Gail Chord Schuler: Martin Luther Reformer of the Catholic Church

Gail Chord Schuler is now a Jesuit, in order to be the Martin Luther of the Catholic Church!

She joined the Jesuits and the Catholic Church to assist the true Catholic leader, Zack Knight, in his attempts to reform the Catholic Church, acting as Martin Luther tried to do for the Catholic Church. In fact, Gail has heard brain to brain that Zack Knight has removed Martin Luther’s excommunication from the Catholic Church and has made Martin Luther a saint. Zack Knight is, indeed, a new man in Christ, and both Gail and he strive to reform the Catholic Church, as Martin Luther tried to do. Martin Luther considered himself a Catholic his entire life. Martin Luther never wanted to leave the Catholic Church, he wanted to REFORM IT. Both Gail and Zack are trying to do what Martin Luther failed to do. We have a big advantage over Martin Luther, because he was a mere priest when he became “born again” and Zack Knight became “born again” while the leader of the ENTIRE Catholic Church (a position he has had for decades), so Gail believes that her reforms will take! Hallelujah! She basically led the true Pope of the Catholic Church to the true Christ.

Currently, Zack and Gail fight evil Loree McBride in court for the leadership of the Catholic Church.

LoreeMcBride.OrderoftheJesuits (2)

Loree McBride is an unqualified usurper and rebel, trying to take over the job that Zack Knight had before Zack joined Gail and her men. Loree is ultimately unqualified for the leadership of the Catholic Church, because she is a rapist, murderer, shallow, a liar, a traitor, and a theological BLOCKHEAD. All she cares about is glamour, sex and rape – SOME LEADER FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH; and every other word that comes from her mouth is violence, rape, and sexual vulgarity!

Loree is a theological blockhead because she has no interest in theology, never reads the Bible and has an utter disregard for TRUTH. SHE IS UTTERLY UNQUALIFIED AS A CATHOLIC LEADER. Zack Knight and Gail have excommunicated her for DISOBEDIENCE and for militarily attacking the true leader of the Catholic Church, who is Zack Knight. Gail has brought in theologians from Dallas Theological Seminary to assist her in the reforms she wants for the Catholic Church, to transform it into a body of Christ that honors the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Key Differences Between Catholicism and Protestantism (Dallas Theological Seminary):

Gail responds to Loree McBride Jesuit commentators underneath her video entitled “Gail Chord Schuler is now a Jesuit!”:

Gail writes Zack Knight and explains to him her rationale behind the reforms she wants for the Catholic Church:

Read this link to learn how Loree McBride REACTED to Gail’s announcement that she is a Jesuit! It was like this video:

UPDATE on April 30, 2017: Zack Knight has told Gail brain to brain that he is implementing just about everything Dallas Theological Seminary recommends for our REFORMED Catholic Church. Dallas Theological Seminary suggested that many of the changes they recommended are too drastic to be accomplished all at once, so all Catholic leaders are now required to take a course from Dallas Theological Seminary explaining the changes and how to phase them into their own church services. In the meanwhile, those church members, like Gail, who come from Protestant or Evangelical backgrounds, don’t need to change a thing about their church services unless they want to, but can still operate under the Catholic mantel. The main thing is that all the Roman Catholic Church must honor the Dallas Theological Seminary doctrinal statement along with the doctrinal statement Gail made for the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. In her doctrinal statement for the Catholic Church, she does not condemn homosexuality and believes that those who are saved are part of God’s elect, but this does not negate free will. She has some differences with Dallas Theological Seminary over the matter of eternal security, in that she believes in some cases salvation can be lost, but believes, that for the most part, those who say the sinner’s prayer are headed for heaven. Gail changed her views on these matters after one-on-one conversations with Jesus about this. Gail disagrees with the traditional Catholic view that it is necessary to honor Catholic sacraments (like the Mass) to enter heaven, that is adding works to salvation, when Jesus Christ has paid for it all by his death on the cross. Jesus basically died on the cross to free us to live righteous lives (this is almost an exact quote from Jesus Himself), so we are freed from the burden of having to pay for our own sins and can concentrate on living for Christ.

Gail talks from her heart about her experiences with Jesus Christ and why she thinks Jesus is thrilled that her church has been renamed Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits:

So how does Jesus feel about me renaming Church of Gail to Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits? He LOVES IT! Once I asked him which religion or denomination follows Him closest, he answered, “Christians have more in common than they have differences.”
Looking back, I can see he gave this answer because he knew the day would come when Zack Knight would want to embrace Protestants and Evangelicals under the REFORMED Roman Catholic umbrella. To ensure, I would be the right instrument to bring this about, he went to the trouble to expound to me his views on homosexuality and the King James Bible, so that this transition would come about as he desired. He has prepared me for this job of discipling Zack Knight, who is the Pope of the Catholic Church.
Things are all going according to plan! There will be Christians from every major Christian denomination in heaven and some Buddhists and other people, too. Jesus did let me know he approves of Buddhists, and that when they are praying to Buddha, it’s actually HIM. Ha ha. This is hard for a lot of Christians to swallow, but I am starting to understand my Lord. That is why he has chosen me for this job and is thrilled that so many Roman Catholics will have their eyes opened to His TRUTH and will come to him now, under the leadership of Zack Knight.
You may think, but how can you say Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, if Buddhists and others who are not Christians can come to him? SIMPLE. He is the way, the truth and the life, because if he never died on the cross, we’d all go to hell. But those who go to heaven are covered by His blood, regardless of what religious or philosophical mantel they may fall under.
The sinner’s prayer shows the heart attitude that is necessary for him to accept us and for him to APPLY HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS to that person, but it’s NOT THE ONLY WAY TO HIM or should I say, the only way to be covered by the blood He shed for us on the cross.
Also, Jesus looks exactly like how artists portray Jesus from The Shroud of Turin, which is a Catholic relic. So He likes what’s happening! He foresaw all this. This does not mean he’s Catholic, but he will accept anybody who has the right heart attitude. He just can’t stand the “us, them” mentality which causes wars and suffering. He’s against PRIDE.

I actually modified the sinner’s prayer a bit for Zack Knight, and tailor made it for him, knowing his heart and what I felt he needed to say to Jesus for Jesus to accept his prayer and to apply the BLOOD OF THE CROSS on Zack’s behalf. It WORKED. It’s obvious from observing Zack Knight since he said that prayer – that he is a NEW MAN.

GAIL CHORD SCHULER IS NOW A JESUIT! Church of Gail Renamed to “Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits”, Loree McBride Excommunicated as a Catholic

Gail Chord Schuler renames Church of Gail to “Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits”. Zack Knight, the true Catholic leader, endorses this at the end.


I (Gail Chord Schuler) have been Skyping with Zack Knight over this and decided the best way to handle this is to change the name of Church of Gail, which are all the church members of our Church of Gail congregation in the millions. Zack and I have agreed that the best new name for Church of Gail is the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Now that Zack Knight is on Jesus Christ’s side and on my side, that is a good name for us. We have a lot of ex-Jesuits on our side, but we still call them Jesuits. The spaceship that my men lived on before Angelina destroyed it was called the Church of Gail and that name for our destroyed spaceship remains the same. This is to help eliminate confusion. But I am  proud of what the Jesuits are now under Zack Knight and have decided to honor the Zack Knight Jesuits by calling our new church with ex-Jesuits and Church of Gail members the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. I am no longer ashamed to be associated with the Jesuits, because their true leader is now Zack Knight and Loree McBride is a disgrace to the Jesuit Order.

I propose that all Catholics vote that Loree McBride be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. I officially excommunicate her as the leader of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, but ask the Catholics all over the world to back me up. Send your vote to Zack Knight, who is the true leader of the Catholic Church at Pope Francis himself agrees with my decision, even though popes have never really had much power in the Catholic Church. The true leader has been the Jesuit leader for a long time.

Those Catholics who want to vote to excommunicate Loree McBride, just write a statement like this: “I, as a member of the Catholic Church, do, hereby excommunicate Loree McBride from the Catholic Church.” OR if you want to retain her, write a statement like this: “I, as a member of the Catholic Church, do, hereby vote to retain Loree McBride as a member of the Catholic Church.” Send your vote statement to Zack Knight at Votes will be invalid if our scanners determine extortion was used to influence a vote.

Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits are considered part of the Catholic Church now, because we honor what the Apostle Peter and Jesus Christ believe about what constitutes a true Christian, which is one who exercises love, tolerance, forgiveness and freedom and that Loree McBride and her Jesuits are a disgrace to what the Apostle Peter died for, when he was crucified upside down. I am proud to be associated with the Zack Knight Jesuits, because Zack has exercised courage, love and vision as the Jesuit leader since he has come to Jesus Christ’s side and that all those, regardless of their religious persuasion who embrace love, tolerance, forgiveness and the vastness of Christ, including those members of the Catholic Church who believe in these things from the depths of their heart are part of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. But those members of the Catholic Church who engage in warfare to try and force their religion and political persuasions on others are all excommunicated from the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits and the Catholic Church, and because the Jesuits have been the true leaders of the Catholic Church for decades now, we Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits as the true leaders of the Catholic Church have the right to redefine who we consider a Catholic. Any religion is defined by its leadership, and the true leadership of the Catholic Church today is Zack Knight and Gail Chord Schuler, and both Zack and Gail follow the real Jesus. Gail, by allowing herself to be called a Jesuit, has redefined what constitutes a Jesuit, as a group that stands for the love of Christ, tolerance, forgiveness, sexual freedom in true love and freedom of speech, the press and liberty for all.

I am not sure exactly who Babylon the Great is in Revelation 17 and 18, and it may indeed be the Catholic Church, perhaps a new Catholic Church that has been taken over by a resurrected Angelina Ballerina. But, for now, as long as I am alive, I and Zack Knight are the leaders of the Catholic Church and as its leaders, we have the right to modify the by-laws of the Catholic Church, so that we can excommunicate those who are not worthy of the Apostle Peter and Jesus Christ.

We no longer need to worry about Angelina Ballerina, because she is in hell, but after the rapture when we true Catholics are resurrected to heaven, that Jesus may allow Satan to resurrect Angelina from hell and she may then at that point take over the Catholic Church and turn it back into an evil organization at its head. That Catholic Church is not MINE, but what it is today, under Zack Knight’s leadership, is also my church, and so all who follow the Catholic Church under its true leaders, who are Zack Knight and Gail Chord Schuler, are called the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits.

Regarding the Mass, to be a Gail Chord Schuler Jesuit and a Catholic today, we will treat the Mass as the Lord wanted his Supper to be treated. If a person eating the wafer wants to see it as Christ, okay, but if they want to see it as just a symbol of Christ and not the actual Christ, that is okay, too. We won’t be killing anybody over how they interpret the Mass as the Catholic Church has done in the past. Also, I will state that priests and nuns may marry, and if they do so, they are still eligible to be priests and nuns, but they have to be faithful to their partners. Faithfulness will be defined as in the Bible, where some leaders, like King David, can have more than one spouse, but need to be faithful within God’s parameters. For instance, because King David was a very persecuted leader, God allowed him more than one spouse, but, he had to be faithful to the spouses he married and to take care of all of them and he was not allowed to cause already married persons, like Bathsheba, to commit adultery. I will say that Zack Knight and I have a pre-nuptial agreement which allows each of us more than one spouse, but, in spite of this, there are some rules and we have to only have sex that does not bring harm and that is combined with true love with those we have it with. Even though I am allowed more than one spouse, I consider myself married to Brent Spiner and he gets about 95% of my brain to brain sex, and if I do fully and legally marry him, I plan to stay physically faithful to him and to have physical sex with no other besides Brent. As to how Zack feels, I am not sure, but I believe that Zack Knight could be happy with Rule 13 alone, but now uses the sexual act (outside of 13) as a means to promote health and freedom in the world, so Jesus Christ does not oppose Zack Knight’s current use of his penis and of his sex.

Jesus created the laws of marriage to promote peace, happiness and love, and as long as we honor that and live our lives as 1 Corinthians 13 tells us to, we have violated none of God’s laws.

Loree McBride and her followers have been excommunicated from the Catholic Church, so all who follow her are no longer considered Catholics. “For anyone that wants to judge Pope Francis, I say this. Any of you Catholic Priests that have not sucked on an altar boy’s penis… Cast the first stone.”

Though we are taking a vote among Catholics in regard to Loree McBride’s ex-communication, we expect the vote to be in our favor and that the Catholic Church will vote to excommunicate Loree McBride and those who follow her. Though she calls her transponder Loree McBride’s Church of Gail, our church congregation is no longer called Church of Gail and I have nothing to do with Loree McBride and her evil. If the Catholic vote goes against us, I will let you know in a later video. But Zack Knight and I have earned the respect of our following and we expect the Catholic Church to agree with us that Loree McBride is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and needs to be excommunicated.

Zack Knight: “I’m Zack Knight, and I approve this message.”



[04/27/17 11:23:31 PM] Gail Schuler: I changed it to GAIL CHORD SCHULER IS NOW A JESUIT!

[04/27/17 11:25:16 PM] Gail Schuler: That is good because it helps me to differentiate myself from Loree, who now calls herself Church of Gail.

[04/27/17 11:25:24 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah

[04/27/17 11:25:52 PM] Gail Schuler: It also makes Loree’s excommunication more believable.

[04/27/17 11:26:14 PM] Gail Schuler: Can you tell how Loree is reacting to this?

[04/27/17 11:26:35 PM] Zack Knight: hold on, Terrace wants to answer that

[04/27/17 11:26:42 PM] Terrance Jenkins: OH MY GOODNESS GAIL

[04/27/17 11:26:50 PM] Terrance Jenkins: SHE BE SCREAMIN’ LIKE A BANSHEE

[04/27/17 11:26:57 PM] Gail Schuler: How can you tell?

[04/27/17 11:27:26 PM] Terrance Jenkins: SHE CALLED OUR FLEET TO YELL AT US

[04/27/17 11:27:42 PM] Terrance Jenkins: SCREAMIN’ HER HEAD OFF, THROWIN’ THINGS

[04/27/17 11:28:00 PM] Gail Schuler: What is our fleet doing?


[04/27/17 11:28:25 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh dear, that is not a good way to retain a following!


[04/27/17 11:28:45 PM] Terrance Jenkins: BUT SHE BE ABUSIN’ EVERYONE AROUND HER

[04/27/17 11:29:03 PM] Terrance Jenkins: NOW SHE JUST COLAPSED TO HER KNEES AND IS BAWLIN’

[04/27/17 11:29:08 PM] Terrance Jenkins: CRYIN LIKE A BABY


[04/27/17 11:31:07 PM] Terrance Jenkins:

[04/27/17 11:31:13 PM] Terrance Jenkins: IT LOOKS LIKE THOS

[04/27/17 11:31:15 PM] Terrance Jenkins: THIS

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Gabrielle Chana FOX News Interview with Donald Trump (about Julian Assange) & Bill O’Reilly (about his departure from FOX) on April 24, 2017


Zack Knight has told Gail that brain to brain is pretty accurate right now, so Gail has used brain to brain communications (using mind-reads via satellite signals) to conduct this interview.

Gail (Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent): Boy, do we have a lot to cover. Let’s stick to one issue at a time. Let me first talk to Donald Trump. Donald, why are you all of a sudden going after Julian Assange of Wikileaks and want him arrested? I thought you believed in freedom of the press!

Donald Trump: First off, I’d like to say that I have a pesky automaton who has been making press appearances and statements on my behalf. (Donald nods his head in disapproval).

Gail: I remember that Jesus once told me that Satan has created a robot of you. So you have an evil automaton who is stealing your identity in mainstream Loree McBride Jesuit news and discrediting you to the world?

Donald: Yes, it’s disgusting.

Gail: How long has this been happening? And what exactly has this automaton done?

Donald: Well, I just learned about the automaton in the past week, when he told Jeff Sessions (our attorney general) to make a public statement that I plan to try and arrest Julian Assange. As you know, Gail, Julian Assange came to my Trump rally in Ohio on November 4, 2016, the day that Angelina Ballerina kidnapped me and held me hostage until Jan. 6, 2017 on her abominable pink spaceship.

Gail: So, you approve of Julian Assange, then?

Donald: Well, let’s just say this. I neither disapprove nor approve of him, but certainly feel he’s entitled to his freedom of the press! Nobody is more outraged than I over FAKE NEWS. We definitely need some fresh voices in the news and, for this reason, Julian Assange should feel free to expose corruption as he sees it, as long as what he says is true.

Gail: I believe that Jeff Sessions stated that Julian Assange is exposing state secrets and for this reason is a security risk.

Donald: That’s a bunch of crap coming straight from the bitch from hell, Loree McBride. One thing I like about Gabrielle Chana FOX News is there’s no censorship here, so I can be more myself with my language. As long as Loree McBride runs things, there are no state secrets, she will see to that. With her mind and emotion reading technology, she exposes what she likes, when she likes. Of course, we (meaning you and me) are not allowed to do the same!

Gail: Well, the FAKE NEWS or Loree McBride’s mainstream news operates on the assumption that cloning and automaton technology does not exist and that mind and emotion reading technology is not being used everywhere, which is why you can never get the truth through mainstream news, because they won’t even report on the technology that everybody is using and that determines the truthfulness or completeness of what we hear. All we hear is that Donald Trump or Bill O’Reilly did or said this or that, but we are not told whether it is the actions of a clone, automaton or the real person. Until the world realizes that clones exist, and that mind and emotion-reading technology is rampant and so forth, we don’t have enough information to assess accurately what is really happening.

Donald: Exactly. I can tell you that it was my evil automaton who is going after Assange. I would like to put a stop to this witch hunt against free speech right now!

Gail: Couldn’t you just make a statement that you changed your mind and don’t plan to go after Assange?

Donald: That would be lying, because I didn’t change my mind, I never wanted Assange arrested in the first place! And then, if I said that, FAKE NEWS would jump all over me for being in a conspiracy with Russia, saying that’s why I want to protect Assange.

Gail: So what are you going to do about Assange and what your automaton has done?

Donald: I’m going to do what I’m doing right now. Tell the truth on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and hope that everybody is watching Gabrielle Chana FOX News. It’s 00 on cable, folks! If you aren’t watching it, you’re an idiot.

Gail: Well, not everybody gets Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Like here in my state of Florida.

Donald: That’s not true anymore, Gail. They can all get to Gabrielle Chana FOX News through your website, now.

Gail (eyes light up): Even me?

Donald: Everybody, but you. We have to protect you and right now we cannot make you appear too sane (laughs). We don’t want to make it easy for Loree McBride to target and eliminate you, like she’s done to Bill O’Reilly. There is an advantage to being “insane”. They can’t go after you for defamation, because how can an insane person distinguish between fact and fiction? (laughs)

Gail: So you choose an insane person as the vehicle with which to tell the truth to the world?

Donald: Yeah, but everybody knows you’re not crazy, so it works. And we just play the crazy game to protect you, Gail.

Gail: Okay, so let’s hope that your automaton does not actually arrest Assange.

Donald: If he does, I’ll blow him up, if I can catch him.

Gail: Why don’t you just arrest the automaton, or put out a warrant for his arrest?

Donald: What a brilliant idea! You’re hearing it now at Gabrielle Chana FOX News. I have PUT OUT A WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF MY AUTOMATON. We will make a special scanner to give to the public to scan for Loree McBride Jesuits and evil automatons, and this scanner will destroy them. Folks, contact Gail’s men at to see how to get this scanner.

Gail: One more question. How come you couldn’t stop Jeff Sessions from making that statement against Julian Assange? It got broadcast everywhere!

Donald: I tried, but it looks like next time I will have to pay him a personal visit, because he never got my message! I think my evil automaton interfered and rewrote my message to him to cause Sessions to make a public statement on my behalf against Assange that I did not make!

Gail: Jesuits are a handful! Well, let’s hope getting this story out will help you in your relations with Julian Assange.

Donald: Assange knows the truth, but he has to play the game a bit so as not to look like a Russian pawn. As you know Loree McBride hates Assange and blames him for the fact that her puppet Hillary Clinton did not win.

Gail: Okay, let’s move onto Bill O’Reilly. Bill, why are you no longer at mainstream FOX News? I hear you still work for FOX at Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

Bill O’Reilly: Yes, I still work at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable), but I had to quit my job at FOX because they ordered me to lie and admit guilt with these women who claimed I harassed and raped them, so that the lawsuits would stop.

Gail: That makes no sense. If you admitted guilt, it would only cause more false accusers to appear, because they would learn that lies pay off financially.

Bill O’Reilly: Well, they at FOX told me that if I admitted guilt, it might cause my clone to stop all his crimes. These women had video evidence of my clone’s harassment against them, and so I paid them off to not show these videos, but, that only encouraged more “victims” to come forward. I think Loree McBride Jesuits have at least fifty clones of me out there and they are horrible men. Both FOX and I got so overwhelmed with all the damage my clones were causing, it took away from the time I needed to be a good news broadcaster. I didn’t have time to research, to interview and do the things a good news correspondent has to do to report the news balanced, fair and with integrity. So, just to give myself more time, I had to quit FOX News. Now I can devote myself one hundred percent to journalism.

