the same techniques as the script and think of it as a movie in my mind, much like how I wrote Silver Skies. I won’t spend a lot of time in description, unless to convey a mood that is necessary to understand in order to further the plot. My descriptions will be tight, concise and just enough to create the necessary mood and then I will MOVE ON. The novel will be dialogue heavy, low on description, with a very tight and fast moving plot – much like the teleplay. That is my strategy.

This will be great writing practice for my Silver Skies 1996 version, which will be telling FUTURE HISTORY (the tribulation and millennium). I always write history (either past or future). Though I’m a novelist, my stories are taken from events that have really happened or that will happen (according to Bible prophecy). By the time I’m finished with Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty, I will have learned more about writing, which will enable me to go into the writing for the Silver Skies 1996 Version ending with stronger writing skills.

Everything I write, I write to make the world a better place. The best way to do this, is to write something so truthful and so powerful, that the reader can’t put the book down and wants to reread it after they’re finished. This means I must write a masterpiece, and that is my goal. I do this not to make money, not to be famous, but to inspire people to be great lovers. That is my payment and I’m sure it makes Jesus smile.

I’m not impressed with the novels coming out today. They seem superficial, and lacking spiritual depth and beauty. What I mean by this, is that the character’s heart is not presented in the story in a way that grabs the reader’s attention and makes the reader feel what the character is experiencing. Also, there is a great lack of true heroism in today’s writings. We have no heroes that we can relate to and villains are not believable. My goal is to help correct the dearth of good writing in our modern, fast-paced world. In my opinion, if what you read does not make you a better person, the writer has failed.

Here is more about Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty:

You might say, if your writing is such high quality, you should go with a traditional publisher. No. Because I think most of the writing coming out today is horrible – no originality, no strong voice, no mesmerizing characters, with vapid plots, like a canned formula that we have seen again and again. In other words, the writing only entertains (if it does even that) – it does not inspire.

No, I want the freedom to write what I have to write without worrying about traditional publishing guidelines. I refuse to be extorted or conned into mediocrity. I will say that my standards are very high and possibly higher than the traditional publishing guidelines. But I don’t want to be constrained in any way. This story I’m telling is something the Loree McBride Jesuits don’t want to go out and they will try to sabotage this novel. My best course is to self-publish and do it all myself. Jesuits infiltrate every aspect of publishing almost. I have to work around that to get this masterpiece out the way it deserves to be published.

It appears pride is my motive, but that’s not it. I am discouraged by the mediocrity, even the horror of what the world must watch on television and see at the movies. I believe we artists are partly responsible for the violent, shallow culture that surrounds us and we have a responsibility to show the world a better way, to inspire the world to a better way. If, as a result of my writings and work, I inspire the world to be at peace with each other, to show true tolerance and respect for cultural differences, to show love and understanding for each other – I will be content. If my writing exposes the cancer that causes war and helps prevent war, I am at peace and have done my job.

In the past, I have seen Jesuits sabotage my book covers, do lousy editing and so forth. I have to do it all myself to work around all this. They also try to get me an agent who will destroy the book. I will have to rely on my gut instincts and use my brilliant intuition as I go forward with the book. Jesus has given me talent in all the areas I need to turn out a successful book as a self-publisher.

I create my own covers, do all my own editing, and format and publish the book myself. All I can say is thank God for Amazon! Amazon has made it possible for me to do this. I used to think I had to get a traditional publisher to publish my book. But in today’s world, if the writer has artistic talent, writing talent, some promotion talent, editing talent, etc., they can turn out the book successfully all by themselves. It’s a lot of work, and time consuming, but I can be sure to turn out a quality product with a cover that works for the book, if I do it myself.

I was absolutely disgusted with the Silver Skies book cover I got from using someone else to design my cover. I even tried to take that book down and I can’t take it down! I have given up on the first edition of that book. I am rewriting that book any ways, and putting on a better ending. When people see my book cover, I want them to get a feel for the book. I have an artistic sense about this and design good book covers. I will never make the mistake again to hire anyone to help me with my books. I do it all myself. I understand my story and know what I want my book covers to be like. Jesuits are everywhere and they hate me as a writer.

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Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty’s Theme (Behind All War is Selfish Ambition)

The Lord gave me the plot to Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty when I awakened this morning (June 21, 2019).

Click on image for larger view.

What I’ll be doing in Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty is connecting the outer, true story (what really happened to my ancestors) with an inner, fictional story (describing their emotional and spiritual growth as a result of these happenings).

THEME: Behind every war is someone’s selfish ambition and greed.

Here is a playlist I created for this book:

Nobody really knows what these characters were really thinking and feeling as they went through the happenings that ended up destroying this family’s reign. We can only venture an intelligent guess. So I will be exploring betrayal inside the family and how this affected the main characters (Yuan, given a Chinese name, a symbol that this royal child is out of place in her Japanese world) and Tsunekiyo Fujiwara (real name of a real person who lived). Nobody knows the name of Tsunekiyo’s wife who lived on after he died. The main reason for the fall of the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty was betrayal within the family. My protagonist (male lead) was very heroic and deeply spiritual. He was always concerned about doing the right thing, no matter the consequences. He married for love, kind of like a Romeo and Juliet type of romance, because his family and his wife’s family were at war with each other. The marriage brought him love, but at the cost of his life. He ordered his wife not to kill herself but to live on for the sake of their son, if he should die in battle. He dies in battle, heroically standing by his wife’s family, suffering a brutal, painful death as punishment. She ends up marrying the enemy in a forced marriage, the price she pays for “living on”. This is the only way she can stay alive. She has a son from this enemy marriage that she becomes attached to. But the son is evil and causes her to get off her path, where she ends up siding with her second son (from the enemy she married) against her first son (from her true love who died). But Jesus lets her into heaven, but when she gets there, she does not want to marry her first husband in heaven, feeling alienated against him for following his advice to stay alive, which forced her to marry the enemy. So that’s the germ of the story. The subplot will be the happenings that really happened to this family and will be deeply tied into the main plot which revolves around regrets and love. So the story question will be how can the protagonist (who valiantly died for his wife) convince his true love that he deserves to be her husband for eternity? Jesus will not force her to marry her true love. She has to learn by herself that he is her true love. I think this has the makings of a great story, while at the same time teaching my readers some much needed history about my ancestors.

