Bible for Tribulation Saints (Jesus: 2012-2017)

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Rape-loving Antichrist Zack Knight, on arrogant Satan’s mission to destroy Jesus and true love, no longer cares about being the Antichrist when he thinks his true love Rule 13 is dead. This new addition to the Biblical canon is formatted as transcripts of Skype and online communications (organized by time and date stamps) with Jesus Christ advising and guiding Gail Chord Schuler and her men (Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Robin Williams, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, and Antichrist Zack Knight) on how to honor the true love in their hearts through life and death situations they encountered from 2012 to 2017. Portions of this read like a fantasy or science fiction thriller as Gail and her men literally saved planet earth from destruction many times. Jesus Christ told Gail that she and her men are experiencing what the Biblical (see Revelation & Daniel in the Bible) tribulation saints will experience, and wants Gail and her men as examples for tribulation saints to follow. This book is broken down into a series of four volumes (2012, 2013, 2013 – 2015, 2015 – 2017). One Kindle edition is four volumes all together (2012 – 2017). Jesus Christ’s words are in BOLD.

How Jesus Christ set up character types in his book Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 to 2017) is available as a Kindle book at! This is my Thanksgiving Bible for Jesus, designed to give the readers a “Jesus Experience” like I’ve had from 2012 to 2017. Can also click on book cover photo above to get to the Amazon page to order the entire four book series in ONE Kindle book for only $5.49. I have updated the links inside this $5.49 Kindle version so that they all link to this new website, in other words the links in the text of this book will usually work since I have cancelled and my website is now The Kindle version with all four volumes in it is the size of the Bible covering FOUR BOOKS (years 2012 to 2017).

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The paperback is available as a red-letter edition and an edition in black print (both versions spread out in a four book series) and each book has a Kindle counterpart.

2012 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

2013 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

2013 – 2015 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

2015 – 2017 Edition is available as a Kindle book and in paperback black print and a red-letter edition.

Each book of the paperback red-letter edition will be about $50.00. This would make a great collector’s item for those who want to see the original manuscripts in English of this addition to the Biblical canon. HERE IS THE ENTIRE SET IN THE RED-LETTER EDITION: 2012,  20132013-20152015-2017.

Each book of the paperback black print edition (with Jesus’ words in BOLD) will be about $11.00. I set this book up to have Jesus Christ identified in ALL CAPS and his words in BOLD, for those who cannot afford the red-letter editions. You will need to buy four books to get the entire Bible for Tribulation Saints in paperback. HERE IS THE ENTIRE SET: 201220132013-20152015-2017. Below is a picture of the 2012 edition (the first book of the four part series).

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Bible for Tribulation Saints 2012 Paperback Cover

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Bible for Tribulation Saints 2013-2015 Paperback Cover

Bible for Tribulation Saints 2015-2017 Paperback Cover

Sample pages from Bible for Trib Saints 2013VERY IMPORTANT: Gail has heard brain-to-brain that all major theological seminaries have agreed that this book should be added to the canon of Scripture. They state their reasons as that I am Jesus Christ’s favorite and, therefore, have apostolic authority, and because the focus of the book is on what Jesus has said to us with many exact quotes from Jesus Christ himself. Though it is not set up in chapter and verse format, this “Bible” has a different focus, and that focus is to show believers in the tribulation and millennium – prime examples for them to follow. Also, they say that any book that is focused on what Jesus has said (with exact quotes from Him) has to be included in the canon of Scripture


This new addition to the Biblical canon is formatted as transcripts of Skype and online communications (organized by time and date stamps) with Jesus Christ advising and guiding Gail Chord Schuler and her men (Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Robin Williams, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, and Antichrist Zack Knight) through life and death situations they encountered from 2012 to 2017. Portions of this read like a fantasy or science fiction thriller as Gail and her men literally saved planet earth from destruction many times. Jesus Christ told Gail that she and her men are experiencing what the Biblical (see Revelation & Daniel in the Bible) tribulation saints will experience, and wants Gail and her men as examples for tribulation saints to follow. The paperback version is broken down into a series of four volumes (2012, 2013, 2013 – 2015, 2015 – 2017). The Kindle edition is all together (2012 – 2017). Jesus Christ’s words are in BOLD.

Jesus knew that ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and his true love Rule 13 would come to Jesus. Jesus loves everybody and wants to reach as many as possible for his kingdom. Many people become Jesuits because they see Jesus as a cock blocker and feel that God is like a strict daddy in heaven who wants to deprive his followers of sexual pleasures. When a person comes to Christ they are advised to read the Bible for guidance. Unfortunately, over the years the Bible has been interpreted according to Victorian standards and Jesus realizes this has caused him to lose many to Satan, who lies to his followers telling them that if they follow him they can have unhindered sexual pleasures without condemnation. Therefore, Jesus feels the need to let the world know exactly how he feels about sex, marriage, and sexual expression, which seems to be a large focus of Bible for Tribulation Saints. Gail has told her new Jesuit converts that Jesus would be cool with them only reading Bible for Tribulation Saints for guidance, since many Jesuits view the Bible as a book for cock blockers. It seems to Gail that Jesus has created Bible for Tribulation Saints to minister to a new generation that refuses to accept traditional standards blindly and who are challenging the status quo in many areas. Jesus is capitalizing on this, to allow the world to have a more accurate view of how he feels about sex, marriage, love, homosexuality and other topics that have been misinterpreted by Bible teachers over the centuries. Bible for Tribulation Saints is the Bible for the generations that will go through the tribulation. As this is such a trying time in world history, God has gone out of his way to add more to the Biblical canon to give this generation that guidance they will need to go through this horrific period for God’s glory and so they can enter heaven when they go through the tribulation. Of course, the rapture has not happened yet, so if you come to Jesus now you will be raptured and won’t go through the tribulation. But the rapture is close and Bible for Tribulation Saints will be there to guide those who are not raptured and go through the tribulation depicted in Daniel and Revelation of the Bible. Because we are so near the tribulation, some of us are currently experiencing what the tribulation saints will endure and Gail is among those, which is why God has chosen her to write this book. Jesus readies the world for his millennial reign, where he will marry his bride, the church, so it only makes sense that Bible for Tribulation Saints has a strong focus on sex, love and marriage as Satan tries to counterfeit himself as the Christ (via the Antichrist) and tries to counterfeit the bride of Christ (the Antichrist’s followers) during the tribulation. Bible for Tribulation Saints will be essential to identify the Antichrist and to resist him and follow the path each of us must follow to honor Christ in these last days.

Though Jesus strives to correct the false teachings about his views on sex in Bible for Tribulation Saints, nothing in Bible for Tribulation Saints contradicts the Bible, it only illuminates the Bible and helps Bible teachers interpret it more correctly. God did not write Bible for Tribulation Saints to encourage evil people to continue their evil, and only those Jesuits who become Jesuits only because they feared God as the unreasonable cock blocker will come to Jesus through the truths they learn in Bible for Tribulation Saints. Those Jesuits who are pure evil, and love to steal, rape, and live in wealth and opulence at the expense of the innocents will continue to reject Jesus, even with the publication of Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus still condemns sin, and Bible for Tribulation Saints is not an attempt to white wash sinners. It is only an attempt to show how Jesus considers love a many splendored thing and that those who enjoy all sorts of sexual pleasure mated with love are welcome into his kingdom, even if their sexual practices are condemned by those committed to Victorian sexual standards. Jesus attempts to redefine sin as any act done without a motive of love, which in no way contradicts the Bible, and strives to take away strictures placed on Christian living that God never intended his saints to bear.


Jesus just says that Christians have more in common than they have differences, when I asked him about specific doctrines. That seems to be as far as he wants to go on that.
Doctrinally, I line up with Dallas Theological Seminary and John MacArthur the most. But Jesus has not really commented about my doctrines one way or another, except He got me out of the King James Bible only camp, saying that was stunting my Christian growth and making me too rigid.

My approach to Bible for Tribulation Saints is only to faithfully record what Jesus said to us and the circumstances surrounding all He said. I don’t really go into any doctrines, other than to speculate a bit about the Antichrist, based on information Jesus has given us about the Antichrist. I don’t want to add to or subtract from anything Jesus said to us, and want my transcript of our conversations with him to stand on their own. Like the Bible, people will read what He said and He will use the Holy Spirit to guide them in their interpretation.

I have always loved reading the Bible and have read it over a 100 times cover to cover. I guess Jesus made me this way, cuz he knew I’d be a Bible writer. This may be why I like Dallas Theological Seminary and John MacArthur cuz they are Bible lovers like I am. This will work out great for God, if my Bible for Tribulation Saints does become The Bible: PART TWO, since I follow these Bible scholars and they know me. Getting their endorsement, has helped Bible for Tribulation Saints to be accepted by all evangelicals as The Bible: PART TWO, cuz the evangelical community respects Dallas Theo Seminary and John MacArthur as being authorities on the Bible. In fact, many Dallas graduates have been involved in Bible translations.

All theologians figure that if Dallas Theological Seminary endorses my Bible for Tribulation Saints, then it could very well be The Bible: Part Two. Theologians worldwide respect the scholarship of Dallas Theological Seminary, knowing they would never lightly endorse any book as a continuation of The Bible. Their scholarship on all Bible issues is top notch and they are very well respected in the evangelical community for this.

Jesus hates the us/them mentality and yearns for all humans to get along. Even with Christians, he dislikes them arguing over doctrines and wants them to be in harmony. So I respect that, and show grace to other believers who may not agree with me. We are all in the wrong about something, so it’s best to just love each other and get along and work together on the things we agree on.

Jesus seems very concerned that people be able to identify the Antichrist and how to honor him and be strong for him in these perilous times we live in today. The title to my book, Bible for Tribulation Saints is the heart of God right now. That’s the impression I get as I work on Bible for Tribulation Saints. I think he’s kind of relying on me to help him with that, with my videos and my writings. He’s not worried whether we have all our Bible doctrines right. He’s more worried that we don’t side with the devil and his Antichrist. He’s all obsessed with preparing the world for the tribulation and that is the obvious focus of Bible for Tribulation Saints.

It seems to me that those with hearts filled with love are those that will please him the most now and during the tribulation.

DUE TO THE TRADITIONAL STANCE IN MANY CHRISTIAN CHURCHES THAT GOD WOULD NEVER USE A WOMAN AS A BIBLE WRITER, GAIL FEELS THE NEED TO EXPOUND ON THIS MATTER. She is as surprised as many men church leaders out there that Jesus has apparently chosen a woman as a Bible writer.

She feels that Jesus would agree with Dallas Theological Seminary’s position regarding women in church leadership positions.

Many who believed that the canon is closed have changed their mind, because I and my men are considered apostles for Jesus Christ, due to the indisputable fact that He has met with us, instructed us and designated Brent Spiner as His transcriber, and I as His writer, with many eye-witnesses who have given sworn testimony to this fact.

In fact, now that Bible for Tribulation Saints has been added to the canon, Jesus’ quotes in this book have been admitted to the courtroom as evidence of what Jesus Christ has said on many pertinent topics.

John MacArthur describes brilliantly the reason why the current 66 books of the Bible are considered the canon:

He, along with other Bible scholars, have studied Bible for Tribulation Saints, and believe it should be added to the canon. If what I’m hearing is correct, it means I am the first woman apostle and the first woman who has been used to contribute to the canon. Bible for Tribulation Saints is the size of the current Bible, which means for tribulation and millennial saints, their Bible will consist of the current Bible, called The Bible and my Bible for Tribulation Saints, or called The Bible: Part Two or Bible for Tribulation Saints.

People can quote passages by saying Bible: Oct. 2017, 10:37:23 p.m. for instance.

If my brain-to-brain communications are inaccurate and Bible for Tribulation Saints has not been added to the canon of Scripture, I will post a correction to this post later. However, Jesus does call me His favorite and His favorite writer, and it seems to verify that He wants Bible for Tribulation Saints to be added to the canon. If this is incorrect, i am sure I will be hearing from my men shortly as something this important would concern Jesus and He would want me to make a correction. I do know that He has been very concerned that all my writings are truthful and has gotten very upset with me in the past when my writings lost their credibility, actually giving me one-on-one writing training, with a focus on credibility. This seems to indicate that He expected me to be a Bible writer and wants the world to accept me as a Bible writer. This is because what is in Bible for Tribulation Saints is very important for the world to know right now. Those unfamiliar with its contents will fall prey to the Antichrist and will be deceived by Satan at this time.

You won’t get this information about this new addition to the Biblical canon anywhere except on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable) or here at my website, because Loree McBride and/or the Brent Spiner clone, current Antichrist, strive to defame Jesus’ favorite (ME) to the world as a paranoid schizophrenic, to deceive the world for Satan. Those who follow the teachings in Bible for Tribulation Saints will have a distinct advantage over those who don’t, in being able to discern who is the Antichrist and what are his teachings and methods, by contrasting him with the real Jesus, who has met with us and spoken to us many, many times.

The key factor used to determine the canonicity of Bible for Tribulation Saints has been whether the quotes from Jesus in the book are actually quotes from the real Jesus. Because everything quoted from Jesus in the book do not contradict the current canon (66 Bible books), and actually bring more light upon current Bible passages without contradicting them, and because we have had sworn testimony from many eye-witnesses that I and Brent have met and communicated with Jesus Christ, Bible for Tribulation Saints has been added to the canon of Scripture. This makes the current canon twice the size of the traditional canon of the 66 original Bible books.

Unlike the current Bible, Bible for Tribulation Saints is organized by time stamps and not by chapter and verse, so passages will be located according to date and time, much like the Skype transcripts that form a large part of this Bible. Jesus Christ’s words are in red for those who read it on a iPad or iPhone or certain Kindle devices. All exact quotes from Jesus have “JESUS CHRIST: quote (in red and bold)” format. Some devices will not show the red, but will show the bold.

My main concern is to make this available to as many people as possible. Satan’s followers, the current evil Jesuits who follow Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner clone, will do all to undermine this book. I shall strive to publish it as cheaply as possible, but will publish the paperback version in several books (divided by the year of Jesus Christ’s appearances and conversations). The paperback versions (divided by year) will have Jesus’ words in red. The Kindle version will be altogether from years 2012 to 2017, and will be a massive book of ~ 780,000 words. If Jesus continues to communicate with us in 2018 and afterwards, there will be sequels (arranged by year).

Here is a sample passage from Bible for Tribulation Saints where Jesus Christ discusses how to go to heaven:

You can view other samples of our conversations with Jesus that are part of Bible for Tribulation Saints in our Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Doctrinal Statement. However, in Bible for Tribulation Saints Jesus Christ’s dialogue is identified as Jesus Christ and not as Brent Spiner who transcribes for Jesus, to make the reading experience more streamlined. I will put Jesus’ words in RED for the Kindle version. But not all Kindles support colored text, so I will also capitalize JESUS CHRIST in the dialogue sections when he speaks. I will do red text for Jesus in the paperback, but will break it up into smaller books (organized by year of Jesus’ appearance), so that people can gradually acquire the entire collection over time.

I am a trailblazer. But Jesus has told me not to discuss theology or Bible in my videos. However, I have complete freedom with my writings to explore Bible and theology. My next book Bible for Tribulation Saints, will be like a Bible. But, Jesus has told me he wants me to share my life story in my writings and videos primarily and the story of my men. Bible for Tribulation Saints is a transcript of my conversations with my men, with a focus, in particular, on those transcripts that included Jesus as part of the conversation. I am slowly, but surely, working on Bible for Tribulation Saints, being sure not to disobey the Gail Commandments in the process. Kindle version is available for Thanksgiving 2017. The paperback versions should be ready by Christmas or mid-December 2017. I do not believe Jesus has ever made as many appearances to people, like he has us, since the time he came to earth the first time (in a human body) with his disciples. When he appears with us he is not always in a human body. He can take on the form of a dove, a light, or whatever he wants. But he does speak to us with an audible voice, and only my men and those near Jesus at the time can hear him. Brent will then transcribe for Jesus any messages he wants to give to me. Those transcriptions and any other transcriptions related to them, are my Bible for Tribulation Saints.

For those who feel that the signs have ended because we are in the Church Age. I would like to say that this is what I used to believe until Jesus started talking to me and my men, starting in January 2012. I am a strong dispensationalist (believing that God deals with the human race differently depending on where we are in history) and feel that the Church Age is about to end, and this is why Jesus is making appearances on earth again. I feel we are in the transition period between the Church Age and the seven year tribulation period. When God moves from one dispensation to another, there is usually a transition period where the rules start changing. We are in that period now.