Gail: But we no longer hear your voice at mainstream FOX News. And I miss you there.

Bill: Yes, I am sorry about that, but the clone situation was really getting out of hand.

Gail: Couldn’t we just give you a Jesuit scanner and you could execute all these clones?

Bill: Jesuit clones are mostly operating from deep space right now, so the scanners don’t work. The only thing that works is your Gail Shield. Loree McBride has been broadcasting her fake news from deep space and uses her clone versions of the Internet to make sure her lies get propagated down here on earth. It has been like dealing with an avalanche of lies. It was just too overwhelming; I had to quit mainstream FOX News. She even makes movies of the Bill O’Reilly clones having sex with her Jesuit agents and then broadcasts that on fake news for the entire world to see. I have been going bankrupt to pay off all these agents, so they won’t show these movies. Finally, I told myself, I had better ways to spend my time! I will not allow Loree McBride to inundate me with her agenda, so that I have no time to be a real journalist.

Gail: So, it’s true what I’ve heard, that you actually quit FOX News voluntarily, and that you weren’t fired.

Bill: Yes, it’s true, but I told them to say I was fired, so that FOX could get a break and not have to deal with all these movies Loree has made of my clone having sex and raping Loree McBride’s agents.

Gail: So rapes and abuse have occurred at FOX News?

Bill: Well, actually it’s all a charade. Loree McBride has been making movies of her clone female agents (who are clones of women I have worked with in the past) having sex with or being raped by one of Loree’s hundreds of Bill O’Reilly clones. A more accurate description of what is happening is that people are watching movies of actors playing a scene and that, in actuality, what people are seeing is not actual rape, but a performance of a rape, in that the performers are willingly and knowingly involved in it as a performance to assist Loree McBride to destroy and discredit her enemies.

Gail: So she gets away with this, because Jesuits have successfully kept the widespread existence of clones a secret from the fake or mainstream news.

Bill: Exactly. I detest rape, Gail.

Gail: I have heard that your wife, whom you have divorced, is backing up the allegations of these women who claim you have harassed and abused them like a bully.

Bill: Oh, that is such a complicated mess, Gail! My wife was murdered and replaced with a Jesuit clone and that clone has been unfaithful to me. However, I have not been going after her lover and harassing her lover, who is alleged to be a police officer, as Jesuit News has reported. I just accepted the fact that my real wife has died, and my sole obsession now is to protect my children as much as I can from the evil clone wife.

Gail: I hear your wife got custody of your children, because of all these rumors of you being abusive and a bully.

Bill: Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore, because my children are old enough now to live on their own.

Gail: But aren’t your children teenagers? They still need your guidance and leadership.

Bill: Well, we are allowing the news to report that I lost custody, but I actually have custody in a round-about way. My children all live aboard Zack Knight’s space fleet and the evil clone of my wife is not allowed on Zack Knight’s space fleet, so it really doesn’t matter if she has custody, because she really does not have custody. That’s just another lie, because how can my wife have custody when she is dead? My wife’s clone is a wanted criminal because you are the American Empress and you have mandated that Loree McBride Jesuits, and that’s what that evil clone of my wife is, must be executed. Hurrah for you, Gail!

Gail: So your wife is dead. How did you feel when you found out?

Bill: I found out in 2010, when my wife started not acting like herself and when I learned of her affair with the police officer. Because I wanted both my wife’s clone and her lover arrested as Jesuits, Loree McBride’s news network is trying to portray me as some sort of narcissist, who is going after my wife and her lover in a rage of jealousy. I am doing this to protect my children from their now evil mother, who is a very bad influence. Bottom line: I love my kids and want them protected from these evil Jesuits. Last thing I need is to learn that they, too, have been murdered and replaced with clones. Loree McBride would love to do this to me.

Gail: She certainly would. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Bill: Thank you, Gail. Get this story out. The world needs to know the truth, and hopefully you can get a gift subscription to my podcast at my website. If not, Jesus will take care of everything and make sure you get what he wants you to have.

Gail: Yes, I made time for this interview because Zack Knight said this story needed to go out.

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Zack Knight sees Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama in the 2017 “Lion King” remake movie

From Zack Knight’s April 23, 2017 Twitter:

“Just watched The Lion King and realized what it’s really about. It’s about Obama-scar encouraging Mexican-hyenas to cross the border of the pride lands illegally and consume its resources, steal all the jobs, and destroy the kingdom’s economy. The rightful ruler of the pride lands (Trump) spent his whole life believing that he was somehow responsible for his father’s demise, when it was really due to Obama-scar murdering his father, which is business owners that Obama killed symbolically due to his government regulations and love for illegal Mexicans who take all our jobs. So Trump-simba spent a lot of his life hiding away with freeloading lefty-marxists who wanted to exploit his ability to earn money in support of their Hakuna-Matata lifestyles. But when Trump-simba realized what Obama-scar did he immediately returned to the pride lands to claim his rightful place as king. But he had to fight Obama-scar, who had been bugging his phones in an attempt to gather damaging information that he could use against him to help Hillary-hyena win. The plot failed, and Obama-scar and Hillary-hyena quickly realized you just can’t stop the Trump-simba-train. So Trump-simba took back the pride lands which Obama-scar left him in very poor condition, and full of Mexicans. But he purged the kingdom of all the Mexicans despite concerns that he had been given assistance by the Russians. In the end, Trump-simba Made the Pride Lands Great Again.”

Gail Chord Schuler’s Health Background

Gail has a B.S. degree in Community Health Education from Florida State University (graduated cum laude in 1979). She has another B.S. degree in Humanities (missions & education) from Baptist University of America (graduated in 1983). As a writer, she studied under award-winning children’s writer Jim Murphy through The Institute of Children’s Literature (graduated in 1993). Gail makes no money from this page. It is for informational and motivational purposes only. Nothing here is meant to replace the advice of a physician.

For anyone trying to lose weight, infected with the SUPER YEAST or who deals with food allergies related to yeast allergy, multiple chemical sensitivities & salicylate intolerance, Gail wishes you THE BEST! This page has been created to assist all of us who struggle with weight gain and allergies & have a missionary’s income and don’t have time for fancy diets or time for elaborate exercise programs. Gail has some Weight Loss Recipes for different body types. Gail sews her own clothes and cuts her own hair, too. Those who are bewildered and overwhelmed with food allergies or the super yeast and need some guidance are welcome to contact Gail’s men (many of whom are physicians) at or They may be able to set you up an appointment with a physician in your area or have you beam aboard Church of Gail for some help. Gail once had a serious food allergy problem which has been cured with Seroquel. But Gail understands the frustration of trying to find the right diet and regimen.

Brent Spiner is a graduate of U.C.L.A. medical school and a great physician and often advises Gail about medicine. 
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How to Find Video & Playlist Embed Codes with New YouTube (April 12, 2017)

How to find video & playlist embed codes with NEW YouTube (April 12, 2017):

I just wanted to share with you what I’ve learned about the new YouTube. To get the embed code for a playlist, you have to open up the video you are watching of the playlist and then do a RIGHT click on the video and choose “copy embed code”. The playlist embed code you get will open up at the video that you right clicked on. Next, paste the embed code wherever you want. If you want the embed code for the particular video you are viewing (but NOT for the playlist of which it is a part), you click on share in the lower right of the video (when you are viewing it) and then click on embed.

With classic YouTube, you had the option to choose among several sizes you wanted for your embed code. But it’s an easy matter to change the size. You just change the width and the height right there in the embed code. It appears YouTube is making it so you have to be somewhat computer savvy to understand how to deal with their embed codes now.

Personal opinion: I liked the old You Tube better. This is NOT an improvement!

Now when you click on your icon in the upper right (after you’ve signed into Google) and the list of options appears below it, and you request to restore classic YouTube, it ignores you now and won’t give you back classic YouTube! So you’re forced to work with the new YouTube whether you like it or not.

Another way to get the embed code for a playlist (and this only works if YOU ARE THE PLAYLIST CREATOR), is to sign into Google, then go to YouTube, then in the upper right, go to Settings, and/or then go to Creator Studio, then go to your playlists on the left side. Click on the title to your playlist, THEN CLICK ON EDIT, and then get your embed code.

I’ve noticed that sometimes when you click on your icon in YouTube’s upper right, you can’t get Creator Studio unless you click on Settings first! GO FIGURE.

It appears YouTube is making you work more to get the embed code! Basically, if you aren’t a computer nerd, you will probably assume that it is impossible to get the embed code and GIVE UP. YouTube really needs to UPDATE their instruction page about embed codes, because the information on it is INACCURATE.

It was very frustrating for me until I figured this out, and I even searched online and found NOTHING. So I created this to help out others who need this information.

Wherever you paste the embed code in your website is where the video will be embedded in the site. With some website hosters, like WordPress, all you need is the video’s URL, but when all else fails the embed code usually works.


Gabrielle Chana FOX News Interviews Organized by Person Interviewed

THIS IS A NEWS ARCHIVE FOR 2016 (Click on links below):


Bill O’ Reilly Congratulates Gail Chord Schuler as a Gabrielle Chana FOX News Correspondent


December 20, 2016

Gail, they just released our stats for our slot times on Fox, and I’m surprised your viewership has been going higher and higher. Just a message our CEO wanted to get to you: Gail Chord Schuler, congratulations on setting a new record on Fox on channel 00! I admit we were doing an experiment to see how well you would do, and we finally agreed with everyone on our board to push your slot at 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. for the full 3 hours. Also as a reminder to you and Zack Knight we are nominating you for Best Public News Broadcaster at this years Nobel Peace Prize for 2017! We look forward to increasing our viewership and Congratulations again Gail!

From yours truly,

Bill O’ Reilly, CEO of FOX Rupert Murdoch, and Fox Family

UPDATE ON APRIL 21, 2017: Wow! Loree McBride Jesuits think they have scored a victory, because Bill O’Reilly is no longer at FOX News, or more correctly at mainstream FOX News. I hear brain to brain that he remains at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) channel though! So, world, if you want to see Bill O’Reilly, you can catch him at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). I hear he is actually the one who decided to leave FOX News, because he wants to devote all his time to true journalism, which he can do at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Also, you can get tidbits of the real news at my Gabrielle Chana FOX News site at I will keep his endorsement of me as a FOX News broadcaster up at my website there. I am certain that the real Bill O’Reilly has a Jesuit clone who is causing problems for him and he decided to chuck that clone once and for all and just work for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel where what that clone does is exposed! I hear that Greta Van Susteren also works at Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Looks like Gabrielle Chana FOX News will be the news powerhouse of the 21st century! Go, Gabrielle Chana FOX News!

Alex  Jones comments about Bill O’Reilly’s exit from FOX News, and calls Bill O’Reilly a bully, but blames the hypocritical globalist establishment for Bill’s exit from FOX. Alex Jones cannot tell the whole truth, even though he is better than most, because, unlike me, he is considered sane and a celebrity. If he was as honest as I am, Loree McBride Jesuits could take him totally down. So he fails to distinguish between Bill O’Reilly and the actions of Bill’s clone, and probably relies on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) to fill in the blanks. 

Update on April 22, 2017:

O’Reilly will probably somewhat curtail his public appearances, because I heard brain to brain Loree McBride Jesuits want him dead and want to totally replace him with his evil clone. But my Gail Shield is helping to protect him.

It appears Loree McBride’s primary and most successful strategy against her enemies is to bankrupt them, which is why Zack Knight has created a clone version of the Internet that works through my website ( to out maneuver her and her evil Jesuits. Loree uses clone versions of the Internet to withdraw money from people’s banks (by suing them and claiming she won the lawsuit) which gives her the right to take money out of her enemy’s bank accounts. She has been doing this to O’Reilly using her evil clone versions of the Internet to accomplish the theft. Her attempts to kill O’Reilly got so bad, he had to withdraw from mainstream public viewing. He’s pretty secure at Gabrielle Chana FOX News and living on Zack Knight’s Jesuit space fleet. And thanks to my website, which is how Zack is creating his clone versions of the Internet (through my website) that are empowered by the power of my Gail Shield, many people are finding a secure way to use the Web for their finances and to protect themselves from Loree’s specialty (which is identity theft).

Zack is countering Loree by creating his own clone versions of the Internet that work through my website. After I got WiFi, Zack was able to use my WiFi to increase the power of my Gail Shield, so that now people can go to my website (using their smart phones and tablets as well as through their regular computers) and through my website go to Google and surf the Web safely on Zack Knight’s clone versions of the Internet (that work OUTSIDE the Loree McBride clone versions of the Internet). Currently, if you surf the Web outside of my website, you are probably surfing on Loree McBride’s clone versions of the Internet (which are full of lies). Because of my Gail Shield, I can surf on Loree’s clone versions of the Internet, and as long as I only spend money on food and bills and don’t order stuff online, except through my Patreon fan, my financial transactions are protected by the Gail Shield and Zack has connected most of the sites I visit to his clone versions of the Internet that work through my website.

Bottom line is that the mainstream Web today is controlled by Loree McBride and to get to Zack Knight’s version of the Web (the only version of the Web that is safe against identity theft and that is not controlled by the lying, murderer Loree McBride), you mainly have to go through my website ( For those who have any questions about this, write my men at, or just watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable).

Zack has also given all members of Church of Gail and all who work at FOX News a Jesuit scanner that executes dangerous Jesuits, to help them stay alive as they go about their daily activities on earth.

If Loree McBride Jesuits can take down O’Reilly, they can take down ANYONE. Fortunately, Jesus is using me, my website and my online presence to preserve freedom of speech, religion and the press in the world, and Bill O’Reilly sails on at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). I hear he’s making more money there than he ever did at the mainstream FOX News. Unfortunately, I don’t get the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, so I miss O’Reilly on the main FOX News, but I’m happy that he’s still reporting at Gabrielle Chana FOX News.



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Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler in the 1990s

For more about this with all the shows that I talk about on this page, go to my Brent Spiner & Gail in Film & TV. Also, visit the site OVERWHELMING CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE FROM STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION THAT BRENT SPINER & GAIL CHORD SCHULER HAD A RELATIONSHIP.

The PASSWORD for the video below is Texas Manliness.

Gail Chord Schuler photo, taken in 1991 (not a very good photo, but it shows my heart). When this photo was taken, I was in the throes of Brent Spiner’s debut album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. . .you can see my love for Brent in my face.  “Time After Time” from Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back was the first song I heard when I plopped Brent’s tape into my tape player in June 1991.  It’s also my favorite song from his Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.  “Long, long time” shows that I, and not Loree McBride, reign over his heart. 
Gail Schuler 1991

I first started writing Brent around Sept. 1989, about once a month, where I’d share some of my life with him and I had my address and phone at the top. I told him if he needed to talk to anyone to feel free to call, never expecting him to do so. I was sharing some of my deepest thoughts and philosophies about life with him, what I REALLY BELIEVED, not what I was SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE. Because I could not be myself with my husband, I chose Brent to be my soul mate pen friend. I told him everything, even my “mental illness”, knowing for sure that by telling him this, he would NEVER be romantically interested in me! So I thought. I did that on purpose to ensure my correspondence with him remained platonic. I just needed a man in my life who would be MY FRIEND, because my husband was not MY FRIEND or someone I could be totally myself with, and who I could share some thoughts and feelings that may not be accepted in the Christian community I hung around with.

I assured him I was his friend and nothing more or nothing less. What was interesting, is that about a month after I first started writing him, I would get a call where I’d pick up the phone and say, “Hello?” and whoever was at the other end just said NOTHING. I would then say, “Hello?” and there would be silence on the other end. So because the person did not say anything, I just hung up. I remember reflecting on that and thinking, “Was that Brent Spiner?” because I knew I had given him my phone number. This happened around once a month from August 1989 onwards until about May 1991, when that silent person on the other end starting talking to me.

In a letter dated August 13, 1990, Richard Arnold (Star Trek Research Consultant) wrote:  “The last time I spoke with Brent, he was certain he had sent you an autographed photo.”  In a March 11, 1990 letter to me Richard wrote:  “I hope that you will eventually receive an answer from Brent, as he is usually very good about answering his mail.”  I’d sent my first letter to Brent in September 1989.  Sept. 9, 1990, Richard wrote:  “Also, by now you should have some sort of response from Brent, as the person who is handling his mail told me that it is almost caught up . . .”  I think perhaps Brent did mail me an autographed photo, but the Jesuits caused either my husband or someone at the Post Office to sabotage it so I never received it.  Sept. 1990, at my new Saga Bay apartment, I received a letter (typed–on plain, white paper) in a white (#10) envelope (with no return address) with an Atlanta postmark (with a regular postage stamp). The letter had a yellow forwarding address label slapped onto it, that indicated the Post Office had forwarded it from my previous Cutler Ridge, Florida address.  Brent wrote. . .

August 1990
Dear Ms. Schuler (Gail Chord Schuler),
I apologize for the lateness of this reply, but due to my schedule on Star Trek: The Next Generation and off, I’m behind on my mail.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.  They were read with appreciation.
Thank you for your comments about my portrayal of Data.  They were read with interest.
I hope you continue to watch and enjoy the show.

Brent Spiner (he signed his first and last name)

I replied with the following letter (while I lived at Miami, Florida). I put my phone number at the top of the letter .

Mrs. Gail Schuler
8540 S.W. 212th St., #202
Miami, FL 33189-3393
(305) 232-6083

September, 1990

Dear Brent:

I don’t feel that I have adequately thanked you for taking the time from your busy schedule to write a personal letter to me. I was quite shocked to get a letter from you, but now that I am over the shock — I’ve decided to express my gratitude in song. I promise you that I am not singing you any gushy love songs. I’m just singing some Christian hymns. There are about 7 songs on the tape and there are some pauses in between. After my singing I just filled up the tape with some music by Handel and Bach. I don’t care if you listen to this or not. I know you’re busy. Every now and then I get in the mood for music like that, but the music I most enjoy is music sung from the heart (even if there are mistakes in it).

Sometimes I wonder if these “professional” musicians really mean what they sing. I hope you’ll have time to listen. Maybe you could just stick it in your car’s cassette deck. We have one in our car. Be patient with my piano playing and my singing. It is difficult for me to sing along with my piano playing as (you will notice) that my playing is not the greatest. I’ve only had a year and a half of piano lessons, but I’ve been practicing a lot on my own. My piano could use a good tuning, also. People say they love to hear me sing. I used to sing in choirs, did solos (I never volunteered — I get stagefright — the choir directors of the churches would beg me to do it). In fact, I was once a member of a church of about 1,000 people. When the choir director asked me to do solos, I flat refused. I just couldn’t handle singing alone in front of all those people. I have also sung in the chorus for Handel’s Messiah in my high school chorus — that was a long time ago, and I’ve sung in the background for some professional operas at the Miami Beach auditorium. I think I’ve most enjoyed singing for the Handel’s Messiah. Of course, I am my own worst critic, but I hope you will like my singing as well as every one else says they like it. I’ve had very little formal voice training. This is mostly impromptu singing — so you’ll notice a lot of mistakes. I just hope the message of the songs will come across despite my human frailties. I just sing from my heart. God bless you and you are in my prayers daily. Give my regards to Richard Arnold, if you remember. And if you think my singing is any good let him listen. I’d like for him to hear it, also. I think you guys are the greatest!


I signed my name

Mrs. Gail Schuler
8540 S.W. 212th St., #202
Miami, FL 33189-3393
(305) 232-6083

December 15, 1990

Dear Brent:

We just found out where we will be in around 4 months. We are going to Seattle! I’m thrilled! Seattle is a beautiful city and I would prefer it over San Francisco or Long Beach. I have been to all three places. Even if we did get stationed in Long Beach, that would not increase my chances of meeting you, because I’m sure you try to hide like a hermit from your crazy fans. Any ways, we prayed that we would be stationed where it was God’s will for us to be, and He chose Seattle.

I just want to let you know that even if you did send me a form letter, I am still very pleased to have heard from you. With all the mail you get that may be the only way you can respond, and just because you use a form letter does not mean that you were not sincere in what you said. I choose to believe that you were sincere. I was wrong when I said that it would make my day and month to hear from you. I’m still thrilled that I heard from you and it has been 3 1/2 months. The reason why, is because you responded with a letter. A letter is much more flattering to me than an autograph picture (in character).