The impact character will be Yoshiie no Minamoto, who opposed his father’s (Yoriyoshi no Minamoto) ruthless ambition and loved his enemies and desired peace. Yoriyoshi murdered Tsunekiyo for betrayal (usng a blunt sword to cut off his head slowly causing a very painful death). Though Yoshiie was a brilliant warrior, he was a peace lover at heart and his cruel father’s actions caused him much shame and hurt and though his battle exploits were responsible for the fall of the Abe clan at the beginning of the story, it was he who (later in life) befriended Yuan’s son and helped caused the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty to come into being. Yoshiie is considered one of the greatest warriors in Japanese history, one of the two most influential members of the Genji clan.

I have done a tremendous amount of historical research for this novel.

Yuan will experience spiritual growth in heaven, and will also see some of those that died and went to hell, be given a reincarnation into heaven when they observe the fall of the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty and learn important lessons. I will be covering a period of time from about 1040 to 1190 A.D. (basically the entire time period of the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty). This is a family saga novel.

Though this story is from a long time ago, history seems to be repeating itself and much can be learned by those who learn what happened to my ancestors and why they fell and how it affected those involved. It’s basically a story about war and peace and the price we pay for choosing war over peace and the excuses we make for war that show us to value money, pride, vanity and fame over love and true honor.


Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler.  All Rights Reserved.

Oshu Fujiwara Family History (Homura Tatsu) – ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Found some valuable research as I work on my book Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty.

I have had to search high and wide to find English subtitles for a Japanese mini-series made about my ancestors, the Oshu Fujiwara family. I could find NOTHING in English about this awesome Japanese mini-series, that I feel is Oscar or Emmy movie quality! The reason the story of my ancestors is so moving is because the main characters are so ANTI-WAR, but they are forced into WAR, and the entire story of this family is about those for war and those against war and how we all get sucked into war, whether we want to or not. My book will be exploring the forces that drag us into war and how we get sucked up into war and its deadly consequences. In many ways, it’s the story of our times and of all time. Why do men desire war? That is the story question and one I will strive to answer in my book about my ancestors. Basically, my ancestors had to choose between slavery and war and this is their story and what happened to them. They could lose their identity and honor or they could assimilate into the larger, more evil society. The hard choices they made and the price they paid for it, is what my book will be all about. It is a fascinating exploration of the role that cultural influences and intolerance of those who are “different” plays in war, and how evil disguises itself as moral and good in order to con people into accepting war as the answer. Though the story is very Japanese, it has a theme that is universal, the theme of good versus evil and the disguises that evil takes to fool us into believing it’s good. Told within the context of Japanese culture, the story reveals the moral fabrics evil people weave to justify war as the only answer against those who won’t conform to a larger, more evil society. As I write this, the story will be dialogue heavy and I shall strive to write it from a cinematic viewpoint, using strong, detailed description, with a heavy SHOW DON’T TELL writing style. My goal will be to bare the hearts of my characters on the page.

For a page I created about this that gives a brief summary of their history:

Unfortunately, the Homura Tatsu mini-series appears to be unavailable anywhere. You can view the entire series in Japanese here:

You can get horrible English subtitles watching the above series on YouTube, by going to CC and then to Setting in the lower right of the video, but they are really a horrible translation! I searched high and wide for English subtitles for Homura Tatsu and could not find any anywhere. It’s like looking for gold that somebody may have accidentally dropped on the street. You can’t find English about this video series anywhere. It’s such a shame because I think it was very well done. I happen to have English subtitles on DVD (copies from an old Homura Tatsu videocassette series from 1990s Hawaii) for videos 26 to 35, which I will incorporate into my book. My mother gave this to me in the 1990s. How little did I realize (at the time) that this would become as rare as finding gold on the streets in 2019! Such a rarity deserves to become a book in English, which is my current project.

I did find a website where somebody who is apparently fluent in both Japanese and English made subtitles files. I will be checking this to see if they have added anymore subtitle files for this excellent mini-series and, if so, I will be making more videos with English subtitles when any new subtitles files becomes available:

These are the files that I downloaded to my computer:
Homura Tatsu s01e05.ass
(48.92 KiB) Downloaded 37 times
Homura Tatsu
(31.29 KiB) Downloaded 36 times
Homura Tatsu s01e03.ass
(47.04 KiB) Downloaded 45 times
Homura Tatsu
(35.59 KiB) Downloaded 46 times
Homura Tatsu
(44.64 KiB) Downloaded 33 times

These are subtitle files I have created:

Homura Tatsu –

Homura Tatsu –

Homura Tatsu –

Using these files, I was able to edit them into the first five videos in the Homura Tatsu series using my video editor program (see below):

As far as I know, the ONLY place where you can get Homura Tatsu with English subtitles is ME! My book will be incorporating much of what’s in Homura Tatsu, because it is such an excellent source about my Oshu Fujiwara ancestors. Jesus says they all went to heaven and that I’ll enjoy conversing with them when I get to heaven.

The Homura Tatsu 35 part series, is divided into 3 sections. The first 12 videos detail the history of the Abe family (who were Emishi) from which the Oshu Fujiwara family came. This is a fascinating exploration of how love and war are tied together, and how this caused the downfall of the Emishi in Japan, so that they became totally subjugated to Central Japan. I have 5 videos from this first part with English subtitles! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE ONLINE WHERE YOU CAN GET THIS IN ENGLISH SUBTITLES. I had to do it myself, in order to get research for my book in progress. It appears Satan does not want the world to know about my fascinating ancestors.

The 2nd part of Homura Tatsu (about videos 13 to 23) goes into the history of Fujiwara Kiyohira who basically started the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty. It was a rough start, so it’s an interesting story! I don’t think I can cover much about this in my book, until I am able to understand the Japanese in the 2nd part of Homura Tatsu. It’s totally not available anywhere in English. So, in my book, I will have to cover it, but not deeply.