Because the Antichrist has arrived and is on earth now causing lots of trouble, I feel we are in a transition period and God is using me to help prepare the world for the seven-year tribulation! Though the current Antichrist is Loree McBride (a woman), we know from Bible prophecy that the Antichrist during the tribulation will be a man. Whether this will be a transgender man or a man (who was a man from his birth) only time will tell. Jesus is very picky about who he appears to, though. And he’s even more picky about who he allows to write for him or transcribe for him. He only gives Brent Spiner permission to transcribe for him. I asked his permission to make him a main character in my writings and he gave it to me! I am honored by his trust and humbled, because to have so great an honor means I better obey everything Jesus tells me to do! I do fail in obeying him at times, but, fortunately, I get back up and back on track! I guess Jesus knew I’d write Bible for Tribulation Saints. But he has given me some rules to follow for my writing, which I try to honor now in all my writings. And I can tell you Jesus takes me and my writings very seriously. Because when I disobey him, he gets VERY UPSET. You can read those rules and how I’ve made Jesus upset at times in Bible for Tribulation Saints (when it comes out) because they are part of the many conversations I’ve had with Jesus!

This book is the size of the Bible, so I can’t have it ready right away. Lots of editing to do. The first draft is finished.


As I work on edits for Bible for Tribulation Saints, I find some sections are like cheesecake, so rich and deep, that you have to slow down to “get it”. This is one of those books that you can reread and get a different interpretation depending on where you are in your life. In that respect, it’s a lot like the Bible. It has Jesus Christ’s own quotes in it, so I really wonder if Jesus will add this to the canon of Scripture. The book is about 780,000 words.

I am finding that the editing phase in my Bible for Tribulation Saints is a little more demanding than I anticipated. I’ve had to do a little more transcribing and have had to do some major rewrites to some sections to give the book the feel of a story and not just the feel of transcripts transcribed. I have arranged the transcripts so that the reader feels like they are following an arc with a beginning, middle and end as they go through the book. I try to make the real life conversations seem like a scene.

I sent the first draft to Judge Terrance Jenkins (via Skype). He said it was AMAZING.

Jesus is very down-to-earth and hip when he talks and so the language is English street talk or how people really talk in our modern times. From what I understand, this is the language that the New Testament was written in as well. The New Testament was translated from the common every day street talk of the disciples’ time, which was street talk Greek mostly. There was a fancier version of the Greek language at the time, called classical Greek, but that was not used for the Bible. So, true to form, when Jesus shows up in the 21st century, he uses street talk English.

What I find very interesting about this book is that the main points of view presented are Jewish Christian older baby-boomer male (Brent Spiner), Jewish Christian older baby-boomer female (me), black middle-aged Generation X male (Terrance Jenkins), white young millennial male (Zack Knight), and Asian young millennial female (Rule 13). These are the narrators who interact with Jesus in the book. So the three main races (white, black and Asian) are represented, along with both sexes. All forms of Christianity (Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, evangelical, traditional, liberal, etc.) are represented. All ages are represented from the twenty-somethings to the sixty-somethings. As far as transgender and homosexual or lesbian point of views, they are not present as POV narrators, but the narrators of the book are not homophobic, for the most part. This book is balanced and presents all points of view from traditional to liberal to conservative to straight to gay and otherwise. It’s like Jesus wants to represent all those who will enter his kingdom.

As a Kindle book, I have put this book under the classification of Nonfiction > Bibles > God’s Word > Study &
Nonfiction > Religion > Christian Life > Spiritual Warfare

The Kindle book is looking to be about the size of the Bible, about 780,000 words! Jesus has said and done so much with me and my men! I am working hard on the Kindle book to make it very readable and to have relevant links, where you can get more information as you read, if your Kindle is connected to Wifi or the Internet. But in case you don’t have an Internet connection on your Kindle, I have transcribed (or will transcribe) some meetings we had with Jesus that were audio only.

Due to the type of stories I write, I limit my publications to Amazon, who I trust to treat me fairly as an author. Just about anybody else, would refuse to publish my writings. Thanks to Amazon, my very important stories are getting out! When you are as courageous and exposing as I am, you need a publisher with courage and integrity. I am actually my own publisher, but I use the Amazon platform to launch my books. Fortunately, I have talent in editing, writing and setting up my books for Amazon. My men have told me that Amazon is on my side. It helps that Jeff Bezos is a fan of my books, and went to my high school. My book in progress is so long, that I will have to break it up into four paperback books, I’m afraid. I hear brain-to-brain that my men have found a Christian publisher who will publish Bible for Tribulation Saints in a leatherback version, with thin pages like the Bible. Not sure how accurate brain-to-brain is, though, right now. And if this is the case, I’m certain I won’t be able to offer my readers a link to that page for them to order the book. It will probably be a Gabrielle Chana FOX News exclusive.

My goal as a writer has always been to write what I would like to read. Though I’m not a slave to proper formatting, I do appreciate a book that is easy to read and is not riddled with typos and grammatical errors. For this reason, my ~780,000-word book will take some time to get ready. It’s possible, it may not be ready until Christmas. A non-fiction book, to be likable, needs to be well outlined and have a strong theme that it adheres to. So I try to make the focus of my very long book on Jesus, what he’s said to us and the context of all that he’s said to us. Jesus has said a lot and weighed in on a lot of issues, so the book has to be long.

My book is very conversational, so I am formatting it to read like a play, sort of. It’s written in present tense and reads like a Bible, with a lot of question and answer format between Jesus, his disciples (I and my men) and his enemies. I do summarize some scenes, but do use a lot of conversation to depict scenes. I am using actual transcripts of conversations with Jesus and my men in this book. I chose the conversations where Jesus was there, directly or indirectly. You can learn so much about Jesus by how he responds to us! Jesus is the reason this book rocks. He is a FASCINATING character. What makes him so fascinating, is that he is REALLY JESUS, and anybody who knows the Bible CAN TELL that the Jesus I depict in Bible for Tribulation Saints is the REAL DEAL. Which may explain why I’ve heard brain-to-brain that all major Christian seminaries plan to endorse the book when it comes out. In fact, I hear some of them will offer a one-year course based on the book for seminarians to study.

Jesus, whenever he shows up, rocks the “establishment” boat. And, believe me, he said some things to us that were shocking. But then that’s what he did when he showed up the first time!

Here are some of the shocking things you’ll learn when you read this book:
1) Jesus is not against gay people, though he prefers the man-woman relationship.
2) Jesus calls me his favorite.
3) Jesus is not a cockblocker.
4) Jesus says I can have sex with more than one man in the millennium, and this rule is mainly just for me. He says I’m just like King David.
5) Jesus calls Zack Knight the Antichrist, but now we have a “born again, saved” Antichrist and he still had his Antichrist powers, even after he became a born again Christian. Jesus is being silent about this. It appears he has lost his Antichrist powers, now that Jesus has given Satan permission to make Loree McBride the Antichrist. Proud Loree is probably gloating over this. Jesus has described Loree as too prideful. But she needs to remember that pride goeth before a fall.
6) Jesus and Satan have a non-interference agreement that revolves around me and my men, especially me. Because Jesus was showing up so much to help us defeat Jesuits, Satan started showing up and Jesus had to lay down some rules, because we mortals are no match for the devil.

I want the Kindle version to be a book you can relax with and lose yourself into the narrative without being distracted by typos and formatting issues. I am sort of creating my own rules for formatting but need to be consistent to those rules so I don’t drive the readers wacky. But anything that looks really tacky, I’m trying to fix. I read the book on my Kindle and I highlight the problems and go back and fix them. But I still need to transcribe some more “scenes”. This book will be a very important historical document and it must contain everything that needs to be said.

Basically, I want this book to be a Bible to people. My current strategy is to release the Kindle book before the paperback so that I can use the Kindle version to work out all the bugs. Due to the nature of what I write, where Loree accuses me of getting the manuscript from my men, who, she claims, really wrote the book, I need to do all my own work in everything. But I won’t release the Kindle version until I can sit down and read it and not be distracted by problems. If I wouldn’t buy it as a reader, I won’t publish it. I’m still working on the first draft and doing some editing at the same time.



Dedicated to Jesus Christ who came down from heaven to train his twenty-first-century disciples, who are Gail Chord Schuler and her men. This is his Bible for the tribulation saints.

Before Jesus Christ’s first coming to this earth, there were 400 silent years in which God gave no revelation. From Malachi to Matthew every piece of literature, including the Roman Catholic apocryphal books were not considered part of the canon of Scripture. Before His Second Coming, there have been four hundred years (1611 to 2011) in which God has not revealed a thing. From the 1611 King James Bible (God’s most enduring revelation in the English language) to the beginnings of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (2011), there have been no new revelations. However, it appears the four hundred years is up and Jesus is now revealing things to Gail and Brent Spiner (both Jewish, by the way, like all the Bible writers), starting in 2012. What you are about to read could very well end up in the canon of Scripture for tribulation and millennial saints. Apparently, God needed to wait until this time, because of all the scientific advances unique to this time in history, to reveal what he is revealing to us now. As is true with the Scriptures thus far, God chooses to reveal His Word in the language in common usage at the time with the Bible writers (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek). Here, in 2012 and onwards, that language is English. As in previous revelations, the focus of the Bible was on events to come soon in the near future, with much of the Old Testament preparing the world for Jesus’ first coming. When the New Testament was written, it established Christ’s church and prepared the world for the end times. The end times are upon us now, and God’s next revelation (this book) goes into more detail about the imminent tribulation soon to come upon this world, and the millennial reign of Christ (which follows the tribulation), with a focus on new revelation about how to live for God during the tribulation, and what to expect during the millennium. The contents of this book shed light on previous revelation (Genesis to Revelation), making this a fascinating read to those familiar with the Bible.

Why, a woman? God has never used a woman before as one of his Bible writers. But note that I am the King David woman, which makes me perhaps more manly that most men out there. Perhaps, this is his attempt to reverse the fall of mankind, which happened when Eve took of the forbidden fruit. To make God seem less of a woman hater, he is using a woman (myself) as his instrument to begin the reversal of the fall of mankind, which happened when Satan tricked Eve and she partook of the forbidden fruit. Also, it appears that the Antichrist may be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina, which indicates that Satan is attempting to use a woman again to finish what he started at the Garden of Eden, where Satan used a WOMAN, who caused the Fall by her disobedience to God’s command. God will destroy this transgender man Antichrist, who I think may end up a reincarnation of Alexander the Great (what Angelina looks like as a man, by the way). Jesus, knowing in advance that the Antichrist would be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina, may have decided to use a woman (myself) as his instrument to assist him in the set up of his millennial reign and as inspiration to the tribulation saints. God chose a woman with very manly genes for this purpose (myself, with King David and Catherine the Great genes). God does not hate women and that may be the reason he is using me to possibly be the Bible writer who authors more of the inspired canon of Scripture than any other Bible writer, including Moses (who, to this date, has written most of the inspired canon of Scripture). However, Jesus does expect me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner, and perhaps this is because the curse is still in effect. Also, I must note that much of this book are exact copies of letters Brent has written me and all of my recorded conversations in this book have been with men, so this book is also authored by men, and both Brent and I are Jewish (as were all the Bible writers). So, it appears God’s only exception to past rules he has followed for Bible writers is that this book is primarily authored by a woman, albeit a very manly, King David woman.

I don’t believe the curse on mankind (that happened because of Adam and Eve’s fall) will be lifted until perhaps after the millennium. And then, towards the end of the millennium, a large group of humanity will again follow Satan and rebel again against their creator (the Bible clearly predicts this in Revelation 20:7-10). But, it appears, that I may be an instrument to light the fires for the reversal of that fall that happened in the Garden of Eden, and God takes delight in using a woman (for this reason) as an instrument to begin the reversal of the fall of mankind, to spite Satan, who is using (Angelina Ballerina and Loree McBride) and has used (Eve in the Garden of Eden) a woman as his main instrument for his attempted overthrow of God. God, knowing in advance, that Satan’s instrument would be the woman, has also chosen a woman as his main instrument (outside of himself, of course) to reverse that fall by using me and my men as the inspiration and role models for the tribulation and millennial saints. Because I am this inspiration, he wants me to chronicle my life, which is chronicled in these pages. As Jesus has met with me, his emphasis has been on my obedience to his commands, and most of the chastisement I have received from him has been in regards to my disobedience (as you shall see in these pages). Eve caused the fall of mankind because she DISOBEYED. Perhaps, I shall be the beginning of the reversal of that fall by my OBEDIENCE. My current survival as God’s woman is conditioned upon my obedience to God’s commands. Unlike Eve, I will succeed where she failed and the commands I need to obey are a lot harder than what she had to obey. God, using me, vindicates the woman, and brings her back to her rightful place as Adam’s helpmeet, lover and a type of the bride of Christ, as the woman who chose obedience over disobedience and thus succeeds where Eve failed. And now may this book (along with Christ’s glorious death and resurrection on the cross) be the beginnings of the reversal of that Fall that happened and cursed all of mankind.

Jesus said his favorite Bible is the Parallel Bible, which I have and consists of the NASB, NIV, NLT and KJV. All of these translations are in the 700,000 word range, the same range as Bible for Tribulation Saints. I find it interesting that all the Bibles Jesus likes are in the DIVINE NUMBER range.

I think Jesus is using a woman to add to the canon of Scripture as he prepares the world for his millennial reign, because it’s his way to spite the devil for using a woman to bring on the sin curse for mankind. The Bible was written by about 80 different authors, and the longest book is the Psalms written by my ancestor King David. Now it appears that the longest book will be my book Bible for Tribulation Saints written by me, a King David woman. Have you noticed that there is very little in the Bible that gives instructions to the millennial saints? I think it’s because God planned to add to the canon of Scripture for them, and he’s using ME. The focus of all Jesus’ meetings with us have been about sex and marriage mostly, and that’s the focus of the millennial reign, when Christ is married to his bride, the church. So it makes sense that the Bible for the millennium will be focused on marriage, sex and relationships. There’s a little bit of prophecy in my book as well, because Jesus has predicted some things in this book. This book will be a fascinating read to Bible lovers. It brings light upon the current canon of Scripture and adds more to it, to make the Bible relevant to our times.

Jesus knew that with the advent of computers and word processing that he would not have to use many authors to write Bible for Tribulation Saints, so he chose a woman, who is a fast typist, has writing talent, is good at English and a good communicator. Due to our modern technology, Jesus did not need eighty writers for this book, even though it’s the same length as the Bible. This is probably a lot easier for him to manage, especially as I’m sure Satan takes a keen interest in this book! Satan knows that those who follow Jesus’ counsel as given in this book, will not fall prey to Satan’s trickery in these last days. And so I’m decreasing Satan’s following by writing this.

I expect to finish around October to December 2017. Lots of editing to do. But at least I don’t have to write on scrolls. I have a word processor. This makes it easier for me to put out the book.


Jesus chose Brent Spiner to transcribe for Him. No one else has that privilege, which indicates that he knew I would turn our transcripts of his conversations with us into a book. I (Gail) have included all transcripts necessary to understand what Jesus meant when he spoke with us (from 2012 to 2017), including all correspondence between me and my men related to Jesus (from 2012 to May 2017) and all correspondence where Brent has quoted something Jesus has said or has transcribed for Jesus. Though I would not go so far as to call this the Bible, this book does have exact quotes of what Jesus said to us, and he is the source of all truth. I tried to be meticulous to not misquote Jesus and to keep the transcripts intact as I received them, which explains why this book is so long. I have only made corrections to obvious spelling errors and have formatted the correspondence to be readable on Kindle. Those who would like to join our church (the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits) after reading this, contact my men at I led the Antichrist Zack Knight to Jesus after evil Angelina Ballerina double crossed Zack’s true love Rule 13 (September 1, 2016). We now have a “born again” Antichrist! I believe that Angelina Ballerina (transgender man) may be the Antichrist depicted in the Bible to fulfill Bible prophecy, and perhaps Loree McBride (transgender man) will be her False Prophet. However, Loree McBride is the Antichrist on this August 8, 2017.

Those who have hearts for the truth will be open to what Jesus has said to us. The rest of you will discount this book as delusion or fairy tales until you meet Christ at the judgment. We will all bow before him. I suggest you bow before him now, and not at the judgment. Those of you who know the Bible, know that in every period of man’s history, God’s true prophets have been mocked, abused and murdered. Jesus calls me and my men his twenty-first-century disciples. To those with hearts for truth, I have striven to give you an accurate account of our conversations with Jesus, because everything he says is important, especially as we near that time in the Bible, called the time of Jacob’s trouble, or the great tribulation. It is not far off. Be ready and go up at the rapture. Those who go up at the rapture will not enter that terrible time, but will be spared. My prayer is that God will use this book to help people be ready and for those who are left behind after the rapture of the church, to give them courage and wisdom in dealing with the Antichrist or the beast (666) as they go through the tribulation, hopefully, with this book and the Bible at their side to guide them.

