Brent Spiner, NOT a Hollywood Hypocrite about GUN CONTROL, his CLONE IS

It is very unfair to the REAL Brent Spiner that his clone has totally taken over his Twitter and makes the real Brent appear to be a hypocritical Democrat Party fanatic, who looks down upon Trump supporters and those who believe in the Second Amendment. Gail sets the record straight about her husband, the REAL Brent Spiner!

The real Brent Spiner currently does not support the Democratic Party, because it has turned evil.


Voting Laws Update (to Sect. 8 of Conspiracy Laws & Government)

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8.92 Because Jesuits are relentless and willing to do anything to win, many times, despite our attempts to enforce Conspiracy Law during an election, the Jesuits are able to override Conspiracy Law and a JESUIT candidate (Loree McBride or evil Jesuit supporter) or law is voted into office or wins an election. First, it must be pointed out that if Gail is the Empress of a country, she does not have to respect the outcome of any election that violates her Conspiracy Law. She allows elections for American President and other positions, because she has a full plate and welcomes assistance as a head of state. She considers the U.S. President her partner in governing the United States, which is a very demanding job. But Gail is Empress of more than one country and can’t do it all, so she allows elections for heads of state and other positions to assist her to lead the countries where she is the Empress.

8.92a1 If there is a dispute about the results of a vote count, and it involves a candidate who is a Loree McBride Jesuit supporter (like Gillum), the dispute must be handed over to the International government and all parts of the vote in dispute, like Broward County in Florida (for instance), must accept the results of our brain reads. We shall do brain reads on all eligible voters in the area of dispute (like in Broward County) and only those who are not Loree McBride Jesuit supporters will have their vote count. Using our brain reads we will submit a vote count based on our brain reads. We will allow a recount (using the methods in this Sect. 8.92a1) for a Loree McBride Jesuit candidate because if that evil candidate wins, they shall be replaced with an automaton who will NOT violate Conspiracy Law (we hope). More than likely the vote in dispute (if the losing candidate is a Loree McBride Jesuit) will result in a lower vote count for the Loree McBride Jesuit candidate, because our recount will exclude those not eligible to vote (i.e. Loree McBride Jesuit supporters). Unfortunately, Conspiracy Law has not been 100% enforced in most elections. If it was, the Republicans would have won the House in the 2018 Midterms. Once we submit our vote count, if anybody tries to question it and tries to undo the results of the election, they will be executed as a Loree McBride Jesuit. Those involved in the recount (as outlined in this Sect. 8.92a1), if they do so in a manner that is dishonest or violates Conspiracy Law, they will be executed. We take our recounts very seriously, because who rules our nation is a very serious matter.

8.92a The International President is currently the real Vladimir Putin, who lives on Church of Gail. If Vladimir is no longer the International President at the time of the taking of the oath, then whoever is the International President at the time of the oath must be honored. Jesuits like to divide and conquer and we must remain UNITED in order to defeat them. Whoever assists her as a head of state must take a vow (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion reads), upon assuming the office, as follows:

“I swear under God and with my hand on the Bible, that I will do all in my power to honor Gail Chord Schuler’s Conspiracy Law, and will work with her to defeat the Jesuits who strive to takeover my country and bring it to ruin. If I ever become a Jesuit supporter, then I deserve to be disqualified from office and I swear that I detest the goals of the Jesuit Order for world conquest. I will work with all world leaders who honor Conspiracy Law and will not assist Jesuits to orchestrate wars with other world leaders who honor Gail’s Conspiracy Law and who honor Gail. To the best of my ability, I will honor the Constitution of my country, in areas where the Constitution does not conflict with Gail’s Conspiracy Law. If there is a conflict, I will honor Gail’s Conspiracy Law over the Constitution of my country. I will not take money from corrupt Jesuit organizations or from Jesuits, and all my financial activities will be monitored 24/7 by Church of Gail and the men on Gail’s marriage list to ensure that this is so. I am aware that the real International President, not his Jesuit clone, must not be undermined, and will work with him to create a world where evil Jesuits cannot flourish.”

8.92b The acting head of state and all who govern in Conspiracy Law honoring nations (who assists Gail as head of state) must take this oath (under lie detection) upon first assuming office, every two weeks while running for office, and every two weeks while in office. If at any time he/she fails lie detection while making this vow, an investigation must be made into the person to determine if they are a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter (Jesuit meaning a willing and knowing Loree McBride supporter). If an impartial and accurate investigation determines they are a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter, they must be removed from office. It will then be up to Gail and or the men on her marriage list to choose a replacement for them. This replacement will probably be a person who ran for the office, was also qualified, but didn’t get the position. But Gail and her men will not have their hands tied and can choose anybody they please (who is qualified according to Conspiracy Law).

8.92c During political campaigns for head of state (or any political positions won by election) or for laws of any country, non-Jesuit news organizations must report on the candidates and any proposed laws and expose candidates or proposed laws who support Jesuits or Jesuit supporters. Though we will try to eliminate these candidates or laws, Jesuits are relentless and will probably make this impossible. If despite everything, a Jesuit candidate or proposed law wins an election, he/she will be IMMEDIATELY IMPEACHED AND REPLACED with a non-Jesuit candidate or the law will be considered null and void. For example, Florida’s Amendment No. 4 (on Nov. 6, 2018) allowing felons to vote in future Florida elections is considered null and void, because it could encourage Loree McBride Jesuits to have their votes count in an election. It appears this amendment was deceptively worded in such a way to make it appear benign and it never should have been introduced onto the ballot. All truthful news reporting that exposes Jesuit lies and deceptions will be done publicly on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. The Jesuit leader who just assumed office will be ordered to step down or the Jesuit law that was passed must be made null and void. If the elected person refuses the Empress’s order or if the Jesuit law is allowed to remain and be in effect, the International military forces of the Empress Gail will be used to take down that Jesuit leader voted in or those who try to enforce the Jesuit law.

8.92d Gail is flexible and usually gets along very well with non-Jesuits of all types and all religions, except for militant religions, like radical Muslims or radical Roman Catholics. She will strive to honor the elections of any country that have been conducted according to her Conspiracy Law. Gail will strive to respect any head of state or politician voted into office legally and any law that does not conflict with her Conspiracy Law, and if there are differences between her and that candidate or leader (which rarely happens unless the candidate is a Loree McBride Jesuit), she will work out a compromise to allow that leader to work with her as a co-partner in leading the country. But she absolutely cannot tolerate a Loree McBride Jesuit or Jesuit supporter as her partner in leading a nation, because a country divided against itself cannot stand. Therefore, she must take these laws governing a head of state very seriously. Any willing and knowing violation of these laws regarding the election of a head of state (or any politician voted into office) or the actions of a head of state (or any politician voted into office) or the passing of any laws that contradict Gail’s Conspiracy Law, that assists the Jesuits in their goal for world conquest, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator, and may require the use of military force to enforce these laws. It goes without saying that all heads of state and politicians or appointed government officials will be under a 24/7 scan to ensure they have not become a Jesuit, but these scans are often sabotaged by Jesuits.

8.92d1 Every one seems so focused on WHO becomes President (with a focus on their PLATFORM) or an elected or appointed government official, but far more important is that Conspiracy Law is honored. Loree McBride Jesuits want someone in office who will buck Conspiracy Law. All the candidates have different positions, and all are right and wrong in different areas. Nobody is completely right about everything. We just need someone who will honor Conspiracy Law and honor Gail as the Empress, who will work WITH GAIL and NOT AGAINST HER. Each candidate for office or the acting JESUIT NEWS HEAD OF STATE or JESUIT NEWS POLITICIAN in each CONSPIRACY LAW HONORING NATION is required every two weeks to take an oath that they support Gail and her laws or they must be impeached. If they are not impeached when they have failed lie detection regarding the oath of support for Gail and her laws, we will orchestrate a coup and FORCE THEM OUT and any news media organization that willingly and knowingly fails to honor Conspiracy Law and treats the ILLEGAL CANDIDATE OR HEAD OF STATE or GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL as the bona fide acting head of state, government official or candidate will be bombed and destroyed until, and if, they come into compliance with these laws.

The JESUIT NEWS HEAD OF STATE or JESUIT NEWS POLITICIAN or JESUIT NEWS GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL is the person who is portrayed to the world on JESUIT NEWS as the head of state or politician or government official for that country, even if Gail is the Empress of the nation where the head of state reigns.

