How to UNDO Google’s Block on AutoPlay

If you enjoy my web pages that open up with music ( and the autoplay does not work in the Google Chrome browser, check this out:

Here is how you configure the setting:

Load chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in the Chrome browser. Or type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in the URL and pull the page up. Note that you do need Chrome 61 or newer on any of the supported operating systems to access the flag.

Click on the menu next to it, and select one of the available options:

Default — autoplay is enabled.

CHOOSE THIS: No user gesture is required — Users don’t need to interact with the document for video or audio sources to start playing automatically.

User gesture is required for cross-origin iFrames — Same as “no user gesture is required” but only for same-origin media content. Audio or video content loaded from other sites require user interaction.

Document user activation is required — Users need to interact with the document before audio or video content is played automatically.

Restart the Chrome browser.

If you want to limit autoplay, select “Document user activation is required”. Note that this won’t block autoplaying media completely, as media starts to play as soon as you interact with the page. It helps with opening pages in the background that play audio or video content automatically though.

American Military is Attacking Russia?!

UPDATE at 2:25 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 19, 2018:

The real Donald Trump has regained control over the U.S. military and all those involved in the military coup have been executed. Donald Trump apologizes to Russia for the U.S. attack on Russia, but Vladimir realizes that it was the actions of the Trump clone and not the real Donald. Thanks to my Gail Shield and the celestial space fleet, nobody in Russia died from the attacks. However, due to excellent support from Canada which enabled us to get this victory, the U.S. military bases will remain in Canada for now. The current U.S. military bases in the U.S. are all empty, with copies made of them using transporter technology to send them to Canadian locations. The celestial army has set up shields over the U.S. military bases located in the U.S. that execute any American personnel who enter their premises for now. It appears the celestial army may have also taken down Teresa May of Great Britain, and she will be replaced with an automaton. Apparently, there was a huge underground military installation in Great Britain for Loree McBride, and Teresa May was a traitor to freedom and a secret Loree McBride Jesuit.

Time of report (10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 19, 2018):

First off, I’d like to state that this is all based on brain-to-brain communications and I may need to make a corrective post later. For this reason, I will not make a video about this, but will limit what I’ve heard brain-to-brain to my website for now.

It appears that my Gail Shield was able to resurrect all the 11,500 of my Twitter followers that Loree McBride murdered and they are part of a celestial space fleet that has taken on Satan’s space fleet under Loree McBride. This celestial army from heaven made its initial appearance around July 17, 2018.

Alex Jones reports that the Deep State headed by Loree McBride has launched a civil war in the United States. This is correct. And now, this civil war has expanded into a World War! They have begun their operations. One of the first things they did was to takeover the U.S. military. This, apparently, happened around 12 hours ago, on July 19, 2018. They also removed Trump from office and have installed a Donald Trump Jesuit clone in his place. My men, upon hearing this, immediately transported the real Donald Trump and his family, the White House and all U.S. government officials who do not want to serve Loree McBride, onto the Church of Gail spaceship and/or Zack Knight’s Jesuit spacefleet.

The Donald Trump Jesuit clone’s first act was to declare war on Russia. However, once the real Donald realized what happened, he immediately reinstalled me as the U.S. Empress and President, because I won the election for Trump in Nov. 2016. My men immediately took over all news broadcasts and won’t allow anything ordered by the Trump clone to be broadcast to prevent mass panic and anarchy in the U.S. The U.S. under my leadership is under martial law.

My men, proactively knowing what I’d want, have ordered all U.S. military that obey this evil Donald Trump clone to be executed, but rogue U.S. military leaders are on the loose and consider themselves bound to their leader Loree McBride. However, the celestial space fleet is attacking the rogue U.S. military that has attacked Russia and they are suffering casualties. So Loree has organized a coup in the U.S. and the war is ON.

The mere fact that Vladimir felt a need to address his ambassadors and representatives now seems to reinforce what I am hearing brain-to-brain.

There is some good news. Many members of the U.S. military upon hearing that their military leaders now serve Loree McBride and have attacked an innocent nation, Russia, who has done NOTHING to us, have voiced their protest and their desire to leave the U.S. military that is now fighting for all they hate. Justin Trudeau has allowed us to use transporter technology to move all U.S. military bases to Canada, including U.S. military members who have defected from the rogue U.S. military under Loree. My Gail Shield is strong over Canada right now and is protecting the Canadian nation from the rogue U.S. military’s bombs and missiles. So the Loree McBride Jesuits no longer have access to U.S. military bases. Though Loree can operate pretty respectably from her space fleet alone. But her ships are falling under the barrage from the celestial space fleet. Unfortunately, she has brilliant cloning technology and can make immediate back ups of just about everything she creates, including living clones.

For instance, on FOX News, when Shepherd Smith was reporting for Loree, the celestial space fleet was executing Shepherd right as he was reporting and he got replaced by clones about 7 times in a one hour broadcast, the switch out is so quick the viewers cannot even notice it when it’s happening on the air, though he did look a bit stressed out.

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau, who formerly served Loree McBride, was very moved by the memorial video I made to honor the many Canadians who Loree McBride murdered and who are now part of the celestial space fleet helping us in our war against Satan and Loree McBride.

Justin Trudeau has defected from Loree McBride and now sides with us. I forgot to mention that not only has the Gail Shield resurrected the 11,500 of my Twitter followers who Loree murdered, but that my Gail Shield also resurrected ALL the dead who supported me and who Jesuits murdered in the past for their support of me. This includes Robin Williams, who is now the head general of the celestial space fleet against Loree McBride. What cinched it for Justin Trudeau is when he saw a resurrected Canadian Jim Carrey, who died in May 2012, as one of the top generals in the celestial army.

Even though Jesus cannot be filmed, we seem to be able to film the resurrection bodies of those Jesuits murdered and who are part of the celestial space fleet. But that’s only if they WANT to be filmed. They can block the cameras, if they want.

Robin Williams, in his immortal body, has been appearing on Church of Gail to give my men military strategy advice. And all those resurrected have singularity, having the I.Q. of the GA1L Android! The GA1L Android was not able to defeat us in one day. Robin is not allowed to talk to me brain-to-brain or otherwise under orders from Jesus. He can only talk to my men about war strategy in our current warfare with the Loree McBride space fleet.

To be totally fair, Jesus has allowed Satan to resurrect the UFOs that were buried in Satan’s ocean in deep space, which happened when my Gail Shield defeated the Jesuit space fleet in August 2016. So Loree now has the UFOs as part of her space fleet.

