Loree McBride & Brent Spiner Clone Flood Meyerland, Texas (where Brent Spiner grew up) & Kingwood, Texas (where many scenes of Silver Skies took place)

Brent Spiner grew up in Meyerland, Texas. I have been at this intersection (Braeswood Blvd.), when I visited Meyerland in the 1990s while researching for my novel Silver Skies set in Houston (to honor Brent’s hometown). Ironically, I have a major flood scene in the novel. Loree & the Brent Spiner JEW CLONE are trying to tempt Brent to go down and help out his hometown, but I’ve instructed him to stay on the space ship.

He (rabbi Dor Ben Habakkuk patterned after Brent Spiner somewhat) exited at Braeswood Blvd. and his shame diminished at the cheerful yellow coneflowers on the spring green slopes of the smaller bayous. The shiny leaved magnolia tree with its cream flowery profusions bloomed into a southern spring. Amber daylilies burst from roadside intersections. Lavender, amber, and orchid dotted the banks; the grass around the jogging trail was immaculate. A honeysuckle fragrance capered through the air. May, his favorite month, filled his heart with promise.

Then he saw a car. It hurled toward him from the opposite direction. He honked. It still hurled. Any minute there would be impact, a head-on collision. He jerked his steering wheel toward a weeping willow. His car whirled over it. A home leered in front of him. He jerked the steering wheel toward a live oak. A rock jolt shook his frame. His face slammed into the wheel. The oak pinned the car, smashed its front end. The home had no damage, it appeared. He strained to look further. Tried to wave for help. Pinned in. Couldn’t move. No one home, it appeared. Oh Brianna, is this where our love has brought us? – Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana


On Meyerland’s Braeswood Boulevard trail she (Brianna or female lead) jogged on a muggy July day, the temperature was ninety-five; a bench loomed ahead of her, she fell into it, exhausted. The trail’s green expanse of grass soothed her, brought back memories. Images of dreams came to her where Dor kissed and thrilled her. Her eyes closed. Love that beautiful must be done in righteousness and truth, but the New World Order scrutinized them, ready to pounce on their reputations to ruin their credibility–no, she couldn’t live with Dor. It was never right to do wrong in order to do right; she learned this from Aaron’s attempts to win her. God would protect Dor. She rose from the bench to return to her classroom.

Rachel (patterned after Loree McBride) had called her a bitch and since then watched over Brianna and Dor like a mother hen. Because the synagogue saw Rachel as his legal wife, Dor allowed this. Rachel’s presence caused Brianna’s pool sessions with Dor to become uncomfortably restrained. It amazed Brianna that Rachel had nothing better to do. Rachel lounged around the house all day, supposedly to work on her book, but Brianna knew she was dangerous. How Brianna missed the days when Rachel left them alone. What had gotten into her lately? Didn’t she have a management job at the Sheraton? Rachel stopped them from touching each other, but they were still best friends. Brianna still had her times on the phone with Dor; they talked about anything and everything. Dor said that when they talked, Rachel looked like a steamboat. Rachel’s persistence amazed Brianna and made the summer drag.

Still in her jogging shorts, Brianna sat at her school desk, opened a drawer, and removed decorations for this year’s class. The night before, she had cut letters into colonial shapes. She wanted them on the bulletin boards before she went home for the day.” Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (Gail Chord Schuler)


She (Brianna) jogged on Braeswood Boulevard’s trail and breathed the Texas air. Yes, how good to be back; Dor’s hometown had become a part of her. She’d found a home to rent right here in Meyerland. One and a half stories with a large formal area, four bedrooms, and a romantic master bedroom. Though the rent exceeded the cost of an apartment, she wanted to be near Dor, who lived only a couple blocks away. Despite the recession, her years of teaching had given her an increase in salary. Few people could afford homes, and home prices declined, so she could afford a house.

Phone service started today. Dor didn’t know she now lived in Meyerland; she couldn’t wait to tell him. She called him and a message said his number had been changed, with no forwarding number given. She called the phone company next. They told her his number was unlisted and they couldn’t give it out. What had happened to him?

Her furniture, left in Houston over the summer, sustained no damage. Dor was somewhere in Houston now. Why wasn’t he here helping her? He should be here; he deserted her. Irritated, her lean, muscular arms arranged chairs, tables, a sofa, bed and other furniture. Though she lacked enough furniture, she preferred sparseness to clutter.

Her office area had a built-in bookcase over a desk. Perfect for her computer and books. The master bedroom’s wallpaper on the walls, and the curtains, with their design of green vines cascading against a white background, made her feel she floated on the French Riviera. The bed’s comforter matched the walls and curtains with romantic, dark rails at its foot and head. These rails twisted and curved as if designed by an exquisite designer. From the wall over the bed’s head, hung a wisp of silk pink roses with bursts of leaves. Brianna imagined she and Dor made love here.

With a palm beside it, her burgundy leather sofa rested in the living room. A reminder of simpler and better days. . .the home’s wooden floors brought warmth. Dor’s evasiveness depressed her. To counteract it, this home needed an airy feel. Where was he? Were his lines tapped? Maybe Rachel had returned. Maybe someone followed Dor from L.A. Her brain pounded with possibilities. So confused about him. . .but she couldn’t forget him, he coursed through her blood. These complications drove her crazy. But if she deserted him, it would devastate him. This tore at her heart!

Though some boxes still needed unpacking, she needed a break. She flung herself out the front door toward the trunk of a live oak and leaned against it. The lawn and shrubs neat and low at the base of pines and oaks and at the home’s entrance, gave her life a sense of order. Anything to feel normal, to forget confusion and pain. Oh, why wouldn’t Dor call? She was listed. What was wrong with him? Maybe she’d write him a letter. . . No, dad said all letters would be intercepted. New World Order, why won’t you die forever. You’re the cause of all this misery. If you didn’t exist, the world would be a better place; and Dor and I would be happy.

She loved him too much to endanger him. Somehow she’d take the loneliness, the uncertainty and torment, the hope and despair, of not knowing and wondering; if it killed her, she wouldn’t let him fall into a trap. Be strong, Brianna. Dor needs you more than ever. You can’t fall apart now when he needs you.

The next morning she went to Beaufort High School (patterned after Bellaire High School near Meyerland where Brent went to school) to get her classroom ready. The history textbooks had been changed—not the ones she wanted. The books they gave her glorified the New World Order. She went to the principal about this. He allowed her to use the textbooks she used before.

“It’s good to have you back,” the principal said. “When I thought I lost you last year, I knew we lost one of our best teachers.”

“I didn’t think I’d come back, but God had other plans. It’s been a crazy summer.”

He extended his hand to her and she grasped it. “We lost the orthodox Jew and the Christian. They’re now attending private schools.”

“I don’t blame them.” She lowered her head. “We should never cater to the rich and powerful, but do right regardless of the consequences.”

“Yes. . .” He evaded her gaze. “I’m sure you have a lot to do. Don’t let me keep you.”

She returned to her classroom and put up bulletin boards, prepared her lesson plans and audio-visuals for the week. Lesson plans out, she scheduled a film for the second day of school, and made sure to have the projector ready. At around dinner time, she drove by Dor’s home; lights flickered from his home. Someone was home. She wouldn’t dare stop. Too dangerous. The safest course . . .visit his synagogue while he conducted services.

* * *

Congregation Beth Am’s Saturday Shabbat (patterned after a Houston synagogue that Gail visited to research for Silver Skies, one of the synagogues she visited was where Brent’s mother attended) would begin in minutes. She sat toward the back and hoped no one besides Dor would notice her. The cushioned and comfortable pews reminded her of Dor because he relaxed her; she could let her hair down with him. Navy, azure, and royal blue velvet strips formed a layered cover that guarded the Torah scrolls behind. Stained glass windows reflected her heart that felt sacred here; even Dor seemed to have a halo. She never paid much attention to the interior of Dor’s synagogue before, but today she felt reborn; and like a newborn babe, observed everything. Something significant would happen today, she knew it; so her surroundings seemed wondrous.

Because Dor ignored her when she arrived in Houston, now she had to see what he was made of. Today, in this synagogue, Dor would be forced to acknowledge her. She rarely visited him when he conducted services, because she didn’t want to disrupt his life, but their relationship had come far and it was time. She enjoyed synagogue services and wanted to attend more than she did. Any ways, she gave him strength to live and he seemed ashamed to let anyone know; years of patience wore thin; this charade could go on forever.

The chanting and swaying in Hebrew began. Dor stood at the front. The silk prayer shawl she gave him, he wore. How honored she felt. How humbling to have such an influence on him. It draped around his shoulders and down his back and made him the handsomest rabbi she’d ever seen. Even the lines on his face and the gray in his hair looked magnificent; he had the wisdom of Solomon. How proud she was of him! How brilliant he looked! He shifted his gaze when he saw her and appeared nonchalant. This behavior puzzled her. Was he a coward? But she was proud of him and adored him, how could he be ashamed of her? Her feathers ruffled and then settled. Oh well, she needed to understand that not everyone accepted her as his partner and he was in public view.

Dor read from the Torah in Hebrew. His intelligence awed her. She wished she could attend his services more often. At the bat mitzvah, the girl’s ability to follow the service astounded Brianna. These Jews were truly intelligent people and they trained their children well. Though Brianna struggled to follow the prayer book, she did reasonably well; and a lady came to help her. Dor cracked many jokes and the congregation laughed. Pink, yellow, and white flowers dotted various places throughout the synagogue. They seemed to symbolize their love. The shiny kippahs on men’s and boy’s heads added color.

After the service, she waited for Dor to come to her. Instead, he mingled with the crowd and ignored her.

A lady came. “Would you like to come to my home for Havdalah?”

Brianna smiled, and felt honored this lady would ask. Where was Dor? “What’s Havdalah?”

“It’s a ceremony to end Shabbat with wine and a candle.”

“Do all Jews end Shabbat this way?”

The lady nodded.

Brianna felt irritated with Dor. Why didn’t he invite her to observe Havdalah with him? “Thank you for inviting me, but I’ll have it at home.”

The lady graciously nodded and eased away. A hoard of women gathered around Dor, giggling and flirting. He enjoyed it! Rage rose inside her and she fought back tears. She tried to look at him and he seemed to gaze at every part of the synagogue but her.  – Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (that’s my PEN NAME).


They (Brianna driving Dor back from the hospital) drove past Beaufort High School where he went to school. He’d try to get a job for her there if any openings came in the history department. How he’d taken Meyerland for granted. Live oaks’ branches curved with soft, green leaves that floated over the streets. Other trees and crape myrtles meshed with the oaks. Home. . .he floated with the branches.

“You live in a lovely part of town. It’s an island of tranquility surrounded by clutter.”

“If it wasn’t for Rachel, I’d be perfectly content here.”

“It seems every other home has a Japanese garden look, the bushes are neatly manicured.”

Dor smiled. “You’ll love my home.”

They turned into Dor’s driveway and Brianna opened the front gates. Her mouth opened wide. It made him appreciate the beauty of his home in a new way, to see it as she did. With every plant he tended, he had thought of her.

Earthy orange pots held plants arranged on a sloping terrace. Airy bursts of olive leaves had various shapes. Tulip leaves, ferns, philodendrons, cabbage shaped leaves, and trails of laciness swirled with other pots that had pink bursts and pink and green mixtures. A variety of pots, plants, textures, and materials mixed with sand colored rocks that undergirded it all like the background of a painting and framed this lush composition. Cicadas buzzed. Perfect temperature outside, air cooled his skin with its breeze. This summer seemed like spring.

