Independent Gail Chord Schuler for U.S. President

June 28, 2020: Even though I’m on the ballot, I believe if you vote for Trump, that will basically be voting for me as U.S. President, since he’s in my cabinet. I may not be on the ballot in Florida, since I live here and they may try to protect me from Loree McBride harassment for that reason. However, I still encourage people to vote for me as Gail Chord Schuler if I’m on the ballot and, if not, you can write me in.

This is the reason I have Trump in my cabinet, though Tulsi Gabbard is closer to my political positions.

I’m hearing brain to brain that a Bernie Sanders Jesuit clone has taken over Bernie Sanders’s social media presence and so what is at his Twitter is unreliable about him. Bernie at his Twitter has been parroting Loree McBride’s talking points verbatim and seems a mindless, group think far-left Loree McBride loon. Bernie Sanders is in my cabinet in charge of Health and Human Services, because my National Health Care Plan is progressive in its approach and the real Bernie is a progressive, not a far-left loon.

My political persuasions are Green, Libertarian and Constitution and when you combine them all, I’d say my positions are Constitutional Monarchy leaning in Green, Libertarian and Constitution directions. Tulsi Gabbard is my VP. Her political views are closest to mine and I like it that she’s a mediator like myself and is trying to heal the tragic division that Loree McBride has created in the United States in Loree’s attempt to orchestrate a coup so she can rule unopposed as the Joseph Stalin/Adolph Hitler over the world.

I follow people who seem sincere and intelligent in their beliefs, even if I don’t agree with all their viewpoints, so that I can represent all those under my rule who honor truth (as they see it) and who honor their consciences. I believe many of these people mean well and are just ill informed.

My personal experience has been that those who truly follow Christ though, are usually the most supportive of true freedom of speech and true freedom and true justice. Christians are not a perfect lot though, so I like to hear what the other side says to be sure I rule as fairly and justly as possible.

A lot of folks on the left are genuinely sincere and believe that their position is best for the world and I listen to them and some of their points are valid, some are not. Same is true of the right.

It is my goal as world leader to combine the best of the left and the right and to forge a Centrist path forward that will heal the divide and help us to go forward as a nation in TRUTH and LOVE (qualities greatly needed today).

Explore my blog’s pages to get a more detailed picture of my stands on many issues.

I strive to lead the U.S. like King David would, if he were alive today, as I am literally half King David in my genetic profile. I am totally my own person though and though I am a Christian, many of my beliefs may not be popular with rigid Christians. On the other hand, I am not ashamed to be called a Christian, and therefore many of my beliefs may not be popular with rigid leftists (and there are many of these nowadays).

I am against rigidity in all forms and encourage us all to be better listeners and to THINK FOR OURSELVES and don’t borrow all the nonsense you read/hear about online or that you borrow from your group’s leader (who parrots mindless group think).

What I most oppose as a leader is the current tendency to force everyone into your particular group (whatever it is) and to treat those who differ from you as the scum of the earth. Let’s drop the adjectives that we throw out onto all those in groups that oppose us and forge a thoughtful, peaceful path forward. To help this come to pass, I have to take out some bad players, like Loree McBride (the most rigid, intolerant bigot in the whole world), and call a spade a spade.

Another thing we need to do is identify who the TRUE WICKED LEADERS ARE who are causing all the violence and wickedness and then have the guts to CALL THEM OUT in TRUTH and LOVE. Folks, the battle is between me and Loree McBride. I’m the leader on Jesus’ side and Loree’s the leader on Satan’s side. So who do you want to vote for, Satan or Jesus? When you side with pride, Satan, wickedness and hate, you side with Loree McBride; when you side with humility, Jesus, goodness and love, you side with me. How to find God and heaven in the church age:

June 24, 2020: Trump’s latest decision to put troops in Poland indicates to me that Loree McBride may have murdered him and replaced him with an evil clone. If this is true, my men will replace Trump in my cabinet with someone who supports my Conspiracy Law. Jesus did tell me to stay out of politics and suggested that I tell people to vote for me, cuz I’d be on the ballot for U.S. President, and, if not, they can write me in. Regardless, Trump does not seem like himself. Pray for him, if he’s still alive. I’m certain that if Loree killed him, he’s in heaven. It’s a good thing I’m the U.S. President, cuz, if not for me, the U.S. would be totally under Loree’s evil control. My King David genes cannot be cloned, which makes me a major threat to Loree McBride. Even if Trump has not been murdered, it’s obvious that Loree has control over both the left and the right, and I am the only viable option (the righteous and moral way forward) for the United States and the world. I vehemently oppose the military-industrial complex and am the ONLY political candidate who has been consistent in this matter. I DO believe in a military for self-defense, but am totally against us being busy-bodies for Loree McBride’s New World Order. Vladimir Putin would die for me and Russia is not a threat to any country that supports me and my Conspiracy Law. There is no need to put U.S. troops in Poland! Tulsi Gabbard is my VP.