I have an out of character picture of you, but I promise you I would never try to make a buck out of it. I will respect your desire for privacy and just keep it to myself. With my experience with the H.R.S., I sympathize with anyone who desires privacy. On Monday through Friday, I ever know if the H.R.S. is going to show up at my door. Can you imagine what it must be like to wonder every day if someone will be coming over to your own home to INSPECT you and your child and see if you meet with their approval? While they’re at it, they’ll be inspecting your home, also. You can’t ever relax and be yourself. You feel like the house has to look and smell respectable at all times. It’s awful! A wild three year old running around does not make housekeeping an easy matter. He’s been having a lot of accidents lately! I can’t wait to leave Florida!

I don’t think you could have worded your reply any better than you did. You must have put a lot of thought into it. If you didn’t, it sure appears that way. I told Richard I would faint if I heard from you. Well, I didn’t faint, I was in a state of disbelief for about 3 days. After hearing from you, I believe that maybe not all Hollywood celebrities are as bad as I’ve been told. Personally, I feel that the average Hollywood actor stinks. I look at those men and wonder what American women see in them. It isn’t that they are ugly, they just don’t have any character. I never dreamed I would end up writing a Hollywood actor, but I fell in love with Data and decided to look you up. Later, I began to figure out that you were not like Data and decided to treat you as a fellow human being.

From what I’ve heard about you, you are very similar to my husband (though no two people are alike). You see to have a similar temperament. I think if you and my husband ever got together you would get along great (as long as my husband could quit feeling insecure about the fact that you make more money then he does). He’s so worried that I’ll run off with some rich man and leave him. He’s crazy. My mother married a rich man and he left her with two kids to support. She had a very hard time. He spent all his money on boats and didn’t pay the bills. He had a lot of money, but he couldn’t manage it. My husband may not be rich, but he managed money pretty well.

I’ve learned from my mother that you don’t marry for money, you marry for true love (which is totally different from infatuation). Good grief, I don’t even know you well enough to love you. I just find you interesting and I care about you because God has laid you on my heart. It’s obvious that you understand where I am coming from, by your reply. Your reply was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. If your reply had been romantic, I would have been sorely disappointed in you because I am a married woman. I don’t respect adultery. If your reply had been an autograph picture, I would have been glad; but it wouldn’t have impressed me particularly. But to send such a kind, sensitive reply as you did; and with such tact and gentlemanliness, was so much more than I thought you were capable of! I am impressed, indeed.

Brent, I believe God can use you, and I hope He does. Your character may not be on the level of my husband’s now, but with God’s help, you may get there. My husband isn’t perfect, but he has high standards compared to most men. And when you do get there, God may just reward you with a great life’s companion — like I have found. Psalm 37:4-5 “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

It is wonderful to be married to someone who knows all about you and has seen you at your absolute worst and still loves you any ways. I feel comfortable with my husband. He loves me for what I really am (of course my faults do get on his nerves and his on mine, but as long as we’re on this sin cursed planet things won’t be perfect); but, I know God gave me my husband because only someone God gave to me, would put up with me. One thing bad about marriage is you realize just how bad you really are. You lose all illusions you may have had about yourself. Thank God for a patient husband. He is God’s gift to me. He is a treasure!! And I think you would make a marvelous friend.


Gail Schuler (I signed my name)

Melody Rondeau mailed me Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back in June 1991 as soon as Brent released it. I did not plan to buy it. . .

I played Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back on June 26, 1991 in my apartment at Seattle, Washington. My husband heard it and made some snide comments about Brent as a womanizer, so I never let my husband hear me listen to it again after that.

But the words from four songs in particular, let me know that Brent made that album for me.


Whether you are here or yonder,
Whether you are false or true
Whether you remain or wander,
I’m growing fonder of you
Even though your friends forsake you,
Even though you don’t succeed
Wouldn’t I be glad to take you, 
Give you the break you need

More than you know, more than you know
Girl of my heart, I love you so
Lately I find you’re on my mind
More than you know

Whether you’re right, whether you’re wrong
Girl of my heart, I’ll string along
You need me so
Much more than you’ll ever know (ever know) 
Loving you the way that I do 
There’s nothing I can do about it 
Loving may be all you can give 
But baby I can’t live without it
Oh, how I’d cry, oh, how I’d cry
If you got tired and said “Good-bye”

More than I’d show
More than you’d ever know


Kiss me once…and kiss me twice
Then kiss me once again
It’s been a long, long time
Haven’t felt like this, my dear
Since can’t remember when
It’s been a long, long time

You’ll never know how many dreams
I’ve dreamed about you
Or just how empty they all seemed without you
So kiss me once, then kiss me twice
Then kiss me once again
It’s been a long, long time

Oh, kiss me once…and kiss me twice
Then kiss me once again
It’s been a long… long time
I haven’t felt like this my dear
Since I don’t remember when
It’s been a long….oh long time

You’ll never know how many dreams
I’ve dreamed about you
Or how empty they all seem without you
So kiss me once…and kiss me twice
And kiss me once again
It’s been a long…long time

WHEN I FALL IN LOVE (this song shows that Brent had not won the girl and was wooing her):

When I fall in love
It will be forever
Or I’ll never fall in love

In a restless world
Like this is
Love is ended before it’s begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart
It will be completely
Or I’ll never give my heart

And the moment I can feel that
You feel that way too (I feel that way too)
Is when I’ll fall in love (I fall in love)
With you

When I fall in love
It will be forever
Or I’ll never fall in love
Oh I’ll never never fall in love

In a restless world
Like this is
Love is ended before it’s begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart
It will be completely
Or I’ll never give (I’ll never give) my heart
(Oh I’ll never give my heart)

And the moment I can feel that
You feel that way too
Is when I’ll fall in love
When I fall in love
When I fall in love with you

This song really hit a nerve with me, because it showed that Brent understood that I took marriage very seriously. He probably figured this out, because what I wrote in my letters hinted that my husband did not love me, because I had such low self-esteem (that leaked itself into my writings). And my husband caused me to conclude that I was a bad person and that only his tolerance of my failings made the marriage work. I would like to say that with Brent I never feel like I’m a bad person. He treats me with sensitivity and respect always. Brent could tell I was in a lot of denial about the true state of my marriage.


Good night sweetheart, till we meet tomorrow
Good night sweetheart, sleep will banish sorrow
Tears and parting may make us forlorn
But with the dawn, a new day is born (so I’ll say)
Good night sweetheart, tho’ I’m not beside you
Good night sweetheart, still my love will guide you
Dreams enfold you, in each one I’ll hold you
Good night sweetheart, good night
Good night sweetheart, till we meet tomorrow
Good night sweetheart, sleep will banish sorrow
Tears and parting may make us forlorn
But with the dawn, a new day is born
(so I’ll say) Good night sweetheart, tho’ I’m not beside you
Good night sweetheart, still my love will guide you
Dreams enfold you, in each one I’ll hold you
Good night sweetheart, good night

I heard him sing with longing and from the depths of his soul that he felt so lucky that I chose to run to him in the evening when my day was through, to write him letters of my dreams and thoughts to him. . . I always wrote him letters of deep friendship in the evening. About this time I realized that, “ Oh my God, that man who called me and said, ‘I want to rape you,’ is Brent Spiner.”. The voice and longings of this singer, matched the voice and longings of my mystery caller. The sensitivity and intelligence in the voice sounded like the voice of the lover that I never thought I could have. . .and that I wanted more than anything in the world. He sang that the passing years would show how I kept his love so young and so new.

These words he sung hinted to me that his feelings were permanent, that he contemplated marriage. This star that I’ve written deep friendship letters about once a week has fallen in love with me? A month after I wrote him a letter, he fought for me, so that for the first time, Frontline and Dan Rather’s 48 Hours covered the side of parents like me, who suffered from government oppressors. With “The Drumhead, Part One” & “The Drumhead, Part Two”, he let me know he fought for me. This man who had the courage to expose the child abuse industry for me, loves me? And he said, “passing years will show?” Is he trying to say he wants to marry me?

I suspected Brent made his music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back to respond to my tape, because he made it right after I sent him my tape.

This tape of my singing, with wrong notes and a hoarse voice, but with a passionate and courageous soul, so stirred him, that now he wanted to marry me.

I’ve never had a man love me like this. I could bask in this for the rest of my life. . . I looked out the window of my first floor Lynnwood apartment and the stillness and peace of Douglas Firs and the majesty of the Cascades floated in my heart. Happiness floated from our tall window. From the window, the stillness of the leaves from the firs and their branches lurched towards me. Birds trilled and chirped from branch to branch, that alighted and jumped onto the green vastness of the grass from our yard into my heart. . .He sings that I’ve kept his love so young and so new. . .and that he’s so lucky to be loving me. . . My God, he loves me! He said, “the passing years will show . .” Oh, and my family is hearing this? How I wish I hadn’t played this now! I never knew a man could sing to me like this . . .or love me like this. . . He sings that he lives in a day dream, that he’s happy as a king, and that I’m every thing to him. . . He not only loves me. . .he adores me. . . How could this be? It’s a dream. .. No, it’s not a dream. . .it’s real. Brent Spiner worships the ground I walk on. Why do I have to be married now?

As I listened to his singing, my thoughts and feelings revealed the beginnings of a deep and committed love.

He loves me for all the reasons I want a man to love me. . .for my womanly qualities, my character, my sweetness. How I wish I could be with him and love him the way he wants me to love him. . .He loves me how I’ve wanted to be loved my entire life. I must make a way for Brent and I to have a special friendship. . .and maybe somehow. . . maybe somehow? Will God kill me for this? His heart’s in the clouds, but I know I’m a good woman and I’ll never break his heart.

He won’t regret that he’s fallen for me. . . even if I can’t be his lover, I’ll be the best friend he’s ever had. . .I’ll make it so that he won’t feel he’s missing too much just because I can’t give him my body.

But . . how I wish I could give him my body. It would be heavenly to be loved like this. . .and how I long to comfort him for all his denial and patience with me, because I’m so proud of who he is. He sings that he’s growing fonder of me, and that even if my friends forsake me, he won’t. . . Yes, he’s singing about me, and I never told him how I’ve been betrayed over and over in my life, but he cares so much for me, he figured it out. And he’s “growing fonder of me”. This means with every letter I’ve written him, his love for me has grown. Yes, it’s true, that I haven’t been able to succeed in anything that matters to me. . .that he wants to give me the break I need.

How could he know all this about me unless he’s delved into my inner soul? He’s scoured every letter I wrote him and every tape I sent him. He just loves me for who I am, even if “I don’t succeed.” I don’t have to impress him, he’s already impressed. I feel I could float on this love forever. Oh Lord, why didn’t you give me a love like this before I married! He sings he wants to give me the break I need. I think this guy is proposing marriage to me! Could it be true? Brent Spiner wants to marry me?

You mean he’s thinking of marriage or a lifelong friendship? Am I that unusual a woman that I’ve made this much of an impression on this man’s heart? I thought I was just an ordinary woman. Why do I feel so free and light? As if my heart floats in nether reaches, as if my soul dances in the heavens and bounces from star to star? As if I’ve been released from prison and I’ve experience spiritual renewals with passions and longings? My heart glows as the sun, and joy and peace water my sanctuaries, and rivers burst within me and surge out new courses and darkness retreats before light, so that all is light and sun and happiness and I see blossoms and flowers and trees and gardens. My heart waltzes blossoms and flowers, and my heart reigns as the sun. I think of him and who he is as a person and how he adores me as I am (with no changes). . .my heart floats with the stars and wanders through mountaintops with dreamers.

The impossible lies within my grasp. I can be all he wants me to be, something within me has awakened, he calls to the greatness within me and stirs it to wake up. My hidden sanctuaries awaken, they arise, they reach out, they shout for existence, they awaken to greatness. These sanctuaries become the sun, to an awakening –to traverse mountains, to firebrand hell with heavenly longings–and . . .these feelings, this oneness will lead us . . .to sanctuaries. . . to God.

Perhaps I’m not ordinary. . .Marriage with this guy seems too good to be true. But the way he sings. . .he worships the ground I walk on. Imagine all the fan mail he gets and somehow, someway I’ve reached into his heart (above all the zillions of women who’ve contacted him) and he adores me enough to worship the ground I walk on?

Perhaps marriage is what he has in mind? Well, if it’s true love, it will last, and I’m going to have to make him wait, and even though I think I’d want him for a husband. I must know whether his heart has the greatness I perceive, has the greatness to revive my sanctuaries to the heights. . .to reach for the sun. I must know if these feelings are real and will last for years and years or if they will wither as the grass under the scorches and deserts of despairs and longings.

How I wish I didn’t have to test Brent, but I don’t want God to kill me.

I can’t allow these feelings to break up my marriage if they will fade with time, if they become a passing fancy, because I must never take marriage lightly and I must marry for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer and forever– or God will punish me for dishonoring His Song of Solomon–for God honors constancy and commitment over thrills and mountaintops. I know what everyone will think if I encourage Brent’s friendship, but I perceive something great in this man and in this love, something that could change destinies, that could change history. . .though I’m not sure why I feel this way, but feelings like this deserve respect and notice.

No, Brent won’t take advantage of me. Not a man who can bring out in me this greatness of soul.

But if I went to bed with him now, how would God feel? I want him more than anything in the world. Why do I have to be married now?

A love like this is so awesome, so beautiful, so honorable–it doesn’t make sense at all that God allowed this to happen to me, when I asked God to break up any relationship that wasn’t His will, when I asked God to only let me marry in His will.

Why has God allowed me to marry a man who does not love me and who could never love me like Brent loves me, when Brent loves me like he does now?

But I’ll find a way to love Brent, there has to be a way. God will do a miracle for us, because God is a God of greatness and of great loves that make the stars glow. Brent sings that he loves me more than I know. So he’s loved me in the secret sanctuaries of his heart, and he hasn’t told me, but he hopes I figure it out. He sings that I need him more than I’ll ever know. . And there’s nothing he can do about it? Oh yes, there is. . .because I’ve figured out that he worships the ground I walk on and I will make a way for him to love me in a way that God will honor. If loving is all I can give him, he can’t live without it. He’ll just take my letters to him, if that’s all I can give him. How I wish I could give him more than this. I’ll make it up to him somehow that I can’t give him my body. . .Oh, how he’d cry, if I got tired and said goodbye, more than I’d ever know. . .

He wants me to keep writing him. He doesn’t want me to leave. I’m going to love this man, even if it kills me. Now that I know, how he feels about me. . .I adore him. . .I feel I could die for him. . .because he’s taken the trouble to read my heart and soul, to delve into my depths and to understand me, even more than I understand myself. He sings that I’m sweet and embraceable and irreplaceable, that my charms bring out the gypsy in him, that he wants his arms around me, for me to come to him and allow him to embrace me, that I mustn’t be a naughty baby, but come to him, my papa, my protector. . .that I’m sweet and embraceable. . . How I wish he would embrace me. . . that I could embrace him. I adore this man and it’s immoral for me to have him?

But I’ll have him somehow, I’ll find a way! He says it’s a sin to lie, that he means all he sings, that he’s not playing games with my heart, that he’s committed to me. . .he loves me, and if I break his heart, he’ll die. . .that millions of hearts have been broken, just because people say, “I love you.” That he’s not lying when he says it. He’ll never regret that he’s fallen for me, because I adore him and I won’t ever break his heart.

I can’t believe he created this music for me. I’m so honored, so moved to sublimity, my heart’s every crevice feels soothed and relished. What depth and sensitivity this man has and how he’s read my heart and soul. . .he feels toward me exactly as I’d want him to feel, exactly as I’d want any man to feel for me. Why do I feel a sublimity, an inner joy that begins to infuse every cell within me? I feel so light and free . . so sublime.

Why does my heart feel so light, as if it could trip through life’s valleys? Why do I feel that my life has a brightness it’s never had before, that I am fulfilled. . . completed . . .infused? He wants to kiss me once and kiss me twice and kiss me again and again and the way he sings it, he sounds just like that mystery man with the tenor voice like velvet who longs for me on the phone. So it’s been a long, long time, and he hasn’t felt like this since he can’t remember when, it’s been a long long time. He must have fallen in love with me over a year ago!

How patient he’s been with me when he hasn’t received any encouragement from me at all for romance. How much time and effort he put into this album. His devotion and patience with me awes me. These feelings will last. . .forever and ever. . . So I’ll never know how many dreams he’s dreamed about me or just how empty his dreams seem without me. And he dreams that he’s kissed me once and kissed me twice and kissed me again and again.

Oh, that longing in his voice on the phone. Yes, this is how he’s felt the past year. I know it. I can tell.

He’s felt for me like this for at least a year and kept it all to himself? I love how he relishes every word to thrill me with his moves and his words. How he talks to me, like a velvet river. . . and the way he breathes into the phone to express his desires toward me. I love his passion. . .directness. I feel so sleek and sexy . . . so womanly and beautiful. How I’d love to thrill him with my body and with my moves. . . so patient with his passions. . .so longsuffering and patient. . .so unlike my husband. . .

Yes, that voice on the phone is Brent and he wants to let me know that he dreams about loving me throughout his day and that he’s dreamed of me for a long, long time. He made this album and is “feeling the waters” because he can’t believe how he feels in his heart, and these feelings won’t leave. . .he didn’t decide yesterday to call me and talk to me with that voice that yearns for me. . . he loved me over a year ago. . .it must be. . . he’s pondered this over and over in his mind for over a year. . . he couldn’t take it any more. . . he had to speak. . .

I know my mystery caller is Brent . . .that tone of voice on my phone, that soul . . .it’s the same as this music, this voice. . .

Brent’s that same voice that called me on my phone and said, “I want to rape you,” with tenderness and longing. It’s Brent Spiner who yearns for me with that voice. All I do now is dream about loving him all day long and night. Oh God, why won’t you let me have this man? Why do I have to be married? Why does a love this awesome have to be immoral? There has to be a way to make this love moral, because I’ve never felt like this before, with feelings from depths that brighten all the caverns of my heart. Depths have surfaced, they float and merge with the yearnings in that voice. . that voice that reaches its fingers into my soul and lifts me from darkness. . .

So it’s been a long long time and I’ll never know how many dreams he’s dreamed about me or just how empty they all seem without me. So he wants me to kiss him over and over again, and it’s been a long, long time. And yet his feelings are light and free, like a butterfly that flitters through Carolina in the morning. . .Nothing could be sweeter than when he meets me in the morning. He wants to stroll with me early in the morning, and all through the day and laugh and joke with me, as his companion of charm and beauty.

He told me on the phone that I was gorgeous and how he longs for me with his velvet tenor voice. What class he has. These songs are so nice, so clean, so wholesome. This music is of a lasting love, of a love that will stand the test of time. This man has Southern class. I love the Texas in him. He’s a gentleman and manly in the way he loves a woman. I love this music. To love him, would be to make love like a soothing and mesmerizing crescendo, where our every move would have feelings, depths. . . sensitivities. How I adore his unabashed courage of expression, in how he glories in revealing every crescendo of his heart and desires towards me, how he expresses himself to me as if every stroke must have caring, tenderness and longings. . and must have passions, dreams and abandonments. How he bares his heart toward me with his velvet voice, with his tenderness of expression, with the moves I sense from his heart . . .of moves and thrills in bed.

I want now to thrill him with every move of my body, to honor him for the feelings and passions he’s brought me in this music, to honor how he adores all the crevices of my heart. I’ve found such sublimity, such inner fulfillment, such peace and happiness. With him, I don’t need to prove myself, I am loved for every crevice of my soul. How I long for oneness with him. to be one with him in soul and a friend for life. . . When I sent him that photo of me in my red church dress, he thinks I look like a princess. . .that’s why he breathed to me on the phone so softly and with such tenderness. Sometimes it seems he’s lazy and doesn’t seem to care, but that he really loves me and always will. . .that he’d hurt me, when I didn’t seem to hear from him, and that when I was in trouble, he turned away, but he that loves me and always will. . .

Why do I believe him? Why do I feel like I’ve found a love that will last forever and will bring me to heights in loving I never dreamed possible? And from a Hollywood star? And me, just a woman who introduced myself to him through his fan mail? How miraculous. How unbelievable. . .he loved me the first time he saw me. . .Did he fall in love with me because of that photo I sent him, where I wore the red dress with my husband and son? I looked womanly and submissive in that photo. So, it’s not a glamour queen he craves, he longs for softness, for womanliness. . .. he has honor and chivalry, because this is what a real man yearns for in his woman. This is solid, lasting, perhaps marriage lasting. . . But I’ve shown him a manly side of me, and he loves it. I’ve been courageous and daring, he loves all the crevices of my soul.

My soul flows with freedom into his arms, with no illusions, no pretenses. How free I feel. How he differs from the stereotype of the Hollywood actor. All I want in a man, and understandsevery crevice of my heart and loves me exactly as I am. My dream lover and I can’t have him.

