Gail’s Car Search: 2004 Toyota Corolla Matrix

I will be making posts about the cars I see that interest me. I am leaning towards Japanese cars, because I don’t want to live in the auto mechanic’s shop. This car was in an accident in 2006, which may explain why they are offering it for such a low price. But I went out to look at the car and it certainly doesn’t look like it’s been in an accident. I haven’t heard from the seller yet. But they appear to be following some sort of coronavirus protocol. They are closed on Sundays and will be open on Monday 9 – 6. They are very close to me.

I have already contacted the seller and am waiting for a response.

Jesus has insisted that the car He has chosen for me will cost less than $2500 out the door.

Here is the Carfax report.

Here is an report based on its VIN number.

Here is the owner’s manual.

This car has automatic transmission, which is fine with me. Makes my life easier. Since I forgot a lot about manual transmission.

But I did spend some time learning about manual transmission, in case my car ends up a different car that has manual transmission. I used to drive a clutch from 1985 to 1998. But I’ve had automatic transmission since 1999. Here’s a refresher course for me. When I lived in Seattle, I would get stuck on some steep hills and I’d get nervous with manual transmission on steep hills. So I decided to get a car with automatic transmission for Seattle driving. But in Florida, a manual should be fine and I was able to handle small hills in a manual. I just tried to avoid downtown Seattle which had some very steep hills where I’d get stuck at a stop light on manual transmission.

2004 Toyota Matrix 03282020
2004 Toyota Matrix2 03282020

What to check:

  • Make sure all lights work, especially headlights and rear lights
  • Tires 205/55R16 91H – tires are good on 2nd check on 3-29-20
  • Make sure all doors and windows open and close right, lock right, with partial and full opening
  • Check rear view mirrors, inside and outside
  • Check instrument cluster, readable?
  • Check parking brakes and automatic transmission – need to drive car
  • Check hood lock release lever
  • Check turn signals and front fog light switches
  • Check wiper and washer switches
  • Check AC/heating
  • Check emergency flasher switch
  • Check rear window defogger switch
  • Check tilt steering lock release and lever
  • Check glass hatch (back) opener switch
  • How many keys do I get? Do they work? Lock and unlock doors?
  • Does wireless remote control lock and unlock properly and work right?
  • Does it open the glass hatch (back) properly? Check the “panic” switch
  • Check the glass hatch opener switch
  • Check if TVIP works properly (read p. 21 of owner’s manual). Test the system
  • Open the hood and look inside. Does auxiliary catch lever work?
  • Check AM/FM radio/CD player. Not too important for me
  • Check glovebox
  • Check if engine knocks, could indicate owner used cheap gas. Murphy gas with ethanol is good, no lower octane rating than 87
  • Check for compact spare tire in luggage dept.
  • Check under floor mats – be sure area is dry
  • Check that all front seat controls – seat adjuster, seatback recliner operate smoothly, that all latches lock securely in any position – that head restraints move up and down smoothly and locks hold securely in any latched position. For folding down, rear seatbacks, all latch and lock securely
  • Check seat belts
  • Check underneath for leaking fuel, oil, water or other fluid after vehicle has been parked for a while (checked and it was good)
  • Check battery for corrosion or loose terminal connections

Questions about the car:

  • Do it have an owner’s manual?
  • Is this vehicle equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system? Need to know if I ever purchase tires, I think
  • Does it have a wireless remote control?
  • Do they have the key number plate, so I can make key duplicates at a Toyota dealer or is the key number available?
  • Check glove compartment for AC filter (cleans dust from the AC air). If it has one, is it installed and clean? It’s behind the glove compartment.
  • Use premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 to preserve engine
  • Did the 2/9/2006 accident in New York damage the frame?
  • Buy a tire gauge
  • What type of oil does the car require? Is it SAE 5W-30, even for an older car? Of course Genuine Toyota Motor Oil is the best.
  • When a tire is replaced, the wheel should always be balanced
  • 32 PSI is the recommended tire pressure

Empress Gail Takes Charge: All INFLUENTIAL POLICY MAKERS Replaced with Automatons Worldwide

I have made updates to my Conspiracy Law to deal with the mass hysteria that Loree McBride is trying to foment worldwide in order to orchestrate a worldwide economic depression to her advantage.


8.07a7.1 As a reminder, because Zack Knight has sided with Empress Gail since 2016, all references to Zack Knight in Conspiracy Law (referring to him as the evil Jesuit leader) will now be referring to Loree McBride (or whoever is the evil Jesuit leader). Loree McBride has taken over politics and the mainstream media, orchestrating havoc and chaos and is attempting to orchestrate a worldwide economic depression (using her coronavirus pandemic) which she can use to take over the world. Therefore, all news broadcasters or journalists or INFLUENTIAL POLICY LEADERS in all the universe (on the national as well as the local level) who can influence legislation and how the citizens of that country conduct themselves, MUST BE REPLACED WITH GOOD AUTOMATONS (with the exception of Gabrielle Chana FOX News personnel). Automatons cannot catch the coronavirus. The real politicians, government leaders and news broadcasters or journalists will be given a vacation and perhaps put into a hologram or placed somewhere where they cannot influence policy anywhere. This is also necessary because Loree McBride has gone on a cloning rampage and is replacing good politicians or news broadcasters with evil clones, so it is necessary to protect the good leaders and news broadcasters, as a pre-emptive act, to prevent a mass takeover of good people with evil clones. For the purpose of this section, news broadcasters and leaders who are in a position to influence policy, will be called INFLUENTIAL POLICY LEADERS. The good automatons that replace the INFLUENTIAL POLICY LEADERS will be called GOOD AUTOMATONS.

8.07a7.2 For those INFLUENTIAL POLICY LEADERS that have already been replaced with evil clones or substitutes (like evil automatons), the evil substitutes MUST BE EXECUTED OR DISABLED AT ONCE and replaced with GOOD AUTOMATONS. Any willing and knowing attempt or action to override or negate this Sect. 8.07a in order to support Loree McBride’s attempts for a worldwide takeover will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

8.07a7.3 If, despite replacing all INFLUENTIAL POLICY LEADERS with good automatons, Loree still succeeds in getting out her evil propaganda to the world, we shall analyze how she is doing this and use our Nanotechnology Research Team and Gail’s men to come up with a way to defeat her disinformation campaign. For instance, if she is using clone versions of the Internet to broadcast false news from one of her spaceships (using her evil clones operating as a news organization from her spaceship), we may need to bomb that spaceship or news organization, or block the signals from that spaceship, or destroy the satellite(s) she is using to broadcast her propaganda. A special section of our Nanotechnology Research Team will devote their time to studying how Loree McBride manages to get her evil propaganda to the world, and will come up with ways to defeat her ability to bring harmful disinformation the world that is designed to defeat Empress Gail. Right now, her disinformation campaign is promoting a very dangerous hysteria regarding the coronavirus, which could lead to a worldwide economic depression, so it is very important for us to ensure that all news reported regarding the coronavirus is accurate and not designed to foment anarchy, riots, and homelessness and starvation.

8.07a7.4 This policy of replacing INFLUENTIAL POLICY LEADERS with GOOD AUTOMATONS will remain in place until we defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits.

8.07a7.4 Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) must break into all mainstream broadcasts worldwide to get THE TRUTH to the world, so that the world can respond in the most effective and healthy manner to the coronavirus pandemic orchestrated by Loree McBride. For Florida, where Gail lives, all counties except Brevard County, where Gail lives will get the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). For Brevard County, Gail’s men will decide how to handle getting the news to Brevard County, perhaps sending emails to all the residents of Brevard County as a government message regarding the coronavirus. Any willing and knowing attempt to block the transmission of Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) to any broadcaster will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Arrogant Tulsi Gabbard Jesuit Clone on Jimmy Dore's Show

As someone who has had extensive experience with clones, I think I can say with very good certainty that this is a Tulsi Gabbard Jesuit clone on Jimmy Dore’s March 21, 2020 show. Jesuit clones tend to be haughty, arrogant, self-assured, shallow, hypocritical and are sociopaths or psychopaths. This clone has none of the real Tulsi’s “aloha” spirit. And the clone is not a very good fake of Tulsi either. Though she looks like Tulsi, she has NONE of Tulsi’s “aloha” spirit and her answers seem “canned”, which is TYPICAL of clones, who are all cucks of Loree McBride. By the way, Loree OWNS THE U.S. DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Loree has made inroads into all the political parties of the world. I, as the leader behind Conspiracy Law, am the only leader who cannot be cloned, due to my King David genes.

Onto a positive note, I am on the Presidential ballot as Gail Chord Schuler. You can write me in, if I’m not on the ballot. Due to my King David genes, I cannot be cloned, which gives me a distinct advantage over all the other Presidential candidates. I don’t believe the real Tulsi would say that Trump’s help to people, won’t do “shit” to help people. Trump is doing a lot of things right, right now, in regard to the coronavirus. The real Tulsi would first praise Trump for what he’s doing right, and then would offer gentle, constructive criticism, because she would appreciate what Trump is doing right. The real Tulsi is a peacemaker, not a warmonger, especially as it appears that Trump is really trying to do a good job right now in regard to the coronavirus.

You might say, but Tulsi is your VP and Trump is your press secretary. That’s true, but under my Conspiracy Law, we execute Jesuit clones and we differentiate between clones and the authentic person. So, rest assured, I will not work with a clone. So if we are unable to access the real Tulsi, then I will just override the Tulsi clone as the President and I WILL NOT ALLOW ANY CLONES IN MY CABINET! I do have a cabinet, but if my cabinet turns into clones, then I override them ALL. Ron Paul has been acting strange, too. It’s like Loree’s replacing all my cabinet members with clones. In that case, I will have to override them all and act more like a monarch than a President.

I have sent the following email to my men:

Dear men:

It appears we may be dealing with a Tulsi Gabbard clone. If so, that clone needs to be EXECUTED and we need to get the real Tulsi back. The clone won’t be a threat UNLESS Joe Biden makes Tulsi his VP. So, I say let’s take out the clone. If I’m wrong and this is the real Tulsi, then I guess we won’t worry about it. I am staying out of politics as Jesus advised. And I can see why, now.


I want to apologize on the real Tulsi’s behalf to Tulsi’s supporters, that this awful clone has taken over the real Tulsi. It appears Tulsi has been “switched out” with her clone. This means the real Tulsi is in another dimension somewhere and the clone has literally taken over her body OR Tulsi is being held hostage and the clone is totally impersonating her. Loree McBride Jesuits use UFO technology to create and use clones. Another horrible possibility, is that Loree murdered the real Tulsi and has replaced her with a clone. I will post updates to this post, as I learn more.