But even with the UFOs on our side in 2012, the GA1L Android would have beaten us if not for God the Father getting involved. And ALL the members of the celestial space fleet have GA1L Android singularity. So it’s like the Loree McBride Jesuits are battling a whole space fleet of GA1L Androids!

The reason Loree McBride’s space fleet and military operations are still functioning, despite the brilliant celestial space fleet against them, is that they have Satan and the UFOs on their side and they are able to make instant replacement clones of everything we destroy.

Though Loree’s space fleet and the U.S. military have attacked Russia, my Gail Shield is protecting Russia from being hit by Loree’s missiles and bombs. However, the Russians, like myself, can suffer effects from the germ bombs. As U.S. Empress, I have given Russia permission to defend itself and the Russian military, working with the celestial space fleet, is now attacking Loree’s U.S. military operations in self-defense. It is not necessary to bomb military bases in the U.S. because we moved them all to Canada and have banned the rogue U.S. military from using them now.

Some essential Americans and others who are not safe on earth and who side with me have been beamed aboard Church of Gail or Zack Knight’s Jesuit space fleet for their safety.

So which nations side with us? China is split down the middle and is the middle of a nasty civil war, like the United States. Chinese communists have been strong supporters of Loree and are one of our most formidable opponents. It appears that the celestial space fleet is concentrating a lot of its attacks on China for this reason. China is slowly losing its military prowess under the barrage of attacks it’s receiving from the celestial space fleet.

Japan, Germany, North and South Korea, Iran, and many other countries side with us. Many countries are embroiled in nasty civil wars, due to Loree McBride Jesuit infiltration worldwide. The celestial space fleet seems to be concentrating on destroying all military bases worldwide that don’t side with us, so just about every country has a rogue element siding with Loree and military bases are being destroyed worldwide in every country. Great Britain, unfortunately, seems to have suffered a fate similar to the U.S. Most countries worldwide are in a state of civil war. Theresa May, unfortunately, seems to be a full fledged Loree McBride Jesuit.

Copyright © 2018 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.


Maintain NO CONTACT with Brent Spiner Clone!


Brent1 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent2 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent3 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent4 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent5 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent6 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent7 Clone Narcissist ManipulatorBrent8 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent9 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent10 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

Brent11 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

The Brent Spiner clone is a sociopathic narcissist who is in submission to his boss, psychopath and narcissist Loree McBride. He’s really peeved that I have blocked him since around Jan. 17, 2018, after Twitter shut down my Twitter channel for around 24 hours around the following tweet.

Loree McBride's Twitter FREE SPEECHAfter this, I blocked both Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner clone at the official Brent Spiner Twitter channel that he has hijacked from the real Brent Spiner. The real Brent Spiner had a sweet channel that the Brent Spiner clone took down for a false charge of impersonation.

Brent Spiner Likes my Exposure of Loree

Brent Spiner Texas Baptist Church Attack

It was taken down on Brent Spiner’s birthday (Feb. 2nd), maybe cuz I sent the REAL Brent a birthday greeting on that day at his Twitter channel @BrentSpinerMD, which gave the clone the weapon he needed to claim that Brent Spiner, whose Twitter was Brent Spiner M.D., was impersonating him. The only thing I have done in that forbidden tweet was TO TELL THE TRUTH about psychopath Loree McBride, who has just recently created a Tweeter bird that has murdered 11,500 of my Twitter followers. She will claim that Zack is a troll and that the Tweeter bird never existed, in spite of evidence to the contrary, and that now that we have falsely accused her of murdering 11,500 people that we have endangered her and the Brent Spiner clone’s safety and that we need to have our free speech rights taken from us.

If I did not expose her murder of 11,500 people, it would have been worse. She would have claimed that I lost all those followers because they saw I was dangerous and so they unfollowed me. Now that I have exposed that she murdered them, she can’t get away with that.

The Brent Spiner clone was furious that I blocked him for good (unless the real Brent gets his Twitter back), and was probably hoping I’d remove the block, so he could continue to manipulate me to succeed in taking down my online presence. His goal as a manipulative narcissist is to manipulate either me or my followers to back up his lie that we are a danger to his life and the life of psychopath Loree McBride (who he claims is his wife). It has been six months and I’m still blocking both him and Loree at my Twitter, so Loree has instructed him to fabricate something to elicit a reaction from either me or my followers, so that he can claim that in spite of me blocking him, I and/or my followers are a danger to his safety and welfare. Once you supply him with the “evidence” he needs to prove that we are a danger and that our online presence needs to go down, he will use that to go legal and take down either my online presence or yours, or both.

That is his goal. Everything you say about his tweet showing a picture of him with his double, which he will claim is a joke (cuz the photo is obvious photo shop), gives him what we call narcissistic supply. He plans to use this picture to create an incident in which he will play victim and say that he is worried about his welfare (or the welfare of his “wife” Loree McBride) and will submit “evidence” (even fabricated or manipulated lying evidence which he will obtain from all the attention you give him) to Twitter, YouTube, Google or whatever he can get away with, that I and my followers are dangerous crazy people whose online presence needs to be taken down.

If you value your freedom of speech, do NOT CONTACT HIM AT ALL. You cannot win debating, arguing or dealing with a narcissist. Narcissists are masters at manipulating everything you say and do against you. Do NOT go to the Star Trek Convention in Tampa, FL (notice that is near me, about a one hour drive from where I live). This is not an accident. If he can claim that some of my followers have attended this convention, he will then twist everything you say and do at the convention and say that because I was nearby I influenced you and told you what to say or do.

Well, I am trying to influence you and my instructions are DO NOT GO TO THE STAR TREK CONVENTION. Do NOT give this narcissist material he can use against your free speech and mine! Avoid him. Mute or block him on Twitter, to make it plain to him that you have instituted a NO CONTACT policy with him. And then once you’ve done that, you need to stick to it. In fact, if a slew of my followers block or mute him at Twitter and totally IGNORE HIM, that is HOW WE WIN. You never win by giving a narcissist attention, they love it! It helps them to fabricate stories, lies and other stuff they need to promote their lying image, which is a narcissist’s obsession.