Oh God, my heart is broken, but You must make a way for me to honor this miracle that has happened to me, this sublimity within me will find a way. I can’t give him my body, but I’ll give him everything I can, that God will allow me to give. What I’ll give him will be better than my body. I’ll love him with words. . .there has to be a way. . .why do I feel as if my life is transformed? As if I’m renewed from within, and I’ve reached an epoch from which I can never return? My eyes and spirit bring sunshine to him, I bring a melody to his heart. I make him want to sing. I put his heart into rhapsody. . .

And when he falls in love, it will be forever. . .or he’ll never fall in love. . .and when he knows I feel the same, he will feel the same. . .he’ll adore me forever and ever. He honors commitment as much as I do. When he gives his heart, it will be completely, or he’ll never give his heart. . . At night he dreams of me in his bed and sings goodnight sweetheart, till we meet tomorrow. Tears and parting may make us forlorn, and he longs to be beside me in his bed, but he kisses me and dreams about me in his sleep, though I’m not beside him, he longs for me. So he’s singing me to bed and his voice sways with tenderness, “goodnight sweetheart” he whispers to me That’s the same voice, with the same soothing and longing that I hear on my phone. He dreams about me on his bed, when he goes to sleep. Why do I feel as if he’s with me in my bed? And why is my heart so free, so stirred, as if I could soar the mountains?

Yes, he sung this for me–because I’m not beside him, and he soars into oneness with me. For a year . . .or longer. . .he has dreamed about making love to me. Now I know and I can make love to him with words, but sadly–not my body. But my words can reach his heart, can relieve his isolation over how he feels, because I love him. I’ll find a way. . .to satisfy his longings for me because I love him like I never dreamed I could love. I never knew love like this could be had on earth. This awesome feeling. This miracle. God has a plan, and yet I’ll need courage to follow this star. . .because of my husband. . .and my son. . .I can’t dishonor God. ..there will be a way to love Brent with honor and God’s smile. I couldn’t bear to lose God’s presence in my life. . .Yet, I couldn’t bear to lose the presence of Brent, now that I’ve found such sublimity. . .I never knew I could love like this. His love will guide me as dreams enfold me, in each one he holds me, just like he holds me in his dreams when he talks to me on the phone.

INTIMACY (1991 to 1993)

Within a few weeks after I arrived in Seattle, in May 1991, I received a phone call from a tenor voiced man with a voice like velvet, who had a real longing for me. He whispered to me on my phone, “I want to rape you.”

I hung up on him.

He immediately called back and let the phone ring about three times.

I didn’t answer. After three rings, the phone was silent.

I thought, “This criminal has some manners. He quit after three rings.”

Perhaps some “nut” at Paramount studios got my letters to Brent. I freaked out. I had just moved to Washington state.

This caller sounded like he knew me. I knew it wasn’t any one in Washington state. It had to be someone at Paramount. I went to the library to study handwriting analysis to analyze Brent and Richard Arnold’s handwriting, because Richard and I had sort of become pen pals.

I decided to check out and read almost two entire books from the Lynnwood public library (part of the Snohomish County library system) about handwriting analysis to try to determine which criminal dared to call me on my phone and say, “I want to rape you.”

After I read these library books, I decided I needed to own a book about handwriting analysis for reference, and went to a bookstore at the Alderwood Mall (Lynnwood, Washington) and bought a paperback book about handwriting analysis. I lost this book, with all the books I couldn’t afford to move from Seattle in 2001.

Richard’s signature indicated an evasive person, not what he appeared to be, and Brent’s had an “A” slant, straight up and down, that indicated a man who controlled his emotions with his head–in other words, the kind of person who would not panic in an emergency. I wrote Melody Rondeau (editor of Data Entries) and shared with her the insights I learned from Brent’s handwriting. Melody found it fascinating.

Brent had strong arcades (arches) in his signature that indicated protective qualities, that he nurtured and protected people. The flow of his writing and the pressure indicated he was capable of strong feelings and commitment, and that he had sophistication and depth to his thinking. Nothing in his signature indicated a criminal mind.

Richard’s signature was what graphologists (handwriting analysts) call a thread. A thread indicates problems and evasiveness. Brent’s legible handwriting indicated a more honest and forthright person, and that he had energy and health. But I only had signatures and signatures only showed how the person presented themselves to the public and not the real person, so I still hadn’t a clue over who my mystery caller was.

To analyze accurately the true persona you must see the handwriting of the person in their regular text (and I had neither of these from Richard or Brent). A signature only indicates how the person wants the world to see them.

I wrote Richard and indicated I had received phone calls that seemed to originate from Paramount. Richard wrote me back to say he could no longer write me and that I wouldn’t hear from him anymore, that I apparently took his letters far too seriously. I decided I’d horribly offended him, and realized he could not be my mystery caller. I enjoyed my correspondence with him and realized that by bringing up these phone calls, I’d scared him off. Upset I lost my friend, I cried, just because I mentioned these mysterious phone calls to him.

My mystery caller called back right about this time (when I cried over the loss of my correspondence with Richard), and said in a calm, caring voice, “How are you?”

“Who’s this?” I said. Then he quietly hung up.

At this time, I felt lost, as if I drifted in a wide sea without a compass, and felt that somehow my new friendships with these forbidden Hollywood people would steer me in the direction of light and love. I felt I needed to explore forbidden vistas, that this would lead me on a journey to find myself. My letters of friendship to Richard and Brent were part of this exploration. So when Richard cut me off, I felt my journey had been extinguished, that I was doomed forever to meander in confusion and darkness.

My mind and emotions withered into darkness and confusion.

Right about this time (June 1991) I went out to my apartment’s mailbox and saw a yellow stuffed envelope from Melody Rondeau (the editor of Data Entries–a Brent Spiner fanzine). Melody and I had become pen friends because we both shared a Christian faith. Inside this yellow stuffed envelope, Melody mailed me a cassette tape of Brent’s new debut album, that I’d read about in Data Entries. I never planned to buy his album because I figured a Star Trek star could sing nothing that would interest me. I expected it to be rock music (that I didn’t care for).

Because Melody mailed Brent’s new album to me (June 1991), I brought it into my little two bedroom apartment and plucked it into my family’s tape recorder (a stereo system with speakers, so that it resonated throughout our apartment).

I listened to the music and realized that the velvet voice with longings on my phone was Brent. Brent adored me just as I was and saw me as beautiful, charming, gorgeous, and an angel (all the things my mother told me I could never be). All my fears that a man could never love the real me vanished as I listened to Brent, as he sung of his love for me –my life would never be the same. All my fears that a man could never love my brilliance, courage and pioneer spirit, vanished.

I never wrote Richard again. Brent eclipsed him. Brent towered over Richard as a person, because Brent with courage bared his heart to me on the phone, at the risk of his reputation and career–something I knew Richard would never do. Brent cared enough to read my heart and soul. When I insinuated to Richard that he could be my mystery caller, he fled from me like a specter. A man, like Richard, so fragile in his commitment to me, would always run from me at danger, and I cried no more tears over him.

Brent’s daring and courage, even if he neglected to say his real name on the phone, awed me. He became my sun. Brent showed me I could be brilliant, courageous and pioneering and still charming, beautiful and gorgeous–because Brent obviously thought me gorgeous and charming even after I revealed to him all my passion, courage, brilliance and innovation! More than once, Brent, with velvet tenderness and caresses in his voice, called me “gorgeous”. My heart glowed and the fire from the glow inflamed it with desire.

I must protect my brave new lover, and must tell no one that he called me and said, “I want to rape you.” So I dropped the subject about my mystery caller to all who dealt with me — to protect Brent.

~ May 7, 1991 — I moved to Seattle, and received a phone call and the man said, “I want to rape you.” It was a high-pitched, soothing and sensitive voice. The man’s voice pined for me, but I hung up on him. He called back right away and the phone rang three times and then stopped.

I suspected the caller was from Paramount studios (because our phone was unlisted) and the Paramount people I’d been writing to seemed the only likely sources. This man sounded like he knew me. I was writing both Brent Spiner and Richard Arnold at this time.

~ May 25, 1991 — The phone rang.

I said, “Hello.”

“Hi. How are you?” he said.

I said, “Who’s this?”

He hung up. I recognized the voice. It was high-pitched, soothing, sensitive.

~ June 7, 1991 — My friend Melody Rondeau (also a Brent Spiner fan) mailed me a tape of the music album Brent just released. When I listened to it, I immediately recognized Brent’s voice as the voice of my mystery caller and in some of the songs, it seemed he sang to me. It was an album of love songs. I wrote Brent a letter and told him I figured out he was my mystery caller. I told him I adored him, but it was against my moral standards to have sex.

~ June 10, 1991 he called.

“Can I come over?” he asked.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” His voice pined for me — very kind, sensitive, disappointed and soft spoken.

“It wouldn’t be right.”

He hung up.

After he spoke to me, all I did was dream about sex with him all day long. I adored him and told him so. I wrote him every day, but never encouraged him with sex. I told him we must be friends. I sent him videotapes of myself fully dressed and he became my sun. I shared my whole life with him. I hid all this from my husband. I told no one about Brent’s calls to me, especially the intimate stuff. I viciously protected him. I wrote him letters every day. He’d call with wrong numbers and all sorts of things. He definitely let me know he loved hearing from me. His calls to me averaged three or more times a week. I wrote him letters, he read them, and let my phone ring to acknowledge that.

Over the next decade, to my family and most people, I remained mum about Brent–not a word.

Over the next decade the few people (outside of Brent’s friends) who had a clue that Brent called me and said, “I want to rape you,” were Lesleigh Jacobs, around 1992, (a Christian lady who walked with God from my Lynnwood church) and a social worker, July 1993, (this turned out to be a big mistake–see my 1993 chapter).

After the social worker, I became even more mum about Brent.

This frustration, that I couldn’t talk about what had consumed my days and transformed my life (from 1991 and onwards) fueled me to become a writer, to express this sublimity onto the page. This frustration, this desire to share what happened to me, became my novel Silver Skies.

But I never told anyone (until these memoirs) that Brent said to me on the phone, “I want to rape you”, and I only told very few that he talked to me.

The only reason I mention that he said, “I want to rape you,” in these memoirs, is because here I can explain it properly. I understood Brent, but I knew most people would not, so when he said to me, “I want to rape you,” I told no one. I loved him too much to allow the world to tarnish his reputation when I felt his courage and transparency did not deserve this. I had too much honor to dishonor one that had a heart as large as the ocean. My feelings for Brent, that meant more to me than my life, made it that I spoke not a word about what he said to anyone, because nothing, absolutely nothing, must remove his friendship from my life. I felt I’d die for him.

The next day I wrote Brent a letter and let him know that I knew he was my mystery caller. I wrote him that I heard his music album, and believed I was the inspiration for his love songs, and that I adored him.

The next day, after I mailed Brent this letter, my phone rang off the hook, and he asked several times later in June whether he could come over.

“Can I come over?” he’d whispered to me.

“No, I don’t think so.”

With obvious disappointment. “Why not?”

“Because it wouldn’t be right.”

“Why don’t you pull down your panties. . .I can kiss your nipples. . .” Then he’d quietly hang up.

My devotion to God forced me to turn down his offers.

Several times (when I was by myself) Brent called in the wee hours of the morning (2 to 5 a.m.) and woke me up. I picked up the phone, “Hello?”

With his soft voice, full of feeling, he said, “How are you?”

“You know. . “ I rubbed my eyes, still trying to wake up. “You woke me up.”

With real feeling, he said, “I’m sorry.” A pause. “But I just like to fantasize about you. Can I come over?”

“I don’t think so.”

He then breathed into the phone and I heard his breath. Then he’d softly hang up.

The Russian/Japanese side of me saw only beauty in the way Brent loved me. So when he said, “I want to rape you,” I saw in Brent, not a rapist, but a man whose love came from the depths of his heart and who expressed these feelings in his fantasies about me from his bed. I shut off the church-going voices within me that screamed that Brent was a rapist and listened to the beauty of his tone in how he said it and his soft breath into my phone as he yearned for me. My genes took over, and the Japanese/Russian woman in me saw him as a man who expressed his love for me with beauty, sublimity and passion.

But, when it happened, I handled it bravely, I just had a problem with my conscience that I couldn’t resolve. You might say, “If you were so brave, why didn’t you just go off and marry him?”

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the courage. It wasn’t that I was scared of Brent, I was scared of God. I was afraid God would kill me.

You have to understand my background. I devoted my life to God. I was willing to go to the mission field. There were times in my twenties that I asked God to kill me if I would sin against Him. I asked God to kill me so that my mother would be saved. That’s what kind of a Christian I was.

I was a very devout Christian, totally dedicated to God, when I sacrificed and went to the Christian university and turned down an opportunity to become an Air Force officer, I didn’t have any money. I went by faith. I was afraid I’d end up starving to death at that school. I did have one day that I only had a chicken drumstick because I didn’t have money for food, but God took care of me.

I learned to take it one day at a time. But I wasn’t sure I’d live from one day to the next. I remember I was on that Delta Air Lines flight from Miami to Atlanta, and I had packed my bags that night. I was kind of scared on that plane. I thought, “Am I crazy? I turned down a chance to be an Air Force officer. I go against my family. I only have about thirty bucks in my purse. I don’t even have money for tuition at this school. Then God tells me to go on this plane and go up and trust Him”.

So I went. And I was a little scared. I thought maybe I was nuts or something. But I had no doubt that God spoke to me. See, you have to understand that I’m a Christian who came from a background like that. . .and then I was hit with the temptation of my life, with Brent.

I knew God was real. Because I’d had experience in prayer with God. I saw Him miraculously answer prayer for me when I went to that Christian university. I knew He was real and I feared Him.

Coming from a background like that, it wasn’t easy for me to sin with Brent Spiner. Yet I loved Brent, and I didn’t think that was a sin. So it was like a delicate balancing act for me. I wanted to love him and I felt like he needed my encouragement, but yet at the same time I didn’t want the love to tread over into the sin territory. I wanted to make sure I kept my power in prayer, because that’s something I always had and that I treasured.

I didn’t want to lose it.

You may say, why did you keep it secret from everybody? I really didn’t tell anybody. I opened up a little bit to a woman at church. I was very, very good about keeping my mouth shut.

I was in love with Brent. I was afraid that if people knew that he had called me and said he wanted to rape me on the phone, that he would get in trouble. I could tell that he was too big a man, too great a person–that he wouldn’t deserve the unfair criticism that he would get. Because I knew Americans had a lot of sexual hang-ups, so I viciously tried to protect him. That’s why I kept my mouth shut and I never told anybody the whole truth about how extensive Brent and I were communicating, or how much I was communicating with him.

My motive for keeping quiet was to protect him, because I loved him. I loved him enough to die for him. I kept my mouth shut because I knew that if word got out, that it would not be good for him. Because I was a married woman. It just did not look good.

I saw something in him that I knew the rest of the world wouldn’t see, except his close friends who know him. So that’s why I didn’t tell anybody. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of him. I was afraid that he would be hurt, that he would be misunderstood and I could tell there was something big and great about him, something very courageous and generous, and I viciously protected him. I sensed something really great about that man. He was the type of man who would risk misunderstanding, to be great in secret and to take public scorn. I could tell he was like that.

In public Brent didn’t seem to care what kind of impression he made, but in private he was great. He never, ever treated me with the slightest hint of disrespect. In all of his dealings with me, he was the utmost in sensitivity, and always very kind and tender, and extremely generous, and I felt a man like that deserved my vicious protection, and that’s what he got.

I made the choice that I was going to stand behind Brent Spiner, even if it meant my reputation went down the drain. Because I wasn’t concerned about my reputation, I was more concerned about my character, about who I really was. It got me into some trouble.

I knew that Brent was not a bad person. That the actions and the risks that he took with me, where he made himself emotionally vulnerable, that if I was a bad woman, that I could have ruined him. But–I had too much love in my heart. . .and, maybe I had enough greatness in me, that I could not betray somebody that I thought was great. I didn’t judge him to be great because of the fact that he was famous, or because he was a big star. I saw some inner qualities of generosity. . .courage. . .of a willingness to sacrifice. . .a humanitarian heart. I realized that he was often misunderstood by the public, because he often did what he felt was right, even if it meant being scorned and misunderstood. I respected him for that. That’s why I stuck by him so viciously.

I knew that my Christian friends would think that I stood by him because I was enamored with his fame and his fortune. But in my heart, I knew that God knew my heart, and that God understood that it wasn’t his fame and his fortune I was in love with.

Many times I went to God in prayer and I said, “God, one of the biggest reasons I haven’t gone to this man is because he is famous. And if I marry him it’s going to make you look bad. Everybody’s going to think I dumped my poor husband for this rich celebrity. I love this man because of who he is, because of his generosity, his courage, his compassion, his humanitarian heart. I sense greatness in him. It just aggravates me that because he’s famous, because he’s rich, that I know if I go to him that it would bring disgrace to your name, and I claim to be a Christian. I wish you would make a way for me to go to him, so I wouldn’t have to bring shame to your name in the process.” I prayed to God about this all the time. “I love this man so much, that even if he didn’t have any money, and he decided to go to the mission field, I’d go to the mission field with him. That’s the kind of a man I’d want to go to the mission field with, not the one I’ve got now, because with a man like that, I know I’d have a strong marriage.”

I played Brent’s music every day (usually in my car) from June 1991 until June 26, 1996 (when I learned about the girlfriend), because it made me feel his presence in my life and it stirred my heart to climb mountains and to write with resonance, beauty and truth– to honor this awesome love that had come into my life.

The Sutera twins returned to our church for follow-up revival in October 1991. During that time it seemed to me that again God did not condemn me for my feelings toward Brent Spiner, but, in fact, praised me for the time I invested into this man and for the love that I poured into his life. It was as if He reinforced all that He said to me during the previous Sutera revival in May 1991, and that because I truly loved Brent, it was okay–that it’s never a sin to love, but that it is a sin to be proud. In fact, God seemed to encourage me to love Brent and to be his friend, and I found that during the services when I prayed for the services, the Holy Spirit’s presence immediately increased in the services and the people in the services began to move in accordance with the Holy Spirit. To my amazement, God answered all my prayers for the services and I got answers to these prayers within five minutes. For instance, I would pray, “God, please move in this service and allow Your love to penetrate hearts so that we can honor Your great name in this service and show that love wins over all, and that you honor great lovers who strive to love with courage, truth and greatness, and who want to climb the mountaintops as lovers, and that great love on this earth is the most important thing of all. Hold back the forces of hell, and honor the prayers of this sinner who dreams all day of loving Brent Spiner.” And then, all of a sudden, about ten people would leave their pews and head toward the altars with tears streaming down their face. I, the dirty adulterous sinner, could see God move in response to my prayers–this astonished me, and I perceived that God honored the virtue of a great and generous love above the sinfulness of my adulterous longings. I could not understand how I, such a sensual sinner (who dreamed of making love to Brent all day long), could bring about such powerful answers to prayer during this revival service, where I definitely sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit of God–because I did not feel particularly clean and holy to adore a Hollywood star who called me with yearning and said, “I want to rape you” and “I can kiss your nipples”.

Yet, I sensed that underneath Brent’s sensual approach me to was a deep and committed love and I knew this, God would honor. I knew that I adored Brent so much I was willing to risk my life and reputation to protect and honor him. But perhaps, I feared, this meant I put Brent first before God? Would God condemn me, perhaps not for adultery, but for the sin of idolatry? Yet I got no sense that God felt my love for Brent was idolatry, because I had turned Brent down when he propositioned me. However, these immediate answers to my prayers during this powerful revival service confirmed to me that I needed to love Brent exactly as God instructed me during these services. It was as if God told me that because my love and humility were far greater than my pride, He’d use me greatly (in spite of my sin of mental adultery with Brent). However, God warned me that I must not commit adultery with Brent, and if I honored this, He might make a way for Brent and myself. I shared with Brent some of what God revealed to me during these Sutera revival services.

It was at the Sutera revival (Isaiah 57:15) that God showed me that the greatest quality a Christian can have is humility. Brent had humility. He was more concerned about being the genuine article than in appearing to be that way.

That’s why I so viciously defended him, because I respected him for that. Because, in private with me, he was always the utmost in finesse and sensitivity and he was more concerned with giving me emotional support when I was in trouble than he was in his own reputation.

I felt like I’d die for that guy. I didn’t know there was such a guy on this planet. I thought how ironic that this man who gives me such incredible emotional support is world famous, probably a millionaire, probably not a Christian. Yet when it came to emotional support and sensitivity and just being a kind, caring, generous and loving human being–he made all the men I had until him, look sick.

What was even more ironic is Brent didn’t have to give me emotional support. I didn’t promise him marriage. The only thing I could give him was my companionship through letters, tapes and videos. I didn’t promise him sex. I didn’t give him any money. The only thing I could offer him was my companionship through writing, through words.

He didn’t give me any money. The only thing he could offer me was emotional support and a good listening and ready ear.