The last third of Homura Tatsu (videos 24 to 35) covered the history of the families involved at the end of the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty, and how Yoshitsune (legendary Japanese warrior) played a role in this. Many think Yoshitsune may have become the Genghis Khan. I have most of this in English subtitles (on horrible quality DVDs because the VHS from which I got it was very poor quality) and will be incorporating this into my book. You might say, why don’t you put in the subtitles for us on video and let us watch it! It’s so much work doing subtitles. It looks easy, but it’s very time consuming. Instead, I will incorporate the information into my book, so that English speakers can get the Oshu Fujiwara history through my book. It’s such a shame that you can’t find this information anywhere!

This family has a fascinating story. They were a passionate family, very devout Buddhists, and their story really touches your heart. Their devotion to their family and their ancestors, who worshipped honor above all else, is a story about love, faith and honor that transcends time. It’s a story about coming from behind and climbing mountains. I will try to put this “voice” into my book. That is why I’m determined to write a book in English about this amazing family and their ties to me.


Homura Tatsu, Episode 1

Homura Tatsu, Episode 2

Homura Tatsu, Episode 3

Homura Tatsu, Episode 4,

Homura Tatsu, Episode 5,

Homura Tatsu, Episode 26

Homura Tatsu, Episode 27

Homura Tatsu, Episode 28


Tulsi Gabbard & I Lead the U.S. as Shadow (True) Presidents. Trump’s FIRED.

Tulsi seems to have her heart in the right place and can do her job better as my appointed President behind-the-scenes, sort of like a shadow leader, who honors my Conspiracy Law. I made her Pres. and she’s Pres. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have a psychopath husband, like Trump has a psychopath wife.

I don’t think she’ll win the Dem nomination, but I’ll be voting for her because I hear brain-to-brain she loves me as Empress and gives me full support. I am just voting for her to let the world know that I have appointed her as President, which makes her the shadow President and the one you see on mainstream news is just for show. I actually don’t think I want her to be the real President, it will tie her hands too much. But if God wills it and does a miracle allowing her to beat the system, then so be it.

I am currently registered as a Dem and am not sure if I’ll go back to Republican or not. It will depend on how things work out with Tulsi. I am actually a Libertarian or Independent at heart.

Yes, I’m aware that Tulsi is a member of the CFR. I know she voted for Clinton. I know she has signed bills that paid for unnecessary wars because they were part of a package deal and she liked most of the package, even if she didn’t like all of it. I don’t expect her to be perfect, which is why she can’t pass any legislation without getting the approval of my men.

I know she believes in gun control.

You might say, how could you vote for her, when she has committed the unpardonable sin of being for gun control, voting for Clinton, being a member of the CFR.

I’m not sure how I feel about gun control. We live in a complicated world, and I can just give citizens citizen scanners, which are better than guns. As far as voting for Hillary, voters didn’t have much to choose from. The other option is to not vote and just pray, which I have considered doing.

I DON’T regret I voted for Trump, but I won’t be voting for him again. His wife rules him. It’s not his fault, but it’s a fact.

I just see Trump as part of the evolution I’ve gone through as U.S. leader and am getting closer and closer to finding the ones I can really work with.

My views are honestly a blend between the Dems and the Repubs. I hate things about BOTH parties. I am mostly a Libertarian, but I have some strong Green and Constitutional positions as well.

I’m undecided about climate change, but detest how Repubs don’t seem to give a flip about pollution. I’m tried of breathing Loree McBride’s bombs and germs. Not saying the Dems are any better, since Loree McBride is a Dem. I’ve lost all faith in establishment politicians and mainly look for someone I can work with, who thinks like me and that person is Tulsi.

I am an INFP and I like people who are like me. Tulsi is a lot like me. I understand how she has had to pass some laws she wasn’t too crazy about, because she wanted to get some things done. I think she’s happy that she can be the President she wants to be under my leadership. I think she’ll support me better than Trump has. Like I said, it’s not Trump’s fault, but he’s stuck with a very powerful, evil wife. Tulsi seems to be in a better position to support me as U.S. Empress and President.

I wasn’t planning on voting at all, but I think I’ve found a BFF in Tulsi. I actually don’t want her to win the Presidency. I think it would ruin her. I’m just glad I found her. She will be a GREAT SHADOW PRESIDENT. I don’t think Jesus wants her to win in the mainstream news as President. He just wants me to work with her as my assistant leading the nation. It’s a big job and I could use her help.

Trump is too bombastic for me. Trump tends to oversimplify problems. I like Tulsi’s style better. She seems to understand that governing a nation can be complicated and is better able at handling the complexities and how to weasel around them to lead with integrity. Trump’s all or nothing approach, and then how you never know from one month to the next what he’ll do, makes him a dangerous leader. It’s cuz his wife is ruling him. Tulsi is more consistent, even if a bit hypocritical at times. All world leaders are hypocritical, because we lead a world filled with sinners. I just try to find those who hate hypocrisy and really try NOT to be a hypocrite.

It seems once they get into power, they learn to like the hypocrisy and get obsessed with appearances rather than results. They learn to accept mediocrity and not be upset about it anymore. They GIVE UP. I don’t think Tulsi will give up. Trump has already surrendered to Melania. I need a fighter to lead with me and I think I’ve found her, unless Loree kills her or kills her husband and does clone replacements. That’s why she has to clear all decisions through my men.

I know all about it, cuz Vladimir Putin has been my lover since 2001. I’ve gone through so much with him, I know what Presidents go through. If not for me, Russia probably would have been destroyed. Because my love gave Vladimir courage, he saved Russia. My greatest gift is my ability to inspire those who love and support me. The key to effective leadership is to find those who love and support me, because that is what will save the world. Yes, Vlad has made mistakes, but he tries so hard. It helps that he has a great wife (me) by his side! That’s why Trump is a disaster, his wife is Jezebel.

George W. Bush was horrible too, because he put his wife first before the Presidency and the Jesuits always used death threats on his wife to force him to be treacherous. The reason Vladimir has been good, is cuz he has a GOOD WIFE – ME and I care that he leads with integrity.

Tulsi seems my BFF. She and I will make a great team. I’m not impressed with Bernie Sanders. He’s more of a quitter than Trump.

You might say, but Trump was trying to protect YOU. You know, I hate to say this, but I don’t respect him for this. I want someone who will do right though the stars fall. He should just do what’s right and if Melania kills me then SO BE IT. But then perhaps he felt it was right to try and keep me alive. After all, I did save the planet on Jan. 6, 2017 when that horrific Seroquakke almost annihilated the universe.

