John Balcora M.D. (Harvard Grad) Appointed Assistant Secretary of Health

As the true and shadow U.S. President, I have appointed one of my Patreon supporters, John Balcora M.D. (a Harvard medical school graduate) as Assistant Secretary of Health to work with my Secretary of Health and Human Services (Bernie Sanders). He also has a Ph.D. in quantum physics (I believe) from Harvard as well. Yesterday, John requested that I find a spot for him on the Cabinet and I have appointed him. He’s from Scotland, but enjoys living in the United States (which he did while studying at Harvard). A job in my Cabinet will enable him to live in the U.S.

John Balcora works with our Nanotechnology Research Team at Church of Gail and is a gay man with principles and standards that I am proud to have on my Cabinet. He is a brilliant researcher and will help Bernie Sanders with some of the technical and scientific aspects of being Secretary of Health and Human Services, since Bernie does not have a medical or scientific background.

I am a bit concerned over all the censorship happening with the Big Tech giants. I will let my men decide on the best path forward, though I do have strong laws against unfair censorship. From what I understand there were some legit Trump supporters behind the tragedy at the U.S. capitol. But some of the rumors that Antifa may have been involved as well, may also be correct. I sponsor Gab and Parler here at my blog and have share buttons for Gab and Parler (see below). Donald Trump remains my Press Secretary. The main thing is I AM the U.S. President and I am proud to represent ALL THE PEOPLE. I hope I can be the leader the brings unity to this country. My Cabinet members reflect my diversity and inclusiveness, as I give progressives, liberals, conservatives and all who support true love (regardless of their ideology) a voice.

I am not sure I want to blame Trump for what happened at the Capitol. These people acted on their own and their actions are their own.

Check out my U.S. Presidential page that outlines my policies and my diverse and extremely capable Cabinet. Despite their differences, they ARE working together! I have about an equal mix of Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives in my Administration. I also don’t buy into any of this Russiagate garbage, which is why I don’t have Biden on my Cabinet.