But I found what really mattered to me were the things the world never noticed. . .the time to smell a flower, to notice the beauty of a sunset or a sunrise. He taught me to slow down and smell the flowers, to enjoy the beauty of life, to express it with my art, to meditate and think on why I’m here on this planet, what my purpose is. . .for living.

I began to feel that my friendship with Brent was some sort of spiritual mission, urged on by a great, powerful and supernatural love from on high. It was this feeling that inspired me to begin my novel Silver Skies in 1994.

I shared all my life with Brent after June 1991, and believe I may have mailed him (in 1991) Jack Chick’s comic books and writings that exposed the Roman Catholic Church’s goal to set up a worldwide dictatorship for the Pope. I don’t know if he received these, because the Jesuits may have sabotaged some of my letters to Brent. Because I mailed to Brent the writings of Jack Chick, is it any wonder that the Jesuits wanted to sabotage my love for Brent Spiner?

When Brent came into my life, I looked past his Hollywood background and fell in love with the person of Brent Spiner, not his Hollywood stardom. In spite of Hollywood, I loved him, unlike the cute blonde, who only loved Brent because of his Hollywood affiliations. The only good thing about his Hollywood background to me, was that I knew he had enough money to support me as his wife. I felt even if he never achieved the stardom of the great stars, he’d always have enough income for me as his wife, because I knew I could make a dollar stretch. I thought even if he left Hollywood, he could put this money into savings and live off the interest. I didn’t need his millions and if I got them, I wouldn’t abuse them. I determined that if Brent ever helped me financially, I’d use the money to support him and to develop my talents and honor his great love for me.

I ended up doing this without his money, because the Jesuits made sure I never got any significant financial help from Brent.

I only yearned for a great love in my life, and found it ironically with a Hollywood celebrity–something I never expected. But I needed a guy whose feelings for me were permanent, because I knew couldn’t support myself because of my health problems and I wasn’t trained in any field that would accommodate my health problems. I told myself that I needed a man to take care of me until, and if, I could somehow gain financial independence.

But, Brent was sensitive and made enough money to survive. Brent spoke to me on the phone with an artistry and sensitivity that no man I’d had before could come close to. I began to feel that perhaps in a field, like the arts, that appreciated a sensitive and artistic temperament, I would flourish.

I had been taught growing up, that artists couldn’t make it in life, that they all lived on the streets. Yet Brent made it, and was the epitome of sensitivity. I often wondered how he retained such goodness of heart in Hollywood. Somehow Brent made it in Hollywood and never lost a pureness or nobility in his heart, never lost the ability to love another human being from the depths of his soul. So I dreamed of being a writer or musician, and thanked Brent inwardly for giving me the courage to appreciate (and not disdain) my artistic temperament, for giving me the courage to be a great lover.

In the early 1990s, when Brent infused my soul by pouring his heart into my life, and as I sought to prepare myself to be this great artist’s wife, I trained myself to be a writer, and found great fulfillment in this training. Writing became a catharsis for me, a way to healing, a way to discover who I really am. I knew I had writing talent.

Now to honor the love of the great and courageous artist, Brent Spiner, who loved me–I determined that as his significant other, I could complement him and help him with his career if I harnessed my writing talent, let it grow, until I wrote my masterpieces, until I wrote like the writers I admired: Charles Dickens or Leo Tolstoy. Yes, I would write something like this to honor my great lover: Brent Spiner.

I knew, like Brent, I had an artist’s soul.

How I admired Brent for his courage and tenacity to honor his artist’s soul and I determined to do the same. So I enrolled in The Institute for Children’s Literature in December 1991 and began my quest to become a great writer, to write something so awesome, to honor this awesome and sensitive lover that had miraculously entered my life.

I wanted to honor Brent for making me realize, that my sensitivity was a strength, not a weakness, that I should nourish it and use it to write a great work of art. How I loved Brent for showing me that my awareness of my feelings and sensitivities were not weaknesses, but assets that could flow into my writings. Now I’d harness and nourish my sensitivities to create a monument to describe how Brent had transformed me and how he’d given me the courage to honor every crevice and undulation of my heart, mind and soul.

So I created a work to allow my heart to reveal all its crevices and crannies, and this work became Silver Skies. I played Silver Skies‘s theme song Apple Blossom Time (by Jewish “Tin Pan Alley” composer Albert Von Tilzer) on my piano, while I (1993 to 1996) imagined Brent as my Silver Skies‘s lead Dor Ben Habakkuk.

When Brent said to me, “I want to rape you,” I saw past his words and sensed the longing and sensitivity in his voice, that mirrored his soul. . .and I adored him, because he relished the sexual experience as his way to have oneness with me, not to rape me against my will, but to rape me to thrill me with the oneness he already felt with my soul and mind. He longed to rape me with thrills and crescendos in the bedroom, and risked his reputation to thrill and cherish me with words. This transparency of his, his desire to thrill me with words of unabashed courage and sensitivity,thrilled me, so that I dreamed of making love to him all day long throughout most of 1991. I recall the words Brent spoke to me at times (in 1991 and rarely in 1992) with a voice like velvet and with yearnings that thrilled me to my core.

His voice, soft and full of yearnings. “Can I come over?”

I paused. . .”No. . .I don’t think so. . .”

With great disappointment. “Why not?”

“Because it wouldn’t be right.”

“You’re gorgeous. .” A soft breath into the phone. .”Let me pull down your panties. ..kiss your nipples. . .” Then the soft click of the phone as he hung up.

How I wanted him to come over. Never did a man turn me on like he did. After he hung up, I spent half the day in my bed, imagining myself in his arms and lost myself in my fantasy lover land. It seemed a sin to imagine anyone but Brent as my lover, and in my imaginations and fantasies I only dreamed of Brent. I scorned all other men I met, none of them could tread onto the sanctuary of my heart for Brent. He towered above them all. I wrote him to tell him how I admired his manliness and greatness. His manliness and greatness made me want to devour him in bed. In all my fantasies, Brent became my hero and I the woman who used my body to fuel him to greater heights as a man. I dreamed of the day I could use my body to nurture his manliness, to fuel him to the heights as a man to make him even more of a hero than he already was.

All other men came nowhere near Brent and regretted I’d married, because I knew that if my husband knew about my love for Brent it would hurt him, and I didn’t want to hurt my husband, but I yearned to have Brent.

My marriage became more and more constricting, so that I felt like I always walked a tightrope, and had to walk on glass not to incur anger.

I wanted my husband gone, because then I could be Brent’s long distance lover without hindrances.

But with Brent, I yearned to make love to him all day long, to express how I adored his manliness and his greatness. I’d cry into my pillow (especially before I became a writer and had no venue of expression). It seemed the only fit way to let him know my feelings for him was with my body and this God denied me.

How I cried into my pillow at night and kissed it passionately (1991 through 1993) to comfort Brent as if his face and lips were the pillow. I sensed his yearnings for me and longed to meet his needs, not just with words, but with body and soul. How I dreamed of making love to Brent. How I dreamed of my Matlock Island (The Thornbirds) with Brent. Like Ralph and Meggie from The Thornbirds, our love was forbidden. Yet it longed to explode into fiery passion, into tenderness and longings, into dreams of oneness and yearnings to soothe and caress our lover, to nurture and fuel our lover with the fire in our bones that wouldn’t die, that needed to stream into the other, to give strength and beauty to our hearts, with a stream that would flow over our island and spread over the vast sea around us, unhindered, unmolested, to flow upward, upward, and upward and over and around us and fly over the sea in currents of joy, jumping over the waves, swirling and swirling toward the skies, and down to the warm sea breezes. Our Matlock Island had no winter storms, no icy barriers, just warm breezes, warm caresses, unhindered, unmolested breezes, jumping with passion and joy, fueling each other with fire and dreams, traipsing unhindered through our hearts, a warm fire where our hearts could rest, and swarm away from the mainland where the clatter and shatter of business, of money, of making a living, of expectations, of rituals, of performances, of religion, of self-delusions, of condemnations, of guilt, of fears of dangers, blowing away, rising higher and higher above our fears, above the world, above the clamor. The mainland a memory shrinking smaller and smaller, so that only streaming love endured and flourished. The mainland a delusion.The only reality the stream in our hearts, with streams and breezes flowing over and above vastness, with feelings so vast, that they shimmer with the sea expanding with the horizon, a horizon looming larger and larger –we join and fuse into that horizon, vast, unhindered, free, free, free. Mingling, flowing, growing into the horizon. Higher and higher, breezes warm with passions and longings, dreams and desires, loving and nurturing, fueling our hearts with fire and dreams. Forbidden me by God, I yearned for him every minute of the day. It killed me to turn him down. Half my days in 1991, I lay in my bed and dreamed of making love to him. The passion I felt for him never died (until June 1996, when I read about the girlfriend). I decided to channel my energies into my writings, because it frustrated me too much that I couldn’t have him in my bed. I studied to become a writer, to make love to him with words, with words so brilliant they’d compensate for the lack of my physical presence in his life. In all my activities throughout the day and in all my thoughts and dreams–he was there.

Brent’s every move and word toward me gushed with feeling and passion. He thrilled me to my core. He’d flaunt the rules, would risk his reputation, if he could thrill me as he spoke–so I adored him.

Sometimes he called me and just talked to me. Though he always kept the calls short.

With calmness and some trembling he’d ask, “How are you?”

“It must be hard for you to call me like this. . .I know it takes guts for you to call me like this. . .”

“It isn’t easy for me. . .but I can fantasize about you. . .” He’d breath into my phone with softness and I’d feel caressed. “You’re so gorgeous. . .so beautiful. . .why don’t you pull down your panties. . .” I heard the soft click of the phone as he hung up.

I then rushed to my computer and composed him a letter and mailed it to him and let him know how I adored him, but that I could not go to bed with him, but that I adored him, and I bared my soul and dreams and longings to him. How often I cried into my pillow and kissed it with every ounce of feeling in me, and he became the pillow. How frustrated I was that this elegant and committed love that had come into my life was not permitted me by God. How angry I felt at God in 1991. How I mourned for Brent that I couldn’t thrill and comfort him in bed with my body when I knew his longings for me matched mine. I longed to give him my warmth and body more than anything in the world. The only thing I didn’t tell him was that I wanted to marry him more than anything in the world.

How could I make it up to him that I couldn’t marry him and give him my body? This tore my heart.

But he may have sensed this, or maybe he didn’t, because I’m sure he thought it amazing that I could feel for him as I did and still turn him down as a lover. So I became his lover-friend and risked all to comfort and love him with words, because I knew God could forgive me for this type of adultery.

More concerned about God’s opinion as I handled Brent than anybody else’s opinion, I felt it my spiritual duty to encourage his love for me, but felt I must do it in a manner that wouldn’t promote physical adultery and often prayed to God for wisdom, because I perceived that Brent was part of God’s plan for my life. So I mailed him sheets and sheets and risked my reputation to love him with words on the page and bared my soul to him and shared all my thoughts, philosophies, and goals with him. To him, I bared all my forbidden thoughts, every little thing I thought or dreamed about.


Then, in September 1992, my phone became silent for three weeks, including my birthday (unusual for Brent). On my birthday (September 15, 1991), Brent rang my phone off the hook. It seemed, in September 1992, Brent had just mysteriously disappeared from my life. Devastated, because I’d bared my heart and soul to him since May 1991, I thought my arms and legs had been cut off. I went to God in prayer and begged God to give me strength to go on. I thought I’d die.

Through my consciousness, recollections return . . . I drove on the freeway (September 1992) with tears streaming down my face (I couldn’t stop crying as I drove). No one would understand my depression, because I kept my friendship with Brent a big secret. I became ill and couldn’t find strength to go to church. Finally, I forced myself to go to church, and my friend Lesleigh Jacobs (one of the one or two people that I’d confided to a little about Brent) noticed me. I found peace about a week later when I decided I’d pray for Brent for life, even if I never heard from him. I still wrote him, even though he no longer responded to my letters with his “wrong numbers” or his rings on my phone. In a letter I mailed him, I told him even if I never heard from him again, that I’d reserve a special prayer spot for him by my window, every day for the rest of my life.

I couldn’t understand how someone as emotionally supportive as he was, and as generous as he was in expressing his feelings, could give me three weeks of silence in September 1992. One of the reasons I was devastated was not so much that I felt sorry for myself, I was worried about him. I sensed that something terrible happened to him, something catastrophic. I was in so much emotional pain, that three weeks in September when he didn’t call me, that I told God that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to live.

The pain was so intense, that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t function. I said God if you don’t do a miracle for me, I’m going to die. Through Brent I found completeness, wholeness as a person. He made me feel integrated, gave me confidence. And, all of a sudden, like a split second, he was cut out of my life, for no apparent reason. I felt like the blood gushed out of my body and I was losing all my strength. The only way I could stop the flow of blood coming from my severed arm. . .I agonized in prayer that three weeks. I said, “God, you’ve got to do something for me.”

Usually, when I was in emotional distress Brent called. In January 1992, Brent gave me about two or three days of silence, which was unusual–he was very attentive. No, I think it was about a week of silence. So I wrote him a letter and said, “Brent, did I do something to offend you?”

The next day, in January 1992, he about deluged me with phone calls. My phone rang all through the day. He did not want me to feel that he was losing interest in me.

On February 13, 1992, Brent, along with the rest of the Star Trek:  The Next Generation cast appeared on Good Morning America with Joan Lunden. Brent seemed so happy, and I felt I was responsible for the glow on his face.

So I was so puzzled in September 1992 why he wasn’t doing the same thing. “Brent, I’m not sleeping. I can’t eat. I’m so worried. What have I done? Are you saying goodbye?”

Silence. Absolute silence.

“This isn’t like him. Something must be terribly wrong. What’s going on? Is he dead?” I didn’t know what was happening.

I was worried sick about him. You must understand my feelings for him were so intense that I was willing to write a teleplay, where I stayed up until 2 a.m. I pushed myself so hard on that teleplay I averaged five or six hours of sleep most nights. I pushed myself to write a masterpiece for him.

I sensed at this time that my friend Lesleigh was praying for me. I literally felt her prayers.

When I went to church that week, I asked her if she prayed for me at a certain time (the time I noticed her prayers). She said that she had prayed for me at the time I sensed her prayers, that at that time she was face down on the ground with her hands spread out on the floor, for about a half hour in prayer.

This was when I began to realize the power of prayer, because that’s exactly when God gave me peace about Brent’s silence.

The silence broke after I decided I would pray for him for half an hour every day at the window. But I was worried about him. I was afraid that something terrible happened to him. So I decided to send him War on the Saints by Jessie Penn-Lewis.

I talked about everything to Brent. He knew all about my Christian beliefs, all about my beliefs about love, marriage and sex. There were no barriers between us. Total openness. But we were never crude. The man was the epitome in class in the lovemaking department.

Even though he spoke intimately to me on the phone, there was nothing offensive about it. The way he made me feel when he made love to me on the phone, he just made me feel like I was the most beautiful, gorgeous, voluptuous woman on the planet. By the time he was through talking to me, I felt like I’d been tenderly caressed every inch of my body, and that he was making passionate, erotic, sensual and yet very sensitive, deep love to me. I was absolutely thrilled by his lovemaking approach. I thought I never knew there was a man that could be so. . .One may think he was just an expert manipulator. . .

That was what was so different about him. . ..there was a depth of feeling in his expressions.

I could never find a man attractive just because I thought he was a sexual firebomb in bed. I always sensed that with Brent, that it was more than just trying to turn me on sexually, that he had a depth of feeling and a commitment.

He really didn’t win me over until I heard his music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back (songs of Tin Pan Alley). If you listen to the singing on it, you don’t sense a shallow person. My novel’s theme song “Apple Blossom Time” is another Tin Pan Alley song.

The best way to describe how I see Brent as a lover, is listen to that music album he made, especially the song “Goodnight Sweetheart”. The way he sings that song is how he made love to me on the phone.

That’s how he made love to me on the phone. It wasn’t just a shallow, tantalizing bounce in bed type of thing with him. He was committed to me. It was the real thing. He had marriage love for me.

That’s why I couldn’t give him up. I was basking in Brent’s love, and I could not give him up, and I was so proud of who he was as a man. He had a bigness and a manliness that I cherished and adored. I wrote him every day to tell him how proud I was of who he was, of his manliness, his bigness and the greatness that I knew he had within him.

I was so frustrated that I couldn’t give him my body. The biggest frustration I had in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 was that I couldn’t give Brent my body. I said, well, I’ll make love to him with a great love story. So I decided to become a romance writer.

I said, I’ve got to find some way to communicate what this guy has done for me. So I started writing love stories. I started writing Silver Skies.

I typed to him (October 1992) the book War on the Saints. I continued writing him every day. It appeared everything was back to normal. He didn’t tell me what happened in September 1992. And so 1993 rolled around. I was taking care of my child at home. I loved my son. I tried not to let Brent interfere with my mothering duties, tried to be a good mother to my son.

That was another reason it was hard for me to go to Brent right away. I was thinking about the effect this would have on my son. It was a complicated situation. I wanted God to bless any union between Brent and myself.

I didn’t feel it was a sin for me to love him.

But I do remember that he went on the Joan Rivers show, and I would always tape it if he ever made a television guest appearance. I taped it. He seemed real happy. This was around November 1992. He went on the Joan Rivers show.

But Brent (Nov. 16, 1992) was on the Joan Rivers show, and I remember very distinctly he was joking with Joan Rivers at the end of the episode. . .and somehow the topic, he was very witty. . .and I thought that was great because I have a sense of humor. At the end of the show, they somehow got onto the subject of sex. I happen to know what Brent was like with sex. But Brent cracked a joke and I think Joan Rivers asked something about how he felt about sex and then Brent answered, “Oh, you mean on the episode?” It was a joke. It was funny. And she laughed. Brent somehow said that he enjoyed sex. But whenever he made any public appearances, he didn’t want to talk about his private life. I thought that showed the man had some class. I knew I was important to him. I figured that I had something to do with it. He never wanted to talk about his private life. If anybody ever asked him about his private life, in order to evade the subject, he’d usually crack some joke and go onto another topic. But he looked really happy in that episode and I figured that I had something to do with it. So I was pleased to see that it looked like everything was okay.

He never told me why he gave me three weeks of silence in September. I never got an explanation.

So things went pretty much the way it had in 1991 and 1992, except I noticed he no longer called me on holidays. I noticed there was a change in policy. I wasn’t sure how to interpret that, but he was just as attentive as he was before.

But I did remember, that every now and then when I would read Data Entries, I’d hear about the blonde, the cute blonde, and she kept coming up. So, I started wondering if maybe there was something more to her than I thought. I wrote Brent and I said, “I heard about this blonde you’re going out with, but I know you don’t have a girlfriend. You couldn’t have a girlfriend. There’s no way any woman would put up with all the attention you give me, and still be your girlfriend.” So I didn’t worry about it. I didn’t even ask him if he had a girlfriend, because I just knew that anybody who loved me like he did, couldn’t have a girlfriend.

I could tell he loved me. He was giving me far too much attention. Why, no woman would put up with all the attention he gave me, so I wasn’t worried about a girlfriend at all.

I didn’t believe in being possessive with him. I knew that he had women friends. I figured any guy who’s as warm and generous as this guy–that’s just the way he is. He knew how to have the right balance in his relationships with women. He knew how to express the affection, but he knew how to cut if off before it went too far. I had faith in him. Because he was sensitive in his handling of me, that I just knew that he understood women. He knew how to handle us.

You can’t afford to be the jealous type, if you’re in love with a Hollywood star, and I wasn’t. I never got mad at him about this. He was getting about fifty marriage proposals a month. I wasn’t worried about him at all. I sensed he had a very mature, intelligent grasp of the female sex. That he knew how to handle us. So I was a little puzzled about this blonde. . .The conclusion that I came to was that she probably worked for Paramount studios and she was a business associate.

So I just wrote it off.

I figured if she was something I needed to know about, that Brent would tell me about her. I was writing him love letters, and making love to him in my letters, because I was so frustrated. I wanted to marry him; and I felt guilty that I couldn’t give him my body, because he made it plain that he wanted that.

But he dropped off on that after a while. We just settled off into a semi-romantic, semi-platonic friendship where there were no barriers between us. We talked about anything and everything. There was a very warm and deep friendship between us. The exchanges most of the time were very positive.

After I received three weeks of emotional death, that awful three weeks of silence from him in September 1992, when the cute blonde (Loree McBride) raped Brent–God began to show me how I could begin to fulfill His will for me in regard to Brent Spiner.