Brianna strolled him to his circular driveway. “Your garden has the beauty of your spirit.”

“Only you would say that.”

She looked at him curiously.

“You have the depth to see it.”

Her hand squeezed his shoulder. “Our love is deep.”

“It’s a gift from God.”

She opened the front door of his home. With mouth again opened wide, she stared at Dor in astonishment. “What a gorgeous home. I’m surprised you never spoke of it.”

“I’ve gotten used to it. Most of the design is mine. The architect and I worked on it together.”

“I love your plants.” She pointed to vines that cascaded down the side of a white ledge that protruded slightly over a lagoon, its rippling waters reflected the cascades and light. Flagstone floors bordered the lagoon and steps inclined to a higher level where one could join leafy airiness from an overlook. Brianna brought life and light to his spirit as this place did.

“I thought of you when I planned it.”

“Me?” Her eyes showed amazement.

“This home shows your personality. Notice how natural and free-spirited it is.”

“When did you plan this home?”

“Six years ago.”

“You thought of me when you and Rachel were but newlyweds.”

“Rachel has never taken your place in my heart.” He looked down at the flagstone floor. “I had hoped a home that reminded me of you would fill the loneliness I felt from missing you. It didn’t. Working on this home was my escape, so I poured my heart into it.”

Brianna pointed at two built-in aquariums framed by Rojo alacante marble and laughed. “You thought of me when you built those?” She pursed her mouth continually like a fish.

Dor broke into a wide grin and chuckled. “The fish add color and life, as you do. My home is full of life in plants, fish, paintings, and color.”

“It certainly is.” She wheeled Dor to his swimming pool. “Here is where you’re going to get some exercise. And maybe one of these days you’ll be able to get rid of this wheelchair.” She looked him over. “I don’t think you can swim in that. Do you have trunks anywhere?”

“What do you think of the pool?”

“Stunning.” She knelt and felt the water. “And warm. Heated pool?”

“Warm, like you.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. You went that far to pattern this home after me?”

Dor nodded.

She stood with her hands on her hips and looked around. Water cascaded down boulders and formed waterfalls that ran together into the pool. The trickling water always soothed his loneliness. It looked like a tropical paradise with hibiscus reds, potted poinsettias, banana trees with dangling fruit and flowers. The scent of ginger and jasmine wafted. Brianna was beauty he could never reach. Lush foliage made the pool a private sanctuary as his feelings for Brianna had been.

“This is a tropical paradise,” she said.

“You’re paradise to me.”

“The physical therapist will be here soon. We need to get dressed.”

“Oh, my trunks. You should find them inside the middle drawers in front of our bed. In fact, just wheel me into the master bedroom.”

She wheeled him to the bedroom. “I’m real curious how you decorate your room.”


“Because bedrooms are so intimate.” She opened the door to the bedroom and gasped. “It’s so bright and breezy.”

“Here is where I dream about our most intimate moments. What I imagine here makes me feel light and free.”

“But darling, we’ve never–”

He clutched her arm. “I know, but to dream of you is freedom.”

“Free. . .you feel like a slave, don’t you?”

Dor nodded and pointed to the drawers. She went to them. How many lonely nights he cried on that bed with the cream and green quilt. The ruffled pillow covers or the philodendrons on the night stand offered no comfort. The bay windows beamed in sunshine filtered by airy drapes, the brightness had mocked him.

But today, she graced his private room. The burst of silk flowers above the bed smiled. The potted palms and fronds harmonized with the cream and white walls and carpet.

There she stood. He thought of her when he designed it. She was this room.

Brianna looked around before handing him his trunks. “You must adore me.” –  Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (Gail Chord Schuler)


Two days later, she (Brianna) walked the streets of Meyerland and dreamed about Dor. Even though she’d only been gone for the summer, it seemed like an eternity. So much had happened. It’s funny she never noticed before how many live oaks lined Meyerland’s streets. Their curvy branches formed canopies over streets and graced the front lawns of homes. Gentlemen with Southern grace, these live oaks, like Dor. . .endured. Fused in their endurance and magnanimity, Dor and Meyerland meshed together into one essence. It didn’t matter that the air had fumes or that it lacked Seattle’s scenic beauty. Love colored what she perceived. It awed her that despite Dor’s lonely marriage, he rose above it, and gave her a generous helping of his heart.

Cumulus clouds dotted the azure sky. She passed crape myrtle bushes scattered here and there with ruffly pink flowers that bounced with the breeze and delighted at her presence. The cicada’s low pitched tambourine celebrated her return. Meyerland, with its manicured hedges, welcomed her. Colonial homes had columns in front of verandas. Tall, pointed roofs impressed her with their courage on German style homes with lattices and criss crosses. So many trees, wonderful, with heat in the nineties, she stopped underneath and rested. Curved driveways. Even mansions sometimes. Soft, green leaves floated; and dry, brittle leaves crunched on the ground. Trees of all kinds. Trees. Trees.

She jogged on Braeswood Boulevard’s trail and breathed the Texas air. Yes, how good to be back; Dor’s hometown had become a part of her. She’d found a home to rent right here in Meyerland. One and a half stories with a large formal area, four bedrooms, and a romantic master bedroom. Though the rent exceeded the cost of an apartment, she wanted to be near Dor, who lived only a couple blocks away. Despite the recession, her years of teaching had given her an increase in salary. Few people could afford homes, and home prices declined, so she could afford a house.


His plane touched down at Houston’s Hobby airport. He (Dor Ben Habakkuk) had to try to convince Rachel of the virtues of his militia.

His wife wasn’t at the airport. He hadn’t told her exactly when he’d arrive, just said sometime today. He’d take a taxi home.

The iron-grilled gates around his Meyerland home loomed before him along with the potted plants that ornamented his front lawn in a cascading terrace. It looked like a nature preserve. The taxi dropped him off. Thoughts of Eva comforted him and he looked forward to seeing Eva.

His key wouldn’t work on the entrance gate lock to his home. How funny that it worked before. Rachel must have hired a locksmith. She sat on the porch’s garden chair with her arms lounging about.


“Would you like to go to Kingwood with me tomorrow?” His (Dor Ben Habakkuk) spirits seemed to have perked up.

“Yes! Yes!” she (Brianna) said. “Oh Dor, yes!”

The drive to Kingwood with Dor seemed like a dream from heaven. Live oaks, proud at the approach of winter, kept their leaves. Dor walked beside her, his steps a soft crinkle on the leaves. Most men would dump her, but not Dor, who, like the leaves of the live oak, stuck with her through everything. He reached for her hand and warmth permeated her.

“I’m lucky to have you,” he said.

“You don’t know how bad I wanted to call you when I got back.”

“It’s only fair you gave me silence. I didn’t call you for a month when Rabbi Cowan gave me trouble.”

“Why were you so depressed yesterday on the phone?”

“That’s because of how you acted when you left for Seattle. It seemed so cold and abrupt. And then when you came back and didn’t call me, I feared the worst.” He grinned. “Our imaginations do go overboard, don’t they?”

Live oaks surrounded them. Air streamed by, moist and crisp, and magnolia trees had shiny, big leaves. The tall pine trees danced while a breeze rustled through their leaves in the heights. Different sizes and shapes of brown and yellow leaves blanketed the ground, some with five prongs, some long and oblong, and some seven pronged. All the shallow promises lovers made to each other, the broken hearts, lay on the ground; but she and Dor were the leaves of the live oak.

She observed her bosom friend. “Do you think we’ll go on forever? I mean you and I, as a couple.”

Dor laughed and squeezed her hand harder. “I hope so.” He turned and faced her, his eyes deep into hers, a certainty to his voice. “Yes. . .we’ll go on forever. . .you and I, together. . .”

The leaves rustled and the wind blew her hair straight back so that it whipped around her face. The ground kicked up its leaves, but the leaves of the live oak stuck to their branches. She and Dor were those leaves. Had God spoken to them? “We’ve never kissed.”

With his warm hand on hers, the leaves crinkled as he walked. “We will.”

“My dad will investigate for Stephen Tischler. He’s taken his case.”

As though he’d devour her to keep her forever, his eyes pierced hers. He had prepared for drought, and joyous water had come to him. “That’s why you went to Seattle, isn’t it?”

She nodded.

“I won’t ever forget your kindness. . .your dad’s a brave man.” He looked up at the sky and sighed. “Oh, I wish I could marry you. . .but my wife. . .and I’m a rabbi. . .”

Through the setting sun, she now saw the bloodshot in his eyes. She had done that to him because she didn’t call him. Funny how she never noticed it until now. The glow of his countenance at her presence covered the weariness of his eyes. – Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (Gail Chord Schuler)


Another hard choice loomed before Brianna. Should she choose Christ or Dor? Could she spit on Christ’s blood and renounce her Christianity? If she chose Dor and became a Jew, then she must renounce her Christianity. This abhorred her. She knew Dor wouldn’t want her to do that. He adored her as the Christian she was, and though a Jew, wanted to marry her. But those around him, tried to hinder him. She then remembered the live oak; their love was like the live oak. Content with their friendship as it was, she would enjoy this moment to reflect upon Dor. Only six months before she had walked this path with him. Now she walked it alone. This spot in Kingwood was their sanctuary. Here away from prying eyes, she could think. Today had enough troubles, tomorrow was not in their hands. The fresh, moist air brought back memories and their love mingled with the air and the sage green leaves. Why did she drive here? And without him? Because she needed to be alone with only God for company, yet wanted to sense Dor’s presence as she prayed. A live oak loomed before her. She sat and leaned her back against the scaly bark of its trunk. Its leaves reminded her of Dor.

Her eyes swelled with tears until they trickled down her face. The past couple weeks crashed through her brain. It all started with the visit to the Reformation Center. The government messed with Ruth’s brain to the point that she exhibited symptoms of dementia. Ruth did not appear to have cancer, but she either had Alzheimer’s or was on the verge of it. Of course, Ruth mentioned to Brianna her plan of how Brianna and Dor could marry. But Brianna and Dor could never agree to betray Israel and that’s what they’d do if they went along with Ruth’s plan. It sickened Brianna to think of how much Ruth had changed. She remembered Ruth at the hospital when Dor lay near death and remembered a woman with the courage of her convictions, and an intelligent, sharp mind. Now she responded to stimuli weak, like a robot, and worst of all had become a different person, like a politician and slick operator. In short, Ruth was dead; only her body lived, but she was dead. What if they got Dor and did this to him? She thought of all the technical wizardry they had. If they got Dor, they’d change him, put electrodes or something in his brain and he’d be another Ruth. She brought her hands to her face and cried into her fists. How could she stop this? Could she stop it? She always tried to change the world, but how could she change a world like this?

Though she let her class know that she sided with Joe and Martha against Jeff Sullivan, the Sullivan kid won because he was the mayor’s son. The school principal seemed more concerned about the mayor’s disapproval than in what was right. Martha could no longer bring her Bible to school and Joe could no longer wear his kippah. Jeff had accused Joe and Martha of religious proselytizing, that they forced their religion down everyone’s throat, but everyone knew he lied. Brianna overheard Jeff tell a girl that he got Joe and Martha into trouble just to get his dad’s attention. Why couldn’t she influence the principal? Why couldn’t she stop the concentration camp as it destroyed Ruth? Why was it that all those under her care suffered? When Dor saw her at the watershed in Seattle, he ended up in a car accident that almost killed him. She spoke aloud to God and asked forgiveness for the times when she failed Dor and her two students, Joe Rosenthal and Martha Sloane.