We are in a war with Loree McBride Jesuits and are taking them out and Loree is going all out to keep her followers alive and remain viable. She is behind the coronavirus pandemic and all the hysteria around it. It’s her distraction to distract people away from the war between me, as U.S. Empress, and Loree McBride and to keep her psychopath space force and mad scientists in operation.

Loree McBride is the leader of the evil Jesuits, who are very powerful and have complete control over the U.S. Democratic Party and partial control over the Republican Party, and have made inroads in all politics worldwide. I, as U.S. Empress, am the lone politician, who opposes Loree McBride.

Copyright 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Empress Gail's Prayers for the World

Dear world:

Please pray with me as I ask Jesus for a miracle to help the world right now as we deal with tyrant Loree McBride’s attacks on our health and economies. Read this prayer in your hearts and say it along with me:

“Dear Jesus, please leave a generous infusion of cash in all the places it’s needed to help the world deal with the economic depression that is sure to happen, if you don’t miraculously assist us as we deal with the coronavirus hysteria. I ask you to give all the governments of the world that honor me as Empress enough cash to deal with the coronavirus hysteria, which they can then mete out to their people to ensure everybody has what they need to eat and stay alive and stay financially stable. I am not asking that you make us all rich. I am only asking that you give the government leaders (who support me) the cash they need to meet the needs of their people. Give all world leaders that support me extraordinary wisdom for this time. Let them remove all government services that are not good and are not necessary, so that we only spend money on what is necessary (food and bills) and don’t spend money on luxuries and tyranny (like the military-industrial complex and pharmaceutical companies that overcharge for prescription drugs). Help us to defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits, so that they can no longer tyrannize us with germs and poverty. It appears all the governments of the world need an infusion of cash right now, to pay off all debts and to be able to give this money to the people, who are all suffering because of Loree McBride’s tyranny. Please help us to defeat totally Loree McBride or people like her, so that she can no longer lord it over us, and drop germ bombs, create germs and manipulate the media, the economy and our health to serve Satan. Lord Jesus, we need you to drop off cash to all world leaders, which they must use to help their people in these times. Make sure it’s enough cash to deal with the problems that Loree McBride has created, as she fights tooth and nail to keep her followers alive and prosperous at our expense. Stop her thefts. Stop her murders. Stop her germs. Stop the bitch, and if she doesn’t get right with you, send her straight to hell FOR GOOD, so that we no longer have to deal with her and her tyranny. In the meanwhile, we need a miracle from you Lord. Drop off cash to all the world leaders who support me, which they can give to their people, to pay off all debts. They can get the cash, if they promise to only spend it on food and bills. They are not allowed to use it on luxuries. I believe this prayer would please you. Nothing is too hard for you, Lord. You can handle any economic depression. You can create cash out of the blue. I am asking you to do so, now. Infuse enough cash into our economies to prevent a depression and cause us all to have healthy economies, in spite of all that Loree is doing. The entire world needs financial assistance now, to thwart Loree’s attempts to put us all into poverty in order to become her slave. Bless Donald Trump with extraordinary wisdom and help him to come up with solutions to all the problems Loree has given to us. Give him the solutions to all the problems Loree has created, which he then can use on the entire earth. Help us all over the world to stop fighting each other, to unite in our war against Loree McBride, in order to defeat her and give us the cash we need to function, to stay alive and to be able to stay healthy, to have food and shelter and the clothes we need. Lord, we need a miraculous infusion of cash NOW. Give it to our leaders, who will then give it to those in need, so that no one has to become homeless, lose their shelter, lose their food and lose their health because they lack the funds to be healthy and to eat and have a safe place to live because of Loree McBride. Amen! And nothing is too hard for you, Lord.”

If you don’t know the Lord and want to know his love, peace and forgiveness. Here’s how:

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Bible for Tribulation Saints 11-Book Audio Series (2011 to 2020)

To view which books are at Audible:

I am currently making an audio book series for Bible for Tribulation Saints. Due to the length of this book, I am forced to break the book up into eleven audio books. Three books are finished and I have nine to go. The books that are finished have their own page with links to chapters at Patreon. I will make future pages for future books when they are finished. I will be doing Book 11 next.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 1 (12-27-11 to 3-21-12), chapters 1 to 19.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 2 (4-4-12 to 8-29-12), chapters 20 to 32.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 3 (9-16-12 to 12-26-12), chapters 33 to 54.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 4 (1-15-13 to 5-9-13), chapters 55 to 74.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 5 (5-12-13 to 9-9-13), chapters 75 to 91.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 6 (9-8-13 to 3-15-14), chapters 92 to 112.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 7 (3-16-14 to 8-25-14), chapters 113 to 131.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 8 (12-7-14 to 11-17-15), chapters 132 to 152.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 9 (12-18-15 to 9-5-16), chapters 153 to 174.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 10 (9-5-16 to 5-1-17), chapters 175 to 189.

Bible for Tribulation Saints Audio Book 11 (7-31-17 to 2-22-20), chapters 190 to 211.


1 – Introduction
2 – Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
3 – (Part 2) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
4 – (Part 3) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
5 – (Part 4) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
6 – (Part 5) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
7 – (Part 6) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
8 – (Part 7) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
9 – (Part 8) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
10 – (Part 9) Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
11 – Satan (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)
12 – (Part 2) Satan (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)
13 – (Part 3) Satan (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)
14 – Computers (March 2012)
15 – (Part 2) Computers (March 2012)
16 – (Part 3) Computers (March 2012)
17 – (Part 4) Computers (March 2012)
18 – (Part 5) Computers (March 2012)
19 – (Part 6) Computers (March 2012)
20 – Barack Obama (April to May 2012)
21 – (Part 2) Barack Obama (April to May 2012)
22 – (Part 3) Barack Obama (April to May 2012)
23 – Gail Chord Schuler (June 2012)
24 – (Part 2) Gail Chord Schuler (June 2012)
25 – Sandra Metcalf (July 2012)
26 – (Part 2) Sandra Metcalf (July 2012)
27 – (Part 3) Sandra Metcalf (July 2012)
28 – Keanu Reeves (8-3-2012 to 8-16-2012)
29 – (Part 2) Keanu Reeves (8-3-2012 to 8-16-2012)
30 – (Part 3) Keanu Reeves (8-3-2012 to 8-16-2012)
31 – (Part 4) Keanu Reeves (8-3-2012 to 8-16-2012)
32 – Skype (8-23-2012 to 8-29-2012)
33 – Church of Gail (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
34 – (Part 2) Church of Gail (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
35 – (Part 3) Church of Gail (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
36 – (Part 4) Church of Gail (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
37 – (Part 5) Church of Gail (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
38 – (Part 6) Church of Gail (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
39 – (Part 7) Church of Gail (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
40 – GA1L Android (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
41 – (Part 2) GA1L Android (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
42 – (Part 3) GA1L Android (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
43 – (Part 4) GA1L Android (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
44 – (Part 5) GA1L Android (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
45 – (Part 6) GA1L Android (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
46 – (Part 7) GA1L Android (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
47 – God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
48 – (Part 2) God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
49 – (Part 3) God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
50 – (Part 4) God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
51 – (Part 5) God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
52 – (Part 6) God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
53 – (Part 7) God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
54 – (Part 8) God the Father (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
55 – Zack Knight (1-15-2013 to 1-17-2013)
56 – (Part 2) Zack Knight (1-15-2013 to 1-17-2013)
57 – (Part 3) Zack Knight (1-15-2013 to 1-17-2013)
58 – (Part 4) Zack Knight (1-15-2013 to 1-17-2013)
59 – (Part 5) Zack Knight (1-15-2013 to 1-17-2013)
60 – Rule 13 (1-23-2013 to 2-18-2013)
61 – (Part 2) Rule 13 (1-23-2013 to 2-18-2013)
62 – (Part 3) Rule 13 (1-23-2013 to 2-18-2013)
63 – (Part 4) Rule 13 (1-23-2013 to 2-18-2013)
64 – (Part 5) Rule 13 (1-23-2013 to 2-18-2013)
65 – Russian Meteors (2-16-2013 to 2-18-2013)
66 – (Part 2) Russian Meteors (2-16-2013 to 2-18-2013)
67 – (Part 3) Russian Meteors (2-16-2013 to 2-18-2013)
68 – Vladimir Putin (2-21-2013 to 4-12-2013)
69 – (Part 2) Vladimir Putin (2-21-2013 to 4-12-2013)
70 – (Part 3) Vladimir Putin (2-21-2013 to 4-12-2013)
71 – (Part 4) Vladimir Putin (2-21-2013 to 4-12-2013)
72 – Boston Marathon Bombings (4-19-2013 to 5-9-2013)
73 – (Part 2) Boston Marathon Bombings (4-19-2013 to 5-9-2013)
74 – (Part 3) Boston Marathon Bombings (4-19-2013 to 5-9-2013)
75 – Lyudmila Putin (5-12-2013 to 6-2-2013)
76 – (Part 2) Lyudmila Putin (5-12-2013 to 6-2-2013)
77 – (Part 3) Lyudmila Putin (5-12-2013 to 6-2-2013)
78 – (Part 4) Lyudmila Putin (5-12-2013 to 6-2-2013)
79 – (Part 5) Lyudmila Putin (5-12-2013 to 6-2-2013)
80 – Jesuit Portal (6-3-2013 to 6-11-2013)
81 – (Part 2) Jesuit Portal (6-3-2013 to 6-11-2013)
82 – (Part 3) Jesuit Portal (6-3-2013 to 6-11-2013)
83 – (Part 4) Jesuit Portal (6-3-2013 to 6-11-2013)
84 – The Antichrist (6-15-2013 to 6-23-2013)
85 – (Part 2) The Antichrist (6-15-2013 to 6-23-2013)
86 – The Internet (6-24-2013 to 7-26-2013)
87 – (Part 2) The Internet (6-24-2013 to 7-26-2013)
88 – (Part 3) The Internet (6-24-2013 to 7-26-2013)
89 – Jesus’ Favorite Writer (8-8-2013 to 9-9-2013)
90 – (Part 2) Jesus’ Favorite Writer (8-8-2013 to 9-9-2013)
91 – (Part 3) Jesus’ Favorite Writer (8-8-2013 to 9-9-2013)
92 – Finances (9-18-2013 to 10-7-2013)
93 – (Part 2) Finances (9-18-2013 to 10-7-2013)
94 – Conspiracy Law (10-18-2013 to 10-20-2013)
95 – (Part 2) Conspiracy Law (10-18-2013 to 10-20-2013)
96 – (Part 3) Conspiracy Law (10-18-2013 to 10-20-2013)
97 – (Part 4) Conspiracy Law (10-18-2013 to 10-20-2013)
98 – (Part 5) Conspiracy Law (10-18-2013 to 10-20-2013)
99 – Dentistry (10-30-2013 to 11-28-2013)
100 – (Part 2) Dentistry (10-30-2013 to 11-28-2013)
101 – (Part 3) Dentistry (10-30-2013 to 11-28-2013)
102 – (Part 4) Dentistry (10-30-2013 to 11-28-2013)
103 – Culinary Arts (11-29-2013 to 12-1-2013)
104 – The Forbidden Abyss Book (12-22-2013)
105 – (Part 2) The Forbidden Abyss Book (12-22-2013)
106 – Heaven (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
107 – (Part 2) Heaven (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
108 – (Part 3) Heaven (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
109 – (Part 4) Heaven (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
110 – (Part 5) Heaven (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
111 – (Part 6) Heaven (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
112 – (Part 7) Heaven (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
113 – Jesus’ Writing Academy (3-16-2014 to 3-30-2014)
114 – (Part 2) Jesus’ Writing Academy (3-16-2014 to 3-30-2014)
115 – (Part 3) Jesus’ Writing Academy (3-16-2014 to 3-30-2014)
116 – (Part 4) Jesus’ Writing Academy (3-16-2014 to 3-30-2014)
117 – (Part 5) Jesus’ Writing Academy (3-16-2014 to 3-30-2014)
118 – United States Empress (5-4-2014 to 8-5-2014)
119 – (Part 2) United States Empress (5-4-2014 to 8-5-2014)
120 – (Part 3) United States Empress (5-4-2014 to 8-5-2014)
121 – (Part 4) United States Empress (5-4-2014 to 8-5-2014)
122 – (Part 5) United States Empress (5-4-2014 to 8-5-2014)
123 – Robin Williams (8-11-2014 to 8-13-2014)
124 – (Part 2) Robin Williams (8-11-2014 to 8-13-2014)
125 – (Part 3) Robin Williams (8-11-2014 to 8-13-2014)
126 – (Part 4) Robin Williams (8-11-2014 to 8-13-2014)
127 – Robin Williams From Heaven (8-14-2014 to 8-25-2014)
128 – (Part 2) Robin Williams From Heaven (8-14-2014 to 8-25-2014)
129 – (Part 3) Robin Williams From Heaven (8-14-2014 to 8-25-2014)
130 – (Part 4) Robin Williams From Heaven (8-14-2014 to 8-25-2014)
131 – (Part 5) Robin Williams From Heaven (8-14-2014 to 8-25-2014)
132 – Sentient Tacos & Burritos (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
133 – (Part 2) Sentient Tacos & Burritos (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
134 – (Part 3) Sentient Tacos & Burritos (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
135 – (Part 4) Sentient Tacos & Burritos (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
136 – (Part 5) Sentient Tacos & Burritos (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
137 – (Part 6) Sentient Tacos & Burritos (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
138 – (Part 7) Sentient Tacos & Burritos (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
139 – Jesuit Dog Bites Gail (1-18-2015)
140 – Brain Control Delusions (1-23-2015 to 1-25-2015)
141 – (Part 2) Brain Control Delusions (1-23-2015 to 1-25-2015)
142 – (Part 3) Brain Control Delusions (1-23-2015 to 1-25-2015)
143 – (Part 4) Brain Control Delusions (1-23-2015 to 1-25-2015)
144 – Lightning Bolts (3-4-2015 to 3-12-2015)
145 – (Part 2) Lightning Bolts (3-4-2015 to 3-12-2015)
146 – (Part 3) Lightning Bolts (3-4-2015 to 3-12-2015)
147 – (Part 4) Lightning Bolts (3-4-2015 to 3-12-2015)
148 – Sara Avery’s Black Hole (7-1-2015 to 11-17-2015)
149 – (Part 2) Sara Avery’s Black Hole (7-1-2015 to 11-17-2015)
150 – (Part 3) Sara Avery’s Black Hole (7-1-2015 to 11-17-2015)
151 – (Part 4) Sara Avery’s Black Hole (7-1-2015 to 11-17-2015)
152 – (Part 5) Sara Avery’s Black Hole (7-1-2015 to 11-17-2015)
153 – Jesus Orders A Rap Video (12-18-2015 to 12-25-2015)
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Empress Gail's Advice about the Coronavirus