NO CONTACT. Do not tweet to him or Loree McBride. Nothing you say will help. It will all be used by him to make you appear criminal, insane or dangerous in an attempt to shut down your freedom of speech, because it threatens his lying image, which he and Loree McBride will KILL, LIE, EXTORT or do ANYTHING TO MAINTAIN. This guy lives and sleeps all day and night fomenting plots to ensure his lying image as the REAL Brent Spiner is maintained, come hell or high water. If he can’t manipulate me to interact with him, to give him narcissistic supply, he will then manipulate my followers and say that I influenced them!

I respectfully request that all my followers IGNORE THIS NARCISSIST and do not give him Narcissistic Supply:

I don’t know about you, but I value my free speech. You are welcome to discuss him online, but do NOT contact him or tweet to him or give him any ammunition. Anything you say or do as you interact with him will be twisted to your disadvantage and will paint you as either a criminal, a psycho, or a danger to his welfare or the welfare of his “wife”, requiring him to take legal means to SHUT YOU OR ME DOWN. He needs to do this to maintain his narcissistic image as the REAL Brent Spiner. He has fabricated and orchestrated this whole thing (the picture of him with a photo shopped double) to manipulate you to give him narcissistic supply, and if you contact him about this picture of him with his “double” or go to the Star Trek Convention and make a big deal about it or say anything about it (especially if he can prove you are one of my Twitter followers), he plans on orchestrating something to play the victim and BRING YOU OR ME DOWN and SHUT YOU AND/OR ME UP.

Ignore the cad. Don’t contact him. Don’t give him narcissistic supply. Don’t go to a Star Trek Convention and pay his criminal salary.

Copyright © Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.




Ezekiel 38 (Gog & Magog) Andy Woods

Formerly a professor of Bible and theology at the College of Biblical Studies, Andy now serves as president of Chafer Theological Seminary and senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church. Andy has contributed to numerous theological journals and Christian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences.

Additional presentations by Andy can be found at and

Loree McBride’s Tweeter Bird (Murders 11,500 Twitter Gail Followers in ONE DAY)


Twitter1 Statistics

Twitter2 Statistics

Twitter3 Statistics

Twitter4 Statistics

Tweeter Bird_07142018


Tweeter Bird_07152018

Tweeter Birda_07152018

Tweeter Birdb_07152018

The Bible is such a wise book. Want to know the REAL reason that the Loree McBride clones and the Brent Spiner clone won’t get real and are obsessed with maintaining their lying facade that Loree is the real wife of the real Brent Spiner and that the fact that just about every person out there (especially rich and famous people) have clones who are impersonating the REAL celebrity?

Want to know the REAL reason that some Loree McBride influenced Democrats are on a RAGE to discredit everything about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? It has more to do with the discreditors than it has anything to do with Trump or Putin! You see these narcissist clones are totally SELF-ABSORBED and will kill, lie, extort and destroy those in their way to maintain their LYING FACADE to the world in order to MAINTAIN THEIR WEALTH.

Actually, Trump and Clinton are narcissists, too, but because Trump’s enemies have sociopathic or psychopathic narcissism, it makes Trump’s narcissism seems harmless in comparison. I believe that Hillary Clinton is better described as a sociopath. The good news is that I am not a narcissist, and Trump has to be in submission to me as the Empress. He pretty much does this.


Copyright © 2018 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Loree McBride’s Narcissism Kills Great Art

I created my favorites page at my website to inspire writers to break past the narcissist blockades, to write to make the world a better place, to open up hearts that need healing, to bring emotional healing to the world, by helping us to better understand our fellow man. To write humbly, with passion and to help us all see we need each other, that our differences are artificial, erected by narcissists who only bring pain, and not healing, to the world. When you create a work that will survive into posterity, you inspire your audience or readers to come out of it a person with a new insight into themselves and their fellow man, to better understand how to handle feelings as they interact with their life in the world. This is what happens when we write from our brokenness and open up our pain to the world. When we expose what makes us tremble and come out with a vision of healing or understanding for humanity, we have created something that will go on forever. That is what drives those who create works that make a difference and that will be here long after we and our children are gone.

Unfortunately, thanks to sociopath or psychopath narcissist Loree McBride, who is currently running Hollywood, works and productions from people with high emotional I.Q. are blocked from production and trash that features one-dimensional characters all “preaching” a narcissist message now dominates Hollywood. Loree’s narcissist message is that women (especially toxic, narcissist women) are superior to all forms of virile masculinity and that all virile masculinity is toxic.

Created in a cloning lab to be the perfect celebrity wife for actor Brent Spiner, Jesuits made sure that Loree looked glamorous and beautiful and had the mindset necessary to take down Brent Spiner’s empathy and greatness within that caused him to fall in love with the King David/Catherine the Great woman (myself). Unfortunately for Loree,  Brent’s greatness within was too entrenched to be forced out by Loree’s rape of his sanity and body when she extorted herself into his space, threatening to destroy his career and his true love if he would not conform to her expectations. She was entitled to be his public girlfriend, to ban him from the woman he truly loves (me) and to take over his life, bank account, and love life.

Brent maintained his sanity and empathy by allowing Loree’s intrusion into his private space in order to protect me, even willing to die for me, if necessary, as Loree tied him up (literally) starving him to try and force him to take her brain control drugs, but he refused her drugs and Loree gave up on that strategy, deciding she’d rather have a live Brent than a dead Brent, or it would ruin her narcissist fun.

Then, when I figured out who Loree was and that he never wanted her ever, due to my genius emotional I.Q. and high empathy, I offered Brent my hand in marriage in Dec. 1999 to make it up to him that I closed him out of my heart from 1996 to 1999 when I thought he was a mentally unstable wimp for allowing Loree to have girlfriend status. I always knew he didn’t love her, because he expressed his love for me in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back and Loree was definitely not the woman of depth, beauty and sweetness that he serenaded in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.  I now discerned that he, indeed, adored me. He adored me so much that he “maintained” Loree, even though she was a cold and cruel Vatican agent whose job was to break up his love for me. I decided I would marry him to make it up to him for ever doubting his greatness and his courage and manliness to take on the Vatican whore and murderer in order to protect me. Yes, I knew, he did it ALL FOR ME. He could have dumped her and allowed her to kill me, if he did so, but, no, he maintained her to protect me. He COULDN’T STAND Loree. But he had to protect me from her. Yes, I figured this out and that’s why I offered him my hand. I wrote Emerald Towers to honor him.