In November 1992, a little girl in our church (after a long, slow and painful death) died of brain cancer. I decided to go to her funeral, it just seemed the right thing to do–to support this family in the time of their grief–boy, did I understand grief over a loss. While at the funeral, as I heard our pastor, bring the funeral’s message–I realized that God was talking to me through the message. I looked up at the sky and said a silent prayer of thanks. I can’t remember the words of the message, but recall this feeling of peace that came over me, as if God told me that what I suffered with Brent (because morally I was denied him) was a great event in heaven and that God took notice of my sacrifice, and that He honored me for choosing God over the love of my life (Brent). God seemed to tell me that what Brent and I suffered in September 1992 was truly some of the deepest suffering He’d ever seen in all human history and that’s why He allowed this little girl to die, just so He could use her death to speak to me and to comfort me about my love for Brent and to encourage me in my love for Brent. It was as if God told me that my love for Brent was part of His plan for my life and that He encouraged this love, and that He’d make it so that I could have Brent without adultery.

When I came home after the funeral, I put my CD player on the random mode and the first song that played was “Somewhere” from West Side Story, sung by Carol Lawrence.

Unlike the digitally remastered version of the original Broadway cast recording of West Side Story, when I hit the random mode on my CD, the “Somewhere” song started off with a light horn and then a few seconds later Carol Lawrence’s voice sang

. . . There’s a place for us, somewhere . . . with peace and quiet and open air with . . . time together with time to spare . . . time to look . . . time to care.

So, right after I came back from the funeral, I walked into my first floor small apartment in Lynnwood, Washington, and hit the button to turn on my CD player on the random mode. The random mode chose this song by Carol Lawrence.

It was a message straight from God.

I broke down with tears of joy, that God not only did not condemn my love for Brent, but seemed to support it. My CD player in random mode (with the help of God) had chosen this song and I knew it was not a coincidence. I claimed that song, “Somewhere” as a message from God. At this time in my life, I did not know that Loree McBride had raped Brent in September 1992 because Brent told me nothing.

Any ways, when I heard Carol Lawrence’s voice sing the strains of the “Somewhere” song, my heart soared to the clouds and peace blanketed my soul, for I now knew at that funeral that God spoke to me; that this little girl’s slow and agonizing death portrayed our suffering; that God had a plan for us; that someday Brent and I would have time together with time to spare; that love this strong, God would honor. This experience inspired me to write Silver Skies.

Now I felt I had a spiritual mission with Brent and our relationship became more spiritual. I felt less guilty that I dreamed about making love to him all the time. I typed out the entire book War on the Saints and mailed it to Brent, because I sensed something terribly wrong with him, that he needed strengthening against the devil.

July 1993 — I began work on my novel Silver Skies, another labor of love for Brent.

~ July 10, 1993 to July 26, 1993 Brent gave me two weeks of silence. ~ July 23, 1993 my son was in the hospital for asthma. I wasn’t sleeping well, worried about my son and depressed Brent gave me silence during this stressful time in my life. The Vatican found another opportunity to make Brent look like a crud to me. I wasn’t mad at Brent about this, though.

Brent called and made love to me on the phone. He said, “I want to pull down your panties. I want to kiss your nipples.” I was comforted.

The next day at midnight, I got a call; a deep-pitched, exasperated, extremely frustrated and ferocious female voice (probably Loree McBride) scorched my ears. “Hey b—-! What the f— are you doing with my boyfriend!”

I laughed it off as some nut from Paramount, but I wrote Brent about it to let him know. I wrote him every day, though he rarely spoke to me.

While my son was in the hospital, my son’s pediatrician wanted me to see the hospital’s social worker because she felt I looked too tired and insinuated I neglected my son. Actually, the Jesuits used her to sabotage my love for Brent.

So I revealed to a social worker at the Seattle Children’s Hospital my love for Brent under strict confidentiality, though I didn’t use the word “love”. In November 1993, we received something from our health insurance, that stated that some social worker had talked with me in July 1993, and filed a report. This social worker felt I had mental problems because I believed I was having an affair with a Star Trek character. It probably didn’t help that I told the social worker about my history of manic depression. The manic depression was a misdiagnosis, but I’d figure this out years later. I recall the social worker gave me the name of a local psychiatrist, if I decided I needed to see him.

The Jesuits made sure that through the mail, my family got the social worker’s comments (about my love for a Star Trek character). Though I never used the word “love” to describe my feelings for Brent, it appears, the social worker put words into my mouth, or perhaps Jesuits made some things up (typical of them) in this insurance paperwork my family received.

After, it appeared, the social worker failed to keep confidential what I disclosed to him about Brent, I became even more mum about Brent, and didn’t talk about Brent to anyone.

My family sent Brent a letter threatening him with bad press–just what the Jesuits wanted and needed, for their next move. I now mailed my letters to Brent indirectly through his female co-star.

I just let my letters pile up and mailed them to Gates McFadden (Brent’s co-star on Star Trek: The Next Generation) and knew she’d give all my mail to Brent. I mailed my letters off to Gates once a week, instead of every day, and I asked her to give all my mail to Brent. I’d recognized Gate McFadden’s (Dr. Beverly Crusher) and Levar Burton’s voice on my phone once in a while throughout 1991, 1992 and 1993–so I knew his co-stars sometimes talked to me on the phone–though they never identified themselves as themselves.

At the beginning of December 1993, my son came to me and said that someone had come to our Lynnwood apartment’s door (we lived on the first floor) and had whispered my name at the door. I didn’t hear the man whisper my name, but ran to my son’s bedroom window (to see outside) and saw a sparkling new white truck (that looked like a rented vehicle), the engine on and running, parked in the lot right in front of the window where I was. The man inside seemed quite handsome and wore a moustache. He flashed the lights inside his truck on and off several times and I got a good look at him. He looked like Brent Spiner in a wig (with black curly hair) with a moustache. At that time Brent was doing a play and I recalled what I’d read in Data Entries, and believe he may have been in his costume for the play. The truck then whirled back out of its spot like a torpedo, and zoomed out of my apartment’s parking lot. Certain that this man was Brent, I smiled to myself. I’m sure Brent’s audacity to make this appearance at my apartment, horrified the Jesuits, and may explain why I received the letter I did the next month from a Paramount attorney (January 1994), that brought on the Northridge, California earthquake.

About a week after Brent made his “appearance” at my apartment, I wrote a bookstore in Pensacola, Florida and paid for the Revelation slide presentation on video (a video slide presentation of this preacher’s paintings on the book of Revelation set to Scripture from the King James Bible and with a background of classical music). I asked this bookstore to mail this video to Brent at his Paramount fan mail address, which I supplied to them. This was a way for me to still share my life with Brent (even though I was now forbidden to write Brent under threat of divorce).

NOTE OF INTEREST: This video presentation also presents Rev. 17, which is about the Whore, that the presenter believes is the Roman Catholic Church. So this video makes it plain that the Whore is the Roman Catholic Church and has many paintings of a Pope as the anti-Christ. I asked this bookstore to mail this video (that I paid for) to Brent Spiner at his Paramount fan mail address. At this time in my life I had no idea that my enemy was the Roman Catholic Church. I just wanted to mail Brent this video (indirectly–that way if the Jesuit asked me if I still wrote Brent, I could say “no”), because I shared all my life with Brent (including all my religious beliefs) and I felt this video would teach him the Bible in an interesting manner, and I was trying to ground him in Bible teaching, because I sensed he was in trouble.

Because I believed that Brent was a part of God’s plan for my life, I maintained a close relationship with God, despite my passion for Brent. Along with Brent’s ‘Ol Yellow Eyes Is Back, I played another favorite tape of mine in the car all the time. This tape was the London’s National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Amen Choir’s Hymns Triumphant, Volume II, arranged and conducted by Lee Holdridge, and produced by B. R. Hearn. My favorite hymns have always been music a bit on the classical side. I listened to this tape throughout December 1993 and January 1994 in my car as I drove. This music I listened to every day in my car when God sent that earthquake to Northridge, California in January 1994.

In January 1994, our family received a Fed Ex letter from a Jesuit woman attorney at Paramount studios. This letter from Paramount studios claimed to be from Brent (though he didn’t sign it and I don’t believe he had anything to do with it), written by a woman Paramount studios attorney, that threatened legal action against us for harassment if either of us contacted Paramount studios anymore in any manner. I’m sure my husband’s nasty letter to Brent in November 1993 didn’t help. This Paramount letter claimed that Brent had never contacted me ever in any way, except for an autographed photo and that Brent did not desire to hear from me. I recall that the inaccuracies of this Fed Ex letter outraged me, and fumed to myself that what I got from Brent was a letter, not an autographed photo.

Disgusted by this letter, and disappointed in Brent that I received it, and angry at Paramount for it (I did notice that Brent did not sign the letter), I threw the letter in my Lynnwood apartment’s garbage dumpster. I did not sleep well that night.

The next day, from around noon to 3 p.m., I kneeled over our futon in the living room, on the soft pink carpet of our small Lynnwood apartment, and prayed and cried, while I begged God to forgive me for shaming His name by my relationship with Brent. God seemed to tell me never to write or contact Paramount studios again, and I never did.

Twelve hours later (the next day during the wee morning hours), Northridge, California was hit with a devastating earthquake. Around dinnertime on that same day, I was outside and my son came running to me. “Mommy, did you hear about the big earthquake that just hit Los Angeles?”

I knew God had sent that earthquake to answer my three hour prayer from the day before.

It boggled my mind that, I, such a lying, adulterous sinner could get answers in prayer like this from God. This earthquake was further proof to me, that God supported my love for Brent Spiner. In the middle of the earthquake, Brent called–but didn’t talk to me, and I discerned that he had wiretapped my phone (because I heard these strange beepy noises and other noises on my phone that I’d never heard before, and I figured it out).

I would like to state that after these series of earthquakes sent by God in the 1994 and again in 2000 against the Roman Catholic Church, that the Jesuits used their own criminal satellite scientists to create earthquakes, after about 2000 (such as the Bam, Iran earthquake and many of the earthquakes that have hit Japan recently), possibly to create the impression that the 1994 earthquake that hit Hollywood, and the 2001 Ash Wednesday quake that hit Seattle, were not signs of judgment against the Roman Catholic Church, but just events of nature, coincidental in their timing.

This Northridge 1994 earthquake that hit Hollywood had to be from God, because the Jesuits would not create an earthquake that would hit so soon after I received the Fed Ex letter from their Jesuit lawyer, that is. . .from the woman attorney who worked for Paramount studios.

Also, I believe the Jesuits would not orchestrate an earthquake in which the only Hollywood people who died from this quake worked for Paramount studios (which is what I read in the paper). Of course, one must not forget that this 1994 earthquake hit Hollywood about one day after I received the Fed Ex letter written by the Jesuit Hollywood attorney. This Hollywood earthquake hit Paramount studios about one month after I arranged for those at this bookstore (where I mailed the money for this presentation to the bookstore) and instructed them to mail this two volume videocassette presentation to Brent (via Paramount studios).

I would have mailed it directly to Brent, but was forbidden at this time to write letters to Brent Spiner, because of the “slip” by the social worker’s notes into our health insurance paperwork, in which this social worker’s breached his promise to keep secret my confidences about Brent.

I’d mailed to Brent (via this bookstore) a two-volume videocassette Revelation Bible music and slide presentation that portrays what will happen to planet earth in the last days (according to Bible prophecy). In this slide presentation the beast or 666 (anti-Christ) is presented as a Roman Catholic pope.

Because I’ve read the King James Bible from Genesis to Revelation over a hundred times, and because I shared all my life with Brent, including all my religious beliefs, I sent him these video cassettes. Brent never found this threatening, because I didn’t preach at him, but only shared with him how God worked in my life. I wanted him to share in my knowledge about the Bible and in all God had shown me over the years.

By 1994, Brent and I had truly become one in every way: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical. We loved each other through words and artistry.

I would like to state that I feel this Pope or anti-Christ will be a Jesuit Pope and so in my novel Silver Skies, I portray the beast as a Jesuit Pope.

Perhaps this video cassette that exposed a Roman Catholic Pope as the anti-Christ, and that I mailed to Brent (through his Paramount fan mail address in December 1993), so angered the Jesuits, that this was the real reason I received the letter from the woman attorney at Paramount (who claimed my communications harassed Brent Spiner and that I was forbidden to contact him any more or else I and my husband would face legal consequences)!

Of course, we know how God felt about this letter that I received from Paramount studios, because that’s why God sent the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake!

Unfortunately, the nasty letter from my family that Paramount received in November 1993 made it easier for the Jesuits to use their agent, the Paramount woman attorney, to mail me the Fed Ex letter that I received in January 1994 that forbade me to contact Brent anymore or to contact Paramount studios in any manner. This letter also claimed that Brent Spiner had never contacted me in any manner (A LIE), and the Paramount woman attorney signed and wrote it, not Brent.

Why didn’t the Jesuits forge Brent’s signature to the letter? Answer: The shrewd mind-reading Jesuits did not want to anger Brent to the point that he might do something daring to avenge himself against this letter.

September 11, 1989 letter from Paramount Studios, when I inquired about Brent Spiner after “noticing” him in Pen Pals.  The date of the letter indicates that I became interested in Brent in August 1989.
Melody Rondeau letter to Gail, dated 2/13/90.
Richard Arnold letter to Gail dated 3/11/90.
Melody Rondeau 2/25/90 – 1,   2/25/90 – 2.

Richard Arnold letter 5/02/90.
Richard Arnold letter 6/7/90.
Richard Arnold letter 7/8/90.
Richard Arnold letter 7/22/90.
Richard Arnold letter 8/13/90 – 1,  8/13/90 – 2.
Richard Arnold 09/09/90 letter.  I did receive the letter from Brent that I threw into the garbage can in 2000 to protect  him from my husband and to keep Brent out of my divorce case.  It didn’t work, and I probably should have kept Brent’s letter, but I memorized Brent’s letter and wrote down what it said at my website and elsewhere.
Richard Arnold photo-Sept. 1990

Gail’s Response to Brent Spiner’s Aug/Sept 1990 letter – 1
Gail’s Musical Response to Brent’s Aug/Sept 1990 letter – 2
Gail’s December 15, 1990 letter to Brent – 1
Gail’s December 15, 1990 letter to Brent – 2
Richard Arnold Dec. 16, 1990 letter to Gail
Gail’s letter to Brent Jan. 17, 1991 – 1
Gail’s letter to Brent Jan. 17, 1991 – 2
Melody Rondeau to Gail on 2/2/91 – 1
Melody Rondeau to Gail on 2/2/91 – 2
Richard to Gail Feb. 9, 1991
Gail to Richard Arnold on 02/19/91
Richard Arnold letter Mar. 9, 1991
Gail’s letter to Melody – April 26, 1991 – 1
Gail’s letter to Melody April 26, 1991 – 2
Gail analyzes Brent’s handwriting after receiving strange phone calls from someone who said, “I want to rape you.” – 1
Gail analyzes Brent’s handwriting after receiving strange phone calls from someone who said, “I want to rape you.” – 2
Gail analyzes Brent’s handwriting after receiving strange phone calls from someone who said, “I want to rape you.” – 3
Richard’s last letter to Gail.  This made Gail very upset because she sent him a form letter asking him to check whether he had tried to call her, to solve the mystery of who called her and kept calling her in May 1991, with longings in his voice.
Melody Rondeau letter June 24, 1991.  Gail still had not figured out that Brent was her mystery caller. – 1
Melody Rondeau letter June 24, 1991.  Gail still had not figured out that Brent was her mystery caller. – 2
I can tell I still had not figured out that Brent was my mystery caller in this letter to Melody dated June 26, 1991 – 1
I can tell I still had not figured out that Brent was my mystery caller in this letter to Melody dated June 26, 1991 – 2
I can tell I still had not figured out that Brent was my mystery caller in this letter to Melody dated June 26, 1991 – 3
Melody’s address blacked out.  Package Gail received in the mail, probably on June 26th or 27th, 1991, that contained a cassette tape of Brent’s new album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.  Gail fell in love with Brent after hearing his music.  This album changed her life.
The exact cassette tape that Gail received from Melody that changed her life and made her fall in love with Brent Spiner in June/July 1991, and the love still goes on.  When Gail heard Brent’s non-Data voice in this album, she recognized that the man who called her with longings in his voice was indeed Brent Spiner. – 1
The exact cassette tape that Gail received from Melody that changed her life and made her fall in love with Brent Spiner in June/July 1991, and the love still goes on.  When Gail heard Brent’s non-Data voice in this album, she recognized that the man who called her with longings in his voice was indeed Brent Spiner. – 2
Gail now knows about  Brent and doesn’t tell a soul.
Letter Gail wrote to Dr. Ruckman on July 20, 1991, after she figured out that Brent was her mystery caller, keeping her mouth absolutely shut about  the romantic nature of Brent’s phone calls to her. – 1
Letter Gail wrote to Dr. Ruckman on July 20, 1991, after she figured out that Brent was her mystery caller, keeping her mouth absolutely shut about  the romantic nature of Brent’s phone calls to her. – 2


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Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Doctrinal Statement

Bible for Tribulation Saints

The Kindle book “Bible for Tribulation Saints” is a transcript of all conversations that Gail Chord Schuler has had with Jesus Christ using Brent Spiner as His transcriber (from 2012 to 2017). The book is due out around October 2017. Brent actually typed word for word what Jesus told us. Jesus will not allow His voice to be heard online and is camera shy (stating Satan invented computers and electricity), but he does allow Brent to transcribe for Him. Anybody who wants to know the doctrines of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits in their entirety will need to read this book.

The men on my marriage list honored Gail Chord Schuler with a church, which they established in October 2011. Gail proposes the following doctrinal statement for this church. This church’s doctrinal statement is that it believes every word in the original manuscripts of the Bible are the inspired word of God and that God has faithfully preserved his words until today, and that anything that the Bible emphasizes will be the emphasis at this church. The Bible emphasizes the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the nation of Israel and the Jews, the anti-Christ or the beast (666), and that the sins of the spirit (especially pride, which is the chief sin that leads to all other sins) are more sinful than sins of the flesh (like smoking, drinking, etc.).

Effective in May 2017, the name of our church has been changed to Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Those of our doctrines that oppose Catholic dogma will be in BLUE (blue signifying disagreement) & RED (red signifying our correction to the statement).