June 20, 2020: It appears there has been an emergency election and I am the U.S. President. Regardless, my platform is delineated at the bottom of this page. Interesting that Trump’s first rally is in TULSA, Oklahoma and TULSI Gabbard is my VP.

Trump and Kanye West will share the duties of my press secretary, like if we’re having issues with Trump, then Kanye will be my press secretary, and if we’re having issues with Kanye, then Trump will be my press secretary. This means if you vote for either Kanye or Trump, you will really be voting for me, assuming Kanye supports me as U.S. President. I wanted to add Kanye to my cabinet, because I don’t want to be totally associated with either Trump or Kanye, since I am a Centrist Libertarian, Green and Constitution in my politics and I need an eclectic blend of people in my cabinet to truly represent me accurately. Also, if Loree takes out one or the other, I can use one as a back up for the other.

According to my men (brain to brain), I’ve chosen a great cabinet and my cabinet are enforcing my Conspiracy Law. I prefer to let Tulsi do most of my work as U.S. President, so she’s basically the President and I just override her when she goes against Conspiracy Law. You might say, why didn’t you let Trump be your VP? Well, Tulsi is closer to my views than Trump, so that’s why. I think Trump really likes me, but he’s having major problems with an evil clone and automaton and so sometimes “Trump” violates my Conspiracy Law. Tulsi has a bad clone, too, but since she’s not a major figure in mainstream news, Loree’s having a harder time using that clone. There are advantages to being a “nobody” in mainstream news when it comes to actual enforcement of my policies as President. You might say, but those in your cabinet take opposing views. Well, you can’t believe everything you hear in mainstream news. They have to do what I appointed them to do. Like Bernie Sanders is in charge of my National Health Care Plan, which means he has to implement it like how I’ve outlined in Conspiracy Law. It’s close to his Medicare for All, but BETTER. I allow private insurance to stay in existence. I understand he’s taken this position I offered him (Health and Human Services), because he likes it, even though it’s not exactly Medicare for All.

June 17, 2020: Regarding the latest Supreme court ruling. I’m undecided on this. But if this turns out to be a Loree McBride ruling, under my Conspiracy Law that ruling will be overridden by my Conspiracy Law and/or refined to ensure that Loree McBride Jesuits don’t use the ruling to lord it over those who oppose Loree McBride. Any laws that Loree McBride Jesuits have influence over are considered null and void under my Conspiracy Law. If you vote for me as President, Conspiracy Law is the supreme law of the land and I rule as a monarch in a Constitutional Monarchy. If this sounds horrible, remember that the U.S. is currently a socialist state and perhaps a Constitutional Monarchy would be better. Jesus says I’ll be on the ballot and, if not, you can write me in.

In the following Conspiracy Law, I delineate how I handle gay discrimination and discrimination of any kind. I also include discrimination against white men and Christians (which is really happening).

My platform is at the bottom of this post.

If it seems horrible to replace a Republic with a Constitutional Monarchy, the U.S. has been operating as a socialist state for decades now and is a Constitutional Republic in name only. Under Loree’s influence, it is now transitioning from a socialist state to a dictatorial communist state with tyrant Loree McBride as the de facto leader. My Conspiracy Law will halt that progression. Here is my Conspiracy Law. By the way, under Conspiracy Law, peace loving gays and homosexuals are supported.

My views on socialism are mixed. It can be good, if the rulers are righteous, but it can be evil if the rulers are evil. My Conspiracy Law solves that problem and I feel in our current political climate, a Constitutional Monarchy under my leadership is the best form of government for the U.S. But I don’t feel all aspects of socialism are bad for a country and dislike those on the right who throw the socialist label onto Tulsi Gabbard to discredit her. Just like I don’t like the Russia conspiracy nonsense. These are labels used by brain-dead people, who can’t think for themselves.

Jo Jorgensen does not appear a good alternative. Her ideas don’t seem workable to me.

Dear supporters, I’ve been getting mail for the past year verifying that I am on the ballot in the run for U.S. President.

I have made a post about Tulsi Gabbard as my Vice President, with updates regarding the Super Tuesday elections on March 3, 2020, where I won with a landslide.

