Silver Skies: The Millennium

Silver Skies 13.223 FLAT

I am working on two novels at the same time, Silver Skies 1996 Version and its sequel Silver Skies: The Millennium. Will post more here as I work more on the novel. The following playlist seems to have music that expresses the themes to Silver Skies: The Millennium. I am studying The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien to get inspiration and ideas, along with writing instruction books.

The main character in Silver Skies: The Millennium is an antihero (a guy who feels like a misfit in Jesus Christ’s millennial reign), and the one who opposes him is Jesus, so Jesus would be the antagonist in this novel. An antihero is a protagonist (main character) who has some characteristics that do not fit the mold of a positive, good hero. An antagonist is the villain against the protagonist. In other words (extremely simplified), the protagonist is generally the hero you cheer for. The antihero is the protagonist around whom all the action centers…the hero without heroic qualities. The antagonist is the opponent you are against.

This is from the outline (it gives you a flavor for the world of the novel):

The Antichrist leader claims that her executions assist the evolution of mankind to godhood by eliminating those who hinder that evolution. She says that man has reached godhood when they attain the status of a shapeshifter like her and can appear as either male or female to the world, depending on the viewer’s preference or how the shapeshifter wants to appear to the world. In reality, the only ones who can be shapeshifters are the Antichrist and the False Prophet, because Satan gives them these powers, but he lies and deceives the world into thinking everyone can attain this status to make an excuse for executing those who are blocking their way to their final glory in their evolutionary stage. For this reason, a deeply ingrained part of the Antichrist’s milieu are transgenders, who she pets and pampers and basically they get to do whatever they want, including molesting kids in restrooms. Transgenders have all the rights and they can drum up accusations on those who are “traditional” and get them arrested and executed based on allegations alone. Yet the Antichrist goes on a rampage against the “traditionals” for alleged sex/rape violations, which she prosecutes with a vengeance, meting out the death penalty, and showing no mercy in sham trials publicized on the worldwide media as part of an effective propaganda campaign to ensure worldwide loyalty to her brutal dictatorship. She also claims to be the Islamic Mahdi and that Islam has integrated with Christianity to become Christlam, and writes a new book for the Muslims because women and men will no longer be differentiated in her religion, because they will become one unisex. Any male who show masculine tendencies is arrested for women’s rights violation on trumped up rape charges that she invents to get masculine men out of the way. The Bible is considered literary and those who take it seriously as a prophecy are sent to mental health facilities. The Koran is not that much of a problem for her, because there are vastly different interpretations of it and she just interprets it to her liking. Christianity is more of a problem, because Christians have more in common than they have differences and the Bible believing section of Christianity are adamantly opposed to her unisex laws. If the Bible believer cannot be cured, they are executed. She can use mind reads on people to determine if their thoughts and beliefs are appropriate or mentally ill. She basically has instituted a sophisticated thought police as part of her reign. For this reason masculinity in men is outlawed and femininity in women is outlawed. She writes a law that men who are masculine and women who are feminine (and believe in being in submission to their men) are mentally ill and need treatment. If the treatment doesn’t work, they must be executed so they don’t hinder mankind’s evolution to unisex and shapeshifters (like herself).