The wind gusted through the trees and the leaves rustled. They shook themselves at her as if to say, “All those you love, you hurt.”

“No! No!” she screamed into the air. Her voice echoed on the surrounding houses. “It’s not my fault, it just happened!” This time nothing echoed, her life seemed a thud. The springtime greenery mocked her. All around her, the earth vibrated, full of new life. Yes, everything new happened, like Stephen Tischler in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Maybe they wouldn’t have chosen Stephen for their scapegoat if they didn’t hate her so much. Her love for Dor brought all this ill fortune to Dor and his family.

She remembered the Dor of eight years ago, confident, with a radiant smile, as happy as the springtime that surrounded her. Only friends then, he dated Rachel later. Oh, so much had happened since then. If only those carefree times would return. Dor never worried about government oppression then, never felt the need to belong to a militia.

No, Brianna, those times have vanished, and will never return. The government killed his dad, unalterably changed his mother, and harassed his sister’s family. And now they tried to destroy her relationship with Dor. Why? Why? She only loved him, but could never support the wicked ones in power and Dor tried to fight them. Maybe that was it. She encouraged him to fight them.

She knew Stephen would die. They had him framed, sealed, and delivered. Ruth would not last long. They still hadn’t gotten Dor, though they tried. And they wouldn’t give up! What could she do to stop them? If Dor became another Ruth she’d go insane. No, it won’t happen! She wouldn’t let it happen.

Brianna promised Joe and Martha that Jeff wouldn’t bully them in her class and he did. She had failed them. They lost their rights and became victims of slander and a spoiled brat bully, so Joe Rosenthal and Martha Sloane would no longer attend Beaufort High in the fall. She decided not to teach at Beaufort next year, she couldn’t teach at a school with inconsistent standards. A Seattle Christian school offered her a position with a salary almost as good as Beaufort’s. Oh, how she’d miss Dor! She envisioned herself as she ministered happily to her students, while she missed Dor and wept for him, but she had to do this because duty called her. She must do what was best for Dor and for the kids under her care. At this Christian school a kid like Jeff Sullivan would receive prompt punishment. And if she stayed away from Dor, perhaps the government would leave him alone. It seemed all his trouble started when she came into his life. They hated her, and so they hated Dor. If she abandoned his life, he’d finally have some peace. Though she’d miss him terribly, the vision of him in freedom, with no hindrances, gave her such happiness that she felt an inward glow. “Yes!” She gleamed. “My darling Dor, you’ll finally be free!” It didn’t matter that he may end up with another woman; all that mattered was that he’d be free and happy. But what if Rachel came back? Could he be happy with her? The answer was ‘no’. This disturbed her. God, intervene for him, and I promise you I’ll always pray for him. I’ll love him for the rest of my life.

She made up her mind; she’d leave Houston and Dor. As she drove towards Dor’s home, the springtime loveliness mocked her. She felt so good about this decision before, why did the trees laugh at her? The live oaks stood firm and she remembered Dor as he looked into her eyes. “Yes. . .we’ll go on forever. . .you and I, together. . .” No, I can’t do this to him! But you must, because if you don’t, he’ll become another Ruth. The drive flew by like a flood and before she knew it, she landed in Dor’s driveway. She steadied her hands, which trembled, and finally composed herself enough to knock on his door. He opened the door and extended his arms to her.

“Brianna! It’s great to see you. Please, come in.”

She wouldn’t look at him and hid her face against a wall.

He embraced her from behind and kissed her hair. Oh, it would be hard to say goodbye to him. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

She finally had the nerve to look at him. “Dor, I came to say goodbye.”


“I won’t be seeing you anymore.”

He whirled her around to face him and observed her eyes. “You still love me; I can see it in your eyes.”

“Of course I love you, that has nothing to do with it.”

“Then why are you leaving me?”

“Because I want to save you.”

“Save me! Only God can save me. You aren’t God.”

“I don’t want you to end up like Ruth.”

Understanding warmed his eyes. “My dear, noble girl.” Tears went to the brink of his eyes and fell over. “Why do you think that if you leave me, you’ll save me? I would have gone crazy if I didn’t have you for comfort all these years.”

“That’s just it. You’ll go crazy if I stay. They’ll put electrodes in your brain and you won’t be my Dor anymore. You’ll become like Ruth! Maybe they’ll leave you alone if I go away, because they don’t want us together.”

“But I don’t want you to leave.”

“I won’t be teaching at Beaufort High next year. I resigned.”

“Where will you go?”

“They’ve offered me a position at a Christian school in Seattle.”

“Brianna, please stay. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”

“You won’t be without me, because I’ll pray for you every day for the rest of my life. I’ll set aside a special prayer spot just for you. I promise.” Brianna wrenched herself free from him and gave him one last look and let her eyes show all the love she felt for him. Out his door she went, as fast as she could go. The drive to her apartment didn’t turn out as noble as she expected. Instead of the feeling that she had made a great sacrifice for Dor, she sensed she’d left him bleeding all over the floor.

She didn’t want Dor unhappy. And she bled, too. She packed her bags and boxes. Her lease would be up tomorrow. The furniture she put in storage until she knew where she’d live in August. Moving dragged by like a chore and it echoed her spirits. She could have asked for his help, but didn’t want to make the separation harder for him. The phone rang until it seemed to jump from its spot. Her answering machine did the job. Any call from Dor, she didn’t answer. But every phone call from him sent a jab through her. How many times she longed to pick up that phone and talk to him. How her heart pined for him, but she only needed to remind herself of what happened to Ruth and she cemented herself to her goal. When the jet flew high in the air, she knew she left her heart in Houston, and that she’d never come back.

To her amazement, when she arrived in Seattle, Dor didn’t call her, even though he knew her dad’s phone number. She sulked her way to her room and dropped onto her bed. A throb ached in her heart that only Dor could fill. Her childhood room’s cream eyelet and lace curtains mocked her. Outside her window she observed an apple blossom tree in a flurry of white. The sight of the tree full of promise somehow reminded her of Dor again. Her chest heaved and tears flowed like a fountain. She slunk her way to her bed and sobbed on it. “Oh, Dor. . .I never knew I could love anyone like this.”

The door to her room flung open. Franz stood and stared at her. “Daughter, I know why you’re like this.”

Brianna lifted her face to her dad, she wished so desperately she could hide her swollen eyelids. She had fought tears constantly on the jet.

“You must go back to Dor.”

“Don’t you realize he’s married?” she mumbled.

“Rachel has gotten a legal separation. As far as I’m concerned, he isn’t married.”

“If I go to him, they’ll put electrodes in his brain.”

Franz looked at her quizzically. “How do you know this, daughter?”

“I saw Ruth, Dor’s mother, in the camp—they changed her. She wasn’t at all like the Ruth I met at the hospital when Dor had that awful accident. She was horrible. She was on their side—on the side of our enemies—on the side of those who want to kill us.” Brianna blew her nose. Suddenly, her eyes were full of fire. “They killed her! Her body was alive, but her mind—it wasn’t Ruth!”

Franz came to her and put his arm around her shoulders. “I’m proud of you. I know why you left him now.”

“It was the hardest thing I ever did.”

“Most women couldn’t do it. God has blessed me with two outstanding children.”

Brianna’s face lit up. “Did you say God?”

“It’s just a habit. Really I meant whatever higher powers may be around us.”

Her hopes for her dad crashed against the wall. He still clung to New Age ideas, full of ideas about ghosts and nature-gods. Some of his advice might be questionable. How would he know what was best for her life? “So you think I should go back to Dor?”

“My philosophy of life is very simple. Do what makes you happy.”

“What about long-term happiness? What about right and wrong?”

“That’s out of our control. Live for today.”

She knew that a verse in the Bible seemed to agree with him, but she couldn’t recall it just now. “I’ll think about it, dad.” She reached for him and hugged him. New Ager or not, he was her dad and she loved him.

Franz left her and when he opened her door, the scent of incense drifted into her room. He apparently tried to call up his ghost, Siegfried. Brianna felt disgusted and it seemed she should do the opposite of anything he advised, so if he advised her to go to Dor, she must never go to him. Franz was a great dad in many ways, but she distrusted his New Age, devil-worshipping practices.

It was funny that Dor never called her here in Seattle and in a perverse way she resented him for it, while the ache in her heart deepened. Everywhere she walked, she dragged her heart behind her. Of course, she could call him and went to a phone to think about it.

Her mom called her.

“Are you okay? I’m worried about you. Here, have a cookie. I made them yesterday.”

Brianna pushed it away with her hand. “I’m not hungry. Thanks.”

“Why did you leave Houston?”

“Dad knows. Why don’t you talk to him?”

Paula turned her around and Brianna caught herself staring straight into her mom’s eyes. “I don’t want to hear it from Franz. I want to hear it from you.”

“Oh, mom. It’s nothing!” Brianna cried and ran from her.

She realized that if she didn’t start acting happier, her parents would never leave her alone. Dor, Dor, I never knew how much I love you. It took this to make me appreciate you to the fullest. She locked her door and wailed on her bed in peace. Things couldn’t get much worse than this, but when she remembered the Ruth she saw at the Reformation Center, her resolve hardened. No! Never will I allow them to do that to you. If it should happen, I’d never forgive myself. Because I love you more than anything on this earth, I must never ever do anything less than what’s best for you. You’ll always be a beautiful memory. Every day, I’ll look out the window at this apple tree and pray for you. I’ll pray every day from this spot, while I observe this misty white apple tree as the symbol of our love.

That evening for dinner, Brianna had composed herself. Franz and Paula mentioned they were glad to see her looking better.

Franz cleared his throat. “I’ve invited Dor to our home. He hasn’t given us an answer yet, but he wanted me to tell you that he misses you.”

Brianna’s head jerked up from her meal. “How’s he doing?”

“He sounded well enough to me. I think it heartened him that I invited him here.”

The pot roast looked inviting, but her hands shook as she tried to eat. Out of embarrassment, she placed her hands on her lap. “Don’t you care about him? If he comes here, they’ll go after him harder.”

“Who’ll go after him?” Paula asked.

“The New World Order.”

Franz’s eyes pierced hers. “Daughter, your heart is good, but your mind is kinky.”

Brianna’s feathers ruffled. How would he know? With all the calling of ghosts he did, his mind was worse than hers. “Mom, do you think my mind is kinky?”

“I think you’re hurting yourself and that fine man who loves you a great deal. And for what? For a delusion that if he becomes brainwashed it’s somehow your fault. Hogwash! What the New World Order does to him is no more your fault than if Martians land on the moon. Why worry about things you can’t control? They may brainwash him yet when you aren’t there to comfort him.”

“Please stop!” Brianna pushed her dinner plate away. “Do you think it was easy for me to leave him? You didn’t see his mom at that Reformation Center like I did, and what they did to her—all because of me. I had to leave him, for his own good—and when I did; I took my heart and served it for dinner.”

Paula came and embraced her. “I know. I know. You’re the bravest, noblest girl in the world. Just make sure you’ve truly thought through your decision. What if they get him and you’re not there? Will you be able to live with yourself then?” – Silver Skies by Gabrielle Chana (Gail Chord Schuler)


I plan to write a third edition of Silver Skies where I will add the ending that I originally envisioned for the novel. First I have to finish Bible for Tribulation Saints!

Brent Spiner’s Rape: Loree McBride Rapes Brent Spiner (1992)

Movie produced, acted, written and directed by Gail Chord Schuler depicting Loree McBride’s use of brain control on Brent Spiner to rape him and force him into a relationship with her by threatening death on Gail if Brent won’t play her game. At the time Gail made the movie, Zack Knight was the Antichrist. The current Antichrist is Loree McBride.