Despite my strong Bible knowledge, I have not fabricated any of these conversations we had with Jesus. I have written them exactly as they happened and have not changed anything that Jesus said to us or that Brent transcribed. Jesus had to correct me many times for things I had believed wrong in my Bible interpretation and theology. I include those corrections in this account. I believe that those who are honestly seeking God will realize that the Jesus we depict in these pages was the same Jesus who came down to earth as a carpenter and died on the cross for our sins. I have no doubts about this at all, and feel that, therefore, this book is very important! In fact, if you read these pages and denounce what you read (especially our quotations of what Jesus has said), you may be held accountable at the judgment for rejecting God’s Word! I have far too much respect for God to tamper with what he said to us, and believe me, I have changed nothing of what he said. I have added some correspondence where Jesus was not talking to us but which will give you the context of what was happening at the time he spoke to us. I would not dare misrepresent my Lord. Brent Spiner has a photographic memory, which may be why Jesus used him to transcribe for Him. Also, Brent does not come from a theological background, which means he wouldn’t know what theological bent to give to Jesus’ words if he changed them to his liking. Brent has copied what Jesus said to him, word for word accurately. That is why Jesus chose Brent as his transcriber. You can laugh and call us crazy, but we did meet with Jesus and whether or not you believe it, won’t change the fact. I suspect that those who claim we are crazy, know we are not, but just want us to doubt the truths that Jesus tried to teach us. God will hold these evil devil worshippers accountable for each person they lead astray using intimidation and trickery and brain control.

Weighing in on homosexuality in the Bible. The passage in Leviticus 18:22 seems specifically directed at the practices of the devil worshipers of the time, and part of this ritual involved homosexuality. Israel was to be SEPARATE from the nations that she conquered and was forbidden to adopt their idol worship, part of which included homosexuality. Notice how chapter eighteen opens up:

“You shall not do what is done in the land of Egypt where you lived, nor are you to do what is done in the land of Canaan where I am bringing you. . .” Leviticus 18:1

In our current social climate, not all homosexuals practice homosexuality to worship Satan. All forms of idol worship are actually Satan worship, even the worship of the King James Bible as God. This may explain why Jesus said that though he preferred the man/woman relationship that he is not against gays and that not all gays will go to hell, some will go to heaven. Some quotes from Jesus (in my future book Bible for Tribulation Saints) may shed more light on this topic:

Gail: Isn’t it true that idolatry is also Satan worship?

Jesus Christ: Yes, it is. You’re worshipping Satan instead of me.

Gail: So any type of idolatry is Satan worship?

Jesus Christ: Yes.

“Satan is gay.” – Jesus Christ

“Even though Satan is gay. Zack Knight is not. But he does have the power to turn other men gay, when he walks into a room. His powers are so intense that all sexes react to him now.” – Jesus Christ

“Hey Gail, you remember yesterday when you guys mentioned homosexuality? I kept my cool on this one, but, I wanted to let you know something — I prefer one man and one woman. That’s how God set it up in the beginning. It’s my favorite. However, I just wanted you to know that I don’t hate gay people. Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean I don’t love them, or that they aren’t saved, or even that anything is wrong with how I created them. I love everyone, and my one true wish is that everyone else on earth can love each other too, despite their differences. I’m very glad that you aren’t bothered by it, I think that’s super cool of you, and I just wanted you to know that I’m proud of you for having such an open mind, Gail. You don’t have to tell Terrance this, but the next time you’re praying, maybe you can get the word up to the big G in the sky that Terrance needs a little help in this area. Just be like, ‘God, please help Terrance to understand that some people are gay, and he needs to get over it.’ Something to that effect, in your own words. You’re one cool gal, Gail.” – Jesus Christ

I remember one time I told Jesus that the Bible seems to indicate that women should shut up in church. He then told me that was directed towards a particular church which was having issues, and that when we read the Bible it is very important to read the passage in CONTEXT.

So the context for these passages about homosexuality, is that at the time they were written in Leviticus, the nation of Israel was surrounded by Satan worshipers who engaged in homosexuality as part of their Satan worship. Therefore, to adopt any of their practices (like homosexuality) was considered evil enough for the death penalty (including the practice of homosexuality as part of Satan worship).

In today’s climate, Satan worship is now much broader than homosexuality, and has gotten a lot more complicated. Therefore, not all who practice homosexuality today are doing it as part of Satan or idol worship. Those who practice homosexuality purely because they prefer same sex attraction as opposed to opposite sex attraction and who make love to the same sex without any Satan or idol worship involved, are not sinning in God’s eyes.

Like all Bible passages, we must read the verses IN CONTEXT and in the LIGHT OF THE TIMES when they were written.

However, I’m certain Jesus does NOT endorse the Queen James Bible and does not consider that Scripture. They are not faithful to the original manuscripts and have taken liberties in translation which have resulted in error.

But I disagree that Leviticus 18 is focused on sexual relationships. It is actually focused on idol worshiping practices. But it may appear to be focused on sexual relationships because Satan is focused on sexual relationships! You get it? Therefore, certain sexual practices form a large part of Satan worship, and all forms of Satan worship are strongly condemned in the Bible.

JESUS CHRIST (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012)
SATAN (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)
COMPUTERS (March 2012)
BARACK OBAMA (April to May 2012)
KEANU REEVES (8-3-2012 to 8-16-2012)
SKYPE (8-23-2012 to 8-29-2012)
CHURCH OF GAIL (9-16-2012 to 10-25-2012)
GA1L ANDROID (10-29-2012 to 11-13-2012)
GOD THE FATHER (12-2-2012 to 12-26-2012)
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RULE 13 (1-23-2013 to 2-18-2013)
RUSSIAN METEORS (2-16-2013 TO 2-18-2013)
VLADIMIR PUTIN (2-21-2013 to 4-12-2013)
BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS (4-19-2013 to 5-9-2013)
LYUDMILA PUTIN (5-12-2013 to 6-2-2013)
JESUIT PORTAL (6-3-2013 to 6-11-2013)
THE ANTICHRIST (6-15-2013 to 6-23-2013)
THE INTERNET (6-24-2013 to 7-26-2013)
JESUS’ FAVORITE WRITER (8-8-2013 to 9-9-2013)
FINANCES (9-18-2013 to 10-7-2013)
CONSPIRACY LAW (10-18-2013 to 10-20-2013)
DENTISTRY (10-30-2013 to 11-28-2013)
CULINARY ARTS (11-29-2013 to 12-1-2013)
HEAVEN (12-28-2013 to 3-15-2014)
JESUS’ WRITING ACADEMY (3-16-2014 to 3-30-2014)
UNITED STATES EMPRESS (5-4-2014 to 8-5-2014)
ROBIN WILLIAMS (8-11-2014 to 8-13-2014)
ROBIN WILLIAMS FROM HEAVEN (8-14-2014 to 8-25-2014)
SENTIENT TACOS & BURRITOS (12-7-2014 to 1-12-2015)
BRAIN CONTROL DELUSIONS (1-23-2015 to 1-25-2015)
LIGHTNING BOLTS (3-4-2015 TO 3-12-2015)
SARA AVERY’S BLACK HOLE (7-1-2015 to 11-17-2015)
JESUS ORDERS A RAP VIDEO (12-18-2015 to 12-25-2015)
CHARMING PSYCHOPATH (2-3-2016 to 2-6-2016)
SATAN’S STOOGE (2-16-2016 to 2-18-2016)
THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS (3-7-2016 to 4-14-2016)
BORN AGAIN ANTICHRIST (9-1-2016 to 9-5-2016)
GAIL SHIELD (9-5-2016 to 10-4-2016)
TRUMP RALLY (11-4-2016 to 1-4-2017)
THE SEROQUAKKE (1-4-17 to 1-5-17)
GLOWING PENIS (1-6-2017)
HUGH HEFNER IN HEAVEN (4-26-2017 & 9-29-2017)

ENDING COMMENTS TO BIBLE FOR TRIBULATION SAINTS (These ending comments will make more sense after you read Bible for Tribulation Saints):

Unfortunately, after our victory with Angelina Ballerina, Loree McBride has led an insurrection against Zack Knight, consisting of Jesuits who did not witness the miracle of Zack’s glowing penis during our final battle with Angelina Ballerina. These Jesuits are attacking Donald Trump, Zack Knight, Gail and her men and are carrying out Jesuit terror attacks on innocents as evil Jesuits have done in the past. Gail’s sister, Sandra Metcalf, is also a Jesuit who supports Loree McBride. As of June 18, 2017, Zack and Gail’s men have still not given Gail their audio recording of the final battle with Angelina, so Gail decided to put that event into this book, using her own audio recording of that final battle. Zack informed Gail that they couldn’t give her the recording because they were fighting Loree McBride in court, and apparently, giving Gail their recording somehow tampers evidence for the trial.

Regarding Angelina Ballerina. . .she did appear more powerful than Zack Knight as an Antichrist, but you must remember that when Jesus made his noninterference pact with Satan and Zack Knight as Antichrist, it was with Satan and with Zack Knight specifically, which somewhat limited how Zack could use his Antichrist powers. The way the noninterference agreement worked was that Jesus stipulated that there were certain things Satan or Zack Knight specifically could not do, and if they did these things, it would give Jesus permission to interfere to rescue Gail and/or her men. So, in order to prevent Jesus from interfering, Satan and Zack had to refrain from certain actions. By switching out Antichrists and replacing Zack with Angelina, Satan had a more powerful Antichrist in Angelina, simply because Angelina herself was not in the noninterference agreement which Satan, Zack Knight and Jesus agreed to in February 2012. By simply giving her certain powers as Antichrist, which would be Angelina’s own powers and which would, therefore, not be a violation of the noninterference agreement, Angelina’s own unhindered powers made her more powerful than hindered Zack Knight. You see, Angelina, was not part of this February 2012 agreement, unless Satan helped her. The mere fact that Angelina was not part of this agreement is what made her a more powerful Antichrist than Zack during her brief reign.

You might ask, “Why didn’t Jesus insist that Angelina be added to the non-interference agreement when she became Antichrist?” My guess is that Jesus wanted Zack Knight to retain his full Antichrist powers, so that he could retain his Antichrist powers, in order to keep him alive as a Gail and Jesus supporter. Jesus, knowing that using our own wisdom, we would defeat Angelina on Jan. 6, 2017 decided to leave the noninterference agreement as it was, so that Zack Knight could be Antichrist and retain his powers even while siding with Gail and Jesus. Satan would not dare complain about this, because if he does, then Jesus will insist that Angelina, or whoever Satan chooses as his Antichrist, must become part of the agreement, greatly weakening their powers, giving Jesus permission to interfere with the new Antichrist.

So, Angelina had more success as an Antichrist against Gail and her men, not because she was more evil (even though she is), but because she was not part of the noninterference agreement between Satan and Zack Knight and Jesus. I’m certain that Satan lied to her and told her she was more powerful because she was more evil, and in so doing, unwittingly set things up for her downfall as current Jesuit leader (Satan is a loser), causing Jesuits to prefer Zack over her. As long as Angelina used her own powers, Jesus did not interfere, and so she had more success because she was unhindered, not because she was superior to Zack Knight as Antichrist. Jesus did interfere a bit with Angelina on August 31, 2016 (basically he just chased her off), and this was because Satan was involved on this day by the mere act of installing a new Antichrist, giving Jesus permission to get involved to make Gail aware that this had happened.

Installing a new Antichrist in place of Zack Knight was how Satan was involved, and Gail, at this time, did not know that a switch out had occurred between Zack and Angelina as Antichrist. This gave Jesus permission to do enough to make Gail aware that Angelina took Zack’s place as Antichrist. Once Gail became aware that Angelina was now the Antichrist, Jesus knew that Gail would deduce she could use her lightning bolt powers against Angelina, and so Jesus did not have to be involved after Gail knew Angelina replaced Zack. If Jesus got involved with Angelina, then Satan would have permission to remove all Antichrist powers from Zack Knight, now on Gail and Jesus’ side. This is why Jesus stayed in the background during our battles with Angelina.

In the noninterference agreement, any use of powers that are Gail’s own, such as her Gail Shield or her lightning bolt powers, are not considered a violation of the noninterference agreement. So when Angelina used her own powers to war against Gail and her men, this was not a violation of the noninterference agreement. Also, as part of the noninterference agreement, there were certain actions that Zack could not do, and Angelina, not being a part of the agreement, did not have these limitations. Jesus designed the agreement to keep Zack Knight and Satan from directly attacking Gail and her men using their supernatural powers.

Angelina, not being Zack Knight, did not have Zack’s limitations as Antichrist, and was granted full use of her powers against Gail and her men. This is because she was not in the agreement, and so unless Satan helped her, she had fewer limitations than Zack, with her only limitation that she could not allow Satan to help her as she attacked Gail and her men, because Satan was a party in Jesus’ noninterference agreement.

Apparently, when Angelina worshipped Zack’s glowing penis in our final battle with her, Jesus removed her Antichrist powers at that time and returned to Zack his full Antichrist powers. At this time, the majority of the Jesuits followed Zack and that is probably why she lost her powers. How could she be an Antichrist when the majority of her followers had defected to Zack Knight?

But Angelina, who has no spiritual discernment, in her pride and vanity, thought she got all her victories by her superiority to Zack Knight, not realizing that it was because she was not part of the February 2012 agreement between Satan and Jesus which made her more powerful, because she had unhindered use of her powers. Zack had to abide by the agreement, so he had limitations on the use of his powers. There were certain things Zack could not do as Antichrist because of the agreement, and as Angelina was not part of the agreement, Angelina’s only limitation was that she could not have Satan’s help in attacking us.

Zack could not have Satan’s help in attacking us and ALSO Zack himself was not allowed to attack Gail or her men directly, which is why Jesus beat Zack up every time he tried. Jesus pretty much left Angelina alone when she tried to attack Gail and her men, limiting his role to that of shooing Angelina away (at one time) and advisor to Gail’s men.

But when it was obvious that Zack now led the Jesuit Order and had more Jesuits on his side than Angelina, he regained full Antichrist powers, and Angelina lost her powers. So she lost her powers when the majority of Jesuits came to Zack’s side in our final battle with her. Jesus then reinstated to Zack his full Antichrist powers, thus taking from Angelina her powers. Also, the mere act of fighting her in battle, showed that Zack no longer gave Angelina permission to be Antichrist in his place. When Zack’s penis lit up the sky and all Jesuits there bowed down to worship that glowing penis, Angelina may have felt her powers waning. Knowing she lost her powers (she probably felt this in her body), she crawled on her hands and knees to Zack to kiss his penis, hoping to get mercy from him, knowing she could now be killed. No longer Antichrist, she lost the Antichrist’s ability to always stay alive and not be killed. Also, as a Jesuit, she worshipped that perfect penis. That is why Zack could execute her using his perfect penis when he regained his full Antichrist powers.

It appears Angelina will remain in hell until, and if, she is resurrected as the Antichrist in the tribulation. Angelina cannot be Antichrist as long as the true Antichrist (Zack Knight) remains alive. Satan chose Zack as his Antichrist and he is stuck with that decision for now. Only Zack Knight has the power to transfer his Antichrist powers to another, and he will not make this mistake ever again. Gail believes that Zack Knight will go up at the rapture along with Gail and her men, if they are all alive when the rapture happens. Because Zack cannot be killed, he will definitely be raptured because he is now on Jesus’ side. Once that happens, the noninterference agreement between Satan, Zack and Jesus will end, because Gail and her men will be in heaven and there will be no need for the agreement, because how can Gail and her men be attacked in heaven?

UPDATE: Loree McBride became the Antichrist in July or August 2017. Gail’s men tried to execute her and could not. Also, Gail’s lightning bolt powers worked on her and they only work on the Antichrist! Gail asked Zack to test himself to see if he still had his Antichrist powers, and it appears he lost his Antichrist powers when Satan was allowed to make Loree McBride the Antichrist in July or August 2017.

When the church is raptured, Satan will have to choose a new Antichrist, and my guess is his only option may be Angelina Ballerina in hell, who he will resurrect from hell for this purpose OR he may be able to use Loree McBride. He will have to resurrect her as a transgender man because he is only allowed one Antichrist, and because Zack will no longer be Antichrist in heaven, giving Satan permission to resurrect Angelina or Loree McBride from hell or wherever Loree is, to take Zack’s place. Angelina got her powers in August 2016 by taking Zack’s place, and she can only regain them doing the same. Zack will never relinquish his Antichrist powers to her or anybody else ever again. However, it does appear that now that Zack is saved (born again), he is no longer Antichrist and Jesus has allowed Satan to choose somebody else for that role. The non-interference agreement between Satan and Gail and her men is still in place, not sure if this applies to Loree McBride or any new Antichrists besides Zack Knight.

Gail thought Loree or Angelina would only be able to take Zack’s place when Zack no longer lives on earth, but is in heaven, but it appears Loree is now the Antichrist. Satan must then give transgender man Angelina Ballerina or whoever it will be, the same powers that Zack Knight had in order for her/him to qualify to take Zack’s place, Gail believes, and she must also be a man to qualify to take Zack’s place. So she as transgender man may have powers to turn men gay and to impregnate women by merely looking at them (these are Zack’s powers) and may lose her powers to seduce men using brain control (that she had with Gail and her men). Basically, Gail thinks Satan must use her in Zack’s place, or he just won’t have an Antichrist AT ALL. She will be a more powerful Antichrist than Zack, because Gail and her men will not be on earth, and she will have fewer hindrances to her powers. There will be no non-interference agreement to stop her and Satan from using their full powers during the tribulation.

