Mr. Floyd’s PREMEDITATED 1ST DEGREE MURDER: All 4 Police Loree McBride Political Agents

I think ALL the police officers involved in the horrendous murder of Mr. Floyd should get FIRST DEGREE MURDER, along with charges of CONSPIRACY TO MURDER AND TERRORIZE. Been listening to FOX News and they say PREMEDITATED INTENT to murder cannot be proved and it seemed more like a spur of the moment decision and so first-degree murder is not justified. I disagree. I think all the police at Mr. Floyd’s murder site (all FOUR OF THEM) are Loree McBride Jesuits who staged this whole thing (funny how they kept on murdering him, even knowing they were being filmed) in order to divide the country and take down Trump. Trump hasn’t been perfect as a President and I’m not even sure I’ll vote for him. But then, it really doesn’t matter, since I’m on the ballot.

The point is, no one has any right to stage a murder in order to orchestrate a political coup, which I believe was the TRUE MOTIVE for the murder of Mr. Floyd. It’s all blamed on racism, but the problem is just deep political corruption using racism as the DISTRACTION to orchestrate a crime with political objectives. But if you’re worried about racism, nobody is more racist than a Loree McBride Jesuit. Loree McBride has a super superiority complex and thinks anybody who is not willingly and knowingly her obedient slave deserves to die. She thinks all Loree McBride Jesuits are the superior race and everybody else is garbage. Loree talks and writes like a neoliberal Democrat, but in her heart she’s a very racist, very arrogant, very violent Fascist and Communist and embraces all those with violent and murderous Fascist and Communist hearts in all political parties.

I think all 4 of the police involved in Mr. Floyd’s murder woke up the morning of his murder KNOWING THEY WOULD MURDER MR. FLOYD and knowing they would be filmed and knowing the footage would be aired on worldwide television. That’s CONSPIRACY TO MURDER IN ORDER TO RIG AN ELECTION, which is a more serious charge than first degree murder, because it involves the welfare of the country. They are all willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits and deserve the death penalty. If I’m right, I’d give them, along with all willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits, a public execution on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Show the evidence (we have mind and emotion reading technology) that they did this willingly and knowingly to assist Loree McBride’s attempted coup/takeover of the United States in order to rig an election, and then give them all a public execution on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. If that doesn’t satisfy the rioters, then NOTHING WILL EXCEPT AN ILLEGAL COUP TAKEOVER OF THE UNITED STATES. Another technology we have, is we can get memory reads on people, too, unless the Loree McBride Jesuits have erased their memories. However, if the memories have been erased, that is strong circumstantial evidence that I’m right, that all these police involved in Mr. Floyd’s murder are Loree McBride Jesuits, along with the violent rioters.

The best way to get justice for George Floyd is to DEFEAT THE LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS, who have infiltrated ALL political parties except the Gabrielle Chana Independent Political Party (cuz under my Conspiracy Law willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits are war criminals and cannot vote in a Conspiracy Law honoring nation).

Neither side (the left or the right) is completely right in what’s happening right now. So I’m posting from both the left and the right. But I have to agree with Trump that Antifa is a terrorist organization because they are mostly Loree McBride Jesuits. Also, I tend to distrust any news sources that in the past have bought into the Russia-gate garbage. One way to tell who’s honest in news reporting is by how they handle Vladimir Putin. If they try to blame Russia for America’s elections and America’s problems, you know NEVER TO TRUST THAT NEWS SOURCE AS RELIABLE. I understand Vladimir Putin better than just about anybody who reads this and the stuff most Western news says about him is TOTAL GARBAGE. He’s just a Russian leader who’s doing his job and he opposes Loree McBride Jesuits as much as I do, that’s why Loree’s Western news attacks him so much.

Also, you must understand that Vladimir Putin is against the DEEP STATE (the Loree McBride Jesuits), so if you don’t understand that, you don’t understand anything at all. Because not everyone has had the privilege to have a relationship with a major world leader (as I have), I tend to show a lot of tolerance to those who disagree with me, and I always admire anyone who appears sincere in their passion, even if we disagree. I think our world is an interesting place when everyone has the freedom to follow their own conscience and are true to their conscience. To respect a diversity of opinion, I may just pull back and let the bricks fly, while I pray for our country. However, let us all show respect for those who differ from us and realize that you may not be seeing all the pieces of the puzzle due to Loree McBride’s control over the mainstream media and her ability to use clones to impersonate people. Let’s drop name-calling. Let’s act like ladies and gentlemen and give everyone the freedom to follow their own conscience. The best way to get people to adopt your viewpoint is to share intelligent, well thought out posts on Facebook and online. Avoid posts that go into sensationalism and only appeal to emotions rather than a person’s brain. Those are probably brain-washing posts that appeal to those so caught up emotionally in all this that they’ve lost their objectivity.

Loree McBride’s Cold Response to This Post, Using Her Agent Candace Owens:

I think Loree McBride is doing damage control as a result of my video today exposing how her police agents murdered George Floyd to accomplish a political objective. George Floyd seemed like a genuine born again Christian to me who suffered a heinous murder. The point being that he was murdered in cold blood and there’s no justification for it. I can speak for the Jewish people, as a Christian and a Jew, and Candace is wrong about the Jews. Since Loree took over Israel in 2017, there are Jews allowing their worst to be their heroes. I have a dear black friend who loves Jesus and who has told me that it’s true that blacks are targeted by the police unfairly. I wonder how much Loree has paid this girl to vouch for her. Candace does not come across sincere to me. We may be dealing with a Candace Owens Jesuit clone, too.

Loree contaminates the goodness out of every ethnic group she touches. I also think Candace is lying that he was high on drugs when the police detained him. It’s funny how the story changes now that I am exposing Mr. Floyd’s TRUE MURDERER.

Apparently, Candace does not believe in the power of the gospel to transform a sinner into a genuine Christ-following disciple. I believe that Candace is lying about Mr. Floyd and the stuff about his past may be true, but some of it is probably made up. And Candace, let me ask you, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” That’s what Jesus said when the Pharisees brought a woman to him taken in adultery and wanted her stoned. Jesus knew those Pharisees were going to bed with her themselves and had set her up!

Candace is a traitor to her people. How much is Loree paying her? I bet she got at least a million dollars to say this! That Loree is such a scum. She’s hired this person to cover her butt for her heinous murder of George Floyd, where Loree used her disgusting agents in the police to murder an INNOCENT man. His race doesn’t matter. He was INNOCENT at the time of his murder and this woman is LYING ABOUT HIM. How dare she defame him and his family just cuz Loree’s paying her good money to make Loree appear innocent of her brutal murder with political objectives.


Loree McBride’s Black Lives Matter Murders Innocents

As I’ve said many time, neither the right or the left is completely right. By the way, Loree McBride currently runs Black Lives Matter. Loree McBride thinks all those who don’t worship her and her evil Jesuit clones are scum who deserve to die. To ensure she has a following she creates clones 24/7 to impersonate the authentic people. I have made the creation of human clones a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law.

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