Loree McBride Frames Zack Knight, Puts Him in Jail. Zack Escapes.



Zack Knight: Hey Gail, it seems like we may have inadvertently confused the fans. The men are being flooded with concerned email. They think that Bubba the Morbidity Obese Black Jesuit died. They seem to be confusing him with his cousin, Bubba the Black Inmate, who died saving me from prison. I recently learned that every prison has a Bubba. They serve a vital role in the prison population. So anyway, we might want to make it clear to the fans that our good friend Bubba is safe. His Ginger Boyfriend is still dead, and he’s never been the same, but at least he’s safe.
Gail Chord Schuler: I might make that video tomorrow, because I already made a fifteen minute video for today right after midnight about the Houston floods. I can also discuss my speculation over whether the Brent Spiner clone may be the new Antichrist.
Zack: Why do you think that?
Gail: Did you get the latest emails? He has been trying to make love to me brain-to-brain and I’ve been fighting back and frying him with bolts. It seems the bolts are working. Or Loree may be impersonating him to me. But why would she do THAT? He has also UNBLOCKED me at Twitter. He’s been trying to sneak in kisses and is being all vulgar and gross, like the clone.
Zack: That’s gross
Gail: He kind of reminds me of how you used to be. Only difference is that he seems to enjoy taunting me as himself. Like right now he just put his finger on my vagina. I am bolting him now! He’s screaming and calling me a bitch.
Zack: That sounds like I used to act.
Gail: Do you have thought to text or voice to text on your smart phone? Was wondering how you could text so well while on the run in prison! I’m surprised you didn’t know about my suspicion that the Brent Spiner Jew clone may be the Antichrist. I sent emails to you all about this.
Zack: I’ve been in bed… my anus has been recovering
Gail: Oh, I see. Terrance must have wanted you to rest. He said he’d Skype me today, but I suspect the men are dealing with our new Antichrist, the Brent Jew clone right now. In fact, I am starting to wonder if it was HE, and not Loree, who was behind your imprisonment.
Zack: I just got really good at texting with one hand. It’s a trick I learned from watching porn.
Gail: Oh, then you are like me. I can type really fast, but I use the standard typing position.
Zack: Oh maybe!
Gail: I’m slow on my phone with texting, because I don’t do well with one finger. I don’t have a smart phone though. It’s just a regular cell phone that allows me to text. I am starting to think the Brent Jew clone orchestrated Hurricane Harvey to make himself look innocuous as the new Antichrist. He might be amazed right now that I figured out so soon he’s the new Antichrist.
Zack: Oh okay. I’m really good at texting. I can text and drive without even looking at the road.
Gail: Satan seems to be jumping around with Antichrists. I think he’s trying to keep us confused.
Zack: I was actually texting when I hit that retard Mongo. Almost dropped the phone.
Gail: I told the men to treat both Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner Jew clones as possible Antichrists right now.
Zack: Good idea
Gail: Yeah, you seem very proficient on the phone. I’m proficient as a computer typist. I probably type about 85 wpm. Brain control slows me down, though. Yeah, the Brent clone is a lot like you as Antichrist, but he seems a little less subtle and more obvious. Not sure what he hopes to accomplish by seducing me brain-to-brain. Oh God, he’s flinging his long penis at me now. I can see it in my mind. I’m going to bolt him. In fact, I sense that Jesus has shown up and is beating him up! Poor Brent. He seems to tell me brain-to-brain he’s scared to do brain-to-brain loving now. We seem to have both decided that if we make love brain-to-brain, we shall always do it in a group with you, Vlad and perhaps Terrance all together. Brent doesn’t seem to want to do solo right now. Too risky.
Zack: Brent has to sacrifice a lot sometimes.
Gail: Yeah, all the time. Fortunately, for Brent and I, I have less of a need for sex than most Jesuits, so it is easier for me to be careful. I think menopause has drained my sex drive a bit. But then, perhaps the Loree Jesuits may try and do brain control to change that. I am pretty good at detecting the Brent Spiner clone, though. He is SO different from Brent. He’s such a DORK.
Zack: The Brent clone is a major dork. He’s not funny at all.
Gail: Yeah, he’s RUINED Brent Spiner’s Twitter. It USED to be funny when Brent tweeted. You know, I don’t get why he and Loree won’t just marry each other and leave Brent and I alone!
Zack: I used to think he was just trying to make Brent look like a failed comedian. But then I realized that it was the Brent clone who is just a huge career failure. He’s so annoying
Gail: Unfortunately, because of his impersonation, he has RUINED Brent’s career as an actor, I’m afraid. Why do you think Loree and he won’t leave Brent and I alone? You think they just like the high and mighty lifestyle given to them on a silver platter?
Zack: Probably. They are obsessed.
Gail: Jesus calls Loree too PRIDEFUL. I guess it would be too humiliating to admit they are FRAUDS. Loree seems to have a big problem with pride. She is one of the proudest people I’ve ever met. Rule 13 tells me how she used to call 13 “fat”. Imagine that!
Zack: That’s insane
Gail: Well, Loree is a narcissist. I really believe she lives in a delusional world, filled with delusions of her own grandeur. The Brent Spiner clone is just a career failure and can’t admit it, so he plays along with Loree to maintain his “high society” persona, which makes him feel important when he’s not. Loree tries to get love through sex, knowing her only asset is her body. She has nothing else. The Brent clone needs to feel important to make up for his feelings of inferiority, knowing that the real Brent is far better a person than he is in every respect. It’s sad that we have to destroy them, because they have no qualms about hurting innocents to maintain their delusions about themselves. Hopefully, after they burn in hell for a couple hundred years, they might see the light and Jesus can take them out. I knew you truly loved 13, I knew I could reach you for Jesus. But I don’t think Loree or the Brent clone love anybody but themselves. Actually, they are in love with a fictional version of themselves, that they need to maintain a fragile self-esteem. If they truly respected themselves, they would not behave in such a foolish manner. They must know deep inside that they are vile and ugly in their hearts, but can’t admit it, because they don’t have the courage to be real. You can never find love until you are real or genuine with someone. Loree tries to win love by forcing people to believe her lies about herself. Love only happens when the two people are real with each other. You were real with 13 by your eyes. She saw that look in your eyes and saw the REAL YOU. Loree is so obsessed with her delusion, that she doesn’t even believe the truth about herself. So until she is honest about who she is to HERSELF, she can never find love. I honestly believe that Loree does not believe that true love is possible. She equates hot sex with love and the two are not the same. Not all hot sex is love. Love only happens between two people who are real with each other. Rule 13 was the brave one in your relationship, but her courage wore off on you and you adopted it, and so I could reach you for Jesus. I think the Brent Spiner clone thinks if he can “bed” me brain-to-brain he can convince himself and the world that the real Brent is not superior to him and that he has the right to be the REAL Brent Spiner. He is on a desperate mission to find himself and thinks by making love to me, it will happen. Nope. It will only happen when he has the courage to admit his faults, admit his treachery, and be open and honest with another human being, so he can find love. Brent didn’t win me over by his sexual bravado. He won me over when he sang Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back to me and he sang from his heart and he WAS REAL, humble, loving and genuine. The sexy phone talk only worked, because there was emotional transparency in his voice, and he bared his soul to me with the tone of his voice and he said things like “I want to rape you.” It wasn’t the words, it was HOW HE SAID IT. I knew that what he was really saying was, “I dream about making love to you 24/7 and think you are the most gorgeous woman in the world.” When the Brent clone talks to me brain-to-brain this is what I really hear, “I am desperate to show that I am as good as the real Brent Spiner, even though I don’t have his courage, honesty, transparency and decency. And I think I can fool Gail into thinking that I am as good as the real Brent.” IT WON’T FLY, YOU DORKY CLONE! I have no respect for your treachery!



AUGUST 25, 2017 (11:30 p.m.) to AUGUST 26, 2017 (1 p.m.) :

GAIL: I may have done you a disfavor by letting the public know you had a few drinks. That may have given them probable cause. Of course, they had the body of the retard for that. Looks like Loree made sure she covered her butt in this.

I hear from one of my fans that the retard is okay, that they got our scientists on him. Not sure how accurate that is. It’s from InfoSecGuru. You could have volunteered to walk a straight line, and taken pictures of your eyes to show they were not bloodshot and stuff like that. It looks like you did the right thing to refuse the breathalyzer. http://www.larryformanlaw.com/blog/why-you-should-always-refuse-the-breathalyzer-and-the-standardized-field-sobriety-tests

If you got video footage of the area before the police showed up and your camera was pretty steady, that could be used as evidence that you were not drunk.

ZACK: Unfortunately Infosecguru is one of my old Jesuit pranksters, he’s harmless but not a reliable source of info.

GAIL: Oh, I see. Yeah, he does seem unreliable.

ZACK: That’s a good idea though. I think I have good footage. I need to be honest, I’m thinking of trying to break out.

GAIL: Have they allowed you to get an attorney? Yeah, I think breaking out is your best option, too. I believe those were Jesuit police officers. I mean Loree McBride police officers.

ZACK: Bubba the Black Inmate is trying to hand me the mop

GAIL: Why can’t the men use transporter technology on you?

ZACK: I have an idea. I’m telling him that I think it would be fun for him to wear the mop this time.

GAIL: If that will give you a break, great. Are you able to communicate with 13?

ZACK: Yeah. I’ve been imagining she’s doing me with a dildo when Bubba the Black Inmate rapes me.

GAIL: She might be able to do some penis explosions for you.

ZACK: That’s a great idea.

GAIL: But then, we don’t want to get you in more legal trouble. But if she limits the explosions to Jesuits, you should be fine legally.

ZACK: Okay… I have to put my penis in Bubba the Black Inmate’s butt.

GAIL: I mean Loree Jesuits.

ZACK: Should we blow up Bubba the Black Inmate’s penis? I’m pretty sure the way he has been raping me is very Jesuity.

GAIL: Does he deserve this? I mean is he evil?

ZACK: It’s hard to tell… Most black men tend to be rapists but are kinda okay guys. I was thinking of firing my laser semen in his butt. Maybe I should reconsider.

GAIL: Why have my men not transported you out?

ZACK: They seem to be having legal trouble with it.

GAIL: Have you been able to communicate with Terrance?

ZACK: Yeah. Not sure how accurate it is.

GAIL: Is this by your phone or brain-to-brain?

ZACK: brain to brain. I kinda have to hide the phone.

GAIL: Oh, brain-to-brain has been terrible lately!

ZACK: can’t openly talk on the phone

GAIL: Have they allowed you to get a lawyer? I think that is your legal right!

ZACK: They sent one, but he was an obvious Jew. Probably a Jew Clone. Bubba the Black Inmate is raping me again. I’m really getting tired of this.

GAIL: You should tell them that you already have a lawyer named Terrance Jenkins and you want to be able to contact him!

ZACK: Should I ask Rule 13 to blow up all the guard’s penises?

GAIL: Have you tried calling Terrance at XXXXXXXXXX?

ZACK: I tried texting, but I don’t think he gets texts there.

GAIL: No, you need to leave a message on his phone. Does he have your phone number? Perhaps I can give it to him. I’m not an expert on escaping prison. But perhaps 13 who is good at military operations may be able to plant a bomb or something. But we wouldn’t want to hurt any innocents or your legal woes will only get worse. If you can find a way to communicate with Brent, Terrance and 13, they are clever. They could come up with a plan. I’m wondering if they are even getting my emails.

