Federal Reserve Replaced with Financial Strategies Coalition (April 18, 2017)

REMINDER, as U.S. Empress I wrote these laws in 2017, make sure they are enforced! If the current Federal Reserve is operating that is DEATH PENALTY. I abolished the Federal Reserve as part of a Sect. 13.7 update to TERRORIST MONEY LAWS.

13.7(a) Because the Jesuits have had too much control over the UNITED NATIONS and the United States’ FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (from the time of its founding until the present) and have turned the UNITED NATIONS and the U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM into an organization which promotes the Jesuits’ goals for the world, the International President and the International government prefer to bypass the UNITED NATIONS and the U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and instead use the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK as their means to funnel funds to those persons, nations, organizations that need assistance from the International government and to manage the financial systems of the United States and the world.

13.7(b) As of April 18, 2017 the U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM will be abolished and replaced with the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK, expanding the operations of the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK. All current workers for the U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE will be scanned with mind and emotion-reads to determine who at the U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE is a JESUIT.

13.7[c] For the purposes of Conspiracy Law, a JESUIT is defined as a person who honors Satan and is part of the organization founded by St. Ignatius de Loyola, and who willingly and knowingly honors Satan or an Angelina Ballerina type of Jesuit Order as a member of the Jesuit Order. This means that a Jesuit who strives to honor Jesus Christ or Zack Knight (Sept. 2016 to present) is not considered a Jesuit according to Conspiracy Law, unless they are only honoring Jesus and/or Zack as a show and in actuality and behind-the-scenes honor Satan and/or Angelina Ballerina or any evil Jesuit leader like Loree McBride.

13.7(d) All Jesuits must be removed from the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Willing and knowing failure to do so will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Once we scan the entire personnel base of the U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and determine that all Jesuits have been removed, then those who worked for the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM will have new jobs in our INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK, with a branch of the ICB called the FEDERAL RESERVE’s replacement, which will be called the FINANCIAL STRATEGIES COALITION.

13.7(e) Those with training in economics and finance will head the FINANCIAL STRATEGIES COALITION, even if it means we have to import workers into the FS COALITION. These heads of the FS COALITION will determine the policies and strategies used to maintain a healthy economy and regulate the banks and financial systems of all nations under the FS COALITION’s control (which would be all nations that belong to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK network).

13.7(f) Any person who works for the FS COALITION and willingly and knowingly (directly or indirectly) supports policies that support Jesuit goals, will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. The U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM will be abolished by April 19, 2017 and replaced with the FS COALITION. Current strategies in place will remain while the transfer from the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM to the FS COALITION takes place, but all strategies and policies must be analyzed and reviewed by the heads of the FS COALITION and those policies deemed evil Jesuit friendly must be reversed and/or changed by April 25, 2017 so that no actions that come from the FS COALITION will support evil Jesuit goals designed to take down Jesuit enemies.

13.7(f-1) Any willing and/or knowing (direct or indirect) attempt or action by any person to reinstate the current FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM in order to overthrow the FINANCIAL STRATEGIES COALITION, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

13.7(g) Before any policies are enacted (or put into effect) the creator(s) of that policy must pass mind and emotion-read scans that show that the policy’s author wants to promote and/or enact the policy with the intent to honor Conspiracy Law and to prevent Jesuits from taking over the world. Our computers must be programmed so that once a policy is decided upon by the International Charity Bank (and its sub-agent the FS COALITION), that the policy’s creator must pass a scan to verify that he/she created that policy to promote Conspiracy Law and to prevent evil Jesuits from taking over the world. Failure to pass this scan must block that creator from going forward with his plan. Any willing and/or knowing, direct or indirect attempt or action to violate this Sect. 13.7(g) in a manner that promotes evil Jesuit goals by any person involved with this section 13.7(g) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.