Any ways, I see things falling into a divine plan and I think Tulsi and I are the next stage in that plan. Perhaps Trump will get re-elected, but I think Jesus sees me and Tulsi as the real President. So Trump will get the credit for the work that Tulsi and I are doing. We don’t care. We want what’s best for the country, even if we don’t get credit for it. Tulsi, like me, appears to have a true humanitarian heart.

I’m just glad I found Tulsi. I don’t care if she wins or not, or even if she gets nominated for the Dems. I am beginning to think it might be better if she DOESN’T WIN. Being the mainstream news President is a joke. It’s like you get stuck in the cog and you can’t do what’s right and what’s best for the country. Better to be the shadow President. We’ll get our honors and rewards in the next life, where it matters.

They say behind every great man is a great woman. While that can’t fix everything, it IS important. The woman in a man’s life can make or break him. This is more true for men than for women. That’s why I feel good about Tulsi. The man is like the car and the woman is like the spark plug. Now if the car is bad, then even a good spark plug won’t work. Like those men who defected against me cuz I wouldn’t play their lust game. But a good car goes NOWHERE without a spark plug.

I seem to have the gift to inspire men to be truly great. My love for them makes them better, makes them achieve the impossible. I believe in them and so they don’t want to disappoint me. I see them as great men, with great vision and I respect them for being strong, masculine men. Melania has destroyed Donald Trump. She had the opportunity to be a real spark plug for him and has been a cancer to his heart and killed him basically. He’s actually dead as a man. He’s given up. This is what Melania has done to him. I think the only thing that keeps Trump going is that he hopes someday to win my respect, but, if not, at least he does not want to do anythihg to take me down as President, because he really did want to save America.

It doesn’t matter to me whether I get credit as the President, as long as I can lead the country in the right direction. Trump can get all the credit I don’t care. I just don’t want him to UNDO my hard work and the laws I’ve written and to enforce them. But he’s not the President, not even the mainstream news President, THAT’S THE PROBLEM. But if he wins, Tulsi and I will need to be sure he is unable to get anything done that would oppose my work. We need to NEGATE HIM, so that my policies will go through!

To Hell with Her Reputation: Empress Gail Saves the World

Can listen to an hour audio about Why The World Needs Introverted Feeling & Intuition:

Why the World Needs Introverted Feeling. This is ME.

Why the World Needs Introverted Intuition. This is Brent Spiner, who is an INFJ.

I am actually a genius INFP (Myers-Briggs). I’m not a genius because I’m an INFP, but I am an INFP, which means I have the ability to see many sides to an issue relying on genius intuition. Like most INFPs, I don’t like the limelight and am not too crazy about politics. But the politicians in office are making such a mess of things, I am forced to write law to save the world – something an INFP can get passionate about.

The Trump Presidency is a mixed bag. Being controlled by his psychopath wife Melania has destroyed the Trump Presidency.

But until those at the top who continue to lie and manipulate us into war for their own gain face justice, the real criminals will continue to go free and we will continue pursuing a suicidal neocon foreign policy.

But much of what Trump SAYS hits the nail on the head. It’s hard to speculate what kind of President he would have been if not married to Melania, but this man needs to be judged more by his actions than his words. He’s good with words. I have no regrets I voted for him, but have been forced to write more law to compensate for the damage Melania has done and have been forced to fire Trump as a result of this. I believe my actions are saving the country and the world.

Conservatives tend to oversimplify the world’s problems, blaming it all on Muslims or socialists. It’s more complex than that. The establishment liberals do the same thing, blaming it all on racism from Conservatives or social inequality. The root problem, to me, seems to be narcissism coming from both the left and the right. The problem is the establishment, crony capitalism, and those in BOTH parties too in love with their pocketbooks over what’s best for the country and who appeal to fanatics in their base to promote personal agendas that have nothing to do with the welfare of the country.

I don’t agree completely with any politician and have been forced to support viewpoints from both the left and the right. Taking complex problems and trying to make them pure black and white, does not solve anything, because these problems are not pure black or white. I sit back and thoroughly analyze the situation, seeing all sides and then imagine what will happen if we go forward using certain positions. In the end, I often decide that the best way forward is a blend between the solutions offered by both the right and the left.

The candidate closest to my views is Tulsi Gabbard, though she tends to go further left on some issues than I am comfortable with. But much of Trump’s rhetoric and views are too extreme right, too inflexible and do not really offer solutions either.

I am my own person and have noticed the fanatics from both sides tend to label me because I attack their “god” whatever it is. To me, the only “god” should be THE TRUTH. Sometimes the truth is hidden underneath a mountain of rhetoric and garbage and you have to dig to find it. But when you find it, you need to stand by it, and not allow the fanatics to drag you into their garbage pit of slander, labels and appeals to emotion that only deliver mindless debates that accomplish nothing except time wasted in name slinging. I call a spade a spade and then GO FORWARD. Tulsi does this, too.

One thing I won’t tolerate is the sociopath who pretends to care about my mental state (just because I’m so far ahead of my time, they can’t even lick my coattails) and recommends I need mental health therapy. That’s an old line used by bureaucrats and tyranny to silence the geniuses who brilliantly expose the shenanigans of the cult leaders who have brainwashed their following into complicity with a dangerous cult that murders, slanders and rapes innocents. When someone tries this on me, THEY GET BLOCKED. I know that I am dealing with a sociopath, and sociopaths are dangerous. Sometimes I am not sure whether I’m dealing with a sociopath. But, basically when they can’t intelligently refute what you say or what you perceive, they resort to character assassination and they have found the most believable and effective character assassination against me is to portray me to the world as crazy. Yeah, they did this to Galileo when he said the sun does not circle the earth but the earth circles the sun. Just cuz everyone believes a lie, does not mean someone who believes the truth is crazy. It might just mean that everyone has been duped into believing a lie, and you are the ONLY SANE ONE who believes or tells the truth. Their retort usually goes something like this. . .”Wow, this crazy lady actually believes in clones. . .” To which I say, so what? Can you prove clones don’t exist? They take truths I expose that are hard to believe (for some people who can’t see what’s happening around them) and play on that to pander to those who can’t think for themselves and need someone to do all their thinking for them, either because they’re too intellectually lazy to have an original thought, or they’re stupid, or they’re just wicked and only want to believe (or promote) what promotes their lies, and helps ensure that their place and standing in society is not compromised (i.e., they want to keep their cushy bank account).