Each candidate for office (as well as the acting JESUIT NEWS HEAD OF STATE or JESUIT NEWS POLITICIAN or JESUIT NEWS GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL) must also take an oath EVERY TWO WEEKS under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion reads that they support Gail as the U.S. Empress and will honor and enforce her Conspiracy Law to the best of their ability. If we discover any candidate or JESUIT NEWS HEAD OF STATE or JESUIT NEWS POLITICIAN or JESUIT NEWS GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL does not honor Gail or her laws, he/she is not even allowed to RUN FOR OFFICE. All this stuff about delegates and all the rest of the Jesuit crap must honor Gail’s voting laws or we will OVERRIDE THE WHOLE THING.

If we at Church of Gail determine a candidate is disqualified from RUNNING FOR OFFICE, Jesuit News will continue to cover that candidate, making it appear they are still running. But, what we will do, is order those who handle the votes and the polls to show that candidate as a losing candidate, forcing them to drop out of the race. If they have already been elected into office, then we will find a way to have them impeached on JESUIT NEWS. If the matter is a law that attempts to override Conspiracy Law, that law must be reported as defeated on JESUIT NEWS.

It is very important that whoever is elected legally into the office of U.S. President or any political position, work with Gail as Empress (as Barack Obama and Donald Trump did, for the most part). President George W. Bush should have been impeached in 2001 when he forced Vladimir Putin to marry the Jesuit clone (Lyudmila) of his deceased wife Larisa under threat of war with the U.S.! As Empress, Gail won’t tolerate such crap from any U.S. President who is supposed to work with her to enforce Conspiracy Law. ALSO THOSE WHO ARE APPOINTED INTO OFFICE, LIKE ATTORNEY GENERALS AND SUCH POSITIONS ALSO MUST MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS SECTION 8.92 OR THEY, TOO, WILL BE IMPEACHED AND REPLACED AS DESCRIBED IN THIS SECT. 8.92.


8.92(e) Because Jesuits like to use lying press reports to ensure their candidate or law wins, even if he/she did not win the votes in an election that honored Conspiracy Law- if the news media reports that a candidate or law won a state or region when they didn’t, all those willingly and knowingly behind the lying press releases will be executed as a Jesuit Conspirator on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. The lying news organizations must pay damages to the candidate who suffered damages as a result of the lying reporting, the damages will be used to pay for free television and online ads to expose the lying conspiracy to all those in the nation where the vote is taking place. The damages will be enough, so that the ads which expose the lies will FLOOD all television stations that people watch in that country.

8.92(f) Furthermore, it will be announced on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel that because Jesuits gave a state or region to a candidate or law who did not deserve a win in that state or region, the winner (who did not deserve to win) must forfeit the same amount of votes that he/she stole illegally in future elections on the same issue (like running for President during the Republican Primaries). So, let’s say Ted Cruz won 20% of the votes in Iowa and Donald Trump won 80%, but the news reported that Ted Cruz won 60% and Donald Trump won 40%, then in a future election (in another state for the same issue), Ted Cruz will be forced to have votes subtracted to make up for the illegal damage he did to Trump in a past election on the same issue. The lying news media organizations will be ordered to report that Trump won a state (even though he didn’t) to make up for a state that Trump lost unfairly in the past (in the JESUIT NEWS). Experts at elections will decide which state must be forfeited to make up for a state lost that should not have been lost, just because the news media lied. The problem with lying news, is that if they report election results inaccurately, Jesuits can use the news to pick the next President OVERRIDING THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. It will make no difference if the elections are conducted legally according to Conspiracy Law, if the news reports lies about who won and who lost! Therefore, Gail must write law to correct this, or the Jesuits can use the news media’s lies to elect a President overriding the will of the people.

8.92[g] If all the elections have already taken place and there are no future contests to minimize the damage, then the news must report that illegal voting took place and that the vote had to be recount and in the recount, the actual vote results must be reported truthfully and accurately, subtracting wins from a candidate who did not deserve to win and adding wins to a candidate who deserved to win.

8.92(h) To make it more difficult for Jesuits to use lies in the press to elect their candidate, the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel must cover all elections in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations, if that country’s JESUIT NEWS is covering that election. This way the public will be aware when lying is taking place, because what the Gabrielle Chana FOX News reports will contradict what JESUIT NEWS reports.

8.92(i) JESUIT NEWS also like to lie about political candidates that they report on. This situation is really getting out of hand. The lies can be so extreme that they could be very unfair and damaging to a political candidate. For instance, just heard on FOX News that Cumberland County, North Carolina wants to consider filing a legal charge of Donald Trump inciting a riot, making him responsible for the behavior of those in his rallies. For all we know this may have been a Jesuit Donald Trump clone making “inciting” statements at these rallies. If so, this needs to be exposed. The same goes for any other political candidate who has to suffer because of their clone. It’s also possible the JESUIT NEWS made the whole thing up and there is no legal charge against Donald Trump in North Carolina! If so, the Gabrielle Chana FOX News or another channel set up by the REAL Vladimir Putin or one of the top seven men on Gail’s marriage list (not their clone), must expose the lie and make the TRUTH AVAILABLE to the voter. To try and minimize Jesuit damage to a politician or celebrity as a result of news media lies, the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel needs to devote entire episodes to covering JESUIT LIES in JESUIT NEWS and expose these lies on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (or other NON-JESUIT NEWS SOURCE). In the exposure, the Gabrielle Chana FOX News (or other NON-JESUIT NEWS SOURCE) channel must report the TRUTH and expose what is a LIE in the Jesuit version of the news.

For the purposes of this section, Gabrielle Chana FOX News will be defined as a news source that is NON-JESUIT, truthful and balanced and reports the real news and not Jesuit propaganda. This can mean a temporary news station set up in certain regions that do NOT have the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

In areas where the Jesuit lies could be especially damaging and could influence the outcome of an election, all voters who vote in that region that are affected by that lie, must provide evidence that they have watched the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (or any news channel or outlet approved by the real Vladimir Putin, who is the Conspiracy Law President) to hear the TRUTH about the LIE. The voters will not have to do anything, but we will use brain scans (obtained via satellite) on the person to determine if they have been exposed to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel to hear the truth about the LIE, and if not, their VOTE MUST NOT COUNT. If the voter has only heard the JESUIT VERSION of the lie and we determine from 666-Computer mind and emotion reads that the JESUIT LIE has influenced how they vote so that their vote will or may SUPPORT THE JESUITS, their vote on that issue (which was lied about and which AFFECTED THEIR VOTE) must not be counted in the election. These voters, who have been brainwashed by Jesuit lies, because they have been DENIED THE TRUTH and HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED BY JESUIT LIES, will be considered UNWILLING AGENTS for voting purposes on that issue or person that was lied about. No UNWILLING AGENT can have their vote count in an election for any issue or person that was lied about.  We can use memory reads on all the voters to determine who has heard the news from a NON-JESUIT and from a TRUTHFUL news source, and we can determine how that JESUIT LIE is influencing their vote.

All proposed measures or laws on any ballot that have been created to increase the ability of Loree McBride Jesuits to take over a country cannot be introduced onto any ballot. Those who do so willingly and knowingly will be executed as Jesuit Conspirators. This law is retroactive to July 2018. This means if Florida’s Amendment No. 4 was deliberately created to allow illegal Jesuit votes to count in future elections (and we can determine motives with brain reads) all those willingly and knowingly behind this law will be executed as Jesuit Conspirators on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. No law, measure or person who affects how a country or state is run can be passed or voted into office, if the law or person is a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit supporter.

An UNWILLING AGENT is one whose brain has been taken over by Jesuits one way or another, and who is not able to make decisions WITHOUT BEING INFLUENCED or POISONED BY JESUITS. All potential voters in any election must be scanned to determine if they are an UNWILLING AGENT. No UNWILLING AGENT can have their vote count in any election. It is possible for a person who has full autonomy, but was tricked into voting for a law (issue) or person because of Jesuit lies or trickery, to be considered an UNWILLING AGENT only in regards to a particular person voted for or a particular issue voted for (see Sect. 8.92i). Also, no JESUIT can have their vote count in any election, a Jesuit being defined as one who willingly and knowingly supports Loree McBride (or whoever is the evil Jesuit leader) as the head of the Jesuits and works with her/him for a worldwide takeover for the Catholic Church.

If the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel or another NON-JESUIT news source is not available in the area for that person to listen to, we shall set up a temporary news channel devoted to the election, which must expose Jesuit lies to that particular region, and which will report the truth about those Jesuit lies. In fact, this is so important, that I feel I must establish a news channel (which could be an extension of the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel) totally devoted to politics, that reports daily on Jesuit lies in JESUIT NEWS and exposes these lies daily and REPORTS THE TRUTH. All voters in that region WHO HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO JESUIT LIES IN THE MEDIA are required to watch this channel or the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel in order to be qualified to vote. This is a requirement for all Conspiracy Law honoring nations.

