Oshu Fujiwara Family History [Homura Tatsu 炎立つ (NHK大河ドラマ)] – ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Found some valuable research as I work on my book Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty.


MY ANSWER: “The DVD I have is very poor quality and is missing English subtitles for many sections. My goal is to allow the public to know this excellent story of my ancestors in its entirety. Our current world is woefully ignorant of history, which, by the way, is repeating itself. My ancestors loved peace, but the greedy around them loved war. This is their story. Also, history is often rewritten by the victor to make those who died seem insane or evil. My ancestors were not perfect, but they were heroic. Their story deserves to be told in its entirety and truthfully. History has recast several of my ancestors as evil or insane. This production tells the truth about why they did what they did. Also, it appears, there is no way to buy this anymore. The story of my amazing ancestors is about to be lost for posterity. I must tell the world how heroic they were. Perhaps, it is the Japanese in me, but my life must honor my ancestors and this means their story must be told, not buried. What they went through has lessons for us all today. This is also research for my book Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty, which will be using this story told from the point of view of the last Northern Fujiwara leader, Yasuhira.”

I have had to search high and wide to find English subtitles for a Japanese mini-series made about my ancestors, the Oshu Fujiwara family. I could find NOTHING in English about this awesome Japanese mini-series, that I feel is Oscar or Emmy movie quality! The reason the story of my ancestors is so moving is because the main characters are so ANTI-WAR, but they are forced into WAR, and the entire story of this family is about those for war and those against war and how we all get sucked into war, whether we want to or not. My book will be exploring the forces that drag us into war and how we get sucked up into war and its deadly consequences. In many ways, it’s the story of our times and of all time. Why do men desire war? That is the story question and one I will strive to answer in my book about my ancestors. Basically, my ancestors had to choose between slavery and war and this is their story and what happened to them. They could lose their identity and honor or they could assimilate into the larger, more evil society. The hard choices they made and the price they paid for it, is what my book will be all about. It is a fascinating exploration of the role that cultural influences and intolerance of those who are “different” plays in war, and how evil disguises itself as moral and good in order to con people into accepting war as the answer. Though the story is very Japanese, it has a theme that is universal, the theme of good versus evil and the disguises that evil takes to fool us into believing it’s good. Told within the context of Japanese culture, the story reveals the moral fabrics evil people weave to justify war as the only answer against those who won’t conform to a larger, more evil society. As I write this, the story will be dialogue heavy and I shall strive to write it from a cinematic viewpoint, using strong, detailed description, with a heavy SHOW DON’T TELL writing style. My goal will be to bare the hearts of my characters on the page.

For a page I created about this that gives a brief summary of their history: https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/22/history-of-gails-catherine-the-great-ancestors-oshu-fujiwara-family-children-of-vladimir-the-great-of-russia-2/

Unfortunately, the Homura Tatsu mini-series appears to be unavailable for sale anywhere. You can view the entire series in Japanese here:

You can get horrible English subtitles watching the above series on YouTube, by going to CC and then to Setting in the lower right of the video, but they are really a horrible translation! I searched high and wide for English subtitles for Homura Tatsu and could not find any anywhere. It’s like looking for gold that somebody may have accidentally dropped on the street. You can’t find English about this video series anywhere. It’s such a shame because I think it was very well done. I happen to have English subtitles on DVD (copies from an old Homura Tatsu videocassette series from 1990s Hawaii) for videos 26 to 30 and 33 to 35, which I will incorporate into my book. My mother gave this to me in the 1990s. How little did I realize (at the time) that this would become as rare as finding gold on the streets in 2019! Such a rarity deserves to become a book in English, which is my current project.

For those who want to create your own subtitles. SubtitleEdit is fantastic for creating srt subtitle files. It’s easy to use and works well. I use SubtitleEdit-3.5.9-Setup.zip. You can download the software here: https://github.com/SubtitleEdit/subtitleedit/releases

I did find a website where somebody who is apparently fluent in both Japanese and English made subtitles files. I will be checking this to see if they have added anymore subtitle files for this excellent mini-series and, if so, I will be making more videos with English subtitles when any new subtitles files becomes available: https://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=164632&p=1815507&hilit=Homura+Tatsu#p1815507

These are the subtitle files that I downloaded to my computer from Avallac’h:

Homura Tatsu s01e05.ass
Homura Tatsu s01e04.srt
Homura Tatsu s01e03.ass
Homura Tatsu s01e02.srt
Homura Tatsu s01e01.srt

These are subtitle files I have created or edited:

Homura Tatsu – 1.srt (GOOD ENGLISH)

Homura Tatsu – 2.srt (GOOD ENGLISH)

Homura Tatsu – 3.ass (GOOD ENGLISH)

Homura Tatsu – 4.srt (GOOD ENGLISH)

Homura Tatsu – 5.ass (GOOD ENGLISH)

Homura Tatsu – 13.srt (missing many English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 14.srt (missing some English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 15.srt (missing some English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 16.srt (missing some English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 17.srt (missing many English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 18.srt (missing many English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 26.srt

Homura Tatsu – 27.srt

Homura Tatsu – 28.srt

Homura Tatsu – 29.srt

Homura Tatsu – 30.srt

Homura Tatsu – 31.srt (missing some English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 32.srt (missing many English subtitles)

Homura Tatsu – 33.srt

Homura Tatsu – 34.srt

Homura Tatsu – 35.srt

Using these files, I was able to edit them into the first five videos in the Homura Tatsu series using my video editor program (see below).  And then, learning as I go, I am becoming quite good at putting English subtitles on this Japanese masterpiece.

As far as I know, the ONLY place where you can get Homura Tatsu with English subtitles is ME! My book will be incorporating much of what’s in Homura Tatsu, because it is such an excellent source about my Oshu Fujiwara ancestors. Jesus says they all went to heaven and that I’ll enjoy conversing with them when I get to heaven.

The Homura Tatsu 35 part series, is divided into 3 sections. The first 12 videos detail the history of the Abe family (who were Emishi) from which the Oshu Fujiwara family came. This is a fascinating exploration of how love and war are tied together, and how this caused the downfall of the Emishi in Japan, so that they became totally subjugated to Central Japan. I have 5 videos from this first part with English subtitles, with more coming! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE ONLINE WHERE YOU CAN GET THIS IN ENGLISH SUBTITLES. I had to do it myself, in order to get research for my book in progress. It appears Satan does not want the world to know about my fascinating ancestors.

The 2nd part of Homura Tatsu (about videos 13 to 23) goes into the history of Fujiwara Kiyohira who basically started the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty. It was a rough start, so it’s an interesting story!  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujiwara_no_Kiyohira

The last third of Homura Tatsu (videos 24 to 35) covers the history of the families involved at the end of the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty, and how Yoshitsune (legendary Japanese warrior) played a role in this. Many think Yoshitsune may have become the Genghis Khan. I have most of this in English subtitles (on horrible quality DVDs because the VHS from which I got it was very poor quality) and will be incorporating this into my book. You might say, why don’t you put in the subtitles for us on video and let us watch it! It’s so much work doing subtitles. It looks easy, but it’s very time consuming. Instead, I will incorporate the information into my book, so that English speakers can get the Oshu Fujiwara history through my book. It’s such a shame that you can’t find this information anywhere!

This family has a fascinating story. They were a passionate family, very devout Buddhists, and their story really touches your heart. Their devotion to their family and their ancestors, who worshipped honor above all else, is a story about love, faith and honor that transcends time. It’s a story about coming from behind and climbing mountains. I will try to put this “voice” into my book. That is why I’m determined to write a book in English about this amazing family and their ties to me.



(where it says “partial English subs, need translation – it means “partial English subs, need translation for missing parts”):

Homura Tatsu EP 1 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 2 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 3 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 4 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 5 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 13 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 14 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 15 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 16 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 17 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 18 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 26 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 27 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 28 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 29 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 30 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 31 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 32 (partial English subs, need translation)

Homura Tatsu EP 33 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 34 (English Subtitles)

Homura Tatsu EP 35 (English Subtitles)


1) I use Subtitle Edit 3.5.9, which I downloaded as a zip file and then opened and installed it to have it on my computer.

2) I create a DVD of the raw file video that has English subtitles dubbed off of TV (even though it is missing English subtitles in some sections).

2a) I put the DVD (with raw, partially English subtitled file) into my Sony DVD player.

3) I open Subtitle Edit 3.5.9 on my computer. I remove the waveform window to give my computer more working space, since I don’t use the waveform window.

3a) I open the script txt file (for the episode I’m working on) supplied to me by Avallac’h onto my computer screen.