Though I became a Democrat to vote for Tulsi in Florida, I am actually Green, Libertarian and Constitution in my politics. Frankly, I am very ashamed over how the Democratic Party has treated Tulsi and may leave them.

UPDATE: Loree McBride appears to have replaced many in my cabinet, like Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul, with Jesuit clones. I want to assure you that if this happens, I override all clones and will NOT allow Jesuit clones in my cabinet! I will do this, even if I have to override the U.S. Constitution with my Conspiracy Law. I absolutely will NOT allow clones to do any lawmaking (or to enforce any laws) in my administration! I respect the Constitution, but when there is a conflict between Conspiracy Law and the U.S. Constitution, my law overrides the Constitution. If because of clone replacements, we face a serious shortage of personnel in my cabinet, I give the top ten men on my marriage list the authority to make (temporary or permanent) appointments to my cabinet to replace those who have been incapacitated (for whatever reason), so we can continue to take care of the American people and do our job effectively and in conformity to my Conspiracy Law.

Jesus has told me to stay out of politics because I am on the ballot for U.S. President in the general election. You can vote for me as U.S. President in the election. From what I understand, I am on the ballot in all political parties running. If my name is not on the ballot, you can write me in. I will extend an invitation to some political candidates that I like, to endorse me for U.S. President. I am asking Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and Donald Trump to endorse me for U.S. President. If they choose to do so, this means their name will be on the ballot like this – Tulsi Gabbard (Gail Chord Schuler). If you see their name on the ballot like this, it means that if you vote for them, you are really voting for me. If I am elected in November, I want to make Tulsi Gabbard my Vice President if she endorses me, so list her as my Vice President, if she agrees to this. Tulsi will need to swear to honor my Conspiracy Law in order for her to be my Vice President. By making her Vice President, I will allow her to do a lot of my President job since I’m a very busy person. But everything she does must honor my current laws, as set forth below. I would put Bernie Sanders (if he endorses me) in charge of Health and Human Services, since his Medicare For All is very similar to my National Health Care Plan. Donald Trump (if he endorses me) will be my campaign adviser and my Press Secretary, to deal with the press.

I would like to make Ron Paul (if he endorses me) my chief economic adviser and Secretary of the Treasury, who will counsel Tulsi Gabbard as she carries out a lot of my policies as President. I respect Ron Paul’s Austrian economics:

UPDATE on March 10, 2020: In the face of a recession caused by massive supply-chain disruption from the corona virus, the U.S. central bank has shown itself to be impotent. Congress needs to take a lesson from Japan and modify U.S. banking law to allow it to work with the central bank in getting the wheels of production turning again. The next time the country’s largest banks become insolvent, rather than bailing banks out, Congress should nationalize them. The banks could then be used to fund infrastructure and other government projects to stimulate the economy, following China’s model. If Congress fails to do this, Empress Gail could just issue a decree to get this done, if we are in danger of a serious recession.

Rand Paul (if he endorses me) will hold the post of Secretary of State. I would like to appoint Tucker Carlson of FOX News as White House Chief of Staff, who typically oversees the actions of the White House staff, manages the president’s schedule, and decides who is allowed to meet with the president. Tucker will be working closely with Tulsi Gabbard, who I will delegate a lot of my Presidential duties to.

I’d like to appoint Jesse Ventura in charge of the Office of Management and Budget. The U.S. Trade Representative will be Vladimir Putin (I don’t want to overload Vladimir, so I’m giving him this job which is right in his ballpark with his Ph.D. in economics). I’d like to put Bill Nye in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. Vladimir Putin will pick the head of the C.I.A. and who will be in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. For the rest of my cabinet positions, I will appoint both Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin to make the appointments for me, using mind and emotion reads from our Nanotechnology Research Team to pick the best candidates who would support my Conspiracy Law. If there is a disagreement between Brent and Vladimir, Brent will have the final say, as I feel Brent is an excellent judge of character.

According to an I.Q. test administered via a Church of Gail scanner, I have the highest I.Q. of any woman on the planet, so I certainly have the intelligence required to be U.S. President.

My first act as U.S. President will be to officially pardon Roger Stone, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, granting them a full pardon under U.S. law and Conspiracy Law, and ordering all charges against them to be dropped. I believe we can prove in court that any trials against Roger Stone, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have been false trials based on contrived evidence and all cases should be THROWN OUT. In fact, anyone who ascribes to this Russia-gate nonsense will be prosecuted as a Loree McBride Jesuit and if determined to be willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit, will be executed.