Shallow narcissist Loree, enamored with her own perfection, was shocked that I could forgive Brent for giving his body to her, even if it was because she tortured and raped him into it. Because she was incapable of feeling for others, she could not understand empathy. I felt true empathy with Brent. I knew he suffered this woman for me and it was torture, so I offered him my hand. Loree never felt Brent’s pain. She only gloried in her own physical and celebrity perfection and disdained those who dared to shatter her image to the world as the perfect celebrity wife. My forgiveness of Brent and how it gave him renewed energy to marry me, come hell or high water, infuriated Loree. Her image as the perfect celebrity wife was shattered. I exposed her fraud, her cruelty, her photo shopped pictures of her with Brent online and her performance to be just what it was – a performance, that if exposed, she would murder to maintain.

Sept. 11, 2001 succeeded in making me give up on Brent as a marriage partner and going after Vladimir Putin in his place. It seemed so impossible for me to be with Brent, I thought I needed a President. Loree went for the kill. She artificially impregnated herself, not because she loved children or even loved Brent, but she loved her image as Brent Spiner’s wife and by having his child, even if by artificial insemination, and against Brent’s will, she ensured that Brent would be stuck with her forever. The child was her weapon, to be used to enforce her narcissism on the world – the “proof” that Brent was indeed hers and she owned him and his fame and his money. She was created for him in a cloning lab, and so she was entitled to have him, nobody was as perfect a celebrity wife as herself. She was the perfect Hollywood woman. In her fake pictures with Brent, even photo shop could not always fix that proud glare, that defiant stare of Hollywood pride and arrogance that she would use to infect all of Hollywood when she became Satan’s partner as Jesuit leader from 2017 onwards.

So I reinstated Brent in 2006 and then made brain to brain loving with him from 2006 onwards. This was not a threat to Loree, cuz her photo shopped photos with Brent still dominated the Internet, the mainstream news, the official websites from “established” and prestigious websites like IMDb, and the tabloids. But I never gave up on Brent and he started communicating with me online. Now she was threatened. Her false image as perfect celebrity wife would be shattered. Her lies, murders and selfishness exposed. So she took me to court and rigged the jury and they threatened to execute me in a rigged trial. But my men defended me and shot dead all the Jesuits in that courtroom. Now we knew Brent had a clone, so the clone went public and even tried to kill Brent. That clone got executed, but more would follow him. Jesuit cloning labs turn out clones like cockroaches. You get rid of one and another pops up. The Brent Spiner clone was a narcissist like Loree McBride. He, too, had an image to maintain and that image was that he was the REAL Brent Spiner as portrayed in the media, the actor, the writer, the celebrity. But the REAL Brent Spiner had fallen in love with me and my influence on him was strong. He made two music albums for me that showed an emotional range the narcissist clone could never emulate. The real Brent studied to become a physician to help heal the many illnesses inflicted upon his true love, ME, by the Jesuits. The narcissist clone’s performance of the real Brent was one-dimensional, an arrogant liberal, an intolerant Democrat, who compartmentalized people into two categories: all good (Democrats, Hollywood celebrities involved in charities and who promoted women’s rights, gay rights, etc.) and all bad (Republicans, those who vote or support Trump, and who support evangelical Christianity as intolerant bigots and hypocrites). Nobody was gray. Anybody who supported Trump or evangelical Christianity was all bad, even if that person was gray and a Democrat, who espoused liberal causes, but liked Trump. Or if the person was gray, involved in charities and was a Hollywood celebrity, but liked Trump and was Republican, they were all bad. On the other hand, if the person was a Democrat, was involved in charities, promoted women’s right, gay rights, and killed people, even accidentally killing some Democrats, that person was perfect, all their faults forgiven. To the narcissists if you sided with them you were perfect, if not, you were TRASH and deserved all the abuse you received from the narcissist. But the Brent clone and Loree McBride narcissists could never forgive Trump for anything! He was not entitled like them. He was trash and deserved narcissist abuse. Using projection, the narcissists actually saw their narcissism and abuse in Trump and assigned to him all their evil qualities which they were in denial about in themselves. All the narcissist’s own sins were forgiven and how dare anybody question their morality and righteousness. But anybody who liked Trump was Hitler (all evil), even if they behaved with class and respected the emotional boundaries of others.

A narcissist was entitled to destroy the boundaries of others. Everybody existed to serve them, to adore them, to honor their perfection. Anybody who resisted was abused, maligned, lied about, and trampled on, murdered.

Loree took over Hollywood and prided herself on being a Hollywood producer. She never took the time to learn the craft, but borrowed the talents of others and assigned them to herself. She churned out Hollywood productions that mirrored her heart, and Star Trek Discovery was born with one-dimensional characters that preached messages of women’s rights, disdain of masculinity and virility, to the audience. It was a flop to everyone who could think, who could feel and who pondered over life. It only appealed to mindless robots, who mirrored Loree’s politically correct sermons to the world, that enforced her greatness and boring perfection, that appealed only to the arrogant, cold controllers, who maintained their illusion of perfection before the world with mindless rage and furor. Those with empathy and emotional I.Q. found the productions boring, preachy and lacking any theme that would resonate with their hearts. To compensate, Loree turned out more trash, took over more of Hollywood, turning it into a propaganda machine, designed to shut out the hearts and minds, and program people into conformity to narcissist shallowness, to turn off their brains and their hearts and not allow hearts to interact with characters on the screen, but to only see themselves projected there in glorious and boring perfection, appealing only to those who see themselves in perfection on the screen, with robot minds and hearts to admire and reproduce themselves, drowning out greatness, depth, love, and vulnerability. Just a slideshow of characters on the stage, boring monotones before our eyes, arrogant flashes of perfection gleaming in toned bodies, coldly moving in perfection to the tune of the taskmaster, the narcissist Loree McBride, moving her lifeless puppets across the stage, glorying in her illusion of self-perfection. Most of the world tunes her out. Loree’s only fans are those, like herself, see the world as black and white monotones on the stage, preaching sermons to those who clap with them. The brilliant cinematography impresses only those whose lives are black and white photographs slapped on the page in a mindless mirage of conformity to rigidity, drowning out the sounds, images and movements of reality, so that the vulnerabilities and moving images with three dimensions, with a soul that is vivid and real to our hearts, that could transform us into deeper understandings, is nowhere to be found. All we are allowed to see are boring monotones, screaming conformity to the world, with the colors of truth and empathy banished into echoes of loneliness, the forbidden yearnings that no one is allowed to hear and experience are drowned out by rigidity, conformity, and the colder emotions of rage, anger and arrogance. With warmth and colors all gone, black and white conformity smashed down our throats and applauded by the cowards, the traitors to authenticity and reality, whose hearts would not dare to feel or experience anything but their own glory, shoving their coldness and machinations down our throats, threatening death on those who dare to be real, vulnerable and loving.