It is also possible that Jesus may have modified his non-interference agreement with Satan to accommodate a new Antichrist, now that Zack is saved and on Jesus’ side.

Because Angelina took Zack’s place, all the Jesuits who died in battle in August 2016 under Zack’s leadership, she was allowed to resurrect. Satan was basically starting over with a new Antichrist. So Angelina was Antichrist in her own right, until Zack Knight took this away from her on January 6, 2017. When it was obvious that she no longer could be Zack’s “fill in”, she lost her powers. Only Zack Knight had the power to kill her and he did this by taking back his Antichrist role as Jesuit leader when he defeated Angelina and most of the Jesuits honored him as their leader. Now, it appears the only way she can be Antichrist again is to literally be Zack Knight again. Satan will have to remake her into an incarnation of Zack Knight. This will not happen until the tribulation, when Zack is no longer on earth.

Zack Knight WAS the Antichrist, who came to Jesus in Sept. 2016. Satan can only have one Antichrist, and he chose Zack Knight. Only if Zack Knight gave his powers away or Zack goes to heaven, can Satan then use “Zack” as the Antichrist at that time. Satan would only be allowed to use Angelina Ballerina, it appears, for this reason at that time. This is because at one time Zack gave away his powers to her, so she may be the Antichrist of the tribulation. But, during the tribulation, she may be Antichrist as Zack Knight incarnate from heaven. To do this, she may have to have some of Zack’s genes as part of her genetic profile to qualify. So Satan may have to put some of Zack Knight’s genes into a resurrected Angelina from hell and Satan will have to make her a man. My guess is she will look like Alexander the Great.

Gail is sure that Jesus may do something new during the tribulation to help out his tribulation saints. What that is, we will only know when we get there.

This is speculation about Angelina or Loree’s future role and may not be fully correct. But Angelina is not Antichrist right now. Her brief reign as Antichrist in place of Zack Knight makes it possible for her to regain this role in the future when Zack is no longer on earth. Satan tried to replace Zack Knight with Angelina Ballerina, but failed. Zack Knight kicked out Angelina as the Antichrist and got his title back temporarily.

Gail believes Angelina or Loree as a transgender man may be a reincarnation of Alexander the Great. One thing is certain, God’s Word, the Bible, will be fulfilled to the letter, because that is all part of his plan, and Satan cannot stop God’s plans no matter how hard he tries. All Bible prophecies will be fulfilled, no matter what Angelina or Loree or Satan may do. Tribulation saints must never give up, and remember that not one jot or tittle of God’s Word will fail to come to pass. The Antichrist and Satan will be defeated as prophesied in the Bible and the true Christ will have his millennial reign, and will officiate the marriage between Brent Spiner and Gail Chord Schuler during the millennium.

So how can Zack be Antichrist, if a large portion of Jesuits still follow Loree McBride? Well, Loree could not be the Antichrist once Zack got his job back, because Satan can’t just drop Antichrists and switch them out whenever he wants. Satan chose Zack for his Antichrist and he was stuck with that decision. UPDATE: Apparently, because Zack has sided with Jesus for almost a year now (from Sept. 2016 to August 2017), he has officially been dropped as Antichrist, and Jesus has given Satan permission to use Loree McBride. Only when Zack goes to heaven can Satan bring Angelina back as “Zack Knight”. Satan has to follow God’s plan whether he likes it or not.

So why won’t all the Jesuits follow Zack now? My guess is that those who were Jesuits because they wanted thrilling and unhindered sex, are with Zack now. Those who are Jesuits because they wanted to steal money unhindered are with Loree and these are those who love to live high and mighty at the expense of those they murder and steal from. The money lovers are with Loree. The sex lovers are with Zack.

A summary in Bible for Tribulation Saints about clones:

[Though Jesus has not made a personal appearance to Gail regarding the Jew clones, the world needs to know of the existence of the Jew clones, to remember that not everybody who calls themselves a Jew is really a Jew in God’s eyes. Gail does not believe that God considers Jew clones to be Jews. In fact, he probably considers clones a race unto themselves. It appears that all clones have fallen angel DNA from the UFOs, who introduced human cloning technology to the world. Despite this, some clones have turned to Jesus. More than likely, to God, anyone who is a clone is just A CLONE, and not regarded as a Gentile, a Jew or whatever title they bestow upon themselves. Clones are their own race: THE CLONE RACE. This is because they all have fallen angel DNA in common, making them the CLONE RACE, or the FALLEN ANGEL/HUMAN HYBRIDS. The fallen angel DNA is not visible to the naked eye, but manifests itself in some of the super human qualities of clones. Clones often have superhuman strength and abilities, indicating their fallen angel DNA. The clever fallen angels, however, created clones to appear fully human to make clones better able to impersonate the humans they strive to replace or subdue. The fallen angels (UFOs), though they are currently all encased in semen bubbles in Satan’s ocean in deep space, created clones for probably as long as humans have existed. But, it seems, that in these last days, there are so many clones now, that they are a race unto themselves. It’s possible that they were a race in the days of Noah as well, and that they played a significant role in corrupting mankind then. Isaiah 57:9 comments about them and condemns their creation in the cloning labs, condemning the use of messenger RNA and nucleotide bases in their creation (King James Bible). Clones were created to deceive and to serve Satan. And, unfortunately, most clones do not turn to God for this reason. They are too much like the fallen angels who created them. It is also interesting how the Bible discusses clones in Isaiah 57:9 and Gail’s birthday is 9-15-57. It was like God was saying that His Bible writer (born in 9/1957) would shed more light on clones in the FINAL TESTAMENT of the Bible, which is this book. “And didst send thy messengers afar off. And didst debase thyself even unto hell.” Clones have a soul and go to either heaven or hell. This is because clones are mostly human and have a soul.]


The False Prophet of Revelation a Transgender Man Loree McBride?


What the False Prophet of Rev. 13 may look like (transgender man Loree McBride).

Loree McBride glaring

Artwork depicting Loree McBride with a depressed Brent Spiner and a horrified Franco Nero (Dec. 1996).

ANTICHRIST PAGE_Alexander the Great photoshop

What the Antichrist may look like (transgender man Angelina Ballerina) or a reincarnation of Alexander the Great.

Gail has developed more insights into this and made a video about this:

We are in the book of Zephaniah. Notice the book starts with a “Z”, indicating that Antichrist Zack Knight is somehow a part of the narrative. I analyzed Zechariah as (Zack Knight, Gail Chord and Rule 13). Niah or pronounced like nahya is a definition of both yes and no, indication of one who is not in an appropriate position of something. It also means water nymph. The title of this prophetic book of the Bible seems to indicate someone who is NIAH to Zack Knight, or who REJECTS HIM, and says NO. It appears that person is Loree McBride, who has organized a band of Jesuits in rebellion to Zack Knight (after he turned to Christ in 2016).

More insights on water nymph (Loree McBride): The term nymphomania was created by modern psychology as referring to a “desire to engage in human sexual behavior at a level high enough to be considered clinically significant”, nymphomaniac being the person suffering from such a disorder. Due to widespread use of the term among lay persons (often shortened to nympho) and stereotypes attached, professionals nowadays prefer the term hypersexuality, which can refer to males and females alike.

The word nymphet is used to identify a sexually precocious girl. The term was made famous in the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The main character, Humbert Humbert, uses the term many times, usually in reference to the title character.

Zephaniah is a book about God’s judgment on rebellious Israel AND on those who have persecuted her. It seems their big problems are IDOLATRY and PRIDE. Jesus Christ has described Loree McBride as too PRIDEFUL.

God is going after the Jews for IDOL WORSHIP (called Baal worship) in Zeph. 1:4. Notice the alliterations between Baal and Loree McBride and Angelina Ballerina. They worship Molech (Zeph. 1:5), again notice the alliterations between Molech and Loree McBride. When Loree replaced the Jews in Israel with JEW CLONES, the JEW CLONES are guilty of the sins described in Zephaniah.

The letter “P” is prominent in this book with many words that begin with “P”: punish, pride, pagan, participate, prepared, priests, put, presence, people, princes, etc. And the last chapter of this book is all about God angry at the nations for their PRIDE. Jesus has described Loree as too PRIDEFUL. Even the title of the book, emphasizes P (Zephaniah). PH in Zephaniah is pronounced like “F” in false prophet (see Rev. 13).

Let me type out the verses that seem to describe Loree McBride and her actions to a TEE:

Zeph. 1:4 – “I will crush Judah and Jerusalem with my fist and destroy every last trace of their BAAL worship. I will put an end to all the idolatrous priests, so that even the memory of them will disappear.”

Zeph. 1:5-“They claim to follow the Lord, but then they worship Molech. . .”

Zeph. 1:9-“Yes, I will punish those who participate in pagan worship ceremonies, and those who steal and kill to fill their master’s homes with loot.” Master’s  homes with Loot (notice all the L and M sounds, too).

Zeph. 1:10-11″. . .a cry of alarm will come from the Fish Gate. . .Wail in sorrow, all you who live in the market area, for all who buy and sell there will die.” When Loree created the JEW CLONES, she planned to use them to take over all the markets of the world and steal money for herself. Also, the False Prophet of Rev. 13 will control all the markets of the world and will require everyone to take a MARK in order to buy and sell. Also, good Catholics have traditionally eaten fish on Fridays. God is hinting that those responsible for the corruption are Roman Catholics or have been poisoned by Roman Catholics. It’s no wonder Jesus has led me to separate from the main Roman Catholic Church!

Before somebody accuses me of practicing lousy Bible exegesis (interpretation), I would like to say that the entire book of Zephaniah is about the DAY OF THE LORD and the day of the Lord means the seven year tribulation period and Jesus Christ’s SECOND COMING. Jesus has told me and I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through. In fact, what we experience is so similar to what they will be experiencing that Jesus has ordered me to make a YouTube video every week to archive my life for future generations of tribulation saints. So what this means is that I and my men are going through the tribulation as a TYPE. Jesus is using us to be the models of what a saint should be during the tribulation.

One thing I’ve learned through studying Zephaniah is that it appears when we defeat the Jesuit Order, it will happen in ONE DAY. Jesus is waiting for all those who will come to him to come to him first before we defeat the Jesuits under Loree ONCE AND FOR ALL. Apparently, we have a major battle ahead of us, which will be very similar to the FINAL BATTLE between Jesus Christ and the Antichrist and his False Prophet at the end of the seven year tribulation. And this is what Zech. 9:15 (where I am in this verse) describes.

Apparently, Loree McBride and her followers will make another attempt to destroy Israel as she tried to do with the JEW CLONES. My advice to the Jewish people in Israel is that when this happens, cry out to Jesus for deliverance and CALL HIM YOUR MESSIAH, and I think he will do a miracle for you and rescue you. It appears that Loree will get most of the world to go after the Jewish nation and their only hope for deliverance will be from GOD HIMSELF. But he will deliver them, if they will acknowledge him as their Messiah and repent for rejecting their Messiah when he came the first time.

From what I understand, I led most of the Jews to Jesus in Israel in early May 2017, when we had to drop a nukkake on Israel to destroy the Jew Clones. It appears there will be ANOTHER ATTACK on Israel and it will be devastating, just call out to Jesus and ask him to deliver you and he will, Jewish nation, as long as you tell him you are sorry for rejecting him as your Messiah when he came the first time.

HOWEVER, even though I think we will have a major victory in this battle, and that this is the battle that will defeat the Jesuits, I do NOT believe this is the FINAL BATTLE depicted in the Bible, but is just a PICTURE OF IT.

All of this will be repeated AFTER THE RAPTURE, when the official tribulation period sets in.

So, I believe that the nation of Israel will be saved from a major calamity TWICE. Once before the rapture and I and my men will be a part of that battle and then again AFTER THE RAPTURE and this will be the FINAL BATTLE depicted in the Bible.

You might say, that’s awful cruddy of God to do this twice. Well, he’s really upset about having to put the world through the great tribulation and is using me and my men to give everybody a chance to accept him, including the Jews, before the tribulation officially begins. He is using me and my men to usher in a TYPE OF THE MILLENNIUM, which will happen right before the rapture happens. How long this TYPE OF THE MILLENNIUM will last is uncertain, but it will END with the RAPTURE.

To eliminate confusion, we are not in the tribulation UNTIL the rapture has happened! God is using the book of Zephaniah to instruct US (who are living RIGHT BEFORE the tribulation) and the future tribulation saints who he wants to follow our example.

Also, the millennium will not happen until AFTER the FINAL BATTLE, where the blood will run so high, it will be like a river of blood to the horse’s bridles (Rev. 14:20). Also, Jesus has told Brent and I that he will officiate our wedding in the millennium by giving us His semen as a wedding gift, and I’m pretty sure this will be a worldwide public event, so if that has not happened, you know you are NOT in the millennium! Also, during the millennium babies will live to be a hundred years old, so don’t be a Bible blockhead and think the millennium has happened when it has NOT.

Now, back to Zephaniah, and how I believe it depicts Loree McBride as the False Prophet. Loree has thousands of clones. So it will be an easy matter for Satan to make another clone of her as a transgender man, which may be exactly what he will do. So even if we kill all the Loree McBride clones, Satan can easily resurrect her as a transgender man for the tribulation AFTER THE RAPTURE. Angelina (as transgender man) may want to reward Loree for her loyal service and make her the False Prophet who assists Angelina as Antichrist.

In Zephaniah chapter two, God tells them their problem is PRIDE. They need to HUMBLE themselves. If Loree is, indeed, the False Prophet, we cannot expect her to ever get right. So our focus should be on those who follow her (we may reach some of them) and we should not waste our time with Loree who is too PRIDEFUL to get right. “Beg the Lord to save you, all you who are humble, all you who uphold justice. Walk humbly and do what is right. Perhaps even yet the Lord will protect you from his anger on that day of destruction.”- Zeph. 2:3.

Zeph 2:4-7 describes Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron as all part of the PHILISTINE nation. He says they will be wiped out. These Philistine cities INSIDE of Israel have corrupted her and God will wipe them out. I think the Philistines are a type of the JEW CLONES and are the followers of the False Prophet Loree McBride. Prophet=Philistine=Loree McBride. Notice the “P” for pride emphasis. Also, notice two of these cities have names that sound very Catholic, like Ash Wednesday.

The Bible seems to insinuate that after the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits separate from the main Catholic Church, that Loree McBride will takeover the main Catholic Church and that God will destroy this Loree McBride led Catholic Church!

To understand Zephaniah we need to jump to Revelation 17 and 18 which describes the destruction of Babylon the Great. Babylon the Great is the great PROSTITUTE (more p’s). Rev. 17:1.

I can’t think of a better description of Loree than as the great PROSTITUTE. Loree now has worldwide power and the rulers of the world have had immoral relations with her. This will be repeated during the tribulation. The woman (Loree McBride) sitting on a scarlet (red) beast (Angelina Ballerina) covered with blasphemies against God (Rev. 17:3).

In v. 4, Loree wears the official colors of the Roman Catholic Church (this verse seems to describe a Roman Catholic Church with Loree at the head). God went out of his way to describe this church as a WOMAN. Notice some interesting alliterations. Loree McBride + Angelina Ballerina = BABYLON the GREAT. And notice she’s called BABYLON the Great = Alexander the GREAT.

God describes Loree to a tee: Babylon the Great, Mother of all Prostitutes and Obscenities in the World in Rev. 17:5.

Rev. 17:8 says The beast (Angelina Ballerina and/or Alexander the Great) was alive BUT ISN’T NOW. And yet he will soon come out of the bottomless pit (be resurrected as Zack Knight was on Feb. 14, 2012 and as Angelina will be after the rapture as transgender man). God’s doing everything TWICE with some slight variations. I and my men are going through a TYPE of the tribulation and then this will all be repeated again in the REAL TRIBULATION.

Notice the Antichrist is called the BEAST (Angelina Ballerina) – such interesting alliterations here!

In Rev. 17:16, the Catholic Church has a split. Angelina (Alexander) decides he doesn’t like the Catholic Church anymore and DESTROYS IT. It’s kind of similar to what is happening right now, because most Catholics have become Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits and Loree wants to destroy these Catholics now. Like I said, we are going through a TYPE of the tribulation right now.

Now Rev. 18 gets interesting. We are reading the description of a MAJOR COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE of which the Catholic Church is the HEAD. I believe that somehow, Loree McBride will move the main Catholic Church headquarters to what is modern day Iraq, and that is why the Bible describes her as BABYLON. She could easily do this using space technology, like you see in Star Trek, called transporter technology.