UPDATE on March 17, 2020: I hear brain to brain that our immunization program is going forward, but that Loree is trying to create different strains of coronavirus to overcome it. I believe my men are actually immunizing the population using bombs from the air. The immunization may make you feel a bit weird, but if you can breathe fine and you don’t have a fever, you can just stay home and relax. I hear brain to brain the immunization may make your throat feel a bit weird. Don’t panic. Just be polite, wash your hands and follow the guidelines of the CDC. If you have to cough, cough into your elbow. Keep your hands clean. Don’t get the flu shot (Jesuits designed it to give you the flu). Go for a walk (if you don’t have a fever and are not ill) and get some vitamin D sunshine. We will get past this and if you don’t have a fever and can function, count your blessings. Loree McBride intended this to be a disaster. We are overcoming. God is on our side. We will get through this. Do the Gail Commandments.

UPDATE on March 15, 2020: I hear brain to brain that all those who have not yet contracted the coronavirus in the U.S. have been immunized by our scientists. The immunization happens by breathing in the air around you, so there’s nothing you have to do, though going outside for a walk might help to defeat Loree’s blockades. Those who are already sick are being treated very effectively. This does not mean we won’t have more people dying in the U.S., however, because those who are already sick may die, because we couldn’t get to them in time. Also, the actual cases are about twice of what’s reported in the news. Keep listening to the CDC so we can more effectively deal with those who carry the germ, even if they have no symptoms. It appears Donald Trump did have the coronavirus but was successfully treated (which explains his delay for testing and why he was negative when he finally tested) and we made sure that all those who came in contact with him while he was ill have also been successfully treated. Now that we have dealt with the United States, our next focus is Europe, which is quite a challenge because there are so many people infected with coronavirus there. We are doing a combination of treatment of the already ill with a very effective treatment, but as this germ multiplies very fast, it’s a challenge to get to all of them in time. Loree McBride is also erecting blockades trying to block our treatments and trying to block our attempts to immunize the population. Going outside for walks in the sun is one of the best things you can do. It makes it easier for us to treat you and also gives you vitamin D to boost your immune system. Vitamin D from the sun is free (and the most effective way to get Vitamin D) and Jesus does not want people loading up on supplements, but rather doing the Gail Commandments. Doing the Gail Commandments (below in next paragraph) is the best thing you can do to stay healthy. Our goal is to have the entire world’s population immunized and treated within a month, which means our lives (hopefully) will come back to a more normal routine within a month in the U.S. and within about two months for the parts of the world suffering from higher infection rates, like Europe, Italy, etc.

I have been following the coronavirus closely and reading about it from all sources. My advice is DON’T GET THE FLU VACCINE, because my husband Brent Spiner M.D. told me Jesuits created the flu vaccine so people would get the flu. Other vaccines are fine, I believe. The last thing you need is to catch the flu while the coronavirus is going around. The best thing you can do is to do the Gail Commandments.

It’s a waste of time to play the political blame game. While it’s true that Trump could have done many things better, like allowing for more testing and not firing his pandemic team, that probably would not have stopped the virus from spreading that much, simply because Loree McBride can spread the germ easily by using her agents and transporting her sick agents wherever she wants using Star Trek-like transporter technology. And I believe the she, in cooperation with my evil nurse sister, may have worked with their evil scientists to create this germ.

Funny that this coronavirus is pink here. Angelina Ballerina, who got Antichrist powers after Zack Knight defected to Jesus, flaunted pink as her color. Loree McBride is Angelina’s proxy from hell (where Angelina currently resides).

My men are trying to block Loree’s efforts though, but she’s a determined bitch. She’s furious because we are executing willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits and Loree’s just mad at the whole world and wants to make them all suffer because they won’t accommodate her evil sociopath, murdering heart. I actually think this bitch gets an orgasm when she murders people who don’t support her crimes. The germ seems to spread person to person primarily, so it’s a good idea to follow the guidelines of the CDC – social distancing, washing hands, etc.

Trump is doing the right thing to declare a national emergency and to block flights from Europe, China, Iran, etc. While it’s true that Loree McBride can use Star Trek-like transporter technology to spread her sick agents all over the place, we are trying to block her. She will certainly use traditional methods to get her agents around if we let her, so we do need to block entrance to our country from those who reside in nations that are heavily infected and not make it easy for Loree to spread her sick agents around making everyone sick.

China’s blaming the United States and the United States is blaming China for this pandemic. It’s actually Loree McBride who created this germ and she has agents inside both China and the United States. I guess you can say it’s the United State’s fault since Loree lives in Los Angeles, California and she is an American citizen. But when you say it’s the United States fault it usually means you are blaming it on Trump and that’s too simplistic. Trump is getting blamed for the actions of his evil deceased wife Melania. We are dealing with Melania leftovers in the Trump administration who currently work with Loree McBride. All these people need to be executed, so we can run the government without their evil interference. And yes, Trump has been appearing in public with a Melania automaton and I think Loree may have gotten the automaton and made it evil. So Trump’s situation is complicated. The blame goes to Loree McBride, who has agents all over the world!! So blaming it all on China and the U.S. is a waste of time. All Loree McBride Jesuits need to be executed and then we will have much more a peaceful, healthy world.

Trump’s biggest mistake is he needs to drop his sanctions on Iran. Those sanctions are stupid and are not helping the Iranians stay healthy and because they’re sick, they’re making everyone else sick. We are in a global community.

My men and I are working on a strategy to get the entire population of the world immunized to this virus and I believe they have already come up with a plan. But because we have to immunize the whole earth, it can’t be done as soon as we’d like. So to mitigate what could turn out to be like what’s happening in Italy right now, people need to follow the guidelines of the CDC. I believe my men are immunizing me and my followers first and then working out from there. There is nothing you have to do to be immunized, because my men are putting the “vaccine” in the air you breathe. So this is a battle for time between what my men are doing and Loree’s actions to spread the virus as quickly as possible and to counter what my men are doing.

You may ask why is Loree doing this? Well, she hates Trump and she thinks this will destroy him, allowing her cuck (probably Joe Biden) to get the U.S. Presidency. Though I believe I am the U.S. President, Loree is trying to oust me from power. So if this coronavirus gets really out of control and the whole world goes in lock-down mode, then Loree thinks she will have the justification she needs to impeach me or Trump and put her cuck in our place, thus defeating Trump and me and allowing her evil empire to stay alive and to continue her monstrous crimes against humanity. Loree literally meets with Satan at least once a week.