This law means that even the vote of the American Empress, Gail Chord Schuler, if she has been influenced by Jesuit lies in a manner that favors the Jesuits, will not have her vote count in an election on any matter or person, if Gail’s men are unable to get with her to tell her the TRUTH about the JESUIT LIE! Sometimes Gail’s men are not able to communicate with her and she herself could be a victim of Jesuit brainwashing!

Any willing and knowing, direct or indirect attempt to violate this Sect. 8.92(i) in a manner to promote Jesuit tyranny on the earth and to promote Jesuit lies by any news organization, or by anybody, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Any willing and knowing, direct or indirect attempt or action to present or promote JESUIT LIES in the news media that promote Jesuit goals for a world takeover, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

8.92(i-2) We are having trouble enforcing Conspiracy Law, because LAW ENFORCEMENT in many areas are not cooperating with Conspiracy Law. All government officials (those elected or appointed into office) must be under a 24/7 scan to determine if they are a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit, this is on top of their bi-weekly statement made under 666-Computer lie detection to test their loyalty to Gail as Empress and to her Conspiracy Law (see 8.92a & 8.92b). Once it is determined that a government official or law enforcement person is a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit, they must be sacked and replaced with one who is NOT a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit. To be SACKED means that any willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit must be executed, because these people are deadly. Once it is determined our scan of them is accurate and they are a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit, they must be SACKED. Areas of special concern are Big Tech CEOs and executives and leaders, politicians and appointed or elected government officials, and law enforcement. Anyone who is a Loree McBride Jesuit who honors Loree McBride by doxxing or targeting innocents (directly or indirectly) must also be sacked. To directly dox or target an innocent would be like giving out somebody’s home address or personal information online with the intent to target that innocent. This could include giving out the home addresses or personal information of voter rolls, which seems to me to be totally unnecessary. REMINDER: All who are being targeted by Loree McBride Jesuits, like Tucker Carlson, are required to live on Church of Gail for their safety (see 8.92l below). MOTIVE is the criteria we will use to determine if a law enforcement person, webmaster, social media executive should be sacked. To indirectly dox or target an innocent would be to cooperate with one who is directly doxxing or targeting an innocent, by allowing it to happen, when it could be stopped. So, for instance, if Twitter willingly and knowingly allows a Loree McBride Jesuit to target Tucker Carlson, for instance, all those at Twitter who are willingly and knowingly part of this conspiracy behind this, will be SACKED, on top of those directly behind the doxxing or targeting of innocents. Gail believes in freedom of speech. However, an area where we can easily find Loree McBride Jesuits is in rioters. Most riots and protests today, especially those who dislike Donald Trump, are Loree McBride Jesuits. If these Loree McBride Jesuits dare to show their brazen face in a riot or protest, they will be arrested, not for rioting or protesting, but for being a LOREE MCBRIDE JESUIT. The fact that they are rioting means they don’t think they will be arrested as a Loree McBride Jesuit, which means we need to scan all law enforcement in the area of the Loree McBride protest or riot to determine if any of the law enforcement is a Loree McBride Jesuit. All Loree McBride Jesuits must be sacked and anybody who willingly and knowingly gives them safe harbor or willingly and knowingly (directly or indirectly) promotes their attempts at anarchy against my government must also be sacked.  

We have many weapons to use to deal with Loree McBride Jesuits, which are not being used, because law enforcement is not cooperating with us. CITIZEN SCANNERS and other Conspiracy Law weapons can be used, but are not being used, which could have prevented such tragedies like what happened in Thousand Oaks, California today (11-8-18). Check out my Conspiracy Law updates to determine which laws are not being enforced and which need to be enforced. To willingly and knowingly NEGLECT to enforce any Conspiracy Law, like the use of CITIZEN SCANNERS, in order to allow Loree McBride Jesuits to commit war crimes, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Under Conspiracy Law, criminals are sacked and executed as determined by MOTIVE. Those who willingly and knowingly cooperate with Loree McBride, even if their outward action appears innocent, will be sacked, if our brain reads that their motive is to willingly and knowingly assist Loree McBride in her goals for a world takeover.

8.92(i-3) You might say, this is unjust. Before being sacked, these persons should be brought to trial. No, we have been doing this for too long. We are in a war and these are war criminals. War criminals such as Loree McBride Jesuits are denied due process. Their guilt is overwhelming and we won’t waste time or money allowing them due process. It just gives them more time to commit more war crimes. They have corrupted our legal system and the only viable solution is to SACK THEM. The solution is to eliminate these deadly people and those who harbor them. That is the only way to have peace, freedom and prosperity. Loree McBride Jesuits have the morality of Adolph Hitler or Stalin. You don’t give such people due process. They are all SACKED. Anybody who willingly and knowingly gets in our way as we sack these people, will also be sacked.


8.92(l) In all Conspiracy Law honoring nations (especially MAJOR Conspiracy Law honoring nations like the United States), once it is pretty established that a political candidate will be running for a major political office (like American President or Russian President or Chinese President), that political candidate and his/her family must live at Church of Gail (for security purposes) to have him/her under 24/7 surveillance to detect when he/she has been replaced with a Jesuit clone or automaton. This means that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and their families must live at Church of Gail. If any political candidate refuses to live at Church of Gail when it becomes obvious they COULD end up in an important political office for their country, they will become ineligible to assume the political office for which they are running, because all Presidents, Prime Minister and those running for these positions in the general elections for these countries must live at Church of Gail so we can ensure Jesuits do not switch these persons out with their Jesuit clone or automaton.

Also, any SIGNIFICANT PERSON, like an important news celebrity, celebrity or person of influence that the Loree McBride Jesuits deem to be a threat to their goals, must either live at Church of Gail or at a Church of Gail city (see Sect. 6 – 9 of International Military Law).  For instance, all FOX News personnel must do all their work from inside a Church of Gail city. This is to prevent Loree McBride Jesuits from taking hostages. If they must leave the Church of Gail city to do their work, they are required to have a CITIZEN SCANNER on their persons at all times and it must be programmed to take out any Loree McBride Jesuits who get near them, even if Loree McBride Jesuits use transporter technology to do so. The scanner should be programmed to detect when transporter technology is being used and is able to take out Loree McBride Jesuits at once, once they materialize.

Our Nanotechnology Research Team will determine which organizations Loree McBride would want to target: The White House under Donald Trump, the Vatican, government headquarters of Conspiracy Law honoring nations, law enforcement headquarters, etc. and all these must be located in a Church of Gail city. If the innocents or possible victims must leave the Church of Gail city to do their work, the persons who leave must have a CITIZEN SCANNER on them at all times. It is our goal to have at least half the earth living and working inside Church of Gail cities and to have all the innocents located inside Church of Gail cities. Once this is accomplished, we can then bomb the rest of the world located outside Church of Gail cities without having to worry about hostage taking used as a strategy to prevent us from executing Loree McBride Jesuits.

Also, all candidates for any important political office must be under 24/7 surveillance to detect when they have been “switched out” in any manner with their Jesuit clone or automaton. This surveillance must also detect if brain control is being used on that politician or potential politician, and if this is discovered, the brain control must be removed (if this is possible). If it cannot be removed, then the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel must report on this to alert the country that that politician is unreliable.

Once a political candidate is no longer viable as a possible winner in the office for which he/she is seeking (because he has quit his run for that office, is no longer in that office, or is ineligible for the office according to Conspiracy Law), he/she no longer needs to live at Church of Gail and can live on earth in a Church of Gail city, if she/he wishes. But all Presidents and/or Vice Presidents, and/or those in the highest positions in the country and/or who have tremendous influence in the world and who live in a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, must live at Church of Gail for security purposes to protect them from Jesuit sabotage using their clone or automaton. We need to be able to keep such persons under 24/7 surveillance.

Any willing and knowing, direct or indirect attempts or actions to sabotage the laws of this Sect. 8.92(l) in a manner that assists the Jesuits to replace authentic persons with a Jesuit counterpart, in order to assist the Jesuits for a world takeover, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

Copyright © 2018 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Silver Skies: The Millennium

Silver Skies 13.223 FLAT

I am working on two novels at the same time, Silver Skies 1996 Version and its sequel Silver Skies: The Millennium. Will post more here as I work more on the novel. The following playlist seems to have music that expresses the themes to Silver Skies: The Millennium. I am studying The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien to get inspiration and ideas, along with writing instruction books.