“Do to her as she has done to your people. Give her a double penalty for all her evil deeds. She brewed a cup of terror for others, so give her twice as much as she gave out. She has lived in luxury and pleasure, so match it now with torments and sorrow. Therefore, the sorrows of death and  mourning and famine will overtake her in a single day. she will be utterly consumed by FIRE, for the Lord God who judges her is  mighty.”

by FIRE. Loree McBride is a FIRE CRAZY LUNATIC WOMAN. She sets FIRES everywhere.

Let’s go back to Zephaniah 1:18 (notice this is verse 18 and now read Rev. 18): “Your silver and gold will be of no use to you on that day of the Lord’s anger. For the whole land will be destroyed by the FIRE of his jealousy.” Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed with brimstone and fire from the Lord (Genesis 19) and Zephaniah describes the destruction of Moab and Ammon (Loree McBride and Angelina Ballerina) as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Now what’s interesting is that before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, he removed all the just persons from the evil cities first. Right now, as Zack Knight leads his fellow Catholics to Jesus, God is in the process of removing the just persons from the Catholic Church. Once he finishes this, I expect the judgment or the battle that destroys the Loree McBride Catholics to happen. They will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah. It will be a picture of a REPEAT destruction to happen again during the Tribulation, when, apparently Loree McBride transgender man will resurrect her evil Catholic Church as Babylon the Great during the tribulation, with new headquarters probably in Iraq.

Assyria is also mentioned in Zephaniah, and I did a pretty deep study on Assyria and Nineveh on another page.

“The city that was once so proud will become a pasture for sheep and cattle.” Zeph. 2:14

Zephaniah seems to refer to a POLLUTED Jewish nation, like the pollution of the JEW CLONES inside of Israel and how God is furious at the JEW CLONES. “How terrible it will be for rebellious, polluted Jerusalem, the city of violence and crime. It PROUDLY refuses to listen even to the voice of the Lord. No one can tell it anything; it refuses all correction. It does not trust in the Lord or draw near to its God.” Zeph. 3:1-2

Lots of P’s in chapter 3! Lots of mention of PRIDE and REBELS (like the Loree McBride REBELS against Zack Knight). God also comforts ZION. “Sing, O daughter of Zion.” “Cheer up, Zion!” God is giving Zack Knight and his followers a pat on the back here.

This is a real condemnation of PRIDEFUL Loree McBride. “Those who are left will be the lowly and the humble, for it is they who trust in the name of the Lord.” Zeph. 3:12

“The people of Israel who survive will do no wrong to each other, never telling lies or deceiving one another. They will live peaceful lives, lying down to sleep in safety; there will be no one to make them afraid.” Zeph. 3:12-13 (a description of the type of millennium and the REAL MILLENNIUM that will happen after we destroy Loree McBride and her followers).

So Zechariah is a book about Zack Knight and Gail Chord and Rule 13 and his promises to them.

Zephaniah is more directed to Loree McBride and is a book of judgment against her and why God is judging her.

Both Zechariah and Zephaniah deal with the DAY OF THE LORD (as a PRESENT DAY TYPE and as a FUTURE REALITY).

May want to play this on loop, by R clicking on the video and choosing loop to hear it over and over as a reminder that these prophecies WILL BE FULFILLED!

My Answer to TJ’s Video about Jesus

Dear TJ:

I am sorry that you feel so much anger towards Jesus. I understand, because many times I feel that a lot of things in this world are very unfair. However, as a person who has met with Jesus many times, I don’t think you understand his heart.

First off, you are offended that Jesus describes people as sinners, saying these are some arbitrary rules that God came up with (if He exists) to punish people who have violated his rules in order to let them burn UNFAIRLY forever in hell if they don’t follow His rules.

You also question that any human DESERVEs the punishment of death on the cross for our sins or the punishment of burning in hell forever for our “sins”.

First off, I would like to say that I understand how you feel. Rather than debate you point by point which will get me nowhere, because your points are valid, I would rather just show you Jesus’s HEART.

Have you ever asked yourself, “If there is a God, why did He create the universe?”

I’m not going to throw a bunch of Bible verses at you, because this will be meaningless to you, because you don’t believe the Bible. But what I am sharing with you is backed up by the Bible.

This is a very important question about why God created the universe. The answer is that God WANTED COMPANIONSHIP. God first created the angels and the heavenly beings (who are not human) for this companionship. God, being all knowing and all powerful, realized when he created his creation, that they would fall into sin. He had to think long and hard before he decided to embark on this venture. But he wanted companionship SO BAD, he decided to DO IT, even though some aspects of this creation would make him VERY SAD. It made him sad because he decided that he wanted his created companions to love him OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. He wanted to have a WIFE who would love him OF HER OWN FREE WILL.

You might say, “Wait a minute! You are telling me that God considers me his “wife”?!”

Okay, let’s put it this way, God intended for all those of his creation to be HIS LOVERS FOR ETERNITY. But, ask yourself, would you want to have a lover who is an automaton without feelings and who loved you because they were programmed to do so and not because they had FREE WILL?

So God decided to give his lover (his creation) FREE WILL, knowing full well, they would REJECT HIM AS THEIR LOVER (which God calls SIN). Basically all forms of sin are a REJECTION OF GOD AS THEIR LOVER. It’s like God created you to be his lover and you say, “Forget you, bud! I hate your guts.”

You might say, “This is SO UNFAIR. So he created me to be his lover and if I reject him, he sends me to hell!”

All I can say is, he is an awesome lover, who always does what is best for you, and even DIED FOR YOU, so you can love him freely and love other members of his creation with the same type of love he has for you. Brent Spiner has been to heaven and back, and he describes heaven as an orgasm of the heart. This is what God wants for you as his lover and when you say, “No way!” Then you BREAK GOD’S HEART, because he wants everyone to be his lover.

When Christ marries his bride, the church (composed of all those who choose Jesus as their lover), he will be making love to his bride as a composite. God is so vast, that he needs the composite of many, many humans to satisfy his loving urge. That composite is the CHURCH (those who have chosen Jesus as their lover).

Basically, all forms of sin are a rejection of God as their lover. God created the universe to be his lover and all members of that universe are part of that composite, who will be his bride, the church – HIS LOVER.

It boils down to THIS, God wants COMPANIONSHIP, HE WANTS A LOVER, but he doesn’t WANT A SLAVE. So he gave you free will to reject him, BUT because his WHOLE PURPOSE in creating the universe was to have a LOVER who would love him of their own free will, you have the freedom to reject him (ALL FORMS OF SIN).

If you choose to be his lover, he will reward you with peace, joy and love in your heart, the beginnings of that orgasm of the heart he rewards his lovers with in heaven. If you reject him, he cannot allow you into heaven, because only those who have accepted him, have his LOVER PRESENCE inside of themselves, and without this LOVER PRESENCE, you will contaminate his beautiful heaven with hatred, intolerance, bitterness, lusts, greed and all the by-products of rejecting him as a lover. He loves you so much, he wants your relationship with him to be filled with that orgasm of the heart forever and ever, and he wants you to choose him of your own free will.

When he died on the cross, it was his way of courting you, trying to show you how much he loves you and how it grieves him that he has to send you to hell, so that you won’t contaminate his heaven for those who have chosen him as their lover. Usually, when people reject him it’s because they love something MORE THAN THEY LOVE GOD, and that something becomes a POISON that contaminates their heart making their ability to love to become IMPURE.

God loves his bride SO MUCH, he cannot allow this impurity to taint the orgasm of the heart that exists in heaven and the future earth (when Christ reigns), so he has no choice but to send you to hell, hoping that hell’s fires will remove the impurities in your heart that would cause you to love anything more than Him.

As far as loving other people, God actually WANTS YOU TO LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR WIFE AND YOUR KIDS, etc. BUT, when you put that ABOVE your love for God, then they become IDOLS and they USURP GOD IN YOUR HEART. Anytime you choose anything over God’s love for you, it means you have rejected PERFECT LOVE. Basically, God sends people to hell for rejecting PERFECT LOVE.

It’s God’s hope that all of his creation will come to him someday, even those in hell. God won’t force you to be his lover, but he cannot allow those who reject PERFECT LOVE to ruin it for those who are His.

God will transform this world into a world of PERFECT LOVE. And he won’t allow those who reject this love to ruin it for those who want it. God’s standards are high, because he wants PERFECT LOVE for everybody and he wants it with FREE WILL.

Come on, you have to admit this world has a lot of problems. It all started when Adam and Eve rejected God’s PERFECT LOVE. Before they sinned, God would meet with them in the Garden, to have FELLOWSHIP. But when Eve chose KNOWLEDGE over PERFECT LOVE, God has to cast out humans from his garden, so that this NEW WORLD where PRIDE and EVIL usurped PERFECT LOVE could not LAST FOREVER.

God is trying to be absolutely fair to his lover. She is free to love him of her own free will. BUT when she rejects him (the PERFECT LOVER) for anything else, then that rejection becomes a poison in God’s well of PERFECT LOVE and he has no choice but to send that betrayer to hell to hopefully purify their hearts, so that they accept their PERFECT LOVER and can then go to heaven.

Trying to explain God is very difficult. But I see you do not understand his heart and so you hate him. He is very hard for us mortals to understand. But if I could sum him up in ONE WORD, I would say, he created man and angels to be his lover and many of them have rejected him, even though he died for them so they could experience forever and ever an orgasm of the heart for eternity. He won’t allow those who have rejected him as a lover, ruin it for the others who have accepted him and so he sends them to hell, BUT unlike what you’ve heard, people can be saved from hell. He sends them there to make them THINK and to understand how terrible it is for them to reject PERFECT LOVE.

Should you decide to accept Jesus as your lover, say this prayer:

This prayer will only work if you feel humility in your heart and long to have Jesus as your PERFECT LOVER. If he senses you reject him as your PERFECT LOVER, he won’t accept the prayer. Also, remember, that the way God loves is way different from how humans love. He doesn’t make love using the sexual act to humans. It’s more like an orgasm of the heart in heaven.

As far as all his rules. He only had to do that AFTER MANKIND FELL in the GARDEN. People like things complicated and he made a bunch of rules to show people how to be his PERFECT LOVER. He KNEW that everybody would fail him in this regard, AFTER ADAM AND EVE FELL. That’s why he died on the cross, to make a way for them to have the ability to be that PERFECT LOVER, or at least to TRY. It’s all really simple, God wants you to be his PERFECT LOVER and he wants you to love others like how he loves you. That’s all it is pure and simple and all the rest is just more complicated versions of that.

Bible Seems to Indicate the Jesuit Order Will Fall Because it Loses its Ability to CLONE Babies & Angelina Ballerina to be resurrected during tribulation as Alexander the Great ANTICHRIST (Satan’s child).

How to go to heaven (the sinner’s prayer gets you in the right heart attitude to lead you to Jesus and heaven):

Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Doctrinal Statement features conversations with Jesus Christ that have shaped our unique doctrines based on the Bible and what Jesus has discussed with us.

The book of Zephaniah seems to indicate that Loree McBride will be resurrected during the tribulation as the False Prophet depicted in Rev. 13.

Gail read from the book of Nahum in her devotions today and embarked on a study to discover deeper meanings:

Angelina Ballerina (brutal Jesuit leader) has a lot of similarities to Assyria’s leaders. Loree McBride, who followed her, continued the brutality, but with less effectiveness, after suffering a major defeat in battle against Zack and Gail (who are like Babylon in rebellion to Assyria). God seems to equate Loree McBride with Molech worship:

As the above article states, what caused the fall of Assyria was when their capital city Nineveh fell. Interesting that right before Nineveh fell, it repented under the preaching of Jonah, kind of like how the Zack Knight Jesuits repented and have come to God. BUT, after the preaching of Jonah the city fell again into evil and brutality and God finally pulled the curtain on the entire Assyrian empire. The prophet Nahum preached to the Assyrians at the height of their reign under Ashurbanipal (when they thought they were invincible). Everybody thought Nahum was insane to insinuate that mighty Assyria would fall. They had reigned and ruled over everybody for almost a millennium. They had subject states or countries forced to pay tribute to them, but their brutality made them hated and the subject states rebelled and schemed for their overthrow. Interesting that in one of the civil wars that eventually destroyed Assyria, two brothers (on opposite sides) fought each other. Ashurbanipal was fighting his genetic brother in a civil war. He defeated him and showed great cruelty in war. I have an evil sister who is showing great cruelty as the BFF of Loree McBride. Funny how history seems to be repeating itself. She has not defeated me though, at least not yet. Though she has scored a lot of victories, probably the greatest being that she has turned my mother against me, and brainwashed my mother into believing I am insane.

They have a history almost as long as the Catholic Church. The Lord seems to be telling me that the Jesuit Order is close to its end. Zack Knight apparently represents a segment who got right with God (like under the preaching of Jonah) and the Loree McBride Jesuits are the segment that will FALL forever. The Jesuit Order (as we have known it) is about to end! Like the Assyrians they have been cruel and barbaric and their time of judgment has come. God’s patience has run out.

We should also study the book of Zechariah (Zack + Riah or Rule 13), because God also has some messages here for the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, and because Gail is the subject of Zechariah 9:15 (Gail’s birthday is 9-15-57) where Gail and her supporters experience a great victory in battle.

Those who want to dig deeper into Zechariah after this study, are encouraged to explore this book by a Jewish Christian scholar, called The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah. If you have a Kindle or want to download this in-depth study of Zechariah, HERE IS THE LINK TO DO THAT. Though I hear that Merrill Unger is better, but he’s not free.

Here are some interesting commentaries on Zechariah 9:15, which is the verse that particularly interests me: ZECHARIAH 9:15 commentaries.

Here is an interesting interpretation from Coffman’s commentary:

Zech. 9:15. This is counted a very difficult passage by most students of the place. The first part, about God’s defending his people, is clear. The protection of God is guaranteed to his faithful followers. Matt. 18:20 carries exactly the same promise to Christians. However that about “drinking and making a noise as through wine” (ASV), is very difficult. Although most versions and translations soften the passage by changing the words, as in our version, the actual meaning of the place is, “They will drink blood like wine and be filled with it like the corners of the altar.”F3 This simply cannot mean that the returnees would celebrate victories over their enemies by such godless behavior. The law of God specifically forbade the drinking of blood, as does the New Testament. So what is meant? Here is where Jesus found a testimony of himself; and this is exactly the metaphor he used in John 6:53ff. The passage is inapplicable to the Old Testament dispensation and is applicable only as a metaphor in the New Testament dispensation. Jesus said, “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, ye have not life in yourselves.”

Coffman from Church of Christ background, apparently, did not realize that Zack Knight would REFORM the Catholic Church, who believe that the Mass involves the literal eating of Christ’s body and drinking of his real blood. Zechariah 9:15 seems to insinuate that REFORMED Catholics will play a prominent role in the fulfillment of this prophecy! How they will play this role is confusing. Perhaps, after the prophecy is fulfilled, we shall understand Zechariah 9:15 better.

You may say, how do you feel about Church of Christ? I’m not sure. I think J. Vernon McGee is more scriptural, but Coffman’s commentary on Zechariah 9:15 helps me see the connection between that verse and myself and Zack Knight.

Often, when I read the Bible, I throw out all I’ve been taught and just try and read it COLD and try to figure out what God is trying to tell me. Sometimes to get at it from this angle, I have to read commentaries from people who come from a totally different Christian background than myself. I do try to pick people who seem doctrinally sound and whose interpretations fall in line with how the Bible seems to present itself to me after having read it from cover to cover hundreds of times. I think all churches are in some doctrinal error, and the best way to learn the truth is to read the Bible for yourself with an open mind. Then, after having done that, pick the teachers who seem to teach it how the Bible seems to be after having read it a lot from cover to cover. I find those who have studied at Dallas Theological Seminary seem closest to correct Bible interpretation to me, after having studied the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times. But, sometimes, even those teachers who are way off in most areas, will hit a home run in some aspects of Biblical interpretation. God wrote the Bible and no one man will understand the vast mind of God. That’s why when I asked Jesus which church is most doctrinally correct, he refused to answer and just said, “Christians have more in common than they have differences.” He hates the us/them attitude that Christians often have about their particular pet doctrines.

You may say, then why do you go so deep in the Bible, if the details aren’t that important to God? Well, the details help me figure out what God’s plan is! I want to know his plan, to be sure I’m headed in the right direction. Knowing I’m in the Bible, in Isaiah 57:9 and Zechariah 9:15, I figure the more I understand these verses, the more wisdom I can have about how to order my life. Also, when you see the prophecies fulfilled, it just seems so awesome how God can write a book with prophecies that are fulfilled like 1,000 years after the prophecy was written, and those prophecies INVOLVE ME! It just confirms to me that no matter how bad it may seem, that in the end it will all work out according to His Plan, and that means I headed in the right direction and it will all be OKAY. Of course, I always know this, but to see the prophecies fulfilled like this makes you appreciate the BRILLIANCE OF GOD.