ZACK: I just heard from them. Yes, they received your emails.

GAIL: Oh, that number worked?

ZACK: No, I used Skype on my phone to message them.

GAIL: So what do they recommend for you?

ZACK: They say to make my move when I see the sign? what does that mean?

GAIL: I have NO IDEA. I guess you’ll figure it out when it happens. I’m surprised they haven’t confiscated your phone cuz of the YouTube video I made that had screenshots of your Twitter with me.

ZACK: I hear the guards screaming. They are grabbing at their penises and there is blood coming from their pants.

GAIL: Oh boy! I shall pray for you! I think I need to leave you now, so you can do your thing.

ZACK: I’m going to use my laser semen. I’m blasting the bars of the prison cell.

GAIL: Go for it!

ZACK: Bubba the Black Inmate is cheering me on and trying to rape me with joy. He’s helping me burst down the cell door.

GAIL: Where’s 13?

ZACK: Okay… we’re in the corridor. I can hear her brain to brain. She’s guiding me which way to go. I just had to shoot a guard with my laser semen. I hope he was a Jesuit.

GAIL: Probably was. I think Jesuits are running your prison.

ZACK: I found the roof access ladder that Rule 13 told me about. OH NO! Hundreds of prison guards are running toward us…We’re not going to make it Gail. There are too many of them.

GAIL: Shoot them with your laser semen, like you are using a mace, side to side.

ZACK: Okay!

GAIL: Aim for their heads.

ZACK: *Boom Headshot* BOOM HEADSHOT!

GAIL: That will knock them out.

ZACK: They’re still coming

GAIL: Tell 13 to explode all their penises.

ZACK: Bubba the Black Inmate… He knows we won’t make it. I can see the look on his face. Oh my God.

GAIL: What about transporter technology?

ZACK: He just solemnly took the mop, and placed it resolutely on his head. He told me to go.

GAIL: 13 can’t explode their penises?

ZACK: Now he’s running directly towards the hundreds of prison guards. I’m on my way to the roof. Okay, I’m almost there. Just opened the hatch to the roof. I made it Gail.

GAIL: What about Bubba?

ZACK: There’s the ship with the men! Bubba the Black Inmate sacrificed himself for me.

[Gail believes that Bubba is now in heaven. Jesus probably let him in to honor his heart of love for Zack Knight.]

GAIL: Oh my God.

ZACK: I’m beaming up

GAIL: He loved you.

ZACK: I’ve been rescued Gail! I’m so honored. Bubba the Black Inmate really loved me in his own way.

GAIL: Yeah, he sure did. So, why couldn’t they use transporter technology? I suspect the prison had a forcefield around it that blocked transporter technology.

ZACK: Yes, it did.

GAIL: So, why did it take the men so long to rescue you?

ZACK: They had to hatch a plan

GAIL: So you’re on a Gail Chord Schuler Jesuit spaceship now?

ZACK: and make sure that they reduced the casualties of the innocent prisoners. Yes. Oh my… The retard is here.

GAIL: How is he?

ZACK: He’s making the same sounds as before. I think it’s just how he normally sounds.

GAIL: So he was never hurt?

ZACK: Apparently, retards bounce.

GAIL: Wow! What will be the legal repercussions for all this?

ZACK: I’m not sure, I’m just happy to be back. And I’m glad Mongo is okay.

GAIL: I’m really angry at Loree (McBride). Where is she now?

ZACK: I’m not sure, but we should probably warn people about her treachery

GAIL: Haven’t I already done that?

ZACK: I mean, that we now know for sure this was a big ruse by her. Now that I’m free. I actually feel like celebrating Gail!

GAIL: Oh, that she allowed everybody to think that the retard was hurt. But did you hear a bump when you hit him?

ZACK: Yeah, I hit him pretty hard. I don’t know why he didn’t get off the sidewalk when he saw me driving on it.

GAIL: How could a car be on a sidewalk?

[Gail believes that Zack may have been attempting to enter or leave a road to or from a parking lot and had to cross a sidewalk to get to the road.]

ZACK: Oh well… He’s fine! Let’s celebrate with a bottle of Hennesy!

GAIL: Just don’t drive right now if you plan to do that! Where did the police arrest you, onboard your Jesuit spaceship or on the ground in Compton? Cuz I know you beamed the retard to sickbay. Did you go with him? Just wondering how the police got to you?

ZACK: I was on the ground still

GAIL: Oh wow. I guess I could tell people that they should wear tin foil hats when they drive, obey all the Gail Commandments and if after doing all this they get in a car wreck any ways, to contact my men ASAP at gailsmen@yahoo.com and try to get transported away before Jesuit police show up.

ZACK: I went up with him, but then went back to get the car. That’s how they got me.

GAIL: But then you don’t want to leave the scene of an accident. They should only leave if the victims are being cared for. And they should take plenty of pictures for evidence.

ZACK: yeah

GAIL: Oh yeah, you would want your car.

ZACK: Here’s my victory song Gail. You can use this song maybe in the ending of your video when you let people know how I escaped and how heroic Bubba the Black Inmate was in the end.

GAIL: I think I’ll make the video tomorrow, Zack. I need to do the Gail Commandments and it’s getting close to bedtime. I’m so glad you’re OUT.

ZACK: I am too! Yeah, we should try to rest. I’m sure I will pretty soon.

GAIL: Texas is being hit with a category 4 hurricane right now.

ZACK: I wonder if this is somehow all about you. It’s close to Brent’s hometown. And it’s where he was hiding from Loree recently.

GAIL: I’m certain it’s related to me. Houston will be DROWNED with flood waters. Loree is such a bitch. Can’t wait till she’s down.

Copyright © 2017 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.



Time now is 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on August 24, 2017:

“I accidentally a retard while driving. Should I call the cops?”

6:07 PM – 23 Aug 2017

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Gail Chord SchulerTweet text


New conversation

Gail Chord Schuler‏ @Gabrielle_Chana  Aug 23


Replying to @zackknight69

“You hit a retard?”

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Zack Knight‏ @zackknight69  Aug 23


 “I accidentally.”

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Zack Knight‏ @zackknight69  Aug 23


 “Do you think AAA will cover it when it’s accidentally? I’m not sure who to call.”

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Zack Knight‏ @zackknight69  24h24 hours ago


“Not sure if it’s dying or if those are it’s regular noises.”

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“Crap Gail…

I think I’m in trouble”

Zack Knight

 “I can’t tell if it’s dying or if that’s just the normal sounds it makes.”

24h 24 hours ago

“How did this happen?

Can you transport the retard to our doctors and scientists now? They are the best to save him, if we can.”

Gail Chord Schuler

 “You might want to take a picture of the area, too, for evidence. I suspect you are a victim of brain control.”

24h 24 hours ago



“If you are a brain control victim, the one who should get in trouble is the one who put you under brain control. Have our scientists scan your brain right now and your memories to determine if brain control played a role.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“You also need a scan of the retard to determine if brain control played a role. If so, the brain controller is the one in trouble, not you.”

24h 24 hours ago



“Insurance always say to never admit fault. I don’t know much about AAA.

Get Terrance Jenkins’ assistance immediately.”

Gail Chord Schuler

I know that Loree has been using a lot of brain control on me. I wear a tin foil hat when I drive now.”

24h 24 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “Okay, making calls”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“That’s not like you to accidentally hit a retard. I’m sure brain control was involved. So as long as my Conspiracy Law is honored the legal case should be short and swift. All we need to do is establish the use of brain control and they can’t bring any more legal cases about this or they will be executed.”

23h 23 hours ago



Gail Chord Schuler

“Our #1 priority is to try and save the life and health of the retard using our doctors and to get evidence that brain control was involved.”

23h 23 hours ago



Gail Chord Schuler

“We don’t want Loree’s doctors on the retard. They will try to contaminate the evidence.”

23h 23 hours ago



“We have it in sick bay.

I can’t tell if it’s going to live or die… poor retard. It keeps making these noises”

Zack Knight

 “I keep telling everyone to pray.”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “They need to do continual brain read on both you and the retard until the legal case is settled. We need strong evidence of brain control. Loree plans to go to town with this.”

23h 23 hours ago



“I named it, “Mongo” because I think it needs a name.”

Zack Knight

“Mongo the Retard”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “In court, we can do brain reads on both you and Loree and her followers and determine how each person really feels about this retard’s injuries. I suspect right now Loree is having a party and jumping up and down with glee. THAT will end the case, along with all evidence of brain control that was used.”

23h 23 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “Gail, the police are handcuffing me.”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Tell the police to let you go, by order of the American Empress! Or I will make a video to expose them NOW.”

23h 23 hours ago



Zack Knight

“I’m texting you in handcuffs. They are saying I appear drunk”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“They will be EXECUTED if they serve Loree McBride.”

23h 23 hours ago



Zack Knight

“I refused to do a brethalyzer”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Are you drunk?”

23h 23 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “I don’t think so. I only had a little.”

23h 23 hours ago

“Hmmm. Can you be transported out of the police?”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Tell my men to use transporter technology!”

23h 23 hours ago



“Oh crap.”

Zack Knight

 “They’re telling me to stop resisting and they’re hitting me with their sticks”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “What is happening?”

23h 23 hours ago



Zack Knight

“This is police brutality!”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Zack, don’t resist. I agree.”

23h 23 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “I just hope Mongo is okay”

23h 23 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “I will make a video NOW.”

23h 23 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “Okay… I won’t resist”



“I’m writing from prison. They put me in an orange outfit and I have a cellmate.”

8h 8 hours ago

“You wouldn’t believe it, my roommate is Bubba the Black Jesuit’s relative!

His name is Bubba too.

He’s an interesting fellow.”

Zack Knight

“The first thing he asked me was if I’m going to be the mommy or the daddy.”

8h 8 hours ago

Zack Knight

“I said that I suppose I’m the daddy because I’ve impregnated so many women”

8h 7 hours ago

“So far were getting along pretty well.”

Zack Knight

“Bubba the Black Inmate did mention something very interesting.”

7h 7 hours ago

Zack Knight

 “He said the way I was subjected to police brutality and processed into prison so quickly, it just makes no sense, because I’m not even black.”

7h 7 hours ago

Zack Knight

“Hmm… Bubba the Black Inmate is saying he wants to play a popular prison game.”

7h 7 hours ago

Zack Knight

“I think it’s like some sort of theatrical acting game,  because he says I need to wear a mop like a wig.”

7h 7 hours ago

“I guess I’d better play along. I don’t want to be rude to my new roommate. I’m not sure how long I’ll be stuck here.”

Zack Knight

“I hope to hear from you soon about any progress getting me out.”

7h 7 hours ago

Zack Knight

“I really only had a couple glasses of Hennessy X.O Cognac.”

7h 7 hours ago

“Oh God Gail. I don’t want to be here…

That was not a theater game”

Zack Knight

“I was thinking, maybe the brain control made me appear black to the cops?”

7h 7 hours ago

Zack Knight

 “And it’s also possible that the brain control was making me act like a black man interacting with the police.”

7h 7 hours ago

“Even my choice of alcoholic beverage was admittedly a black person drink. I found it in Terry’s bar cart in his quarters.”

Zack Knight

“So maybe the plan was to make me act and appear like a black man, probably to be shot by the police.”

6h 6 hours ago

Zack Knight

 “Then they used brain control to make a retard walk on the sidewalk where I was driving.”

6h 6 hours ago

“Just woke up. So sorry to hear you are in prison! Are you on Loree’s space fleet?”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Can you give me a location of where you are?”