My two epic fantasy novels, though fantasy, will have worlds based on a lifetime of research into Bible prophecy, and I shall strive to make the worlds of these books as true to Bible prophecy as I can, while still honoring the principles of good fiction writing. This way, I won’t lose those readers of mine who may have doctorates in Bible and theology and just can’t believe that my depiction of the seven-year tribulation or the 1,000 year reign of Christ could be believable. My goal is to write a story set in a world of Bible prophecy that Bible lovers will be able to lose themselves into. And for those who are not Bible lovers, they will know that my fictional world has been meticulously created based on Bible teachings. I have read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times. Tolkien was a lover of languages and I’m a lover of the Bible, and Tolkien’s passion for languages was reflected in his Lord of the Rings and my passion for the Bible will be reflected in my Silver Skies novels.
This novel should be a rare treat for evangelicals and Bible lovers, because it is rare that a literary masterpiece is written that honors the Bible in these days where so few love the truth and the Bible. I plan to emulate the style of The Lord of the Rings and expect to have a wide readership that will include, yes, even atheists and agnostics. When you write well enough, you can have quite a wide readership. That is my goal.
The characters will be real and believable, yet heroic. I have an antihero for the second novel, someone who is a leader of the rebellion against Jesus in his millennial reign. But I will carry over two of my leads from Silver Skies 1996 Version to the sequel, because a Silver Skies novel just can’t be a Silver Skies novel without my Dor and Brianna, just like Lord of the Rings would not be Lord of the Rings without Frodo, Sam and Aragorn. 
I am patterning the book after my favorite books like The Thornbirds, Wuthering Heights and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and, of course, the Bible. But I’m determined not to be preachy at all. In fact, some reading this might think I’m against Jesus because of allowing an antihero to be the main character for the sequel. An antihero is a main character who is not your typical hero, but has qualities normally considered evil. Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights was antihero. That’s how I like it. Everyone will know that they are not being preached at. They are just reading a great tale!

The main character in Silver Skies: The Millennium is an antihero (a guy who feels like a misfit in Jesus Christ’s millennial reign), and the one who opposes him is Jesus, so Jesus would be the antagonist in this novel. An antihero is a protagonist (main character) who has some characteristics that do not fit the mold of a positive, good hero. An antagonist is the villain against the protagonist. In other words (extremely simplified), the protagonist is generally the hero you cheer for. The antihero is the protagonist around whom all the action centers…the hero without heroic qualities. The antagonist is the opponent you are against.

This is from the outline (it gives you a flavor for the world of the novel):

The Antichrist leader claims that her executions assist the evolution of mankind to godhood by eliminating those who hinder that evolution. She says that man has reached godhood when they attain the status of a shapeshifter like her and can appear as either male or female to the world, depending on the viewer’s preference or how the shapeshifter wants to appear to the world. In reality, the only ones who can be shapeshifters are the Antichrist and the False Prophet, because Satan gives them these powers, but he lies and deceives the world into thinking everyone can attain this status to make an excuse for executing those who are blocking their way to their final glory in their evolutionary stage. For this reason, a deeply ingrained part of the Antichrist’s milieu are transgenders, who she pets and pampers and basically they get to do whatever they want, including molesting kids in restrooms. Transgenders have all the rights and they can drum up accusations on those who are “traditional” and get them arrested and executed based on allegations alone. Yet the Antichrist goes on a rampage against the “traditionals” for alleged sex/rape violations, which she prosecutes with a vengeance, meting out the death penalty, and showing no mercy in sham trials publicized on the worldwide media as part of an effective propaganda campaign to ensure worldwide loyalty to her brutal dictatorship. She also claims to be the Islamic Mahdi and that Islam has integrated with Christianity to become Christlam, and writes a new book for the Muslims because women and men will no longer be differentiated in her religion, because they will become one unisex. Any male who show masculine tendencies is arrested for women’s rights violation on trumped up rape charges that she invents to get masculine men out of the way. The Bible is considered literary and those who take it seriously as a prophecy are sent to mental health facilities. The Koran is not that much of a problem for her, because there are vastly different interpretations of it and she just interprets it to her liking. Christianity is more of a problem, because Christians have more in common than they have differences and the Bible believing section of Christianity are adamantly opposed to her unisex laws. If the Bible believer cannot be cured, they are executed. She can use mind reads on people to determine if their thoughts and beliefs are appropriate or mentally ill. She basically has instituted a sophisticated thought police as part of her reign. For this reason masculinity in men is outlawed and femininity in women is outlawed. She writes a law that men who are masculine and women who are feminine (and believe in being in submission to their men) are mentally ill and need treatment. If the treatment doesn’t work, they must be executed so they don’t hinder mankind’s evolution to unisex and shapeshifters (like herself).

Writer Gabrielle Chana’s Reviews of Writing Instruction Books


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Characters & Viewpoint

Highly recommend this book to writers who want to create fully dimensional characters that have the potential to transform the readers. From everything to how to choose a character’s name, to what kind of story you are telling (character story, with grand settings, mystery style, or dealing with disorders) Orson concisely and brilliantly tells you how to deal with it in your writing. He says that knowing what kind of story you are telling, will show you how to open it and end it. He tells you how to choose and portray major and minor characters. He explains how to make the writing and characters emotionally powerful. His book is one of the best on how to make your characters work in the story, to make a serious character credible and interesting, or how to make a comic character funny. His section on how to choose and use point of view is the best I’ve read yet on this subject, even outdoing an entire book on the subject I have called Mastering Point of View. I love his section on using third person point of view and on different penetrations inside that point of view. As a writer, I find point of view a confusing subject and Orson really clarifies how to use point of view in a novel in a manner that will make your story work as you intend. For my novel Silver Skies, I use third person limited, but my levels of penetration inside that point of view change and Orson discusses how to manage this. He really helps you to choose the best point of view for your novel and is far less confusing than another book I have on this subject Mastering Point of View.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
Characters & Viewpoint
Date written: 10/23/2018
5.0 / 5 stars


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Novelist’s Essential Guide to Creating Plot

Found this book really helpful to me on my current writing project Silver Skies 1996 Version, a novel in progress. This book is designed specifically for novelists and found the sections on outlining and the execution of the outline to the creation of the story excellent. He emphasizes that if your story does not have a workable plot, it’s like trying to build a house without its beams and foundation. His chapter on increasing intensity is brilliant, where he explains how the conflict for the main character needs to increase in intensity or your novel is a flop. The section on pacing, where he explains that increasing intensity needs occasional breaks to maintain interest, that too much intensity without a break actually becomes boring. He also explains how and when to characterize, or how to manage your characterization (how to show who your characters are) in the story. His explanation on beginnings, middles and ends is real nuts and bolts. The chapter on parallel plots and subplots are more nuts and bolts, with real practical ideas that work on real stores. His insights into when to introduce subplots and parallel plots and how to do them is very practical and workable and he really goes into nuts and bolts here and if you read him carefully, it gives you a real grasp on how to do subplots and parallel plots. He offers keen insights on how to portray characters, that seem very workable to me. I highly recommend this book to anybody who wants to write a great novel.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
Novelist’s Essential Guide to Creating Plot
Date written: 10/23/2018
5.0 / 5 stars


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A book for beginners, but excellent. Even more advanced writers can sometimes forget the essentials that made them great. I agree with her position that you should never break point of view in a scene. Point of view is basically how you write the scene, through whose eyes you write the scene. Those who write omniscient or God’s eye point of view will understand this to mean you maintain your strong omniscient voice in the scene. But she doesn’t cover much about voice. So if you like to write in God’s eye point of view, she doesn’t give you nuts and bolts about how to maintain a consistent omniscient voice in a scene. I expect to find that in one of my other writing instruction books, to help me with sections of my novel where I may venture into God’s eye point of view. This book should be read alongside Orson Scott Card’s Characters & Viewpoint to get maximum benefit. But she gives real nuts and bolts advice about how to handle that pesky exposition, a real problem for me as a fantasy writer. Exposition in writing is telling rather than showing usually and it can get boring fast. She shows you how to work around this. Her emphasis on making sure your subplots are tied to your main plot is excellent and so important. How to manage melodrama is also much needed advice for any fiction writer. Her nuts and bolts about building for the big scenes, the explosions in your story and how to deliver, really works. Love the section on using symbols, mirrors, images to enhance the emotional impact of any story. She covers pacing, transition, flashbacks and the frame story, and recommends simplicity and elegance over complexity in plot. Then she covers types of stories not written with a traditional plot and why they work, despite not having the cause and effect of a traditional plot. As a writer who has trouble with endings, I found her section on endings very insightful. Circular stories have more thoughtful endings and linear stories end with a bang. This book is an absolute must for any serious fiction writer.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
Date written: 10/23/2018
5.0 / 5 stars

Creating Character Arcs

★ ★ ★ ★
Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author’s Guide to Uniting Story Structure (Helping Writers Become Authors)