What we need to understand about Trump is that for most of his term Melania Trump held him captive and she was the tyrant President. She was a DISASTER as U.S. President and that’s why we’ve had to execute her. Trump is still doing some bad things, so I suspect we are dealing with Melania Trump leftovers in his administration, who serve Loree McBride and are betraying Trump.

Remember, I’m on the ballot as Gail Chord Schuler for U.S. President. Follow the guidelines of the CDC, don’t panic, and eventually my men will get the entire earth’s population immunized and the germ removed to the point that it is no longer a pandemic. We are doing both (removing the germ and trying to immunize those we can), but Loree and my evil sister Sandra Metcalf are fighting us tooth and nail. I’m hoping we can do this within a month, but it may take longer due to Loree causing problems. But if we can get most of the world immunized within a month, we may be able to lead more normal lives in around a month. It will help if we don’t have to deal with too many sick people in the hospitals I think, so follow the guidelines from the CDC.

Loree is playing victim in this game and I’m certain she created this germ. This is not the time for partisan bickering. Neither party is innocent in this matter. We need to move on from partisan bickering, follow the guidelines of the CDC and remember that our main problem is not the Republicans, not the Democrats, it’s LOREE MCBRIDE. We need to work together to defeat her germ. If she can get us to fight each other and waste our energies fighting, she WINS. She created the germ to cause division in the country.

With Melania removed from power, Trump is starting to do some things right. He may be a little slow, but keep him in your prayers. Wash your hands, don’t cough and sneeze on people, stay home if you’re sick, follow the guidelines of the CDC and do the Gail Commandments. Going out for walks (a Gail Commandment) is a good thing, that sunshine gives you vitamin D which boosts your immune system.

There are a lot of people in the world and I’m not sure how long it will take my men to get everyone immunized. If there are any scientists out there that want to help us in this effort, contact my men at In the meanwhile, try to stay healthy so my men can devote most of their efforts to getting everyone immunized while staying healthy themselves. Some people can’t be immunized due to immune deficiencies, so we are also working on removing the germs from the earth as well. This is probably a super big job. Loree is giving us a lot of work dealing with all her garbage. Pray for my men, do the Gail Commandments, and follow the guidelines from the CDC.

Copyright 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

Republicans Asking Tulsi Gabbard to Join Republican Party

Tyler Piekarski, 20, of Smithfield, Rhode Island

Affiliation: Republican

Previously supporting: Unsure

Who do you now support? Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Although I’m a Republican, we need someone who will be honest with us and not vilify the other side. Tulsi is a moderate Democrat, she has the ability to unite and reach across the aisle. She has done this in the past with things like veterans’ job training and gun control. In a more realistic view, if Sanders is the nominee I’ll be voting for Trump. If it comes down to Trump and Biden, it is going to be a very close call.

Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee? My prediction is that no one will win enough delegates, and we will go to a contested convention.

Who would give Trump the toughest race? Gabbard. She has moderate and Republican appeal. An analysis from found that her supporters are more likely to have backed President Trump in 2016, hold conservative views, or identify as a Republican than voters backing the other candidates. Meaning she has the best potential to take away moderate and even some Republican support that Trump needs to win reelection.


I am noticing a lot of Republicans asking Tulsi to join the Republican Party. I think that Tulsi should seriously consider leaving the Democratic Party though, which appears to be a party for losers right now, only allowing a privileged few to rise to the top. The Dem Party literally picks and grooms the winners and has total disregard for the will of the people. The Republican Party is not perfect either, but seem to be more fair than the Dems right now. I can also see Tulsi doing well as an Independent, if she could get some funding. She just needs to have a Centrist position on gun control and abortion and she’d fit in fine with the Republican Party. Of course, we want Tulsi to continue to be a woman of principle and if she absolutely cannot tolerate some of the Republican Party platform maybe she can just go out and say so and run as a Republican any ways. Republicans seem to tolerate diversity of opinion better than the Dems who severely punish those who won’t conform to their group think.

Tulsi Gabbard will appeal to Libertarian Republicans, types like Rand Paul or Ron Paul. Looking over what she believes, the only areas that might be problems for Republicans might be tuition free college for all, single payer plus healthcare for all, basic income, transition off fossil fuels, secure borders and humane immigration reform.

My National Health Care Plan is not single payer, but does allow government to have its own national health care plan, kind of like Medicare for All, but better. Look it over, Tulsi.

I’m not sure how I feel about climate change, but I am vehemently opposed to pollution. If she keeps her focus on pollution and explains how her alternatives would work, she may be able to win over some Republicans. Most people don’t like getting sick from pollution. She needs to make a strong case that the pollution is making everyone sick. She should emphasize that MOST POLLUTION COMES FROM WAR. Those bombs they drop are pretty nasty! Loree McBride’s bombs are the greatest source of pollution ON THE PLANET and nobody reports on that. I can assure you that even the staunchest Republicans don’t appreciate germ bombs being dropped over their heads making them sick!

What she could do is propose legislation that supports her views and show how she can make it work. Her economic views are her biggest handicap as a Libertarian Republican. She could say that this is her dream and she would like to implement her economic dreams, but that she’s willing to work out compromises in order to get as much of her dream passed as possible.

In the meanwhile, I encourage Tulsi to read carefully the following article to give her ideas to reform her economic platform, so she can be a powerhouse in the Republican Party. Tulsi seems an intelligent, open-minded person, who might be amenable to some constructive criticism regarding her economic platform:

For instance, she could state that she might allow the states to decide on the minimum wage and that it might be decided by locality rather than just fixing a straight standard for all states. She would need to thoroughly rethink some of her views and be prepared to justify them with deeply thought out thinking. Republican voters are more open minded than Democratic voters, I’m finding. Trump has a point about strong borders, but I don’t think a wall is that big a deal. Areas of disagreement, the Republican voters might forgive her, because she’s so consistent and authentic. Republicans seem to appreciate authenticity more than Democrats.

But sticking with the Dems won’t work. As Jill Stein says, you can’t be a revolutionary in an anti-revolutionary party.

It’s too late for her to be a Republican this go around. But perhaps next time, she might consider a Republican run. – Gail Chord Schuler

The New Cold War With Russia Is All America’s Fault by Scott Horton | Mar 4, 2020

The following is the text of a speech Scott gave to the King County, Washington Libertarian Party, February 29, 2020. This article by Libertarian Scott Horton is one of the best articles I’ve read on this topic and indicates excellent journalistic practices (a rarity nowadays in the United States). I’m so impressed with it, that I’ve added Scott’s blog called as an RSS feed to this website. See the header above. I’ve had a personal relationship with Vladimir Putin since 2001 and am pretty fed up with all the crap coming out about him in U.S. mainstream news.

According to Rep. Jason Crow, Russian President “Vladimir Putin wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night trying to figure out how to destroy American democracy.”

But that’s not true. There’s no real reason to believe that Putin means us any harm at all. The new Cold War with Russia is all America’s fault.

See, at the end of the last Cold War the American foreign policy community, led by the neoconservatives, adopted a doctrine of global dominance. This was as Charles Krauthammer put it in 1990, the U.S.’s “Unipolar Moment” and opportunity to remake the world our way and keep it that way. They call it leadership, hegemony, preeminence, predominance or even Full Spectrum Dominance. No really, it’s all for their own good though. Keeping the peace; protecting the sea lanes; enforcing the global rules-based liberal international order.

Dick Cheney’s Defense Department’s post-Iraq War I, “Defense Planning Guidance” from 1992 defined the doctrine for the new decade and into the new millennium: The U.S. must remain the single dominant power on the planet, and must maintain enough military power to prevent any possible strategic rivals, such as Germany, Japan, Russia or China, from even considering an attempt to challenge U.S. power.

The George Bush Sr. Years:

On February 9, 1990, President George H.W. Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker, as well as West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, promised Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev that if the USSR would withdraw their troops and allow German reunification under America’s NATO military alliance, they would not expand it “one inch eastward” beyond that.

Of course they lied about it since, at various times claiming this pledge either never happened or doesn’t count because it wasn’t in writing. But last year the records were posted at the National Security Archive at George Washington University’s website. You can read the writing yourself.

But then Bill Clinton started expanding NATO in his second term. Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were brought in 1999.

Clinton and his advisers said that Russia wouldn’t mind. Maybe they’ll join! They created the NATO-Russia Council with a promise toward further integration. But then the Kosovo war of 1999 ended all that talk for good. Of course inviting Russia into NATO, creating essentially a one-world white army of the North, would have also been a disaster, but the alternative our government has chosen has hardly been better.

Many Cold War hawks such as Clinton’s Secretary of Defense William Perry, George Kennan, who had coined the containment policy back in the 1940s, and his rival Paul Nitze who favored the more aggressive policy of Soviet “rollback,” the Butcher of Asia, Robert S. McNamara, who later confessed to war crimes in Japan, Korea and Vietnam, and Robert Gates, the former director of the CIA and later defense secretary all warned Clinton not to do it. As Kennan told the New York Times:

“I think it is the beginning of a new Cold War. I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever. No one was threatening anybody else. This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country turn over in their graves. We have signed up to protect a whole series of countries, even though we have neither the resources nor the intention to do so in any serious way.

“Don’t people understand? Our differences in the Cold War were with the Soviet Communist regime. And now we are turning our backs on the very people who mounted the greatest bloodless revolution in history to remove that Soviet regime.

“Of course there is going to be a bad reaction from Russia, and then [the NATO expanders] will say that we always told you that is how the Russians are – but this is just wrong.”

On top of the insult and danger of Western incorporation of former Warsaw Pact states into the NATO alliance, was the “shock therapy” economic policy of the “Harvard Boys,” Larry Summers, Jeffrey Sachs, David Lipton and Robert Rubin which totally destroyed the Russian economy. Instead of being a good sport at the end of a world-historical peaceful victory, the U.S. under Bill Clinton just kept kicking them while they were down. All at once the “Harvard Boys” abolished all subsidies and price controls in the formerly completely Communist economy, induced hyper-inflation, destroying all available capital for real investment and used “voucher” and “loans for shares” schemes that handed over entire industries to connected gangsters who mostly just liquidated it all and ran. The consequences for the economy and civilian population were beyond severe. Life expectancy fell by double digits across the country. The congressional testimony of former Wall Street Journal reporter Anne Williamson explains the full scale of the tragedy and how they got away with it.