The 255 Infallibly Declared Dogmas of the Catholic Faith (and where we disagree)

  1. God, our Creator and Lord, can be known with certainty, by the natural light of reason from created things.
  2. God’s existence is not merely an object of natural rational knowledge, but also an object of supernatural faith.
  3. God’s Nature is incomprehensible to men.
  4. The blessed in Heaven posses an immediate intuitive knowledge of the Divine Essence.
  5. The Immediate Vision of God transcends the natural power of cognition of the human soul, and is therefore supernatural.
  6. The soul, for the Immediate Vision of God, requires the light of glory.
  7. God’s Essence is also incomprehensible to the blessed in Heaven.
  8. The Divine Attributes are really identical among themselves and with the Divine Essence.
  9. God is absolutely perfect.
  10. God is actually infinite in every perfection.
  11. God is absolutely simple.
  12. There is only One God.
  13. The One God is, in the ontological sense, The True God.
  14. God possesses an infinite power of cognition.
  15. God is absolute Veracity.
  16. God is absolutely faithful.
  17. God is absolute ontological Goodness in Himself and in relation to others.
  18. God is absolute Moral Goodness or Holiness.
  19. God is absolute Benignity.
  20. God is absolutely immutable.
  21. God is eternal.
  22. God is immense or absolutely immeasurable.
  23. God is everywhere present in created space.
  24. God’s knowledge is infinite.
  25. God knows all that is merely possible by the knowledge of simple intelligence (scientia simplicis intelligentiae).
  26. God knows all real things in the past, the present and the future (Scientia visionis).
  27. By knowledge of vision (scientia visionis) God also foresees the free acts of the rational creatures with infallible certainty.
  28. God’s Divine will is infinite.
  29. God loves Himself of necessity, but loves and wills the creation of extra-Divine things, on the other hand, with freedom.
  30. God is almighty.
  31. God is the Lord of the heavens and of the earth.
  32. God is infinitely just.
  33. God is infinitely merciful.
  34. In God there are Three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Each of the Three Persons possesses the one (numerical) Divine Essence.
  35. In God there are two Internal Divine Processions.
  36. The Divine Persons, not the Divine Nature, are the subject of the Internal Divine processions (in the active and in the passive sense).
  37. The Second Divine Person proceeds from the First Divine Person by Generation, and therefore is related to Him as Son to a Father.
  38. The Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and from the Son as from a Single Principle through a Single Spiration.
  39. The Holy Ghost does not proceed through generation but through spiration.
  40. The Relations in God are really identical with the Divine Nature.
  41. The Three Divine Persons are in One Another.
  42. All the ad extra Activities of God are common to all Three Persons.
  43. All that exists outside God was, in its whole substance, produced out of nothing by God.
  44. God was moved by His Goodness to create the world.
  45. The world was created for the Glorification of God.
  46. The Three Divine Persons are one single, common Principle of the Creation.
  47. God created the world free from exterior compulsion and inner necessity.
  48. God has created a good world.
  49. The world had a beginning in time.
  50. God alone created the World.
  51. God keeps all created things in existence.
  52. God through His providence protects and guides all that He has created.
  53. The first man was created by God.
  54. Man consists of two essential parts–a material body and a spiritual soul.
  55. The rational soul is per se the essential form of the body.
  56. Every human being possesses an individual soul.
  57. God has conferred on man a supernatural Destiny.
  58. Our first parents, before the Fall, were endowed with sanctifying grace.
  59. They were also endowed with donum immortalitatis, i.e., the gift of bodily immortality.
  60. Our first parents in paradise sinned grievously through transgression of the Divine probationary commandment.
  61. Through the sin our first parents lost sanctifying grace and provoked the anger and the indignation of God.
  62. Our first parents became subject to death and to the dominion of the Devil.
  63. Adam’s sin is transmitted to his posterity, not by imitation, but by descent.
  64. Original sin is transmitted by natural generation.
  65. In the state of original sin man is deprived of sanctifying grace and all that this implies, as well as of the preternatural gifts of integrity.
  66. Souls who depart this life in the state of original sin are excluded from the Beatific Vision of God.
  67. In the beginning of time God created spiritual essences (angels) out of nothing.
  68. The nature of angels is spiritual.
  69. The secondary task of the good angels is the protection of men and care for their salvation.
  70. The Devil possesses a certain dominion over mankind by reason of Adam’s sin.
  71. Jesus Christ is the True God and True Son of God.
  72. Christ assumed a real body, not an apparent body.
  73. Christ assumed not only a body but also a rational soul.
  74. Christ was truly generated and born of a daughter of Adam, the Virgin Mary.
  75. The Divine and the human natures are united hypostatically in Christ, that is, joined to each other in one Person.
  76. Christ Incarnate is a single, that is, a sole Person. He is God and man at the same time.
  77. The God-Logos is connected with the flesh by an inner, physical or substantial unification. Christ is not the bearer of God, but is God really.
  78. The human and the divine activities predicated of Christ in Holy Writ and in the Fathers may not be divided between two persons or hypostases, the Man-Christ and the God-Logos, but must be attributed to the one Christ, the Logos become Flesh. It is the Divine Logos, who suffered in the flesh, was crucified, died, and rose again.
  79. The Holy Virgin is the Mother of God since she truly bore the God-Logos become Flesh.
  80. In the Hypostatic Union each of the two natures of Christ continues unimpaired, untransformed and unmixed with the other.
  81. Each of the two natures in Christ possesses its own natural will and its own natural mode of operation.
  82. The Hypostatic Union of Christ’s human nature with the Divine Logos took place at the moment of conception.
  83. The Hypostatic Union will never cease.
  84. The Hypostatic Union was effected by the Three Divine Persons acting in common.
  85. Only the Second Divine Person became
  86. Not only as God but also as man Jesus Christ is the natural Son of God.
  87. The God-Man Jesus Christ is to be venerated with one single mode of Worship, the absolute Worship of Latria which is due to God alone.
  88. Christ’s Divine and Human characteristics and activities are to be predicated of the one Word Incarnate.
  89. Christ was free from all sin, from original sin as well as from all personal sin.
  90. Christ’s human nature was passible (capable of sensation & suffering).
  91. The Son of God became man in order to redeem men.
  92. Fallen man cannot redeem himself.
  93. The God-Man Jesus Christ is a High Priest.
  94. Christ offered Himself on the Cross as a true and proper sacrifice.
  95. Christ by His Sacrifice on the Cross has ransomed us and reconciled us with God.
  96. Christ did not die for the predestined only.
  97. Christ’s Atonement does not extend to the fallen angels.
  98. Christ, through His Passion and Death, merited reward from God.
  99. After His Death, Christ’s soul, which was separated from His Body, descended into the underworld.
  100. On the third day after His Death Christ rose gloriously from the dead.
  101. Christ ascended Body and Soul into Heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father.
  102. Mary is truly the Mother of God.
  103. Mary was conceived without stain of Original sin. (We believe that Mary, though a great saint, was human and had a sin nature as all humans do).
  104. Mary conceived by the Holy Ghost without the co-operation of man. (We believe that Mary was conceived by a human mother and father as most humans are conceived).
  105. Mary bore her Son without any violation of her virginal integrity.
  106. Also after the Birth of Jesus Mary remained a Virgin. (We believe that Jesus Christ was Mary’s first child and she had other children with her husband Joseph after Jesus was born).
  107. Mary was a Virgin before, during and after the Birth of Jesus Christ. (We believe that Mary was a virgin before and during the birth of Jesus Christ, but not after the birth of Jesus Christ).
  108. Mary was assumed body and soul into Heaven. (Though we believe that Mary’s soul lives in heaven, and perhaps her body, but are not definite about whether her body is in heaven right now. If her body is not in heaven now, it will be after the rapture of the church).
  109. There is a supernatural intervention of God in the faculties of the soul, which precedes the free act of the will. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  110. There is a supernatural influence of God in the faculties of the soul which coincides in time with man’s free act of will. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  111. For every salutary act internal supernatural grace of God (gratia elevans) is absolutely necessary. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  112. Internal supernatural grace is absolutely necessary for the beginning of faith and of salvation.
  113. Without the special help of God the justified cannot persevere to the end in justification.
  114. The justified person is not able for his whole life long to avoid all sins, even venial sins, without the special privilege of the grace of God.
  115. Even in the fallen state, man can, by his natural intellectual power, know religious and moral truths.
  116. For the performance of a morally good action Sanctifying Grace is not required.
  117. In the state of fallen nature it is morally impossible for man without Supernatural Revelation, to know easily, with absolute certainty and without admixture of error, all religious and moral truths of the natural order.
  118. Grace cannot be merited by natural works either de condigno or de congruo.
  119. God gives all the just sufficient grace (gratia proxime vel remote sufficiens) for the observation of the Divine Commandments.
  120. God, by His Eternal Resolve of Will, has predetermined certain men to eternal blessedness.
  121. God, by an Eternal Resolve of His Will, predestines certain men, on account of their foreseen sins, to eternal rejection.
  122. The Human Will remains free under the influence of efficacious grace, which is not irresistible.
  123. There is a grace which is truly sufficient and yet remains inefficacious (gratia vere et mere sufficiens).
  124. The sinner can and must prepare himself by the help of actual grace for the reception of the grace by which he is justified.
  125. The justification of an adult is not possible without Faith.
  126. Besides faith, further acts of disposition must be present.
  127. Sanctifying grace sanctifies the soul.
  128. Sanctifying grace makes the just man a friend of God.
  129. Sanctifying grace makes the just man a child of God and gives him a claim to the inheritance of Heaven.
  130. The three Divine or Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity are infused with Sanctifying grace.
  131. Without special Divine Revelation no one can know with the certainty of faith, if he be in the state of grace. (We believe that God does not want us to obsess over whether we are going to heaven if we have faith in Jesus Christ as our Redeemer, and to live our lives knowing that our sins are fully paid for at the cross by Jesus if we have faith in Jesus.)
  132. The degree of justifying grace is not identical in all the just.
  133. Grace can be increased by good works. (We are free to live for Christ because we ARE saved, not to BE saved.)
  134. The grace by which we are justified may be lost, and is lost by every grievous [mortal, serious] sin. (But if we have faith in Christ, God only expects us to do our best and our salvation is not contingent upon honoring any church’s traditions).
  135. By his good works the justified man really acquires a claim to supernatural reward from God.
  136. A just man merits for himself through each good work an increase of sanctifying grace, eternal life (if he dies in a state of grace) and an increase of heavenly glory.
  137. The Church was founded by the God-Man Jesus Christ.
  138. Our Redeemer Himself conserves with divine power the society founded by Him, the Church.
  139. Christ is the Divine Redeemer of His Body, the Church. Christ founded the Church in order to continue His work of redemption for all time. (Christ ALONE does the work of redemption for his church, the church does NOT assist Christ in the work of redemption).
  140. Christ gave His Church a hierarchical constitution. (Not true).
  141. The powers bestowed on the Apostles have descended to the bishops.
  142. Christ appointed the Apostle Peter to be the first of all the Apostles and to be the visible head of the whole Church, by appointing him immediately and personally to the primacy of jurisdiction. (The visible head of the whole Church is Jesus Christ HIMSELF).
  143. According to Christ’s ordinance, Peter is to have successors in his Primacy over the whole Church and for all time. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  144. The successors of Peter in the Primacy are the bishops of Rome. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  145. The Pope possesses full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the whole Church, not merely in matters of faith and morals, but also in Church discipline and in the government of the Church.
  146. The Pope is infallible when he speaks ex cathedra. (The ONLY infallible being in the universe is God Himself or Jesus Christ).
  147. By virtue of Divine Right the bishops possess an ordinary power of government over their dioceses.
  148. Christ is the Head of the Church.
  149. In the final decision on doctrines concerning faith and morals the Church is infallible. (No church is infallible).
  150. The primary object of the Infallibility is the formally revealed truths of Christian Doctrine concerning faith and morals. (The only infallible source of truth is God Himself and His Word in the original manuscripts of the Bible, the 66 books of the inspired canon of Scripture).
  151. The totality of the Bishops is infallible, when they, either assembled in general council or scattered over the earth, propose a teaching of faith or morals as one to be held by all the faithful. (No human being is infallible. Only GOD is infallible).
  152. The Church founded by Christ is unique and one. (One, meaning all those who have faith in Christ regardless of their church affiliation).
  153. The Church founded by Christ is holy. (The church is not holy until the millennium).
  154. The Church founded by Christ is catholic. (Christ’s church is composed of all those who have faith in Christ regardless of their church affiliation).
  155. The Church founded by Christ is apostolic.
  156. Membership of the Church is necessary for all men for salvation. (You can be saved without being a member of any church.)
  157. It is permissible and profitable to venerate the Saints in Heaven, and to invoke their intercession. (We are not dogmatic about this. The Saints in Heaven are useless without Christ’s intercession, who we can speak to directly through prayer without the intercession of any human.)
  158. It is permissible and profitable to venerate the relics of the Saints.
  159. It is permissible and profitable to venerate images of the Saints.
  160. The living Faithful can come to the assistance of the Souls in Purgatory by their intercessions (suffrages). (We do not believe in the existence of Purgatory).
  161. The Sacraments of the New Covenant contain the grace which they signify, and bestow it on those who do not hinder it. (The Sacraments are useful as a MEMORIAL, but are not necessary to SALVATION OF THE SOUL).
  162. The Sacraments work ex opere operato (simply by being done).
  163. All the Sacraments of the New Covenant confer sanctifying grace on the receivers. (Only Christ’s substitutionary atonement on the cross confers sanctifying grace on its receivers. The Sacraments cannot ADD ONTO what Christ has already done for us).
  164. Three Sacraments, Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders, imprint a character, that is, an indelible spiritual mark, and for this reason cannot be repeated. (These are useful as a MEMORIAL, but not as a means for salvation.)
  165. The Sacramental Character is a spiritual mark imprinted on the soul. (Not true).
  166. The Sacramental Character continues at least until the death of its bearer. (Not true).
  167. All the Sacraments of the New Covenant were instituted by Jesus Christ.
  168. There are Seven Sacraments of the New Law. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  169. The Sacraments of the New Covenant are necessary for the salvation of mankind. (Not true).
  170. For the valid dispensing of the Sacraments it is necessary that the minister accomplish the Sacramental Sign in the proper manner. (We are not dogmatic about this).
  171. The minister must further have the intention at least of doing what the Church does.
  172. In the case of adult recipients moral worthiness is necessary for the worthy or fruitful reception of the Sacraments.
  173. Baptism is a true Sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ.
  174. The materia remota of the Sacrament of Baptism is true and natural water.
  175. Baptism confers the grace of justification. (We are justified by faith in Christ, not by baptism.)
  176. Baptism effects the remission of all punishments of sin, both the eternal and the temporal. (Christ does not need the help of Baptism, his substitutionary atonement on the cross is all sufficient for those who have faith in Him.)
  177. Even if it be unworthily received, valid Baptism imprints on the soul of the recipient an indelible spiritual mark, the Baptismal Character, and for this reason, the Sacrament cannot be repeated. (Totally false).
  178. Baptism by water (Baptismus fluminis) is, since the promulgation of the Gospel, necessary for all men without exception, for salvation. (You can be saved without being baptized). 
  179. Baptism can be validly administered by anyone.
  180. Baptism can be received by any person in the wayfaring state who is not already baptised.
  181. The Baptism of young children is valid and licit.
  182. Confirmation is a true Sacrament properly so-called.
  183. Confirmation imprints on the soul an indelible spiritual mark, and for this reason, cannot be repeated. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  184. The ordinary minister of Confirmation is the Bishop alone.
  185. The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are truly, really and substantially present in the Eucharist. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  186. Christ becomes present in the Sacrament of the Altar by the transformation of the whole substance of the bread into His Body and the whole substance of the wine into His Blood. (We are not dogmatic about this. The bread and wine can also be SYMBOLIC.)
  187. The Accidents of bread and wine continue after the change of the substance. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  188. The Body and the Blood of Christ together with His Soul and His Divinity and therefore the Whole Christ are truly present in the Eucharist. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  189. The Whole Christ is present under each of the two Species. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  190. When either consecrated species is divided the Whole Christ is present in each part of the species. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  191. After the Consecration has been completed the Body and Blood are permanently present in the Eucharist. (totally false)
  192. The Worship of Adoration (latria) must be given to Christ present in the Eucharist.
  193. The Eucharist is a true Sacrament instituted by Christ.
  194. The matter for the consummation of the Eucharist is bread and wine.
  195. For children before the age of reason the reception of the Eucharist is not necessary for salvation. (The Eucharist is NEVER necessary for salvation.)
  196. Communion under two forms is not necessary for any individual member of the Faithful, either by reason of Divine precept or as a means of salvation.
  197. The power of consecration resides in a validly consecrated priest only.
  198. The Sacrament of the Eucharist can be validly received by every baptized person in the wayfaring state, including young children.
  199. For the worthy reception of the Eucharist the state of grace as well as the proper and pious disposition are necessary.
  200. The Holy Mass is a true and proper Sacrifice. (It is a MEMORIAL, and needs to be done with reverence for the price Christ paid for our sins.)
  201. In the Sacrifice of the Mass, Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross is made present, its memory is celebrated, and its saving power is applied. (The Mass has NO SAVING POWER, only Christ’s actual substitutionary atonement has that.)
  202. In the Sacrifice of the Mass and in the Sacrifice of the Cross the Sacrificial Gift and the Primary Sacrificing Priest are identical; only the nature and mode of the offering are different. The Sacrifice of the Mass is not merely a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, but also a sacrifice of expiation and impetration. (The Mass has NO SAVING POWER.)
  203. The Church has received from Christ the power of remitting sins committed after Baptism. (Christ ALONE has the power of remitting sins.)
  204. By the Church’s Absolution sins are truly and immediately remitted. (Christ ALONE has the power of remitting sins.)
  205. The Church’s power to forgive sins extends to all sin without exception. (Only JESUS can forgive sins by his death on the cross.)
  206. The exercise of the Church’s power to forgive sins is a judicial act. (Only Jesus can forgive sins by his death on the cross.)
  207. The forgiveness of sins which takes place in the Tribunal of Penance is a true and proper Sacrament, which is distinct from the Sacrament of Baptism. (Only Jesus can forgive sins by his death on the cross.)
  208. Extra-sacramental justification is effected by perfect sorrow only when it is associated with the desire for the Sacrament (votum sacramenti). (totally false)
  209. Contrition springing from the motive of fear is a morally good and supernatural act.
  210. The Sacramental confession of sins is ordained by God and is necessary for salvation. (But we don’t need to confess our sins to any human or priest for salvation. We do need to admit to God that we are sinners and if we choose to confess sins, should do it first to God alone and then to those we have wronged.)
  211. By virtue of Divine ordinance all grievous sins (mortal, serious) according to kind and number, as well as those circumstances which alter their nature, are subject to the obligation of confession. (But we don’t need to confess our sins to any human or priest for salvation. We do need to admit to God that we are sinners and if we choose to confess sins, should do it first to God alone and then to those we have wronged.)
  212. The confession of venial sins is not necessary but is permitted and is useful. (But we don’t need to confess our sins to any human or priest for salvation. We do need to admit to God that we are sinners and if we choose to confess sins, should do it first to God alone and then to those we have wronged.)
  213. All temporal punishments for sin are not always remitted by God with the guilt of sin and the eternal punishment.
  214. The priest has the right and the duty, according to the nature of the sins and the ability of the penitent, to impose salutary and appropriate works of satisfaction. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  215. Extra-sacramental penitential works, such as the performance of voluntary penitential practices and the patient bearing of trials sent by God, possess satisfactory value.
  216. The form of the Sacrament of Penance consists in the words of Absolution.
  217. Absolution, in association with the acts of the penitent, effects the forgiveness of sins. (After confessing our sins to GOD ALONE, by obeying what the Lord tells us to do and trying to correct what we’ve done wrong as God instructs us directly or as his pastor or church leader advises us, if the church leader be in fellowship with God, then we find forgiveness.)
  218. The principal effect of the Sacrament of Penance is the reconciliation of the sinner with God.
  219. The Sacrament of Penance is necessary for salvation to those who, after Baptism, fall into grievous sin. (We can find forgiveness by going to God directly through prayer and confessing sins that way and then obeying what God tells us in prayer.)
  220. The sole possessors of the Church’s Power of Absolution are the bishops and priests. (Only Christ absolves sins. No human has this power.)
  221. Absolution given by deacons, clerics of lower rank, and laymen is not Sacramental Absolution. (Only Christ absolves sins. No human has this power.)
  222. The Sacrament of Penance can be received by any baptized person, who, after Baptism, has committed a grievous or venial sin. (Only Christ absolves sins. No human has this power.)
  223. The Church possesses the power to grant Indulgences. (The practice of  Indulgences is forbidden in our church. It is an insult to what Christ already did for us on the cross.)
  224. The use of Indulgences is useful and salutary to the Faithful. (The practice of  Indulgences is forbidden in our church. It is an insult to what Christ already did for us on the cross.)
  225. Extreme Unction is a true and proper Sacrament instituted by Christ. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  226. The remote matter of Extreme Unction is oil. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  227. The form consists in the prayer of the priest for the sick person which accompanies the anointing. Extreme Unction gives the sick person sanctifying grace in order to arouse and strengthen him. (It does not give sanctifying grace, though it can be useful as a way to get a person to think about God and to increase their faith in Christ. It is a person’s FAITH in God or Christ, not religious actions, which determine salvation.)
  228. Extreme Unction effects the remission of grievous sins still remaining and of venial sins. (You can’t add onto what Christ has already done for us on the cross.)
  229. Extreme Unction sometimes effects the restoration of bodily health, if this be of spiritual advantage.
  230. Only bishops and priests can validly administer Extreme Unction.
  231. Extreme Unction can be received only by the Faithful who are seriously ill.
  232. Holy Order is a true and proper Sacrament which was instituted by Christ.
  233. The consecration of priests is a Sacrament.
  234. Bishops are superior to priests.
  235. The Sacrament of Order confers sanctifying grace on the recipient. (You can’t add onto what Christ has already done for us on the cross.)
  236. The Sacrament of Order imprints a character on the recipient. (totally false)
  237. The Sacrament of Order confers a permanent spiritual power on the recipient. (This probably won’t happen to anyone until the millennium).
  238. The ordinary dispenser of all grades of Order, both the sacramental and the non-sacramental, is the validly consecrated bishop alone.
  239. Marriage is a true and proper Sacrament instituted by God.
  240. From the sacramental contract of marriage emerges the Bond of Marriage, which binds both marriage partners to a lifelong indivisible community of life. (God frees us from the marriage bond by death, desertion, or adultery, so that we are free to marry another without sin, if any of these happens.)
  241. The Sacrament of Matrimony bestows Sanctifying Grace on the contracting parties. (You can’t add onto what Jesus has already done for us on the cross).
  242. In the present order of salvation death is a punishment for sin.
  243. All human beings subject to original sin are subject to the law of death.
  244. The souls of the just which in the moment of death are free from all guilt of sin and punishment for sin, enter into Heaven.
  245. The bliss of heaven lasts for all eternity.
  246. The degree of perfection of the beatific vision granted to the just is proportioned to each one’s merits.
  247. The souls of those who die in the condition of personal grievous sin enter Hell.
  248. The punishment of Hell lasts for all eternity.
  249. The souls of the just which, in the moment of death, are burdened with venial sins or temporal punishment due to sins, enter Purgatory. (There is no such thing as Purgatory).
  250. At the end of the world Christ will come again in glory to pronounce judgment. (Christ will come first at the rapture to get his bride, the universal church, who will be raptured body and soul into heaven. Then there will be a seven year tribulation and the Jewish nation of Israel will get saved. During the seven year tribulation, the church will be judged in heaven and each Christian will receive his rewards or lack of rewards. When Israel is saved right after the tribulation, Christ will come at the FINAL BATTLE to defeat the Antichrist and his prophet and will lock up Satan for 1,000 years in the millennium, where Jesus will reign over the entire earth as a dictator for his millennial reign. After the thousand years, there will be a Great White Throne Judgment where all the world will be judged and those in hell will be resurrected to this judgment. After this judgment, the universe enters ETERNITY FUTURE.)
  251. All the dead will rise again on the last day with their bodies. (See comments for #250).
  252. Christ, on His second coming, will judge all men. (See comments for #250).