4) I go to File in upper left and open the blank Chinese srt file supplied to me by Avallac’h. I now have the Chinese file with “sub duration: x,xxx” in all the text sections on my main Subtitle Edit window.

5) I open the Homura Tatsu video in Japanese for the episode I’m working on by going to Video at the top (and opening the video file). I got these Japanese videos many years ago from an online source. The video file is now uploaded on the video window of Subtitle Edit. If there is not a separate video window opened, you need to go to video (at top) and click on re-dock video controls at bottom of window that opens.

6) I play the raw hard subbed video on my DVD player until it gets to the first English subtitle on the TV screen. I then hit pause.

7) I now play the same video in Japanese by hitting the arrow to play on the Subtitle Edit video window that is open on my computer. Once the Subtitle Edit video player reaches the exact same point that I paused on my DVD, I now pause the Japanese video on my computer at the exact same spot.

8) Using the Subtitle Edit Controls panel open on my computer screen, I hit “Insert new subtitle at video pos”. Subtitle Edit automatically creates the text blank with start time and end time on main opened screen.

9) I copy the text to be inserted at text blank from Avallac’h’s open script file and paste it into the Text section of Subtitle Edit on main Subtitle Edit screen opened.

9a) If anything is highlighted brown after pasting text onto the text section, I manipulate the Start time or the duration (to the left of the text inserted) until the brown section is gone, which means that the subtitle will now be perfectly timed for the final video. Subtitle Edit has a brilliant set up for this, which you can figure out by playing with the Start time and duration to get perfectly timed subtitles! If “Start time” is highlighted, it means it probably overlaps with the previous entry and must be adjusted. If “Duration” is highlighted, it usually means the text inserted does not have enough time and needs more time, so you increase duration to give the text more time. Once all brown highlighted sections are gone, you now have your timing perfect. BE SURE TO REMOVE ANY BLANK “SUB DURATION” FILES (BETWEEN THE ENGLISH SUBTITLES YOU INSERTED) BEFORE ADJUSTING THE TIMING.

10) Using my DVD remote, I hit play on my DVD to get to next English subtitle, then hit pause when the next English subtitle starts. I remember in my mind exactly where the pause happened on the DVD video.

11) I hit play on the Japanese Subtitle Edit video on computer until it gets to the exact same spot where I paused in step 10. I then hit “Insert new subtitle at video pos” on Controls panel.

12) I check to see if any “sub duration” blanks (on main screen) are above the new addition from step 11. All “sub duration” blanks between the English subtitles copied and pasted onto the main Subtitle Edit screen are deleted (because their timing is no good). Just highlight the ones you want deleted, then R click and delete them. I then move the highlight down back to where I left off and hit play on my DVD player and repeat steps 6 to 12 and move forward, adding English subtitles to the srt file being created.

13) Once I have finished applying all English subtitles (from the script of the raw hard subbed DVD video) onto the srt file that has been created using Subtitle Edit, I go to File at the top and save the srt file where I want to save it on my computer. The only “sub duration” texts that I have removed from the srt file I created are those INBETWEEN English subtitles I INSERTED on the srt file using Subtitle Edit. SO ALL THE SECTIONS in my srt file that REMAIN that say “sub duration” ARE IN SECTIONS THAT NEED ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

14) The translator now knows which parts of the srt file need English subtitles by examining the srt file created to see where the “sub duration” text sections are.

ONCE ALL TRANSLATION IS SUPPLIED FOR MISSING SECTIONS, it is a simple matter to open the srt file I created onto Subtitle Editor and insert the missing English subtitles using “Insert new subtitle at video pos”, which creates a subtitle perfectly timed (if you remove all brown highlighted sections until the highlights are gone by adjusting timing).

Once the entire episode is subtitled, just remove all “sub duration” files, save the srt file, and it’s ready to be used in video editing as an srt file for subtitles.

UPDATE: I have actually come up with a more efficient way to do this. I will just transcribe from DVD into my Subtitle Edit first, and then take note of which parts are missing from the DVD’s hard subs, and then manually add the time stamps (based on Japanese subtitles) by adding them into the srt file (where subs are missing and we need translation) by editing the file in NotePad. This lets Avallac’h know which parts of the episode are missing subtitles and where our translator must create the script for these, to “fill in the blanks”.