The U.S. also rigged the Russian presidential election of 1996 with billions of dollars in last minute loans for passing out bribes and a massive and sophisticated propaganda and ballot box stuffing campaign. Is that “ancient history”? This scheme of course contributed to the rise of Vladimir Putin, whom Yeltsin named Prime Minister in 1999. He then resigned and named Putin to replace him as President on New Years of the year 2000. Putin has since isolated, exiled and replaced America and Israel’s favored Russian oligarchs with his own.

The George W. Bush years:

Vladimir Putin was the first foreign leader to call George W. Bush on September 11th to offer his condolences and full cooperation, including the use of Russia’s “northern route,” into Afghanistan through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and the use of former Soviet bases in those countries. Putin is said to have spent considerable political capital facing down critics on his right in politics and the military to do so.

Bush turned right around three months later and announced American withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and plans to put defensive missiles in Poland and radars in the Czech Republic. Attempting to avoid the obvious, the president claimed these were to protect Poland from ballistic missile attack from Iran. When Bush said this at a NATO or G-8 meeting in Europe – sorry, I couldn’t find it but do remember – the others all busted out laughing in spite of themselves.

Bush’s government also launched a project of what are called the Color-Coded Revolutions, primarily against Russian-leaning states in their near-abroad. These are essentially U.S. coup de tat’s disguised as fake “revolutions” backed by the CIA, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and friendly supposedly private NGOs like Otpor. This trend got started in the Bill Clinton years with mixed success in Albania in 1996, Montenegro and Croatia in 1997, Slovakia and Armenia in 1998 and Serbia in 2000. Bush brought the successful Serbian template to Georgia with the Rose Revolution in 2003, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004, the failed Denim Revolution in Belarus in 2005, the short-lived Tulip Revolution in Tajikistan in 2005, the failed Cedar Revolution in Lebanon in 2005, and disastrous Green Revolution in Iran during Obama’s presidency in 2009.

The Bush government also continued further NATO expansion in violation of his father’s promise, bringing seven more countries into the alliance: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. He tried very hard to include Ukraine and Georgia but Germany and France refused to allow it.

NATO membership is a war guarantee. The people in charge act as though it’s just an invite to a fancy cocktail party for powerful international government socialites. But as Pat Buchanan, former ardent Cold Warrior in the bad old days, likes to point out, the U.S. used to draw the line at the Elbe river half way across Germany. The threat was that if the Soviets invaded West Germany, threatening France, the Netherlands and the other Western democracies, we would go to war to stop them. Now America has moved that line 1200 miles to the east to Russia’s very western border with the Baltic states. There’s no real reason to fear it, but if Russia did decide to reconquer Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, our politicians have signed us up to fight a war to defend them from a power that could in fact destroy our entire civilization permanently in one afternoon if it came down to it. Nevermind our Monroe Doctrine in the sense that the Russians must feel the same way about their near-abroad as Americans do, but the Doctrine itself actually promises to stay out of European affairs if they will stay out of our hemisphere in return. That part always goes unmentioned, doesn’t it?

The short Georgia War of August 2008 could have turned into a real war. Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili – victor of the U.S.-backed Rose Revolution of 2003 – was incentivized to take bigger risks due to U.S. military support and vague security assurances the Bush government had given his government that spring. He launched an attack on the breakaway province of South Ossetia, then enjoying full autonomy and protection by Russian peacekeepers under a deal that had been brokered by our European Union allies. The Russians, suffering casualties in the initial assault, quickly struck back, destroying Georgia’s invading force and securing South Ossetia’s independence from Georgia.

Vice President Cheney proposed missile strikes agianst the Russian troops coming through the tunnels under the Caucasus Mountains. Luckily, the much wiser George W. Bush had decided better than to listen to Cheney by that late date.

Imagine, Georgia, this tiny, weak nation in the southern Caucasus Mountains, between the Black and Caspian Seas, being included in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. You thought Turkey was pushing it. But what value could Georgia possibly add to the American alliance, other than to get the people of this country into the worst kind of trouble over issues that are absolutely none of our business?

Putin gave a speech to a NATO meeting in Bucharest in April 2008, telling the Western leaders that, “The claim that this process [of bringing as many of Russia’s neighbors into the West’s military alliance as possible] is not directed against Russia will not suffice. National security is not based on promises.”

As Putin elaborated in an interview with Oliver Stone, whether America’s motives are truly just centered around corporate welfare or not, the position the U.S. is putting him in requires him to respond to the heightened threat. Soon thereafter he claimed in his annual address to the Duma an entire new generation of heavy MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle) missiles, one of which could kill every major city in Texas; nuclear-powered cruise missiles with essentially unlimited range for evading U.S. defenses; virtually undetectable nuclear torpedoes for destroying American coastal cities and major ports; and hypersonic delivery vehicles which completely skew the balance of Mutually Assured Destruction by reducing the amount of time that policy makers have to decide whether to go to nuclear war from 15 or 30 minutes to perhaps less than five.

The primacy project didn’t create a permanent state of dominance and security. Instead we got endless new liabilities with nothing real to show for it, and a new nuclear arms race, which it looks like we’re losing.

Obama Years:

First of all the Obama government continued NATO expansion by adding Albania and Croatia to the alliance.

He also made a chump out of Russian President Dimitry Medvedev by lying him into supporting the Libya resolution in the UN Security Council. Obama’s government claimed they were only going to launch a no-fly zone to protect civilians in Benghazi in Libya’s east, and then used the resolution as cover to launch a nine-month long regime change war on behalf of the Libyan veterans of Iraq War II – those who had fought for al Qaeda in Iraq there: the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and Ansar al Sharia, who have helped turn the country into a free-fire zone in the decade since.

If you know nothing, you’ll fall for anything. Even libertarians, often times blind to history and context, see these problems through TV and John McCain’s eyes. For example, the crisis in Ukraine in 2014. “Freedom is being threatened by Russian aggression!” the narrative went, which could not have been further from the truth. It was a battle over spheres of influence. Ours is the entire sphere. Theirs is inside their own borders only, and even then only for the time being. As National Endowment for Democracy head Carl Gershman threatened in the Washington Post in September of 2013, just as the U.S.-backed Ukrainian Maidan movement was getting started, “Russians, too, face a choice, and Putin may find himself on the losing end not just in the near abroad but within Russia itself.”

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, in, say, Canada. The Russians, after having won the Cold War had begun incorporating all of Latin America into the Warsaw Pact and then even used neo-Nazis to do a street putsch against the government in Ottawa, then helping them launch a war against the people of Vancouver, BC for refusing to recognize the new coup junta and threatening to overthrow the government in Washington D.C. next.

Right. We’d go to war over it. Those crazy, liberty-hating Russians though? They’ll just have to learn to get used to it.

Now, it is certain that the very worst things that Russia has done in this century has been their involvement in the wars in Ukraine and Syria. But it is important to note that first of all, in both cases the U.S. started it, not Russia. In Ukraine Putin sent deniable special operations types into the eastern Donbass region to help defend it. Like that or not, what they did not do was invade the country with any conventional force or take any territory in the east. When the Donbass region held a referendum and voted to ask to join the Russian federation in 2015, Putin refused. He would help them to maintain their autonomy from the hostile regime in Kiev only. More than ten thousand people were killed in the 2014-2015 war there – there is still some fighting – but the vast majority of these were Ukrainian civilians and militia fighters killed by the Kiev government, not pro-regime Ukrainians killed by Russian invaders. Nevermind the truth. The narrative is what counts on TV. Except in this case there’s hardly even a narrative at all. Just the endlessly repeated slogans “Russian aggression” and “Russian seizure of Crimea” without any explanation or context.

Well here is some context on the subject of Putin’s annexation of Crimea in 2014: Russia won the Crimean Peninsula away from the Turks back in the 1780s, when America was still under the Articles of Confederation. It is part of Russia like New York is part of the U.S.A.. The only reason it was under Ukrainian control at all was because Soviet First Secretary and Premier Nikita Khrushchev gave it to them by decree in 1954 in order to shore up Ukrainian support for his rise to power after the death of dictator Joseph Stalin. At that point it made no difference since they were all answerable to the Kremlin first. The population is something like 60% Russian, 14% Turkic Tatars and 25% Ukrainian, and in the generation between the fall of the Soviet Union and the events of the last decade, Crimea had maintained a great deal of autonomy from the central government in Kiev. After the 2014 coup, three former Ukrainian presidents signed a letter demanding that Russia be expelled from the naval base at Sevastopol where they had maintained a naval presence on lease on after the end of the Cold War. Instead Putin ordered his men to leave their bases and take control of the Peninsula. Not a single person was killed. Two warning shots were fired and that was it. A referendum was quickly held, and better than a super-majority of the people of the peninsula voted to join the Russian federation. Later independent polling confirmed the results.

Putin later joked in a speech by way of explanation that:

“[L]et me say too that we are not opposed to cooperation with NATO, for this is certainly not the case. For all the internal processes within the organization, NATO remains a military alliance, and we are against having a military alliance making itself at home right in our backyard or in our historic territory. I simply cannot imagine that we would travel to Sevastopol to visit NATO sailors. Of course, most of them are wonderful guys, but it would be better to have them come and visit us, be our guests, rather than the other way round.”

Again, when the eastern Donbass region tried to join Russia, Putin said no. The U.S. and its clients were threatening Russia’s vital interest in the warm water naval port at Sevastopol on the Black Sea. That’s the only reason they moved there. The status quo had held for 23 years since the red flag came down. The Russians were happy to lease the port and otherwise stay out. It was the U.S. that forced a change in the situation, and it blew up in their face.

Speaking of which, I highly recommend you-all look up and check out the clip of Foreign Affairs editor Gideon Rose on the old Stephen Colbert show bragging about the Kiev coup; about how easy it was and how we’re stealing this important strategic asset away from Russia while Putin is distracted with the Sochi Olympics so he can’t do anything about it. This was similar to Victoria Nuland and Geoffery Pyatt’s leaked discussion about getting the regime change all settled before Putin could figure out how to react. Just as in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan, the hawks’ hubris is unparalleled and is constantly their undoing.