I actually don’t give a flip whether people think I’m crazy when I know I have the truth. But I have to expose the liars and will continue to do so, even if it means my reputation is shattered. In the meanwhile, I will continue to write laws that I feel make a difference, even though I do it on a shoestring budget. My payment is knowing I’m making a difference and the rewards I will get the Judgment Seat of Christ for using all the talents God has given me for the betterment of humanity and to promote love, justice and truth.

I am actually 50% King David and 60% Catherine the Great with a ten percent overlap between the two profiles. It appears God ordained my existence for this time and I am part of his Grand Plan. Though I am not directly descended from Catherine the Great, I came from the gene pool from which she was descended. This gene pool migrated to Japan around 1000 A.D. and became the Oshu Fujiwara family in Japan. They were a royal family in Japan that had Catherine the Great genes in the Abe family. Those with Catherine the Great genes escaped Russia so they would not be executed by jealous rivals and ended up in Japan and married into the Abe family as part of the Emishi clan. They probably chose to associate with the Emishi because the Emishi look more Caucasian than Japanese and they could blend in without being suspected of coming from Russia. Escaped royals from another country would have been a great threat to the leadership of Japan at the time, so they had to lie about where they came from to survive. Jesus says they all went to heaven, even though they were devout Buddhists, probably because they loved peace. This Homura Tatsu mini-series tells their story and why the Oshu Fujiwara clan became history in Japan. Basically those chose honor over ambition (much like how I am) and paid for it with their lives and their reign ended.

Here are some videos about this family. Unfortunately, they are in Japanese, but I managed to get some episodes with English subtitles for my personal collection. If you click on CC and then on settings you can get English subtitles, though they are not a great translation. But it’s better than nothing. I am descended from this family and am a lot like them in many ways.

As a Bible believing Christian, I actually feel like I am exposing false prophets.


12.0 The nation of Israel, along with the United States and donations taken from the International Charity Bank must purchase all the land ten miles south of the U.S./Mexico border for the price of one billion dollars. Mexico can use this money any way they want, as long as how they use it honors Conspiracy Law. Mexico must allow this land purchase as their punishment for allowing Loree McBride’s bands of criminal migrants to the U.S. border (in violation of Conspiracy Law). The land purchased will be one, long, narrow strip of land that is ten miles south of the U.S./Mexico border and extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. This land will constitute the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State, and all Palestinians currently living in Israel will be moved to this land. It will be a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. All Mexican cities and towns and houses that exist in this band of land will be moved and transported south, in order to exist within the boundaries of the new Mexico, which will lose all its land ten miles south of its border with the U.S. from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. This newly formed Mexican Palestinian State should also solve the border crisis that Mexico has with the United States because it will be constructed like a fortress and access into it will be highly protected. Shields must be erected over it to protect it from Loree McBride’s bombs.

12.1 Before the Palestinians from Israel are moved to this land, we will construct homes for them and build a wall that extends on the southern border of this ten mile wide strip from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. All Palestinians from Israel, will be given FREE homes in the Palestinian state that must be inspected to pass U.S. construction laws with safe and healthy electricity, plumbing, etc. and be large enough for the needs of their families. If the Palestinian is not trained for any job, they will immediately be put into a free training program (see Sect. 14.3) and while in training will receive free housing, a free home computer and free Internet, electricity, food and utilities. Once the training is finished, the free utilities, Internet, and food will end and the Palestinian must go to work and earn his food, Internet, and utilities. Every home will have a free grocery cart that they can load onto the public transportation system and bring to the grocery store to buy groceries. The public transportation system will be built to accommodate the grocery carts, so that those who use the public transportation system are able to use it to easily buy groceries. To meet transportation needs, we will construct buses and railways and trains that will transport the citizens anywhere they need to go in the country (modeling the public transportation systems of Japan). With our modern technology, we can do this easily. Also, all grocery stores must be set up with home delivery options, where the citizen can go online and order their groceries and have them home delivered. Home delivery will NOT be free however. They must pay for this. If they don’t have a car, they can use public transportation to buy groceries. We will use our space technology to build the wall. It will be like Israel’s wall and we will borrow Israeli technology to build the wall. It will also have shield technology incorporated into it, so that if anybody tries to go through the shield, they will die. The only way people can gain entrance to the Mexican Palestinian State is through transporter technology and they must get permission following the guidelines of Sect. 11.1a3 (see

12.2 Because Loree McBride is flooding her illegal aliens to the borders, Empress Gail declares an emergency in the Mexican Palestinian State and ALL BORDERS in the Mexican Palestinian State, and most especially the southern border with Mexico, are CLOSED. We shall erect shields at all borders and all ports of entry into the Mexican Palestinian State (including airports) and anybody who tries to go through these shields will die. The shields will be programmed to take out anybody who enters the country illegally (as defined by Conspiracy Law and USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182). From now on, anyone who wants to come to any Conspiracy Law honoring country must be transported in, using transporter technology and must get approval from Church of Gail or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits before they are transported into the country. It goes without saying that we will only allow those who meet the requirements of Title 8–USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182 AND Conspiracy Law. Those who desire admission to a Conspiracy Law honoring nation must present their case via Skype or its equivalent to an IMMIGRATION PANEL (who must obey any orders they get from Vladimir Putin or Gail’s men), who will vet each potential candidate for citizenship. Once they are given approval for admission to the country, they will be transported in.

