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Please indicate the title of my book you are reviewing in your review and rate it between 1 to 5 stars. I would also like to know what country you are from. Those who submit intelligent and thought provoking reviews will receive a FREE copy of one of my audio books. Let me know which one you want, if it is available I will give you the code you need to get it free at Audible. To give you this free copy, I will need your email address (but won’t give out your email address), so that I can email you the code you will need to order the audio book for FREE from Audible. You do NOT need to give me your phone. I will publish your review at my book reviews page, and will put your name (or your pen name if you want to be private) at the end of the review (as its author). The review does not have to be 100% positive to be eligible. I actually learn from my reviewers and an intelligent negative review can help me grow as a writer. I WILL IGNORE ANYTHING I RECEIVE THAT IS NOT A REVIEW OF MY BOOKS & that does not indicate the title of the book being reviewed and does not address the contents of the specific book reviewed. If you win more than one copy of one of my audio books, perhaps you can give the free copy to one of your friends! Offer ends, when these are used up. Put your review in the “Comment” you send me (BELOW).