And on Russia’s role in Syria: the various armed uprisings against the Assad regime in 2011 and 2012 would have been quickly destroyed by the regime there if the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel had not intervened on behalf of the supposed revolution, which was very quickly dominated by the jihadist followers of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarqawi’s group from Iraq War II. Instead, U.S. and allied intervention on behalf of the bin Ladenites, motivated primarily by an animus against the Assad regime for its alliance with Iran, led directly to the rise of the Islamic State, which conquered western Iraq in 2014 and raised the real threat in 2015 that a combined assault against Damascus by advancing terrorist forces could lead to a fall of the regime. Only then, after Barack Obama, David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan and John Kerry’s treason threatened a final victory for al Qaeda and/or ISIS in the capital city, did Russia finally enter the war in 2015. There’s no excusing the massive civilian so-called collateral damage inflicted on the people of Syria by the Russian air force flying on behalf of their government, but again, none of this would have happened if the U.S.A. and its allies didn’t create such a dangerous situation in the first place. If you listen to them now, the hawks are all screaming that Russia has returned to the Middle East after 25 years, but since it’s their fault, we shouldn’t listen to them. Half the time the same people boast that the Russians can’t afford it and that we like to see them bogged down in an expensive fight far from home. By the way, all three major chemical attacks blamed on Bashar al Assad’s government, in 2013, 2017 and 2018 were all hoaxes perpetrated by the bin Ladenites to try to increase U.S. support for their cause. In the latter two cases they got it.

Trump Years:

Donald Trump ran, for one thing, on the promise that he wanted to “get along with Russia.” Not that he had any real idea what issues divided the U.S. and Russia or what should be done about them. He simply possessed the completely pedestrian insight that the Evil Empire ceased to exist more than a generation ago, and that his predecessors’ failures to forge a peaceful coexistence and partnership with Russia by this late date should be placed at their own feet. He has also parroted former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s advice that the U.S. should seek partnership with Russia to divide them from and use them against China – getting the answer half-right for the wrong reason. But when Trump hired Paul Manafort, the lobbyist for foreign states who had worked for the previous, Russian-backed President, Viktor Yanukovych, in March 2016, they panicked. Nevermind that Manafort if anything was serving American interests attempting to persuade Ukrainian President Yanukovych and his Party of Regions to lean toward the U.S. and EU and away from Russia, they had a narrative to run with: Trump doesn’t just want to get along with Russia, he wants to give them the keys to the entire castle! Collusion!

Now I really don’t know what you know, so let me tell you, Russiagate was just a big fake hoax. CIA Director Brennan and FBI Director Comey and their underlings knew that the entire story of Russian interference and Trump Campaign “collusion” was nonsense. The investigation was the end in itself.

After the leaks about Russia’s supposed hack of the DNC emails failed to stop Trump’s election, the CIA and Democrats – I know this sounds so crazy it sounds like I’m the one who’s crazy, but really, check my facts in the New York Times – they wanted to have acting CIA Director Mike Morell brief the Electoral College that Trump cheated with the Russians to win and so they should throw the election to Hillary, or at least to the House of Representatives which could then name House Speaker Paul Ryan or former Secretary of State Colin Powell to take his place. That of course went nowhere. Someone must have finally told them those electors come from the state parties, not the D.C. suburbs, and there’s no way in the world they were going to give Trump’s win to anyone else. Then three days before his inauguration came the completely fake and stupid “intelligence assessment,” which is a made-up thing, written by a quote “hand-picked by Brennan” few, in place of a real National Intelligence Estimate, and which contained exactly zero substance whatsoever. This was followed by the leaking of the completely fake and stupid Christopher Steele Dossier alleging Trump’s full subordination to Russia and its goals going back for years. Of course the basis for the story was that the FBI’s Comey had warned Trump about the fake accusations against him in the first place.

After Trump fired Comey, the leaders of the Department of Justice plotted to try to invoke the 25th Amendment and get the cabinet to vote to remove him from power. Once they were sure they would fall short if they tried it, they settled on the plan to just pretend to investigate the fake plot for another two years. If they couldn’t get rid of him, they could at least “reign him in,” as FBI officials told CNN.

Amazingly, they kept this lie going for just short of three years; well, dozens of them: The DNC and Podesta email hacks, which they have never proven were done by Russia and later admitted they have no proof of a chain of custody to Wikileaks’ Julian Assange; Manafort’s supposed handling of Trump for Putin, which of course was never prosecuted because it was not true; George Papadopoulos and rumored stolen emails, which was revealed to all be an FBI/CIA set-up in the first place; Carter Page’s alleged deal to lift Russia sanctions – Yeah sure, the Russians promised someone with no pull inside the Trump campaign a 19% ownership stake in Gasprom, the giant Russian government-owned oil firm, if only he would seize control of America’s sanctions policy for them. It turned out in the end that Page was actually a CIA asset whom the agency had told the FBI was a solid guy and no traitor at all, which the FBI censored from their FISA search warrant application against him, alleging a pretended belief that he was an agent of the Kremlin in order to keep the investigation going. Then there was Senator Sessions’s substanceless meetings with the Russian ambassador in his office and at a public speech, Gen. Mike Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador, which was spun as treason for Russia when in reality he was asking a favor of them on behalf of Israel – oops; endless snipe hunts for pee tapes which even Steel’s source admitted was made up; the big nothing Trump Tower meeting that we were told for years was the certain key to lock up the President’s son for treason, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s non-existent trip to Prague to arrange for the Russian Facebook ad campaign that in fact was not run by the Russian government at all, was not aimed at influencing the election and flatly did not do so; the Russian plot to hack Vermont’s power grid and C-SPAN TV; the “PropOrNot” blacklist of good journalists; the secret server communicating with Russian intelligence that was just a Trump Hotels spam bot; the Russians’ supposed invention of the Black Lives Matter movement to stir up those otherwise perfectly contented survivors of state violence; weaponized cricket chirps at the U.S. embassy in Cuba – yeah, no, really, the U.S. government said the Russians and Cubans were using a mind control beam weapon that was causing all sorts of terrible psychosomatic effects on the poor State Department victims therein; the Russian hacking of all the state parties’ voter rolls was an obvious joke long before they admitted it. You can go ahead and start with a scoff when the reports are coming from the Department of Homeland Security. They just want some attention. Then there was the Russian GRU’s alleged intervention in Brexit, in French, German and EU Parliamentary and other elections throughout Europe, and Putin’s supposed influence looming behind Trump’s choice of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for the Secretary of State job, and then later arranging his eventual firing. Virtually all of these were eventually walked back or abandoned, with another few thousand dishonest claims and smears against everyone who knew better along with them.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller could have let it be known from at least near the very beginning of his appointment as Special Council in 2017 that their investigation was not pointing to the fact that the President of the United States was guilty of treason in league with the Kremlin to destroy our democracy and all. As Bob Woodward explained in his 2018 book, Fear, Trump told his lawyer to give Mueller’s team every scrap of paper from the 2016 campaign, no problem, not a thing to hide in the world. Just as Woodward understood and the Department of Justice must have, this meant that from the very beginning there was nothing there to find. They could have made that most important part of the story clear in a reasonable amount of time after that. Instead we got 1,000 leaks from the spies and the feds for another two years trying to make us believe it was all true. When Buzzfeed somehow crossed the line by falsely claimed that Bush had instructed his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, Mueller quickly put out a press release denying that was true. But whether the sitting president was guilty of High Treason, of past and current subordination to the most dangerous foreign power on the planet? Sorry, you’ll just have to wait and wonder and watch TV speculate for a couple years until we get back to you.

And “reigning Trump in” has worked, in spades. As Tulsi Gabbard pointed out in a great piece in The Hill last week, Trump doesn’t have the intelligence or the strength to stand up to the National Security State’s onslaught. Desperate to prove what a traitor he’s not to the foreign policy establishment, Trump betrays the American people and his promise to end the recent era of enmity and work things out with Russia. Instead he’s overseen the addition of Montenegro and Macedonia to NATO; sent more American troops and equipment to Poland and the Baltics, including provocative military exercises and parades within just yards of the Russian border; and where Obama, the first black president to support a Nazi coup, was afraid to arm the regime forces who attacked their countrymen in the eastern Donbass region for fear of a real escalation into war with Russia, Donald Trump has gone ahead and sent arms to Ukraine’s Nazi-infested armed forces – sniper rifles, armed boats, RPGs and Javelin anti-tank missiles, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars worth of non-lethal equipment like Humvees, night vision goggles, radars and armor, along with training and joint military exercises. All this just incentivizes more violence after the major Minsk II peace deal has already been signed, calm is mostly reigning and talks continue.

If you can believe it, the House of Representatives of the United States of America actually recently impeached President Trump over allegedly holding up part of this arms deal for a few days until he could generate some bad PR for ex-Vice President Biden who we know was intimately involved in the 2014 coup and whose son got an in-name-only job at a major Ukrainian gas company in the aftermath for a cool $85,000 per month – that’s a million dollars per year – which he blew on crack and sex workers while cheating on his wife and dead brother’s widow at the same time. But anyway, holding up that arms deal was really bad, the Democrats thought, worse than genocide in Yemen, worse than doubling down on a lost war in Afghanistan and much worse than picking a fight with Russia, which is what he’s actually been doing.

Under Trump the U.S. Navy has stepped up its presence in the Black and Baltic seas and armed U.S. frigates in the Baltic with medium range cruise missiles that reduce first strike warning times, which of course makes the Russians’ launch-on-warning trigger finger itch that much worse.

And worst of all Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty and threatened to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty and let New START expire next year.

Then again, when he proposes negotiations for a grand new nuclear deal between the U.S. and Russia, the media slam him as naïve and dangerous and only proving once again what an treacherous agent of the dastardly Vladimir Putin he is.

An important note about the INF Treaty: The MK-41 missile launchers Obama installed in Romania and Poland are supposedly for firing defensive missiles, but they also fit medium range Tomahawk cruise missiles. So the U.S. broke at least the spirit of the INF Treaty first, just as with the ships in the Baltic Sea. Russia then developed some new missiles that were probably also in violation – but were only being used for deployment near Russia’s frontier with China. But guess what? That’s why the U.S. wanted out of the treaty too, so they could deploy medium range missiles against China. So instead of saying, hold on now, and trying to negotiate a continuation, this important Reagan-era treaty that kept medium range nuclear missiles out of Europe for 30 years is now dead.

Perhaps worst of all is Trump’s 2018 Nuclear Posture Review which, like Trump’s official National Security Strategy, announced a return to “great power competition,” specifically citing the Russian “threat” and called for the development and deployment of more low-yield, “usable” nuclear bombs and missiles (more on those in a minute), announced that the United States will not seek ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and even denounces the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which of course America signed back in 1968, promising to abolish our nuclear weapons stockpile completely, but has always ignored anyway.

What’s it all about?

Well it ain’t the threat of Soviet Communism, dead and gone 30 years now.

And it ain’t “Russian Aggression” which exists only in the minds of their aggressive accusers. Russia’s GDP last year was 3 trillion dollars. When you include the VA and the energy department’s care and feeding of the nuke stockpile, the U.S. spends a trillion dollars per year on the military. Russia spends $60 billion. We have more than a million-man army spread throughout the world. They have 750,000 and they almost all stay home, except special operations types in Ukraine and those and some air power in Syria, where, again, the U.S. has provoked their intervention through irresponsible policies in the first place.