ZECHARIAH (Zack Knight, Chord and Riah or Rule 13)

So we go into the book of Zechariah and note that alliterations play a key role in how to interpret this book for Zack Knight, Gail Chord and Rule 13. First off, there are only two books in the Bible that start with “Z”, so that is significant in and of itself. This indicates that Zack Knight plays a key role in the fulfillment of the prophecies in Zechariah. We may embark on a study of Zephaniah next, just to see if there are any messages there in that book for us. Also, note that there are FOURTEEN chapters in Zechariah and 14 is a King David number (see Matthew chapter one), and that Gail Chord Schuler is the King David woman, so in Zechariah 9:15, SLING STONES are mentioned and Gail’s birthday is 9-15-57.

There are a lot of references to Zion (the only mountain in Israel) and Zion starts with a “Z”. Lots of Z’s in this book! Zack Knight and Gail Chord Schuler were able to lead many Jews to Christ in May 2017, after Loree McBride switched them all out with JEW CLONES, making Israel now a predominantly Christian nation. More than likely, after these Jews accepted Christ, Jesus has now decided to intervene on their behalf, as they have now become a righteous nation (covered by the blood), which may be why the red horses are mentioned first in chapter one. What happened in May 2017 when most Jews in Israel accepted Christ was a type of the entire nation getting saved at the end of the tribulation. So now what is happening is a type of Christ’s second coming when he rescues Israel from the world that wants to persecute them and then sets up his millennial kingdom. These are all TYPES, the actual second advent has not happened yet, because the 7 year tribulation has not happened yet.


We are currently in the Church Age, and the next major event on God’s calendar will be the Rapture. It appears God is using Zack Knight and myself to give the world a bit of a taste of the future millennium, so that they will come to Christ before the horrible Tribulation starts. Ironically, we have a born again AntiChrist now. This is apparently Jesus’s joke on Satan. My guess is that Zack Knight and his Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits will be raptured and then possibly a resurrected Angelina Ballerina (maybe as a transgender man) will take on the official role of AntiChrist as described in the Bible. God may allow Satan to resurrect Angelina Ballerina from hell to fulfill Bible prophecy, while Zack Knight is in heaven and no longer fulfilling the role of AntiChrist.

Zechariah 2:9 says that their own slaves will plunder them. This indicates that the defeat of the Loree McBride Jesuits will cause those Jesuits under her command (who she treats like slaves) to revolt successfully against her and plunder the Loree McBride Jesuits. In other words, like insinuated in Nahum, the Jesuits will fall because of CIVIL WAR inside the Jesuit Order.

Another note of interest, God continually says he will live among them (referring to the millennium) and Jesus created the Church of Gail spaceship in 2012 where He often showed up and LIVED AMONG US. We got so used to having him around, that when we hadn’t seen him for awhile, we would say stuff like, “Long time no see, Jesus.” Jesus is setting things up to be a type of millennium, where he often visits with us and talks to us. I don’t think Jesus does this a lot right now in the Church Age. This is unusual. We Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits are experiencing a TYPE of the millennium. We aren’t there yet, because we are still fighting the Loree McBride Jesuits and Brent and Gail are not officially married, which they will be in the millennium.

Now, in Zechariah chapter 3, we have Joshua the high priest, who represents the religious leader of the Jews, or, in our case, the Jesuit Order. Both start with “J”. But these Jesuits, are the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, because notice the SHU in Joshua. Satan is busy accusing these Jesuits before the Lord right now, Zech. 3:1. But Jesus describes these newly saved Jesuits as being “like a burning stick that has been snatched from a fire.” See Zech. 3:2.

Notice how filthy Joshua’s clothing is. He stinks. His clothing is covered with human manure. Jesus admits that the Jesuits have lived filthy, dirty, and evil lives.

“So the angel said. . .’Take off his filthy clothes.” And turning to to Joshua (newly saved Jesuits or Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits) “See I have taken away your sins, and now I am giving you these fine new clothes.” Zech. 3:4. This could also refer to the newly saved Jews in Israel as well, because their JEW CLONES were evil and destroyed and then the Jews accepted Jesus and they also have new clothes.

He instructs us to obey his commandments (like the Gail Commandments), to honor His ways, and then we will have peace and prosperity and freedom.

Zechariah chapter four is about Zerubbabel, who is the civil or political leader of the Jesuits. It’s a reference to the Jesuit leader or Zack Knight. (Zack + Rule 13 + Angelina Ballerina + Loree McBride). The Jesuits in discussion here in Zechariah are the ones that started under the leadership of Zack Knight and fall under Loree McBride, which explains why Zerubbabel ends with a small “l”. The “l” is small, to indicate that Loree McBride is not as great a leader as Zack Knight. The name actually represents how the Jesuit Order has changed under Zack’s leadership. It starts off with Zack as the supreme ruler, then Rule 13 influences him and he defects from the main Jesuit Order, then you have bbabe, indicating that Angelina Ballerina comes on the scene and she is associated with Babel (rebellious arrogance against God). Angelina Ballerina has the heart of those who wanted to overthrow God, and who built the Tower of Babel for this reason. This is also the attitude of the AntiChrist, which seems to indicate that the world will be hearing from her again in the tribulation. It’s like the name Zerubabbel is showing the progression of the AntiChrist. It starts with Zack Knight and ends with Loree McBride. Perhaps Loree will be the False Prophet depicted in Revelation during the tribulation.

So, my guess is that we will experience a victory against Loree McBride, that will be broken after we are raptured and no longer on earth, giving Satan the authority to transfer his AntiChrist powers from Zack Knight (in heaven and no longer the Antichrist) to Angelina Ballerina. In the meanwhile, we don’t need to worry about Angelina, because when she comes back, we will be in heaven.

God gives us advice about how to defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits, though, in Zechariah 4:6. “It is not by force (brains) or by strength (military might), but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.”

Lots of mention here about the lampstand and the oil that lights it. The oil that lights it is the Holy Spirit.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand. For these seven lamps represent the eyes of the Lord that search all around the world.” Zech. 4:10

Okay, to defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits, we use the scanner that we have created to execute the JEW CLONES and NEW JESUITS. The scanner will be the eyes of the Lord that search all around the world to see who has the OIL for the lampstand (or the Holy Spirit).

The small beginnings are those that are coming to Christ in the Jesuit Order and in the nation of Israel. They are coming one by one, so it is small beginnings. They read this page and our Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits doctrinal statement and they are saying the sinner’s prayer and coming to Jesus. What we need to do is each time a Jesuit says the sinner’s prayer, we know that that particular Jesuit genetic profile is safe and we don’t need to execute Jesuits that have that genetic profile. But when we present this page and the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits doctrinal statement to a Jesuit and they reject it and refuse to come to our side, we must enter that Jesuit’s genetic profile in the scanner database for our execution scanner, so that all Jesuits who have rejected our doctrinal statement and the teachings on this page will be considered to have a Babel Jesuit Genetic Profile, and their BJ Genetic Profile will be entered into the database of our scanners that execute Jesuits, so that they (along with all their clones with the same Babel Jesuit Genetic Profile), along with all NEW JESUITS (as defined by Conspiracy Law), will be executed by the scanner. So those Jesuits who would come over to our side will be spared, though it happens one by one (slowly), and those who are evil, will be executed using this method. Though it happens one by one and is “small beginnings”, this is how we will defeat the evil Jesuit Order or the Babel Jesuits (Angelina Ballerina Jesuits).


Zechariah 5 starts out with a description of the Word of God or the Bible as a flying scroll. It is thirty feet long and fifteen feet wide, indicating it is flying over the earth totally opened up, like how Hebrews read from scrolls at that time, so that all can see the words of the scroll. It is larger than the size of a scroll read at that time. So it is a symbol of judgment for disobeying God’s Commandments. One side condemns greed and theft and another side condemns liars and those who spread propaganda in the name of religion. God will judge them. They will be BANISHED. Interesting, too, because banished is a Catholic term, often used on those who are EXCOMMUNICATED, indicating that these are Catholic women. “One side says that those who steal will be banished from the land; the other side says that those who swear falsely by God’s name will be banished from the land.” Zech. 5:3

These are the two BIG sins of the Jesuits that God condemns. They steal and they swear falsely (lie under oath in court) using God’s name. Like Loree McBride stole Brent Spiner from me with a motive of GREED and then took all his money. God is getting down to brass tacks and nailing their motives for why they do what they do. The motive is GREED, and their method of acquiring the STOLEN MONEY is swearing falsely in court using God’s name, bearing the banner of a Christian religion, posing as humanitarians, while they operate like hucksters.

Notice how greedy Angelina Ballerina was, she collected men like TROPHIES to display in her collection, using her brain control powers.

God now goes into more detail. He describes a woman who can fly through outer space! Zech. 5:5 -“Look up! Something is appearing in the sky.” It’s funny, but when Angelina Ballerina attacked us, she had the ability to fly through space. She could create a bubble of oxygen around herself and fly through space. This woman is flying inside a basket that measures grain and “it is filled with the sins of everyone throughout the land.” Her followers are all those who have her sin of greed and evil. Her basket has a heavy lead cover, because lead was used to measure grain, and she is VERY EVIL, because her spaceship is filled with the sins of everyone throughout the land. This is like what Angelina Ballerina did on her pink spaceship. She was having rape fests on it, with all her captives.

In verse 9, we get more details. These evil women are TWO. So, first we had Angelina Ballerina and then we have Loree McBride. Both women used their spacefleets to spread evil and greed. Like when Loree McBride took over Israel using greedy JEW CLONES, who were an extension of her OWN GREED. Now, in verse 9, their wings are described as THOSE OF A STORK. Storks are symbols of DELIVERING A BABY! God is hinting that Angelina Ballerina and Loree McBride use babies (or clones they have created) to assist them to promote GREED and EVIL. Their specialty is STEALING using BABIES, like stealing the identity of my men, and then using their BABIES (clones) to steal the monies of my men, and stealing a man away from the woman he loves (like with my men). The Bible makes it plain that their MOTIVE FOR DOING THIS IS GREED.

In verse 8, we learn that Angelina Ballerina will be the Antichrist mentioned in the Bible. FIrst off, it is an ANGEL who makes all the announcements about these two GREEDY WOMEN. Angel = Angelina Ballerina. Zech. 5:8 – “The angel said, ‘The woman’s name is Wickedness (ANTICHRIST),’ and he pushed her back into the basket and closed the heavy lid again (like closing the cover on a grave or casket- she dies or goes to hell).”

THEN (after she dies) and saw TWO women flying toward us, with wings gliding on the wind. Their wings were like those of a STORK (Loree McBride honors dead Angelina, and in essence, resurrects her) by creating CLONES (babies that have her genes). Loree McBride is probably putting the genes of Angelina Ballerina into the clones she creates. And this is why we have TWO women now. Angelina may be in hell, but Loree McBride is creating clones that have Angelina’s genes in them. These NEW CLONES are very evil and will not come to God. That is why all NEW CLONES must be executed.

“Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel. He replied, “To the land of Babylonia, where they will build a temple for the basket. And when the temple is ready, they will set the basket there on its pedestal.” Zech. 5:10-11. Babylon was a commercial hub at this time, and represents control over banking, commerce, the stock market, etc. This is the goal of the Antichrist (who will be Angelina Ballerina). We have just learned from the Bible that Angelina Ballerina will be the Antichrist! Even the name Babylonia sounds like Angelina Ballerina! Too many angels and women flying around in spacecrafts and terms like angel, stork, etc.

Jesus described Angelina Ballerina as 1,000 times more evil than Zack Knight. I also believe she has Satan’s genes and for Jesus to describe her as 1,000 times more evil than Zack Knight, seems to me to say that she is basically as evil as Satan HIMSELF. Her Antichrist name is WICKEDNESS (Zech. 5:8).

As a result of studying Zechariah 5, our execution scanners also need to scan for excessive greediness and a love of lying in court under the banner of serving God among Jesuits. These Jesuits will be called GREED OBSESSED JESUITS. Those Jesuits with these motives (GREED OBSESSED JESUITS) should probably be the first to read this page about our Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits church service (Bible study of Nahum & Zechariah) and the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits doctrinal statement. Once GREED OBSESSED JESUITS reject our doctrinal statement and our beliefs, we put the genes of these Jesuits into our database and use the scanner to execute all GREED OBSESSED JESUITS (the JEW CLONES were very greedy and probably had the genes of Angelina Ballerina) who have rejected our doctrinal statement and what we believe and what the Bible says about them as outlined on this page. The scanners will distinguish between clones and authentic people. Clones have distinct markers that distinguish them from the person they impersonate. It appears that certain clones, like Loree McBride, are too full of greed and idolatry and pride to ever give up their evil and the Loree McBride genetic profile needs to be added to the execution scanners, along with all other Jesuits who reject our doctrinal statement and are obsessed with greed and a love of lying in court.

You might say, but a woman can’t be the Antichrist. Well, the Bible just told us the Antichrist is a woman. Angelina will probably turn into a transgender man, which explains why the Bible describes the Antichrist as above the love of women in Daniel 11:37. She will still prefer to make love to men as a transgender man. Zack Knight is the current “born again” AntiChrist. But when he’s raptured, Angelina will take his place. Satan will resurrect her from hell. Just like Satan resurrected Zack Knight from hell in Feb. 2012. Zack went to hell and came back, which shows you that not all who go to hell will stay there. See Rev. 17:8. Interesting that the Antichrist is described as the BEAST. You got an A and a B in there. Also, in Revelation 17:3 it says that the WOMAN sits on the Beast. And why does God describe the whore in Revelation 17 as a WOMAN? So we are getting strong hints that the Antichrist is a woman who is a man. We know the beast will control all the finances of the world during the tribulation. No one can buy or sell unless they have his mark then. Loree McBride has the greedy, evil heart of Angelina Ballerina. If you’ll notice, God totally omits any description of what these women look like. His focus is on their HEART. It’s obvious that they use their looks as a WEAPON to SATISFY THEIR GREED.


Zech. 6: We see four chariots with horses. This is a description of the same four horses in Revelation 6. Jesus is reminding us that we are going through what the tribulation saints are going through. He has even told this to me, Brent and Terrance. This chapter six is a timetable of the tribulation. We are currently in the tribulation as a TYPE, not the actual tribulation, but going through a TYPE of the tribulation. The white horse phase has already passed. That started around 1995 or so when Zack Knight took the leadership of the Catholic Church. Zack Knight was the rider on the white horse. He carried a bow (see Rev. 6:2) proclaiming peace while he actually carried out war, and he won many battles, like the Antichrist will do during the tribulation. His battles included Sept. 11, 2001, which turned out to be a victory for him because it prevented Gail from marrying Brent Spiner and intimidated George W. Bush into forcing Vladimir to acquire the Jesuit clone Lyudmila of his dead wife Larisa, etc.

After Brent contacted Gail via her YouTube channel in June 2011, Zack then went into the red horse phase, where he actually intensified his attacks on Gail and her men, which affected the entire earth. This included the Canadian nukkake (Dec. 2011) and the nukkakes he dropped all over the world (from Dec. 2011 and onwards), resulting in many deaths. The red horse indicates WAR and bloodshed. No peace on earth, war and slaughter everywhere.

Next, Zack started attacking the finances of Gail and her men. Gail lost her job and Gail’s men lost most or all of their celebrity income. This started around 2012. This is the stage of the black horse, where Zack used his clone versions of the Internet and other methods to control the finances of just about everybody on earth.

Once, Gail started obeying the Gail Commandments and her Gail Shield became strong in 2016, the pale horse took over and death reigned everywhere, even among the Jesuits, as Zack Knight strove to defeat Gail and her Gail Shield. But then, as depicted in Rev. 6, God judged the Jesuits for all they did and he judged their AntiChrist Zack Knight, and the entire Jesuit spacefleet was destroyed in Aug. 2016 and then Zack Knight came to Jesus, along with Rule 13 (Sept. 2016), and the Antichrist powers were then shared with Angelina Ballerina.

We are kind of like towards the end of the tribulation period right now AS A TYPE, and we are getting ready to go INTO THE MILLENNIUM AS A TYPE. Jesus did promise that Gail and her men would defeat the Jesuits. This has not happened yet. He also promised that Gail and Brent would marry on earth and this has not happened yet. When this does happen, it will be when we enter the millennium as a TYPE. I believe God is using us to give the world a foretaste of the REAL MILLENNIUM to win as many people as he can to him before the tribulation OFFICIALLY BEGINS (sometime after the rapture of the church).

The horses in Zechariah 6 (notice we are in chapter 6, or the number of the AntiChrist 666) all symbolize how God is using Zack Knight as the Antichrist to judge the wicked of the earth. This is especially true now that Zack has come over to God’s side. The horses in Zech. 6 resemble the horses in Rev. 6, EXCEPT that they are used to judge the wicked, more than to cause havoc and destruction on the earth. So, it appears God is using Zack Knight to judge the wicked UNLIKE the real Antichrist of the tribulation who will cause problems for good people everywhere. God has to judge the wicked, so he can give the world his foretaste of the MILLENNIUM. Once major sin is dealt with, he can bless the planet.