To deny that her productions are lackluster, boring monotones on the screen, Loree rouses her followers to churn out reviews with adulation of her boring productions to maintain her illusion of celebrity perfection to the world.

In the meanwhile, those writers and producers who dare to produce anything that might outdo Loree’s Hollywood garbage, are blocked entrance. Their screenplays rejected. Their movies denied production or if produced, relegated to no man’s land. Ever the competitor, Loree and her narcissist Hollywood, ensure her glory remains untarnished and she blocks competitors from those who create things that matter, that inspire, that promote an understanding of our fellow man, that promote love and understanding, that expose real injustices, that move our hearts to greatness, courage, authenticity, vibrancy, to reveal vulnerabilities we all share and understand.

Unless Loree learns to see herself honestly and owns up to her imperfections, she will continue to destroy all that heals and that makes life worth living and her Hollywood will only churn out unfeeling robots without a soul, who drown out warmth and understanding with ice and murder.

Copyright © 2018 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.



Gail’s Insights into the Narcissism of Jesuits, Her Sister & Mother

Gail does not believe that Zack Knight or Rule 13 ever suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They didn’t divide people into all good or all bad and were able to maintain close emotional ties with each other even when feeling disappointed by the other. People with full blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder, because they do not have an identity, do not know who they really are, but are consumed with a false and perfect image of themselves that they viciously defend to themselves subconsciously and it manifests itself in lack of emotional impulse control, in that whenever their illusion of self-perfection is threatened emotionally, they lash out at those who make them doubt their illusion of self-perfection. Zack Knight always knew he was the guy with the perfect penis and that he had unusual powers to impregnate people, even able to impregnate women in menopause or even men. He did have likings for erotic sex, throwing in animals and erotic thrill making, which is something he had in common with Rule 13, which explains why the two fell in love. Satan lied to him, being the narcissist and manipulator that Satan is, and told Zack that Jesus was against his sexual preferences, causing Zack to hate Jesus for being an unfair prude. Hanging around Satan encouraged Zack to become somewhat narcissistic, but Satan was never able to give Zack full blown NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). Gail believes that Satan himself has NPD, which explains why Satan’s bride, the Jesuit Order, attracts people with NPD or tendencies towards NPD.

When Rule 13 hung around Gail and her men she saw true love in action and wanted it for herself and Zack Knight, sensing that what she felt for Zack and what he felt for her was true love. But Satan forbids his Jesuits true love, telling them that is his biggest beef with Jesus, in that Satan says that Jesus lies to the world and tells them true love exists, when it does not and that Jesus, on his big ego trip, expects everyone to be as perfect as him and punishes people for falling below his impossible and unrealistic standards. That Jesus deliberately created imperfect beings to show off his own perfection. Satan totally overlooks the fact that Jesus died on the cross to pay for mankind’s imperfections and that his creation was perfect when he created it, but that he gave them free will and they choose to disobey him and that’s when the sin corrupted the universe, introducing imperfections into the matrix. Jesus then had two choices: destroy his creation and start over, which he did sort of with Noah and when Lucifer fell and became Satan, or make a way for his imperfect creation (marred by the sin disorder) to come to him, by dying on the cross to pay for their sins. Satan claims that Jesus dying on the cross was a stupid idea, cuz the universe is still disordered and in chaos. But Jesus does things on his own time.

Gail’s mother apparently grew up in a Japanese home where the male ruled the roost and she suffered either abuse or neglect at the hands of her father. She never talked about her father, but often joked about her mother with affection. She was apparently valued for her physical beauty, which she had in abundance, but devalued for everything else. She rarely said good things about any man. Gail believes that her mother suffered from a weak NPD, which became worse after Gail’s dad had an affair with another woman during the marriage. She then became abandoned by Gail’s dad and transferred her fear of male abandonment to Gail and her sister. Fear of abandonment is an obsession with NPD. After her divorce to Gail’s dad, her borderline NPD became full blown NPD with some rare times when her sanity overcame insanity and she exhibited normal affection for Gail and her sister. During Gail and Sandra’s (Gail’s sister) elementary school years, mom left her kids with her ex-husband’s parents for summer vacation. During this time, Gail saw a pretty healthy marriage in action. But Gail’s paternal grandfather seemed obsessive-compulsive, the same problem his genetic brother Howard Hughes had. I think my paternal grandpa knew that he was the brother of Howard Hughes and was very ashamed of it. His mother, who was the mother of Howard and himself told him when he was a boy that he had been adopted into the family that was raising him. His mother got into trouble by having sex with Howard Hughes Sr, causing the birth of my grandpa and his brother Howard Hughes. He learned to value women as better than men because his mother kept him and adopted him, but felt that Howard Hughes’s father neglected Howard and that’s why he came out the way he did spending his entire life overcompensating for the guilt he felt for being a man and having a normal sex drive – this resulted in obsessive-compulsive disorder, where he often spent time moralizing everybody around him to death. As a result of the shame he felt for his mother, who was punished for honoring her sex drive with Howard Hughes Sr., my grandpa secretly felt guilty for any sexual desires he had. To overcompensate for this, he married a woman, my grandmother, who was a very good woman, he went into the ministry, so that his sex with her would be virtuous in every way. Not a word did he say about Howard Hughes to ANYBODY, this was a subject of great shame to him and the mother he adored. He tended to idealize women, especially ones that reminded him of his mother. For this reason, my dad felt neglected and became a cold father and lover to my mother, rebelling against his overly strict religious upbringing by an obsessive-compulsive dad who punished my dad growing up just for being MALE.

Now my sister and I spend summer vacations with our obsessive-compulsive grandpa, who became obsessed with morality and moralizing everyone around him to death, feeling a need to justify his own morality (feeling inferior for causing his mother’s shame just by being born out of wedlock). My grandpa’s entire life was obsessed with justifying his mother to the world. He treated my grandma like a queen and left her everything when he died. He transferred some of his mother worship to my sister, who, apparently, had personality traits similar to his mother. This caused him to show his penis one day to my sister and invite her to have sex with him one time. I remember my sister told me about this once, and I felt really embarrassed for her. When this happened, my sister was becoming a narcissist just like my mother. My sister had more personality than I did growing up and she was viewed as cute and charming. I was more dead and like a blank page, because I was so shy, because of my mother’s narcissism which made me feel worthless. My sister was the pampered golden child and I was the object of most of the abuse. My sister’s self-worth, therefore, was embroiled in making my mother happy who pampered her as the golden child. So my sister adopted my mother’s narcissism.