12.3 Those Palestinians given permission to live in the Mexican Palestinian State because they honor Conspiracy Law and are not Loree McBride Jesuits, will be studied to determine how they should be trained for occupations. Using Myers-Briggs and compatibility studies, we shall determine where they fit in occupational categories and they will be given the option to train for various occupations (if they are healthy and are able to work) and are below retirement age. Schools and universities will be set up in the Mexican Palestinian State and depending on where the students are placed (based on Myers-Briggs and compatibility studies), they will receive FREE training for their jobs. We shall ensure that every job that is necessary for the economy of this newly formed state will have a free training program available in the Mexican Palestinian State. Arabic will be the national language of the Palestinian state and all training programs must be taught in Arabic, though they can be taught in other languages if so desired. So this means there will be programs that train physicians, lawyers, scientists, economists, teachers, nurses, health professionals, computer studies, systems analysts, marketing professionals, writers, artists, farmers, auto mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and every occupation that is needed for a well functioning state. Those who speak Arabic and are from countries outside of Israel are welcome to become citizens, in order to fill the needs of a newly formed state, as long as these citizens honor Conspiracy Law. Due to limited space, we can place quotas on immigration and are primarily interested in acquiring new citizens who will help this newly formed state to prosper and succeed.

12.4 A board of economists will determine how to handle imports/exports, as this will be especially important in the baby stages of this new nation. Until farmers are trained, food, medicine and supplies will need to be imported and sold in the stores inside of the new state. A large portion of the newly formed state must be trained to be border and customs agents, to manage the borders in accordance with Conspiracy Law. There must be several airports inside this state, one located near the Pacific Ocean, one near the Gulf of Mexico and several located in interior locations, allowing those who have legal access to the new state to easily go to their homes inside the state from outside the long, narrow country.

12.5 Because this will be a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, it will have a National Health Care plan set up according to Conspiracy Laws and Government, Sect. 55.

12.6 There will be a Social Security and Medicare system set up for the citizens and those who are homeless or in poverty will be taken care of according to U.S. Social Security and Medicare laws, as well as Empress Gail’s laws for the homeless – see Conspiracy Laws and Government, Part Two, Sect. 56 The money to fund the Social Security and Medicare programs for the new Palestinian State will be taken from the nation of Israel (as punishment for honoring Loree McBride as their leader from 2017 forward), and donations from the International Charity Bank. Those who would like to donate to this fund, contact Gail’s men at

12.7 Because Loree McBride is the shadow leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu AND HIS ENTIRE CABINET has been impeached as the leader of Israel. We will scan the Israeli citizens and see who has King David genes and who honor Conspiracy Law among the Israeli population. Those that have King David genes and honor Conspiracy Law will be the candidates in the new elections and one of these must be the new Prime Minister of Israel. This new Prime Minister, once elected, must honor Conspiracy Law in all they do, and their first action must be to arrest all willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits in Israel and have them all executed. Israel must become a Conspiracy Law honoring nation or we will attack it militarily and take it over, forcing it to become a Conspiracy Law honoring nation with a King David ruler. The way Israel will pay for its many war crimes while under the leadership of Loree McBride and Benjamin Netanyahu, will be to help finance the creation of the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State in Northern Mexico along the U.S./Mexican border. All Palestinians inside of Israel are deported to this newly formed Mexican Palestinian State, unless they have medical or family reasons for wanting to stay in Israel, like if the Palestinian is married to a Jewish citizen of Israel. Exceptions to this deportation rule (for Palestinians to the Mexican Palestinian State) will be determined by an immigration panel, composed of Jews and Palestinians (who honor Conspiracy Law) who will decide on cases that are not covered in Conspiracy Law.

12.8 Vladimir Putin, Tulsi Gabbard and all world leaders from all Conspiracy Law honoring nations will gather to help make the policies for this newly formed Mexican Palestinian State in areas that have not already been covered in this Sect. 14. All policies adopted must honor Conspiracy Law and must not give support to Loree McBride Jesuits and must not oppress innocents. Conspiracy Law will be the law of the land in Israel and the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State. Any willing and knowing attempt or action to support the evil of Loree McBride Jesuits in the formation of the newly formed Mexican Palestinian State or the newly reorganized Israel (under its King David ruler) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

12.9 Israel will not lose any of their land in this deal and any new land that Israel acquires must honor International and Conspiracy law and not be used to attack innocents. Israel can keep the Golan Heights as long as they never use it as an excuse for aggression against innocents or to start a war. Innocents are defined as those who support Conspiracy Law. Once Israel uses the Golan Heights for aggression against innocents, the Golan Heights return to Syria. However, Israel is allowed to defend themselves. But it must be clear that they can only use the Golan Heights for SELF-DEFENSE, not to conduct American-Israeli style imperialism in the Middle East.

Any Syrians who have been displaced as a result of Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights are eligible to live in and enjoy rights as citizens of the Mexican Palestinian State as long as they support Conspiracy Law and are not Loree McBride Jesuits.

Though I do not support Trump, who is a Melania Trump cuck, I will stand with him in giving Israel sovereignty over Jerusalem, as long as we safely establish a Mexican Palestinian State where the Palestinians can live safely.

Once we move all Palestinians in Israel to the Mexican Palestinian State, we will give the West Bank and Gaza to the Jews in Israel, so Empress Gail does not want to hear any complaints from anyone about how she is handling the land in Israel. The Jews don’t have much land and could use more. And Empress Gail has created a fully functioning Palestinian State for the Palestinians in the Mexican Palestinian State. However, any land given to Israel must be used for peace and not for war. Once the Jews use the West Bank, Gaza or the Golan Heights in an imperialistic manner against innocents, they lose that land and it will go back to its original owners.

Copyright © 2019 Gail Chord Schuler. All  Rights Reserved.

Empress Gail: About U.S. Shadow Presidents Melania Trump/Loree McBride

I am going to cut back on criticizing Trump, now that I know Melania has been the real President for most of his term. Melania is guilty of high treason, because we voted for Donald, not her. However, I still plan to vote for Tulsi Gabbard. I am beginning to think that perhaps it is better for Tulsi to be the real President only on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, because I have fired Trump and hired her in his place. If Tulsi was the real President in mainstream news, she would get the Trump treatment and that’s pretty horrific. If Trump is re-elected in mainstream news, I shall continue to consider Tulsi as the real President and Trump will still need to allow her to override all his decisions. I shall only change my mind if I see clear evidence that he makes good policy – something I have not seen yet. I actually think that Tulsi is more Presidential material than Trump. Though I respect Trump for trying to protect me from Melania. I don’t hate him, but I feel Tulsi is the better candidate, so she still has my vote. I may be wrong, but I think Tulsi is smarter than Trump.