Ben Carson (if he endorses me) can keep his current position in charge of HUD. I would also like him to be in charge of the Dept. of Education. I think we need to come up with a way to make college tuition-free and this can probably be accomplished by not wasting money on regime-change wars. I also feel that those burdened with college loan debt should be able to file for bankruptcy protection.

I am what you would call a reluctant leader. I take this job, because there is no better person than myself for the job, and what we currently have is not as good as me. I care too much about the welfare of Americans to NOT do this job. We are at a critical point in our history, where if I don’t do this job, we will have either a sociopath or a psychopath for U.S. President.

Unfortunately, the only news that may report accurately about politics now is Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable. So you will need to tune into that channel to get the real news. From what I understand, we have replaced all current politicians and news people in the mainstream news with their automatons, so the only place accurately reporting the news is 00 on cable or Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

The type of government that I support is a Constitutional Monarchy for the United States. I am literally half King David and half Catherine the Great, so this may explain why I prefer this form of government for the U.S. Japan actually made a huge mini-series about my royal ancestors in Japan who gave me my Catherine the Great genes:

My Myers-Briggs personality tests says I am an INFP, whereas my husband Brent Spiner is a courageous INFJ (he, too, took the test). I am an idealist and am in politics because I believe in my cause and for no other reasons. I am not a power-hungry person, just a humble person who believes in my cause.

John Lennon was an INFP like me, and his dreams for a world of peace are my dreams. Though I consider myself an evangelical, I am thoroughly against imposing any religion on the people. People should feel free to choose whatever ideology they want to ascribe to. I love Lennon’s song Imagine, for this reason. I am not against the Ten Commandments posted anywhere, but feel other belief systems should feel free to have a representation as well, as long as what they support is not terrorism.

Despite the fact that I am half King David, we will not cater to Israel as long as they allow Loree McBride to influence their government. I oppose all forms of tyranny, even among my own people, the Jews. I am half King David, remember. I have always believed in having a Palestinian state away from the nation of Israel; but, until then, the Palestinians should feel free to live in Israel in peace and security. Israel has fought long and hard for their land, which God gave to them, so I don’t believe in taking away any of the land promised them in the Bible. But neither should the Jews oppress any minorities inside their borders.

I do not oppose gay marriage, even though I strongly support traditional marriage. I would leave it up to the states to decide on how to deal with marriage laws. I do not want any minorities oppressed, however, and dislike tyranny and discrimination in any form. I feel we all should feel free to pursue our own interests and preferences, as long as we are not hurting innocents in the process. No one has the right to force their ideology on another person.

I belong to the Gabrielle Chana Independent political party:

I have been the U.S. Empress since spring 2014. Here are my latest laws and legislation:

I have a National Health Care Plan:

I am against pollution and think we should have a Green New Deal, that also makes it death penalty for Loree McBride Jesuits to drop polluting bombs on the planet. Loree’s bombs are the greatest source of pollution on the planet right now:

Here is my Conspiracy Law, which I have made the law of the land. We’ve had some problems with enforcement cuz the Loree McBride Jesuits try to portray me as the crazy lady and some people don’t realize I am the U.S. Empress.

I do not think the government should be funding abortion, except in the case of incest or rape. However, a transporter C-Section (a type of abortion that keeps the baby alive) is fully covered by the National Health Care Plan. I have a creative way to deal with unwanted pregnancies, which benefits all parties.

I feel we should leave the gun laws as they are.

I feel we should regulate the tech giants and take away their monopoly and that they should be fined when they attack freedom of speech (see Sect. 14):

Here are my Voting Laws.

This is my party’s platform:

My political ideology is Libertarian, Constitution and Green:

I am somewhat a Centrist:

I have a policy for the homeless:

I feel that Loree McBride Jesuits are dangerous sociopaths and psychopaths and must be executed:

I actually won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election for Donald Trump:

I have strict laws against money laundering:

I absolutely detest using the U.S. military to finance the military/industrial complex. We only use our military to take out Loree McBride Jesuits worldwide. We allow each nation on earth to have their own autonomy with a government that honors their unique culture, so long as that country does not use sociopaths and psychopaths to support the Jesuit Order, they are free to run their country however they want. I do not take the arrogant position that the American version of Democracy is the only way to rule any country. We are in a military alliance with Russia and I absolutely will NOT tolerate anyone in my cabinet treating Russia as our enemy in any form.

Under my rule, it is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law to create human clones.

I am fiscally responsible with an 810 credit score, despite being on a very tight budget. My score was 814 in 2016 and went down a couple points to 810 cuz I wasn’t using any credit cards and some of my accounts closed.

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