K. M. Weiland is a real nuts and bolts writing teacher. She really clarifies many aspects of the writing process and this book goes through the three basic character arcs (the change arc, the flat arc and the negative arc) and how to execute these in your writing. It seems to me that the most effective stories, the ones that move you and make you want to reread the book to experience it over and over are those authors who have mastered these arcs in the creation of their characters. The only problem I have with her approach is that while you are creating your character arcs you might want to read Orson Scott Card’s book on Characters & Viewpoint first to create your character, so that you can be sure your character will not be a cardboard cut out. Once you have the heart and soul of your character inside your heart and soul as you write, THEN read K. M. Weiland’s book to outline your character’s events in the plot. If you use her method first without thoroughly thinking through who your character is, you run the risk of creating a flat and boring character, even if that character successfully navigates through all the points in K. M. Weiland’s arcs. So read Orson Scott Card’s book first and THEN read K. M. Weiland’s Character Arcs, and your story will move and interest your readers. Unfortunately, I have found that the process of finding your characters can take time, so if you can’t beat them out according to their arcs right away, I’d just go ahead and write and plot the story just to get to know your characters on the page, and perhaps when you are halfway or a quarter of the way through your book, stop, and create your character arcs. You will have to go back and rewrite some sections, but your book will be richer, more believable and filled with fascinating character complexities that will be missing if you try to force your character into K. M. Weiland’s arcs at the very beginning of your manuscript before you really know who your character is.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author’s Guide to Uniting Story Structure (Helping Writers Become Authors)
Date written: 10/23/2018
4.0 / 5 stars


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

Orson Scott Card addresses with brilliance the special needs that writers of science fiction and fantasy have. First off, he helps you decide if what you are writing is science fiction or fantasy. I’ve concluded my Silver Skies novels are epic fantasy and Christian fantasy. Science fiction and fantasy writers have special problems over how to handle exposition and Card advises them to drop it in and wed it to the plot and characters, not to dump it all at once in a huge expository dump, saying we writers need to give our readers credit for having brains. We don’t have to tell them everything. They can infer many things. We only need to say enough to eliminate confusion. He explains why the use of metaphor, which can be brilliant in most novels, is discouraged for writers of speculative fiction, because it could confuse the readers. Though he says to go to town with simile. He gives pointers on how to create your story’s world, which is handled differently by science fiction/fantasy writers. Orson Scott Card is a great writing teacher. Recommend this book to anybody who writes science fiction or fantasy. Card gives advice on how to write a moving story in these genres, and how science fiction and fantasy readers approach the stories they read in these genres.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy
Date written: 11/05/2018
5.0 / 5 stars


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Mastering Point of View

Point of view is the area where I usually mess up. This book goes really deep into the various points of view and you need to read it carefully to benefit from its instructions, including reading all the recommended exercises. A careful read will help you decide on point of view or a combination of points of view. She has a reading list of books in all the major writing genres at the end to help you understand better how point of view is used in all the major genres of books out there. You really cannot benefit from this book, without doing some outside reading to see how various authors in different genres handle point of view. If you read her book carelessly, it could do you more harm than good and you may not fully grasp how to use point of view or even which point of view you are writing in, which could really mess up your book. But if you read her book carefully, it can be very helpful in deciding on a point of view for your book and how to implement it.

I think beginning writers may want to skip this book, at least until they have mastered first person and third person limited point of view. Once you master first person and third person limited, then pick this book up and read it. It will make more sense. Until you master first person and third person limited, this book may just confuse the daylights out of you, because it is very deep into all the various points of view and could be bewildering to a beginning writer. But, because it opens your eyes to other possibilities with point of view, it is highly recommended for intermediate to advanced writers, who want to expand their vistas!

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
Mastering Point of View
Date written: 11/05/2018
5.0 / 5 stars


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Beginnings, Middles & Ends

Clear cut, easy to understand instruction on how to do a broad outline of your book or story, with specific help for beginnings, middles and ends and where you can go wrong in the beginning, the middle or the end. I found especially helpful her section on middles, where she advises you how to structure your book into various formal structural designs (straight chronological structure, regularly recurring viewpoints, multiviewpoint chronological section, or parallel running scenes) to keep your reader on track as they read your book. She gives concrete nuts and bolts instruction on how to get out of any rut you might have in the beginning, middle or end and how to tell if you are having problems with your beginning, middle or end. In her instruction to beginners, I found her advice about how to honor the implicit promise you made to your readers, to be something every writer should understand! Whatever story you promise in the beginning, needs to be the story that you end and she discusses how writers can lose their focus and write a confusing story that readers will toss into the garbage bin, if this is not honored. 

This book is geared more to beginning writers. But intermediate and advanced writers would do well to not forget some of the basics, and this would be a good refresher course. If you don’t master what she says here, you aren’t ready for advanced work. Though it is for beginners, she does such a good job of explaining the basics, reading this book would help writers to remember to stay on track with their stories and to be sure they have a strong beginning, middle and end, which is the foundation of any good story, except for the more experimental works. But then experimental works should only be attempted by those who have already mastered what is in this book and who have a good gut instinct about what works in writing, or their experiment will turn into a disaster.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
Beginnings, Middles & Ends
Date written: 11/05/2018
5.0 / 5 stars


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
How to Grow a Novel

At first as I read this, I thought Sol Stein is awful opinionated and some of his advice seemed very inflexible. But as I mulled over his advice, it seems to me he has a good gut instinct about how to write stories that move the reader and make a difference. I have found from personal experience, that just about everything he advises is correct. Building upon his years of experience as an editor, writer and publisher, he advises writers on how to write stories that will move and interest the readers and Sol Stein seems to have a deep understanding about the human psyche and which stories really work. He’s a real straight shooter and if you have a thin skin or are in the writing business to make a name for yourself only or for riches, you may find his approach offensive. But for serious writers, who really want to hone their craft, this book is a godsend! Like his advice to not make your main character a goody goody is RIGHT ON. Or his advice to have dialogue be oblique and to always be moving forward the plot or illuminating character is RIGHT ON. This book is full of writerly (a term he invented) nuggets and each page is a goldmine to writers who are serious about their craft. He does recommend you read his other work, Stein on Writing, (which I have) and does refer you a lot to his software programs (which I used to have). I think if you read this book and his other book, Stein on Writing, carefully, you will have quite a bit to work with. His chapter fourteen on how non-fiction writers mess up when they try fiction, is a goldmine of invaluable advice. In fact, this chapter is so important to any fiction writer, they should practically memorize it. 

I highly recommend this book to any writer who wants to write something that will be around for the next one hundred years. Though some of his advice is outdated, due to the information he had in 1999, most of what’s in here would be useful for many years to come. It’s just solid advice about what makes a story that resonates with the readers and will live on. And isn’t that what all true writers want? If you only care about fame and money, skip this book, it will bore you and your writing will probably stink, too. Stein seems to know the writing craft in and out in all of its aspects.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
How to Grow a Novel
Date written: 11/05/2018
5.0 / 5 stars


★ ★
Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes

I think Mr. Obstfeld got tired writing this book, because the first half is pretty good. But the last half gets confusing. His advice about describing what a scene is, how to start scenes, determining scene length, deciding on point of view, how to use setting, and ending a scene, is good. His chapter on whether to focus a scene on character, plot or theme is insightful. Making pay off scenes work is described with helpful insight.

When he starts advising for specific types of scenes: action and suspense, comedy, and romantic and sex scenes – he uses examples mainly from the action and suspense genre, so if you write in other genres, you’re out of luck. At best, some of the advice he gives for these specific genres would not work for epic fantasy, what I write.

The book overall is helpful for those who write action and suspense. If you write in other genres, discard much of the advice you get in parts of this book, because what will work for action and suspense, may not work for epic fantasy or romance.

The end of the book is a complete dud for anybody who does not write action and suspense. He critiques the movie Entrapment scene by scene, with NO advice for how this critique would apply to different genres. Most of the advice in this book is geared towards action and suspense improvement. But not all scenes in a romance or epic fantasy book are action and suspense! A more appropriate title for the book would be Crafting Scenes for Action and Suspense.

When the main focus of your work is romance, my focus, he totally neglects the importance of voice and style. He just doles out rules and regulations for how to improve action and suspense. The one chapter where he addresses how to write effective love scenes, had some of the most boring love and sex scenes I’d ever read!

Alas, if you’re a fan of action and suspense, this book may be useful. But if your taste veers in other directions, you won’t miss much by skipping this book altogether.

For writers out there, I’d read this book for advice on how to spice up your action and suspense scenes and how to create original and effective openings. He’s good at brainstorming to enhance creativity and originality.

So read the book piecemeal, using those parts that apply your particular work, realizing you must ignore some incorrect advice that does not apply to your genre. Also, I tend to overthink my writings and for those with this weakness, the advice he gives to rewrite and rewrite and think and think could be disastrous. 