I, on the other hand, struggled with depression over feeling worthless. Finding Jesus gave me a lifeline and I now put all my self-worth in being the perfect Christian, to make me feel worthy and I disdained my mother’s morality, which was pretty atheistic and shallow, based on creating good impressions and not allowing ourselves to become vulnerable to anybody. My sister sided with my mother and figured this was the way to success. She adopted my mother’s hatred and distrust of men, and the view that women were superior morally to men. For this reason, she made sure to make herself financially independent and trained herself for a career where she’d never have to be at the mercy of a man, like my mother was. My sister and I grew up close to poverty or very low middle class, because of my mother’s divorce, but it was not that bad, because my dad was an Eastern airlines pilot and he was paying alimony and child support to my mother. But my mother reminded us every day, that it was her strength against a cold world that kept our family from being on the streets. My mother taught us that we could trust nobody but her and that the cruel world was against us and most men were unreliable and could easily throw out any woman onto the streets.

I became the co-dependent and, as a teenager and young lady, looked for a partner who was stronger than I and would take care of me. I ended up marrying a narcissist like my mother. My sister ended up marrying men she could control, and if she could not, she divorced them (her first husband). Her second husband, was a nice guy, and put up with my sister’s bossiness. He lacked the virility of the men that I attracted.

When I first married David Schuler, my sister felt that I got a pretty good catch and she wanted the same for herself. So after her divorce, she got involved with a church, to find a guy like the one I had. She also noticed, that when we were teenagers, that I managed to get some desirable guys to take me out on a date. She lived with some guys before marriage, which she knew I did not respect about her. But she didn’t care, cuz, like my mother, men were objects to control, not somebody to fall in love with and show your vulnerabilities to. If she wanted sex, that was cool, and as a narcissist, honored her impulses and had poor emotional impulse control. So I got married and my sister settled down with her second husband, and made sure to advance in her career so she would never be at the mercy of any man and never end up like my mother, struggling in poverty to raise her kids because of a man who abandoned her. Because my sister managed to succeed in financial independence, to my mother, she was the golden child.

I, on the other hand, chose to stay home and be in submission to my narcissist husband. The first year of the marriage was pretty smooth, though we had arguments when he chose his reputation in the church over me, even if the church abused me. The narcissistic abuse with David got worse with every passing year. But I told nobody about this, I figured I was stuck in this marriage because of my Christian convictions against divorce. You see, I had to be the perfect Christian. This was my overcompensation against depression for being so worthless (how my narcissist mother raised me). My sister and family had no idea of the dynamics in my marriage, I played my husband’s game and treated him like he was perfect and we seemed to have an ideal marriage to the world. But inside, I felt so alone and I had no true friends. That’s why I started writing Brent Spiner, to just have a friend, somebody I could show my vulnerabilities to and who could not harm me because of that.

So my sister and I lost contact pretty much after our marriages grew in different directions and we pretty much drifted apart, our lives going in different directions. I playing out my co-dependency and my sister playing out her narcissism. My sister wanted children and despised her first husband who didn’t want children. You see, my sister hated my father for abandoning her and planned to be just like my mother, who claimed to love her children. My sister would never abandon her children. In fact, like my narcissist mother, my sister had fears of abandonment and never trusted any man, which explains her financial independence. And I, the co-dependent, overly trusted men (in rebellion to my mother) and wanted someone like my mother – stronger – to take care of me. I also had fears of abandonment as a teenager, and this was one reason I turned to Christianity, cuz I figured if I followed God’s will, he would never give me a husband that would abandon me. So I  made sure to be the PERFECT Christian, making myself overly rigid and legalistic as a Christian. My goal was a PERFECT MARRIAGE. I figured if I was the perfect wife, the man was bound to honor and love me. I figured that part of the reason my mother suffered divorce was because she was so bossy and nasty and because her moral standards in men were too low. At the time of my divorce, I could have easily been on the streets. I had no job skills and my degrees were not in fields that were employable. I also struggled with health issues that made it difficult for me to work. For this reason, to both my mother and sister, I was an utter failure. The fact that I was a Bible scholar and loved Jesus was seen as part of my mental illness or weakness or defect. The mere fact that my mother had to take me in, just reinforced to my mother and sister that I was inferior to them. Cuz to their narcissistic view, if I was not rich and financially  independent, I was weak and inferior. That’s how their narcissism is set up. I did not tell my mother or sister about Brent Spiner or the famous men in my life at first, because I knew they would not understand the dynamics of my long distance relationship with Brent and the abuse we suffered from Loree McBride and the Jesuits.

My mother got lucky and married a great guy, my stepdad, a retired Army Lt. Colonel, in the 1980s. In the early years of her marriage to him, they had great sex and she had genuine affection for him. He helped to heal her from her narcissism. He took good care of my mother. I think that when they were having great sex, she may have actually been cured of her narcissism. But when he had health problems and could no longer make love to my mother, her narcissism returned and she reverted back to the way she was when she raised me and my sister. When I lived with her, from 2001 to 2004, because Loree kept me from being with Brent, my mom was narcissistic, and I couldn’t wait to get out from under her control, which I was able to do when I got a job at Walmart in 2004. But she still demanded that I come over and clean for her all the time to pay her back for the money she spent on me when I couldn’t be with Brent and was divorced. My step-dad was very kind to me always and helped make it more bearable when I was with them. I have nothing but fond memories of him. He is now in heaven.

In 2012 when my son graduated from college, I went to his graduation. My son left home as soon as he could, because my ex married a narcissist like himself. My son was living with my sister at the time of his graduation, who treated him well, from what I understand, when I went to his graduation. Apparently, being able to take care of my son, fed into her narcissistic image of herself as the perfect parent and strong woman, something she needed to believe to feed her narcissistic belief that women like her were perfect and strong and better than men. She got this from my mother. She was the golden child and lived up to my mother’s expectations most of the time. The Jesuits threatened harm to my sister’s family if she wouldn’t abuse me when I stayed with her for my son’s graduation in 2012 and she deliberately cooked food that I felt I was allergic to and treated me very rudely when I stayed with her. But I was proud of her for graduating summa cum laude from her master’s degree program. She had achieved financial independence, something the Jesuits prevented for me. In my twenties it was my fault that I did not achieve financial independence, because I was a co-dependent. But Brent got me out of much of my co-dependency and the Jesuits made sure I stayed there. They used Loree McBride for that purpose.