The Russians have one broken down old diesel-powered aircraft carrier. America has 11 nuclear-powered carrier battle groups throughout the world at all times, 20 carriers overall. The U.S. has more than 3 times the amount of military aircraft as the Russians when including the U.S. air force and navy.

But Congressman Schiff says we fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here. And there is no reason to believe that Vladimir Putin is dumb enough to try to make the same old mistake and invade and occupy foreign territory at all. What does he need from the eastern European states that he cannot trade for – other than possibly a defensive “land cushion” to their west to protect them from American aggression?

It’s the money. As Richard Cummings did such a great job of explaining in his 2007 article “Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” the 1990s-era U.S. Committee To Expand NATO was a project of Lockheed Vice-President Bruce Jackson. The whole thing was just meant to be a racket for selling jets either directly to the eastern European states, or failing that, to force the American taxpayer to pick up the tab for them.

A fun anecdote about that: back in the spring of 2014, Harper’s magazine reporter Andrew Cockburn reported that he had a source who had been at a big party at Crystal City outside of Washington, D.C. – an area heavy with military contractors and lobbyists – the night it was announced that the Russian sailors were leaving their bases and seizing the Crimean Peninsula. They all started laughing and cheering and celebrating. Forget patrolling peasants in Afghanistan, a massive buildup against the renewed Russian Threat was exactly the conflict these men were looking for; threatening the future of our entire species so they don’t have to get real jobs.

You’ll note that the Navy and Air Force are more concerned with implementing their Air/Sea Battle doctrines in East Asia, while the Special Operations Command is doubling down in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya and on into West Africa.

It’s all in the game. The entire U.S. military is, as they themselves call it, a “self-licking ice cream cone.”

Full-Spectrum Dominance is a government program; as such it is the means and the end in itself. And so it goes.


The elephant in the room here of course are the hydrogen bombs, otherwise known as thermonuclear fusion bombs or “strategic” nuclear weapons. One of these in the high kiloton or low megaton range can kill your entire city in a single shot.

Barack Obama pushed a massive appropriation toward revamping the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal as well as a complete overhaul of the entire industry; all the factories and national laboratories too. They started by saying the project would cost 1 trillion dollars. Now it’s 1.75 trillion. We’ll be lucky if it’s only 3 or 4 trillion dollars by the time their done. (This after spending almost 6 trillion on the current arsenal during the last arms race with Russia in the 20th century.) A recent article in Defense One said:

“Modernizing the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal is Pentagon leaders’ top priority. The Pentagon, in its fiscal 2021 budget request, asked Congress to approve [another] $28.9 billion to maintain its existing weapons and buy new intercontinental ballistic missiles, [a new generation of] stealth bombers, submarines, cruise missiles, warheads and communications equipment. The Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration has requested $15.6 billion for its nuclear weapons projects.”

Much of the time, if you listen to the DC wonks talk about it, the nukes just go without saying. Of course everybody knows that both sides are armed to the teeth with them still, but so then they just seem to get left out, leaving entire plans and discussions about war revolving around the idea that we could really just fight a conventional war with Russia like in some fun fantasy of a junior tank officer or a stay-at-home PlayStation general.

But both sides still have about 2,000 nuclear and thermonuclear bombs deployed, with approximately another 6-7,000 each in reserve. This is still way down from the height of the arms race the last time around in which both sides built up nuclear weapons arsenals in the tens of thousands of bombs.

Possibly even more dangerous than the multi-megaton city-killers are the new dial-a-yield bombs, capable of being detonated at “usable” low-yield strengths in the 10s or even single digit kilotons. They also come with new and improved proximity fuses that make them far more accurate. This might sound like an improvement, but at the same time it makes the actual use of these weapons seem far more plausible to the men in control of them. It was only just announced a few weeks ago that the first of the new generation of these weapons have been deployed on U.S. submarines.

The Americans have a theory that Russia’s new military doctrine in Europe is to “escalate to de-escalate” – that is, in the event of war, to use one small nuke to dissuade any further escalation by our side. But the U.S. wants them to know that that won’t work: the U.S. will escalate back, not disengage. To drive this point home a story was recently leaked about a war game earlier this month which included the use by Russia of a low-yield nuke under their new doctrine. So in the simulation, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper immediately nuked them right back. Hans Christianson from the Federation of American Scientists says this leak was also a public relations stunt to get Congress to fund the new submarine-launched low-yield cruise missile they want to develop.

(In Andrew Cockburn’s book Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall and Catastrophic Legacy, he describes how the former Secretary of Defense, filling in as the president while playing Continuity of Government games in the 1990s, would always blow up the world, every chance he got. Even when the game was designed to provide off ramps from full Omnicide, he still went for it every time.)

In real life, this type of exchange, beginning with so-called tactical nukes, would almost certainly devolve into general nuclear war and the destruction of the northern hemisphere and the starvation of billions more, as a war simulation carried out by Princeton University demonstrated last year. Any people who survived would have been set back centuries. Even an extremely “limited” nuclear war, such as between India and Pakistan, could kill as many people as all who died in World War II in a single day. The soot from the fires, rising high above the clouds where it cannot be rained out, could be enough to darken our sunlight enough to cause nuclear winter, massive global crop failures and the deaths of billions.

And for what? To keep Russia from occupying Tallinn or Vilnius, cities most Americans have never heard of and certainly would never have signed up to be wiped off the face of the earth over?

In another recent DoD exercise, Russia nukes first and the U.S. responds by nuking their ally Belarus. Who comes up with this stuff?

If you want to know how crazy America’s nuclear weapons policy really is, please read The Doomsday Machine by the great Vietnam War whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of the Pentagon Papers. He was also a nuclear war planner and has some serious things to tell you in there. For example, back in the ’50s, the one and only nuclear war plan said that in the event of a crisis with the Soviets, in, say, West Berlin, the U.S. would nuke every single city in the Soviet Union and China. Though that was revised somewhat in the Kennedy years, anecdotes since that time are not reassuring. Old “Iron Ass” Dick Cheney was said to be astonished and disturbed when seeing a simulation of a U.S. nuclear war against Russia which included scores and scores of strikes on Moscow, long after it would have ceased to exist. Every service wants two cracks at every target because what if the first shot is a dud? Better make it three air force gravity bombs, two ICBMs, two Tomahawk cruise missiles and a couple of sub-launched Polaris missiles at this one radar station on the edge of town, just to be sure. And every new weapon invented and deployed is added to the list while the old ones remain. Year after year it adds up to just comic book-crazy scenarios such as nuking cities full of people and then the empty craters over and over and over again. As Ellsberg recounted, when he left his first viewing of Dr. Strangelove, he and a RAND Corporation college said to each other, that wasn’t satire; it was a documentary.

It seems crazy and alarmist to even consider. After all, what could we really have to fight about with Russia now that’s more important that all the crises of the first Cold War era? But it is crazy. And that’s why we should be alarmed. And we should do everything we can to shout down those ignorant TV-slogan repeating myna birds in our communities who have climbed on board the bandwagon on this.

It’s no different than the demonization of any of the U.S. government’s enemies here and around the world: virtually the entire popular narrative is fake.

Of course the older generation is used to hating Russia and the young have been sold a line of garbage about “Russian aggression” throughout Eastern Europe, and of course the Russiagate hoax and Putin inflicting Trump upon our land.

But the U.S.A., not Russia, is the World Empire. And it shouldn’t be. Primacy in the Old World is a Fool’s Errand. This is the middle part of North America. Our supposed limited constitutional republic should never have tried it. And while it’s possible that economic catastrophe could end the era of attempted predominance before a nuclear war does, it seems like the more responsible course would be to recognize the self-destructive nature of our current policy and just call it all off now while we’re ahead.

In truth, neither Russia nor Germany nor anyone else has any interest whatsoever in starting a war in Eastern Europe. It is the U.S.A. which has picked this fight.

Of course in the current political climate any statement or position that contains anything better than the most overly simplistic, “other side”-bashing, fearmongering point of view is spun from on high as not just “pro-Russian,” but also “obviously-secretly-controlled-by-Russia” because what other explanation for someone not believing the hype could there possibly be?

But that’s why the current political climate must change. Already the most recent false accusations about Russia’s supposed support for both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have fallen flat amongst all but those most determined to believe it about the other side. But last week, as the writer Matt Taibbi noted, Trump’s approval rating went up, while Sanders cleaned up in Nevada the day after the smear story was launched. Of course the entire story was later walked back, like all the rest of them.

America’s relationship with Russia is the single most important matter facing humanity. We all deserve policies that will bring an end to the current system which requires a perpetual nuclear sword hanging over all of our necks while tragic proxy conflicts are waged against innocent people and the threat of a real war breaking out is higher than at any time since the early 1980s, if not the early 1960s.

This essential issue is one where libertarians can lead by telling the truth and demanding an end to this insane game of militarism and global hegemony so that we can truly live in peace and prosperity together.

Thank you very much.

Tulsi Gabbard is my Vice President

My genetic profile is literally 60% Catherine the Great and 50% King David of Israel.

UPDATE: I’m hearing brain to brain from Brent Spiner that Tulsi is considered my Vice President and for this reason a lot of Tulsi supporters are voting for me, so her low vote count reflects that fact. Tulsi is actually really popular, but the voters want her as my Vice President, so by voting for me, they are in a sense voting for Tulsi. What you are seeing on the news are the second place winners in all the states, as I’m on the ballot in all the Super Tuesday states. Apparently, I’ve won in a landslide in all the states except for Vermont, which went to Bernie Sanders. What you are seeing in the news since South Carolina, has been the vote counts of the votes that were cast and that OMITTED THE VOTES CAST FOR ME. So, basically, mainstream news is reporting on the 20% that didn’t vote for me. Apparently, I am winning about 80% of the votes in all the states.

Bernie Sanders also supports me, so he should do well in Super Tuesday, too. But Bernie has some hang ups about my law that mandates the death penalty for evil Jesuits. Though I have Bernie in my cabinet, he is only in charge of Health and Human Services.