He underplays the importance of honing into your intuition and inner voice, discarding that as automatic rubbish. He just flat out says that all first drafts stink insinuating that listening to your inner voice almost always results in a disaster unless it has been rewritten and rethought over and over. For overthinkers like me, that is a disaster.  

I would say that this book would work for writers who write like Mr. Obstfeld, but not for those who have a different approach or write for a different genre. He seems to prefer pessimistic, cynical writing – definitely not my taste. I admit that I am often guilty of purple prose and he will help me be more aware of this tendency. But his weaknesses lie in the opposite direction. I will refer to this book to help with scene openings and originality, but must view many sections with caution as not pertinent to my style or genre.

It’s basically a book that critiques book or story scenes, showing you where the authors went wrong mostly and then a bit about what they did right. But the critiques are ninety percent about improvement of action and suspense, even in love scenes! The critiques would work on action and suspense, but not necessarily other genres or styles. He seems to favor cynical action and suspense. I am not even sure I agree with his assessment of these scenes, either.

Onto a positive note: If you write action or suspense, especially if you are an atheist, I think this book would be a GOLDMINE. I’m not trying to make fun of atheists when I say this, either. I think atheists are entitled to their literature. I believe in freedom of speech and of what you can read. Just be aware if your view of life is a little more rosy, you may want to skip this book.

On the other hand, I love Wuthering Heights, and that’s not exactly a rosy book. So perhaps I just feel that he seems to prefer works that have a cynical, depressing ending, as somehow being more literary. But Wuthering Heights seems to have an affirmation ending about the power of love, so it’s not that cynical. Cynics will love this book. It will teach you how to write works that appeal to cynics and we seem to have a lot of them these days.

Written by: Gail Chord Schuler (Gabrielle Chana pen name)
Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes
Date written: 11/12/2018
2.0 / 5 stars


Thoughts on Characterization and Voice in Novel Writing

I started writing novels in 1993, and I was much better in the 1990s than I am now. But I am relearning some of the craft that I lost in my ten year writer’s block (1998 to 2009). Compare these openings to my novel Silver Skies:

RABBI DOR BEN HABAKKUK followed the rules of his religion, denied himself the woman of his dreams, and married a woman named Rachel. Now, after years of silence, Dor couldn’t believe his eyes. . .

At the edge of a cliff, the woman of his dreams gazed. Her soft hair radiated from sunlight that streamed through Douglas Firs. Leaves whispered. . .rustled. . .six years. . .and thoughts of her still obsessed him. He hadn’t married her and felt an emptiness his present marriage couldn’t fill. Perhaps marriage never could fill these deepest longings, maybe he expected too much of it. Ash grey pebbles crunched as he walked and wandered deeper into the watershed, if only loneliness would disappear.


She bounced her head about as if she searched for the direction of the voice.

“It’s me.”


Fallen tree trunks scattered about, and mirrored his life, like his past, that haunted him. “Have you forgotten me, Brianna?”

“Forget you? How could I ever forget you?”

Dor looked down at the ground. “You know. . .I’m married and have a daughter.”

“So why do you tell me this?”

His mind became fuzzy like the ferns on the fallen trunks. “I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought of you.”

A woman at the edge of a cliff gazed.  Her soft hair radiated from sunlight streaming through Douglas Firs.  There was the faintest rustling of leaves.  Six years. . .and thoughts of her still obsessed him.  He hadn’t married her and felt an emptiness which his present marriage couldn’t fill.  Perhaps marriage never could fill these deepest longings, maybe he expected too much of it.  Ash grey pebbles crunched as he walked and wandered deeper into the watershed, if only loneliness would disappear.


She bounced her head about as if searching for the direction of the voice.

“I’m here,” he said.


Fallen tree trunks were scattered about; the past haunted him.  “I thought you’d forgotten me.”

“Forget you?  How could I?”

Dor looked down at the ground.  “I’m married and have a daughter.”

“Are you happy?”

His mind became fuzzy like the ferns on the fallen trunks.  “I missed you.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Only thoughts of you have encouraged me.”

ANALYSIS: The first version I wrote around 2009. I dislike it. The second version that I wrote in 1994 was superior. First off, my God’s eye point of view in the first version is not working, because it distances the reader from what is happening in the point of view character’s soul (Dor). The second version reads like it is the EXACT THOUGHTS of the POV character Dor, who tends to be philosophical and introspective as a character. The wording of the sentences, they way they flow in the second version seems like a natural outgrowth of the character’s thoughts. The 2nd version is more believable and seems more authentic and real. What I wrote in the 1990s is the character’s stream of consciousness, which is a fancy writer’s term for the character lost in their thoughts. It’s very effective, it makes you want to lose yourself into the story. I recall when I wrote the first version, I was trying to write in 3rd person limited POV. I actually veered into omniscient a bit, but it worked because WHEN I DID, I maintained the voice of the POV character, and I kept the voice for each character unique. By trying to have a consistent POV in 2009, I ruined the book, because the voices for all the characters started blending in. You couldn’t differentiate between them. Omniscient POV works better for an event story, which is a story about a disorder that needs correction, but even then, maintaining each character’s voice as strong is essential to keep up reader interest. If your characters seem fake, you lose your reader. Because Silver Skies is a character story (about a character searching for his role in life), it is very important that each character’s voice be strong and unique.

Now let’s study some passages from my favorite books:

Here is a passage from Leon Uris’s Exodus:

The airplane plip-plopped down the runway to a halt before the big sign: WELCOME TO CYPRUS. Mark Parker looked out of the window and in the distance he could see the jagged wonder of the Peak of Five Fingers of the northern coastal range. In an hour or so he would be driving though the pass to Kyrenia. He stepped into the aisle, straightened out his necktie, rolled down his sleeves, and slipped into his jacked, “Welcome to Cyprus, welcome to Cyprus. . .” It ran through his head. It was from Othello, he thought, but the full quotation slipped his mind.

“Anything to declare?” the customs inspector said.

“Two pounds of uncut heroin and a manual of pornographic art,” Mark, answered, looking about for Kitty.

All Americans are comedians, the inspector thought, as he passed Parker through. A government tourist hostess approached him. “Are you Mr. Mark Parker?”

ANALYSIS: Excellent! Each character is clearly defined and seem to jump out at you from the page. You can already tell what kind of story this is. It is going to be an event story about a disorder, and the characters are really going to stand out. You can already tell that this writer plans to use the characters as symbols for various disorders in the story, which will highlight the main disorder. This event story is brilliantly set up. You feel like you already know the characters, the author brings out little details that brilliantly characterize the characters as he introduces them to you and his use of language is how the characters think and approach life. The author uses a show, don’t tell method, using the omniscient POV mainly to jump from one character’s head to another, but is careful to make each character separate from each other. As a general rule, the author should only “tell” in an event or milieu (see Orson Scott Card’s Characters & Viewpoint) story and only to eliminate confusion, and when he does “tell” should make it seem as if the character’s head is in the scene.

Check out this opening from Wuthering Heights:

1801- I have just  returned from a visit to my landlord – the solitary neighbor that I shall be troubled with. This is certainly a beautiful country! In all England, I do not believe that I could have fixed on a situation so completely removed from the stir of society. A perfect misanthropist’s heaven: and Mr. Heathcliff and I are such a suitable pair to divide the desolation between us. A capital fellow! He little imagined how my heart warmed towards him when I beheld his black eyes withdraw so suspiciously under their brows, as I rode up, and when his fingers sheltered themselves, with a jealous resolution, still further in his waistcoat, as I announced my name.

ANALYSIS: Brilliant! It is so easy to visualize the characters. The thoughts of the POV character seem like the thoughts of a REAL person. You can see yourself galloping on the countryside with him through the 18th century countryside and then even in the first paragraph Heathcliff STANDS OUT, with telling details, his black eyes withdraw suspiciously, his fingers shelter themselves. And the wording captures the VOICE of the novel, words like misanthropist, desolation. With such a strong voice, strong characterization, we have a MASTERPIECE.

Check out this opening from The Thornbirds:

On December 8, 1915, Meggie Cleary had her fourth birthday. After the breakfast dishes were put away her mother silently thrust a brown paper parcel into her arms and ordered her outside. So Meggie squatted down behind the gorse bush next to the front gate and tugged impatiently. Her fingers were clumsy, the wrapping heavy; it smelled faintly of the Wahine general store, which told that that whatever lay inside the parcel had miraculously been bought, not homemade or donated.