I find it amazing that Melania was able to control Trump for so long and so thoroughly. I suspect that Melania must have been working with Loree McBride. Loree McBride MUST BE DESTROYED. I think Tulsi Gabbard, coming from a military background, is the President the U.S. needs now. We need a President who has military savvy. Trump has never served in the military. We are IN A WAR with Loree McBride. We need a leader who understands that and knows how to be a warrior. Ironically, that choice seems to be me and Tulsi. Though I’ve never been in the military, I have led many a battle. Tulsi, like me, knows what it takes to win a war, and knows when a war is justified. She also doesn’t waste time in stupid debates, but is more concerned with GETTING THINGS DONE.

All that energy Trump puts into defending himself could be used for action and policy. You might say, but Tulsi needs to defend herself more, or she won’t get elected. You know, I’m getting less and less concerned over whether she wins in the mainstream news. I have appointed her President and she’s President and that’s the fact, regardless of how mainstream news reports it. What you see in mainstream news is all smoke and mirrors. We’ve had an emergency in this country, cuz Jesuits have been running the West for a long time and I’ve been cleaning house. Trump tried, but had his hands and legs tied (literally and figuratively).

Tulsi seems to have my heart and will be my representative. I plan to vote for her just to show the world that I HAVE APPOINTED HER AS MY PRESIDENT to work with me in leading the nation. I have had to assert myself more to overcome Trump’s bad policy moves. I now realize, that it has been Melania running the country and Melania is a DISASTER as U.S. President. She is truly the bitch of the West Wing.

All this energy directed at Trump is wasted energy. When candidates run for President, they should be debating policy, not throwing useless adjectives at each other. Our concern should not be on who makes the prettiest speeches, but who has the BEST POLICY and has the most sincerity and genuineness and is most likely to carry out the policies they promote.

I have written a huge body of law to help this country and any country that wants a just, fair and effective government. Though I would rather work on my writing, I cannot sit back and let the country go to hell, just cuz the wicked bitch of the West Wing has taken over the U.S. I’ve had to kick her out and have ordered the death penalty on her for high treason. As long as I have the ability to influence this country in the right direction, I have the moral obligation to do so. I plan to save the world from the Antichrist and give this world a bit of a reprieve before the rapture. I shall meet Christ in peace at the judgment, knowing I did my duty to the best of my ability, even overriding the power structures under Satan that opposed me. I did what was best for the world, and Tulsi will probably share in my rewards at heaven’s throne.

Working from a shoestring budget, I have created a website, make regular YouTube videos, written a huge body of law and am leading the world in the right direction. I do this, not for glory, but to serve humanity and help lead it in the direction that leads to peace, prosperity and love for each other. I have had to weed out those who desire to rule over us with cruelty, tyranny, craft and deceit and it has not been easy. The war is not won, but I will not cave into tyranny and have chosen my men and Tulsi Gabbard to lead with me to free the world from tyranny. Check out my website for all about me. I have worked hard on it and have had a website since 2010.

And yes, it’s true, I am literally half King David and half Catherine the Great. Catherine the Great had a great team and did not lead alone, so did King David. Part of great leadership is knowing who to put on your team.

The reason the world is in such a mess is because our true leaders (Loree McBride and Melania Trump) are consumed with vanity and pride and care nothing about the welfare of those under their care. The two bitches NEED TO GO. They remind me of Queen Jezebel controlling Ahab. Though I would put Donald Trump in a higher category than King Ahab of Israel. Though Trump could have been wiser in his choice of a wife. He got into trouble, like Solomon did, by allowing a “hot” whore to get his heart.

I know Melania is all hyped up over the fact that her stupid mirror said I was sexier than her (something I could care less about). Such a shallow, evil woman is a disaster as a world leader and is guilty of high treason. Imagine her GALL to dare to usurp Trump as President and tell him HOW TO LEAD THE NATION. PRIDE GOETH BEFORE DESTRUCTION AND A HAUGHTY SPIRIT BEFORE A FALL.

Melania, if you want the secret to my eternal beauty, you don’t need to kill for it. It’s simple. A truly beautiful woman is one who values true love over everything. Jesus saw that in me and decided to honor me with beauty because He knew I would use it for good and not for evil. So the secret is to have a beautiful heart that makes Jesus want to bestow you with a beauty that never fades. Nobody can make you more beautiful than Jesus can. Just get Jesus to favor you and to trust you to use your beauty for Him and not for vanity, and He’ll give it to you! My beauty is a gift from God and by obeying Him and doing the Gail Commandments, Jesus has enhanced it. The secret to true beauty is to have the heart of Jesus in all you do. No one is more lovely than Jesus Christ. When your heart is truly beautiful and you serve love over all, that makes you the hottest woman on earth.

I also eat pretty healthy, exercise and stay at peace in my heart. But much of my beauty is a gift from God and I humbly use it for good. I am never in a contest with other beautiful woman, but merely see another beautiful woman as another jewel to shine with me in leading the world towards peace and love. No amount of make-up, exercise, plastic surgery, body toning, etc, can make up for a woman consumed with rage, envy and tyranny. You can have perfect body measurements, but when you have a heart like ice, you will be ugly, no matter how much you doll yourself up. Even an overweight woman with a heavenly glow to her face will make you look sick.

Copyright © Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.


The following is part of Empress Gail’s International Immigration Laws, updated today to make it more comprehensive.

11.1a1 Gail has read the following U.S. Title 8 laws and wants to adopt them as part of her immigration law for all Conspiracy Law honoring countries. In areas where they contradict Conspiracy Law, they are null and void, though, it appears that all of this law can be enforced without contradicting Conspiracy Law.

11.1a2 Except as otherwise provided in this Title 8 law, the following describes classes of excludable aliens who are ineligible to receive visas and who shall be excluded from admission into the United States or any Conspiracy Law honoring nation: TITLE 8—ALIENS AND NATIONALITY § 1182: USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182

11.1a3 Because Loree McBride is flooding her illegal aliens to the U.S. border, Empress Gail declares an emergency in the U.S. and ALL BORDERS in the U.S. are CLOSED. We shall erect shields at all borders and all ports of entry into the U.S. (including airports) and anybody who tries to go through these shields will die. The shields will be programmed to take out anybody who enters the country illegally (as defined by Conspiracy Law and USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182). From now on, anyone who wants to come to the U.S. or any Conspiracy Law honoring country must be transported in, using transporter technology and must get approval from Church of Gail or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits before they are transported into the country. It goes without saying that we will only allow those who meet the requirements of Title 8–USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182 AND Conspiracy Law. Those who desire admission to a Conspiracy Law honoring nation must present their case via Skype or its equivalent to an IMMIGRATION PANEL (who must obey any orders they get from Vladimir Putin or Gail’s men), who will vet each potential candidate for citizenship. Once they are given approval for admission to the country, they will be transported in.