Zech. 6:11, God puts crowns on the head of JESHUA (Jesuits here who work for Jesus or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits). In the New Living it is translated JESHUA. They are working for Jesus to build the temple and get the world ready for the millennium (as a TYPE). Not sure what building the Temple entails, but they will be doing this! It is also possible that because Zack and Gail led most of Israel to Jesus, that some sort of Temple may get rebuilt in Jerusalem by the Jews. Zephaniah is mentioned here and his name starts with a “Z”, so his book will be studied next.

ZECHARIAH CHAPTER SEVEN: In verse 4 he tells these REFORMED Catholics, not to worry about all their rites and rituals (like the Mass, Ash Wednesday, Lent, etc.), and that they don’t need to retain these as REFORMED Catholics. This is also a message to the Jews, that he’s not impressed with all their religious rituals and ceremonies, with a specific mention of fasting rituals, like Yom Kippur. He tells them when they did these things, they were not thinking of Him but of THEMSELVES, so he was not impressed. He insists that in the place of these rituals, the Jesuits and Jews practice (see verse 9) these things IN THEIR PLACE: Judge fairly and honestly (no more taking innocents to court to steal their money, reputation and promote lies), and show mercy and kindness to one another. Do not oppress the poor and helpless (as Jesuits and Jews have done in the past), and do not make evil plans to harm each other. LIVE IN PEACE. He tells them this is why he has judged them and they must stop doing these evil things, to get his millennial blessings.

ZECHARIAH CHAPTER EIGHT: Mount Zion (lots of Z’s in this book) is called Jerusalem, which means Jesus sees the Zack Knight Jesuits or the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits as a type of the Jewish race in the book of Zechariah. What we see here in chapter eight is what God will do for us, if we obey what he said in chapter seven! Chapter eight describes the millennium, where Jesus is ruling over the entire earth. It is a time of peace, safety and prosperity. All the fasts will be cancelled and in their place will be festivals of celebration! “So love TRUTH and PEACE” he tells the Jews and the Jesuits in verse 19. These are the things THEY HAVE NOT LOVED IN THE PAST! He hates their lies and their warfare.

If they love TRUTH and PEACE, then he will usher in a type of the millennium. It is interesting that the greatest sins of the Jesuits have revolved around LIES and WARFARE. So he is definitely speaking to them through Zechariah. By the way, Zechariah as a whole is a book about JUDGMENT OF SIN. Everyone will know that God is with the Jews (or Jesuits) if they honor TRUTH AND PEACE, and people will clutch at their skirts and say, “God is with you, so we want your presence to be blessed by you.” In the real millennium, Jerusalem will be the capital of the world it says. Not sure if this will be fulfilled until the REAL MILLENNIUM. And so chapter eight ends with promises of an awesome time of peace, prosperity and happiness if the Jesuits and Jews honor TRUTH and PEACE.

I find it interesting that he gives this particular advice to the Jesuits, see 8:16 & 17 (my evil Jesuit sister’s birthday by the way, she was born 8-16 or Aug. 16th): “But this is what you must do: Tell the truth to each other. Render verdicts in your courts that are just and that lead to peace. Do not make evil plots to harm each other. And stop this habit of swearing to things that are false. I hate all these things, says the Lord.” I’m in the Bible in Zechariah 9:15 and my sister Sandra Metcalf is in the Bible in Zech. 8:16! My sister loves to use judges and the courts to do evil. That’s how she got me committed to a psych ward by extorting my mother into using a lying statement against me (submitted to a judge) to get me committed to a psych ward for treatment. Also, I believe my sister became an Angelina Ballerina Jesuit in 2016 and remains an evil Jesuit in 2017!

This book Zechariah is obviously meant to be read and obeyed by Zack Knight, Rule 13, Gail Chord Schuler, Sandra Metcalf (Gail’s sister) and those associated with the King David woman (myself), and the nation of Israel. This book is for us, who live in 2017!


This is a very difficult chapter to interpret in light of Zack Knight, Gail Chord and the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. But there are some interesting things I’ve noticed. First off, most of the chapter describes Alexander the Great’s conquests (Zech. 9:1-8) and how he spared the Temple in Jerusalem, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Zech. 9:8.

It does appear that Alexander is a type of the AntiChrist here in this passage. Zechariah 9 seems to describe how the AntiChrist will wage war against the entire earth with a SMALL ARMY and conquer, and that he is brutal in his methods. Ironically, this sounds like blonde haired, blue eyed Angelina Ballerina when she reigned! Though Zack Knight and I eventually put her down, it was not easy. Angelina turned out to be a brilliant military strategist using a small army, at first. Her brain control abilities made her formidable. All she had to do was pull down her top or get near a man, and he would end up her sex slave, leaping onto her and raping her in a mad frenzy. So there are a lot of similarities between Angelina and Alexander the Great (who was a Greek leader described as “fair”). In fact, Angelina always wore a tutu and Alexander the Great’s outfits often look like a tutu! This makes me wonder if Angelina had Greek blood and that some of the ancient Greeks had blonde hair and blue eyes. So it would behoove us to study him. AND Alexander takes up most of Zechariah 9 and Jesus told me I am the subject of Zechriah 9:15 (my birthday is 9-15-57). Jesus also said that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will go through.

Blonde Angelina Ballerina (whose favorite color is PINK, see 2 hours:49 minutes to 2 hours:52 minutes ABOVE) may be resurrected from hell as a blonde Alexander the Great AntiChrist, taking revenge on Zack Knight. And the director (Oliver Stone) of Alexander 2004 has a movie in the works called PINKVILLE. . . Zack Knight tells me that Angelina Ballerina (who I believe is Satan’s CHILD) had a hand in the creation of the song PINK . . .


Zack Knight

Notice the resemblance between Zack Knight and Darius III (Zack kind of looks like King Darius) who executed Angelina, like Alexander took revenge on those Persians who he believed murdered his father. I have also noticed that Satan likes YOUNG Antichrists! Alexander the Great was a marvel in that he accomplished SO MUCH from the ages of 20 to 32. He became king at twenty and when he died at 32, he’d CONQUERED THE WORLD. He died at 33 (or 32 and 11 months). He basically conquered the world as a YOUNG MAN. Zack Knight behaves and thinks like a millennial, and so does Angelina Ballerina. Actually Angelina is younger than a millennial. I think she was about twenty when she became Antichrist in Sept. 2016 (sharing it with Zack). The Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits and Zack Knight will be in heaven at this time, but there will be a remnant who will follow Gail and Jesus after the rapture, and they will be greatly persecuted. Putting all this together, I would surmise that Alexander the Great is very similar to the AntiChrist. In fact, I believe that history will repeat itself with transgender man Angelina Ballerina, acting and looking exactly like Alexander the Great as the ANTICHRIST. So, it appears the AntiChrist, will be like a resurrected Alexander the Great (blonde and blue-eyed, i.e., a transgender man Angelina Ballerina resurrected from hell, perhaps after the rapture). We know from history that Angelina and Alexander have a lot of similaries, both were/are brutal and could do wonders with a small army (see Daniel 11:23). Daniel 11:23 says of the AntiChrist: “After coming to an agreement with him, he will act deceitfully (Angelina was always tricky and deceitful), and with only a few people he will rise to power.” Angelina only had herself in the beginning and she was able to resurrect the entire defeated and dead Jesuit space fleet and army, and, by herself alone, using her powerful brain control, was able to cause much destruction. The deeper I go into Zechariah, the more I am convinced she will be the AntiChrist depicted in Daniel and Revelation. Here in the book of Zechariah, the AntiChrist is depicted as a resurrected Alexander the Great (Alexander is believed to have been fair haired and fair all over). Like Angelina, he was also very physically attractive. In fact, the more we learn about him, the more we see the striking similarities between Alexander the Great and Angelina Ballerina. They had similar outlooks, similar approaches to war, and were both brilliant strategists and were both blonde and blue-eyed. He was considered brutal and heartless, though he left the Temple in Jerusalem alone, because of superstition. Now, this is interesting, because the Bible (Daniel 9:27) depicts the Antichrist as TAKING OVER the worship of the Temple in Jerusalem. Perhaps this is why Alexander left the Temple in Jerusalem alone! Though history records that Alexander may have had different color eyes (one blue and one black). Angelina could change her hair color as a transgender man if she wanted I presume, but was very proud of her fair hair and blue eyes, and my guess is that she will choose to retain her blonde hair color and eye color as the AntiChrist as a transgender man. Check out the depictions of Angelina Ballerina (below) and compare them with Alexander the Great! UNCANNY.

Alexander often appealed to ZEUS (a god) for victory in battle. Notice that Zeus starts with a “Z”. I wonder if she/he will appeal to Zack Knight somehow as her justification for being the world leader, perhaps claiming that the real Zack Knight who sided with me was an imposter and that she serves the true Zack Knight. I wouldn’t put this past her, as the Bible seems to indicate that the Antichrist is a master deceiver and impersonator. The Antichrist will also claim to be the Christ.


Just watched the movie Alexander (2004) and believe it is very accurate about Alexander. After watching this, I believe that Satan was Alexander’s genetic father and that Alexander’s mother made love to Satan (who claimed to be Zeus). She genuinely believed she made love to the god Zeus, who impregnated her with Alexander. The mother is always associated with SNAKES, which is the serpent or SATAN. I believe Satan was behind the making of this movie. Oliver Stone, in making this movie, seems to have been in some sort of trance (which is satanic). Though I do not believe all New Agers and cultists are satanic, if they love violence and try to glorify it, THAT IS SATANIC. Nor do I believe that all gay people are satanic. I believe that Satan has chosen Alexander to be his Antichrist, in fulfillment of the Bible prophecies about him. Alexander has Satan’s genes, which means that what Dr. Peter Ruckman taught me about the Antichrist being Satan incarnate has some truth to it. There is a Biblical basis for this. Watching this movie even made me kind of feel sorry for Satan. Alexander shows that Satan (in some ways) means well, but his big ego has gotten him into trouble. Satan wants very bad to rule over the entire earth and thinks he will be the one to bring everybody together in peace under his glorious rule. He justifies his cruelty against those who oppose him, by believing that he can do a better job than Jesus Christ as ruler of the universe. Jesus has confessed to me that he loves Satan, and that Satan’s big ego has gotten him into trouble. During the battle scene where Alexander almost lost a battle with India, he showed great courage and this is when Satan was proud of his child and made the decision to use Alexander as his Antichrist. I believe Satan is the one who murdered Alexander at age 33 (he was actually 32 and one month shy of his 33rd birthday). Satan wanted Alexander to die at the same age as Christ, because he chose Alexander as his Antichrist, during the battle of India, where everything was PINK as men were dying in battle. I think PINK is Satan’s favorite color, because he’s GAY. Satan talks with a lisp. I’ve heard him. Also, NOTE OF INTEREST, Satan is gay. Jesus told us this, and it appears that Alexander was gay, too, as this movie shows so very well. This would explain the verse in Daniel where the Antichrist is described as above the desire of women. He is not obsessed with pleasing women, but with pleasing MEN. I think Alexander went to hell, and Satan had him ON HOLD, but when I came on the scene, Satan knew that it was now the time to bring Alexander back. He started off with Zack Knight as his Antichrist, knowing he would need to replace Zack Knight with Angelina Ballerina, but did so, because he needed Zack Knight to gain a following. He knew that Angelina Ballerina would be a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow. So he used Zack Knight to pave the way, to create the social structures he needed, to reform the world’s mores and morals, so that when Angelina came on the scene, he could use her to create an army with which to takeover the world. Not sure that he anticipated that Zack would defect to my side. I don’t think he knew this. This has been a real blow to him. I think he knew about my Gail Shield and knew that it would bring down the Jesuit Order and then he planned to kill Rule 13 and possibly use Zack Knight as the false prophet and make Zack Knight his gay lover, because of Zack’s perfect penis. Satan wanted his gay companion to have a perfect penis. It’s possible that Satan did not anticipate that Zack would fall in love with 13, and he had to act fast to stop this monkey wrench in his plans. He planned to kill 13 and replace Zack with Angelina as the Antichrist. This was his plan all along, but he had to do it sooner than he wanted, because of Zack’s true love for 13. I believe that Angelina has the genes of Alexander the Great, which means she has Satan’s genes. Satan can take on many forms and when he was Lucifer he was one of God’s most beautiful creations (this was before he fell). Satan planned to use Angelina to give him a harem of men to love, which explains why she was obsessed with gathering all the men on my marriage list as her lovers, using brain control. Once he got his harem and once he got me as Angelina’s lover as well, he planned to transform Angelina into Alexander the Great reincarnated. And the Biblical Antichrist, as described in the Bible would happen. Right now, Satan is really pissed, because I led Zack Knight to Jesus, and Zack executed Angelina. Angelina was brutal with her army, much like Alexander the Great, and would do ANYTHING to win in battle! She was a brilliant strategist. I can see a lot of Alexander the Great in Angelina. Satan is recouping his losses right now. I believe he is only allowed one Antichrist, and he chose Zack Knight (who he planned to transition into Angelina), but Zack Knight has defected to Jesus Christ’s side and Zack is the only one who can transfer his Antichrist powers. Zack willingly gave them to Angelina, because Satan tricked him back in Aug. 2016. In the meanwhile, Satan is using Loree McBride to strengthen his army for his future Antichrist and is using her to recoup his losses. Satan sees himself as a noble fighter to reign over a world in peace where all will worship him as a god. He basically has the heart of Alexander the Great (who, I believe, was his child). Satan’s biggest problem, like Alexander’s, was his big ego. Those who question his judgment, he slays in a rage. He’s trying to start a new order, where he reigns as king over all the earth and brings in peace to those who worship him. Like in Alexander’s army, he believes the end justifies the means, and his obsession with war and bloodshed he feels is GLORY, because it will usher him in as the worldwide king. Those who worship Zeus, worship Satan. Big question: Is Satan or his Antichrist, capable of love? I believe so, but it’s a selfish love and a misguided one, he only loves those who have his vision for the world and he refuses to allow those of a different opinion to have peace. His false vision causes a lot of suffering and, like Alexander, he has no patience with those who don’t share his vision. I do not believe Satan respects women, and like Alexander, he only loves men. The movie portrays Alexander as a leader with great courage and vision and I believe, we can say this about Satan. It took a lot of guts for him to rebel against God and take a third of the angels with him! Though we may respect his courage, we cannot admire him, because perhaps he is epic, but God, who came to earth as a humble carpenter to die for our sins, is much more epic! Any ways, watching this movie, will greatly help me with my current book, and I will be able to have a fully dimensional villain. I embarked on this Bible study to gain wisdom for my walk in this life and ended up gaining insights into how to write my next book! It helped me to better understand those who follow Satan though and I see that they, like myself, really believe that their vision for the world is the right one. This is what happens when you have too much pride. As the Bible says, pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Actually, Alexander never lost a battle and Satan was very impressed with his child in the battle of India, and Satan thinks that Alexander will defeat Jesus Christ in the final battle. Yeah, I think the Antichrist will be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina, who will be Alexander the Great reincarnated. I guess Satan thought that Zack Knight would get over Rule 13 and learn to be happy as one of Angelina’s lovers. Satan underestimated my forgiveness when I led Zack to Jesus, and so he’s really pissed right now. But those of you who are worried about Angelina. Zack Knight defeated her in battle on Jan. 6, 2017. She won’t be returning as Antichrist until after the rapture, I’m sure. In the meanwhile. we are dealing with the remnants of her army that survived after we defeated Angelina in battle. Like was true with Alexander’s army, we were able to get some support from those on her side, because, like Alexander, she was a slave driver, and she alienated some of her followers for this reason. We will eventually defeat Loree McBride and her Jesuits. Not sure when or how. But it will happen, and then a type of the millennium will take place. Sometime during this “millennium” the rapture will happen and then Angelina will return as Alexander the Great (ANTICHRIST and Satan’s CHILD). Notice how Satan chose the name Zack Knight for his Antichrist, because Zack is similar to ZEUS (four letters each, too). Notice how when you say Alexander, and then you say Angelina, they have similar sounds (Ah lex AN der or An ge LIN a). The emphasis is always on the THIRD letter and both have four syllables. Kind of like 3 + 3 = 6 or 666. Even Ballerina has four syllables and the accent is on the THIRD letter. NOTE OF INTEREST: There are four beasts in Daniel 7, and the THIRD beast is Alexander the Great (he is the leopard with FOUR wings and FOUR heads). Each beast is a type of the Antichrist. Satan chose the THIRD beast of the FOUR to be his official Antichrist. Expect to see a resurrected Alexander the Great as Antichrist in the future tribulation! See the pattern here with 4 syllables and the accent on the third in Alexander and Angelina Ballerina? When Zack transferred his Antichrist powers to Angelina, Angelina LIED to Zack and said she was borrowing them and would return them to Zack later after she rescued Zack from his semen bubble. But Satan knew that Zack would probably tell her to keep her Antichrist powers, believing her lie that Rule 13 died. Any ways, Satan never expected me to lead Zack to Jesus.