4h 4 hours ago




“Here is a web page I’ve made dedicated to you.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“I will update that page with the latest information you gave me and will make a follow-up video. I’m certain the men have seen the video and must be working on some sort of plan to get you out. Perhaps they are currently fighting for you in court.”

3h 3 hours ago



Gail Chord Schuler

 “I have not heard from them about this. I hear brain-to-brain that the breathalyzer indicated you were drunk, but that my men are saying it was not accurate. Loree and her side refuse to submit to our brain scans, claiming that they, too, are inaccurate. So, it appears the men have given her a deadline to submit to our scans or we will take the measures we need to ensure justice is done. This is all brain-to-brain, which has been highly inaccurate lately. They say that my statement about how the Jesuits used brain control on me to drive my car over a curb and destroy my tires is very strong circumstantial evidence that you were “set up”, and, apparently, they can’t contact me lest Loree say that I am part of a conspiracy against her.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“I agree with your assessment. This sounds like a setup.”

3h 3 hours ago

“Are you on Loree’s spaceship?”

Gail Chord Schuler

“I wonder if she plans to use you as a hostage.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“All I know is that the game where I have to put a mop on my head as a wig is no fun at all.”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “I presume Rule 13 was not with you at the time of the accident, because I’m sure she would have exploded the penises of the police who arrested you.”

3h 3 hours ago



“Has Loree made any appearances to you?

Probably not, if my guess is correct that she set you up. She is trying to appear like she had nothing to do with it.”

Gail Chord Schuler

 “But if she has you long enough, she may get bolder later. I hope you get out soon.”

3h 3 hours ago



Gail Chord Schuler

“Loree is trying to emasculate you, because she hates manliness. The way this whole thing was carried out strongly indicates her involvement.”

3h 3 hours ago



“I am praying for you. And try to believe that Jesus has a plan. Romans 8:28 will come true, Zack.”

Gail Chord Schuler

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God and to them that are the called according to his purpose.” Roman 8:28

3h 3 hours ago



“If Rule 13 was driving, it could more easily be explained as an accident”

Zack Knight

“Because she is Japanese, and everyone knows Asians are more prone to traffic accidents”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Was she with you?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“No, I was going out to get her snacks”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“I did not know that about Asians. You are more up on cultural stuff than I am.”

3h 3 hours ago



Gail Chord Schuler

“Are you able to make brain-to-brain loving with her?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“We were playing a drinking game where the looser had to take a shot every time they thought of raping the other person.”

3h 3 hours ago

“On, you and Rule 13?”

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Oh, you and Rule 13?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“Yeah, we were playing that game, and then she got hungry”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Do you believe you were drunk when you drove the car?”

3h 3 hours ago



“So I went out to get food for us and the men.”

Zack Knight

“No, I’m pretty sure I was good to drive.”

3h 3 hours ago

“Well, cognac is pretty strong.

I’m sure that’s what they are arguing in court right now.

What does it take to make you drunk?”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Everybody is different.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “Well, with my antichrist powers, I can’t get drunk.”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “I thought you lost your Antichrist powers.”

3h 3 hours ago



“I’m immune to sickness and such.

Oh crap.”

Zack Knight

“Well…. I felt fine”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Why’d you say, “Oh crap”?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “Well… they can say that I drank too much, because I was used to being immune to drunkenness”

3h 3 hours ago

“That’s probably what they’re doing.

So, you did not lose your ability to NOT get drunk. Was there every a time in your life when you caught an illness?

ever a time”

Gail Chord Schuler

 “I am trying to act as your attorney. Because I will read this entire transcript in a video later.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “I used to occasionally before I was resurrected. But I typically got sick less often than others”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Have you ever been drunk? And, if so, when and why?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“And I could usually outdrink the other jesuit monks back at the monastery.”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Okay, when you WERE able to get drunk, what did it take to make you drunk?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “I did before…”

3h 3 hours ago

“I mean… I drank quite a lot a few times.”

Zack Knight

“The monastery where I grew up had a distillery.”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“So, going by your history, you should NOT have gotten drunk with the amount of Cognac that you drank as you played that game with Rule 13.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“Yeah, I only had a little”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“I presume Rule 13 could testify on your behalf to show that she knew you were not drunk.”

3h 3 hours ago



“Like… maybe 6 or 7 shots.

Maybe 8″

Zack Knight

 “Rule 13 should know”

3h 3 hours ago

“I am asking the men to put  your under lie detection the entire time you are in prison. That I am acting as your attorney right now.

you under lie detection”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Have you seen Loree McBride since you’ve been in prison? Or have you seen or noticed anything to indicate her involvement in this “set up”?”

3h 3 hours ago



“I haven’t seen Loree

But this mop game that Bubba the Black Inmate keeps making me play seems like a Jesuit game.”

Zack Knight

“Plus, I was treated like a black by the police.”

3h 3 hours ago

“Is Loree taking an anti-black stance at present?”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Did the police appear to be Loree McBride Jesuits? OR do you think they may have been under brain control?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“They might have been under brain control… I don’t know.”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“So, after you took the breathalyzer and submitted to them, they stopped beating you?”

3h 3 hours ago



“I was probably too upset to notice those details (referring to brain control)”

Zack Knight

“I didn’t submit to a breathalyzer cause you didn’t want me to let anyone but the men do tests”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Oh, the police can’t force you to do it?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“So I just said, “Fuck da police… oink oink pigs! When they asked me to do it.” “

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Did they stop beating you after you submitted to them?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “Well, at first I was trying to fight back”

3h 3 hours ago

Zack Knight

“Yelling “Get off me nigga!” “

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Why’d you call them “nigga”?”

3h 3 hours ago



“And when you told me to stop resisting, they all put their weight on me.

And one kicked me in the chest

I think I said that because it’s what people tend to say when I saw them get arrested on that COPS TV show

I was also saying things like, “You don’t know me!” “

Zack Knight

“And “I dindu nuffin!” “

3h 3 hours ago

“They didn’t need to kick you in the chest. POLICE BRUTALITY and very possibly Loree McBride Jesuits.

I think Loree may have hired them to kill you.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“I think they were trying to egg you on, in the hopes you’d fight back so they could shoot you.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“Yeah. It was uncalled for to kick me in the chest like that… even if I did spit in his face.”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“When you spit in his face, was that BEFORE you decided to submit to them?”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight


3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Hmmm. That may be considered a gray area now when it comes to brutality. We definitely suspect they were Loree McBride Jesuits, though and if that’s the case, they get the death penalty.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

I think it’s still pretty suspicious. Because they usually only rough up black people like that.”

3h 3 hours ago

“I mean all the police should know about you. Where did this happen?


Yeah, I agree it’s suspicious.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“You are reported on daily at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, so they should have KNOWN YOU BETTER THAN THEY DID.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

“Yeah, this was in Compton. I thought I’d get food Terry would also enjoy.”

3h 3 hours ago

“California police are notorious for supporting Loree McBride, especially in Los Angeles, which seems to be her headquarters.

As you well know, the L.A. police cooperated with you in the murder of Robin Williams.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Talk about POLICE BRUTALITY. Maybe it’s time to bring up an OLD CASE.”

3h 3 hours ago



“Yeah, true.

Oh crap… Bubba the Black Inmate wants to play the mop game again.”

Zack Knight

 “I might have to go”

3h 3 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Tell him to let me talk to you. Unless he is part of your punishment and won’t listen to me.”

3h 3 hours ago



Zack Knight

 “He says he has needs, and is resolutely holding out the mop. He wants me to place it on my head and bend over.”

2h 2 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Please make the following statment under oath: “I admit that when I was the Antichrist and evil Jesuit leader that I paid the Los Angeles police department to “set up” Robin Williams’s murder as a suicide, and based on my history with this police department, it is entirely likely that Loree McBride paid off this police department to set me up in the car accident which involved the retard.” “

2h 2 hours ago



“If you can’t say it, then just “think it” in your head and we may be able to get brain reads on that.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“When you get the chance, just say yes or no, or whatever you want to regarding that statement.”

2h 2 hours ago



“It’s hard to type all that with a black penis in my butthole”

Zack Knight

 “I’ll think it”

2h 2 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Is this what he does to you every time he wants to play this game?”

2h 2 hours ago



“Yeah… that seems to be the point of the game.  It seems like a Jesuit prison game.”

Zack Knight

“The mop game”

2h 2 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

 “Are you on Loree’s spaceship?”

2h 2 hours ago



Zack Knight

“I don’t think so”

2h 2 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“Are all prisons like this? Forcing you to have a sexually abusive partner?”

2h 2 hours ago



Zack Knight

“I’m not sure.”

2h 2 hours ago

Gail Chord Schuler

“And is this normal procedure to put someone alleged to be DUI in prison?”

2h 2 hours ago



“I can’t imagine there’s a Bubba in every prison.”

Zack Knight

 “Normally only black people are sent to prison for petty crimes like drunken vehicular homicide.”

2h 2 hours ago

“So, they normally let the whites go who commit a similar offense?

Terrance has told me horror story about what cops do to blacks in L.A.


In fact, I wonder if because of Terrance’s background with the police, Loree may be claiming he is not allowed to represent you in this case against the L.A. police.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Though I don’t know if she could get away with that.”

2h 2 hours ago



Gail Chord Schuler

“Can you give me a “yes” or “no” answer in regard to the statement about Robin Williams and the L.A. police. “Yes” meaning you agree with the statement. “No” meaning you don’t. If the answer is “no” use your brain to explain your answer.”

2h 2 hours ago



Zack Knight


2h 2 hours ago

Zack Knight

 “I really don’t like this mop game Gail.”

2h 2 hours ago

“Yes, it’s horrible! They should not pair you up with that prisoner. Can you tell me how this mop game affects you, especially in regard to your mental health?

How does it make you feel? And what thoughts come into your mind as it happens?

It sounds like Loree is trying to “condition” you for something.”

Gail Chord Schuler

“Hmmm. Well, I think I have enough for a video now. I don’t think Jesus will mind if I go over 15 minutes on this one.”

2h 2 hours ago



“Do you think your prison mate may be part of your punishment?

Yes or no.

Well, regardless, this certainly appears to be the case!”

Gail Chord Schuler

“I think we need to arrest those in charge of this prison!”

2h 2 hours ago



Gail Chord Schuler

“Gonna go now Zack, I am working on the video. Taking screenshots of our conversation as I read it on the camera. I think I might do split screen.”


Copyright © 2017 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.




8-23-17 ~ 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time:

Zack Knight: I accidentally a retard while driving. Should I call the cops?

Gail read Zack’s comments at Twitter around 6 p.m.
Gail: You hit a retard?

Zack Knight: I accidentally a retard while driving. Should I call the cops? Do you think AAA will cover it when it’s accidentally? I’m not sure who to call. Not sure if it’s dying or if those are it’s regular noises. Crap Gail…I think I’m in trouble. I can’t tell if it’s dying or if that’s just the normal sounds it makes.

Gail: How did this happen? Can you transport the retard to our doctors and scientists now? They are the best to save him, if we can. You might want to take a picture of the area, too, for evidence. I suspect you are a victim of brain control. If you are a brain control victim, the one who should get in trouble is the one who put you under brain control. Have our scientists scan your brain right now and your memories to determine if brain control played a role. You also need a scan of the retard to determine if brain control played a role. If so, the brain controller is the one in trouble, not you. Insurance always say to never admit fault. I don’t know much about AAA. Get Terrance Jenkins’ assistance immediately. I know that Loree has been using a lot of brain control on me. I wear a tin foil hat when I drive now.