My men were distressed for me that my sister was so rude to me and flew themselves to Atlanta to present themselves to her. So my sister saw Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Vladimir Putin, Hugh Jackman, Judge Terrance Jenkins, and Brent Spiner who landed on her roof and introduced themselves to her. My sister was shocked. Her weak and inferior sister had managed to get the hottest men on the planets as husbands in waiting! I was the one who did everything wrong according to my mother, and my sister was fairly comfortable in her own skin until now. Her narcissism was succeeding and she got a man who would let her rule the roost. She rewarded the man with her money, financial security (which she brought) and by being an attentive parent, something she never had growing up and that she overcompensated for as a narcissist. It was part of her narcissist image of herself and self-perfection. She secretly despised me for losing custody of my son and saw that as an unforgivable defect. Even though it wasn’t my fault. I recall that when I thanked her for taking care of my son and giving him a place to stay for college, she seemed bemused and didn’t say “You’re welcome”. It was kind of like she was shocked that I would feel the need to thank her. In her mind, I was like my father and had abandoned my child. Like I could tell the judge to give me custody! I guess it didn’t matter that I home schooled my son for about 2 years. But then, to a narcissist, everything is black or white. She belonged to the elite, who took care of their children, even sacrificed their own personal happiness for this, and didn’t allow men to manipulate them, and were strong. I belonged to the defective, who were subservient to inferior men and could be manipulated and, therefore, brought pain to my children. I would dare to put my man first before my child and so I brought evil to the world, just like my dad. My sister HATED her father, just like my mother did. I was more neutral about him, but didn’t trust him. I was stupid and foolish to them. I rebelled against my mother’s advice and was foolish and weak because I allowed myself to be ruled by a man. And now the most awesome men in the world, the dream men that she was certain did not exist, were my husbands in waiting. My sister couldn’t believe it! Everything my mother taught her about men was wrong! She was furious and oh so jealous! There was no way she would allow anybody to shatter her illusion that she was morally perfect because she was the perfect parent, which was the illusion she needed to maintain for her narcissistic image of self-perfection. She respected no man and this was cool because true love was a fairy tale and her sacrifice for her narcissism showed her to be strong and perfect. She only married someone she could control and thus sacrificed her personal happiness to be the perfect parent. I had not done so and now I got the best guys in the world. I had proven that what my mother taught her about men was wrong and that she, too, if she had rebelled against my mother like I had, could have men like her sister. But alas, she had developed herself into the bossy woman, like her mother, and was not at all like her compliant sister, so she knew no man would love her. In fact, she didn’t even know who she was, outside of her self-image as the perfect parent. Her narcissism raged and Loree McBride, another narcissist, befriended her and they both had one thing in common, they both hated men who wouldn’t be their cuck and help reinforce their images of themselves as perfect. Actually, they loved no men, they didn’t even know who they were. They only knew they were furious that it appeared true love existed and they had NO IDEA how to get it and the fact that it existed meant they were inferior because they didn’t have it! The solution: DESTROY TRUE LOVE, especially in those who make them appear inferior because their lives show that true love exists and that they don’t have it! How could such a superior and perfect person, not have true love! No way! They’d rather kill than acknowledge that they were anything less than perfect. And those who made them feel this way, were their COMPETITION and got ALL THEIR RAGE. They are feeling more and more threatened as truth exposes their hypocrisy, their selfishness and their sham and have now resorted to murder and war crimes against the human race as they strive, with Satan egging them on, that their perfection must rule the world, even if it means killing everybody on the planet except their elite group.

And this explains Loree McBride (her narcissistic perfection is as the perfect celebrity lover and my true love with Brent threatens that image), my sister, (her narcissistic perfection is as the perfect parent, and my true love with Brent tells her she sacrificed true love in vain, that it truly does exist and she doesn’t have it), the Brent Spiner Clone (his narcissistic perfection is the Hollywood celebrity, with fame and glamour, and those without the fame and glamour are beneath him, but my true love with Brent threatens him cuz it shows that superiority is not only for the rich and famous, but for those with richness in their hearts, something he has never cultivated. He only fakes it), Camila Alves (her narcissistic perfection is as the perfect celebrity lover and Matthew’s adoration of me threatens that), and for most Jesuits, they see themselves and those who think like them as perfect and the rest of the world is evil. They can’t see gray. Everything is black and white. That’s why Trump can’t do anything right. To my sister, my mother, Camila, Loree, the Brent clone – Donald Trump, myself, the real Brent Spiner, the real Matthew McConaughey, the real Gerard Butler, the real Vladimir Putin, etc. –  belongs to the black group, and they (the narcissists) belong to the white perfect group. They and those they get along with, even if by extortion, are the PERFECT and EVERYBODY ELSE IS BLACK, EVIL AND WORTHLESS. There is nothing in between, you are either PERFECT (like them) or WORTHLESS. This is NPD.

And so as you read this page on my website, you see the history of my life and how the sociopathic narcissists, obsessed with their delusion of self-perfection have abused me and murdered people, and are competing with me to prove that they are perfect and I’m defective. And it shows how I and my men are fighting back. Personal opinion, those who are sociopathic or psychopathic narcissists probably need to be Seroquakkeed out to Satan’s ocean. We can set up the Seroquakkes to differentiate between those who are strong narcissists or have sociopathic or psychopathic cases of NPD and use our Seroquakkes to transport the dangerous NPD folks to Satan’s ocean and put those who are just narcissists but don’t have sociopathic or psychopathic NPD into mental health facilities under solitary confinement. We have determined that those who have a strong case of NPD won’t change and are a threat to public welfare, so they need to go. The rest, we might be able to treat.

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Narcissist Traits or Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

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People can definitely have Narcissistic traits without qualifying for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

To be clear, I use the dividing line of the psychological school of thought called “Object Relations.” Proponents of this school include the personality theorists and psychiatrists, Otto Kernberg and the late James F. Masterson. Both have written extensively on the criteria for disgnosing Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  • Narcissistic Traits vs NPD

According to basic object relations theory, the theoretical dividing line between Narcissistic traits and Narcissistic Personality disorder is:

If you have “Whole Object Relations” and “Object Constancy,” you do not qualify for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder —even though you may have Narcissistic traits and superficially appear Narcissistic.