It appears I’m really popular and have won in a landslide in all the states except for Vermont. I’m on both the Republican and Democratic ballots. Donald Trump also supports me, so he’s doing really well on the Republican ballot. Starting with South Carolina, I’ve been on the ballot and what you’re seeing in mainstream news are the results of the vote with ME OMITTED. So you’re seeing the results of the leftover vote, those who didn’t vote for me. My men tell me I won in a landslide, getting about 80% of the votes in all the states as compared to Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, etc. Tulsi supporters don’t be discouraged by Tulsi’s low vote count. Because I made her my Vice President, her voters voted for me. I won’t make a video about this, but my guts tell me that what I’m hearing brain to brain is correct. Watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) for the results that include me, as I’m on all the ballots in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

The real reason Amy Klobuchar, and so many Dems are dropping out is cuz now that Biden has supported me, they feel they are wasting their time running. Actually, I shouldn’t be too surprised that Biden is supporting me, cuz Barack Obama supported me. My men may give Joe a spot in my administration. I’ll let them decide what spot that should be. Tulsi is staying in the race in mainstream news in order to get our message out, cuz she is prepping for her role as Vice President and trying to get public support for her role as Vice President in my administration.

Elizabeth Warren, from what I understand, is a Loree McBride supporter and as I’m very popular, that will destroy her.

Gabbard’s problem is she is a fish out of water. She doesn’t belong in the Democratic Party, so the Dems aren’t voting for her. The Republicans won’t vote for her cuz they don’t like it that she’s a Democrat. If she ran as a left-leaning Republican or third-party, especially as a Libertarian or Independent, she would be making a lot of waves. Despite all this, I may just keep voting for her up until the end, cuz I really like her. But I don’t see her as a Democrat. She seems more Green, Libertarian or left-leaning Republican to me and calling her a left-leaning Republican is not meant to be an insult. But until she realizes that she does NOT belong in the Dem Party, she won’t get anywhere because the public is confused over who she is. I have high emotional I.Q. and have her figured out, but most people aren’t as smart as me.

The fact that Tucker Carlson seems to like her indicates she could get a lot of Republicans to vote for her. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a left-leaning Republican though. If she decided to go Republican, she would need to modify some of her platform, but she’s pretty Centrist on a lot of issues and she seems flexible on some issues. This may seem a weakness, but it indicates she likes to accommodate differences of opinion in order to come to a constructive consensus. She’s a team player. If I was her, I’d seriously re-evaluate my positions and seriously consider leaving the Democratic Party. She may need to ask herself what are her true convictions and do some deep thinking, then find the platform that most closely aligns with her views. I really do not think this gal belongs in the Democratic Party, that’s her problem.

She may be hoping that Bernie will pick her as VP. But for some reason, I don’t think he’ll pick her. He seems to be caving into the power masters. Any ways, mainstream politics has me pretty disgusted and bored. I’m on the ballot as Gail Chord Schuler and I like Tulsi, so if I win, she’ll be busy in my administration as my Vice President. It would be SO REFRESHING to see this gal do well in mainstream politics. I’m not too impressed with how this election is turning out. It gets more boring by the day! The only folks who seem to make it are the ones who blend in with the crowd and never have an original thought. Tulsi’s an original and I guess the world doesn’t like originality.

Copyright © 2020 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

"Hot" Loree McBride Will be a WORM FOR ETERNITY

Question: “How should a Christian view weight loss? What does the Bible say about obesity and weight loss?”

While nothing in the Bible specifically addresses obesity and weight loss, there is much in God’s Word about the importance of our health and of taking care of our bodies. God warns us against gluttony. In the Old Testament God gave specific instructions about what His people, the Israelites, were to eat (Deuteronomy 14:1–21). Most of these commands were designed to keep the Israelites from eating harmful foods that would negatively impact their health. Some of the commands were also given so God’s people wouldn’t imitate the habits of the idolatrous people around them.

Gluttony, which is overeating or drinking to excess, is condemned in the Bible (Proverbs 23:20–21). Gluttony can lead to health risks and become a drain on one’s finances. Plus, the love of food and drink can all too easily become an idol in our lives. Anything that takes the place of God or becomes our number-one focus is, by definition, an idol and thus a sin against God (Exodus 20:3–6). Proverbs 23:2 exhorts us to “put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony”; in other words, we are admonished to restrain our appetites.

In the New Testament, Paul tells followers of Jesus Christ that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19–20). That being the case, we should take care of our bodies and keep them as healthy as possible. Knowing that being obese can lead to multiple health problems, including back and knee pain and cardio-vascular complications, we should make wise choices regarding food, drink, and exercise.

We should be careful not to imply that being overweight is synonymous with gluttony. That would be an over-simplification. There are indeed medical conditions and medicines that lead to weight gain and situations that prevent proper exercise. Such circumstances require a much greater effort than the average person expends to keep one’s weight under control.

If there are no extenuating circumstances, then being overweight is usually an outward sign of a life out of balance. Anxiety and depression are a couple of the most common reasons to eat out of balance. “Anxious eating” is much more common than most people realize. Of course, the Bible has plenty to say about how to deal with anxiety and depression. God repeatedly tells His children not to fear and to cast their cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7).

Jesus taught us to seek a balance between the physical and the spiritual: “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Striving for balance in our eating habits—and balancing our physical needs with our spiritual necessities—requires wisdom.

Weight loss requires more than simply desiring to lose weight. It’s possible to desire something and never attain it. In the Christian life, we must make decisions that “take off the old self” and “put on the new self” (Ephesians 4:22–24). Similarly, to attain a balance in our diet, we must put aside old habits and develop new ones. Also, the Christian life teaches us that success is easier when we are sharing the journey with others. In the same way, weight loss is best accomplished with others who can provide some degree of accountability.

While obesity and weight loss are valid concerns, we must be careful not to become obsessed with body image. Again, when something besides God becomes the major focus of life, it is sin. To constantly obsess about exercise, diet, and weight loss means we’ve allowed our bodies to become the center of our lives. Someone with a toned, fit body can be just as idolatrous as a glutton. Also, an obsession with weight loss can tip over into anorexia or bulimia, which also has a negative impact on health.

The bottom line is that the Lord wants His children to take good care of their bodies since their bodies are the residence of the Holy Spirit. A strong, healthy body helps us better serve God and thus bring glory and honor to Him, our principal reason for living. The Lord wants us to keep our focus on Him and not fall into obsessing about weight gain, weight loss, or food and drink, any of which can become an idol in our lives.

At the end of the day, God wants our hearts. Body weight and outward image are over-emphasized in our society, at the expense of inward character. While we should strive to honor God with our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:20), God is more interested in how we treat others and our loyalty to Him than our physical weight.

Jesus has also given us the Gail Commandments, which addresses a lot of health issues:

Thou shalt take Seroquel, the medication designed by Jesus, every day as prescribed at the same time every day.

Thou shalt eat a balanced diet without concerns about allergens or toxins, using the method of calories-in calories-out as a guide to weight management.

Thou shalt not toil in activities, even honorable work for the Lord, to the extent that sleep is sacrificed. Set aside at least eight hours per night for sleep.

Thou shalt honor the Lord’s temple by taking time every day to self-groom, bathe, brush teeth, and stay clean.

Thou shalt honor the home of Jesus’s favorite by taking time every day to clean, wipe down, laundry, vacuum, and dust your apartment.

Thou shalt go on walks every day, enjoying the day that the Lord has made. Unless he made the day rainy or unsuitable for walks, then exercise indoors with the window open.

Thou shalt spend money only on food and bills. Being mindful that spending money on a deal or impulse is not saving money if it is to buy more than you need or something you wouldn’t have otherwise bought.

Thou shalt take only one multivitamin and one allergy medication per day. Taking supplements or special foods in an attempt to improve a health condition or alleviate symptoms is off limits.

Thou shalt store away a savings of at least one hundred dollars every month for the future. Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

Thou shalt make a YouTube video every week to share the victories, defeats, and daily struggles and joys of your life with your followers. This will serve to archive your life for future generations of tribulation saints.

Thou shalt not seek loopholes or ways to work around the Gail Commandments, lest baby Jesus poops and pees himself in sadness. The Lord knows the heart.

If you are on a limited budget as I am, I find that eating semi-vegetarian helps with expenses and weight. Meat tends to be fattening and is more expensive. I eat miso soup with tofu and kale or spinach every day. I have Cheerios and Rice Chex with nuts and seeds as a snack. I eat hard boiled eggs every day. My meats are canned pink salmon, meatloaf (made with lean ground beef), chicken breast in a Japanese stir-fry (using 1 tsp. of oil), and that’s about it. I keep my meat servings very small. I am almost vegetarian. I have quinoa, brown rice, red beans with kelp and flax oil every day, to get my protein in an inexpensive and healthful way. I use oil as a spice, so that I don’t get too many calories. Meat is fattening and expensive. However, my weakness is I love my seeds and nuts. I figure I could be doing worse things. At least I’m getting my protein on a low meat diet this way and getting lots of healthy fat from the seeds and nuts. My blood pressure has been excellent on this diet and exercise regimen. Despite this, my weight remains in the medium, not skinny, category, which is nothing to be ashamed of at my age of 62. I look great for my age and I won’t let any inferior Loree McBride Jesuit try to get me to start body worship, like they do. The Loree McBride Jesuits who worship their own bodies are guilty of the sin of idolatry, and have an unhealthy approach to the body, and they also compete with me due to jealousy, which is a sin. They like to attack my appearance, as if I really cared about their opinion. They are only making themselves look bad when they do this. It shows how shallow, jealous and competitive they are. I guess when you are so ugly on the inside, you overcompensate on the outside. They do plastic surgery and all sorts of garbage to maintain a youthful, COMPETITIVE appearance. All that effort is IN VAIN LOREE MCBRIDE, YOU GONNA BE A WORM IN HELL FOR ETERNITY.

My advice to Jesus followers, take care of your body, do the Gail Commandments and if some sorry Jesuits like to cat call you out for your bodily defects, if you have a heart filled with vastness and love and are balanced in your approach to food, just remember you’re gonna be real hot in heaven and the millennial reign. That’s not far off and those sorry Jesuits poking at your appearance are going to turn into worms in hell. Jesus said so! So Loree McBride will be a worm for eternity. So enjoy your “hot” body while it lasts, viper Loree McBride. But don’t forget, it can’t make up for the viper you are in your heart that makes the expression on your face the most ugly thing in the universe. That will be the final result of her worship of her own body. Loree McBride will be a ugly, writhing WORM for eternity.

Mark 9:47 – “If your eyes causes you to stumble, throw it out; it is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, than, having two eyes, to be cast into hell, where THEIR WORM DOES NOT DIE, AND THE FIRE IS NOT QUENCHED.”

My interpretation: If your obsession with your “perfect” body causes you to stumble, it would be better to be fat or physically ugly, than be cast into hell, where your worm never dies and the fire is not quenched and your perfect earthly body WILL MEAN NOTHING.