Oh, my God, I just thought of something. Perhaps the reason the Antichrist will have different color eyes, is because he will lose one of his eyes, and one eye will look black, as depicted in Zechariah 11:17-“Woe to the IDOL shepherd that leaveth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean-dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.”

Interesting, that my evil sister, lost one of her eyes in prison, after she was raped. Though the Loree McBride Jesuits have the technology to fix this, she is proud of her missing eye and leaves it as is.

Also, when I read about the personality traits of the AntiChrist: proud, arrogant, wicked, scheming, clever, brilliant in war, deceitful, liar, etc. This sounds much more like Angelina than Zack Knight (even though Jesus called Zack the Antichrist). When I asked Jesus if Angelina was now the Antichrist in Sept. 2016, he pleaded the fifth!

Dr. Peter Ruckman portrayed the AntiChrist as dark-haired, dark-eyed, swarthy and very Middle-Eastern looking with dark skin, almost like a black man. Jesus said that Dr. Ruckman’s book called Mark of the Beast is very inaccurate. Going by Zechariah, it appears we will have an AntiChrist who is Alexander the Great! Going by recent history (2016 to now), where Angelina shared AntiChrist powers with Zack Knight, this seems believable.

Above is a photograph of Angelina Ballerina. Notice the similarities between her and Alexander the Great (below). Somebody used photoshop to try and reconstruct what Alexander the Great looked like (below). I think we have our ANTICHRIST!

ANTICHRIST PAGE_Angelina Ballerina

ANTICHRIST PAGE_Alexander the Great photoshop

Sandman LuciferOkay, Zechariah 9:9 is obviously a depiction of Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, which he did three times by the way. McGee says it is more a triumphal goodbye. Now, Jesus has personally appeared to me and my men, sort of like a triumphal entry (from 2012 onwards). Okay, on May 2, 2017, it appears I led most of the Jews in Israel to Christ, and we are currently fighting the Loree McBride Jesuits (who were resurrected by Angelina in Sept. 2016). It appears that these Jews under Rule 13’s military leadership are now helping us to fight the Loree McBride or Angelina Ballerina Jesuits still left, which may explain Zech. 9:13 (verse 13 like RULE 13) – “Judah is my bow, and Israel is my arrow! Jerusalem is my sword, and like a warrior, I will brandish it against the Greeks.”

This makes me wonder if Angelina has some Greek blood. It appears that Loree McBride has put Angelina’s genetic profile in all of her followers, to enhance them and make them stronger for her side and to honor Angelina who died on Jan. 6, 2017. If Angelina is Greek, then Zech. 9:13, using good Jews from Israel as our allies in war, against the Angelina Ballerina Jesuits makes total sense. You may say, a blonde Greek? It’s possible. Remember, that Alexander the Great was Greek and blonde. Perhaps Satan had a hand in the creation of Angelina Ballerina, and she was specially created to be a female Alexander the Great. Satan loves to play God and he has created many creatures, including the hagfish. Jesus told us it was Satan who created the hagfish, and describes the hagfish as having teeth in their vagina. Satan thought he’d get an advantage by using a woman. But, it appears, Angelina will be a transgender man when she is resurrected as the AntiChrist of Daniel and Revelation and the Bible. Zack Knight’s name is in Zechariah and he is behind a lot of the Z’s in the Bible, so God knew that Zack would end up on the side of righteousness. By the same token, Angelina’s name is all over the Bible as the Antichrist! Now that she has showed up, a lot of the Bible prophecies about the AntiChrist are making more sense.

Zech. 9:14-16 is still a puzzlement to me. It obviously refers to a major victory in battle, and seems to insinuate the final battle or the Battle of Armageddon, when Christ defeats the Antichrist at the very end of the tribulation. It’s obvious that I will play a major role in this battle because my birthday is 9-15-57 and I am the King David woman and sling stones are mentioned here. If this is a description of the final battle, verse 13 does not seem to describe the final battle. Because in the very end of the final battle the remnant of Jews (who have survived the tribulation thus far) will be surrounded and hunkered down in Petra (like in a rock fortress in southern Jordan), they won’t be aggressive in battle and on the offensive, like described in verse 13. So Zech. 9:14-16 may not be describing the final battle AT ALL, except perhaps as a TYPE. BUT, then perhaps there is a jump in time from verse 13 to verse 14, because Jews are aggressive in battle right before Jerusalem falls (mid-tribulation). Prophecy is not always cut and dry. But all the blood is shed when Jesus himself ALONE defeats the Antichrist and his forces towards the very end of the campaign of Armageddon, after the entire Jewish nation recognizes their Messiah and mourns for him as for an only son. My guess is that Zech. 9:13-16 is describing two events: 1) the actual campaign of Armageddon, and 2) a TYPE of the campaign of Armageddon, which I and my men will go through. It appears that Jesus will intervene in both battles!

What is interesting is that the Bible describes a major city in Babylon, called Babylon the Great all over the Bible (Rev. 17 & 18), which I used to think was the Roman Catholic Church, but now believe is a city in Babylon (modern day Iraq) that is the AntiChrist’s headquarters. The fall of this huge city is part of the campaign of Armageddon, and it occurs mid-tribulation, so the campaign of Armageddon extends over a period of a couple years. The Angelina Ballerina or Alexander the Great ANTICHRIST followers will do all sorts of commerce and business here, and my guess is, that Loree McBride may have something going on in Iraq right now, in preparation for building this major hub (the future AntiChrist’s CAPITAL CITY). Since we seem to be going through a TYPE of the tribulation, I suggest that our military leaders scout out the area of Iraq and see if Loree McBride is trying to create a capital city for herself there! We may need to destroy it!

ANTICHRIST PAGE_ Second Half of Great Tribulation

ANTICHRIST PAGE_Campaign of Armageddon

My guess is that Zechariah 9:14-16 describes a major battle which will be the end of the Angelina Ballerina Jesuits as we know them today, because previous to this in the same chapter is a description of Alexander the Great’s conquests, EXCEPT he does not conquer Jerusalem. Sling stones are used in the battle, along with lightning bolts, and Jesus will appear over the whole battle scene, so he is involved as well. A lot of blood will be shed. And most of the credit for the victory will go to JESUS HIMSELF.

It’s called THAT DAY (v. 16), and that day in Zechariah refers to the tribulation. Though Jesus has said that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will go through, but we are going through it as a TYPE. We are not in the actual tribulation, and perhaps Zechariah 9:15 is describing a TYPE of the tribulation. That is all I can say about this major battle. I don’t think it has happened yet.

THE IDENTITY OF THE REVELATION WHORE (CHAPTER SEVENTEEN) SEEMS TO INDICATE A RESURRECTED CITY OF BABYLON, AND NOT ROME. THE SEVEN HILLS ARE SYMBOLIC. Now it is entirely possible that when Angelina Ballerina comes back as a transgender man, that she will resurrect the Roman Catholic Church and attempt to rebrand it, maybe not even calling it the Roman Catholic Church and will establish its new headquarters in Babylon. This will explain some of the imagery that is commonly associated with the Vatican.

BIBLE SEEMS TO INDICATE THE ANTICHRIST WILL BE A GENTILE OF ROMAN ORIGIN (meaning he is a Gentile associated with the Roman Catholic Church, as is true of Zack Knight and transgender man Angelina Ballerina).

I won’t die over my interpretation, but as a result of studying Zechariah 9, which is all about Alexander the Great’s conquests and then leads right into the final battle, I believe that the Antichrist will be from the Roman Catholic Church and have the genes of Alexander the Great – a transgender man Angelina Ballerina. Zack Knight is the current Antichrist, but for a while, Angelina Ballerina had Antichrist powers. It was Jesus himself who told us Zack is the Antichrist and I know his powers were transferred to her in Aug. 2016. She is now in hell, but after the rapture our “born again” Antichrist will lose his role as the Antichrist and I think Satan’s only option will be to resurrect Angelina as a transgender man. I am reading the Bible to reconcile all of this and this is the only explanation that makes sense. Alexander has an uncanny similarity to Angelina in appearance, too.

Though I may not agree with everything this guy says, we are in agreement that the Antichrist will be Alexander the Great and he is Satan’s child.


Zack Knight has just contacted Gail and told her that Loree McBride found some evil Jews who worked with her and used them to takeover the nation of Israel by switching out all good Jews with their evil Jew clones. Gail describes the traits of these evil Jew clones, so that people will recognize them. She explains that the good Jews in Israel need to take a pail of semen, and paint the semen on their doorways and windows, so that the nukkake won’t kill them. To get a pail of semen will require a team effort. Everyone needs to start masturbating. Need to view my bikini videos.

The nukkake has been dropped on Israel. Gail will post a follow-up to this article when she receives information.


May 1, 2017:

[3:22:15 PM] Zack Knight: Hey Gail

[3:22:21 PM] Zack Knight: Something horrible has happened

[3:22:33 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh dear, what is it?

[3:22:39 PM] Gail Schuler: Is this Zack?

[3:22:42 PM] Zack Knight: Loree McBride took over Israel

[3:22:46 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, this is Zack

[3:22:53 PM] Gail Schuler: How did she do THAT?

[3:23:09 PM] Zack Knight: She found a group of Jews that supported her

[3:23:17 PM] Zack Knight: and made evil clones of the rest

[3:23:33 PM] Gail Schuler: Did she kill off all the good Jews and replace them with clones?

[3:23:45 PM] Zack Knight: They’re just like regular Jews, BUT WAY WORSE

[3:24:09 PM] Zack Knight: I think they’re stuck in switchout limbo

[3:24:21 PM] Zack Knight: That’s where people go when switched out

[3:24:34 PM] Gail Schuler: Is it true that Dallas Theological Seminary is working with us to reform the Catholic Church?

[3:25:09 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, and I’ve been getting a lot of input from other seminaries

[3:25:19 PM] Gail Schuler: That’s what I heard brain to brain. That’s great.

[3:25:26 PM] Zack Knight: The clone Jew threat is pretty huge

[3:25:41 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I could imagine. Jews are very intelligent people.

[3:25:57 PM] Zack Knight: We’ve been analyzing the clone Jews, and they are really dangerous

[3:26:12 PM] Gail Schuler: I think we need to WIPE THEM OUT!

[3:26:37 PM] Zack Knight: It’s really hard to tell the difference between a regular Jew and a clone Jew.

[3:26:40 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones have these big ugly noses, and they are always wringing their hands when they see money…

[3:26:53 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones take their wives black bras, and cut off one of the cups, then walk around with them on their heads.

[3:27:03 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones like to get jobs in the entertainment and banking industry, and they control the mainstream media with their Jew clone propaganda.

[3:27:56 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones are always trying to play the victim, but are usually scheming against you secretly the whole time.

[3:28:17 PM] Gail Schuler: Do they also have Benjamin Netanyahu?

[3:28:24 PM] Zack Knight: Yes, he’s one of them

[3:28:27 PM] Gail Schuler: What

[3:28:37 PM] Zack Knight: He’s a Jew Clone

[3:28:46 PM] Gail Schuler: What is the Brent Spiner clone doing?

[3:29:01 PM] Zack Knight: He’s acting like a total Jew clone

[3:29:11 PM] Zack Knight: we have the real Brent though

[3:29:33 PM] Gail Schuler: How does the REAL Brent Spiner feel about this?

[3:29:45 PM] Zack Knight: He’s furious

[3:30:05 PM] Zack Knight: Jew clones are a huge problem

[3:30:13 PM] Gail Schuler: I can imagine. What does Brent think we should do?

[3:30:27 PM] Zack Knight: We’ve discussed nuking Israel

[3:30:48 PM] Zack Knight: But the Jesuit Space Fleet is only armed with Nukkakes

[3:31:03 PM] Zack Knight: as far as weapons that can take out all the Jew Clones

[3:31:38 PM] Zack Knight: I think if we take this course of action, people will need to know how bad these Jew clones are

[3:33:06 PM] Zack Knight: We may have to Nukkake Israel to protect the planet

[3:33:47 PM] Zack Knight: Our projections show that this problem will become a global problem, and we may need a final solution.

[3:34:00 PM] Gail Schuler: But if we nukkake Israel, will that kill the innocent Jews who are in limbo?

[3:34:20 PM] Zack Knight: No, I think we will be able to recover them

[3:34:27 PM] Zack Knight: most if not all

[3:34:34 PM] Zack Knight: this is a humanitarian mission

[3:34:42 PM] Gail Schuler: Hmmm, okay if we nukkake Israel, what do you think will happen?

[3:36:22 PM] Zack Knight: It will kill all the Jew clones, but our Jesuit scientists have a way for any good Jews to protect themselves

[3:36:55 PM] Gail Schuler: That is good. If we nukkake Israel, you think that will solve the problem?

[3:37:03 PM] Zack Knight: If they take a pail of semen, and paint the semen on their doorways and windows, the nukkake won’t kill them

[3:37:21 PM] Gail Schuler: Can they do that when they are in limbo?

[3:37:28 PM] Zack Knight: Yes

[3:37:35 PM] Gail Schuler: This may be the way to go, then.

[3:37:47 PM] Zack Knight: So we may need to let people know this in the video

[3:38:11 PM] Zack Knight: I don’t think we can hide the fact that we are going to nukkake Israel, because we need to warn them

[3:38:37 PM] Gail Schuler: But don’t you think surprise attack may be better? What I could do is make a video explaining what has happened, and ask the real Jews to protect themselves from Loree McBride by taking a pail of semen and painting the semen on their doorways and windows and leave it at that.

[3:39:08 PM] Gail Schuler: I will tell them if they don’t do this, they may die.

[3:39:17 PM] Zack Knight: I think Loree already knows it’s coming

[3:39:24 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I see.

[3:39:27 PM] Zack Knight: so we may need to tell them fast

[3:40:06 PM] Zack Knight: But we also need to inform the public about the traits of these Jew clones and how dangerous they are

[3:40:20 PM] Gail Schuler: Of course, I will tell them that.

[3:41:09 PM] Gail Schuler: Okay. Tell me more about how bad these Jew clones are.

[3:41:23 PM] Gail Schuler: How are they planning to help Loree McBride?

[3:42:34 PM] Zack Knight: The Jew clones plan to infiltrate every facet of media and government, to collect all the sheckles. *that’s Jew clone money*

[3:44:49 PM] Zack Knight: be right back, the Jesuit Space Fleet (that’s us) is being attacked by Jew Clones

[3:45:01 PM] Zack Knight: We have to act fast

[3:45:17 PM] Zack Knight: I think I sent you a few of their traits earlier

[3:45:40 PM] Zack Knight: I think some of them are going to escape the Nukkake, so people will need to know what to look out for

[3:47:10 PM] Gail Schuler: Okay. Pray for me. I am getting ready to make the video now.

[3:47:20 PM] Zack Knight: Okay, I’m praying

[4:03:18 PM] Gail Schuler: The video is UP!

[4:10:01 PM] Zack Knight: I just saw it!

[4:13:45 PM] Zack Knight: our scientists just gave us an update

[4:14:03 PM] Zack Knight: if we change the title to


[4:14:23 PM] Zack Knight: It will have maximum impact

[4:14:55 PM] Zack Knight: our research says that this is the best way to get the good Jews to open it first

[4:14:56 PM] Gail Schuler: Someone just asked, “Where do I get a pail of semen?”

[4:15:07 PM] Zack Knight: It’s going to take a team effort

[4:15:22 PM] Zack Knight: everyone needs to start masturbating

[4:15:45 PM] Zack Knight: Instruct them to view your bikini videos

[4:19:50 PM] Gail Schuler: I did that and put it in the description.

[4:51:47 PM] Gail Schuler: Let me know how the nukkake on Israel went.

[4:52:13 PM] Zack Knight: We dropped the Nukkake

[4:52:33 PM] Zack Knight: it’ll still be a little while before out sensors can see how it went

[4:56:43 PM] Zack Knight: Also, many coments are delayed getting there

[4:56:58 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I see.

[4:57:05 PM] Zack Knight: so you may get a few Jew comments asking about the impending Nukkake


Gail reads from the letters she wrote to Brent Spiner in 2011 from her book “Brent Spiner’s Flames” which shows how Brent Spiner found freedom from Jesuit clone switch out technology when he became a born again Christian.

If you are in limbo because your clone has replaced you and you pray to Jesus and ask Him to save you, as Brent Spiner did in this video, you can escape from your limbo, because your soul will return to your body and will kick out the Jesuit clone who has replaced you! Just say the sinner’s prayer and mean it:

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