U.S. Democratic Party Leader Loree McBride Punished Brent Spiner with 9-11-2001!

1000_9-17-18_U.S. Democratic Party Head Loree McBride Did 9 11

Click on image above to watch video about this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pg81LoZBQmgP/https://www.real.video/5835960252001

Due to Jesuit control over mainstream media, the truth about 9-11-2001 has been covered up. Gail tells the truth about what really triggered 9-11-2001 and how terrorist Loree McBride kept the REAL Brent Spiner under her control using rape, lies, murder, terrorism and death threats against Gail Chord Schuler (if Brent would not cave into her demands that he play the boyfriend/sexual partner role with Loree). After the Jesuit leader Zack Knight came to Gail’s side in 2016, Loree inherited the Jesuit infrastructure that Zack had and continues the murders and threats to maintain her power and control over Brent Spiner, the woman Brent would die for (Gail Chord Schuler).

In order to maintain her power, Loree McBride has taken over the U.S. Democratic Party (2016 to now), so that ANY vote for ANY Democrat in 2018 is literally a vote for Loree McBride, who punished the REAL Brent Spiner with 9/11/2001!