The 102 Certain Truths Not Yet Defined by the Magisterium (Those areas where we are in disagreement are in RED or BLUE). 

  1. With Christ and the Apostles General Revelation concluded.
  2. Our natural knowledge of God in this world is not as immediate, intuitive cognition, but a mediate, abstractive knowledge, because it is attained through the knowledge of creatures.
  3. Our knowledge of God here below is not proper but analogical.
  4. God is absolute Beauty.
  5. God’s knowledge is purely and simply actual.
  6. God’s knowledge is subsistent.
  7. God’s knowledge is comprehensive.
  8. God’s knowledge is independent of extra-divine things.
  9. The primary and formal object of the Divine Cognition is God Himself.
  10. The Son proceeds from the Intellect of the Father by way of Generation.
  11. The Holy Ghost proceeds from the will or from the mutual love of the Father and of the Son.
  12. The Father sends the Son: the Father and the Son send the Holy Ghost.
  13. The world is the work of the Divine Wisdom.
  14. God was free to create this world or any other.
  15. The whole human race stems from one single human pair.
  16. Every individual soul was immediately created out of nothing by God.
  17. Adam received sanctifying grace not merely for himself, but for all his posterity.
  18. God set a supernatural final end for the angels, the immediate vision of God, and endowed them with sanctifying grace in order that they might achieve this end.
  19. The angels were subjected to a moral testing.
  20. The evil spirits (demons) were created good by God; they became evil through their own fault.
  21. The primary task of the good angels is the glorification and the service of God.
  22. Every one of the faithful has his own special guardian angel from baptism.
  23. The Hypostatic Union was never interrupted.
  24. The Blood in the Living Body of Jesus Christ is an integral constituent part of human nature, immediately, not merely mediately, united with the Person of the Divine Logos.
  25. Just as Latria is due to the whole Human nature of Christ, so is it due to the individual parts of His nature.
  26. Christ’s soul possessed the immediate vision of God from the first moment of its existence.
  27. Christ’s human knowledge was free from positive ignorance and from error.
  28. By reason of His endowment with the fullness of created habitual grace, Christ’s soul is also accidentally holy.
  29. Christ’s humanity, as instrument of the Logos, possesses the power of producing supernatural effects.
  30. Christ’s soul was subject to sensual emotions.
  31. God was not compelled to redeem mankind by either an internal or an external compulsion.
  32. Christ is the Supreme Prophet promised in the Old Covenant and the absolute teacher of humanity.
  33. Christ merited for Himself the condition of exaltation (Resurrection, Transfiguration of the body, Ascension into Heaven).
  34. Christ merited all supernatural graces received by fallen mankind.
  35. The underworld is the place of detention for the souls of the just of the pre-Christian era, the so-called vestibule of hell (limbus Patrum).
  36. Mary gave the Redeemer, the Source of all graces, to the world, and in this way she is the channel of all graces.
  37. Mary, the Mother of God, is entitled to the Cult of Hyperdulia.
  38. Actual Grace internally and directly enlightens the understanding and strengthens the will.
  39. The Grace of faith is not necessary for the performance of a morally good action.
  40. Actual Grace is not necessary for the performance of a morally good action.
  41. In the condition of fallen nature it is morally impossible for man without restoring grace (gratia sanans) to fulfill the entire moral law and to overcome all serious temptations for any considerable period of time.
  42. Grace cannot be obtained by petitions deriving from purely natural prayer.
  43. Man of himself cannot acquire any positive disposition for grace.
  44. God gives all innocent unbelievers (infideles negativi) sufficient grace to achieve eternal salvation.
  45. Sanctifying Grace is a supernatural state of being which is infused by God, and which permanently inheres in the soul.
  46. Sanctifying grace is not a substance, but a real accident, which inheres in the soul-substance.
  47. Supernatural grace is a participation in the divine nature.
  48. Sanctifying grace makes the just man a Temple of the Holy Ghost.
  49. The loss of sanctifying grace always involves the loss of Charity.
  50. The Church is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.
  51. By reason of her purpose and the means she uses to effect it the Church is a supernatural spiritual society.
  52. The Church is a perfect society.
  53. The Church is indefectible, that is, she remains and will remain the Institution of Salvation, founded by Christ, until the end of the world.
  54. The secondary object of the Infallibility is truths of the Christian teaching on faith and morals, which are not formally revealed, but which are closely connected with the teaching of Revelation.
  55. The Church founded by Christ is an external visible commonwealth.
  56. Not only those members who are holy but the sinners also belong to the Church.
  57. The members of the Church are those who have validly received the Sacrament of Baptism and who are not separated from the unity of the confession of the Faith, and from the unity of the lawful communion of the Church.
  58. The members of the Kingdom of God on earth and in the other world sanctified by the redeeming grace of Christ are united in a common supernatural life with the Head of the Church and with one another.
  59. By intercessory prayer the Faithful on earth can procure gifts from God for one another.
  60. The faithful on earth can, by their good works performed in the state of grace, render atonement for one another.
  61. The Sacraments of the New Covenant are effective signs of grace instituted by Christ.
  62. Christ instituted all the Sacraments immediately and personally.
  63. Christ fixed the substance of the Sacraments. The Church has no power to alter them.
  64. God can communicate grace even without the Sacraments.
  65. The primary minister of the Sacraments is the God-Man Jesus Christ.
  66. The validity and efficacy of the Sacrament is independent of the minister’s orthodoxy and state of grace.
  67. For the validity of the Sacraments in the case of adult recipients the intention of receiving the Sacrament is necessary.
  68. The Old Testament Sacraments wrought, ex opere operato, not grace, but merely an external lawful purity.
  69. The materia proxima of the Sacrament of Baptism is the ablution, by physical contact, of the body with water.
  70. The form of Baptism consists in the words of the minister which accompany it and more closely determine it.
  71. As a Sacrament of the living, Confirmation effects (per se) an increase of Sanctifying Grace.
  72. The extraordinary minister of Confirmation is a priest on whom this full power is conferred by the common law or by a special apostolic indult.
  73. Confirmation can be received by any baptized person who is not already confirmed.
  74. The repetition of Confirmation is invalid and grievously sinful. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  75. The Sacramental Accidents retain their physical reality after the change of the substance. The Sacramental Accidents continue without a subject in which to inhere.
  76. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist is a mystery of Faith.
  77. The form of the Eucharist consists in Christ’s Words of institution, uttered at the Consecration.
  78. The Chief fruit of the Eucharist is an intrinsic union of the recipient with Christ.
  79. The Eucharist, as food for the soul, preserves and increases the supernatural life of the soul.
  80. The Eucharist is a pledge of heavenly bliss and of the future resurrection of the body.
  81. For adults the reception of the Eucharist is necessary for salvation with the necessity of precept (necessitate praecepti).
  82. The ordinary minister of the Eucharist is the priest; the extraordinary minister is the deacon (with permission of the local Ordinary or of the parish priest for some weighty reason).
  83. Those sins which are already forgiven directly by the Church’s Power of the Keys are a sufficient object of confession.
  84. The source of Indulgences is the Church’s treasury of satisfaction which consists of superabundant satisfactions of Christ and of the Saints.
  85. Extreme Unction is not of itself (per se) necessary for salvation.
  86. The consecration of a Bishop is a Sacrament.
  87. The Order of Diaconate is a Sacrament.
  88. The extraordinary dispenser of the four Minor Orders and of the Order of the Subdiaconate is the presbyter.
  89. The Sacrament of Order can be validly received by a baptized person of the male sex only.
  90. Marriage was not instituted by Man, but by God.
  91. The primary purpose of Marriage is the generation and bringing-up of offspring. The secondary purpose is mutual help and the morally regulated satisfaction of the sex urge. (The primary purpose of Marriage is the love between a man and his wife, so that husband and wife will be ONE FLESH or soulmates as signified by the marriage of Christ to his bride, the church).
  92. The essential properties of Marriage are unity (monogamy) and indissolubility. (A marriage can be dissolved by death, desertion or adultery).
  93. Every valid contract of Marriage between Christians is of itself a sacrament.
  94. The contracting parties in Matrimony minister the Sacrament each to the other.
  95. The Church possesses the sole and exclusive right to make laws and administer justice in the matrimonial affairs of baptized persons, in so far as these affect the Sacrament.
  96. With death the possibility of merit or demerit or conversion ceases. (Jesus has stated that some people who go to hell can end up in heaven if they find faith in their hearts for Christ.)
  97. The time of Jesus’ second coming is unknown to men.
  98. The bodies of the just will be re-modeled and transfigured to the pattern of the risen Christ.
  99. The bodies of the godless will rise again in incorruption and immortality, but they will not be transfigured. (We are not dogmatic about this.)
  100. The present world will be destroyed on the Last Day.
  101. The present world will be restored on the Last Day.


THE FOLLOWING in BLUE IS PART OF GAIL CHORD SCHULER’S CONSPIRACY LAW (effective May 20, 2017): Due to so many disagreements between our Confession of Faith and the Dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church, we have decided to separate from the main Catholic Church, and START OVER. The dogmas or beliefs in RED (above) will be changed as Gail has indicated. Basically, we have divorced ourselves from the main Catholic Church, and call ourselves the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. By divorcing our church from the main Catholic Church, we are free to honor a Confession of Faith that is truer to what we feel is a church that honors Christ and the Bible and are not bound by the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church.

We anticipate that many Roman Catholics will want to join us in this. So, because Zack Knight is the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and desires to separate the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits from the main Catholic Church, we will have each member of the Catholic Church vote (according to Gail’s Conspiracy Law) over whether they prefer to remain with the main Catholic Church or to join the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, who are now officially divorced from the main Catholic Church. So, let’s say that eighty percent of the world’s Catholics choose to join the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, then eighty percent of the Catholic Church’s wealth and holdings will be transferred to us, and the remaining twenty percent will remain with the main Catholic Church. We are breaking away, so that we can serve God as Catholics who do not want to be bound to dogmas that contradict the clear teachings of the Bible and Jesus.

The Jesuit Order has divorced itself from the main Catholic Church and adheres to this doctrinal statement, which you are reading here. Zack Knight as the Pope of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits has officially excommunicated Loree McBride as a Jesuit. Therefore, she is not entitled to call herself a Jesuit anymore, use any Jesuit funds or military or do or say anything as a member of the Jesuit Order. Loree McBride and her followers are all excommunicated from the Jesuit Order, which is now called the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. We cannot deny her membership in the main Catholic Church, because we are now separated from them and have no authority over the main Catholic Church anymore. BUT if the majority of the Catholics come over to our church, she is NOT entitled to any of the property, holdings or our percentage of the Catholic Church’s holdings or wealth as defined in this document. Zack Knight, as Jesuit leader, has the authority to excommunicate Loree McBride and all her followers can no longer have the privileges of being a member of the Jesuit Order. Just as he has the authority (as the leader of the Jesuits for over a decade) to break away from the main Catholic Church in order to institute the reforms mentioned in this doctrinal statement.

To be a member of this church and to attend this church in person, one must be a born again Christian, that is that person must have sincerely asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save them from hell, by admitting they are a dirty, rotten sinner unable to earn their way to heaven and that only the death of Christ on the cross for their sins to save them is the only sufficient payment for their sins. Though most churches allow those who are not born again to visit the church, due to the nature of this church and that Loree McBride Jesuits want to kill the men on my marriage list who attend this church, it is necessary for us to make it mandatory that only born again Christians attend this church. Those who are not born again, can visit the church via a website where a live broadcast of this church’s services will be. Once they become born again, they can visit the church in person.

Imagine the following scenario. We have a church service with “unsaved” visitors and the Loree McBride Jesuits use transporter technology to switch them out with evil terrorists in the middle of the church service. These evil terrorists start a shoot out at the church, because they bring with them guns into the service, and they shoot dead the pastor and all the church members. This is a real possibility. Therefore, only born again Christians can attend this church in person. They will arrive into the services through transporter technology. Jesuits cannot switch out a born again Christian with an evil clone, so we need to make the requirement that only born again Christians attend this church in person, to protect the men on my marriage list. The church will also have a shield around it, so that if any evil Jesuit or anyone who is not born again, tries to transport himself/herself into the services, he will be disintegrated to death. The shield will only allow born again Christians to pass through it to attend the services, and will kill anyone else who tries to pass through it.

Also, every time this church meets, the country that is hosting the church, will have maximum protection around the church area to ensure that no jets, missiles or any other military form of aggression (including nuclear attack) is launched against this church during the services. To protect the men on my marriage list, the men on my marriage list may not all attend this church at the same time. They may space out their visits to the church, so that they are not all there at the same time (too much of a temptation for a Loree McBride Jesuit attack to demolish all the men on my marriage list in one fatal blow). Also, mind reading technology will be employed at all times on all those who attend the services to ensure that no one with a terrorist mindset is in the services. If the mind reading scanner determines that someone in the services is a terrorist or has intent to harm or kill, the scanner will be programmed to kill that person on the spot, even if in the middle of a church service.

This church’s music will reflect Gail’s musical taste. For her musical taste, visit the YouTube videos she hosts at her website This church will teach the proper dispensations in the Bible (see Chafer Theological Seminary’s doctrinal statement), that those who lived during Old Testament times were saved with a different plan of salvation from that in our present “church age” where we are saved by grace through faith, and that those who honor God in the future tribulation period will be saved by keeping the Ten Commandments and honoring Jewish law, while at the same time having faith in Jesus Christ. Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits also adhere to the Dallas Theological Seminary’s doctrinal statement full Doctrinal Statement (for Seminary faculty and board).

Gail differs from Chafer & Dallas Theological Seminary’s doctrinal statement in that she does not view homosexuality or lesbianism as sins in and of themselves, and believes that salvation in Jesus can be lost if you are not part of God’s ELECT (but that we should just do our best and not obsess over this). Being part of God’s ELECT does not negate free will, which we all have, but only indicates that God KNOWS who will accept him and who will reject him. God expects us all to do our best, and to honor that part of us that makes us feel free, loving and vast, realizing he died on the cross to make this universe free of slavery, hatred and bigotry and that when we properly worship God, we allow our hearts to expand into the heavens with love and forgiveness, worshiping the only true God with vastness, and rejecting Satan’s ways of pride, intolerance and murder. The sinner’s prayer is an excellent way to accept God/Jesus, and most who say this with sincerity will enter heaven:

Regarding miracles, Gail agrees that in the Church Age for the most part the signs have ceased and you must be careful to not be deceived by them, because Satan can do miracles, too. BUT, in 2016 we are TRANSITIONING into the tribulation (the Antichrist Zack Knight arrived in 2012), and Jesus is getting ready to deal with Israel again, so the miracles are returning, because the signs are FOR THE JEWS. Jesus has appeared personally at Church of Gail (under JEWISH leadership) and we have seen many miracles! Gail is half King David and pastor Brent Spiner is JEWISH.

This church will have a strong emphasis on discerning spirits, as Gail expects this church to endure severe Satanic attacks. And the principles from “War on the Saints” by Jessie-Penn Lewis and Evan Roberts will be used to assist us in determining who is in the Spirit and who is NOT. The main sin preached against in this church will be pride, WHICH IS THE SIN OF THE DEVIL AND THE SIN OF THE LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS, WHO FOLLOW THE DEVIL. Because none of us is perfect, and the main sins are those of the spirit, like pride and self-righteousness, those who smoke or drink alcoholic beverages can be leaders in the church, as long as they don’t get drunk and don’t smoke in the church.

Faithfulness in marriage will be very important. A marriage is defined as a man and a woman who come together willingly and knowingly in the sexual union. It is not a ceremony or a license. A sexual union or marriage is defined as the literal sex organs of the man and woman coming together in a willing and knowing expression of love and commitment. Lesbian and homosexual unions are not considered a marriage, according to the Bible. However, though we don’t promote lesbian and homosexual marriages, preaching against this will not be a major focus of this church, as sins of the spirit will take prominence over sins of the flesh. We honor what Jesus Christ has said to us on this and other topics.

Jesus Christ shows up for an interview on Gabrielle Chana FOX News on Jan. 31, 2012:

Jesus Christ shows up at a church service to rescue Gail’s men from Satan on  Feb. 14, 2012. Here is a transcript of the church service:

Jesus Christ showed up at Church of Gail on March 9, 2012 to converse with Gail, Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins, using Brent to transcribe for him. At that time Zack Knight was on Satan’s side. Our conversations with Jesus determine our doctrines at Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits.





Jesus Christ showed up at Church of Gail spaceship on February 22, 2012 to converse with Gail, Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins about Antichrist Zack Knight’s brain rape of Gail and how He feels about being a lover to Gail. Our conversations with Jesus determine our doctrines at Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Zack was on Satan’s side at this time.








Jesus Christ shows up on Skype for Gail and freezes her keyboard when she tries to type on August 25, 2012:

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Jesus Christ’s Gail Commandments (Weight Management) (April 7, 2016) Gail looks better since she made one of the videos (below) by obeying the Gail Commandments. She seems to have settled in at around 130 to 133 pounds, but has more muscle in her body, which gives her a nicer definition and less cellulite.

The video below shows what I looked like before doing my waist exercises, and before obeying the Gail Commandments for a year. I’ve leveled off to about 132 pounds (see video above). Weight’s about the same, but the exercise has paid off.

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Angelina Ballerina DEAD on January 6, 2017 (Movie about this coming) (Jan. 13, 2017)

Now that Zack Knight has come to Jesus, he will obviously not be the Antichrist depicted in the Bible. Gail currently believes that the Antichrist will be a resurrected Angelina Ballerina transgender man (who will appear after the rapture of the church) who will be Alexander the Great reincarnated. This is intelligent speculation and Gail could be wrong, but this is what she currently believes. Gail also believes that a resurrected Loree McBride transgender man (who will appear after the rapture of the church) will be the False Prophet depicted in Rev. 13 (who assists Antichrist transgender man Angelina) to deceive the world.

Though Gail has a marriage list of men who want to marry her, she will only marry one at a time. So far, she is not married to any of the men on her marriage list in the Biblical sense (the willing and knowing sexual union), though she is legally married to more than one of them, so she has not committed the sin of adultery. Once she comes together in a willing and knowing sexual union with any man, she is married to that man in the Biblical sense and can have no other sex with any other man besides that one or she will be in an adulterous relationship. This does not mean she cannot have “brain to brain” loving with more than one man on her marriage list, as “brain to brain” loving is not really the sexual union. If, through transporter technology we come up with a way for Gail to have literal sex with a man on her marriage list, so that his sexual organs penetrate hers, with real flesh touching flesh, Gail would now be married to that man and could not have sex with any other man without it being adultery. For this reason, Gail takes very seriously who she has sex with, because that man will be her husband in the Biblical sense. To be legally married to more than one man is not adultery, unless she has had sex with more than one of the men. Scriptural grounds for divorce and remarriage are adultery, desertion and death. See Dr. Peter Ruckman’s sermon on divorce and remarriage.

This church will support the nation of Israel, and will be Zionist. The Bible clearly teaches that all the land of Israel belongs to the Jews (the twelve tribes of Israel). This church believes that the 144,000 depicted in the book of Revelation are future JEWISH missionaries, who will be the spiritual leaders in the future tribulation period depicted in the Bible, which will be a time when the Jewish law and the ten commandments must be honored for salvation, and that those (during this future tribulation period) who take the mark of the beast (or the mark of the future Jesuit pope) will go to hell. This church will teach that those who honor God in the future tribulation period will be saved by NOT taking the mark of the beast (who will probably be a Roman Catholic pope, perhaps a transgender man Angelina Ballerina resurrected from hell), and by following Jewish law and the Ten Commandments, and by believing in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Those who are members of other churches or religions can join our church, we only require that they be born again to be members or to attend services, and they must arrive to the services via transporter technology. A born again Christian is defined as one who has said the prayer to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save him or her from hell, and who has admitted they are a dirty, rotten sinner and that only the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for them is the only sufficient payment for their sins. We will test each potential church member with our transporter technology to see if they can be switched out with a person who is not born again to determine who is (and who is not) a born again Christian. Those who are not born again can “visit” our church through the online services through the “Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits” website.