11.1a4 As a reminder, Empress Gail has fired/impeached Donald Trump because he is only a Melania Trump cuck and Melania is guilty of high treason. Melania holds Trump hostage, so he is not guilty of violating Conspiracy Law, because he is not a willing violator. He will not be executed as long as he disobeys Gail unwillingly. But his wife Melania is a willing and knowing violator of Conspiracy Law, including death penalty violations, and must be executed. Those who willingly and knowingly give her safe harbor, are complicit with her in committing high treason against Empress Gail, and, they too, must be executed. Gail’s immigration policy is a combination of Conspiracy Law and USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182.

11.1a5 But because Melania controls Trump, Trump has been impeached. He is a very dangerous leader, who is not the U.S. President, his evil wife Melania is the President. Anybody who willingly and knowingly obeys any orders from Trump will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator for this reason. Further, to ensure no clones of Tulsi Gabbard or Trump cause problems, nobody can obey any government orders coming from anyone besides Empress Gail Chord Schuler. If a decision comes from the LAW REVIEW TEAM, it will be considered to be from Empress Gail. The LAW REVIEW TEAM needs to come up with a special encryption for authenticity that everyone needs to verify before they carry out any government orders. Those who willingly and knowingly carry out any government orders without this special encryption (verifying the order comes from Empress Gail) will be executed. A government order is defined as any order assumed to be from the Executive branch of the government of a Conspiracy Law  honoring country (i.e. Presidential orders or orders from the head of state and his/her representatives). Gail will delegate her decision-making authority as President to the REAL Vladimir Putin (not his clone or automaton or substitute) and to the REAL Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Judge Terrance Jenkins and Gerard Butler. All of these with the exception of Brent, have training in law, making them capable of making Presidential decisions for Gail. Brent, however, knows Gail’s law in and out and his training as a physician could come in handy. Brent, Vladimir, Terrance, Matthew and Gerard have Gail’s permission to create a LAW REVIEW TEAM (which will consist of Vladimir, Brent, Matthew, Gerard and Judge Terry, along with anybody they designate), who can assist them with decision-making. Tulsi Gabbard will be Gail’s representative to the American people and can carry out any policies she wishes, as long as all her policies clear the LAW REVIEW TEAM. Gail recommends that Tulsi give regular state of the union addresses to the nation on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, to update the American people of the latest developments that the Americans need to be aware of.

11.1a6 Though Gail has installed Tulsi Gabbard as President, it appears that Empress Gail must override Tulsi in the matter of immigration. Tulsi can act as President in all matters, except in the matter of immigration or where she violates Conspiracy Law. Immigration policy must be decided by the IMMIGRATION PANEL (who must obey orders they get from Vladimir Putin or Gail’s men). Tulsi is allowed to weigh in on the immigration issue to the LAW REVIEW TEAM, but must allow them to have the final decision. Gail is not sure about Tulsi’s immigration policies, so she prefers to put Vladimir Putin and her men in charge of this. But because they are very busy, they can create an IMMIGRATION PANEL to do this job under their direction.

11.1a7 However, Empress Gail, who is also U.S. President, along with Tulsi Gabbard, has declared a state of emergency on U.S. borders, and all borders must be closed in the U.S. and any other Conspiracy Law honoring country that is experiencing a border crisis brought on by Loree McBride Jesuits, until the emergency is over. Vladimir Putin and Gail’s men will make the decision on when the emergency is over. Those who desire entrance to the U.S. or countries experiencing a Loree McBride Jesuit border crisis must go through the IMMIGRATION PANEL.

It says in USCODE-1994-title8-chap11-subchapII_2-partII-sec1182: Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restriction she may deem to be appropriate.

11.1a8 Further, all U.S. tariffs and sanctions against all countries must be evaluated by Vladimir Putin and Gail’s men. Those that Vladimir Putin considers stupid will be cancelled. Also, all treaties that Trump has cancelled must be evaluated by Vladimir Putin, and those treaties that Vladimir feels should continue, like the INF Treaty (for example), will be reinstated.

11.1a9 We will establish a LAW REVIEW TEAM, who will analyze all decisions made by Trump while he was President, and those that were decided by Melania Trump must all be cancelled or reversed, unless for some strange reason, Melania was capable of making good policy. Vladimir Putin and Gail’s men and the LAW REVIEW TEAM will evaluate all decisions made by Trump and negate them if they deem them in violation of Conspiracy Law.

11.1a10 Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are FIRED. They are no longer allowed to make ANY POLICIES. If they attempt to do so willingly and knowingly, they will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. Tulsi Gabbard is free to change Trump’s entire cabinet if she wants to.

11.1a11 Gail’s men are free to create automatons, if they feel they must, to carry out Gail and Tulsi’s policies, while we play the game we must with Loree McBride’s mainstream press. It goes without saying that anyone who carries out policies willingly and knowingly in violation of Conspiracy Law with the intent to overthrow Empress Gail or to support Loree McBride Jesuits, gets the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. As a reminder, Loree McBride Jesuits are anyone who has the heart and motivations of a Loree McBride, even if they do not follow Loree McBride. Loree McBride is motivated by rage, envy, greed and lust and will murder and rape to get her way.

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D-Day Memories, My Step-Dad Lt. Colonel Bill (1923 – 2014) in Heaven


Can also view this video here:

This D-Day, I remember my step-dad Bill who was always very kind to me and who was part of the Battle of the Bulge (after D-Day) in the 82nd Airborne Division (which took part in D-Day). He was a man of honor, part of the great World War II generation. He gave me this tape about him in 2004. I treasure it. My men built a home for him in heaven. You can read about their experience in heaven building this home for him in Bible for Tribulation Saints: He was there for me at a time in my life (2001 to 2004) when I could have been on the streets.