Thus, people who qualify for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder cannot see themselves and other people in a realistic, integrated, and stable way (lack of “Whole Object Relations”). Instead they divide people into only two basic categories;

  1. Perfect, special, flawless, and entitled (all-good), or
  2. Defective, worthless, unentitled, garbage (all-bad).

People with NPD also cannot maintain a positive emotional tie to someone they care about while they feel hurt, angry, disappointed, or frustrated by them (lack of “Object Constancy”).

So….you can have many Narcissistic traits, such as low emotional empathy, self-centeredness, status consciousness, etc.; but that alone is not emough to rate a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder—you have to lack “whole Object Relations” and “object constancy” as well.

  • People with other Personality Disorders sometimes have Narcissistic traits

To complicate the situation further, you can have an entirely different personality disorder than NPD (and, because you have a PD still lack “whole object relations” and “object constancy”), but use some Narcissistic defenses, such as devaluation, grandiosity, or status seeking. Again, to the casual or untrained eye, you may appear Narcissistic, but again, you would not qualify for a diagnosis of NPD.

Punchline: If you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder you divide the world into two halves: people you look up to and people you look down on. This shapes your entire interpersonal world. Narcissistic traits are much more superficial.

By Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP

In private practice in NYC and the author of the book: Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Adaptations: The Pursuit of Love, Admiration, and Safety.

There are no ‘good’ or positive narcissistic traits to have – such thing doesn’t exist.

When people say things like “everyone’s narcissistic to an extent” they probably think that everyone has a capacity to be self-centered and act selfishly from time to time. But if you look at NPD traits or symptoms, you’ll find that most people do not continually exhibit any of those behaviors. If they do, they’ll inevitably be labeled difficult, toxic, narcissistic or worse, by their family members, colleagues and friends.

As long as someone is conscious of their negative traits and weaknesses, and aware that those are neither cool nor good to have, they can change. Striving to improve and be a better person is already half the battle :))

People will regard a person with just 1 NPD trait bitter, terrible, childish, narcissistic, extremely selfish or megalomaniac, if they can see the trait clearly.

According to DSM-V, you need to meet 5 out of 9 criteria to be officially diagnosed. But it’s mainly because doctors and lawyers need a crystal clear clinical & legal guideline. NPD is a spectrum disease. And as such, a subclinical person with 4 traits can be as toxic or destructive as or more than an officially diagnosed NPD patient with 5 traits, depending on what kind of traits they have and on how badly disrupted their capabilities for empathy & intimacy are.

Absolutely. I have narcissistic traits, and my guess is that you do, too.

Every person needs to have a healthy level of narcissism; narcissism becomes a personality disorder when others cannot stand being around you because of your toxic behaviour.

There are nine points on the DSM checklist for NPD, and a person is deemed to have NPD if they have a cluster of five or more of those traits.

Most people will have one or two of those traits, which is completely normal.

Many people have narcissistic traits; think young children. Or unhappy old people. People who are bitter because they’re not better than you.

True narcissism doesn’t care what you think, only that you continue to provide what they need. If you stop doing that, look out—here come RAGE.

You can observe a person over an extended period and notice traits on the spectrum. The internet is full of the list, but only a qualified, trained professional can make the diagnosis.

1.) You ostensibly meet 5 of the 9 criteria, or the proposed alternative diagnostic model in DSM-5, but not in any clinically significant and meaningful way.

2.) Your “traits” are age and developmentally appropriate (children and teens for example), or are normative for your socioeconomic environment. It’s hasty to label, for instance, Henry VIII a “narcissist” when it was all part of the job description was expected of him.

3.) You have a few clinically significant impairments, but not enough of them to warrant diagnosis of a personality disorder.

But yes, a person can have several traits identified as narcissistic, but not be actually NPD. A person can be conceited and blaming, for example and not be narcissitic

Narcissism is a Spectrum everybody has a certain amount. There are definitely quite a few people that fall short of full-blown narcissistic personality disorder but have many of the traits. Supposedly with years of counseling these people have a chance to reach an acceptable amount of empathy for others. Many of them Carry the capacity to inadvertently cause harm to others because of their inability to feel empathy on a reasonable level.

My Narcissist Mother to a TEE

Jesus told me to cut off my communications with my mother. He told me she was off her path and had turned into an abuser. So he let a dog bite me to show me that my mother was bad for my mental health and he wanted me to separate from her. When I tried to help her after my step-dad died, she was like the dog that bit me. It doesn’t help that her golden child, my narcissist (possibly even psychopath) sister, is making her worse. I didn’t quite understand it all until I heard this video.

I told her I would not deal with her until she apologized for submitting my evil sister Sandra Metcalf’s lying statement about me to a judge that caused me to be taken against my will to a psych ward in 2012. I also told her I would not be dealing with my sister, either. That an apology is in order from both my mother and sister. But both refuse to apologize.

So Jesus says NO CONTACT. Jesus said that because I am financially independent, I do not need to be under her abuse. He said she was poisoning me. Jesus, apparently, does not want his children to remain in abusive relationships.

My ex-husband was a narcissist, too. And Jesus told me if I did not divorce him in 2001, when I did, that I would be dead in a couple years if I remained in the marriage.

But the REAL Brent Spiner is awesome. He is not a narcissist at all. He has helped me heal from my co-dependent mindset that I developed from my time growing up with my mother and my time with my ex-husband. Jesus told me that the real Brent is my soulmate and an awesome man.

As someone said underneath this video: “Criticizing your parents, especially mothers, is some kind of general taboo, although it is the living hell for so many of us. But somehow I do recognize people who suffered this drama. We are serving, pleasing, sensitive towards others and we feel worthless about ourselves.”


Jesus did tell me that my mother is going to heaven, so, apparently, she may get right or perhaps when she said the sinner’s prayer she was right. Jesus will not comment about my sister. He just pleads the fifth. But, for now, I need to have NO CONTACT with my mother. It is not safe to be with her now, because she is dealing with my sister, who, I think, may very well be a psychopath. My sister’s narcissism is so intense, she is consumed with jealousy against me and in her jealous rage (because I have a list of famous men who love me and want to marry me), she has been BFF with psychopath Loree McBride since 2012. I shudder to think what my sister might do, if I gave her the opportunity. I am NO CONTACT with both my mother and sister at this time.

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