ANALYSIS: Brilliant! Already we are getting the sense that this is an event story about a disorder that needs correction. Though it’s written in omniscient God’s eye POV, each character is carefully delineated, so that they seem to jump from the page, and we get hints what the disorder is, because Meggie is described with telling details that show she is neglected and deprived. So as the reader, we want to know why? Even the way she thinks indicates this. Brilliant use of telling details that reveal to the reader what kind of story this is, who the character is and how she thinks and approaches life, which is so important for this event story about characters who go through life as an unnecessary sacrifice for something not worth the sacrifice. IF THERE ARE NO TELLING DETAILS IN THE OPENING, THAT USUALLY INDICATES THAT THE WRITER HAS NOT NAILED HER CHARACTERS YET OR DOES NOT HAVE THE SKILL TO SHOW THEM EFFECTIVELY ON THE PAGE. When an author fails in the use of telling details that reveal character and theme, the characters seem to blend into each other and the book is a bore, especially to people like me who enjoys books with strong characters and themes.

ANY WAYS, BACK TO WORK ON MY WRITING. I plan to write Silver Skies 1996 version, truer to the 1996 version, where I really understood my characters.

CHARACTER SKETCH for Silver Skies 1996 Version’s ANTAGONIST/villain (Novel in Progress)


Jesus versus SatanANTICHRIST CHARACTER SKETCH (real life people above are inspirations for Silver Skies characters (Gail is like Brianna), Loree McBride and Angelina Ballerina are like the Antichrist who in Silver Skies is a transgender man:

ANTICHRIST has the COMMANDER personality type, which tends to make her/him cerebral and lacking in emotions. However, Suri is also a sociopath/psychopath, so she/he is filled with rage at God for expecting women to be in submission to men. She believes that women are actually superior to men and that because God is a male chauvinist, that is why he lied to mankind and said that Eve sinned and that’s why she needs to be in submission to men, because God is on an ego trip about his masculinity. Her whole life is consumed with reinforcing her truth that women are the superior race, which is also the lie that she believes. She believes that women are superior to men because she NEEDS to believe this to justify her crimes against men and those who won’t be her cuck. Being a cerebral type, she concocts elaborate explanations for why women are superior to men, but is careful not to flaunt her believes bare naked (knowing the mainstream will not accept her views unless she doctors them to make them more palatable), but rather tries to push her views by trying to prove a NEGATIVE, that all men are rapists and, therefore, because women are not rapists, this makes women superior. She says any man who makes love to a woman with a penis, especially if his sexual approach is one where he approaches the woman as the aggressor in lovemaking, like initiating the lovemaking or doing it in a masculine manner, which means he is doing most of the motions, means he raped the woman of her true masculine identity, thus making him a rapist. To Suri, the lovemaking is not consensual, unless the woman made the first move and the man loves it AND if the man is more aggressive, makes more movements than the woman during the lovemaking. So any man who uses thrusting motions to make love, to a woman who is not reciprocating in the same manner is a RAPIST. If anyone tells her that women can be rapists too, pointing out her use of drug rape, she laughs and says, “Impossible, because women don’t have a penis.” You need a penis to rape. A rapist, to her, is anyone who has sex with a woman in a manner that does not acknowledge the woman as the leader and superior one in the relationship. She rationalizes this by saying that any man who approaches a woman in love with the attitude that the woman needs to be in submission to the man, is a rapist, because he is raping the woman of her true identity as the superior sex. She encourages all women to use dildos to make love, to assert their masculinity as the superior race, that women are evolving into manhood and she is the epitome of that evolution. Because, being a cerebral type, she cannot justify her crimes unless she is convinced she is superior, her greatest vice is PRIDE. Her truth is that women are superior and that they are evolving into manhood and the men who try to stop that are the rapists. They are raping women of their true identity. On the other hand, those men who are true to themselves, will always honor the woman in their relationship as the superior one, allowing that woman to control them and all they do. Knowing, that many people don’t like to be controlled, she generously awards her cucks with money, appealing to their greed, lavishing them with presents and they basically get whatever they want, whenever they want it. This appeals to people who are lazy, don’t think for themselves and who are spoiled brats, who get what they want, WHEN THEY WANT. Unlike many people who tend to be cerebral, Suri does not encourage people to think for themselves, but to be her spoiled brat slaves, lavishing them with gifts and wild and violent sex with her and her band of aggressive women. Those people who tend to be deep and spiritual despise her and her followers and she is convinced these people are a cancer who must be eliminated, because they are stopping the evolution of women to godhood as masculine men. Rachel/Suri envisions a world where at least half of the women will evolve into transgender men (the woman’s true calling). If one of her followers disobeys her leadership, she punishes them by withholding presents. When Keane Horton quits serving Satan, because of his love for Jackie, who actually adores his masculinity and thus won his heart, Rachel transforms herself into a transgender man and becomes the Antichrist or Suri David Shalom. She tells the world that as the superior woman, she has reached the epitome of her evolution to godhood and that all women should celebrate her as the perfect human, a woman, who has attained godhood as a transformed woman or man. She tells the women, that if they enjoy lovemaking as a woman, they can remain in the female sex, but must always be the aggressors in their relationships with the man, by making a lot of aggressive body moves during lovemaking. She encourages females to compensate for not having a penis, by violence in lovemaking to create the right atmosphere in lovemaking that makes the women the masculine one in the relationship, because women as the superior race, must always control and be aggressive towards those they are superior to. Suri absolutely must believe that she is the most superior woman who has ever lived to justify her crimes and murders against those who won’t submit to her leadership and control. But those women who have masculine traits are welcome to evolve into manhood as she has. For this reason, under Suri’s rule, there are lots of women who become transgender men. Her greatest threat is Brianna, who gets such loyal support from virgin men, like the 144,000 Jewish missionaries that they would die for her. She has a secret respect for Brianna while she hates her and is ravenously jealous of her at the same time, but is so threatened by her because Brianna’s belief system and her very loyal supporters unravels all her lies and could destroy her entire support system of cucks to do her bidding. Suri concocts an elaborate belief system that extols the female sex as superior (the lie she believes). She needs to believe this to justify her crimes against humanity. Anything that threatens that lie is attacked with ferocity, because it exposes her as a tyrant and evil. So she hates the Bible, soft and feminine women, women who stand by their men and who adore their masculinity, and true thinkers who see through her poorly thought out belief system. Because she is a cerebral type, but is also a sociopath/psychopath, she is a blend between the Commander type, who has kidnapped her intellect with her sociopathy, making her a pseudo intellectual, that true intellects can cut apart and destroy with ease. Several world leaders who oppose her and side with Brianna and Dor are also Commander types (but are NOT sociopaths), and she hates these people and their followers with such ferocity, that she has chosen a special type of execution for them – BEHEADING IN PUBLIC. She also believes in abortion of any babies who won’t enforce her narrative, babies who will grow into masculine men and feminine women, these must be aborted. She uses scans to determine which babies are like this. She then creates her own babies in cloning labs who are programmed to be masculine women and feminine men. There are a lot of holes in her arguments, but she has a following of cuck lawyers, who help her create the narrative she needs to rule as a COMMANDER/SOCIOPATH. For instance, she is against gun ownership of those who don’t support her because it threatens her rule, because they have a means to resist her. To eliminate this problem, she labels all who resist her as mentally ill or criminal and demands they lose their guns. She is a master as propaganda and defamation and has created a web of laws that enable her to maintain complete control. As the Antichrist, she removes all guns from the population, using advanced science to scan guns in the population and remove them. She also eliminates all cash (mid-tribulation), forcing everyone to take the mark to buy and sell. This way she is able to starve out and control those who won’t submit to her tyranny. Of course, at the time she enters the Jewish temple as the Antichrist and desecrates the Jewish Temple, she is now a transgender man.

Character Sketches for Silver Skies 1996 Version Characters (Novel in Progress)

Why does Dor Ben Habakkuk want a wife? He wants love and acceptance. But he won’t find acceptance until he learns to embrace spiritual freedom or the freedom to honor his conscience without the shackles of convention. Until he faces death straight in the face, so that he must choose between hate or love, he is always trying to pacify religious convention of one sort or another in pursuit of love.

A Jewish freedom fighter in a deadly marriage strives to beat back a holocaust finding his soul mate in a forbidden Christian girl.

This story falls in the category of BUDDY LOVE. It is first and foremost a love story.

TRUTH that Dor Ben Habakkuk believes: That when he honors his Song of Solomon love for Brianna with a hatred for all that would destroy that love that matters more than anything else, their rare love will inspire the world around them to rise above the hatred that is evil. Hating lovers and all that honors true love is true evil. But hating all that destroys love, IS LOVE.