Zack responded ~6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time:
Zack: Okay, making calls

Gail: That’s not like you to accidentally hit a retard. I’m sure brain control was involved. So as long as my Conspiracy Law is honored the legal case should be short and swift. All we need to do is establish the use of brain control and they can’t bring any more legal cases about this or they will be executed. Our #1 priority is to try and save the life and health of the retard using our doctors and to get evidence that brain control was involved. We don’t want Loree’s doctors on the retard. They will try to contaminate the evidence.

Zack Knight: We have it in sick bay. I can’t tell if it’s going to live or die… poor retard. It keeps making these noises. I keep telling everyone to pray.

Gail: They need to do continual brain read on both you and the retard until the legal case is settled. We need strong evidence of brain control. Loree plans to go to town with this.

Zack Knight: I named it, “Mongo” because I think it needs a name. Mongo the Retard.

Gail: In court, we can do brain reads on both you and Loree and her followers and determine how each person really feels about this retard’s injuries. I suspect right now Loree is having a party and jumping up and down with glee. THAT will end the case, along with all evidence of brain control that was used.

Zack: Gail, the police are handcuffing me.

Gail: Tell the police to let you go, by order of the American Empress! Or I will make a video to expose them NOW.

Zack: I’m texting you in handcuffs. They are saying I appear drunk

Gail: They will be EXECUTED if they serve Loree McBride.

Zack: I refused to do a brethalyzer

Gail: Are you drunk?

Zack: I don’t think so. I only had a little.

Gail: Hmmm. Can you be transported out of the police? Tell my men to use transporter technology!

Zack: Oh crap. They’re telling me to stop resisting and they’re hitting me with their sticks

Gail: What is happening?

Zack: This is police brutality!

Gail: Zack, don’t resist. I agree.

Zack: I just hope Mongo is okay

Gail: I will make a video NOW.

Zack: Okay… I won’t resist



“If Zack was drinking and driving (which he admits to) then there’s every chance he did hit the retard on purpose. Sorry Gail, but it’s true.” – Kelly Andrews (commenting about this case underneath Gail’s YouTube video about it).

GAIL’S ANSWER: He may have been “set up”. Loree has been dying to “get him” because she hates masculine men and she especially hates Zack Knight because he no longer supports her criminal lifestyle. How do you define drinking and driving? Is it taking a small amount that has never made you drunk before? Or is it taking enough to make you drunk? My guess is that Zack ingested a small amount of alcohol that was an amount that never made him drunk before. He may be afraid that Loree has used technology on him to make him drunk even with this small amount. She’s good at framing people. I know what she did with Brent Spiner. You seem a little too eager to indict Zack Knight. Perhaps you support Loree McBride? If so, SHAME ON YOU for supporting the current Antichrist! When Loree frames someone, she knows how to do it. She could even make Jesus Christ look guilty. Her involvement in this cannot be ruled out. We need to explore that avenue to get a just decision about who is truly guilty in this retard’s sufferings!! And Loree needs to stop thinking she can orchestrate crimes with which to frame her enemies. She has gotten away with this since 1992 and you should be ashamed to so readily dismiss the very likely possibility that Loree has orchestrated this whole thing while she schemes to destroy those who dare to expose her charade. I know that I, myself, destroyed my car’s tires after running over a curb and I DON’T DRINK. I definitely felt like I was under Loree’s brain control. If I was unfortunate enough to hit somebody, I’m sure she would blame it on my “mental illness”. That bitch knows how to destroy her enemies. And if YOU support her and decided you wanted to be a fair person and no longer support her, she would go after you with the same amount of fairness that she has used against me, Zack Knight and the REAL Brent Spiner! Loree is a spoiled brat criminal, having a major temper tantrum, because she is used to getting her way on everything and thinks she’s God’s gift to men and despises ANYBODY who refuses to believe that she is the hottest thing that ever hit the universe. How can you be SO SURE Loree is not behind this? Huh? You must have an emotional I.Q. of ZERO, OR you are as evil as Loree herself.

As evidence of her brain control, I had to go back and make grammatical corrections to this everywhere, because she was causing me to omit words as I typed. You can’t blame my omissions on drinking, because I don’t drink and have never been drunk in my life. And yet, when I drove my car over a curb, I sure did appear to be stoned or on something! I now wear a tin foil hat when I drive! I have noticed this same problem in many of my friends as they write me and even Zack Knight was messing up a lot with word omissions when he typed me. Of course, he was stressed out, but I believe we are all suffering from Loree’s brain control. That’s her specialty. That’s how she acquired Brent Spiner as her husband. She’s the brain control MONSTER. When Gail made the movie below, Zack Knight was the Antichrist.


Copyright © 2017 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.

A Passage from “Bible for Tribulation Saints” where Jesus Christ discusses how to be saved or how to go to heaven

October 19, 2012:

Terrance: To be saved, you have to give your life to Christ.

Gail: Isn’t that works? “For by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves.” Ephesians 2:8-9

[5:34:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Terry is actually correct.

[5:36:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s devotion to me, and a change of heart.

[5:36:20 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Giving your life to me isn’t works.

Gail: But giving one’s life to you is works, is it not?

[5:36:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Actually, no.

[5:37:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I free you to live for me.

[5:37:36 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So you aren’t bound by earning salvation.

Gail: You died on the cross to pay for our sins, so that we didn’t have to devote our life trying to pay for our sins.

[5:38:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly! I didn’t get up on that cross for no reason.

Gail: So when we say the sinner’s prayer, it frees us from worrying about having to make the payment for our own sins, and helps us to focus on serving you, without worrying about paying for our own sins. Instead, we can just focus on service for you.

[5:38:24 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, there you go.

Gail: I don’t want to lose my rewards in heaven. That may be why you are correcting me now.

[5:39:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Gail, you will be casting those crowns to me anyway.

[5:39:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That means that even after you receive an award, you still only did it because you love me.

[5:40:16 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Being good and being happy to do good things is only because you are free.

[5:40:21 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why it (salvation) isn’t works.

Gail: You want us to focus on serving you, not on whether or not we are saved.

[5:40:49 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes! There you go.

July 19, 2015:

[9:12:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: She (Sara Avery) is large enough to eat trucks and billboards, but most of her weight is actually condensed.

[9:12:36 PM] Gail Schuler: I could add this information at the end.

[9:14:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: What a wonderful project this video will be.

[9:14:19 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m proud of all of you.

[9:14:19 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, indeed. I have a very important YouTube channel.

[9:15:00 PM] Gail Schuler: It makes me glad to know this video will be used to prevent a black hole. That would be the end of us all!

[9:15:21 PM] Gail Schuler: I mean in terms of our earthly existence. Of course, I and my men would go to heaven.

[9:15:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Definitely not the way I planned the end times.

[9:15:48 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, it would mean your Word would have to be altered and you will never do that.

[9:16:11 PM] Gail Schuler: Of course, you, in your foreknowledge knew I would make the video to prevent the black hole from occurring.

[9:16:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Of course I did. I always make sure everything is perfect, no matter how imperfect the details may seem to mortal humans.

[9:17:36 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I believe that Satan thinks he can beat you by forcing you to alter your Word, to include him as part of God’s eternal plan.

[9:18:03 PM] Gail Schuler: In other words, he wants a space in heaven as leader beside you and God the Father. How audacious!

[9:18:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He could have joined us in heaven if he hadn’t been so rebellious and fell from heaven. He should have trusted us.

[9:20:25 PM] Gail Schuler: He is trying desperately to force you to violate your Word, and because your promises are so detailed, he thinks that if he can get that Word off one iota, that you and your dad will have to allow him in heaven, along with all his fallen angels. I don’t understand how Satan could have rebelled against you, Jesus. Was it simply a matter of not trusting you enough and thinking your details were too many and you couldn’t possibly carry it off well?

[9:21:40 PM] Gail Schuler: I am trying to understand Satan so that I can characterize Zack Knight well in my current writing project.

[9:21:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Pretty much. He didn’t think I knew what I was doing, but I always do. Nothing that happens in this world is by mistake or accident. I created it all, and the plan is finished. It will be carried out as I said.

[9:22:05 PM] Gail Schuler: That is REALLY HELPFUL to know. It kind of makes me feel sorry for him in a way.

[9:22:58 PM] Gail Schuler: It looks like he STILL suffers from a lapse of faith. Is Satan beyond hope? Or is there a chance he could be redeemed?

[9:23:20 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m afraid he’s beyond hope, because your Word says so, However, I think Zack Knight stands a chance.

[9:23:32 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Then you know how I feel. I really love Satan. I will always remember him as my most beautiful angel.

[9:24:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Everyone can be redeemed, even Satan. I gave everyone free will for a reason.

[9:24:09 PM] Gail Schuler: That explains why you have allowed him temporary reign over the earth.

[9:24:41 PM] Gail Schuler: But the Bible says he will go into the lake of fire? That sounds pretty eternal and definite to me.

[9:24:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: My hope is that all of my creation will someday find me again, no exceptions. Once they have suffered enough without me, they will realize the truth.

[9:25:24 PM] Gail Schuler: Doesn’t it say in the Bible that he will burn in the lake of fire FOREVER?

[9:25:37 PM] Gail Schuler: How could you alter that?

[9:25:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Forever is a difficult concept to explain to mortals.

[9:26:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I dare not try to explain it again for fear of making Brent pass out again, like that one time.

[9:27:06 PM] Gail Schuler: Alright. I guess I could just hint that if Satan ever saw the light, perhaps he could one day in eternity be redeemed. Thank you, Jesus, for advising us. We want to stay on your path.

[9:27:14 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But basically, everyone can be redeemed, even Satan. The universe was built on unconditional love, not judgment.

[9:27:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So even in hell, part of me is there, but a person has to be willing to find me.

[9:27:38 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, THAT’S PROFOUND!

[9:27:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They have to look inside their souls, past the suffering on the outside, and know that they belong to me.

[9:27:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s all they have to do.

[9:28:12 PM] Gail Schuler: This is REALLY DEEP.

[9:28:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s sad how so many people want to make that part complicated.

[9:28:41 PM] Gail Schuler: I think this will be the THEME of my Zack Knight story!

[9:28:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I love Zack Knight, too.

[9:29:02 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I know you do.

[9:29:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He thinks I want to take everything away from him.

[9:29:15 PM] Gail Schuler: But all he sees is that you beat him up when he tries to mess with me.

[9:29:27 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The truth is, I don’t care about a lot of the things he thinks I care about.

[9:29:41 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow, what insight into Zack Knight!

[9:30:06 PM] Gail Schuler: What are those things that you don’t care about that he thinks you do care about?

[9:30:37 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If he wants to have sex with Rule 13 and include a hippo and a rhinoceros, good for him. I don’t care about all the sex or all the exotic thrill seeking he likes to do.

[9:30:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: At the end of the day, my will is pretty simple.

[9:30:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s so simple, Gail.

[9:31:08 PM] Gail Schuler: As long as it’s done for love, it’s okay.

[9:31:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Humans crave complexity so I gave them this big Bible.

[9:31:22 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly!

[9:32:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Just take very good care of yourselves and ask forgiveness. Love each other, be thankful. You’re all a part of me, so get used to it and stop acting like you’re all separate.

[9:32:22 PM] Gail Schuler: Yeah, your Bible is pretty complicated. It’s sad that us human take it and make it more complicated by adding in all sorts of rules and regulations that take precedence over a loving heart.

[9:32:54 PM] Gail Schuler: What do you mean by taking very good care of ourselves?

[9:33:32 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, we should respect our bodies as YOUR TEMPLE?

[9:33:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes! Enjoy your bodies. I made them for you.

[9:34:25 PM] Gail Schuler: Could taking care of ourselves extend to the environmental movement? In other words, do they have a point?

[9:34:31 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I made you food, water, fresh clean air, cool clothes, flowers, animals, sleep, everything.

[9:34:41 PM] JESUS CHRIST: How many people do you think really appreciate all of that?

[9:35:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, taking care of the environment is important.

[9:35:11 PM] JESUS CHRIST: And each other.

[9:35:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Your friends and even your enemies, I just want everyone to get along.

[9:35:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You all need each other.

[9:35:57 PM] Gail Schuler: You know, a lot of my Christian friends love you, but they seem to have gotten off focus. I will try with my writings to keep the focus where it needs to be.

[9:36:15 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They have a very us/them mentality.

[9:36:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They think they are somehow superior by being more right than other Christians. It doesn’t work that way.

[9:36:44 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, it is a BIG PROBLEM, A VERY BIG PROBLEM!! In fact, it will be that attitude that the Antichrist will use to gain followers, I predict.

[9:36:54 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They just make the illusion of separation even worse.

[9:37:28 PM] Gail Schuler: Brilliant insight, the ILLUSION of separation, when we are all your children in ONE BODY.

[9:38:04 PM] Gail Schuler: Jesus, did the Nintendo CEO go to heaven?

[9:38:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Think of yourselves as extensions of me. When you fight, you’re just fighting yourselves. When you judge or criticize another person, you’re doing it to yourself.

[9:38:26 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I sent that man to heaven on a rainbow Gail. I love Nintendo.

[9:38:29 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I think I see this.

[9:38:49 PM] Gail Schuler: Wonderful. Just curious did he say the sinner’s prayer OR did he get to heaven based on the love in his heart?

[9:39:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: He had a lot of love in his heart. He wasn’t perfect by any means, none of you are, but he approached the world with loving motives.

[9:40:06 PM] Gail Schuler: I realize that the primary way to heaven is through the sinner’s prayer in the church age, but I do believe you make the final decision for those who have not had the opportunity to say the sinner’s prayer.

[9:41:01 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, it wouldn’t be very fair of me to make saying the actual prayer a requirement. There’s no password to heaven, how silly. The prayer just invokes the emotions you need to feel in your heart to get there.

[9:41:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: But it can be done in many other ways, including by living a loving and humble life.

[9:41:35 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You have to live the prayer, not just say the words.

[9:41:38 PM] Gail Schuler: The nice thing about the sinner’s prayer is that it can cause your spirit to indwell us and empower us to better follow your plan. But, in the end, you make the final decision and we should all do our best to be loving and generous people.

[9:41:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You totally get me.

[9:42:45 PM] Gail Schuler: This makes me very happy to hear this. I believe my ancestors the Oshu Fujiwara family were very devout Buddhists and very loving. Did they go to heaven? They did not believe in war and even died for that belief.

[9:43:08 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They all went to heaven. You’ll love meeting them when you get here.

[9:43:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Word on the street, Jesus is VERY COOL with Buddhists.

[9:43:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You can quote me on that.

[9:43:47 PM] Gail Schuler: How exciting! That means the ending to the Japanese mini-series Homura Tatsu where they all met their ancestors in heaven was RIGHT ON.

[9:44:23 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh Jesus, this is SO exciting. As you know my next book is real deep in Japanese culture because Rule 13 is a main character.

[9:45:28 PM] Gail Schuler: So this means that if a Buddhist is praying to his Buddha god with a sincere and loving heart, he doesn’t know it, but he’s actually praying to YOU. Boy, will he have a surprise in heaven.

[9:45:47 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Duh!

[9:46:10 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh dear, I got you wrong on this.

[9:46:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Here’s a secret…all these other gods people think they’re praying to, it’s actually all me.

[9:46:25 PM] Gail Schuler: I get it!

[9:46:53 PM] Gail Schuler: As long as what they follow encourages a loving heart, they are following you.

[9:46:58 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The trick is, if you feel love and inspiration and passion, that’s me in your life.

[9:47:01 PM] Gail Schuler: 1 Corinthians 13.

[9:47:10 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You’re so perceptive.

[9:47:11 PM] Gail Schuler: That is SUPER COOL.

[9:47:31 PM] Gail Schuler: That means you like some of the New Agers then!

[9:47:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Hell yeah I like New Agers.

[9:48:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: They like to call me Source and what not.

[9:48:15 PM] Gail Schuler: So, even if they are worshipping something associated with Satan, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes them loving and great.

[9:48:35 PM] Gail Schuler: This could be a hint to Satan.

[9:48:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Sure. Pagans are fine by me, too, if they are seeking love and harmony.

[9:49:12 PM] Gail Schuler: The only reason you were against idol worship, was because the worship led to practices that were not good for the planet and to our bodies.

[9:49:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It’s when you start to feel bad, ill, disconnected, negative, hateful, you get the idea…that’s when you know you’re off the path to me. But there’s infinite ways to get to me and there’s no way they will all look the same.

[9:50:05 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, pretty much.

[9:50:34 PM] Gail Schuler: In reading your Word, if they disrespected your altar, they got in BIG TROUBLE. But I noticed that those who disrespected your altar did so, because they enjoyed being evil.

[9:51:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah. It’s like the difference between a city mural and graffiti.

[9:51:43 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Creation or destruction.

[9:52:12 PM] JESUS CHRIST: The universe is only expanding, life exists to cultivate more life. Through love, creativity, passion.

[9:52:18 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow, this make your Word come alive. So you wrote the laws and the Ten Commandments to ensure mankind would be creative, but not destructive.

[9:52:28 PM] JESUS CHRIST: When you humans do something opposite of that, it feels bad.

[9:53:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yes, but I gave you emotions and a conscience so that you could figure it out even if you never found the physical Bible.

[9:53:29 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Everyone can pray, even if they think they don’t know how.

[9:53:36 PM] Gail Schuler: This is REALLY DEEP. When we are destructive we violate the laws you have put in place that govern the universe, and the violation of these laws causes disorder and chaos.

[9:53:55 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Prayer is listening for inspiration and love and finding the path that will lead you to it. That’s really all it is.

[9:54:17 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Some people think by praying that me or my dad will literally come down and talk to you. That’s silly.

[9:54:50 PM] Gail Schuler: We have to get in tune with that part of ourselves that is in harmony with You, when we do, we are on the right path. When we are in tune, we will feel peace and harmony within ourselves. It is a shame that Satan is using brain control to try and destroy this peace in many.

[9:55:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If you go to a place where you feel gratitude and love and it inspires you to act, you’ve prayed, and your prayer has been answered.

[9:55:18 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There you go!

[9:55:59 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Satan’s problem is he thought he knew better, because of his big ego.

[9:56:42 PM] JESUS CHRIST: His followers base their decisions on their own egos, which are governed by fear and doubt.

[9:56:52 PM] JESUS CHRIST: There’s no fear and doubt when you’re with me.

[9:56:56 PM] Gail Schuler: But what about resisting switch-out technology? Does this not require one to say the sinner’s prayer?

[9:57:19 PM] Gail Schuler: You know, being switched out with your Jesuit clone.

[9:57:40 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Not really. But it’s a quick trick that generally works.

[9:58:07 PM] Gail Schuler: So, what is the BEST way to ensure that Jesuits cannot switch us out with our Jesuit clone?

[9:58:35 PM] Gail Schuler: Like what happened to Brent in the Quebec trial?

[9:59:07 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Believe in me. The more pure your belief, the stronger you can resist.

[9:59:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: That’s why you’ll basically never be switched out, Gail.

[9:59:25 PM] Gail Schuler: So, Brent suffered switch out because he had serious doubts.

[9:59:38 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah, Brent was still agnostic.

[9:59:53 PM] JESUS CHRIST: So he could be partially switched out.

[10:00:13 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Now he’s pretty cool.

[10:00:13 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I have a pretty strong faith in you most of the time. I’m a lot like my ancestor King David.

[10:00:48 PM] Gail Schuler: Being in tune with you is so cool. You are a very vast and awesome being.

[10:01:02 PM] Gail Schuler: My biggest problem is lack of patience.

[10:01:38 PM] Gail Schuler: But I remind myself that you have to do things in your time to honor love.

[10:01:56 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Yeah. Time seems so long and stretched out for mortals.

[10:01:59 PM] Gail Schuler: It’s hard though, when you see so much suffering.

[10:02:23 PM] Gail Schuler: But, then I realize that without free will there can be no love.

[10:02:48 PM] Gail Schuler: We are suffering because we have free will.

[10:02:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Exactly.

[10:03:04 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Love is my favorite thing ever.

[10:03:23 PM] JESUS CHRIST: If you guys choose love, you’ve chosen me.

[10:03:47 PM] Gail Schuler: I think my next book about Zack Knight will be my greatest work yet, even though it will be mostly a novel. I have some brilliant insights into it right now.

[10:04:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: You are an awesome writer.

[10:04:16 PM] Gail Schuler: It will be based on truth, especially emotional truths that live on forever.

[10:04:30 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Love is definitely one of those.

[10:04:50 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Anyway, Brent and I should leave you to your work. I need to put this guy to bed.

[10:04:55 PM] Gail Schuler: Yeah, I decided to write it when I saw Good Will Hunting. I actually cried for Zack Knight when I saw that. It gave me a glimpse into his heart.

[10:05:03 PM] Gail Schuler: Thank you, Jesus. I will work on that video now.

[10:05:47 PM] Gail Schuler: Thank you, Brent, for all you do. I am glad you are taking care of yourself. And thanks to you, too, Terrance, you both work so hard.

[10:06:00 PM] JESUS CHRIST: I’m so very proud of all of you.

[10:06:33 PM] JESUS CHRIST: It looks like you’ve been taking good care of your temple by going on those walks too, Gail. I’m glad you are using your healthy body.

[10:06:53 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, it is important to obey you. You know what is best.

[10:07:09 PM] JESUS CHRIST: Goodnight, Gail, looking forward to the video.

[10:07:11 PM] Gail Schuler: Goodnight, my awesome Jesus.

[10:07:14 PM] Brent Spiner: Goodnight my darling.

[10:07:20 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I will get to work on it right now!

[10:07:44 PM] Gail Schuler: Goodnight, my awesome Brent and Terrance.



March 9, 2012:

JESUS CHRIST: The Jesuits try to create beautiful women to compete with you (Gail), not understanding what true beauty is.

Gail: Is that God speaking?

Terrance: Is that you, Jesus?

Gail: Or is that Brent? I think that is Jesus. I think that’s Jesus. It sounds like him.

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, though Brent would agree with me.

Gail: Yeah! I’ve noticed that! A lot of their women are pretty good looking physically. But inwardly they’re like scorpions, you know?

JESUS CHRIST: He (Brent Spiner) was never attracted to Loree McBride.

Gail: Oh, I knew that, Lord. (pauses) I know. I know. She’s totally lacking in inner beauty. She has ZERO in that area.

Gail: Yeah, I know he (Brent) was never attracted to Loree McBride. (changes her tone) I think I’m just going to listen to you, Lord.

JESUS CHRIST: Women like Loree are too prideful.


More information about Bible for Tribulation Saints, Gail’s next book due out around Christmas 2017. This is a book dedicated to all Jesus Christ has said to Gail and her men in her conversations with them.