The LIE that Dor believes: Dor needs to learn that we can never be truly free until we embrace all in our life that honors love and authenticity and when we hate all that opposes this. Dor’s lie is that he thinks he can love without hating. But the purest, strongest love hates what destroys that love with an intensity as strong as death. As it says in Song of Solomon, love is as strong as death. If we don’t hate, we don’t love. Did Jesus throw out the money changers in the Temple because he did not love? No! It was because his love was so pure and high that he hated with intensity all the made that love impure, like the greed of the money changers at the Temple. Does Jesus send people to hell because he hates them? No! It is because his love for humanity is so pure, he cannot allow evil in heaven to make that love impure. Jesus hates sin, not because he is evil and a hater, but because his love is so pure, he must hate sin, because of the damage it does to love. In fact, those who tolerate sin, do so, because they love impurely or they don’t love at all. Only Jesus loves perfectly and those who are the most loving and the most like Jesus will hate what destroys love. Dor has to reject the lie that it is always wrong to hate. No it is wrong to not love and all that threatens love should be hated. It is not hatred alone that is sin, it is a rejection of love that is sin and a rejection of anything that blocks or denies love. If we don’t hate what destroys love, then we don’t love, because love hates what destroys love. Love is that part of us that exposes our soul to another, that part of us that longs to be real, transparent and committed and caring to another is real love. Hatred is the opposite. It is a sham of love, a pretense, a concern more with appearances than with being real and concerned about another person. When we become more concerned what people think and in the applause of the world than in being real and great to another person, we embrace hate.


COMMANDER PERSONALITY (Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina/Sandra Metcalf) – true Antichrist Rachel/Suri David Shalom in Silver Skies and Mary Carson of The Thornbirds:

BRENT SPINER CLONE TYPE & Dor’s evil automaton in Silver Skies is DEBATER:

REAL BRENT SPINER & Dor Ben Habakkuk (male lead) in Silver Skies and Fee in The Thornbirds is ADVOCATE :

Gail Chord Schuler and Brianna Wilhelm (female lead) in Silver Skies and Meggie of The Thornbirds is MEDIATOR:

REAL VLADIMIR PUTIN and Dor’s sister Danielle in Silver Skies and Franz Wilhelm of Silver Skies is DEFENDER:


JESUIT LEADER ZACK KNIGHT and KEANE HORTON in Silver Skies (first Antichrist) and Luke O’Neill in the Thornbirds is ENTREPRENEUR:

JESUIT LEADER RULE 13 and Jackie in Silver Skies is CONSUL:

Alex Jones of InfoWars is CAMPAIGNER:

Gail’s ex-husband David Schuler is LOGISTICIAN:

Brianna’s mother Paula in Silver Skies and Gail’s mother is EXECUTIVE:

Brianna’s brother Tyson in Silver Skies and Rainer Hartheim of The Thornbirds is ARCHITECT:

Father Ralph DeBricassart of The Thornbirds is PROTAGONIST:

Dane of The Thornbirds is CAMPAIGNER:

Justine of The Thornbirds is ADVENTURER:

Archbishop Papal Legate Vittorio of The Thornbirds is ARCHITECT:

As I work on the ending to Silver Skies, Wuthering Heights is a new inspiration to help me in characterizing Keane Horton and Jackie.

Cathy of Wuthering Heights is ADVENTURER:

Healthcliff of Wuthering Heights is VIRTUOSO:

The Thornbirds was my inspiration for Silver Skies.

As I work on the ending to Silver Skies, Wuthering Heights is a new inspiration to help me in characterizing Keane Horton and Jackie.



Jesuit Nuclear Bomb That Hit Canada (Dec. 2011)

Gail’s book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom at Amazon covers this event.

This is what happened after the bomb hit Canada:

The bomb hit Canada, but God did a miracle for Canada and Terrance Jenkins (see my video about Terrance Jenkins dying and coming back from heaven He died from the AIDS virus he caught from the nukkake bomb, but God brought him back and also cleaned up Canada for us. The Jesuits admit themselves what they did at their website:

Scientists did respond to this video, but Jesuits put out a false news report that said the bomb had been averted and every one believed it and then the bomb hit Canada, so we were not able to get the shields up in time to avert the bomb. Fortunately, the rest of the world listened, and Canada only suffered catastrophic damage from the nukkake. Jesuits wanted to hit the United States and other countries, but my message got out and people realized that Canada had been hit and needed to put up shield over their countries. Which they did.

Here’s what I wrote as the bomb was on its way: I plead for scientists and military experts to listen to this video, and respond immediately. Any one who can help, contact Terry Jenkins at or

The bomb hit. In a video entitled “NUCLEAR BOMB HITS CANADA (JESUIT-BUKKAKE STYLE)” (, I read a letter from actor Brent Spiner as he describes in vivid details the horrors. The rest of the world needs to take precautions, and put up shield technology to protect their countries. Jesuits plan to launch more bombs.

To read a transcript about the aftermath of this attack, go to

The Jesuits admit at their website (that they claim is not theirs) about their nukakke bomb:


FOX News has only been able to report this in Canada. Jesuits have blocked this news from reaching the rest of the world and though I made a YouTube video pleading for help, we were not able to get a protective shield up in time.

The nuclear bomb interfered with my brain to brain communications & Jesuits gave me false information. I thought the bomb was averted. Unfortunately, the bomb hit Canada.

Judge Terrance Jenkins died for about 15 minutes, went to heaven, came back. God returned him to us, his body became alive, and God fixed his leg, so that the leg that the Jesuits sawed off was back on there, and he no longer had the evil clone leg (that was acting up). Also, his testicles, that Jesuit Rule 13 had destroyed, God restored. So God gave back to Terrance the body he had before the Jesuits tortured him. God also cured him of the AIDS he got from the nukkake.

Our scientists studied his body, and, using the antibodies and enzymes that God gave us to fix Terrance’s killer AIDS (which was what killed him), we determined that an extract from mushrooms contained the ingredients needed to cure the horrible AIDS virus that Jesuits put into their nukkake bomb and that had infected all the Canadians and my men.

This “mushroom formula” has been sprayed all over Canada and given to the Canadians and Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and others infected with this horrible AIDS virus.

The mushroom cure appears to be working and the Canadians and my men are “on the mend” and making fast recoveries.

Gail’s active social media & screenshots of Jesuit websites:

Dec. 20, 2011: Jesuits Murder Kim Jong Il, while Judge Terrance Jenkins Fights for his Life

Jesuits murder Kim Jong Il, while Judge Terrance Jenkins fights for his life

I invite those who listen to this video to visit & to hear a video I’ve created that I’ve entitled “Terrance Jenkins Barely Alive”.

Dec. 16, 2011: Vladimir Putin’s face bashed, Jesuits tortured him & Kim Jong Il in North Korean prison (Dec. 2011)

The Jesuits tortured Kim Jong Il so severely, that we could not save his life. We are so glad that we had the privilege to lead Kim Jong Il to the Lord. He died as a born again Christian.

Notice in this recent video of Vladimir Putin, how, it appears, he’s had plastic surgery on his face to cover up injuries to his face:

Most of the information in this video comes from brain to brain communications between me and Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. However, some of it has come from Skype conversations between myself and judge Terrance Jenkins, and I only post information that I’ve gotten from brain to brain communications after verifying that information from other sources. In my Skype conversations with Judge Terrance Jenkins, Vladimir Putin’s behavior since December 5th with my men has been inconsistent & different from the Vladimir I’ve communicated with since 2001, so I’ve concluded that the brain to brain that tells me the real Vladimir was a tortured prisoner in North Korea (while his Jesuit clone paraded among my men as a crazy Vladimir Putin), is accurate. Also, his face looks disfigured. Because it took too long for Vladimir and my men to recuperate from their experience at the homosexual compound, and because all of their behavior seemed overly strange after being at this compound, I suspected the real Vladimir no longer led the pack.

I made this video to update my earlier videos about the sexual torture Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Il endured at a Jesuit homosexual compound. For more details and a better explanation of this subject and to view photos of the Vladimir Putin clone kissing the Kim Jong Il clone, and of the Vladimir clone making love to dolphins, from Jesuit Zack Knight (via e-mail), go to

I goofed when I spoke and meant to say that “while Vladimir Putin was at this North Korean prison” instead of “while Vladimir was at this homosexual compound”. Jesuits tortured the real Vladimir Putin in a Jesuit North Korean prison, while his clone faked as a crazy, sex pervert (because of a Jesuit drug injection into his neck) at the homosexual compound with Brent, Matthew, Gerard, Hugh and Terrance. The Church of Gail that I referred to is a website my men have created for me at My life story is at my website

UPDATE: The website my men created for me was taken down in 2014 at the same time we took down the Jesuit website Both sites were on the same server.

A pope Benedict clone has taken the place of the real pope Benedict, whom the Jesuits murdered, with their bomb that exploded on Nov. 28, 2011.